Ask Mike -2016 Season Week 12


from Doggy

Q – Hi Mike,

Will Tony Romo be the starting QB for the 49‘ers,  NY Jets or the back up in Dallas next season ?

I’d be surprised if the Jets went hard after Romo. His health concerns just don’t allow a team to make a major investment in him. If they were able to get him really cheap, and then have Bryce Petty waiting in the wings, it’s possible, but Romo won’t be doing that.

For the same reason, I don’t think SF will be going after Romo. The guy is more fragile than Chrystal Chandelier (Chris Chandler QB ATL) was back in the 80’s. Romo can’t stay on the field, and definitely can’t take a hit. I do believe he’s going to end up right back in Dallas, as the backup. It;s not the ideal situation for him, and I’m sure he didn’t envision his career ending like that, but the fact that he’s just so delicate these days sealed his fate. At least he gets to stay where he’s appreciated, and collect a big fat paycheck while staying healthy, and holding a clipboard.

from Stanger

Q – As exciting as the winning streak is, most of them were 4th qtr comebacks against not so good or average teams.

New clutch era for us that is the beginning of a future dynasty down the road or did the cards just fall right?


PS — you going to be conflicted with Kaep in there on Sunday?  

How quickly we forget!! Ask Mike already pointed out that the first 2 wins were against teams that were hot, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were 4-1, and considered by many to be a contender for a SB bid. Then we beat the red hot Bills, who at the time, were 4-2, and playing good football. We then faced the NY Jets, who at the time had won 2 in a row. Should we call it the “Dolphins Denouement”? The Steelers have gone 1-3 since losing to the Dolphins. The Bills have gone 1-2 since playing the Dolphins, and the Jets 0-1. You lose to the Dolphins, and the season goes down the drain!

OK, the Chargers aren’t great (4-6), and the Jets aren’t either, but both teams were more than capable of beating us, and in years past, they likely would have, but we’re a different team, with a different leader, one that has the team believing, and buying in. The Rams also aren’t a great team, and it looked like they were going to beat 2 AFC East teams consecutively in 2 ugly, poorly played games, but we rose from the ashes at crunch time, and secured a win with some gutsy play from our team.

We’re far from a dynasty, but we’re going about things the right way. We need to keep putting young talent on both the O-line and the D-line. I like the way Lippett is developing, and if Xavien Howard can come back and stay healthy, that’s a decent CB tandem. Byron Maxwell is playing very well right now, much better than he played early in the season. We’re starting to get depth at a position we all thought could be a weakness.

At LB, that’s a place where we probably need to add talent. After seeing what Kiko Alonso can do, he’s been a big part of our defense, I would think we’ll do our best to keep him here in Miami, but he’s a free agent next season, so that’s up in the air. I love the pieces we have on our offense. We have a legit RB, and a couple of capable backups with different skill sets. Damien Williams can spell for a few carries here and there, and also runs hard, and has proven to be a pretty damn good receiver out of the backfield. Kenyan Drake has speed to burn, and he’s the type of guy who who can take it to the house on any play, but he’s not a workhorse back either, so the health of Ajayi is key. I wouldn’t want to hand over the reins to either Williams or Drake, but they both complement him well.

Our coach is the key, he’s made the difference, and will continue to do so. We found our guy, and that’s HUGE! As for the 49ers QB, my days of Kaepersniffing are over. I’m long over him, I like where we’re at with #17.

from Ken

Q – Is it safe to start talking about playoff possibilities or are we just setting ourselves up to have our hearts ripped out again?


I could write in every post, and every article that I’m not really thinking about the playoffs, just looking at winning this week and taking it from there, but I’m really thinking about the playoffs! I don’t think it’s possible not to. We’re all scoreboard watching, standings watching, to see the various ways we can make it in to the post season. Of course with hope Ken, there sometimes comes disappointment.

I think we’re ALL enjoying this ride, every game in the last 5 have been very enjoyable to watch, so for that I’m thankful. Starting 1-4, I didn’t really think that would be possible. Funny thing that Thanksgiving is today, and I think as Dolphins fans, we have much to be thankful for!

