Stephen Ross Fallout – Training Camp Stuff

I’ve never hated Stephen Ross like so many people in South Florida do. I think most of the people who hate him, hate him for the wrong reasons. They hate him because he’s a New York guy first and foremost. Cracks me up how much people from Florida hated him for that reason from the get-go. How many people who live in Florida are actually Florida natives? Florida is littered with transplants, littered! If he came from South Carolina he’d have been fine. I always saw Ross as a guy who just wants to win, and would do anything, even things outside the rules to win. I think a lot of rich, billionaires feel that way, they’ve been doing that their whole lives. On the other hand, the NFL has 32 billionaires all in the same boat, and there are rules that have to be followed or there are consequences for breaking those rules. Well, now as Dolphins fans, we have to eat the shit sandwich of losing one of our TWO 1st round picks in next year’s draft, and then another 3rd round pick in 2024. It sucks, it definitely does, but do I hate Stephen Ross? He’s done everything he could to make Hard Rock Stadium a great place to come for Dolphins fans. While we haven’t won a Superbowl or been perennial playoff contenders, no other Dolphins Owner in the last 30 years did that either! So I still don’t hate Stephen Ross, but I wouldn’t hate if he sold the team either. Then you have to worry about who takes over.

To be clear, I’m not defending Ross. I hate what he did tampering with Tom Brady of all people. I tell you with all honesty I could not watch Tom Brady play on the Miami Dolphins. Whatever we would possibly accomplish with Tom Brady as QB would only be another feather in the cap of Tom Brady and our team would be on Brady’s coattails, just as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were. He went to a very talented Bucs team, and then he recruited other NFL talent (Sound like the NBA anyone?) to put them over the top. The Bucs that previous season were 7-9, but their QB Jameis Winston turned the ball over a historically high 45 times, 33 interceptions and 12 fumbles. He also threw for over 5000 yards and 30 TD’s because that team had talent. Brady didn’t go to the Detroit Lions and win the Super Bowl, no, he went to a team on the cusp and then brought in a few extra great players to get them over the top. If having Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and Leonard Fournette on your team all due to Brady recruiting, and winning the Super Bowl with those guys make you feel good, so be it. It would do nothing for me and the entire season would be tainted and unwatchable for me.

So, on to training camp. It’s been a competitive camp so far, but it’s hard to glean important information until they get the pads and helmets on, which just recently happened, and even then, it’s not that easy. Guys that are training camp stars sometimes get cut, and sometimes guys don’t get exposed or ball out until the real games start. Undrafted WR Braylon Sanders is getting a lot of hype right now, but who knows if this guy even makes the roster. 4th RD pick Erik Ezukanma is also getting positive hype, and is a more likely candidate to make the roster. Then again, undrafted WR Wes Welker is the WR Coach now in Miami, so maybe I’m off on that. There’s also a lot of hype going to TE Durham Smythe. Plenty of talk that he will be getting more reps. Well, he’s the better blocker, that much is clear, and he’s a decent receiver as well. Doesn’t matter who starts, but if you think Durham Smythe is going to get more targets than TE Mike Gesicki, you’re crazy. My hope is that Gesicki becomes a more balanced NFL TE under McD, but if not, he’s clearly the better receiving TE with speed, agility, the ability to high point the football and catch anything near him, and of course make a contested catch.

It’s impossible to gauge the running backs right now so we’ll have to wait some for that to develop. It seems Raheem Mostert is healthy and feeling good, so that’s a plus. LT Austin Jackson is having a strong camp so far, but it’s too early to get real excited. Let’s hope the injury bug stays away, it has so far, and that’s one of the most important things. Get through training camp healthy, and get ready for the season. There’s always feel good stories in training camp, but often times they don’t amount to much. One of them is Noah Igbinoghene, and how this may finally be his year. That would be great, just don’t bet on it. Tua is throwing the ball well, his best passes are touch passes because he doesn’t throw frozen ropes like Justin Herbert. If he’s going to do that, it’s going to be within 20 yards, he doesn’t have elite arm strength, he has elite accuracy with average NFL strength. He makes good decisions most times, has a quick release, and sees the defense well. I think he’s going to have a great year, can’t wait to see it!



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  1. Rockphin says:

    Straight up for Smith!

    LOL (just kidding) We will throw in a 2nd round pick.

