The Wedge Scouting Report: Reuben Foster; Linebacker

Bucket Seats, Photon Turrets, Telepathic Control Panel and Light Speed Accelerator Pads

Man there is nothing like a new Destroyer to remind you how great is is to eliminate lifeforms!

When I lean back in my control chair I can just smell the dead warg worms in the air.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the truly elite weapons you have to work with.


Kind of like shutting up and appreciating the best linebacker in the 2017 NFL Draft – Reuben Foster

Wow, Reuben Foster can play.  Unless you’ve been living under a crashed Meteorite, you already know that.

The Alabama Senior’s football season did not go unnoticed.  And why should it?  Alabama was the best team in the country for most of the season until their final upset loss against Clemson.  The Crimson Tide was lead by its defense to go undefeated in the regular season.  That Defense was lead by the aforementioned Reuben Foster.


Foster finished the 2016 season with 115 tackles, thirteen of them for a loss.  He also had five sacks in a very aggressive Alabama Defense.

Numbers like those explain why he was voted SEC Defensive Player of the Year and the Nation’s Butkus Award winner.  Foster joins Cj Mosley and Rolando McClain who also won the Butkus Award while playing for Alabama.

Here is how the Butkus Award Selection Committee described Foster “Reuben Foster is a complete line back with the instincts, closing burst, explosion and on field leadership traits that set the tone for the nation’s top defense.”


For his career, Foster finished with 211 tackles and twenty-three tackles for a loss to go along with seen sacks.  Last year he played alongside Reggie Ragland who went 41st in the 2016 draft.  And if you watched any tape on Reggie Ragland it was hard to miss Foster who lit up the screen with his athleticism.

I would not expect Foster to last to 41 like Ragland.  If there is one linebacker you can expect to go int he first round, its Foster.

Rob Rang describes Foster as “a heat seeking missile hell-bent on destruction”


When Foster sees the ball carrier, he squares his shoulders and wraps up bringing the carrier down very quickly.

But it’s not his technique where he separates himself.  It’s his athleticism.  Even playing next to Ragland in 2015, or Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson in 2016, Foster separates himself from everyone else with that explosive burst.  And then he separates the ball carrier from the ground.


Foster will be a day 1 starter in this league wherever he goes.  He is the kind of player that might make a huge impact as soon as he plays his first NFL Game.

Some weapons are fundamentally sound.  Like a great linebacker or a Space Destroyer.

That is why I am comparing reuben Foster to the classic Space Destroyer.


I’m sure you’ve seen him before.  But watch his highlights here:

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290 Responses to The Wedge Scouting Report: Reuben Foster; Linebacker

  1. Brian in NY says:

    We can’t fill every hole (or upgrade, as Tim likes to call it) in one offseason. I think we can roll with the TE’s we have for another year. We need some LB’s, and a G or two, and will need some pass rushers as well. I happen to like Sims a lot, and Gray played well when called upon. We wait until next year for a TE, say, Mike Gesicki, and we have a formidable duo moving forward.

  2. Mike E. says:

    If you bring in Leary to play LG, you have to cut Albert.

    • Brian in NY says:

      I’m okay with that. He is injury prone, and is another year older. His play has been slipping a bit, and he’s likely to suffer more injuries this year, almost certainly forcing another reshuffling of the OL.

  3. Tim Knight says:

    I’m bringing in someone for RG and make Bushrod a swing guy. He’s likely going to play, it always happens. I’m drafting a C/G by the 3rd as insurance for Pouncey who I’m not sure anyone is sure about. Then let guys like Steen and Urbik compete too. Sam Young would be an inactive until he has to start at tackle. He’s only a tackle so he’s not a good game day backup where we only dress two.

    • Tim Knight says:

      LT Albert
      LG Tunsil
      C Pouncey
      RG FA
      RT James
      2 backups who can cover multiple positions

      Great depth at TE blocking and Ajayi the shit out of teams. 🙂

  4. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, the way I look at it is having multiple guys who can play tackle is a strength. We have to upgrade the interior and protect against a loss of Pouncey.

    Bushrod is not a natural interior guy and even he admits that but he’s a vet and a leader type. Therefore he gives great effort wherever he has to play. Perfect backup/role player. He’s going to be 33 when the season starts so not sure there is any upside here. More security and solid.

