Falcons and Dolphins go to Orlando – Preseason Game 3


(From CBS Sports)
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  1. sb7mvp says:

    Trump is not antistablishment. He is the establishment elite. Why do people keep calling him that?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I feel the same

      I don’t get the antiestablishment are for trump

    • getterdone says:

      LOL, you always have funny zingers.

    • there is NO politician, be it Trump, Clinton or anyone else, who is going to “Make America Great Again”. The people of this country are what makes the country great. Politicians have never made the country great.
      However, I DO NOT want a President who will continue to increase the size of gov’t and the national debt and that’s what both Clinton and Trump will do. Gary Johnson is the only candidate who WILL decrease the size of the federal gov’t and that’s one thing that must be done in the short term. Gov’t is too big, it’s got it’s hands in way too many things and we need someone who will tell the federal gov’t “cool your jets”

    • and, you CANNOT have an effective economic policy if reducing the size of gov’t isn’t part of your policy. it’s not possible.

      • steveccnv says:

        That’s opinion not fact.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Neither of the 2 major parties take cutting spending seriously at all

        Its a lot easier to win a primary or an election for that matter without telling the American people you are going to take away their credit card

        It’s a shame
        I don’t know what the solution for that is

  2. getterdone says:

    Donald does continue to grow the size of his audiences….so I guess Lou was partly right about continuing to grow. πŸ˜‰

  3. I cut the bushes down in front of my house so Steve can’t hide in them and jump out.

  4. The Flying Pig says:

    It will cost between 400 billion and 600 billion to deport all illegal immigrants


    • getterdone says:

      Quite a snafu the past 2+ admins have put the country in isn’t it?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        It goes back farther than the last 2 presidents

        Our immigration laws are actually stricter than ever

        I feel like there is something on the Statue of Liberty that welcomes immigrants

        It’s kinda a tradition in America
        It didn’t start recently
        It has just been politicized recently

      • If you to take a look at the majority of undocumented immigrants in this country they are law abiding citizens looking for a better way of life. they live and work here and just need a job. better to get them documented so they can pay taxes like the remainder of the working society in this country so they can contribute in some way to the health care and other benefits they receive.
        As for the crime part, it’s interesting that California has the largest % of illegals in the country yet their prisons are disproportionately filled up with U.S. citizens. If illegals were truly criminals you would think they would represent a higher % of the prison population but that’s just not true.

  5. getterdone says:

    Good point, but immigrants were brought in to Ellis Island to be vetted and brought skills and work ethics, with a very low percentage of crime or terrorist intentions. They didn’t ask for hand outs, just a hand up to prove themselves and assimilate into american cities….most of those very immigrants were proud to learn the culture, language, and become legal citizens and call themselves Americans too.

    Not so much with the uncontrolled chaos on our borders nowadays.

    • not true about the crime. where do you think the crime families came from?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      There are no Mexican, central and/or South Americans coming in to this country to be terrorists

      I can quote you a lot of stats that says the contrary about immigrants coming in now to this country

      But I know it won’t make a difference to this belief

      What you are describing doesn’t represent that vast majority of illegal immigrants

      Trump is simply using this stereotype to get people riled up

      I never understand how people can accuse people crossing the borders of demanding hand outs but taking jobs of Americans at the same time
      But those two things are said by the same people every day even though they complete contradict one another

      These ridiculous stereotypes aren’t filed by facts or even logic
      They are field by fear
      And congrats to trump for capitalizing on it

      • steveccnv says:

        You’re doing the same thing you’re accusing Trump of doing. Don’t you think that between the millions and millions of illegal aliens some are getting handouts, some want to work, taking jobs from those here legally, because they work for less, and some are criminals?

  6. The Flying Pig says:

    See I don’t only have negative things to say about trump

    Here I am letting people know he has been endorsed by some public figures

  7. How many acts of terrorism have been committed in our country by someone who wasn’t a U.S. citizen or a “domestic” terrorist.
    The shootings in Orlando for instance, were done in the name of ISIS but weren’t actually carried out by ISIS itself.
    If terrorists coming across the U.S./Mexico border was that easy wouldn’t we have seen more attacks from terrorist who came into the country illegally and weren’t even known about instead of people that have come here using normal means like flying here on a plane and living here in the U.S. and even being on an FBI watchlist?
    Would you really want to be calling attention to yourself?

    • U.S. citizens have committed 80 percent of the terrorist attacks since 9/11.