  2. naplesfan2010 says:

    “He fixed our economy, ”
    No he did not. The economy was humming along very nicely, wall street, main street, all fine.
    What law did he pass to “fix” the economy? What did he do for the Middle Class?
    He lowered taxes on the most wealthy people and companies.
    … …
    “brought jobs back, ”
    No he did not.
    The economy averaged losing 59,000 jobs per month under Trump.
    Now I give him a pass on that because of Covid,
    which was not his fault and caused a lot of people to be laid off.
    … …
    “businesses back,”
    meaning what exactly? His MAGA hats and Trump ties and other goods are all made in cheap labor countries like Viet Nam etc. His “American” company got fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for his “factory” which made nothing but was caught ripping out the “made in China” labels and replacing then with “Made in USA” labels. That’s a crime.
    He slapped tariffs on goods made in China, and I’m all for us making drugs and chips and a lot of other important stuff here, but tariffs are a tax paid by the people of the IMPORTING country. That’s US. That helped fuel the inflation we now have.
    … …
    “set business up to succeed instead of being regulated with restrictions to no end”
    I’m not in favor of bureaucracy or red tape, but I can also see fires and floods that are a result of Climate Change which we very much need to attack, even if that means regulations we don’t like.
    … …
    “he lowered taxes”
    He did not lower MY taxes, and I bet he didn’t lower yours. But he lowered his.
    and his billionaire cronies’.
    … …
    “kept inflation in check”
    no the FED did that and no president controls the FED, which is something we could consider changing, but Biden can’t now and Nixon couldn’t in 72 and no other president who ever tried can control the FED, because it is an independent agency of the banking system not under presidential control.
    The FED kept inflation low during COVID to avert the medical disaster from becoming a financial disaster by having a stupidly low interest rate setting for way too long. Again, I try to let that go due to COVID, but they left rates too low too long, and the result of low lending rates is ALWAYS a following period of inflation to make up for it as idiots run up their credit cards, buy too much house and too much car and don’t save and companies invest in new products, buildings, etc. while the getting is good. Sooner or later those people have to face the music. They were living above their means and helped cause inflation. That’s another example of basic economics.
    … …
    “fixed trade deals, that favored other countries…” Again these are things he said he did, but what were the actual deals that he fixed and how did he do that? Some of the things he did sounded Patriotic, but actually had the reverse effect. I agree Europe needed to pay for more of their share of NATO, for example, but you can’t shift such a burden all on them in a year or two. It will stress the international macroeconomics and whack things out. Now we have a too strong dollar, for example it has risen to par with the Euro. Some people thing that sounds good, like yay America, but that’s not actually a good thing. This is helping cause a trade imbalance and thus driving inflation.
    … …
    “He set out to fix corrupt DC”
    You know I’ve lived in swamps all my life. Real swamps. They are a beautiful thing. A natural and necessary part of the ecological system. Draining the swamps is a terrible ecological disaster. Right here in Naples. Swamps are the breeding and birthing waters for baby seafood which grows to either be our food or the food of other fish that we eat. The marsh grasses filter pollutants and emit oxygen, thus helping us keep clean air and have moderate temps so we don’t get these triple digit heat waves. The swamps are barriers to hurricanes protecting our coastlines from erosion and our coastal cities from the full brunt of storms. And they harbor a diverse array of plant and animal species that we need to maintain the food chain, the CO2 gases level, and the management of living and dying organisms. Draining swamps always results in a degraded environment.
    … …
    “but that’s where the shit hit the fan with the establishment”
    I know that what he means is a metaphorical swamp, not the real swamp, (there is a real swamp around the Potomac in DC) but it’s a very bad metaphor. We need a rich diversity of people, beliefs, and opinions for our democracy to run correctly. We need some crabs, some flounders, some wading birds, etc. to keep the metaphor going, meaning we need people on both ends and in the middle politically. I’m not a Bernie Sanders or a Mitt Romney supporter, but we need to hear their ideas and then take the best of what they say and meld it all together to make the democracy work and improve life and the economy here. We do NOT need to reduce the voices we hear to one single belief, even if it is MY belief. Oneness results in a concrete block strip mall and an asphalt parking lot, not progress toward fixing what needs to be fixed. Our country’s motto is E Pluribus Unum “Out of many, one” meaning “out of our great cultural diversity, we get one great country.”
    … …
    “and why they started the fake Russia investigation”
    It’s obvious that Putin is scared shitless of Hillary Clinton. I’m not a fan of hers, but SHE told Putin what to do as S of State and made him try to act civilized. As soon as the wussy Trump got into office, Putin started making noise, and Trump just smiled along with him and shook his hand like they were best buds, all while Putin was smirking, and his newspapers back home were calling the US President “our Trump” because he was so easy to manipulate. Why did Trump tear up the translator’s notes of the private part of the meeting and not share them with reporters?
    … …
    “Trump has been wrongfully impeached twice”
    He was impeached once because the Russians unleashed dozens of bots into stupid Facebook to cause us to hate each other so they could manipulate our election. I am not a fan of Facebook, which allows disinformation and fake news to proliferate as if it is the truth. Maybe Trump did not collude with them on this. Or maybe his tight inner circle begins to crack under pressure and admit they did or whatever was the truth. It is true that his campaign at least benefited from the Russian meddling, even if they did not let Trump play in their back rooms. Maybe they let Manafort play.
    … …
    He was impeached the other time because he literally called a band of thugs to smash their way into a sitting meeting of Congress who just coincidentally was certifying the election results after Trump lost. This is an attempted coup. If you think they were just tourists, why did they all come at the same time, on that one day when our legally elected representatives were counting votes, why did they overrun a small group of “mall-cops” and why did they chant “Hang Pence” who was Trump’s own VP? Because he was not working the inside. He was so scared he would not get in the Secret Service car, and his personal guard was so scared they were texting goodbye to their loved ones.
    … …
    Why did the Secret Service delete Jan 6 texts? Why did certain members of the Pentagon delete Jan 6 communications? Why that one date and communications leading up to it? Why did Bannon and Boebert say all hell was going to break loose on Jan 6? Don’t you want to know these things?

