Week 12 – Dolphins @ Jets

OK Miami Dolphins fans, I’m talking to YOU! I implore you not to overreact. We had a 5 game winning streak going and it was nice. We were winning in all 3 phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams, we were doing whatever it took to win. We came into Denver as the favorites and the Broncos did something no other team in the last 5 games were able to do. They out-physicalled our team, on both sides of the ball. The type of pressure they brought against our young rookie QB seemed to slow down his processing and instead of seeing the field well like he normally does, he often looked stuck in cement as the rush overtook him. It happens. Our O-line which has been stout as can be looked overmatched. Our front 7 could not apply pressure after the first Denver drive where we forced the INT. After that, the Broncos adjusted and held off our pass rush and ran all over us with either Melvin Gordon or Phillip Lindsay. It was a true team loss, so get your heads out of your asses and stop blaming the loss on the rookie QB!

This week’s opponent could potentially be the remedy to rebound from a poor week but I’m not feeling that way. It looks like QB Sam Darnold is likely to start and he’s coming back to an offense that is in better shape now than it was when he got hurt. Rookie WR Denzel Mims is healthy and has been playing very well the last 4 games with 13 receptions for 217 yards and a heady 16.7 YPC. Breshad Perriman is banged up but has scored 3 TD’s in the last 2 games. Rookie RB La’Mical PEE-rine is on IR leaving the solid former Dolphins RB Frank Gore as the primary ballcarrier. The 0-10 Jets on paper look ripe for an easy week for the Dolphins but we Dolphins fans know it doesn’t work like that. The Fitz led Dolphins cruised to a 24-0 shutout of the Jets in Miami where I recall we left a lot of points off the board. RB Myles Gaskin rushed for 91 yards and Fitzpatrick had an uneven day with 3 TD’s and 2 INT’s. It looks like rookie RB Salvon Ahmed (SUH-von ACK-med) will get the start although he’s got a sore shoulder. One thing I noticed after seeing more of Ahmed is that he’s more of a scatback, when he gets hit, he either goes down or backwards. It was pretty similar with Gaskin although to a lesser extent. We’re not going to run any team down with our smaller stable of RB’s.

The New York Jets are 32nd in offensive scoring at 14,9 PPG. They are 31st in giving up points at 30.2 PPG. In contrast, the Dolphins are 13th in offensive scoring at 26.4 PPG and top 5 (4th) in defensive scoring allowing only 20.2 PPG. With division rovalries like these, I normally say throw this stuff out the window. I think the one thing we have in our favor is that even if the Jets put up a good fight I don’t believe they really want to win another game and put themselves in peril of losing the chance of getting QB Trevor Lawrence. Then again, everyone said the same about us at just about the same time of the season and we proved them wrong winning 3 of our last 5 games. What I really want to see is our team look right again. It will be good to have DL Christian Wilkins back on our defense. I want the O-line to blow open holes for whomever is carrying the ball and I want Tua protected. I want the defense to once again create pressure and force turnovers. I want the whole team to get back on the horse and just be like they were during our 5 game win streak and put last week’s loss behind them. I trust Coach Brian Flores to accomplish that on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families from us at FinsMobUnleashed!


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