2018 Season – Game 10 – Dolphins @ Packers

I was watching Good Morning Football this morning on NFLN, and after showing highlights of the Panthers vs Bucs (42-28), and Saints vs Rams (45-35), yeah, it looks pretty wrong seeing 13-6, Dolphins over Jets.  Kay Adams and Kyle Brandt presented it as a good ole 1990’s defensive struggle, a throwback.  They got it all wrong, this wasn’t a defensive struggle, it was an offensive struggle.  Jets rookie QB Sam Darnold didn’t get the memo that his team was wearing the white jerseys, because he threw better passes to the dark jerseys than he did to the white jerseys.  If you want to credit our pass rush, which actually existed yesterday, feel free to do so.  On our side, we couldn’t block (run or pass), we got one defensive TD and two FG’s.  Light it up!

I’m not singling anyone out here, but our O-line play was just terrible, and of course as per usghe, injuries were the reason for this.  Both tackles missed time in this game forcing Zach Sterup to man both the RT spot when James was hurt, and then slide over to the LT spot when James came back in and Laremy Tunsil got hurt.  So now Brock Osweiler, who I will say has better pocket awareness than Ryan Tannehill has ever had, has no pocket awareness because players were on him in 1 second or less.  Our O-line isn’t good with all our starters in there, but subtract one of our tackles, who are our 2 best OL, Tunsil #1, James #2, it really goes downhill.

I don’t want to knock the optimists here, because it’s wonderful that fans can still believe we’re in this, but I laugh inside  (a sad laugh) when fans say “Oh, not good, the Chargers won, gonna be tough to catch them”.  From what I have seen this year, we don’t belong on the same field as the Chargers, they score 28 PPG, and we’ve scored more just once this year, in OT, and never more in regulation.  We’ve had injuries, but we still have Devante Parker, Kenny Stills, Jakeem Grant, David Amendola, and Mike Gesicki.  We have Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake, a formidable 1-2 punch, yet our offense is putrid.  Yeah, we’re 5-4, easily the worst 5-4 team in the NFL.  We’re the only 5-4 team.

My guess is we’re probably going to have Brock Osweiler as QB one more time as we hit the BYE week, and then after the BYE, it will be Ryan Tannehill’s team once again.  We travel this week to Wisconsin to take on the Packers in their house.  This is an angry Pack team, having lost to the Patriots in Foxboro.  Anyone know who the OC is for GB?  Tee-hee, it’s Joe Philbin.  Not even kidding.  Possibly, this explains how the GB Packers are only scoring 24 PPG, just a few more than our Dolphins.  Hey, is it bad that Saints WR Michael Thomas accounted for more yardage and scoring by himself with 211 yards and 1 TD, while we accumulated as a team 203 yards and no TD’s?

It’s easy for Belichick to do whatever he wants, he’s beyond reproach at this point, no one questions the master.  How smart does he look using Cordarrelle Patterson as a RB?  Can we get some of that ingenuity from our offensive genius Adam Gase?  Don’t bet on it.    I wish he would read this and it would inspire him, but I won’t bet on that either!  I wish something would inspire him, maybe keeping his job, something like that.

I know Toba, Bookman and ER are attending the GB game, I hope they enjoy and I hope our team gives them a great game to watch and a Dolphins victory!  Enjoy fellas, way to represent!


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