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m not even going to read more than the first paragraph

      Under Obama, only president to have never achieved 3% gdp, the economy was stagnant

      As soon as Trump won the election the stock market took off and ran for a year plus bigly

      Don’t know where you’re getting your facts, but they aren’t

      • stangerx says:

        Stock market zoomed under Trump, but the zoom started in like 2009/2010. We had one decade plus great run and more of it was under Obama than Trump. Anyone with a 401k knows that.

      • Krishna says:

        Such an open-minded take…lmao…so obviously you have no desire to see or understand anyone else except yourself.


      • Krishna says:

        Oh, and we’ve had 401k’s for 20 years and I have yearly records….most appreciation was well before Trump…lol

  3. naplesfan2010 says:

    I wish we could trade Bowden AND Williams for Smith and maybe a 5th or some cash to pay those 2 WRs. They can’t make our 53, so if we can’t trade them, we will have to release both those guys, because they do not fit our offense. Unfortunately, other GMs know this and are waiting hopefully to get them for free off waivers.
    I thought Roquan had good upside when he was in that draft. If we were going to use our 2nd next year to get another LB to shore up our weakest defensive area, then using that 2nd to get Roquan would be a good deal, since we know now he can play at a high level in the pros, and we would not need to be taking a risk on a college guy that might not pan out.

  4. naplesfan2010 says:

    Hey I keep trying to find a spot to wedge this in.
    Happy birthday, Rock.
    Maybe not 29, but I certainly did not figure you to be 53.
    You’re in great shape for that age.
    Man, you were born in the summer after I graduated HS.
    Cosmic times.

    • Rockphin says:

      Thanks Naples! I appreciate it. I am FEELING old lately. (not physically, just that everywhere I turn I am reminded)

      Funny side story. A couple of weeks ago my company had their “Christmas in July” picnic. After the official festivities ended 5-6 of us went to the bar near my house for a couple of drinks. Most of the guys are around my age, but all are younger. (35-46 or so)

      My one co-worker (35) got pretty drunk and started asking “Hey between you and soandso who do you think would win a fight?” then he asked other scenarios. If it was soandso. What about soandso.

      It came around to me and I answered. “I could beat any two of you at once but not three”
      A couple of the guys protested but two of them said “yeah, I believe him” LOL

  5. naplesfan2010 says:

    Rock I saw that Preston and a 2nd for Smith deal out there on the twitterverse from several commentators, so you are right spot on. I do think they might want more, so Bowden might do it.

  6. CavalierKong says:

    Ok, I gotta ask because it’s the first thing I see when i refresh…Mike, did you choose that picture of Ross because he looks like a newborn baby trying to figure out how to take a dump? lol

  7. stangerx says:

    ““Always competition. That’s just how I grew up. I was competing with my brother, and now I’m competing with my brothers in here. I embrace competition. I hype up the guys in front of me, I hype up the guys behind me, but I’m always comfortable. I’m always comfortable with my back against the wall. I get nervous when it isn’t against the wall. Just like you’re going to a bar, you always get to the back wall so you can see everything. So, I’m comfortable and I embrace competition.”

