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from Boulder

Q – Hi Mike,

So total # of wins does Philbin has to get to this year to keep his job?



Al (Boulder)


I think Philbin has to have a winning record, so that would mean a minimum of 9. It’s hard though, to just put a number like that in stone, because there are a lot of factors that could make that number obsolete. If Tannehill was injured, for instance, that could change the equation. We could make the playoffs at 8-8, and win a round, and that would also change the equation.


Bottom line is, this team needs to show improvement. There needs to be something about this season that Ross can say the future is bright here. This team needs to be on its way to becoming one of those teams that no one on the schedule wants to deal with. The offense needs to make a step up, and score 25 or more points per game. The defense needs to make big plays that close games down. I don’t think we’re going to be a dominant defense this year, but if we could hold teams under 20 PPG, and make enough plays on defense to let us win, that works for this year, as next year, we’ll be looking to upgrade that defense.


I’d love to see us win 10 or 11 games, and I do think it’s possible, and by possible, I don’t mean just as possible as 15-1, but legitimately possible, if our offense can be one of the better offenses in the AFC, which I think can happen. Tannehill has to make that progression to the top class of QB’s, and I think we’ve given him enough weapons at WR and TE for this to happen. As long as the O-line holds up its end of the bargain, it can happen.




from Randy


Q – MikeE,


What is the one thing…just one…that you believe holds the key to our success this season…and, of course, the obligatory Why?


I think the key to our success as a team is the play of Ryan Tannehill. He is the most influential player on our team. He needs to step up his play for this team to become a true playoff contender. I’d love to see him reach 30 TD’s, and maybe few less INT’s than last year (24 TD’s – 17 INT’s). So if Tannehill was able to have 30 TD’s, and say 15 INT’s, and complete 62 % of his passes, and figure the same yardage as last year, I’ll round it off to 3900. I’m giving Tannehill 360 completions in 575 attempts, which is lower than last years 588, but his completions are up 5 with 23 less attempts. This would give Tannehill a completion % of 62.6, and a QB rating of 89. I think if Tannehill can reach these numbers, well be in the playoffs.


Of course, so many other things come into play, like the O-line giving ample time to throw, the RB’s running more than last year and with much more success. I also think if these 2 things happen, our defense, which isn’t great, will be a little better just due to situational football. What I mean by this is our weakness often last year was a lack of tackling in the run game, and allowing defense to keep drives alive with their run game. if we’re up on teams and stay up on them, it will allow our defense to do what it does well, rush the passer, and play well in the secondary, and puts less pressure on the LB’s having to deal with the run game. If teams have to pass more to catch up, our strong defensive front will get to pin their ears back and harass the QB, and we can do that with or without Dion Jordan for 4 games.




from UK


Q –שלום Mike!


Q1 – Please explain to the Mob why you didn’t announce that you planned to meet up with Zach recently (massively jealous btw – you proved what a class act I always thought he was)? Did it have anything at all do with the possibility of mob-members crashing your holiday and you and Mrs. E having to share sleeping quarters with a farting pig, a dog with a fin on it’s back, chained naked lesbians and a hulk?


Q2 – But seriously, when do you think “Chains” Landry will be voted into the HoF?





Great to hear from you always UK, and LMAO! It was a great experience to meet the great Zach Thomas. I’ll always remember it, because he was as cool as they come. Very approachable, friendly, and willing to indulge a fan.


Landry is going to be a very good player for our team. Thing is, we may have to wait until next year to see a lot of him. That being said, I expect he will make some highlight reel catches this year, and hopefully, he will make our offense more dangerous in the red zone. I expect Wallace and Hartline to be on the field the most,and if Brandon Gibson is healthy, he’s the next guy on the field more times than not. Landry will likely be next and sometimes, he will be before Gibson with certain plays and formations, but I do think Gibson is still on top of the depth chart. I think Matthews can do some good things too, so I expect to see him on the roster.


