The Tua era begins!

Get used to seeing this, this image is the future of our team. I thank Ryan Fitzpatrick for his dedication and his leadership and the inspiration he provided for our team, the Miami Dolphins. His enjoyment and enthusiasm was infectious. I’m not going to disparage Ryan Fitzpatrick in order to make it clear why Tua should be starting. If we can look at things and detach ourselves from Ryan Fitzpatrick the person, you can realize that it’s been the defense and its improvement that has changed the fortune of the team, not the play of the QB. Fitz is pretty up and down and while he’s having a good season, don’t be lulled into thinking it was great. Now the team is finally scoring over 25 PPG but in this NFL, decent teams do that. The main reason we’re now 3-3 is because our defense is allowing only 18.8 PPG, good for 4th in the NFL.

Before the 2020 NFL draft, and before the injury to Tua Tagovailoa, Tua was considered the most pro ready NFL prospect and possibly the most talented. Yes, Joe Burrow had one epic season but Tua had been doing it for longer, getting better each season while starting a high floor to begin with. I think the plan was to use the BYE week to give Tua the maximum amount of time to get reps in practice. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the NFL was forced to reschedule a few games which led to a change in our BYE week from Week 11 to Week 7. Without any preseason games for Tua to get ready and get some action, this is the next best opportunity and the fact that it presented itself 4 weeks earlier is unfortunate for Ryan Fitzpatrick but hopefully ends up being better for our team.

We got a glimpse this past Sunday of Tua, 2 pass attempts, 2 completions for a total of 9 yards and he converted a 3rd down, the ONLY 3rd down conversion of the day for the Miami Dolphins. We can do better folks, we really can. That’s not a knock on Fitzpatrick but if we can’t convert any 3rd downs against the Jets, how can we do it against better teams? I feel like Mike Gesicki has once again become totally underutilized. He IS that TE we’ve been waiting for, we need to use him. The O-line has been getting the job done, even with the necessitated switch of Jesse Davis to LT and Robert Hunt to RT. I know many are worried now as to whether Hunt can protect Tua’s blind side but the coaches are aware and will work around it. Tua can move and he will get rid of the ball quickly. Myles Gaskin has carried the load and the load continues to progressively increase. This is good. We haven’t had that kind of consistency with a RB since Jay Ajayi was here. Thankfully Adam Gase isn’t here anymore so Gaskin is safe.

Look to the future, both immediate and distant and be happy #1 is now our QB. Be excited! Let yourself feel the energy of having an elite talent at QB. This is what you have waited for so don’t be shy, nervous or otherwise, embrace it! This is a great time for our team, you can see that things are coming together, and we’re in year 1 of the rebuild after the tear down. The defense we were complaining about earlier in the season is playing as well or better than we all hoped they would at this juncture. Be excited! This is what we live for as Dolphins fans so don’t squander it with “What ifs” and “How come now”, just be freaking elated that we’re just a game out from being atop our division and our best football is yet to come! Oh, and be excited that the Bi Week Babe is coming to a blog near you very soon, as early as this weekend!

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