2022 Season – Game 10 – Browns @ Dolphins

Well, it’s Week 10 folks, which means there are 8 weeks left to the 2022 NFL season. Our record is 6-3, good for 3 in the AFC East and 6th in the AFC. Our offense is 9th in the league in scoring (23.7 PPG), and our dismal defense is 26th, allowing 24.9 PPG. Just look at our division and you can see the disparity, the Bills who have played one less game have given up 118 points (14.75 PPG), the NY Jets have allowed 176 points (19.5 PPG), and the New England Patriots have allowed 166 points (18.4 PPG). Despite having a prolific offense, we have allowed more points than we have scored, 224, while scoring 213. Yes, we’ve had some injuries, and yes, Tua missed a couple of games, but if you watched the game Sunday against the Bears, you know we were lucky to come out of Chicago with a W.

Yes, CB Byron Jones has been out all season. Pro Bowl CB Xavien Howard has been playing with groin and hamstring issues most of the season, and we lost our 3rd best CB Nik Needham in Game 6. We also lost our Safety Brandon Jones 2 weeks ago to a season ending injury. So we can make excuses for all of those things, but really, this defense has been pretty toothless in general most of the season, with the exception of Game 1 against the Patriots when we allowed only 7 points. Even the game against the Bills where we gave up less than 20 points (19), they were moving the ball all over us, up and down the field, it’s still amazing we came away with a 2 point victory that day.

The good news going forward is that rookie Kader Kohou is now healthy and has proven to be a pretty reliable player, and an excellent tackler in the backfield. While Noah Igbinoghene will never live up to his draft position, he has improved under the tutelage of former All Pro CB’s Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. Xavien Howard has been struggling with groin and hamstring injuries all season and it appears will continue to do so. Hopefully the BYE week next week will give him the rest that can make him whole. DB’s Keion Crossen is also back and joins veteran special teamer Justin Bethel to round out the secondary.

The Dolphins made a big splash last week trading for OLB Bradley Chubb. Maybe it was too much to expect him to make a difference in his first game action, but to log 1 assisted tackle playing 72% of the defensive snaps is very disappointing to me. Hoping this game at home against an AFC opponent that happens to have his cousin on the other side, RB Nick Chubb, maybe he can show up a little more. Actually, maybe the entire defense can do a little more. Blame DC Josh Boyer, blame HC Mike McDaniel, or just blame all of the players. This defense is not a playoff caliber defense at this time, it just isn’t. 17 sacks in 9 games. You want some bright side? Last season, the Dolphins from Game 10 – 17 managed to amass 31 sacks. If the 2022 Miami Dolphins can come close to that, we should sail right into the playoffs and probably be one of the higher seeds. You want gloomy? I haven’t seen a glimmer that this can happen, except for the fact that we did it last season. You would think the front seven of Wilkins, Davis, Ogbah, Chubb, Baker, Roberts and Phillips could manage more than 17 sacks from here to the end of the season, but can they almost double that? That will remain to be seen.

I know our offense with Tua at the helm can play and score with anyone. I suppose one of the bigger questions will be can Tua do it in poor weather, as the Starks in Winterfell say, “Winter is coming”. We play the Bills in Buffalo December 18th and the Patriots in Foxborough January 1st. Those will definitely be good tests not only for Tua, but our team in general. The acquisition of RB Jeff Wilson Jr. paid nice dividends last week against da Bears. He provides a much better 1-2 punch than Mostert and Edmonds. He’s a little more physical than Mostert, probably a tick slower, but he has some nice wiggle and is as good or better receiver than Mostert. That 1-2 punch might need to be leaned on more in those poor weather games. OL Austin Jackson is getting healthier and whether he starts or not doesn’t really matter, he’ll be another capable player to rotate in or fill a spot if necessary. Terron Armstead has been playing in pain all season with a toe injury. We lost LG Liam Eichenberg who was replaced by OG Robert Jones, who did a nice job. C Connor Williams has been solid all season as has RG Robert Hunt. RT Brandon Shell who has been playing in the stead of Austin Jackson has also been quite solid, but we know injuries and the toll of the season itself requires good depth, so if Austin Jackson can get healthy and help this team, we’ll better for it.



