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from Stanger


Q – With all the wide receivers looking solid, do we even need a TE as a redzone option? I’m seeing four wide with Knowshon as a single back (Clay ain’t tall enough). Or do you see Lynch as the redzone go to guy?



Absolutely! The more weapons the better. Hartline and Wallace to me are NOT real redzone threats, though I believe Gibson, Matthews and Landry are. A TE in the formation also keeps the defense honest that it might be a run play, and hopefully, the TE gets a good mismatch against a slower LB or a smaller S. I think we need to have a TE as a redzone threat, most definitely. Clay is a redzone threat, he’s 6’3”, not 5’10”. Plus, Clay has that fire and desire to get into the endzone, a great quality. He’s a fighter, like Cassius Clay. I think Dion Sims will be one too, and possibly even the lost Eggnew.



I think Lynch is more of a roster cutdown threat than a redzone threat. I think Lynch should be ascairt of Brett Brackett. If Egnew even shows a glimmer of what we thought he could be, he should stay. I hope Eggs gets some real reps in Preseason games 3 and 4. This could be his last chance, and hopefully he makes them count, or he will be picked up by someone and then you know he’s going to be a star.




from Tim


Q -Welcome Back Mike!


So how long do you think it will take for the offense to really get in a groove and become a legit force that can threaten defenses and score 3 or more TDs per game?





I think we can do it this year, right from the get-go. We have more talent on our offense now than we have had in quite some time. As long as the O-line doesn’t let us down, I think we can score at least 5 points more per game than last year. I love the depth we have at WR, and I think the run game will work out as a RB by committee approach with a combination of Miller, Moreno and either Williams, Gillislee or DTinfinity.



As long as Clay is healthy, he will be a bonafide weapon, and hopefully we can find the right 2nd TE, that can also threaten the defense as a receiver. If the TE is the toughest matchup for the defense, why not feature 2?



Realistically, it may take some time to build up to scoring 25 points per game or more, but I think we should be doing that very soon, again, as long as the O-line does their job.




from Piggy


Q – Here is a 2nd alternative ask Mike E inspired by a commercial I just saw


Dear Mike E


Can you tell me what it means to be green?


I believe it has something to do with venereal disease…


Please confirm




I hear NY Jets commercials all the time at work. We have WCBS 101.1 on the radio, because it’s mellow, “acceptable” music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00 up to now. They play a variation of those dumbass Jets commercials at least 10 times a day, and when I work from 8AM-9PM, I hear every one! For those fortunate enough to have missed them, let me give you an idea of what this commercial sounds like.


(In a stereotypical NY voice of a man with sub 40 IQ, could be Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx) “When I was a kid, my dad took me to Shea Stadium to see the Jets. I’ll never forget the winning FG going through the goalposts, and the stadium shaking so much, my dad had to grab on to me. Now I grab on to my kid whenever the Jets score”


New York Jets Football, what it means to be GREEN


Who the fuck thought up that slogan, and more importantly, who in that organization APPROVED it??? Are you kidding me???


At the end of the season, the Jets new slogan will be . . .


New York Jets Football, it’s not easy being GREEN




from OD


Q – What is YOUR ASSESSMENT of the progress (if any) Miami has made in the running game so far during the exhibition season. THANK YOU!


Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is ANY progress, in fact, it might be more like regression. It’s hard when they are trying so many different combinations on the line, so I’m not going to panic quite yet, but in a scheme that relies on a few pieces to do their job in unison, my guess it’s hard to be in unison when every time you turn around there’s a different guy there. I think we better find the 5 guys in this game, and leave them in there for at least the 1st half, if not longer, to see if they can get something going.


I don’t mean to mislead anyone into thinking that the ZBS involves all 5 OL on every play, there are still elements where if our OG buries his guy, there will be a hole, but it is a lot of moving pieces compared to a basic power scheme. Take into account that Samson Satele started at C for the first time, and it is kind of understandable things aren’t going so smoothly right now. I still have concerns about our RB’s not making things happen. I don’t think we have one guy that’s “special”, that can make something out of nothing. That’s a concern, because sometimes you need that. I think more times than not this year we’ll need that, because unless we find some dominant players on the O-line in the interior, there may not be a lot of running room.




from Wyoming


Q – Since Thomas shat the bed last week I have been thinking that a starting OL of

LT – Albert

LG – Colledge

C – Pouncy

RG – Smith

RT – James

Wouldn’t be that bad?

Your thoughts


Not bad at all Wyoming, and it appears as if that’s the way they will be going. Of course Pouncey is out until he’s not, and I’d be surprised if he’s back for Game 1, so it looks like it’s going to be Satele, unless they choose to go with Brenner or Garner, but I don’t think that’s likely. I think they picked up Satele to keep the spot warm for Pouncey, and whenever Pouncey is healthy, Satele will be there for insurance.


