Miami Dolphins 2019 Schedule – All the details

If you’re a real football fan, you know the schedule comes out this evening at 8PM EST. You also know I ain’t got no details fer ya, because there aren’t any details to give. We know besides our divisional foes that we’ll be hosting the Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. We’ll be traveling to play the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers and the NY Giants, as well as our divisional foes. All this will take place precisely between September and December, so plan accordingly.

News is very slow at this time of year, and although the NFL Draft is just 8 days away, we know no more about what our plans are or which players we’re really interested. Job well done Miami Dolphins! That’s how it should be. Our local Miami beat reporters must be losing their collective minds. This is business done the way it should be done. Now all they have to do is actually ace every pick in this draft, do the same in 2020, and we’re on our way to championship football, right?

This evening past 8PM EST the first deliberations will begin for the 2019 Fest. The poll will probably go up tomorrow, or maybe the next day, depends on when Counselor Piggy is available. Rock will vote about 20-30 times for a game no one else wants to attend, and make sure to tell us too.

Next week, I’ll reveal my favorite players for this year’s draft (ooooh, I bet you can’t wait!). I may even make up a 7 RD Mock of who I’d like us to take, but don’t count on it. I saw some chatter that we will do a LIVE Mock Draft here this evening at 8PM EST. I encourage you all to participate, the more people in the better it will be. I know we’ll do RD 1, and if you all are enthusiastic enough to keep it going, maybe we’ll do RD 2 and more. So if you can make it, tonight at 8PM EST. LIVE Mock Draft!

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