Reshad Jones : Should he stay or should he go? Possible destinations . . .

Mandatory mini camp begins June 4th. Reshad Jones who was very unhappy at the end of last season, apparently having some miscommunication (lack of communication?) with then HC Adam Gase, seems to still be harboring resentment for the team as he he’s been absent for all voluntary OTA’s. I don’t view that as nothing. He’s supposed to be a leader on this team, he’s the celebrated grizzly veteran, so why skip an opportunity to meet new teammates and get an idea what the new HC is all about? We’ll see if Reshad is present next week, and we may also see where his head is at if he does show up. Does he want to be a part of this team, or does he wish to be elsewhere? Reshad has been a good player for our team over 9 seasons, making 2 pro bowls. He’s a playmaker, snagging 21 INT’s and also scoring 6 TD’s, 4 on INT returns and 2 on fumble recoveries.

I was scanning NFL rosters trying to find a good fit for Reshad. Green Bay just recently added S Adrian Amos at FS, but have young, inexperienced and unhappy SS Josh Jones, who has requested to be traded. Josh Jones was drafted in RD 2 in 2017, and wants out, so why not replace him with a guy who may bring that defense exactly what it needs? You can also say why would GB want another ingrate on their team, and can they even afford to pay Reshad Jones? This is where we’d have to be creative and pay a large part of Reshad’s salary in order to acquire a higher pick in next year’s draft. The Packers are in cap hell right now, and it would make little sense to pick up Josh Jones in exchange for Reshad, unless were high on Josh Jones and could possibly steal an additional pick in the exchange.

The Kansas City Chiefs picked up Tyrann Mathieu, and they currently have him paired with former Miami Dolphins safety Jordan Lucas. Lucas is fine as a depth player, but if they want to really add a piece to that defense, pair Reshad Jones and Tyrann Mathieu together in that secondary. Now you’re talking! KC does have some cap space but I expect once again we’d have to pay some of Reshad’s salary in order to acquire a higher pick, as we did in previous trades already. KC is desperate, or at least should be desperate to improve that awful defense, and shoring up the run and pass defense with an excellent pair of safeties like Mathieu and Jones would help.

The New Orleans Saints could be another destination for Reshad. They are also on the cusp of a championship, and although the defense improved last season, it could use a nice boost of a playmaking veteran safety. Von Bell who was a 2016 2nd RD pick isn’t that guy, so the Saints pick up Reshad for future draft capital and really improve their defense. That would pair Jones with up and coming FS Marcus Williams, also drafted in RD 2, but in 2017. Williams has snagged 6 INT’s in 2 seasons with the Saints, and he could probably do more knowing he has the tackling machine and playmaking SS next to him. The Saints have zero cap space, so we would need to pay much of Reshad’s salary, and I think we can do that. We need to re-sign LT Laremy Tunsil which will take a chink of space, but we should have plenty of space available, especially once we rid ourselves of Reshad’s contract and others that will be coming off the books.

Let me know if you think Reshad will be on our 2019 roster in September, or if you think we trade him. If you think we trade him, let me know where you think that might be.



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