It seems we have finally found the right Head Coach in Adam Gase, and that alone should have us thanking the football gods. That’s a great start to having a competitive team for a decade or so, maybe longer if he proves he can adapt well. It’s now NFL Week 12, the Dolphins are 2 games above .500, and in the hunt for the post season. That’s exciting as hell! Another exciting thing is this team has found different ways to win. That’s a good T-E-A-M. We’re not just waiting for the QB to lead us to victory, or the DL to get 4 sacks, or the CB’s to get 3 INT’s, or the RB to get 200 yards, or the PR/KR to bring one all the way back for a TD, we’ve done them ALL! To me, that’s the best aspect of this team, is that we can win in various different ways, with contributions from every unit on the team.

Enjoy playoff watching for as long as it lasts. That’s what I say. If we don’t make it, but we go 10-6, of course it will be disappointing, but there will be good things due to the fact we’ll have a bright future to look forward to. If we make the playoffs, but get knocked out in the 1st RD, sure, that will be disappointing. There’s plenty of ways to be disappointed, but go ahead, keep playoff watching, and as long as we keep winning, there ain’t no good reason not to!
from Wyo

Q – So now that we have a winning record and seem to be set up for more wins this year . . .

Are the just win folks going to come around? (not the real question)
Tanny was always slow on his reads causing him to hold the ball. What has changed?  More time? Better clock in his head?

I think it’s combination of things Wyo. I think Gase has emphasized to Tannehill time and time again not to hold on to the football too long, to be aware of his surroundings, and protect the football. I think mostly, it’s just been better protection by the O-line. He’s always looked very good when he has time, and he’s obviously been practicing those touch throws, because he’s made a few beauties this season. Maybe it’s just been a matter of teaching properly, and not taking for granted that Tannehill should have known this or that, and reinforcing the things he did poorly. Whether Gase is actually a QB whisperer or not is unimportant. Maybe he’s just a good teacher. I think there’s a definite level of respect between our QB and our HC, and I think they both believe in each other, and it’s showing. Gase is finding ways to utilize Ryan’s  strengths, and minimize his weaknesses. He’s done that well, but again, I give most of the credit to the O-line.

The success of the O-line, and that means run blocking too of course, has allowed us to have a balance in our offense that we just haven’t had. Thankfully, Gase realizes that if you run it 20 times in the 1st half, whether successful or not, it doesn’t mean you shelve it in the 2nd half. We’ve stayed with the run game, and it’s put a few teams to bed in the 2nd half, which is completely the opposite of a Philbin/Lazor led team. Last week was good, because we didn’t kill it with the running game, and we labored in the pass game all game, until the end, and Tannehill made the plays he couldn’t make in the first 3 quarters, and the receivers made the plays, and O-line allowed all that to happen, so a great team win.

from Rock

Q – Hello Mr. Hand!  Here is my question:
With the team riding a 5 game winning streak in which all the facets of the team are stepping up and showing marked improvement, why do you think some “fans” cannot concede that all the players are stepping up and playing better?  The team, most fans and the media are in general agreement that Ryan Tannehill is playing much better football this year, even with having to learn an unfamiliar system again and get on the same page as the other players and coach in it. What personality characteristic do you think causes these “fans” to insist on belittling a player when it seems everyone else is in agreement that there has been marked improvement?

Hey Rock, the answer to your question is because we’re human. I’ll elaborate. Think of fans of a football team like voters in a Presidential election. There can be 100 people that are registered Democrats. 25 of them are going to vote for Hillary because they agree with her social issues. 25 are going to vote for her for because they like her economic agenda. 25 are going to vote for her because she’s sexy. OK, that’s not happening, so let’s say they vote for her because of her foreign policy issues. The other 25 have a mix of all of the above, but it’s possible that no 2 of the 100 are the same.

Dolphins fans, and fans in general, have their own agendas. They pick certain players they either like, or dislike, make absolute statements about them, and then root for their opinions to be right. Some fans just blindly root for all of the players that wear that the uniform. Some don’t like players that make the highest salary, and others just root for the underdogs. My point is, we all want the Dolphins to do well, but there are subcategories, some fans also want the team to do well, or fail.