    — Gottta like Sam Eguavoen’s attitude.

  8. CavalierKong says:

    stangerx says:

    “I usually skip over Stang’s” shiny, lustorious political golf ball-sized pearls of wisdom….. there I fixed it for you. 🙂


  9. Rockphin says:

    Speaking of unflattering pictures. Why does the Herald choose to use THIS picture of Tua constantly? Of the 1000’s of pictures whey this one that makes him look stupid?

    It annoys me constantly.

  10. Rockphin says:

    It reminds me of the Chad Henne discovery of the Sun picture.

  11. son of a son of a shula says:

    If we trade for Smith then I bet Roberts will be part of the deal. Williams and Roberts and whatever draft compensation and possibly Bowden thrown in.

  12. son of a son of a shula says:

    Hey Stanger, what section are the seats in? I forgot.

    • stangerx says:

      Sec 323
      Rows 18-22
      Seats 21-28 (plus 2 more tagged on the end of 2 rows).

      Think about your parking. My oranges (not cheap) are waiting for me to pick up. But yellow and a bit of a walk works.

  13. CavalierKong says:

    This has probably already been mentioned, but is there a fest pick up bus? i think Toba has done it in the past…is that a yearly thing or should I be planning our transport?

    I assume on the day of we can just Uber to the stadium if necessary, right?

  14. steveccnv says:

    stangerx says:
    August 9, 2022 at 3:10 pm
    Stock market zoomed under Trump, but the zoom started in like 2009/2010. We had one decade plus great run and more of it was under Obama than Trump. Anyone with a 401k knows that.

    That’s the great lie they keep telling, the stock market going up after a recession or huge drop-off is just getting back to where it was, you can’t pick and choose start and end points

    Under Obama it went down over 50%, then it took several years to get back above where it was, during his 8 years it wasn’t great overall, under Trump he started with a stagnant market and it soared

  15. Wyoming85 says:


  16. son of a son of a shula says:

    Thanks Stanger
    I did start thinking about parking that’s exactly why I asked lol. Free parking at that school isn’t that bad a walk. It’s either that, a yellow or the Toba bus.

  17. Wyoming85 says:

    We might have an extra 1 or 2
    For a certain LB?????

  18. stangerx says:

    Least some folks are excited about the Phins…. and yeah this made getting the Fest group tickets hard.

    “The Dolphins announced Tuesday that they are sold out of season tickets for the upcoming season. For the first time, they have a waitlist at”

  19. CavalierKong says:

    Slartibartfast and Shaheen sitting in a tree

  20. Rockphin says:

    So they got him for a one round swap? Meh

  21. bailbondmike says:

    Not surprised about the Shaheen news. Go back and watch our RB’s tapes last year. Shaheen was the slowest of the TE’s to get on his block (out of him, Smythe, Hunt and Gesicki).

  22. mf13ss says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    August 9, 2022 at 3:44 pm
    If we trade for Smith then I bet Roberts will be part of the deal. Williams and Roberts and whatever draft compensation and possibly Bowden thrown in.
    Absolutely agreed: good call on Roberts being part of a potential deal.

    I could see Roberts, Preston Williams, and a day 2 Draft pick in exchange for Roquan… which is essentially what ya stated. To sweeten the deal, throw in one of our RBs (we have many) who may not make the final-53: the Bears are not deep at the position behind David Montgomery.

    The Bears have nearly $15.7M in cap space so this won’t be an issue for them.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I don’t see us getting Roquan Smith for 2nd level players and backups.

      • mf13ss says:

        A day 2 pick could be a 2nd rounder in ’23. Not sure it’s enough to get Roquan, but I’m not trying to offer the moon for him either.

        As you and I agreed the other day, we’re not sure we NEED to get Roquan.

      • Rockphin says:

        me either. I thought the player and a 2nd was unlikely.

        He is demanding a trade over money so we would have to clear a bunch of room to pay him next season. I just don’t see it happening. I would love to see an all-pro LB in our 7 but it probably won’t happen unless our boy from GA takes off.

  23. bailbondmike says:

    I wouldn’t expect to see much more value for Preston Williams. Best to trade now if you know they don’t fit. Once teams get to cutting players it will be harder to trade.

  24. Tim Knight says:

    I could see us trading Preston Williams for a conditional pick based on making the team, games played and other performance type stuff.

