Game Day Dolphins @ Eagles


It’s Game Day.   Our record says it all.  3-5, 0-4 in the division.

I’ve thought about it and I’ve come up with a plan.  They need to go with what works for them.  Based on results, they played well the 2 weeks after Campbell was named head coach.  All they need to do is fire the head coach every two weeks and we’ll be fine.

Let’s Go Dolphins

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798 Responses to Game Day Dolphins @ Eagles

  1. finfanrob says:


    and to be correct, i even said before the game this. yeah this is no fun. this team turned me into where i just dont care anymore. it isnt the win that made this a no fun zone it is the organization that has.

    and i told you about the fest, this team isnt worth a penny of my money

  2. Brian in NY says:

    We’d better find a better alternative for Hewitt. That dude played horrible today.

  3. finfanrob says:

    lol the cheats with a blatant PI in the endzone but no way the refs would call that against them

  4. herdfan says:

    Looks like we won. I slept thru most of it. Maybe I should do that every week!

  5. ocalahowie says:

    I’m going to make Crownies again

  6. finfanrob says:

    redzone has ajayi as a fantasy player to pick up. lol, what is wrong with them. dont they know now that he showed his ability and looked well lozer will never use him again

  7. wyoming85 says:

    Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 14m14 minutes ago
    Chris McCain on Sam Bradford sack: “It was nothing personal against Sam but at the end of the day you have to kill all quarterbacks!”

  8. naplesfan2010 says:

    This guy Nantz is such a Petsie suck-up. He calls Edelman Julian with a kind of sob in his voice.

  9. naplesfan2010 says:

    These refs are in so much troubbbbble … they called a PI against Pets.

  10. wyoming85 says:

    ukfinfan ‏@ukfin_fan 7m7 minutes ago
    credit to Dave wannstedt for making a Philly win his lock today

    thx dave you’re a pro!

  11. bookman11 says:

    First game I didn’t watch on TV. Nice grit to win. One game at a time

  12. finfanrob says:


    i was just about to tell you dont worry the refs will make sure the pats dont lose then a magical punt return with at least two illegal blocks not called.

  13. wyoming85 says:

    Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley 6m6 minutes ago
    Olivier Vernon did not have a sack but he did have SIX quarterback hits and two tackles for loss.

  14. naplesfan2010 says:

    Peyton is 5/20 for 35 and 3 INT. wow has the end arrived?

  15. CavalierKong says:

    Gritty win. Looked like it was going to be another blowout but the team showed heart today. I love Jones, but how stupid was he to bring that pick out the endzone?! smh, where is the football IQ there? Happily the offense moved it out enough to give the D a chance to seal the game, and the D came through.

  16. CavalierKong says:

    We should also have our dline run a few fumble recovery drills, lol.

  17. finfanrob says:

    naplesfan2010 says:
    November 15, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    Peyton is 5/20 for 35 and 3 INT. wow has the end arrived?

    4 ints

  18. naplesfan2010 says:

    now 4 int

  19. finfanrob says:

    aahhhhh ok now every thing is back to normal in this world. the refs are making up calls for the pats. i thought the sky was falling for a second

  20. Mike E. says:


    Pretty hard to be pissed at a guy after he makes a crucial INT, but I agree, Reshad has to know he has a 20 YD return by taking a knee.

    • Try Pod says:

      Just shows how undisciplined things are

    • CavalierKong says:

      In the moment I was calling him all kinds of idiot. Considering how pathetic our offense has been starting inside the ten, it was a huge error to lose 17 yards and stick us at the 3. I figured we go 3 and out, give them the ball at the 50, and the score a fg to win it. The offense came up real big though, and moved the ball out to give the D some room.

  21. Mike E. says:

    LOL Kong – There’s always room for a record setting 2nd safety. 3 safeties in 3 weeks is absurd, it really is.

  22. ocalahowie says:

    Thats 2 catches #88 should have made. Dont think he’ll be on the Patriots next Sunday

  23. steveccnv says:

    The cheats don’t get the calls when they play in NY.

  24. finfanrob says:

    steveccnv says:
    November 15, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    The cheats don’t get the calls when they play in NY.

    aaahhhhh, yeah they do

  25. finfanrob says:

    i bet the cheats lead the league in penalties that are called for them that are never replayed. at least 3 or 4 times a game they get a call and it is never replayed

  26. finfanrob says:

    and peyton goes to the bench.

  27. CavalierKong says:

    Was it just me or did the Philly crowd seem unusually quiet nearly the whole game? It seemed there were only a couple of moments in the game where they made any noise.

  28. finfanrob says:

    the cheats are not going to lose, the nfl will not let them lose this year. just get use to it

  29. naplesfan2010 says:

    noooo Gronk scores.