      Of the 28 deadly homegrown terrorist attacks, only 10 of those attacks were related to Islamic extremism. The other 18 attacks were led by right-wing extremists, including, most recently, the mass shooting that killed three and wounded nine at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

      if the border was so easy for terrorists to come across why aren’t they coming here and bombing the shit out of us?

    • the point is terrorism is “homegrown” in more ways than one. it’s used to create fear in the American people that allows interests such as the Military Industrial complex to do what they want any time they want.
      It gives our President carte blanche to go into other countries in the name of national security and kill innocent women and children with drones.
      and it makes people rich. there’s no money in peace. before 9/11 our gov’t was looking at decreasing military spending and the number of military bases in this country. how do you make money in that environment? you don’t
      so, you create a perpetual war, a war that’s never ending. we don’t have leaders of other countries like Hitler who are hell bent on dominating the world anymore. they know it would be impossible to do so. so, we create an enemy in terrorists and terrorism that allows us to constantly be at war without blaming other countries. we blame radical terrorist groups instead.
      And, if you go back to when George Bush was the head of the CIA that’s when it all started.

  8. getterdone says:

    Piggy, I get your point on immigrants from latin countries coming with good intentions, but mixed with those good people are drug cartels, gangs, and non latinos (muslims, russians, chinese, you name it flooding across an unchecked border. That’s not right!!!!

    You ever try to sneak into Mexico? You’ll get time in prison and might come back alive one day. Why can’t people see the logic in trying to stop what’s been grossly neglected. Trump never said no latinos or immigrants from any country can never come here again…i mean c’mon with the MSM sound bites and narratives paid for by elitists like Soros, etc., who don’t want what’s good for ‘American Citizens’ !

    • The Flying Pig says:

      You can prosecute and deport criminals from crime
      You don’t have to prosecute people for being immigrants

    • Look at the crime in Chicago right now. I wonder how many of those involved are illegal immigrants and how many are opportunistic, entrepreneurial American citizens.

      • getterdone says:

        …..another issue of ongoing failed policies and programs meant to create division & disparity.
        No one ever said all crime is from immigrants….smh

        Why do other countries have borders, tough laws, yet if Americans want to secure their border, they’re suddenly racists….lol….hypocrisy at it’s finest.

      • I’m all for a logical solution. building a wall that won’t stop them from coming isn’t the answer.

      • all crime isn’t from immigrants. as a matter of fact, the majority of crime is from U.S. citizens but people act like it’s from immigrants.
        Trump is using an old political tool to get people all excited about an issue in order to gain support and people fall for it. Illegal immigrants aren’t coming across the U.S./Mexico border by the thousands and murdering and raping our people and committing terrorist acts but Trump has gotten a good number of people to buy into it. This is how you do it when you want to get elected. Create an issue that’s not real and make it real in the minds of millions of people

  9. The Flying Pig says:

    The US Justice Depart filed a suit in 1973 for housing discrimination against trump

    In 1989 he was accused of racism when he published a full page ad In The ny times calling for the death penalty for a group of teenagers accused of raping and beating a jogger (and they probably deserve that IMO)

    His former aid (John Odonnell) wrote a book in 1991 that alleged he stated he didn’t black people counting his money

    Go ahead and google any of those things and you will find that information which occurred well before he threw his hat in the political ring

    This isn’t new for him
    It is not just bc he is running against a democrat

    He’s just in the public eye more than ever now
    And people are taking a look at him

    I never heard anyone accuse McCain of being a racist
    I never bought into it if they did
    I’m not a huge fan of class warfare in politics
    And with race I hate it

    But Trump…he has earned it IMO

    • getterdone says:

      OMG, such weak arguments counselor…. how dare he not be perfect in the yes of everyone or how dare he ever have opponents bring accusations of ‘alleged’ behavior…what a horrible man….smh….I’m done with the silliness for tonite gents…got work early.

      Go Phins! πŸ™‚

  10. If there ever is a WWIII I live in the safest place in this country you could live in. NEPA. Because everything happens here 30 yrs after it happens everywhere else.

  11. Why is it every time I get a notice from SingleParentsMeet.com about my top 5 matches those 5 women look like 6 pack a day smoking, Jack Daniel’s drinking beaten down old broads.

  12. stangerx says:

    J Walker on the top bubble guys to watch tonight. Sorry to see him even mention Doublas.
    Some key bubble players to keep an eye on include running back Damien Williams, receivers Griff Whalen and Rashawn Scott and offensive linemen Sam Young and Jamil Douglas against Tennessee.

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