By:  RANDY CAMPBELL (Old Dolfan)


Two football teams have been called the Baltimore Colts.  The Original Colts started in the All-American Football Conference as the Miami Seahawks in 1946.  A group of Baltimore businessmen bought the Seahawks and moved them to Baltimore for the 1947 season, naming them the Colts.  In 1950 the Cleveland Browns, the San Francisco 49ers and the Colts joined the NFL from the crumbling AAFC.  After a 1-11 year the Colts folded.  In 1953 the NFL formed another “Baltimore Colts” team out of the remnants of the failed NFL Dallas Texans (NOT to be confused with Lamar Hunt’s AFL team of the same name formed in 1960).  It was this team, the former NFL Texans, that became the team most fans know as the Baltimore Colts.  In 1984 this franchise moved to Indianapolis and is now known as the Indianapolis Colts.

The 1958 Baltimore Colts, with legendary QB John Unitas, running backs Lenny Moore and Alan Ameche and wide receiver Raymond Berry, won a 23-17 overtime classic over the New York Giants to claim their first NFL title.  The same teams met in the 1959 Championship Game.  Again, Baltimore won, this time by a 31-16 margin.


In 1968 the powerful Colts, coached by a very young Don Shula, went 13-1 in the regular season before winning two playoff games and advancing to Super Bowl III.  The 15-1 Colts, three touchdown favorites, were stunned by the New York Jets in what Shula called “his darkest moment.”  In 1970, the Colts, now coached by Don McCafferty, compiled an 11-2-1 record.  They defeated Cincinnati and Oakland to advance to Super Bowl V in the historic Orange Bowl.  The Colts stunning loss in Super Bowl III was still fresh in the minds of their players.

This time lady luck smiled on Baltimore.  Starting quarterback John Unitas was knocked out of the game in the first half.  But back-up QB Earl Morrall came in and took the Colts to two fourth quarter scores and a 16-13 triumph over the Dallas Cowboys.  The Colts won despite committing a record SEVEN Super Bowl turnovers.  Finally, Unitas, Morrall and the Colts were Super Bowl Champions!  The 1972 Colts were a shadow of the team that won Super Bowl V.  Baltimore started the season 1-3.  Then, while Miami was defeating San Diego in week #5, the Colts were losing 21-0 to the same Dallas Cowboys team they had defeated in Super Bowl V.  The winning coach in that Super Bowl, Don McCafferty, was fired.

Dolphins head coach Don Shula was taking nothing for granted.  His Dolphins barely defeated a 2-4 Buffalo team by one point the week before.  And he knew from his years in Baltimore that the Colts were a dangerous team when playing at home in Memorial Stadium.  Most of all, he knew that John Unitas would have his team ready to play against their old coach (Shula) and their old quarterback, Earl Morrall.  The game EarlMorrall2_20110717687-260x300started perfectly for the undefeated Dolphins.  Earl Morrall calmly marched Miami 80 yards down the field.  Larry Csonka burst through a small hole and scored from a yard away.  Miami had a 7-0 lead.  In the second quarter, Miami’s Curtis Johnson broke through the line and blocked a David Lee punt.  Larry Ball recovered inside the Colts’ 30.  Two plays later, Morrall tossed a lateral pass to wide receiver Marlin Briscoe.  Briscoe, who was a starting quarterback when he played for the Denver Broncos, stood up and threw a perfect forward pass to Paul Warfield who was tackled at the one!  Again, Larry Csonka ran the final yard foe a touchdown.  Yepremian’s extra point was blocked, leaving Miami with a 13-0 lead.   Late in the second quarter, Baltimore’s Boris Shlapak tried a 54-yard field goal.  Miami’s Lloyd Mumphord blocked it, giving the Dolphins one more chance before halftime.  Yepremian made the most of it, converting a 24-yard field goal on the last play of the first half.  16-0, Miami, at halftime.  The Dolphins had started the first half with an 80-yard drive for a touchdown.  They repeated that feat with another 80-yard touchdown drive to start the second half.  1401Mercury Morris got the final seven yards and Miami was in total control, leading 23-0. The “No Name Defense” took command of the rest of the game, preserving the shutout and dominating Baltimore’s offense.  The game ended 23-0.  In the Colts’ post game locker room, head coach John Sandusky said “We warned our players all week about Miami’s special teams.  Then we give up a blocked punt and a blocked field goal. Our special teams put us in a big hole.”  In Miami’s locker, linebacker Mike Kolen, known as “Captain Crunch” for his devastating hits on other players, said “holding your opponent scoreless is something every defense tries to do.  When you see a big zero on the scoreboard you know you did your job.”