  25. mf13ss says:

    “If only I had that money Catherine and I gave to that TV preacher who was screwin’ that hockey player.” ~ Cousin Eddie

    I’m referencing the fact we just lost a 1st-rounder and future 3rd-rounder for tampering when we could have used those resources to acquire Roquan Smith. SMH

  26. Ken says:

    Isn’t Tindall supposed to be our Roquan Smith?

  27. mf13ss says:

    Being honest (as always), I’m NOT pounding the table to trade for Roquan. Sure, he’d be a great addition, but I don’t believe he puts us over the top.

    And as many have stated, he’s not going to be cheap after this season… and we’ve got many contracts to figure out relatively soon.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I agree Roquan doesn’t put us over the top. For me the offense has to do that. I think we can win a championship with the defense we have.

  28. Krishna says:

    I believe we stand pat with our LBs….especially since Ross substantially weakened our future capital…what a dick…still pissed…lol

  29. Mike E. says:

    Roquan would make the defense better, but it’s definitely possible that Tindall can be the guy we need. I hope so.

  30. Krishna says:

    Happy belated BD Rock…Mrs K was a day before…love the fire…

  31. Krishna says:

    Lol…missed the fireworks…probably a good thing…

    Right on to a bunch of you…Naples you’re and OLD wise fuck…lol…

  32. sb7mvp says:

    I’m not going to blame Ross for wanting to improve this team, but I will blame Flores for being a whiney snitch.

    • mf13ss says:

      Bro, no offense intended to ya whatsoever, but that doesn’t even make sense. Ross cheated (even if he failed) by attempting to tamper: ILLEGAL.

      Ross was the one who hired Flores to begin with, and though Flores put two back-to-back winning seasons together for us, still Ross fired him for seemingly no reason: FAILURE.

      It ALL goes back to Ross, bud. He’s the ‘un-gift’ that keeps on giving. Don’t want a snitch in your biz, then don’t hire a snitch.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I believe Grier lead the HC search in 2019 when Ross gave him ultimate power as GM.

        Flores was not fired for no reason, it was well known throughout the org that he didn’t treat people well and he wanted ultimate power. He also had no clue on the offensive side of the ball. New OCs and OL coaches every year.

  33. manitobafinfan says:

    4h ago
    This has probably already been mentioned, but is there a fest pick up bus? i think Toba has done it in the past…is that a yearly thing or should I be planning our transport?

    I assume on the day of we can just Uber to the stadium if necessary, right?
    3h ago
    Toba usually organizes the game day bus and yes you can Uber

    Cav : I will for sure be getting at least a 10 person van this year as there are 4 of us , and I assume the dog family .. last year started out sounding like we’d need a 20 passenger then mostly everyone was driving home after the game , so after much back and forth ended up being just me and the wife … so if people are going to book their own way , I’m cool with it , if some one wants to commit to the space (I believe was about 20.00 each return trip, likely a bit more with gas prices the way they are ) .. all i ask is , kinda like Stanger with tix, commit or don’t … i book the van before we fly so I just want real numbers by the previous weekend

  34. Mike E. says:

    SB – just curious, could you root for the Tom Brady led Dolphins?

    • Wyoming85 says:

      The answer

      • Mike E. says:

        That’s precisely how I would feel

      • manitobafinfan says:

        It would truly test my fandom.. I used to cheer for Tampa as my NFC team, going back to the creamsicle Unis .. as soon as they got Brady nope please lose every game.. once he leaves I will return to rooting for them …

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Kinda like the Super Bowl between Denver and Washington.. I still hate Washington from the Riggins bowl, but I loved Doug Williams more .. Williams started the game I was cheering for Washington, he got injured and came out for Rypien, I switched to cheer for Bronco s , he came back I switched back to Washington… people thought I was fucked in the head LOL 🤷‍♂️🤡

    • mf13ss says:

      I know I absolutely could NOT root for a Tom Brady-led Dolphins, but that’s just me.

    • Wyoming85 says:

      Don’t get me wrong. I would root for the #Finsup!
      But that would be the finished product!

  35. Mike E. says:

    Sonny – get on the Toba bus, make it more fun. We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  36. sb7mvp says:

    I would 100% root for a Tom Brady led team. I had to root for Dan Marino’s ineffective self for nearly 20 years.

