Miami Dolphins and the offseason QB puzzle

One piece of the puzzle was filled yesterday with the Denver Broncos trading for Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco. The Ravens will receive a 2019 4th RD pick from the Broncos in exchange for Joe Flacco. If the Dolphins truly do intend to move on from QB Ryan Tannehill, they will first look to trade him, and now with Flacco traded for a 4th RD pick, the market has been set. The Dolphins probably wouldn’t get a 4th RD pick for the oft injured QB, but a 5th isn’t out of the question.

The bigger question is, what are the Dolphins intentions going into free agency, and then the draft? There are quite a few QB’s available that are average or below average, but there’s only one out there that that’s young-ish, that has potential to be more than average, and that’s 27YO Teddy Bridgewater. Nick Foles is not a FA, and the Eagles still have potential to franchise tag Foles, in order to be able to trade him. There is some controversy regarding that, and it’s understandable. Foles had a buyout clause in his contract, which was a hefty $20 contract, the buyout being Foles would have to pay the Eagles $2M to become a free agent. Considering the fact that the $2M should buy his fredom, it doesn’t seem fair that the Eagles should then be able to restrict his freedom by tagging him. We’ll see how this plays out.

Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and Josh McCown are all QB’s I’d say for all intents and purposes are about equal to Ryan Tannehill. In my mind, it would make no sense to pay Tannehill $13.24M, and then turn around and give another $8-10M to one of the aforementioned QB’s. The only QB that could make sense is Bridgewater, if the organization felt like they make Bridgewater into a playoff caliber QB, and Bridgewater can make us a playoff caliber team. I don’t think he can, and I wouldn’t go that direction. I don’t think we need a bridge QB, we have 2 young QB’s on the roster, and I hope to have a 3rd after the draft.

Luke Falk, Jake Rudock, and whichever QB we snare in the draft. Let’s face it, we need a great QB here if we want to elevate this team. None of the guys in the previous paragraph are taking us there. Don’t waste time and money, draft the right QB, and run with him! Start the process now! We can draft another QB in 2020 if this QB looks like a dog, but hopefully that’s not the case. How many young QB’s do we see play every season? At least 4 or 5. Let’s be one of those teams. Just because Tannehill didn’t pan out, that’s not a reason to avoid drafting a QB, it’s the biggest reaso to go ahead and do it!

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