I’m not going to name names, because anyone who regularly reads this blog knows who  you’re referring to, and as much as I disagree with that person, especially when the team is doing well, that’s his prerogative to feel that way, and for the most part, I’ll try to ignore those specific comments. Nothing wrong with wanting to be right, and I’d say all of us here have had our hits and misses, I thought Jonathan Martin was going to be a great NFL tackle for us. UGH! I also said we shouldn’t sign Jordan Cameron, so like I said, hits and misses.

It’s OK though, we all root for the same team, and ultimately want the team to do well, and enjoy and share their success, but there’s actually another type of fan that prefers to wallow in misery, and is happier complaining about the teams failure rather than celebrating their success. I’ll leave those to the professional psychologists.  🙂

from Howie

Q – Ive got one for you MikeE
When was the last time a single team played three California teams in a row and beat them Back to back to back?

I have to say Howie, that question stumped me. I tried to find information regarding this, but odds are, this is an unprecedented situation, where the Dolphins are facing 3 teams from California in a row. No matter what type of query I put in, I couldn’t find where an NFL team played 3 California teams in a row. Until proven incorrect, I’m going to say if the Dolphins find a way to win against the SF 49ers, they will be the first NFL team to defeat 3 consecutive teams from the state of California.

If you think about it, I doubt that any other NFL team has actually played 3 games in a row against teams from the state of California, let alone won all of them.

Thanks for the excellent question Howie, it’s certainly a good one! Admittedly, I’m not quite sober, my boys are back from college, and I declared this Family Crunk Drunk night, and I’m pretty sure at least 3 of us accomplished that. It’s now 1:14 AM, and I’ve sobered up some, so I think this is relatively coherent.


I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all enjoy family, friends, food and drink, and have safe travels to wherever you’re going.

And now for the babe of the week . . .


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274 Responses to Ask Mike -2016 Season Week 12

  1. herdfan says:

    bookman11 says:
    November 26, 2016 at 12:58 am (Edit)

    It kind of looks and tastes like the green lemon lime kool aide.

    this is not exactly improving my opinion of it. lmao

  2. 81Howie says:

    Morning Update
    Rhino 27-17 MIA
    Piggy 42-10 MIA
    Vinnie 31-16 MIA
    MikeE 30-17 MIA
    Howie 33-17 MIA
    Wyo 24-20 MIA
    B’man 38-13 SF
    Toba 35-12 MIA
    Tim 24-9 MIA
    Old 30-9 MIA
    Son 31-9 MIA
    Stang 28-21 MIA
    Jahn 38-16 MIA
    Rock 22-17 SF
    Prof 38-13 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  3. 81Howie says:

    I have Culpeper and Welker Jersey’s
    Culpeper twice. the first one I threw in the garbage on the way out of the stadium after a horrible loss. Some kid behind me said I’ll take so I said its all yours
    The next week I said let me try again, he is going to get good. 80 dollars later we lost again and that must have been his last game here.
    Welker I just stapled Camarillo over his name for the Cincy game and it was a hit That worked for another game the next season while that game winning TD was still fresh in everyones mind.
    I also have Zach Thomas but its not real. Just some cheap Jersey I found at Walmart or K-mart

  4. Mike E. says:

    I only have 1 jersey with the 90’s colors, it’s a white Marino, with the aqua, orange and the navy blue shadow on the numbers. I really do like the throwbacks though. I think the new colors we have are just too feminine, all pastel like. The old colors are just tougher dammit! I especially like the helmet, with the two darker orange, almost red stripes, and the aqua stripe in the middle. Much better than the new helmets.

  5. Mike E. says:

    We get to see S Jaquiski Tartt up close this week. I know D really liked him a couple of drafts ago. I haven’t really seen him play yet.

  6. Mike E. says:

    If they added more orange to the uni’s, it would probably be a light orange. I love in the darker uni’s the darker orange, which I believe was called coral, it looks great with the more bluish aqua color. I think teams should be able to use alternate uniforms whenever they want. Not sure why the NFL even gives a fuck. When teams had a few alternate uni’s, I bet they all sold, so in the end, the NFL wins.

  7. 81Howie says:

    I was just looking at our logo last night on my Beer can cooler and said I guess were stuck with this

    • Mike E. says:

      LOL – I think we are stuck for a while for sure, I think it takes a few years to get approval for a change, because you have to wear the current uni for a certain amount of time, maybe 5 years or something like that.