    • Mike E. says:

      Ouch! You’re a strange fan indeed! I couldn’t root for Brady, it would ruin the entire experience. I think you’re pretty harsh on Marino

  37. Krishna says:

    Lol…I would retire my Dolphin fandom until Brady retired “as a Dolphin”? That just sounds sick to me….Wyo’s take…lol

  38. sb7mvp says:

    You guys better not cheer for Tyreek HIll this year.

  39. Ken says:

    I would only cheer for Brady on the Fins when they removed his broken body from the field after playing behind our OL

  40. Mike E. says:

    SB – I guess it depends on how you define ir interpret winning. Renting the NFL’s biggest douchebag for a season where he hand picks the roster and makes moves that would probably hurt us in the long term, so he can get the players he deems necessary to win. Then the storyline is Brady and Brady only and the Dolphins are just the vessel he chose this season. Dolphins get no credit, just Brady. Then if we don’t win it would be the Dolphins can’t do anything right, can’t even win with Brady. NO THANKS!

    • sb7mvp says:

      lol he’s not even close to the NFL’s biggest douchebag. he’s not even a hundredth of the douchebag that Marino was.

  41. Mike E. says:

    SB, I wish Brady could have been New Englands QB in the 80’s and 90’s with the Dolphins with Marino and the Bills with Kelly. He wouldn’t be the winner he is today in my view.

  42. CavalierKong says:

    We can commit to the Toba bus right now (kong+1) . We’re not renting a car, so it’s an easy choice.

    Oh yeaaaaahhh, you owe me a drink for that sweet Blues victory over the Jets a few years back. I look forward to sitting down for that drink with you, my friend. 🙂

  43. Mike E. says:

    Marino was OUR douchebag at least. Not someone else’s

  44. Ken says:

    Marino never kissed his son on the mouth

  45. sb7mvp says:

    You guys must get your football news from the same place that you get your news on politics. Wherever it is, it ain’t based in reality.

  46. Wyoming85 says:

    Oh I would root for the Fins!
    I would just be throwing up the whole time!

    Herd don’t read this!

    But I loved winning with noodle arm. but it made me sick to root for him!!!!!!

  47. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    August 9, 2022 at 8:52 pm
    …Flores was not fired for no reason, it was well known throughout the org that he didn’t treat people well and he wanted ultimate power. He also had no clue on the offensive side of the ball. New OCs and OL coaches every year.
    I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Flores, but still… back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since Dave Winestache in ’02-’03?

    That’s rather impressive, even if he had no clue on the Offensive side of the ball, new OCs and OL coaches every year.

    Bill Parcells didn’t exactly treat people well and wanted ultimate power… yet he’s praised and in the Pro-football HOF.

    When and why did our culture (especially in the game of FOOTBALL) become so… SOFT? Don Shula is rolling in his grave.

    Just to reiterate, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Flores, but still…

    • mf13ss says:

      Perhaps Ross/Grier should have just hired a really swell guy like Cam Cameron.

    • Tim Knight says:

      No, it was about respect to people in the building and coaches, not just being hard on players. They fired him the day after the season ended, there was no end of season meeting evaluation, he was gone. It was likely decided well before the last game. But the team was playing their asses off down the stretch and they finished the season 8-1. The org didn’t want to take that from them. Flores was already out.

      • mf13ss says:

        I’m just sayin’, man. Even when Ross finds a proven winner (again, back-to-back winning seasons since Winestache with Flores), he funks it up.

        All we want as fans is a WINNER.

      • mf13ss says:

        And IF Ross gave the power to Grier to select Flores as our HC, I’m still scratching my head.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I have no idea why you’re revisiting this as if you never heard what was going on. It’s done! If you want to go on with more Ross rants have at it, but Grier was the guy who brought Flores into the fold that everywhere here had last on their list. Then it was looking really good and then Flores’ ego got the best of him.

        We have a new HC and coaching staff on offense. Go Phins!!!!

      • mf13ss says:

        So what you’re saying is that Ross/Grier funked up ONCE AGAIN?!! LOL 😀

        Accountability is the name of the game, and I don’t like blame games from leadership on down.

      • mf13ss says:

        I’m STRICTLY talking about the hiring of Brian Flores here, not Mike McDaniel.

  48. manitobafinfan says:

    Cav: yea I do owe that drink (jerk🤡) and will be happy to upgrade to a 15 passenger to accommodate you and your plus one … so currently at 11… I also get it’s only August LOL

    Room for another 4

  49. Tim Knight says:

    M13, I think Flores funked up his situation. But continue on with your Ross and Grier bashing. You seem to enjoy it. I just don’t get the point.