  30. wyoming85 says:

    You mean to tell me that the “great” Tom Fumbles on a blind side hit?

  31. finfanrob says:

    lmao, an illegal hands to the face against the giants but if you watch the play the pats guard has his hand all over the giants d lineman

  32. finfanrob says:

    lmfao. there are the refs making sure the cheats win. can this be any more fake

  33. finfanrob says:

    naplesfan2010 says:
    November 15, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    saw that rt away never saw the one called

    i just said the cheats lead the league in calls for them that are never replayed.

  34. finfanrob says:

    what a joke the nfl is. just why not say the cheats dont have to play the reg season and put them as the home field advantage thru out the playoffs. at least that would be more believable

  35. steveccnv says:

    Stupid ass Odell Becham, he puts the ball up to celebrate his TD before he actually has 2 feet down, and makes a football move, and eats a hotdog…

  36. finfanrob says:


    watch it again, he had two feet down. clearly did. i was a cheats call

    • steveccnv says:

      He didn’t make a football move they said. It’s BS of course, they need to change that stufpid (f intended) rule, but they won’t so they can call whatever they want on the field.

  37. bookman11 says:

    The Patriots are really good.

  38. naplesfan2010 says:

    incredible patriots

  39. finfanrob says:

    bookman11 says:
    November 15, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    The Patriots are really good.

    well of course, what team wouldnt be when you have the refs helping you out

  40. The Flying Pig says:


  41. finfanrob says:

    told you, the nfl wont let them lose. get with the progrom people

  42. finfanrob says:

    i feel sorry for the people in paris, i pray that happens to the people in boston.

  43. ocalahowie says:

    Patriots are not going to lose this season

  44. finfanrob says:

    the nfl can have their wwf team. i am done with watching this fake bs. i hope some one blows up their plane on the way back to boston

  45. Tim Knight says:

    I’m not going to go too crazy but the refs sure do help the Pats. It’s getting really old.

  46. finfanrob says:

    ocalahowie says:
    November 15, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Patriots are not going to lose this season

    ok howie gets it. come on the rest of you need to start paying attention.

  47. ocalahowie says:

    FFR they are Boston Strong

  48. CavalierKong says:

    well that was depressing

  49. finfanrob says:

    ocalahowie says:
    November 15, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    FFR they are Boston Strong

    i think i was the only person in the country that was happy they bombed the race. i hate everything about that city. i wont lose a wink of sleep if they set off a dirty bomb in it

  50. ocalahowie says:


  51. finfanrob says:

    CavalierKong says:
    November 15, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    well that was depressing

    not really. not when you already know what the outcome is.

  52. rgs322 says:

    I think the Giants blew it. The odds were better to just try and run the clock down once they got inside the 25, then try and score a TD. You knew if they didn’t get the TD, NE was going to win anyway.

  53. finfanrob says:


    it didnt really matter what the giants did. the refs were not going to let the pats lose.

  54. ocalahowie says:

    Well I wasnt all happy about that bombing but the way they blew it up into something like 9/11 or even Paris, twice now. Give Me a Break…

  55. Tim Knight says:

    The Pats never get called for anything in big spots like holding. I get it!

    Brady choked once again down the stretch only to have the game handed to him. The princess can’t lose.

  56. finfanrob says:

    ocalahowie says:
    November 15, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    Well I wasnt all happy about that bombing

    i really didnt care. i am sure those that died were disgusting people. fuck putting up a wall to stop mexico, they should put up a wall around boston and then just light the place on fire

  57. Tim Knight says:

    By the way Peyton Manning is done. 5-20 35 yards and 4 INTs?

  58. BoulderPhinfan says:

    flight home

    View this post on Instagram

    Great team win!!! Flight home lit!!! #phinsup

    A post shared by Mike Thomas (@michael31thomas) on

  59. bookman11 says:

    Wow. I get the hate for the Pats, but the references to the Boston bombings is a little harsh.

    Didn’t the Pats get called for holding on a TD then Brady threw a pick next play?

    I hate the Pats too, but they are actually really good.

  60. finfanrob says:

    no the pats are not good. the pats and the refs are good but them as a team they are not good.

    and fuck that city, blow the fucking place up no one will lose any sleep

  61. finfanrob says:

    bookman11 says:
    November 15, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Yeah but the jokes about the bombings are out of line. It’s just Football.

    who is joking

  62. finfanrob says:

    bookman11 says:
    November 15, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Yeah, because Florida sets the standard for upright citizens.

    well no, there are to many retired people from boston here.

    • bookman11 says:

      And people who make up an entire season of the show Cops. Lived there, and done that. Look at your own back yard before spewing venom on others. It’s just football, not an indictment on people.

