The Wedge Scouting Report: Clelin Ferrell, Edge, Clemson




Earthlings aren’t the only ones that get to see Alien Tombs on their planet.  I’ve been setting up tombs for a few centuries now.


I have a great recipe for it.

First you set up a tour in the tomb.  Then when the tourists get lost in the maze…you seal the tomb.  Then let it rest for about a century.

toursby wedge

And when you come back, you have a bunch of fresh fossils to show off!!!

The waiting is the hardest part.  I like to pass time by watching tape of the 2018 Clemson Defensive Line.  Man were they loaded!  Clelin Ferrell maybe their top defender!


The Pros:  Ferrell was a force in 2017 and I was getting ready to write a report on him last year, when he decided to stay in school.  As part of the 2018 Tigers, he was a part of one of the most talented defensive lines I can remember.

9.5 sacks in 2017 and 11.5 sacks in 2018 make up an impressive statical line to boast about.  Ferrell used his 6-5, 260 pound farm to wreak havoc on ACC Quarterbacks and he took that ferocity into the NCAA postseason where he helped Clemson secure the title.

Ferrell plays with his hand in the ground most of the time at Clemson but he does have the athleticism to rush from a 2 pt. stance.  He’s one of the few players I have seen that were highly outed in the 2018 offseason and improved his stock by staying in school.


The Cons:  That Clemson defensive line was really talented and when there is so much talent across the entire DL, people tend to speculate that the talent helped each other.  But when it comes down to it – Ferrell was a big reason the DL was so talented.  

Ferrell has a serious ACL injury in 2014.  It looks like he has fully recovered.  


The Alien Dust:   Ferrell has been consistently good.  There is a chance he is the first pass rusher off the board if teams have concerns about Bosa – so seems like a long shot to make it to 13.  But if he does, he will be an excellent addition to the Dolphins.  I don’t see a more complete Defensive End.  


Just like the tombs I leave on random planets – Ferrell is where you go to die!


You can watch his highlights here:


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