    We know we’re our team is now, roll with that. The past is over. Ross has fucked up a lot. We all know that. Nothing any of us can do about it.

    • mf13ss says:

      Fair enough. And for what it’s worth, I’m BELIEVING the hype of our ’22 Phins, Bro!
      GO PHINS!!!
      HELL YEAH!!!

      • Tim Knight says:

        I’m excited too. But I’m in I want to see the hype happening mode. If it doesn’t pan out I give up! LOL

  50. mf13ss says:

    Y’all know the drill… copy and paste as you add your prediction to it…

    2022 Miami Dolphins Regular Season Predictions
    M13: 11-6

  51. steveccnv says:

    Tim Knight says:
    August 9, 2022 at 6:53 pm
    Wow! They must like what they see in Hunter Long.

    Long still under his rookie contract, struggling catching the ball, but looks good blocking

    The real reason Shaheen is gone is, because he doesn’t fit the system and Cethan does and looked like a bull after the catch the practices I watched

    • Tim Knight says:

      Cool! Cethan is a STs guy who can play TE and FB. We actually use one now. Ingold is the starter but Cethan provides depth.

      Long was a good pass catcher in college so maybe that comes back around.

      • steveccnv says:

        Lovett looked almost like Cethan after the catch, but was catching more passes mostly 10+ yards downfield

        I’d keep Gesicki, Smythe, Long, Cethan, Lovett, Ingold, Edmonds, Mostert, and Michel, but that’s probably too many, my odd man out is Long

        Watching Long from BC I mention his hands suck and the argument was he caught lots of balls

  52. steveccnv says:

    sb7mvp says:
    August 9, 2022 at 9:46 pm
    You’re starting to argue like Steve. It’s not becoming. lol

    Unbelievable! The only Dolphins’ fan ever, that doesn’t like Marino, yet someone else’s logic is flawed, typical delusional…

  53. steveccnv says:

    Why again are we thin at LB?

    Baker, Ingram, Phillips, Roberts, Tindall, AVG

    Sure Phillips and Ingram are more DEs, but if they are it means we’re more of a 4-3 and last I checked LBs come out in the nickel and dime, LB is a strength

    And Duke has been tearing it up in camp

    • Tim Knight says:

      We’re more of a 5-2 defense that can flex between 3-4 and 4-3 from a base standpoint. We have edge guys that can 3-pt and 2-pt. Then we have the Amoeba look with DBs involved in the blitz looks.

      • Tim Knight says:

        5 DBs will be on the field more often than not. If we continue with the Cover 0 and Cover 3, we’ll be blitzing 5-7 on a regular basis.

      • steveccnv says:

        So why do we keep hearing we’re thin at LB, when we have 40 of them, but only use 2?

  54. Krishna says:

    Well this article is a big “I told you so” gift to OD about Ross….what a fucked up walk down memory lane….lol

  55. Mike E. says:

    M – Flores didn’t get a HC job in the NFL this season. It’s not because of the controversy, because if he was that good, some team would have grabbed him up immediately. There’s something wrong with him. The NFL is one big family, and someone who knows someone was asked on every team about him and now Flores is just an assistant coach. There’s a reason

    • Krishna says:

      Agreed…his idea of establishing a winning culture was on point, but his methods of getting there were unpolished, i.e. no clue about how to build an O and created strife within the organization…

      Hindsight is always 20/20…..except for some…lol

  56. Rockphin says:


    A major returning player is, of course, defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah, who has led the Dolphins in sacks the past two seasons. Not only has he gotten to the passer, but he’s also set a mark of excellence in the passes defended category. His 12 batted passes were the highest in the NFL in 2021 and most by a defensive lineman in a single season since 2016. In total since 2016, Ogbah ranks second in the category among defensive linemen, behind only Carlos Dunlap.

    Remarkably, Ogbah had a streak of seven straight games with a batted pass, which, according to FOX, is the longest streak by an NFL defensive lineman in more than 20 seasons.

    On the other side of the pass-rush, second-year rising star Jaelan Phillips looks to build off his 8.5 sacks, which was a Dolphins rookie record. Phillips had a stretch in 2021 where he became the first NFL rookie since Julius Peppers in 2002 to record at least six sacks in a three-game span. Phillips ranked behind only Micah Parsons last season in sacks, as the Dallas Cowboy recorded 13.