Next up: another game with the dangerous Buffalo Bills, losers to Miami 24-23 last sunday.  This time, the game would be played in Buffalo.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins were now 7-0.

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  1. Try Pod says:

    Sorry, I see piggy’s point. It seems some take it personally when something negative is said about Tannehill. We all know Randy can be a curmudgeon, and can occasionally give too much blame to Tannehill, but if there were a qb rating system 1-5, 5 being best/elite, I’d go between 3.5-4. And I think citing his completion pct is not really an indicator of great qb skills, as most of his puss seem to be around 5-9 yards (I said seem- of someone wants to hunt for a “stat” I’ll be glad to revisit my perspective).

  2. Ken says:

    Not a fan of Crabtree. I will be disappointed if we sign him.

  3. getterdone says:

    LMAO, sure they’d propose that to the Rules Committee. They’re in a freakin DOME! LOL
    Guess that would make a 9 point deficit a one possession game.

    Andrew Abramson ✔ @AbramsonPBP
    Colts proposing that if TD is awarded and team gets 2 pt conversion, you also get opportunity for a bonus point or kick from midfield

  4. Tim Knight says:

    Stanger, we can still use 2-TEs, it just won’t likely be with Clay. 😦

  5. getterdone says:

    Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley
    Dennis Hickey doesn’t let free agents leave without a contract. No reason to expect anything different with Crabtree.

  6. stangerx says:

    This Miami guy coming home plus one another wideout in the draft would round out a real nice quartet.


  7. Tim Knight says:

    Ken, you’re right Crabtree isn’t explosive but he can make tough catches and keep the chains moving. I thought he was overrated in the draft 2009 draft because I didn’t think he’d do what he did in college in the NFL and he hasn’t. But he’s a good possession WR.

  8. getterdone says:

    Crabtree could do better here than he did with the Kaepersniffer.

  9. Al in MIA says:

  10. Al in MIA says:

    Just makes you laugh and wonder how coaches (if the rumors are true) can employ a double standard about which player is a douche (and jettisoned) and which is not (stays).

    • getterdone says:

      Always been that way. He’s a douche, but he’s my douche 😉

    • Tim Knight says:

      Who are you referring too?

      • Al in MIA says:

        Brandon Marshall & Mike Pouncey I guess for starters. Anyway, makes for fun water cooler discussions since rumors as to why a player is dealt is just that.

    • jahndoh says:

      I’m not sure I follow you. Coaches (more accurately probably, Front Offices) deciding who goes an who stays or not is called judgment. A double standard applies when a very specific standard (sorry “douchie-ness” isn’t a specific standard) to one person but not the other.

  11. getterdone says:

    That would be tough to defend.

  12. BoulderPhinfan says:

    isn’t wes welker a FA? Maybe we should kick his tires as well. His concussion issues are big though.

    • jahndoh says:

      I followed him last year because I had him in FF (until I dropped him). If he can’t produce with Peyton, I think he’s done. He had a very nice career though. One of the better draftees of the fins ever….

  13. finfanrob says:

    stangerx says:
    March 18, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    Elite or not we can debate, but Wilson has some might find game savvy to him.

    yep that is my point. if he didnt blind that green bay player with a mirror from the sidelines forcing him to drop that onsides kick he never would of made that miracle come back from his 4 int game. well that and how stout he was in convincing the gb coach to keep kicking fg’s.

    wilson need to be the first player ever with his bust in canton while he is still an active player

  14. Ken says:

    We already have a good possession WR with Landry. I want some more explosion out of our other WRs. Not loving the idea of signing Crabtree. Bring back Clay instead.

    • jahndoh says:

      Crabtree will come in at half the cost I bet. He doesn’t have the injury question either. But we’re talking about different positions anyway, so I probably wouldn’t do much more comparing than I just did. LOL..

    • dbolt48 says:

      Might just be to get another redzone body who used to catch on contact. I think we still draft explosive weapon with one of our first 2 picks.

      • jahndoh says:

        What I’m hoping too. I think Crabtree can be had cheap on a prove it type deal. We don’t have to make any long term financial commitments. Totally different ball of wax than with Clay.

      • dbolt48 says:


  15. Al in MIA says:

    I’ve never been a Crabtree fan but this team needs some veterans out there….2 reliable starters in Stills & Landry is all this team got at the moment. They are kicking the tires and I’m sure other WR will be available after the draft pushes some vets to the June 1 cuts.

    • dbolt48 says:

      Correct. I think Hazel is on borrowed time once more bodies are brought in. So even if you add Crabtree that’s only 4 capable bodies.

    • Ken says:

      I think recent experience has shown rookie WRs can make a big impact quickly. I am more for adding WRs thru the draft than thru FA. The only FA WR I liked was Cobb but he was too expensive.

