3 weeks away, what are we doing?

Whatever we do with our 1st pick, I don’t think anyone here should be surprised. I think we can go a multitude of directions. By that, I mean we can stay put at #13 and select whomever we believe is the best player , we could move up and take a player (read QB), or we might even trade back and collect more draft capital. I really have no idea what we’re doing and I definitely don’t have a strong feeling about any particular player that we’re interested in. I’m not always right about who we’re taking, but I usually have a pretty good hunch, even if it’s wrong.

I think many of you that believe we will just be going whole hog on the DL, both DE and DT, and also staying in the trenches with numerous OL. I think you guys are all overlooking the fact that we need a QB. I know we’re supposed to be all in on Tua, but I don’t buy it. We need to upgrade the QB position with some young talent for the future. Fitz is a placeholder, and right now we have Luke Falk and Jake Rudock. I feel very strongly that we are taking a QB in this draft, and it will be no later than RD 3, and very possibly RD 1. Now which QB that is, I really have no idea. I don’t think Haskins is going to make to #13 and I have no reason to believe we’re in love with him enough to trade up to get him. We very well may be, and if we are, GO GET HIM! If there’s one thing we’ve seen here since Dan the man departed in 1999 is that we’ve yet to replace him with the right QB, and thus have been 144-160 AM (After Marino).

It’s definitely not all on the QB, but when you have the right QB, you have the most important player on the field locked up. You build around that. No DE, DT, OT, OG, OC, LB, S, CB, RB, TE, K, P or LS can make that impact. You gotta have the QB, and we don’t have one. It’s time to remedy that. Take one this year, and much like the Cardinals, if you’re not sure about that guy, take another one next year, but find that guy! Having Fitz means if we do take a QB, even in RD 1, that we don’t have to rush them into service immediately. If at some point during the year the QB is ready to go in, then maybe we’ll get a peek at what is to come, but it’s not a necessity. It would also give us a jump start for next year because the QB will know the system having been here a year, even if he doesn’t play. That will make the transition next year much easier.

It’s gonna happen folks, we’re taking a QB whether you want us to or not! Get used to the idea, because it’s happening this draft. Or at least it should.


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