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  1. Ken says:

    Nice write Mike E. Don’t get too down on the D. They have not been great but the talent is there. I think you will see them start to come together

  2. Rockphin says:

    Howie’s List
    🐬 v 💩
    🦬 37 -24 🐬
    🐷 42-14 🐬
    🗿 38-31 🐬
    🌴 24-17 🐬
    🤠 30– 21 🐬

  3. Rockphin says:

    Nice write-up Mike! Thank you once again for keeping this place stocked with fresh posts. YOU DA MAN

  4. naplesfan2010 says:

    Our D has played Jackson, Allen, Burrow, Cousins, and Fields,
    which is a bunch of high yardage producers,
    so our defensive stats might be a little skewed to the bad side by that.

    We also allowed Breece Hall’s breakout game. But the spotter lost that game for us.

    Goff used his veteran experience to get a lot of yards early on us
    but faded badly in the 2nd half.

    We ate up Jones and Pickett.

  5. Rockphin says:

    Thank you for your Service!!

    Happy Veterans Day!

  6. naplesfan2010 says:

    Mike E
    Great essay.
    I especially like the “Bright Side” sacks part.
    I think you are right that our defense will tend to get better as the season goes.

    The best teams peak late and ride that into the playoffs,
    so maybe that will work for us now that Chubb is here,
    as you say.

    (if somebody can get Phillips to stay outside and set the edge)

  7. naplesfan2010 says:

    Thank you, Veterans, for your service.

  8. Wyoming85 says:

    Thanks to all the Veterans and their families for the sacrifice they make!

  9. bailbondmike says:

    Thanks Y’all! and same to all my fellow vets out there!!!

  10. Krishna says:

    Thanks, Mike E….keeping it real!

  11. Wyoming85 says:

    These numbers would suggest a loss?

  12. Ken says:

    What teams have really dominant defenses this year? The Jets perhaps. The Broncos for whatever that is worth. Cleveland is good but they don’t have a winning record. I can’t think of any team that is winning because of their defense this season

    • ukfinfan says:

      Each year that goal becomes harder and harder to achieve by design as the league shackles the defense more and more on the altar of “entertainment” (= lots of tuddies). Smh. Somewhere Goddell is laughing.

  13. Wyoming85 says:

  14. Wyoming85 says:

    HC Mike McDaniel Friday November 11 media availability thread
    10:35 AM · Nov 11, 2022

    Coach on his involvement with the defense/Boyer: our offices are 10 yards away. It’s constant communication when we’re coming up with gameplans. He resources me just like I resource him with various thoughts.
    Travis Wingfield
    Replying to
    Coach on Ogbah: Right when he had progressed and was playing his best ball this year, and I thought the stat sheet would start filling up, he had an injury.

    Coach praises Emmanuel’s preparation effusively.
    Travis Wingfield
    Replying to
    You’d be hard pressed not to call him the best back in the league — McDaniel on Browns RB Nick Chubb.

    Replying to
    Coach on the safety rotation since Brandon Jones’ injury: they give us versatility for different sorts of packages week-in-week-out. Brandon is a great player that you don’t replace with one player, and I think they all see that and have risen up.

    Says Rowe played his butt off.
    Travis Wingfield
    Replying to
    Coach on Austin Jackson’s potential return: Seeing Austin progress his way back I see him as our starting right tackle. However…we’ll play him at whatever position that best serves us at the given moment to win the game.

  15. ukfinfan says:

    Excellent summary Mike.

    One thing from last year, (which I know you know) was that the D was on the field forever each game, as the O was so putrid (and it still did what it did).

    This year (though I haven’t checked) I would guess our TOP/game is up? Another benefit of running more is keeping our D + the other team’s QB off the field. I get that you play to your team’s strength and we are doing just enough to sell the play-action to perfection to give Tua enough time, but I’d still like to become a run-first team. It just has too many benefits. The best show on turf is great to watch, but passing is vanity, running is sanity in bad weather and the play-offs. We can easily switch back to bombs away. We can’t switch to the run if we’ve never been able to do it at will during the season.