      • jahndoh says:

        What’s it matter if they come cheap? I get preferring to draft instead of sign FA, but we’re all talking about doing both. We have to take 95 players into camp, so we’re not choosing him over a rookie at this juncture.

  16. finfanrob says:

    getterdone says:
    March 18, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    Crabtree could do better here than he did with the Kaepersniffer.

    that is impossible. have you seen the shit the fins have playing qb.

  17. dbolt48 says:

    BoulderPhinfan says:
    March 18, 2015 at 3:47 pm
    I thought he was drafted by the chargers.
    He was an UDFA for the Chargers.

  18. Tim Knight says:

    Ken, Crabtree is good on the outside though and he would be a proven vet who can help us. I don’t think acquiring him means we don’t draft a WR. I’d rather have Clay as another weapon too, but we have to continue to improve the team when we lose some guys.

  19. Tim Knight says:

    Jahn, Greg Camarillo went undrafted as well.

  20. Al in MIA says:

    A guy drafted is still a risk; unproven in the NFL.
    Crabtree has proven he can at least be an average starter at the pro level.

  21. Ken says:

    jahndoh says:
    March 18, 2015 at 3:55 pm (Edit)

    What’s it matter if they come cheap? I get preferring to draft instead of sign FA, but we’re all talking about doing both. We have to take 95 players into camp, so we’re not choosing him over a rookie at this juncture.
    I hear you Jahn. I guess I just think he is not that good. I don’t see him being any better than Hartline or Gibson for that matter.

    • jahndoh says:

      Me neither, although I think he’s younger (could be my 3rd whiff in a row right there lol). I just think he’ll come cheaper and without the other problems we had with Gibson.

      Hartline was just too expensive for his production. At half the price I bet he’d still be a Dolphin.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Crabtree has scored more TDs than both Hartline and Gibson combined in the same time frame as they were all drafted in 2009.

  22. finfanrob says:

    jahndoh says:
    March 18, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    Tks, posted this above. Not sure who owes who a beer, but I’ll buy. 🙂

    wow what in insult. would Rembrandt buy a painting? would elton john hire a singer? no, but you will buy a beer and not make one for him. what a jerk.

    • jahndoh says:

      Shhh..you’re blowing my cover. I don’t have to actually BUY it which is the best part!!!!! This way I just look like mr. generous. 🙂

  23. Mike E. says:

    I’m not interested in Crabtree, unless it’s a cheap contract. Just draft a WR. Not a fan of Crabtree.

    • Tim Knight says:

      You don’t want to go into the draft with glaring needs. You want to have options and improve your team through the draft.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      that’s weird. I thought his option was 15m. This article says its north of 20m.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I’m not even going to read this right now because I can’t but I’ll say, no it’s not, unless he’s absolutely horrible which isn’t going to happen.

      • BoulderPhinfan says:

        2015 is make or break it for philbin. Its playoffs or bust for him. if we don’t win over 6 games hickey might be in danger as well.

  24. I never said Tannehill was horrible nor did I say Brady can throw the ball deep – neither can Russell Wilson. It’s about winning – not personal stats for me. This team has not won in a very long time and until they do I could give a rat’s ass about personal stats. Tannehill improved last year but he still was not good enough to lead us to the playoffs. Russell Wilson had a shitty OL and he cannot throw deep yet that dude finds ways to win even when he plays shitty i.e. Green Bay come back win in the playoffs.

  25. Al in MIA says:

    Not sure how coming off a season where you go 66+ comp%, 27 TD – 12 INT, and 4,000 yards while improving comp%, TD output & TD-INT ratio every year to date qualifies as “make or break”. Even above average QB break the bank in this league. The only thing 2015 will do for Tanny is either give him Andy Dalton money or Matt Ryan type money.

  26. jahndoh says:

    Boulder, ignore the reply above. Here’s THIS years’ transition tag numbers. They will go up next year depending on which new contracts get signed that land in the top 10.

  27. Tim: What great things has this team done in recent memory? Absolutely nothing. We finished behind the Pats & Bills last year so do not expect me to be lauding a woefully underperforming team. You want me to be all “woohoo” for what? I am sick and tired of not even making the playoffs let alone getting to a Super Bowl….which I hope I get to see again in my lifetime. There is an entire generation of kids who only know the Miami Dolphins as a losing team – think about that.

    • jahndoh says:

      Glad my daughter loves her 8-8 Fins…worts and all. Makes for some good times for us!

