The Bye Week Bi Babe

Among so much losing, folks we have a Winner!

The winner of this years prestigious honor of being the FMU’s Bye Week Bi-Babe is the beautiful Kristen Stewart.



“I have fully been told, ‘If you just like do yourself a favour, and don’t go out holding your girlfriend’s hand in public, you might get a Marvel movie. I don’t want to work with people like that.” –

Kristen Stewart –


Clearly Robert Pattinson turned her to girls.

Bye week. Bye players, bye wins, bye respectability, bye competitiveness. here we sit with four games played and the Dolphins are the joke of the league. Scoring a measly 26 points while giving up an astonishing 163 points in the four games. To put that in perspective the next closest team to the Dolphins is the Redskins at 118 points, wow.

So we have draft picks, cap space and hope and that’s about it.  Well we have Xavien Howard too, but who else is honestly safe going forward. Who do we have to build on? The O-line is once again a MASH unit although Michael Dietermaxresdefault appears to be a piece to build on. Son is intrigued by Evan Boehm. Good luck naming another absolute building block for the offense. Who else on the Defense then? Wilkins of course along with Baker and McMillan. Five building blocks for the future with two of them being rookies. We have plenty of guys who show potential but so far that’s all it is. So with 12 games left in a season that’s been pushed aside already, which guys are in for the long haul? Which guys can become building blocks going forward, face it there will be upwards of 35 jobs up for grabs next off season. We have tons of cap space and tons of draft picks.

Hope. Y’all are lifers just like me. As fans all we can do and have is hope, Hope Rosen works out. Hope trading Tunsil doesn’t bite our ass. Hope setting up an environment where a Minkah Fitzpatrick demands a trade is ok. 61xxnc6hhnl._sx425_Hope letting so many vets walk instead of building on them is alright. Hope Grier and his staff can put together an amazing draft. Hope Coach Flores and his staff can walk the walk and deliver on a system that works, that players buy into and take responsibility for. Hope we see some playoff games as we continue to age. Hope a once proud franchise can get back to being respected and feared.  Hope the next 12 games offer some glimmer of light and expectation. Hope Mostly that Grier doesn’t fuck this up as bad as Ireland did.

“You’re not confused if you’re bisexual. It’s not confusing at all. For me, it’s quite the opposite.” _Kristen Stewart

I’ve yet to have a game broadcast local so I’ve been to the bars to watch the games. Its tough to really focus and the looks I get would ordinarily piss me off but there’s nothing I can say or do when we’re down by 20 or more and it’s ugly. Dolphin gear on that I can’t get home fast enough to tear off.  I’m doing my part in an ugly situation, I’m being a loyal fan, I pretend to smile when I say “but wait til next year”, yada yada bullshit. Where’s the girl?



Hope Y’all, hope

Attempts to contact Ms, Stewart have not been answered (imagine that) but our sincere gratitude and congratulations go out to this years winner.


Go Dolphins, see you at the Fest



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