  8. stangerx says:

    Gase says Tunsil will be a game time decision. NIce to see Howard listed as doubtful rather than out. Unlikely he plays this week, but he might be back soon.
    Miami Dolphins (NFL Week 12) Injury Report & Game Statuses

    (DE) Mario Williams (Ankle)
    (DT) Ndamukong Suh (Knee)
    (LB) Jelani Jenkins (Knee)
    (LB) Spencer Paysinger (Neck)
    (RB) Kenyan Drake (Knee)
    (T) Laremy Tunsil (Shoulder)
    (WR) Jarvis Landry (Shoulder)
    (WR) Kenny Stills (Calf)

    (CB) Xavien Howard (Knee)
    (T) Branden Albert (Wrist) — Did Not Participate In Practice

    (C) Mike Pouncey (Hip) — Did Not Participate In Practice

  9. herdfan says:

    Keep that streak going!!!

  10. 81Howie says:

    Then again
    Its all up to Ross
    Like someone said before , the old stuff doesnt match the new stadium
    He would be looking at a fortune to change all the seats let alone everything else 😦

  11. 81Howie says:

    Why do we always have longest injury report. One season ago I herd them say how Ross invested Millions on this state of the art condition program.
    He got ROBBED and there goes the money for our new UNI’S

  12. finfanrob says:

    herdfan says:
    November 26, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    If the questionable ones are likely playing I don’t care if they list the whole team. Maybe it makes planning by the other team a little more difficult. I’m all for that.

    it is what belicheat has done for years. messing with the injury list

  13. Mike E. says:

    I think it’s silly what the NFL has done with the injury list. There’s no longer a “probable” designation, so now players that are almost certainly playing are questionable. I think all it does is fuck with people who play FF, because now you don’t know whether your player should have probable, or is really questionable or not.

  14. Rockphin says:

    Even if a player was “probable” there was some question as to whether he would play. So now they are all questionable.

  15. herdfan says:

    The way I see it at this point of the season most players have some kind of injury or are banged up. I just look to see if they are practicing or not by Friday.

  16. 81Howie says:

    Belichek really screwed that up… Unless a guy is in the hospital then plan on facing him Sunday

  17. Here are the 5 keys to the Phins winning tomorrow:
    1. Run the ball
    2. Run the ball
    3. Run the ball
    4. Run the ball
    5. Run the ball

  18. Jahndoh30 says:

    with the 28th ranked rushing defense I’m sure SF’s strategy is going to be similar. I doubt we’re going to see either team air it out this week, although I have been impressed with Gase’s staff’s game calling. They have a way of keeping me (and defenders) guessing.

  19. herdfan says:

    Hey Jahn. Great to see you!

  20. Brian in NY says:

    Hey Jahn, your beer is fucking awesome!

  21. Brian in NY says:

    Big game next Saturday Bookman…

  22. Brian in NY says:

    Mike E,

    The TE you have been longing for currently plays for the Penn St. Nittany Lions:

    Mike Gesicki
    He’s a junior, and he’s not supposed to come out after this season but you never know.

  23. Jahndoh30 says:

    The new stadium seats 65,326 and our average game attendance is 65,266. 99.9% of capacity. Many teams do report attendance above 100% (they add additional seating when there is demand for it) but being at 99.9% puts us right in the middle of the league with Pittsburgh on overall capacity utilization.

    Doesn’t seem like such a sever attendance problem on the surface, but then again, I don’t live there..maybe it seems different when you’re there. It definitely SHOULD feel less crowded though since the renovation reduced the total seating by 10k seats…

  24. Jahndoh30 says:

    Thanks Herd and Brian! Got a minute of free time so thought I’d read up. I’m sure everyone is stoked on the win streak! I’m skeptical as to the schedule we’ve played against the last few weeks, but I’m just gonna enjoy it while we got it!

  25. Ken says:

    I actually think we will take some shots throwing the ball down the field tomorrow. Look for play action on 1st down

    • The Flying Pig says:

      There will probably be a few shots to go downfield if we successfully run the ball

      But as bad as SF is at defending the run
      I think we are probably as much as 70% ground offense tomorrow

  26. Jahndoh30 says:

    Would be fun to see Ken, but I’d run early and often against the worst rated run defense (by quite a bit) in the league.