    • Ken says:

      I hear you Gigi and you know I am not a sunshine and lollipops kind of guy but also don’t lose the objectivity to the years of frustration we all felt. I do think we have found our QB. He alone is not going to win a SB and he still needs to improve but he has given us reason for optimism that we have finally solved our problems at the most important position on the field. Now if Philbin can stop calling time outs at the most in opportune times and Hickey can add a good OL maybe Tannehill will get his chance to be a difference maker.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Great? Nothing. I know where the team has been and how you feel, but I don’t think the entire org is clueless or that most of our players suck. LOL

      Even teams who’ve had great success sometimes go through tough times. Hopefully we’re on our way out of it.

  28. Tim Knight says:

    Boulder, I’m not going to get into it’s make or break for anyone unless we win because I’d rather look forward to a positive season. That said, just because we fans or someone in the media says it’s make or break for Philbin or Hickey or whoever, doesn’t make it so.

  29. Al in MIA says:

    Situational football makes or breaks any player.
    Have to capitalize as the game goes deeper and deeper.
    Wilson may have similar averages to Tannehill but when it comes to 4Q QB rating, Wilson is a notch above.

    • Al in MIA says:

      But i will admit, in the context of things, its easier to take risks with a defense like Seattle lol.

    • That is exactly what I am talking about. Does it matter if you have great stats but in crunch time (second half or 4th qtr) you cannot lead your team to victory? Wilson is way ahead of him in that regard. Again, yes he had very good stats but I compare him to Wilson because he ran for his life many times because his OL was bad so the excuse that poor Tanny has no time to throw doesn’t cut it for me. He is a way better athlete then Wilson IMO.

  30. finfanrob says:

    Russell Wilson had a shitty OL and he cannot throw deep yet that dude finds ways to win even when he plays shitty i.e. Green Bay come back win in the playoffs.

    lol, yep he does know how to win. unlike that waste of a qb in green bay, he just choked away the championship game.

    if wilson gets credit for the win then rogers has to get blame for the loss.

  31. jahndoh says:

    I’ll engage ya on that Boulder. I agree with Tim and Al it’s not even close to “make or break” for Tannehill, but I do think it’s “make or break” for Philbin. At some point you’ve got to break through the .500 plateau or ownership is going to look elsewhere. One thing I like about Philbin is that he’s reliable and won’t be sacrificing long term goals (maybe having Hickey/Tannenbaum in house helps to that end) for short term one.

    Whatever happens happens, but I am happy to see Tannenbaum/Hickey working hard to give Philbin the tools he’ll need to “make” it.

  32. FFR: Rodgers did not lose that game his defense did. Wilson made great throws in the 2nd half and OT after he started off terribly to help his team win.

  33. finfanrob says:

    lol at wilson OL is so bad. of course wilson holding on to the ball for an hour or so has nothing to do with him having to finally scramble, but tanny does that and he has bad pocket presence.

    and of course Seattle OL is so bad they get like what? only 150 yards rushing a game. that just blows

  34. finfanrob says:


    ok you win. wilson won the game all by himself but rogers didnt lose it his defense did.

  35. jahndoh says:

    Wait a minute… Al, from before, what exactly were you referring too about Pouncey and being a douche? Because I watched that interview and it was Marquise who said the “coward” thing (which I agreed with 100% btw). Mike’s response was totally measured and PC and pro-team. Not a single douchie thing about it.

    You have to listen to/watch it if you’re under that impression, because it’s just not true. He was very professional. Marquise was more relaxed and said what he really thought, but then again, it wasn’t his HC he’d have to deal with afterwards.

  36. jahndoh says:

    Wasn’t it great when we spanked New England in week 1 last season? Hope we do that again this year…or whenever we play them first.

  37. FFR: Put Tanny on Seattle and I bet you he has same issues as he has here; put Wilson on the Fins and I bet we are a playoff team – that is just my opinion. That kid makes plays to win whether you like him or the Seahawks or not….it’s a fact.

    • olddolphan says:

      Miss Gigi; should I infer from your changed moniker that you are now married??–IF SO, Congratulations to you and the lucky groom!!

    • Ken says:

      Not an entirely fair comparison. Wilson has a much better team around him especially on D and on the OL. Great running game to boot. So Wilson has not been asked to make as many plays as Tannehill has. Tannehill needs to make more plays than Wilson and more of the offense goes thru Tannehill than what goes thru Wilson in Seattle. Now to Wilson’s credit, when he has been asked to make plays he has delivered. I do think he is better than Tannehill at this point but I don’t think the margin is that huge between the 2.

  38. Mike E. says:


    I don’t want to spend big money a WR. We don’t need to. If we really want a vet, I’d rather get Cecil Shorts, and even then, I’m not sure how expensive he’ll be. Just draft talent at WR, it works out better. It seems every time recently that we’ve paid for WR’s in FA, it’s been bad for us. Let’s draft the guys we really want, and develop them as our own.