    @Hulk – please start smashing things. I can’t wait another 48 hours to k.o.

  16. ukfinfan says:

    Bet these will never be off when he gets back to Tampa?!? 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Wyoming85 says:

  18. stangerx says:

    Great write Mike E. And could not agree more — the defense is what we have to worry about. On the bright side….. when’s the last time we said that?

  19. stangerx says:

    “Josh Allen was not on the field for the portion of practice open to media on Friday. That means Allen has missed all three sessions this week with his elbow injury.”

  20. Ken says:

  21. stangerx says:

    RIP Gallager — you goofy SOB.

  22. Wyoming85 says:

  23. Wyoming85 says:

  24. Rockphin says:

    SWEET game just got a little bit easier.

  25. Mike E. says:

    Ken – I’m not necessarily asking for dominant, but unlike the way we’re playing now, I’d like the defense to seem it like it can eat solid food. Right now it looks toothless. No pressure, no sacks, just not good enough for playoff football. The Chiefs have had somewhat weak defenses but their defense still got pressure. We need to have a more consistent pass rush that opposing teams need to worry about and be in their heads. Last year after week 10, we had that. Hopefully we can have some semblance of that

    • Ken says:

      I hear you but I think in this age of high flying offense our D is good enough. New England is supposed to have an excellent and the Bears steamrolled them at New England. We caught Fields as the light switch is coming on

  26. Rockphin says:

    This poor girl!! LOL

  27. Ken says:

  28. Tim Knight says:

    Nice write, Mike!

    Thanks to all the veterans. Much respect to all of you.

  29. Ken says:

  30. bailbondmike says:

    Since it is Veteran’s Day. I have to start it off with my guys. Their last show of the season is today and tomorrow here in Pensacola.

  31. Wyoming85 says:


  32. stangerx says:

    “Tight end Hunter Long (concussion protocol/illness) is the lone Dolphin who has been declared out for the matchup.

    Four players have been listed as questionable – offensive tackle Terron Armstead (toe/calf), quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (knee), tight end Tanner Conner (knee) and offensive lineman Austin Jackson (ankle/calf).”

  33. manitobafinfan says:

    Damn you Naples😡😡 I woke up to 2 feet of snow on my car this morning

    naplesfan2010 says:
    November 9, 2022 at 11:46 am
    Isn’t it about time for the first snowstorm of winter
    in the mountains and the Dakotas?

    I do get that this is somewhat late in the year for a hurricane,
    and thus it will meet up with the type of front hurricanes don’t normally meet, but cold and snow in the Rockies is fairly normal and a chilly Thanksgiving is also not uncommon.

    Know what I DID NOT wake up to ??

    My FUCKING GARAGE being finished

  34. Rockphin says:

    LOL Keyshawn actually blushing on NFL live yesterday when he finally had to admit publicly that Tua is a good QB. It was awesome to see him squirm

  35. Ken says:

    Tua has been the FedEx air player of the week 3 times this season. There have been 9 weeks. That is unreal 33%. But Tua has really only played in 6 games. 50% of his starts this season he has been the best WB in the league. That is just ridiculous

  36. Wyoming85 says:

    Did that go to spam?

  37. Wyoming85 says:

    You know after listening to Veterans day music to post, I started to wonder why the little flag burning cock-suckers didn’t feel the same way I do about this?
    And I think if we can answer that, and correct it?
    We might save our nation!

    • Tim Knight says:

      Burning the flag is so immature and disrespectful. But as a free people we have to allow it. Nothing wrong with exposing their ignorance though. That’s free too. 😉

      • Wyoming85 says:

        I guess I should have put in quotations.
        It wasn’t really an literal argument!

      • Tim Knight says:

        I don’t see it as an argument. It’s an action that accomplishes nothing. I don’t think protests have much impact even though we must respect them. They fade away in time all the time. Where is BLM these days? People profited off of it and disappeared.

