2018 Season – Game 14 – Dolphins @ Vikings

WOW!  What an amazing finish to the Dolphins vs Patriots game.  That one easily slots historically among some of the best games I have seen this team play.  Even if we lost this game, we went punch for punch with the Patriots all day long, but we came up with a Rocky II ending.  Not sure if you all noticed, but we scored more than 30 points for the first time in regulation, and we did against the Patriots!  Crazy!

Ryan Tannehill.  Forget about the future, this young man deserves a lot of credit for his toughness and grit he’s displayed this season.  You could see he was hurting, and I admire his resolve to stick it out, and help his team to victory.  He’s been getting beat up all season, but like a Timex, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

OK, down to business.  This game, aside from the excitement meant a lot to me as a fan.  These are the games in the last decade that we would crumble and succumb to the pressure of needing to win and stay alive, and this team pulled out a stunner against the TD + favorites New England Patriots.  They were clutch.  They made plays, and they got contributions from the QB.  We were missing arguably our best defensive player (Xavien Howard), and it showed, but we did just enough to win.  I think Gase earned some respect yesterday.  Smoke and mirrors, we’re -55 in points and we’re 7-6.  Crazy!  What we as Dolphins fans have to hope is that this game was a springboard to a playoff run.  If we can beat NE when it counts, then no other game on the schedule is impossible

Despite the fact that it will be about 30 degrees at kickoff next Sunday against the Vikings, the game will be in a domed stadium, US Bank Stadium, so the weather won’t be a factor.  It will definitely be loud, but we can overcome that.  The Vikes have had an up and down season, and they face the Seattle Seahawks this evening in Seattle.  At the moment, the Vikings are 6-5-1, and although they have showed the potential to score, their last 3 games they have scored 20.24 and 10, and have lost 2 of 3.  Kirk Cousins has done well for the Vikes, but RB Dalvin Cook has been battling injuries, and that leaves the much less explosive Latavius Murray as the lead back.  WR Adam Thielen is totally in sync with Cousins, and they have been one of the best if not the best QB/WR duos in the NFL this season.  Thielen has 98 receptions, 1166 yards and 9 TD’s.  We will desperately need CB Xavien Howard back for this game.

As I said in my blog article this past week, the New England game was a statement game, and the statement was “We’re still in this Dolphins fans, stay with us, keep rooting hard, and something special may happen”

I watched the game at my nephew’s house, and although the video is a little rough, it captured that crazy ending, and your faithful “Crazy Dolphins Fan” again.  It’s just funny. Some moments are just humorous when captured on video.  None of us had any idea we were being videotaped by his little Nest camera.

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