    • olddolphan says:

      DIDN’T Shorts just sign with another team, Mike?

    • Mike E. says:

      The Niners need talent at WR, they just picked up Torrey Smith, so wouldn’t a possession WR go well with him? Boldin isn’t going to play forever. If they’re letting him go, we should pass. Just how I feel about Crabtree, and paying for WR’s as well.

  39. finfanrob says:

    lmao yeah gigi, that is it, all the fins def needs is wilson. i am sure wilson would have put a stop to all does defensive collapses.

    and put tanny on seattle???? hell if that happened roger would just cancel the franchise. i think tanny in seattle they would lose every game 150-0. seattle’s d would collapse without wilson

  40. finfanrob says:


    i guess based on your rationalization, wilson didnt lose the sb his defense did.

  41. Mike E. says:

    OD – Yes, you’re right, he signed with the Texans. I missed that.

  42. Mike E. says:

    FFR – I think the Seahawks douchey HC lost the SB . . . . Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy . . .

  43. finfanrob says:

    Ken says:
    March 18, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    Not an entirely fair comparison.

    nope you are wrong. its a FACT. none of that other stuff matters, wilson is way way way better then tanny cause well…..it is a FACT

  44. Ken says:

    I didn’t pick up on the name change until I saw OD’s comment. Are congratulations in order?

  45. Tim Knight says:

    Mike E, I’m not sure Crabtree will get big money. We’ll see.

  46. finfanrob says:

    Mike E. says:
    March 18, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    FFR – I think the Seahawks douchey HC lost the SB . . . . Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy . . .
    just as long as the midget isnt blamed.

  47. Mike E. says:

    FFR – That midget is at least 2-3″ taller than me. lol

  48. jahndoh says:

    Swap the Seahawks and Fins defense the last two years and then talk to me about Tannehill vs. Wilson. It’s totally different situations. This is the whole problem. When the perspective is: If we win it’s because of the QB and if we lose it’s because of the QB, the perspective’s broken, not the QB.

    Also, football aside, if indeed you tied the knot Gigi. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  49. Al in MIA says:

    Douche was in reference to text records showing conversation between Hernandez & Pouncey.

    • jahndoh says:

      I didn’t read them. Not sure I want to. Was it sophmoric stuff or what? Don’t know what it’d have to be to be on par with a guy quitting on his team though. Still not a “double standard” it’s just judgment calls and the coaches/FO get paid to make those.

  50. jahndoh says:

    I just don’t think Crabtree’s going to be very expensive. He drew zero interest the first week or so of free agency which means he’s a tier 2 FA.

    I didn’t realize he’s had more production than Gibson and Hartline combined, so if he comes in at or below Hartline money with an easy to get away from contract, beyond personal bias against the guy, I just don’t see how that would be bad for the Dolphins.

  51. Ken says:

    Alright. Time for me to pack up at the shop. I hope we pass on Crabtree. From a pure weapons point of view (I know, different position) I would much rather keep Clay than add Crabtree. I am out for now. Peace.

  52. new age says:

    Tanny has consistently improve every year. Last year was with a new offense and he looked far better later than early. Every QB has worts and I could go through every one of them if needed. You can’t win games when you let Geno Smith have perfect games. It’s just that simple.

    On another note, I wouldn’t mind Crabtree. Guy needs a change of scenery and this team would probably use his talents better than SF did. There is no way he could be worse than what we got out of Gibson and Hartline last year. We need the extra talent in here.

    • jahndoh says:

      I do too. I think some of the Crabtree stuff is just that he’s been prejudged, maybe stemming from when he was in college or his rookie year holdout (just speculating)

      I never had an opinion on the guy, so from a pure talent/production standpoint, if we can get him for a reasonable contract, I think it’s definitely a good move for the Fins.

  53. Al in MIA says:

    By the way, all this talk about veteran WR, I still think Jennings would be a good fit for the Fins even at his age. I’d like Reggie Wayne as a stop gap option to any rookie being drafted high (still need a cushion for development for any rookie). Jennings is more the Gibson type player but even last year; 5 of his 6 season TD came between Vikings games 8-16.

    • jahndoh says:

      Major major difference in ages between him and Crabtree though. There’s almost zero upside to Jennings at this point, there’s still plenty of upside to Crabtree if you get him affordably.

      • new age says:

        That’s my thoughts as well. Crabtree is young and has produced pretty well. We don’t need him as a #1 WR type. We just need a talented, experienced, and productive guy at a decent price. I think he fits that well.

