Game Day – Ravens @ Dolphins

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572 Responses to Game Day – Ravens @ Dolphins

  1. finfanrob says:


    no, not happy. this team sucks and i am tired of them sucking. guess i dont see this coterie of supporters you do. btw, does jahn know you are using his $12 words. i see getter defending him but that is about it.

    you say ‘Everyone pretty much agrees that this team is rife with an abundance of less than average players’ yet week in and week out, it is just talk about how bad tanny is. i admit a little squawk about the oline but the majority of the talk is the qb. not just tanny qb talk, the qb talk goes back since marino retired. i am just tired of it. i get they are never going to have another marino. but with that said marino never won a sb. it just is old saying the reason they dont win big games is cause the qb sucks. this whole organization needs to be blown up

  2. bat says:

    rob … The bottom line is that we’re not winning without a better QB than the one we have now.

  3. finfanrob says:


    i cant argue that. but i also will argue they are not winning without a better LB’s, d backs, o line and a pass rusher. i so think trying to find another elite qb is ridiculous. every team is looking for one yet year in and year out there are only 2 or 3 a year. hell rodgers looks average now that he has no talent around him. brady looked horrible today with all the injuries.

    like i said they have been searching for the next marino for 15 years. i think it is time just to give up a qb to lead this team and just build a great team around a qb

  4. finfanrob says:

    ok and with that i am done. a long weekend catching up with me.

    night all

  5. olddolphan says:

    GOT BACK HOME IN TAMPA BAY from the Fins’ game. Just a few thoughts on the game:1) DID ANYBODY on this board comment on Miami’s amazing goal line stand in the second half?? – – I’m gonna guess that, because it was a HUGE POSITIVE, BOTH BAT AND FFR WERE ALL OVER IT, RIGHT???? –BEST GOAL LINE STAND I’ve seen from this team since before Ross owned the team!!
    2) TRULY ENJOYED the game listening to Young Stanger’s prescient comments. When Dare got one of his below average punts off, YS stood up and patted the letters of the FIELDS #2 jersey he was wearing, to a smattering of applause!!
    3) WHEN A LADY RAVENS FAN STOOD UP AND WAVED HER SMALL RAVENS FLAG i got up and, with Young Stanger’s help, waved my very large Dolphins flag and yelled “HEY, RAVENS LADY, MINE IS BIGGER!!” A young Miami lady had a big smile on her face!”
    3)AS disappointed as I was with Miami’s passing game, I was more than impressed by our running game. BUT the difference in the game was our defense, which, unlike prior Ravens games in Miami, DID NOT FOLD IN THE 4th quarter despite the fact that the Ravens had the ball for almost twice as many minutes as did Miami. BRAVO to the defense today. Olivier Vernon was amazing!!
    4) DeVante Parker’s touchdown catch showed what this young man could mean to the offense. –I see brighter days ahead for him.
    5) Philipps, our #2 pick, showed flashes of solid play in this game. –With Cam Wake out for the rest of the season, Philipps will have to come up big the rest of the season.
    6) Had a great visit with “My Boyz” and “My Galz”, too! I treasure all of my close knit “family” members of DolFans!!
    7) SURE IS nice to drive the 300-mile trip back home with a smile on my face! –Talk to you fine folks tomorrow. The Old Guy is OUT!!

    • olddolphan says:

      ONE final point. With Denver winning today and New England losing, BOTH teams are 10-2, with Denver having the tie-breaker by virtue of their win over the CHEATS last week. LOOKS LIKE THE CHEATS’ last game of the season IN MIAMI could be a really important IF the PATS want to get home field advantage and the #1 seed in the AFC.

  6. steveccnv says:

    The game today was strange, we won,but did nothing on O. I guess you could say it was an ugly win, if that’s possible at this stage.

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