    Andrew Van Ginkel, who finished with four sacks in 2021, actually was among the league leaders in quarterback knockdowns, ranking eighth, and set his teammates up on blitzes, finishing second in the league. Van Ginkel was sent on 115 blitzes last season, behind only Tampa Bay’s Devin White. In an interesting statistical trend, in Van Ginkel’s top seven games in terms of the amount the Dolphins sent him on a blitz, Miami was 7-0.

  57. Rockphin says:

    YAY Needham!

  58. Rockphin says:

    These “unofficial polls” that twitterellas put out that say “retweet for option A and like for option B” are just dumb. the “Like” side will ALWAYS win. No matter how silly the poll is.

    Here is one.

  59. Rockphin says:

    I like Coach. But then I liked Flores and Gase at first too.

  60. Rockphin says:

    Of course all the (dead) beat writers have to ask everyone at practice about the tampering with tom because you know, it’s the only negative news they can re-write about……

  61. Rockphin says:


  62. Rockphin says:


  63. Rockphin says:

    OH NO!!!! I have agreed in the past. I was hoping this had changed…


  64. Rockphin says:

    Coach, how do you feel about the execution of the offense?
    Coach: After today’s performance, I am all for it!

  65. Rockphin says:

    While I definitely want to guard against injuries, I was hoping that we would be practicing our tackling a little more against the other team. The defense NEEDS LIVE TACKLING! The CBA fucked teams / players by restricting it in practice / off-season.

  66. Rockphin says:

    Looks like I am the only one fucking off at work today? LOL

  67. Rockphin says:


    • Rockphin says:

      You must log in to facebook to see this post.

      Well that will NEVER fucking happen. Facebook will go the way of myspace before I ever join that stupidity generating machine.

  68. Rockphin says:

    Strange, they are allowing the reporters to be on the field during joint practices.

  69. Rockphin says:

    No eye gouging!

  70. Rockphin says:

    Over / under – How many fights / scuffles today at practice?

    I am going with 2

  71. Rockphin says:


  72. Rockphin says:

    It’s only practice, but…..

  73. Rockphin says:


  74. Rockphin says:

    Boy, the Tampa beat guys are doing much more reporting on twitter than the dolphins guys are. (my go to dolphins twitter thread) has got bubkis. The Phinsider is doing a much better job updating their blog article with tweets than is.

  75. Rockphin says:

    Not at all

    • steveccnv says:

      Well, if Ogbah wins 1 out of 10 with a sack you could write the same thing, also 2 of 20 and Ogbah would be a star of the game

      1v1 favors the O in this drill

  76. Rockphin says:

    He got picked the a few minutes later.

  77. Rockphin says:

    Damn, they are tearing our secondary a new asshole and these guys aren’t even practicing.

    Pop goes my preseason hope bubble.

  78. Rockphin says:

    11 on 11’a

  79. Rockphin says:

    Really hoping we can have a running game this season.

  80. Phindog says:

    Toba, The Dog family will be on the bus for sure.

  81. Rockphin says:


  82. Rockphin says:

    That is why he gets paid so much!

    • steveccnv says:

      Saw a lot of that last week, you just can’t cover him from time to time

      Some well designed plays are going to result in Tyreek wide open, saved for just the right time this year

  83. Rockphin says:


  84. Rockphin says:

    I love Wilkins. This doesn’t count towards a “scuffle” though.

    • steveccnv says:

      I love Wilkins play and enthusiasm, but hate his over-doing it, seems maybe he’s mellowing out or getting smarter, or controlling himself

  85. Rockphin says:

    Ok, this sound better than the earlier reports! They were dogging us in earlier reps

  86. Rockphin says:

    Wants more opportunities…..

    Well, serving up Ints to the other team won’t win you any.

  87. Rockphin says:

    Keep up the good work worm!

  88. Rockphin says:

    There’s some play from the RB’s

  89. steveccnv says:

    Doing play by play like these reporters are doing doesn’t leave much time to look at anything off the ball, then you have players with rolled up jerseys covering part of their number

    It’s fast and furious

  90. Rockphin says:

    I love a frustrated Tom Lady

  91. Rockphin says:

    UHG again! LOL

    • steveccnv says:

      Lots of pressure came from the left last week at the practices I attended, don’t worry it was likely Larnell at LT

  92. Rockphin says:


  93. Rockphin says:

    Not nice

  94. Rockphin says:


    • steveccnv says:

      He’ll find a way to slip in behind the coverage soon enough

      Tampa probably playing a lot of zone, didn’t see much of it last week

  95. Rockphin says:

    So much for a sustained drive

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