Dolphins walloped by Patriots in 43-0 shutout

I would like to think after seeing what QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has done for the Dolphins so far this season that the decision to go forward with Josh Rosen as the starter is going to happen as early as Game 3, away against the Cowboys. In very limited time yesterday, Rosen had 2 potential TD’s dropped in the same drive, one to Jakeem Grant and one to Preston Williams, both very catchable balls that were mishandled. Obviously when you lose 43-0, who starts at QB isn’t the only issue, but the notion that the veteran QB gives them a better chance to win on Sunday simply can’t be true.

I said it before the season that the Dolphins were putting a lot on Eric Rowe’s plate. If we had 2 poor CB’s, he wouldn’t see as much action as pass attempts would probably be divided more equally, but with Xavien Howard on the other side of the field, teams will always look to exploit the weak link. Rowe has struggled here as the starter, after being used sparingly in NE for the past 3 seasons. Rowe started only 12 total games for the Patriots, and it’s pretty clear why. Rowe is not up to the task, but our depth at CB just isn’t there, with Jomal Wiltz, Chris Lammons and Johnson Bademosi.

I look at our O-line and D-line and think “Who are these guys”? If I told you Jesse Davis would be our LT a month ago you’d surely laugh. If I told you veteran DT John Jenkins, formerly of the Saints, Seahawks and more recently the NY Giants would be our starting RDE in our 3-4 base you’d say “huh?”. I love Godchaux, glad to see he’s still with us, but surprising he’s at the nose instead of DE where Jenkins is. Jenkins is 330lbs, you’d think they would flip flop those 2. Rookie LG Michael Deiter has been OK, and veteran OC Dan Kilgore is doing his best. Tough task for Kilgore with Deiter on one side and newly acquired Danny Isidora on the other. Now, veteran J’Marcus Webb is our RT, not LT. Good job Naples, you called the Webb signing!

Then there’s the Minkah defection. Here’s Minkah’s strengths in his draft profile:


  • Loves ball, lives ball
  • Extremely competitive play demeanor with a history of showing up big in the biggest games
  • Versatile chess piece with experience all over the field
  • Can step right in and cover the slot, play high safety or handle nickel linebacker responsibilities
  • Good feet with ability to transition backward and forward smoothly around the field
  • Gets to top chase speed quickly
  • Can become rangy safety
  • Able to stick a foot in ground and drive to the ball
  • Plays with “ball-man” vision of an off-ball defender in basketball
  • Has awareness from zone to make loads of plays
  • Has nine career interceptions and four pick-sixes
  • Has downhill mindset as a hitter
  • Plays off of blocks and into tackling position
  • Dangerous blitzer off the edge
  • Attacks line of scrimmage from high safety look in run support and welcomes physical challenges
  • Special teams ace with 22 career coverage tackles

So where the heck does this 2nd year player come off not only complaining about how he’s being used, but actually asking for a trade? Some here want to defend that? Clueless! We’re on Game #3, deal with it! To me, this may be the most disappointing development so far this season. The team invests a high 1st RD draft pick on this player and he has the audacity to request a trade in only his second season. Garbage!

It’s been nearly impossible to make any kind of evaluation on our running backs or even our WR’s. We’re -92 in just 2 games, so how can you evaluate anything? Our RB’s have a total of 23 carries for 52 yards, and Kalen Ballage has 5 yards on 9 carries. Ugh! Of course the O-line and also the level of competition we have played factors in (Ravens, Patriots). It doesn’t get any easier as we play the Dallas Cowboys in their house. Dak Prescott is playing out of his mind so far, Zeke is just getting back into the groove, and the defense which looks to be pretty good behind DeMarcus Lawrence and Leighton Vander Esch hasn’t hit it’s stride yet, but will have a much easier job against us. Our best hope is the Cowboys look past us as they play at New Orleans the following week (w/o Drew Brees).

Going forward, I want to see Josh Rosen in at QB. I can’t stomach the sight of Ryan Fitzpatrick leading this team any longer. If there was initially the thought that Ryan Fitzpatrick gives this team the best chance to win, that thought certainly has perished. Our QB alone won’t elevate our team to victory, but it looks clear to me that Josh Rosen is the more talented QB at this juncture, he can make the throws that Fitz can’t, so it’s time. I’d like to see J’Marcus Webb at LT and Jesse Davis at his more natural RT spot. He looks slow and overmatched at LT. He will still be slow and overmatched at RT, but at least his mechanics are more familiar there. We have to get some offense going, it’s been dreadful. We complained for years that scoring 17-19 points a game doesn’t cut it during the Tannehill era, well now we’re down to 5 PPG, and that must change NOW!

I want to see Chandler Cox in the backfield in some power formation and let’s make some noise! I think Rosen can give us a little spark, but all the other pieces around him have to work at a high level in order to be competitive. Gesicki is slowly coming around, he has 3 catches for 42 yards. If I told you after 2 games that no receiver or running back has not yet reached 100 total yards yet, would you believe it? Who’s closest? WR Preston Williams has 87 yards receiving. We just have to run the ball to open up the passing game. I saw Fitz play action fake about 20 times yesterday and defenders didn’t buy more than 2 of those. They were coming after him and frankly it looked silly. We need to have a few sustainable drives or our defense will be toast before we get to the BYE week. We need all hands on deck, and that includes the mutinous Minkah. C’mon son, you’re a better man than that, TEAM FIRST!!!!!



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