  54. Tim Knight says:

    Gig’s had that name for a few, I thought it represented her move to Cali.

    • dbolt48 says:

      I thought it was her Twitter handle but don’t remember if it was previously Ms or if it’s always been Mrs.

  55. jahndoh says:

    Mike, the Niners are in complete disarray. Not sure how their FO decisions should be informing our free agency decisions.

    • jahndoh says:

      Also I learned never to count Boldin out. He MIGHT just play forever. 🙂

    • Mike E. says:

      The Niners are definitely in disarray, the hits to them keep coming. On that same token, I’m not sure our front office is the model of how to do things right either.

      • jahndoh says:

        Without being defensive of our FO, I can say without hesitation, I would not FOs with the 49ers.

      • olddolphan says:

        GEEZ MIKE, AREN’T YOU BEING A LITTLE HARSH?? –We’ve only got ZERO playoff wins since 2001? After all, the Steelers did not even GET TO a playoff game until their 40th season!!

  56. olddolphan says:

    Hey Al, Mike E., etc; I NEVER believed a short QB could NOT win a Super Bowl. I guess Russell Wilson put a serious dent in that theory. Sure, all things being equal, I’d rather have a 6’5″ 235 LB quarterback who can throw OVER defensive linemen and run OVER some defenders. –But, hey, if some 5’9″ guy can “SHOW ME,” I’ll hire him in a second. Looking back on Wilson’s college career, both at NC State and at Wisconsin, you’d have to say he was one of the most successful college QB’s of his era. Still a little surprised that he was taken a full round later that Brandon “the weed” Weeden and Ryan Tannehill. –But I still have hope that WITH PROPER COACHING, Tanny can equal Wilson’s very impressive results in the NFL. Right now, there’s no doubt in my mind that Wilson has benefited by playing for a better coaching staff and a better team.

  57. Mike E. says:

    LOL New Age – I’m comfortable with being 5’9″. It works for me. lol

  58. Al in MIA says:

    Agree on Crabtree.
    Jennings & Wayne in my idea would only serve as stop gap options under the assumption that the Fins will draft a replacement.
    But yes, that can still happen i guess as this team needs more than 1 vet.
    I think many teams at this point are just waiting to see what the draft can give them before extending offers.

    • jahndoh says:

      Agreed. The success of last years’ class and the depth of this years’ makes it a bad year to be a FA WR.

  59. new age says:

    Crabtree is a solid option out of the tier 2 group of players. I can’t think of a better option really. He’s young, experienced and has produced solid seasons. This is also in a system that was much like Seattle. Run first with a strong defense. I think he will surprise people if given the chance.

    • Mike E. says:

      Question is though, say we draft a WR in the 1st RD, or even the 2nd, do we really need Crabtree? Why do we need him? If it’s so we don’t have to draft a WR, I’m totally against that. I really am.

  60. Mike E. says:


    I wouldn’t either, but I don’t think our FO stands as the model of the right way. I’m not really sure where it stands, it seems to keep evolving, and it certainly did this year with the addition of Tannenbaum.

  61. olddolphan says:

    MIKE E; REPLY for U below your 5:26 post RE: Front Offices. ENJOY!!

  62. jahndoh says:

    I guess since no Free Agents wanted to visit us or sign with us, it must be true….our Front Office is a real mess.


  63. Mike E. says:

    LOL OD – This is not the same FO as 2001, and either is the Owner for that matter. Still, I don’t think our front office is all that.

  64. Mike E. says:


    The $$$ ALWAYS gets the free agents. Like I mentioned before, Torrey Smith left the Ravens to go to the aforementioned 49ers.

    • jahndoh says:

      Suh was said to have the same deal on the table in Detroit. He visited nobody else. It ain’t so easy as you make it out to be. That’s the easy response anyway…even if time and time again we hear about Free Agents takign less money to play in a more desireable place (Wallace ironically did this when choosing between us and Minnesota in the 2012 offseason).

  65. jahndoh says:

    Mike E, re: Crabtree, I also would be against it if it was so we didn’t have to draft a WR, but luckily we can do both (and I think we should!). I highly doubt this FO given what it’s done so far is looking at Crabtree as anything other then Veteran depth.

    • Mike E. says:

      See my post below . . . I feel like we’re doing a scavenger hunt with the posts. 🙂

      See above, see below etc.

  66. Mike E. says:

    New Age

    Right now we have Landry, Stills and Matthews. If we draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd, that guy is opposite Stills, with Landry in the slot. How does Crabtree fit in in that scenario? He doesn’t.

    • jahndoh says:

      So you have depth? How is depth a bad thing?

      • Mike E. says:

        Isn’t Crabtree a little better than just a depth WR at this point in his career, and won’t his salary be commensurate with a starters salary? That’s my issue.

