Mike Gesicki – Will he be the Dolphins Franchise All Time Best?

Before this season begins, there are currently 8 TE’s that have more career receiving yards than Mike Gesicki. Of those TE’s, only 5 of them were drafted by the Dolphins. I’m sure you guys know who the leader is, he was the first TE to come to mind when I woke up and decided to write this article. Randy McMichael is the all time leading TE and he was drafted and played 5 seasons for the Dolphins. McMichael totaled 3096 receiving yards on 283 receptions and 18 TD’s. To me, those are very reachable numbers for Gesicki, but only if he gets a new contract. He’s on the last year of his 4 year rookie contract after being drafted #42 in RD 2 in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The other TE’s, if you’re wondering who are at the moment ahead of Mike Gesicki are Bruce Hardy (Drafted by Miami), Anthony Fasano, Keith jackson, Charles Clay (Drafted by Miami), Ferrell Edmunds (Drafted by Miami), Troy Drayton and Joe Rose (Drafted by Miami). Each season, Gesicki has increased his receiving yards and there’s no reason to expect that trend to stop this season. Throw out the rookie season where he was scarcely used, in his 2nd season he was targeted 89 times and had 51 receptions for 570 yards. In his 3rd season Gesicki’s targets went slightly down from 89 to 85 but he had 2 more receptions and 133 more receiving yards. I think a fair expectation for Gesicki this season would be 100 targets, 60 receptions and 800 yards. That would Mike as #3 All Time for the Dolphins. To me, the most important issue is re-signing Gesicki. Dolphins fans talk about how great our depth is at TE with Gesicki, newly drafted Hunter Long, Durham Smythe, Adam Shaheen, Chris Myarick etc., but no other TE is in the class of Gesicki here, not even close. He’s the guy we have waited for, the guy that has the size, speed, leaping ability and catch radius to beat any player trying to cover him.

If you think I’m blowing smoke, let me compare Gesicki to the best of the best. Travis Kelce was targeted 145 times last season, nearly 2 times more than Gesicki (89). Darren Waller was also targeted 145 times. If Gesicki was targeted that many times this season he would easily surpass all the other TE’s on the Dolphins All Time receiving list and would also make it impossible not to re-sign him. I’m not advocating for Gesicki to be targeted as much as those guys but I do think 100 targets wouldn’t be crazy. I would absolutely hate to see Gesicki move on from the Dolphins. I’m hoping we try and get him a new contract early on, because if he plays to his potential and we feed him enough targets, his next contract is going to be a huge one. Even if that’s the case, keep the best players on your team, especially when you draft them.

He’s worked on his blocking, and while he’s not the best in line blocking TE, the best never are. Travis Kelce doesn’t spend much time blocking and either does Darren Waller. The biggest exception to this would San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle who may be the best all around TE in the NFL. That guy is a tenacious blocker and also has the receiving talent to break a game open. Kittle regularly gets more than 100 targets in a season, and that’s where I feel Gesicki should be as well. I think Gesicki brings the same qualities to the table that Kelce, Waller, Kittle, Pitts, Goedert and Andrews bring. Kyle Pitts was drafted #4, Gesicki #42. Pitts is faster but Gesicki trumps Pitts with his superior vertical ability. I’m looking forward to seeing Gesicki join the ranks of the best this season with more targets and more production. Pay that man his money!


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