    If they stack the box though I’d definitely go big on play action and see if Parker/Stills/Tannehill can make em pay. Tannehill’s deep touch this season really impresses me. It’s improved so much..

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Its about 200% better than it was two years ago

      I thought it starting improving last year
      Even though Tannehill didn’t start the year off good
      I thought his deep ball looked like it was here to stay

      I actually think he may have been better mid range to short range early in his career (there was so much of it)

      I hope it’s a matter of time before it all comes together at once

      Keep running the ball
      And keep taking the pressure off Tannehill

  27. The Flying Pig says:

    I think the NFL eliminated probably as a catageory last offseason

    Which is why you see so much questionable

    They are probably all going to play

    I wish we had Howard back

    It would be nice to have Howard and Albert back for the game v the Ravens

  28. Ken says:

    As bad SF’s run defense is you still can’t abandon the pass

    • bookman11 says:

      That statement just sounds sooooo backwards…lol

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      I doubt an Adam Gase coached team is ever going to abandon the pass fwiw…but he’s shown a willingness to run stubbornly at tough run defenses (Rams last week), so I’d be surprised if he doesn’t try to take advantage of SF’s poor run Defense.

      Pass to get the extra man out of the box, setting up the run would be a wise recipe for an ailing OL. Pass pro is far more difficult for backups to execute than run blocking.

      That’s my $.02 anyway. But I do love me some passing!

  29. The Flying Pig says:

    Ken says:
    November 26, 2016 at 8:27 pm (Edit)
    As bad SF’s run defense is you still can’t abandon the pass

    Admit it Ken
    You have a locket with a picture of Joe Philbin in it

  30. The Flying Pig says:

    I actually think of you are running for more than 5 yards per carry
    You can compeleltey abdandon the passing game

    But the reality is
    Even if we run well
    You can’t get that every week
    And you need to work on it each week

  31. The Flying Pig says:

    Piggy prediction

    Kenyon Drake has a long TD run tomorrow

  32. herdfan says:

    I don’t care how we win just that we win. I’d like to get ahead early and be able to enjoy the game instead of feeling sick most of the time. lol

  33. herdfan says:

    I just watched one of my hometown friend’s house burn to the ground. Incredibly sad.

  34. Ken says:

    I want to see us run but I don’t want to see us one dimensional

  35. bookman11 says:

    I don’t care if we win 3-0, or how we do it…just win. That is how I have tried to watch the games since the Browns win.

  36. herdfan says:

    So who’s drinking? I hate to drink by myself, but I will. lol

  37. The Flying Pig says:

    On second thought
    I don’t really care how we win
    Just won

  38. herdfan says:

    Saying how you want them to win is kind of silly, a win is really all we want. I’ve been surprised every week how these games have gone. Tomorrow is probably going to be the same.

  39. bookman11 says:

    Did all the silly people leave?

  40. herdfan says:

    It’s the drinking. Since I’m in the amateur division they must be in novice.

  41. stangerx says:

    Most interesting stat I read today:

    “During their 1-4 start, the Dolphins scored 25 points per game. During their five game winning streak since, the Dolphins have scored 26 points per game.”

  42. bookman11 says:

    Maybe everyone figures they will need to drink during the game tomorrow, and are saving themselves

  43. herdfan says:

    Who do you have in your survivor thing tomorrow bookman?

  44. stangerx says:

    No facts in this one — nice to see the opinion though. And this ain’t from a Phin’s site.

    “Adam Gase has changed Dolphins fan’s mindset. For now, gone are the Sundays of “Here we go, again. Typical Dolphins football.” This Miami team has found ways to win. Everybody plays a part. Everybody is hungry to win. The Dolphins aren’t the Dolphins of yesteryear. Adam Gase has them playing every minute of every down as a team that crosses the finish line. For the first time in years, players and fans alike believe this team can win. Gase is doing the impossible, and if that doesn’t scream Coach of the Year, nothing does.”