  63. finfanrob says:


    you are entitled to your opinion. i dont hate them cause of football (but it helps), i hate them cause i have never met a decent human being from that city. you dont know me or my life and what has transpired. so if i want to hate the entire city and enjoy when it is bombed because of my personal dealings with people from boston then i will.

  64. Tim Knight says:

    Bookman, I didn’t mean to laugh about bomb jokes but FFR jokes that way. I know he doesn’t mean it in that way.

    • bookman11 says:

      No problem Tim. Not bagging on u. Sometimes the “jokes” get old. After all, as FFR says it’s just a football blog, not real life, I guess until he brings real life into it. My problem, I will just let it go

  65. finfanrob says:


    i have perspective. i hate every thing boston, that is my perspective. lol

  66. Rhino says:

    got back and watched the recording of the game. have to admit I saw the final score before watching. Then saw the Landry tipped-pass TD… and thought… “I hoped it was more heroic than THAT”. But, a win is a win. Shitty 1st qtr, but 2nd and 3rd were certainly better.

  67. finfanrob says:

    After all, as FFR says it’s just a football blog, not real life, I guess until he brings real life into it.

    wow for a library cop you missed the obvious. it is just a football blog, if some one (like me) says something you dont like then who cares. it isnt like anything i do has the least effect on your life. so whats the big deal.

  68. finfanrob says:

    ok here. fine i love boston. greatest city ever. greatest people ever. brady is a hero, and he never cheated……ever. and the refs and nfl are always screwing over the pats.

    there bookman, did that make your life any better. lmfao

  69. finfanrob says:

    bookman11 says:
    November 15, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    And people who make up an entire season of the show Cops.

    hey it is better then that. i think they made up and entire season with just Hillsborough county.

  70. wyoming85 says:

    Mike GarafoloVerified account
    Patriots WR Julian Edelman broke his foot today and his season is in jeopardy, source tells @FS1

  71. wyoming85 says:

    Dave Hyde ‏@davehydesports 50m50 minutes ago
    Philly’s Lane Johnson says Suh wasn’t “lollygagging and b.s.-ing” this time. Sunday’s Suh was dominant. My column:

  72. ocalahowie says:

    I once saw this lady on Cops, She was a customer of mine when I was a meat cutter at Publix in west Boca.
    She was always a bit whacky, every night she would come in after we got our truck and have me get her the newest packs of cheese right off the pallet.
    A year or so after I moved up here Cops was in Palm Beach County and pulled her over for no headlights while driving the wrong way.
    I laughed my ass off when i saw it was her. They let her go but I think she is on a hell of allot of Meds

  73. Ken says:

    I think I have found the key to the our team’s success. I can’t watch the games ever again. Had to miss today’s game. I caught it on DVR but by then I already knew the score. However, they seem to do much better when I don’t watch.

    • stangerx says:

      Ken — Coach Campbell mentioned that at the post-game presser……so you are not the only one who has caught on to that. 🙂

      • Ken says:

        Wish I had a better reason for not watching the game today but it was my Mom’s wake.

      • stangerx says:

        Think you get a pass on that one. Hope all the people their loving her was uplifting, or at least helped counter the sadness. God bless her, you and your family.

      • Ken says:

        Thank you Stanger. Truth be told I am kind of looking forward to getting done with the funereal tomorrow and just having some time alone. I have been running all over the place the last several days I am kind of running on fumes now.

  74. The Flying Pig says:


    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. It’s tough losing a parent. But you can take solace in your family and friends. I know that everyone in this blog is here for you.

  75. Ken says:

    I going to have go back and see the comments from early in the game for shits and giggles. I am sure there was probably a suicide watch going on around here.

  76. stangerx says:

    Ken — wish I didn’t have tips on this for you………but I suggest coming up with two or three stories about your Mom that just sum her up. You can tell them over and over. People will love them. And when you tell them you can sorta of go on autopilot, which will save your energy.

  77. Ken says:

    Today was Suh’s best game as a Phin. He was truly disruptive in both the run and pass game. This is what I envisioned from him when we signed him.

  78. steveccnv says:

    I don’t get the rule of having to make a football play after catching the ball in the endzone. It really makes no sense. The Giants lose a TD, because they ruled Beckam didn’t make a football move after catching the pass before it was knocked out, but what really happened was he caught the ball had 2 feet down and raised the ball to celebrate, on the way up the ball was knocked loose.

    Why would someone try to make a football move in the endzone, they’ve already scored??

    • Ken says:

      I just saw the play. Pure BS. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am starting to think there really is something to the Pats having the refs and Goodell in their back pockets.

  79. Ken says:

    Alright. Another long day tomorrow. I am going to try to get some sleep. Peace to you all.

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