Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan, put personnel whiz HC Adam Gase in as interim GM

It’s only a matter of time Mike, only a matter of time . . . Hehehehehehe

You can’t write this stuff! It matters not what I think about Adam Gase during his tenure as Miami Dolphins Head Coach, but one thing that was clear to just about everyone was that Gase definitely has personality issues that prevent him from coexisting with others. That was a huge weakness for him, as he shipped out players who didn’t try hard enough to learn his way of doing things. I defended him during those times too, hoping it really was on the player, but it became a pattern. It’s one thing if you have a long resume of success like say Bill Belichick up in New England. He won’t get second guessed for his decisions because his track record speaks for itself. Bill Belichick has a winning percentage of .680 and a record of 261-123, while Adam Gase’s currently stands at 23-25 and .479. Not much cachet comes with that.

Try and put this in perspective. The Jets allowed Mike Maccagnan to choose the players to add to their roster during free agency, a very active free agency for the cap flush NY Jets. The Jets added RB Le’Veon Bell, LB C.J. Mosely and OL Kelechi Osemele to the tune of $225.5M, all in this recent FA period. Then they let Maccagnan choose the future of the team by running the draft. Also keep in mind the Jets made it clear that Gase would NOT have control over the 53 man roster and had no say in that regard. They said that. Now, they not only give him that as interim GM, but he’s running the entire show. Can you comprehend this? How can they possibly spin this as a positive thing?

I like the direction our team is headed. We seem to be doing everything right, with careful measured steps. Our rivals in NY seem to tripping over their tongues and making unstable decisions. Unless Adam Gase has really learned from his mistakes in Miami, the New York Jets franchise is in for some serious turbulence.

Keep doing things slow, steady and careful, and most of all . . .


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