    • new age says:

      We kept 5-6 all year last year didn’t we? Without Clay, we aren’t probably going too wild on the TE packages so I could see it working.

  67. new age says:

    I would love a group of Landry, Matthews, Crabby, Parker, and Stills. Out for a while guys!

  68. Randy says:

    The other idea is that having a decent veteran WR group, you can draft a young one high and let him earn his reps…knowing you have a reliable vet to both push and play if the rookie needs time to develop. It’s nice to have a a safety net. I agree with Al. I kinda like the idea of taking a look at Jennings. And by all reports, he’s a respected, solid locker room guy.

  69. jahndoh says:

    To be honest Mike, in a parallel universe we don’t express any interest in Crabtree (generally thought of as the best WR free agent remaining) and put all our eggs in the basket of drafting a rookie just certain he’s going to be a starter right away, and then history replays itself and the rookie needs some time to adjust.

    Lucky me gets to listen to folks complain about how the FO didn’t address WR in FA and foolishly counted on a yet to be drafted WR to be a starter.

    It’s just responsible team building. You have to consider depth, and you have to have 95 players when camp starts. Nothing is set in stone by signing a 2nd tier free agent.

  70. Al in MIA says:

    Mike E. says:
    March 18, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    New Age

    Right now we have Landry, Stills and Matthews. If we draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd, that guy is opposite Stills, with Landry in the slot. How does Crabtree fit in in that scenario? He doesn’t.
    You think a WR drafted in RD 2 (Hell, even RD 1) is going to start right away and be know how to read NFL defensive backs in their scheme and run the right routes most of the time? laugh.
    Odell Beckham & Landry were special guys trained by Cam Cameron (a NFL coach).

    • Mike E. says:

      Yes I do Al. Landry and Beckham were far from being the only early Wr’s drafted to start. Kelvin Benjamin, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks and Marqise Lee

  71. Al in MIA says:

    Not to mention, Philbin worked with Jennings for years in GB.

  72. Mike E. says:


    That makes some sense, but I’m not sure you won’t have a disgruntled Crabtree on your hands if you draft Devante Parker at #14, and he ends up starting. I know it seems like a good problem, but then again, it might not be.

    • jahndoh says:

      Than cut him. I really think you and I are envisioning entirely different contracts here. At worst, I bet you could get away from Crabtree in year two. I’m just not that worried about it. I live in the 9ers market, and there really want’s boo from Crabtree this year when he lost reps to Boldin, and even the worst divas are usually tight lipped the first year of their contracts.

  73. Al in MIA says:

    Welker is another example I guess. He took less money to play in Denver I believe.

  74. jahndoh says:

    Gotta take a break probably catch up with you guys manana.

  75. Al in MIA says:

    Mike E,
    Crabtree disgruntled over competition? He would still be competing against Stills and Landry for a spot in 3 man sets.

  76. getterdone says:

    I was always saying keep Wallace one more year & also draft his eventual replacement/s.
    I still maintain that sans Wallace, we got rid of the big contract. Signing a vet like Crabtree/Jennings/etc will be a a cheaper cost allowing other FA signings….and I’d still draft their eventual replacements, especially if they’re on a 1yr prove it type deal.
    You have to keep building for the future as much as you build to Win Now.
    It must be done! Also with drafting the eventual replacements for Stills (in case he doesn’t work out) and for Cameron (in case he gets concussed again)

    The WR class is too good this draft to totally pass on it by singing FA’s….IMO.

  77. Mike E. says:

    OK – I guess I’m wrong to feel the way that I do. I trust all you guys, and if you guys think it’s a good idea, I’ll leave it be.

  78. Randy says:

    Nah, we all know wallace is the only selfish, diva WR who complains about touches or playing time. Come on! Lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      No but he is one of the few and I can’t think of any others who quit on his team while our rookie RB was being hit by 3-4 defenders. Then Landry comes in from afar and tries to block a guy. Shows you the difference in mentality.

  79. Randy says:

    Philbin should definitely know what Jennings brings and what he doesn’t. I was talking to a buddy at work today who’s a big GB fan about it. He said he’d resign Jennings and bring him back to GB. He thinks he’s got some plays left in him and is a good guy to have around. It’s not like we’re signing him, Crabtree or anybody else to be 100 catch guys.

  80. olddolphan says:

    MIKE: The best reason I can think of to go for Crabtree is the fact that most observers say the top 3 college WR’s will be off the board when Miami picks at #14. If we DON’T make any effort to sign Crabtree, that MIGHT mean Hickey and T-Baum are planning on moving up 4-5 spots in the draft. And that’s something I’d be AGAINST DOING IF it meant we had to surrender our 2nd round pick to move up. WE MUST KEEP our 2nd round pick to acquire the best G/T available, especiually since we no longer have a 3rd round pick.