  38. CavalierKong says:

    Thank you to all our veterans!!

  39. Tim Knight says:

    In memory of what many vets went through. The sacrifice is real.

  40. Tim Knight says:

    Son, I think it was you who said we need to score early and often to get the Browns out of their run game. I do think that is the key on offense. On defense play the run first and react to the pass second. That’s the formula.

  41. mf13ss says:

    God bless our vets: a heartfelt THANK YOU from me and the rest of us who honor your years of service to our country.

  42. mf13ss says:

    Y’all hear about the discovery at the bottom of the ocean yesterday? Man… got a little misty-eyed over it. I remember the Challenger accident as if it were yesterday.


  43. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    November 11, 2022 at 1:06 pm
    RIP Gallager — you goofy SOB.
    RIP, Gallagher. I grew up on him smashing all those watermelons: very funny cat.

  44. Tim Knight says:

    Tua Tagovailoa is 13-1 in the last 14 games he’s finished.

    Tua Tagovailoa’s third-down passer rating this season is the best ever since league began tracking such things in 1991.

    As of tonight, Tua Tagovailoa has the best career passer rating in Miami Dolphins history.

    Tua Tagovailoa had a 135.7 passer rating vs. the Bears. His only higher rating was 138.7, dating way back to … last week at Detroit.

  45. Ken says:

    Is it Sunday yet? 😡

  46. Ken says:

  47. Ken says:

  48. Ken says:

  49. bailbondmike says:

    Crazy war time love story. She was 2 months pregnant and fighting as a sniper. Apparently a good one.

    • stangerx says:

      Cool story. You would have thought she would have found her guy in her unit, but no she went to instagram. And people at the time looked down on my wife and I for meeting on e-harmony.

  50. The Flying Pig says:

    The thing that gets me about Tua critics doing a 180 now is that for those of us watching him, what he’s doing now is not really a surprise

    The writing on the wall was that it was coming

    Tua was always very good on 3rd down

    Last year we saw 1st down draw play, then some wasted 2nd down play and 3rd and 3 and 3rd and 4 all time time

    And he converted 3rd downs with short throws to waddle – who had over 100 catches and the rookie reception records

    Tua didn’t blossom this off-season (well maybe he blossomed a little) our new coach built an offense around his skill set

    And the reality is his skill set was always off the chart and just underutilized

    He does stuff all the time that other QBs can’t do

  51. herdfan says:

    I’m going to the Herd game today…in the cold and rain! Memorial game. We are….Marshall!

  52. bailbondmike says:

    Stanger, I think it is great you and your wife met that way.

    One of my best friends met his wife 20 years ago on a NASCAR group chat site. They met up several months later at a race in Darlington, SC and the rest is history.

  53. stangerx says:

    Almost makes you think Fox News didn’t exactly call the election right.

    • bailbondmike says:

      Depends. How many Dems did the hype scare into voting and how many GOP voters didn’t go because the hype made them think they had it and decided not to go vote?

      I went to vote but my wife didn’t. She decided to go to the beach with her friend because she knew DeSantis would get reelected.

      • stangerx says:

        That would be an interesting possible factor on it. Was just reading Rick Scott saying “our folks stayed home.”

        Still was amused by Hannity saying “who was talking about a Red Wave?” followed by pretty much everyone else on Fox News jumping up and down about it.

      • bailbondmike says:

        Yeah, my guess is they were trying to excite the base but backfired a bit. That and Trump endorsing candidates probably scared more Dems to vote in those states/districts. Be interesting to see % of turnouts.

  54. stangerx says:

    Good to hear or “it’s a trap”?

    Here’s a roundup of expert picks for Sunday afternoon’s Dolphins-Browns matchup.