    • and he makes all the difference in the world. if we were going into this game in the past we’d probably all be thinking it could go either way and there’s a good chance we end up blowing it but with Gase as the HC and SF being who they are right now I chalk this up as a win and being 7-4 at the end of the day and also being the 6th seed in the AFC as well.
      I’m just too confident in these guys right now and it’s all because the coaches know how to get it done with the talent they’ve got on the team.
      it’s not the greatest talent in the league but they still get it done. we’ve still got plenty of holes to fill and we REALLY need to start putting up points on offense on a more consistent basis and moving the ball more consistently but we’ve been finding ways to get it done despite those deficiencies.
      If I didn’t know any better I’d say Gase is using the field for his little science experiments every week to see what he can create.

      • stangerx says:

        I’m not sold on this team, but I am on Gase. And thus the future.

        Think if Philbin (who I did not hate btw) was coaching we are 4-6 right now.

      • agreed. it’s not the team, it’s the HC AND the coaching staff. they are definitely the biggest reason for the difference and the biggest reason we are winning right now. I said before that Gase reminds me of a young Shula because he’s taking a bunch of guys who were underachievers in the past and getting them to win.
        still too many holes that need to be filled but if we do we’re golden with this HC.

      • stangerx says:

        Young Shula is the closest in our world, but the styles are so different….especially personality. Sorry if you caught me saying before, but with the youth, smarts flexible-thinking, analytics and low-key likeable personality — he reminds me of Theo Epstein.

  45. stangerx says:

    Quiz of the day — what famous person is this former Phins chearleader married too?

  46. In my post earlier about running the ball to win it’s more about SF being so poor vs the run that we could probably run the ball the majority of the game and they aren’t going to stop us. With the D being the best in the league at this point at 3rd down conversion % I think we control this game to the point that we could have a t.o.p. around 48 minutes.

  47. herdfan says:

    bookman11 says:
    November 26, 2016 at 10:45 pm (Edit)
    They are home against the Jags. I hate taking them, well because I hate them.

    I have Bortles in FF. He throws the ball so much that even with 3 INTs he still has enough points to help. Probably not a bad play on your part.

    • bookman11 says:

      It is getting to the point in the season when I will probably have to pick a team I want to lose, but not like me picking has an influence on the game..🙂

  48. : Phins D knocked some qb’s out this year but there’s NO qb I’d rather see get knocked out than the one they’re facing tomorrow.

  49. During our 5 game winning streak our D has given up an average of 101 yds/gm on the ground.
    During our 1-4 stretch we gave up an average of 150.8

  50. All signs point to Jay Ajayi moving to 3rd overall in rushing yards after tomorrow.

  51. herdfan says:

    stangerx says:
    November 26, 2016 at 11:56 pm (Edit)
    MIke E claims their relationship is over and done with. Wanted to explore, but you ever bash the buddy’s girlfriend you never liked only to have them get back together?

    No. Not even with the gender’s switched. And not bashing but went so far to tell a friend she was really lucky with the husband she had, nice guy, helped with the kids, cooked, cleaned….the whole thing. And she bitched. No, she BITCHED. About everything. He finally got tired of it and left. And she’s crying to me and I’m thinking I don’t blame him a bit.

    • bookman11 says:

      Yeah, regardless of gender that sucks……really, really sucks.

    • stangerx says:

      Been on the “you don’t seem to realize how lucky you are side” of it too, but at the same time people are screwy. I can’t really call who is going to make you will be happy with. Fermones or something come into that you can’t logic out. You can be much more sure about “this one is bad news” though. The might feel the spark, but not hard to see how they will screw up a friend’s life in other ways.

  52. bookman11 says:


    You are going to the game tomorrow, and meeting OD? If so, have fun with the 2nd throwback home game you are attending.

  53. herdfan says:

    I think it’s a good omen or whatever you call it with the throwbacks!

  54. bookman11 says:

    I have been wearing my Tannehill jersey for every game. The jersey is the previous logo. I wore it to the fest. I did not get a chance to wash it this week so I just threw it in the dryer with a dryer sheet tonight. I’m going to wear it tomorrow. I hope that’s OK.

  55. herdfan says:

    I was thinking if we’re winning tomorrow I may change shirts a bunch of times in the 4th Q so I can get the losing vibe out of a bunch of shirts I’ve been afraid to wear again. lol

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