I think the important thing, like I said above is that whatever 5 we go with (Really 4 + whatever C will be replaced when Pouncey is ready), is to let these guys play together and get some experience together so they work more fluidly as a unit. The only way for that to happen is repetition, so I’d love the O-line starters to play into the 3rd QTR. IMO, it’s more important for them to develop cohesion, than to see what the other guys can do.




from Jahn


Q – Name a few cut candidates that you can see the fins targeting…do you see anyone like that who might help us this season?


I don’t think there is anyone that was just cut that we’re interested in, so I think we’ll have to see who is cut when they cut down to 53. That’s where it will get interesting. I can’t predict who will get cut, but obviously, we’re still looking for TE and OL help, and possibly even LB’s too. I think in that order Jahn, would be the positions we will be looking for.


I’d like to revisit this question once the rosters are trimmed to 53, so I’m going to come to back to this one at that time.




Q – With the struggles of the running game through the first 2 preseason games, are you concerned of a repeat of last year or is it just preseason?





Yes, I’m concerned. Very concerned actually. We need to have that balance on offense. It will make the play action that we seem to be using more of this year even more effective. It’s harder to run play action well when you aren’t successful running the ball.


At this point, it’s difficult to say if the problem is mostly on the O-line, or the RB’s. Some RB’s have great vision and awareness, and can anticipate a hole, or see a crease that others don’t see. I don’t think we have any of that type of back on the roster. Any back can run through a huge gap, but there are backs that are patient, and wait for the crease, or just see it earlier.


I think Miller has all the physical attributes you want in a RB, but he doesn’t have the vision you look for. Hopefully as the O-line starts jelling, there will be more holes to run through, and hopefully, with more carries, Miller improves. Usually it’s a “have it or you don’t” kind of thing, but maybe Miller can get better. Moreno is likely the best in that regard, but he doesn’t have the breakaway speed Miller has.


I’m still wondering who the 3rd and 4th RB’s are. Is Thigpen considered a RB, or do we keep Miller, Moreno, Damien Williams and either Gillislee or Daniel Thomas? It seems Williams is making a case to stay, but due to injury, DTinfinity and Gillislee might be in trouble. It also depends on whether Thigpen is safe, or if they count him as a WR or RB. We’ll see soon enough.


I know Lazor and Philbin want to have balance in the offense, and will stay more committed to the run game than Sherman, who I believe gave up too easily sometimes. That’s a positive thing right there. I also think we’ll be using the RB’s much more in the passing game than we did last year, so that might give Thigpen and edge. Miller is also pretty good catching the ball out of the backfield, and Moreno is as well, and since he’s the best blocker of the bunch, he should see the majority of 3rd down plays.


Despite my (our) concerns, it’s still early, and hopefully, once our O-line is back at full strength with Pouncey at C and healthy, we’ll be moving the ball better on the ground.




from GDP


Q -To Mike E


Mike E,

What 5 things do you want & what 5 things do you except to see from the Phins in the upcoming dress rehearsal game vs. Cowboys?


Keep up the great work,




1 – I’d really like to the run game going. I don’t care who it is that stars, but I’d love to see some success by either one, or a couple of our RB’s.


2 – I’d like the good pass protection to continue. So far, we have only allowed 2 sacks, and I want that success to keep on going through the season


3 – I’d love to either see our starting :B’s play a dominant game, or even better, see Tripp or Jenkins really shine, and possibly unseat one of our underperforming LB’s. We can’’t keep playing with lackluster play at LB, and expect to be a good or dominant defense.


4 – I’d love Dion Jordan to make some kind of statement (not verbally) that he MUST be on the field when he comes back from suspension. Not just going through the motions, but I mean a 2-3 sack performance, and FF, and INT, maybe even a TD. So far, I don’t even think he will be missed, so that’s important for him to do something special.


5 – I want to see the Dolphins score more than 25 points. I’d love for them to put up 30 or more. We rarely see that from this team, and it would be great going into the season to see that we can do it. I would also love ( I know this really 6!) to see the TE’s do well. I don’t even care if it’s Arthur Lynch (seriously!), but someone other than Charles Clay step up and have a great game, and make an impact. Honestly, I’d prefer it be Eggs, but realistically, I’ll take anyone, Sims, Brackett or Lynch. I think Miller is going to be cut no matter what, so not him. lol




from Brian in NY


Q – Mike,


Who do you think wins the kicking battle, Potter or Sturgis? Any preference on either?


Brian in NY


I think Sturgis has a legit battle on his hands. I know he has the groin injury, but if Potter continues to hit his FG’s, and also keeps booming kickoffs into the endzone, I think Sturgis could be in real danger. I don’t have a preference really, although since we used an actual draft pick on Sturgis, I guess I’d rather him win the job, but he better really win the job, not have it handed to him. He didn’t really impress me much last year, he seemed a little overwhelmed by the pressure of the real games.




And now for the babe of the week . . . .

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