Wedge Scouting Report: Sony Michel, Georgia

Earthlings have a petty low opinion of me.  And why Shouldn’t they – I travel the galaxy and eliminate lifeforms.  But I’m not that bad.  In fact, I love being generous.  I love to give back to the Universe!


I love the little tadpoles, the baby slimes and tiniest lifeforms.  I’m talking about alien children of course!  The smiles on their faces when you give them a gift.  It’s heart warming!  Nothing like it!  Here you go little guy (Wedge hands a baby slime a gift)  It’s a jack in the box!  Wind it up for a surprise…


Doesn’t that just get you!  There is nothing like it….well maybe something…I think its a lot like watching some of the electric runs in the SEC this year.  I already talked about Nick Chubb with you but what about his teammate – Sony Michel.


The Positives:  Georgia’s other running back might just be the second overall running back selected in the 2018 draft after Barkley.  He’s not as big as Chubb – but he’s explosive.  At 5’11, 212 pounds the South Florida product ran for 3,613 career rushing yards for the Bulldogs.

Michel’s resume at Georgia was filled with plenty of big runs.  He is a former track star and expected to run somewhere around the 4.45 range when he runs at the combine.  We will see how he does – but you can see his blazing runs on tape.  But more than anything he is quick – really quick!  He can stop on a dime, accelerate and change direction faster than he defender causing a lot of defenders to look silly!

Michel also contributed to the passing game at Georgia.  He had 64 career catches for 621 yards.  So he is a versatile back that will fit really well in Adam Gase’s offense.


The Negatives:  Frankly, I don’t see a lot of negatives.  The guy can run.  He has had a history of injuries from High School to College including a torn ACL, a broken left forearm, and a left knee injury which took him out of the 2017 SEC Championship game. But if you watched the NCAA championship game you saw him at full speed, so it’s nothing to worry about.

He’s also not stellar in pass protection – but honestly you kind of expect some of these elite college rushers to need to work on that in the pros.  In College and High School, coaches tend to want the ball in their hands when they are on the field.

If the Dolphins are looking for a power runner to pair with Drake – he is not the guy.  But I suspect the Dolphins value versatility more than anything else.


The Alien Dust:  I really love this running back.  In fact, I pretty much love all the SEC running backs coming out.

A player like Michel, who split carries with Chubb has a lot left to contribute to the NFL.  The power tandems in the SEC really should be an asset in the NFL.  These guys don’t have a lot of wear and tear on their body.

It also should not go unnoticed that Michel is from Plantation and went to American Heritage High School, which is jus around the corner from Davie.

I wonder if Michel is already a Dolphin fan.

Sonyinthe box

Michel is like an exploding gift box that some stupid baby slime thinks is a jack in the box….He will destroy the entire planet before you blink!

Oh….you didn’t think I was serious about that generous stuff did you?

exploding planetslime

You can watch his highlights here!

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