    Pete Prisco, CBS Sports – Dolphins
    Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports – Dolphins
    Will Brinson, CBS Sports – Dolphins
    Jared Dubin, CBS Sports – Dolphins
    Seth Walder, ESPN – Dolphins
    Eric Moody, ESPN – Dolphins
    Mike Florio, PFT – Dolphins
    Michael David Smith, PFT – Dolphins
    Gregg Rosenthal, NFL.com – Dolphins

  55. stangerx says:

    “It’s just the culture here, man. Even with the fun, you can still tell that everybody is still on the plan and on the goal of getting to where we want to go. I mean, I just feel like that’s kind of cool and unique to have fun and be able to work at a high level at the same time.”
    — Jeff Wilson

  56. Mike E. says:

    “Red Wave” was more of a splash of a car driving through a small puddle. As I’ve already mentioned, I think the issue that put the kibosh on that expected Red Wave was the abortion issue. Didn’t agree with overturning Roe v Wade when it happened and now they can see for themselves what they created. BTW, it wasn’t just because of the payback I thought it was the wrong thing to do, there was just no good reason to overturn that law in the first place. Funny how Republican spew the “no big government” phrase around yet there they are controlling women’s rights like no one’s business.

    • stangerx says:

      Roe v Wade was a big part of it. Another was that Trump pushed a whole bunch of “his guys” through Senate primaries. A way for him to gain power. Turned out his crew wasn’t liked much. If the state GOPs chose the candidates would be 3-4 more Republican Senators at end of year.

    • New Age says:

      That’s not true at all and incredibly uninformed. Roe v Wade was the big government option. The previous option was states chose like they do with real rights like voting. If a woman wants to have an abortion, do it in a state that allows it and pay for it yourself. All the people who talk about controlling others were usually big Covid mandate fans and want to control my tax dollars paying for abortions. How is that right? I pay for enough social issues bullshit already.

  57. stangerx says:

    “I see Austin as our starting right tackle. Certainly the play of Brandon Shell lends us the opportunity to utilize him in other positions because his play has been so strong. But I still, without a shadow of a doubt, haven’t strayed away at all from my feelings of Austin being the starting right tackle because of what he showed me coming back.”
    — Mcdaniel

  58. Ken says:

  59. Ken says:

  60. son of a son of a shula says:

    On this date in 1972 the Dolphins defeated NE 52-0

  61. son of a son of a shula says:

    When we were all young the greatest thing you could ever get from the fifty cent gum ball machine was an NFL miniature helmet. Unless you got the Browns.
    If you ever got a Dolphins OMG fuggetaboutit you were the shit.

  62. bailbondmike says:

    Bored at work. NO, not doing another mock draft. lol

    Just looking at different players though. I really think we can go BPA with our pick in the 2nd. We have no urgent need. I would be leaning CB though with X getting up there in years. It’s just up in the air with it being a need since Byron Jones is a ? and we don’t know how well Trill Williams will come back after his ACL injury.

    One player I am watching is a true DE with good pass rush skills from USC. Junior Tuli Tuipulotu, 6’4 290. In 10 games this season, he has 32 tackles, 11.5 sacks, 2 FF and 3 PD’s (probably batted passes).

    USC only played 5 games in 2020. So, in less than 2.5 seasons he has 102 tackles, 19 sacks, 4 FF and 5 PD’s.

    They say he plays in a multiple front scheme. His brother is a DT for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Right now, he is projected on different draft sites player rankings from #47 to #56. He might be there when we pick.

  63. Tim Knight says:

    Mike E, that’s what I was talking about the other night. Republicans talk about less government interference as they discriminate against their own citizens because of the views they have on abortion and gay rights. I know many people who can’t vote Republican because of those two issues alone. That’s why I always bring up the 1st Amendment. 😉

  64. stangerx says:

    Guess Austin Jackson ain’t playing.

    “On Saturday, Miami signed defensive back Verone McKinley III to their active roster from their practice squad. The team also elevated offensive tackle Kion Smith for the second time in as many weeks.”

  65. son of a son of a shula says:

    UCF 💥
    31-14 3rd qtr

  66. bailbondmike says:

    A RB to keep an eye on over the next 2 years is Ole Miss freshman RB Quinshon Judkins. He has about 1,100 yards and 15 Td’s so far and another receiving TD.