  5. getterdone says:

    Tim, I was mentioning it last nite….FA Warford @ RG, he’s 26 and nicely on the upswing. Leary worries me a tad.

  6. Mike E. says:

    Check out tomorrow’s article, there will be lots to look at and discuss!

  7. getterdone says:

    Mike E, I too am totally on the wagon for OJ Howard, especially if we do well in FA @ OG & LB.
    Also depends on how that 1st round of the draft plays out. If Howard is gone or if we have a stud LB?DE fall to us like Tunsil did last year then I think we can still make out well later with Bucky Hodges or Leggett.
    I favor Hodges over Leggett even though Hodges doesn’t get near the mention Leggett has here or elsewhere.

  8. Tim Knight says:

    I want the re-signs of our own and newbees in FA to make the draft BPA.

    • getterdone says:

      That’s I’m sure most all GM’s game plan, but with 31 other teams in the mix in both FA & the draft makes it an influx on the fly unveiling across the offseason

      • Tim Knight says:

        #22 is where playoff teams just take the BPA who is still there unless the draft is weak and you go with the best need. We’ll all have a better idea after the combine, pro days and FA. That’s when the talent pool gets graded and sorted out.

  9. Mike E. says:


    I think Warford isn’t really a great fit for our ZBS. He’s a big boy (332 lbs), kind of like Gabe Jackson who plays for Oakland. I happen to have liked Jackson, but they want a more agile guy, and Warford hasn’t even been a dominant run blocker, he’s just OK.

  10. getterdone says:

    …or in your case Mike he gained 14lbs? 😉
    It is the offseason….cheez burdgar cheez burdgar

    • getterdone says:

      “Flashes quickness to trap and get around the tackle to lead run plays. Gets down quickly to cut block and take out linebackers in the hole on traps. Hustles downfield to help out ballcarriers when needed. Plays with some attitude, brings some pop to his punch when helping his tackle against a pass rusher.”

      Go to bed Mike, you need some rest. lol 🙂

  11. Mike E. says:

    Goodnight GDP, I need my beauty sleep, although I think I would need to sleep for a year or so. lol

  12. Randy says:

    This team has plenty of holes. Just keep adding more talent. Acting like we’re something we’re not, a solid playoff contender, isn’t an accurate evaluation and leads to stupid choices that don’t help longterm.

  13. getterdone says:

    Mike you post Warford’s combine pre-draft scouting report from 4+ years ago??? LOL
    He might have developed some by now I think. 🙂
    Also that combine report compared him to Marshall Yanda….who wouldn’t want Yanda on their OL? Many of us here were moaning for him when he was a FA a couple years back.

  14. Randy says:

    OR, we barely won 10 games against an extremely weak schedule in a year where both our offense and defense were average at best. We have holes at OL, S, CB, DE, TE and LB. Yeah, we’re just stacked. Super Bowl here we come. Lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      Dude, we know we need some upgrades, but let’s not pretend we can’t compete. Think about the secondary alone not being complete in 2016. We could be so much better in 2017.

      R. Jones, IAQ, Maxwell and Howard on the field at the same time with McCain and Lippett as nickel/dime. How long did that last year? We played without our starters as a group all year. Yes talent makes a difference. Add more in the mid to late rounds and create competition for a final 9 – 10.

    • getterdone says:

      Extremely week schedule??? Randy, C’mon, this is the NFL, it’s a fine line between teams and things can change on a dime with injury, momentum, etc.

      Green Bay got blown out in the playoffs….are they screaming we got holes everywhere, or let’s get some guys healthy & add some more talent & depth???

      • Tim Knight says:

        As if playing the Pats twice a year isn’t enough. Gase’s biggest challenge is beating them. That’s the key obviously, they’re playing Sunday in Feb… again. That’s your obstacle.

  15. Randy says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It’s not worth arguing about it.

  16. Randy says:

    This isn’t the first time folks around here have talked about how good this team is and were wrong. It happens…oh…every damn year. I’ve heard it all before. Lol

    • getterdone says:

      But in a sense that’s how most fans of 30-31 other teams feel each year about this time too. Only one can be Champ, so the rest gotta keep plugging away or stop being fans.
      We did see vast improvement this year under a very promising rookie HC. So I’m excited about the future of this mostly young squad.
      This isn’t Cleveland….lol 😉

  17. Randy says:

    Who the hell gets all that crap on a burger? Lol

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