2018 Season – Game 12 – Bills @ Dolphins

From memory, this is the spot where we’re usually facing playoff elimination.  Sometimes it’s the Bills, sometimes it’s the Ravens, but either way, we come out on the wrong side.  Adam Gase made sure that wasn’t an issue, so thank you Adam for leaving your balls in Davie, and thus sparing us all the usual heartbreak of a major clunker against the Bills.  Despite the records, the Bills are the team on the rise, while we slowly decay from mediocre to possibly sub-mediocre.

There has been much debate about Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill, and the dynamic duo together as a pair, and while there are two sides to the debate, there’s not a soul on this blog that believes Ryan Tannehill is now, or can ever be on the same level as the best QB’s in the NFL, such as Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Phillip Rivers, or even newcomers to this group such as Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff.  He’s not even close to those guys.  As far as Adam Gase is concerned, his ledger is incomplete, but he’s nearing the point of no return.  I’ll explain.

So much was made about the wonderful job Gase did in Chicago with QB Jay Cutler, and I think I’ve found something about his style.  I don’t think Gase should be known as “The QB Whisperer”.  That’s way too sexy for what Adam Gase does to his QB’s.  I’d call him “The QB  Programmer”.  The program is “BE CAREFUL!”

In 2014 w/o “The QB Programmer”, Jay Cutler threw for 3812 yards, 28 TD’s and 18 INT’s, a QBR of 88.6.  Gase became the Bears OC in 2015, and “The QB Programmer” was born!  No more pesky Peyton Manning telling him to STFU and let me do what I do, now I’m in charge here!  Let’s look at this amazing successful transformation of QB Jay Cutler in 2015.  Cutler threw for 3659 yards, 21 TD’s and 11 INT’s, a QBR of 92.3.

Seems to me that Adam Gase puts completion percentage and less turnovers as the hallmark of his programming algorithm.  Never mind scoring TD’s, in fact, safety first Mr. Quarterback, if you need to throw past 10 yards, you better damn well have a good reason for doing so!  I mean look at the stats of Jay Cutler here in Miami last year, in what looked liked a hideous, grotesque year for him.  He completed 62% of his passes, threw for 2666 yards, 19 TD’s and 14 INT’s in 14 games.  It’s all pretty similar.  Thinking of how many times Cutler threw off his back foot or just chucked it to the turf to avoid a sack, 62% isn’t all that bad. 

This past week in Indy was death knell for me for Gase.  He’s more interested in the appearance of the game, “Gee fellas, that was a close game against Andrew Luck on the road, we almost pulled it out”  What really happened was “Gee fellas, I’m sorry, we had a shot to upset Andrew Luck and the high flying Colts, but I went into a shell, my QB Programmer algorithm told me not to throw the ball past the sticks because, well, it’s dangerous you know, there are men on the other team just dying to take that ball away, and so you see, I took the safe route, and left it in the capable hands of our defense instead”. 

Soooooooooo, we play the Bills in what has now become basically a meaningless game.  The Bills threw up 41 points against the Jets, we just threw up against the Jets, hanging on for dear life with a 13-6 victory in a very painful game to watch.  The Bills defeated a demoralized Jaguars team, but still, a formidable defense for sure, but a team with about as much teeth in their offense as ours. It’s a damn shame, SB7 wants to get together this weekend, but dammit, I don’t have it in me to travel to NYC to watch this team play, not anymore.  I’d sooner meet up and go to McSorley’s Old Ale House, and see if we can deplete them of all of their delicious dark ale, rather than languish at Slattery’s, “The House of Horrors” for Dolphins fans hoping for a crucial win to make the playoffs. 

Tis a sad state friends, and I believe as long as Adam Gase is here (The QB Programmer), and good ole #17, Ryan Tannehill is here, there will be more of the same.  Hell, if I was Ryan Tannehill, I’d welcome the opportunity to compete for a starting job elsewhere, maybe he can have that Rich Gannon type of resurrection.

Anyway, wish I had more positive things to say, but alas, this past week and and frustrating loss has once again left me angry and unsatisfied with the Miami Dolphins.  By the way, I shit you not, I was watching SNY this morning, looking for some positive sports news about the New York Mets, and on the scroll line, I saw the Mets hired Adam Guttridge as Assistant GM for analytics, I saw the Adam G, and I was like “WTF is that, Mets hired Adam Gase!!!!!!!??????”  It got me ultra-pissed for just a millisecond, but that’s how i feel about Adam Gase right now.  I want him nowhere NEAR our rookie QB that we draft next season.  NOWHERE!!!!! 

For those of you who still enjoy the games, I salute you!  Bookman, I love ya man, I wish I could share what you feel, so please continue to bring it here so at least I could share a little of it still.  Even if I get a sliver of it, it will be better than not having any of it.  I admit, sports has made me bitter.  Losing, disappointing seasons are the norm across the board for me now, Dolphins, Mets and Knicks.  The hits keep coming, and I’m feeling like Glass Joe, ready to hit the canvas. 


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