    Don’t know his 40 time but Next Gen stats recorded him with hitting 22.5 mph in a game this season. That would have been the fastest speed recorded in the NFL last year.

    The first thing to like about him is he is from Alabama and was highly recruited by Nick Saban only to turn Saban down and go to Ole Miss.

    They are already calling him one of the best all round RB’s in the country. He’s 5’11 210 and will probably get a little bigger.

  67. Wyoming85 says:

  68. son of a son of a shula says:

    Also on this date in 1995, Dan Marino passed Fran Tarkenton to become the all time leading passer at the time.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s still early and much needs to be accomplished for Tua to get to Dan’s level, but he’s the best QB we’ve had since Marino.

  69. Tim Knight says:

    Tua this season.

  70. mf13ss says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    November 12, 2022 at 5:00 pm
    When we were all young the greatest thing you could ever get from the fifty cent gum ball machine was an NFL miniature helmet. Unless you got the Browns.
    If you ever got a Dolphins OMG fuggetaboutit you were the shit.
    WOAH!!! That’s something I hadn’t thought about in over 40 years, man!

    I never once got our Phins mini-helmet, but probably 3 of the Giants and stej each. 😡

    Great memory though! I wanted that Phins mini-helmet so very badly as a kid.

  71. Tim Knight says:

    Right on, Mike E. Can we all stop being ridiculous? Some of us don’t want to be a part of your fight for nonsense. Leave us alone as we all should for you. Stop telling us what we should think, and we should do the same. It’s not that complex.

  72. The Flying Pig says:

  73. uwantwat says:

    Howie’s List
    My Cat 34-10 Phins

  74. uwantwat says:

    FTR, I haven’t been around cuz I’ve been sick. I’ve to go to bed now. Managed to read a fair bit of what has been posted. Take care all of you.

  75. Wyoming85 says:

    Let’s goooooooooo!!!!

  76. Wyoming85 says:

    I think the only white jersey I have is a Tanny?
    Might have to get the old marker out and change the name?

  77. Rockphin says:


  78. naplesfan2010 says:

    I met my wife when she was my little brother’s ex high school girl friend’s college room mate.
    Go Dolphins.

  79. herdfan says:

    Howie’s List
    🐬 v 💩
    🦬 37 -24 🐬
    🐷 42-14 🐬
    🗿 38-31 🐬
    🌴 24-17 🐬
    🤠 30– 21 🐬
    🐱 34-10 🐬

    Hope you feel better soon uwantwat!

    Go Dolphins!


  80. bailbondmike says:

    Uwantwat, get well my friend!!!

  81. The Flying Pig says:

  82. Capt. Stubbs says:

    GO PHINS!!!
    Hopefully Jacoby plays like he did with us

  83. manitobafinfan says:

    Howie’s List
    🐬 v 💩
    🦬 37 -24 🐬
    🐷 42-14 🐬
    🗿 38-31 🐬
    🌴 24-17 🐬
    🤠 30– 21 🐬
    🐱 34-10 🐬
    🇨🇦48-17 🐬

    Hope you feel better soon uwantwat!

  84. Wyoming85 says:

  85. Mike E. says:

    GAMEDAY Blog is up!

  86. Rockphin says:

    Iggy is a fucking healthy scratch again this week. He is officially a bust

  87. Mike E. says:

    Wow, just saw Iggy inactive. So much for his ascension. I guess once Kohou and Crossen were healthy that spelled the end of that experiment

  88. mf13ss says:

    GO PHINS!!!
    HELL YEAH!!!

  89. Brian in NY says:

    Worst special teams in the NFL

  90. The Flying Pig says:

    Did we defer?

  91. Brian in NY says:

    This is exactly why all of our games are close

  92. CavalierKong says:

    Can we just fire crossman now please?

  93. Brian in NY says:

    Shitty special teams play, huge pass play, penalty on third down. PI in the end zone.

  94. Brian in NY says:

    This offense is unstoppable right now

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