Not sure yet if Landry is a HOFer in the future, I’ll let you know with more certainty after this season. Whether he’s a HOFer or not, I think Landry is the type of receiver we need. I always think of how good Anquan Boldin is, and how every ball thrown to him is HIS ball, and I think Landry can be that type of receiver. No one seems to care that Boldin probably runs a 4.6 or slower 40 now, they just know when the ball is in his vicinity, he’s going to GET IT!




from Wyoming


Q – Who is your biggest WTF cut coming up?

And will it be bigger than Egnew last week?


I suppose you mean besides the guys we know should be safe, like all the starters and 2nd team guys. I have a list of guys, but the biggest WTF would be Dallas Thomas, followed very closely by Jelani Jenkins, and then RB Damien Williams and then a guy that I actually think might get cut, would be disappointed if he did is Marcus Thigpen. I’d give him some time to see what he can do as a KR and as a receiver, both out of the backfield and either in the slot, or split wide. Honestly, Egnew was probably more a WTF to me than most people. I had hopes he could finally shine, but he doesn’t like he has it all right upstairs.




from Son


Q – I feel like with the guys Hickey has brought in there is a different kind of vibe coming from the team, almost some swag. I think the team has responded well to Ireland leaving and between the refreshing Hickey and the type of player he has brought in we may have really aided in bettering the team. I see a different type of player in guys like McCain, Fede, Williams (both Damians), Darkwa, Tripp and some others that a real intensity is developing. A stronger desire whatever you care to call it. Question is, because I’m a long term sufferer, is this a mirage or is there really something tangible happening? Are the stars really lining up?




First of all, no doubt there that there is nothing a like a refreshing Hickey!


Seriously though, I do like the type of players Hickey has brought in here, but I’m reserving judgement, you know, until they actually do something that counts. I would add Landry and Ja’Wuan James to that mix too. I love James’ attitude, real smart kid who has owned his position since day 1. I’m also impressed with Landry, as I alluded to him above, he has that Anquan Boldin mentality out there that the ball is HIS. I love that!


I just have to see all these guys come together and have some success. While I like what’s been done, it all comes down to winning and success. I think we’re in a much better place on the O-line this season, especially if Pouncey comes back healthy and hungry to prove himself. I’m still worried about the LB’s, but our D-line should thrive, and I’m hoping that Fede is on the roster and a part of this team. McCain as well. I like the way both of these guys have come in here and not been overwhelmed at all, despite initially, the long odds of making this team. That’s impressive. I love Tripp too, and I really hope that kid not only makes it, but plays some LB, and not just ST’s. McCain too.


So YES, I think something good is happening, but I’m being a little careful, I’ve just been hurt too much before. Yeah, that sounds like a woman’s line from some mushy chick flick, but I’m OK with that. 🙂




from Stanger


Q – Which receiver this season gets the most:






And receiver includes anyone catching the ball. So TEs and RBs count……even H-backs




Good question, and a tough one, being that I still don’t really know what Lazor’s offense is really all about yet. Still, you asked a question, and I’m the guy that needs to answer it, so here goes . . .


I’m going to say Wallace has the most yards, mostly due his YPC average, but I have a feeling he might not get the most catches, but he will be close. I think Charles Clay might have the most catches. I think Clay may also have the most TD’s as well, with Wallace close behind, and then Gibson and then Landry next. Hartline remains an enigma as a guy who rarely finds the endzone. I do expect our RB’s to catch a fair amount of passes as well, but since there’s no clear #1 RB, I’m guessing that they’ll all catch some, so they kind of cancel each other out. I think Clay will be the biggest target, but Wallace will be too. I think we’ll finally see Wallace on some short slant patterns, and hopefully if our receivers are doing as well as I expect, Wallace might take a few for some real big gains, because they won’t be able to just focus on Wallace.




And now for the babe of the week . . .

Nothing like hot babes and hot cars . . . . 
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