  81. Jahn: I’m engaged haven’t tied the not yet – just not official on paper yet thank you friend! 🙂

    • getterdone says:


    • olddolphan says:

      WELL Congrats on your engagement, young lady!! – – Me and Mrs. OD wish you nothing but the best! – – I’ll always remember you for all the help you gave me on ABSOLUTE PERFECTION and FOLLOWING PERFECTION!!

  82. Also if any of you question me being a fan I have Fins license plate still (haven’t registered in Cali), 2nd room is our shrine to the Fins w/a bunch of memorabilia including a signed football frm Larry Csonka and framed tickets of Super Bowl VII & VIII and I/we sport our Fins gear all the time to which I get questioned why by folks here in Cali. I will always love this team whether I am in FL, CA or in Timbuktu. 😛

  83. getterdone says:

    Andrew Abramson ✔ @AbramsonPBP
    Michael Crabtree arrives in Miami tonight but will not actually visit the Dolphins until tomorrow per @RapSheet

  84. olddolphan says:

    I WANTED to thank all of you for your kind comments on today’s installment. To me, it was truly amazing that the Colts overcame their loss of their starting QB (Unitas) in the first half and also overcame SEVEN TURNOVERS (STILL a Super Bowl record) to defeat the Dallas Cowboys in one of the STRANGEST GAMES ever played in the historic Orange Bowl. It was certainly one of the greatest days in the history of Earl Morrall’s career!!

  85. Tim Knight says:

    Gigi, if you weren’t a fan we wouldn’t know you as you would have never blogged on the SS and than the blogs that followed.

    Congrats on your engagement. Glad that you’re happy with your new man and living in Cali.

    When are you moving to Timbuktu?

  86. Mike E. says:

    Congratulations Gigi! That’s great news!

  87. Tim Knight says:

    Usually FAs who sign this late in the game get lesser contracts. So we’ll see with Crabtree but he can help us.

  88. Thank you guys and lol @ Tim!!!! 😀


    OD: Thank you again for your priceless articles — you really are a treasure! Miss you but I’ll be in Florida for a game next season and will see you plus the one in San Diego.

  89. BoulderPhinfan says:

    gigi, congrats. How do you like Cali? That’s were I grew up before moving to boulder for college.

  90. finfanrob says:

    new age says:
    March 18, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    You can’t win games when you let Geno Smith have perfect games. It’s just that simple.

    yeah but if the fins had wilson he never would have let geno have a perfect game. damn that tanny.

  91. getterdone says:

    Tim, yes, Cameron’s deal is basically a 1 yr prove it deal too the way it’s structured.

  92. Tim Knight says:

    This is a typical headline from Miami sports coverage.

    “Charles Clay signs offer sheet with Bills; Dolphins can match ‒ or lose TE for nothing”

    Uhm… that’s what happens when guys sign elsewhere as UFAs. Detroit didn’t get anything for Suh either.

    • Brian in NY says:

      Yeah. I mean WTF are they going to get in return for a FA? That’s why I barely read those colunists anymore.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I didn’t even read the article. The headlines usually tell me whether I should bother or not. LOL

  93. olddolphan says:

    MISS GIGI; YOU’re ON for the Fins game in Miami, unless I have to work that weekend at a convention!!
    Good News from Daytona Beach: FAU leads Bethune-Cookman 7-0 in the 4th inning at Jackie Robinson Park. Those of you who saw the movie “42” have already seen that stadium. And, as most Dolfans know, HOFer Larry Little is an alum of that school, as was Bengals running back “Boobie” Clark, the AFC Rookie of the Year in 1973.

  94. Mike E. says:

    Just curious. You guys are contradicting yourselves. On the one hand you’re saying Crabtree can help us long term, more so than say Reggie Wayne or Greg Jennings, and then on the other hand, you’re saying sign him to a 1 YR prove it contract. If you’re going to do that, why not sign Jennings or Wayne who are better players, and can help mentor our young WR that we draft?

    • Tim Knight says:

      I for one haven’t said long-term, and I feel Wayne is at the end of his career and Jennings isn’t far behind. Crabtree is younger and has a really good catch radius.

      • olddolphan says:

        I would not mind a 2-3 yr contract if only the first year was guaranteed. Under the right circumstances, I’d take a risk and give Crabtree a chance.

  95. Tim Knight says:

    I don’t want to load the site with more video but go watch some Crabtree highlights. He catches the ball very well and has good instincts after the catch.

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