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For many players still currently on the 2017 Miami Dolphins Roster, this final preseason game, and how they play in it, will determine if they remain on the roster, or are removed from it.  Some bubble players may have already done enough to stay, but others have to fight tooth and nail, and try to show something extraordinary in their last opportunity, preseason Game #4.

Some of the decision comes to down to how many players can they carry at any certain position.  Do we go with 5 or 6 WR’s?  How many OL do we carry, 8 or 9?We’ll probably have 4 RB’s, but are those 4 RB’s currently on the roster now, or do we pick one up?  Do we take 6 CB’s or 7?  I wrote a list, and man, it gets tough.  I figure we only bring 2 QB’s, we did that the last couple of years, so figure we do that again.  I can see us carrying 6 WR’s if they fear Stringfellow would get poached, but I’m not even sure they’re enamored with him enough to feel that way.  I would like to keep him though.

On defense, we know who the likely starters on the D-line are, and I say likely only because there’s still some doubt as to whether it’s God-show or Jordan Phillips. The guys behind the starters are muddled.  We know William Hayes and the loser of the 2nd DT spot are in, but then there’s Okoye, Williams, Fede, and you know Charles Harris is in, but the depth at DT and DE are somewhat up in the air.


So who gets cut next?


Also remember, we have 2 players who are eligible to come back after week 8, OG Ted Larsen (I/R), and S T.J. McDonald (SUSP)  Both can make a positive impact for our team.  Hopefully the O-line is doing well enough that Larsen isn’t so missed, and the same for Nate Allen at S, that T.J. McDonald isn’t desperately needed.  If all is well, both can slowly be integrated back into the team.

Will Matt Darr hold off Matt Haack?   Will God-show hold onto the starting DT spot next to Suh?  Is Jesse Davis for real, and will he start at LG?  Is Maxwell really in danger  of losing his starting job?  Is our 4th RB currently on the roster?  Questions that may or not be answered after  Preseason game #4.  Some of them may have already been determined by the coaches and front office, but while this last game is meaningless to some, it’s life or death (Dolphins roster life) for others.

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  1. Ken says:

    Ray Beluga?

  2. Ken says:

    F’n page turn

  3. Tim Knight says:

    I for one never thought Henne was the next Marino. I compared him to Phil Simms and Ken can attest to that. He then laughed at me and mocked me and I was very hurt. LOL

  4. 81Howie says:

    Howie 31-27 MIA
    M-13/ 37-31 MIA
    Son 35-9 MIA
    Old27-23 TB
    GO PHINS!!!

  5. 81Howie says:

    Everything JS
    it all started when the belt broke and has cos me hundreds even 1000 ever since

    • jetsssuck says:

      100 to change the belt? The company I worked for used to get charged 120 by dealership to change the oil and fluids. Mechanics are expensive now a days.

  6. mf13ss says:

    Barry Jackson‏Verified account @flasportsbuzz 16s16 seconds ago
    Decision on Sunday’s Dolphins-TB game figures to come Tues or Wed. There is precedent to moving hurricane-impacted game to Fri.We’ll see.

  7. Tim Knight says:

    Just want to say for all of you who may be in danger of Hurricane Irma, I wish you all the best and be safe.

    • stangerx says:

      Thanks Tim, but way too early at this point. It is Monday with a hit Sunday……On Wednesday they might be talking about wind sheer that made it just a bunch of rain or a steering system that puts Mexico or Boston or the middle of the ocean in the crosshairs.

  8. Tim Knight says:

    Armando Salguero‏Verified account @ArmandoSalguero 14s14 seconds ago
    I’m told neither the Dolphins nor the Bucs would want Sunday game postponed to shared bye week Nov. 19. Told NFL as much.

  9. mf13ss says:

    Armando Salguero‏Verified account @ArmandoSalguero 2m2 minutes ago
    I’m told neither the Dolphins nor the Bucs would want Sunday game postponed to shared bye week Nov. 19. Told NFL as much.

  10. mf13ss says:

    Armando Salguero‏Verified account @ArmandoSalguero 1m1 minute ago
    Tampa coach Dirk Koetter on moving game to shared bye week: “Nobody wants that. No one wants to play 16 straight.”

    • stangerx says:

      Least neither of the coaches want that, but then then they are worried about football rather than preserving a Phins home date at the gate.

  11. naplesfan2010 says:

    Henne has a powerful arm and is tough as nails, but he is robotic in his movements (and his personality) and just not very smart. His intellect is one of those that can only process sequentially. He cannot even remotely “multi-task” to use the current catch-phrase.

    Obviously, this is a mission critical skill for a NFL QB. This is why he seemed to often throw the ball directly to an opponent. He lacked the IQ to predict what guys would do next or the most likely unfolding scenario. Henne’s mind lives in the moment only. He doesn’t remember what he was taught and can’t think while in the heat of the moment.

    He also throws a very hard to catch screwball that backs up in flight and caroms off on impact, which is why he was plagued by a high percentage of drops. BMarshall hated catching his ball.

    • wyoming85 says:

      BMarshall Loves Balls!
      Henne just wouldn’t force feed him the ball!

      Henne’s problem is the same one Tanny has to an extent!
      He never could see the play before it happened!

      • Tim Knight says:

        RT is in another league compared to Henne. Not even close. I don’t think anyone would ever compare them if it wasn’t that they both played for the Dolphins. To me RT is more like Jake Plummer.

  12. 81Howie says:

    I did the belt myself in the parking lot at wall mart, good thing there is a discount auto right there. only 28 bucks
    But then we got a bad oil leak so i.m changing gaskets with no luck finding it, Our battery went after 3 years and the only place around was auto zone $150
    3 weeks later the alternator And another belt $170 put that in just last friday. let alone the hundreds of quarts of oil and days I missed working. Now we are going to do the main front seals, only $5 but that is a hell of a job and need help from her son who lives down there.
    So I must wait till he can come up and then rent a tool to get the harmonic balancer off and another to get it back on.
    Oh did I tell you guys how much my neighbor has costed me by calling animal control on us

    • jetsssuck says:

      you know some auto parts have tools for free rental for tools like harnatic balancers.

      • jetsssuck says:

        another way of determining where the oil leaks are coming from is to put newspaper under the car and check for leaks. You can also use a spy cam that has wifi. They run about 30-40 bucks on ebay and other sites.

  13. wyoming85 says:

  14. mf13ss says:

    Pro Football Focus‏Verified account @PFF 10m10 minutes ago
    Go deep

  15. 13kvFINS says:

    Ohh man!!! For shots & giggles due to Irma, decided to checkout when TB bye week is..

    Guess what??

    It’s week 11, same as Miami !!!

    Looks to me as though Miami & TB’s bye week will come this Sunday,
    And we’ll end up playing TB on week 11 !!!



  16. mf13ss says:

    You guys in Florida stay safe what with the immanent threat of H. Irma. If you are smart, EVACUATE NOW.

    • jetsssuck says:

      long way to go. The hurricane may get bounced with the path through the island mountains. The forecast models now recently can forecast out 7 days. Forecast’s are from 14-15 different models based on historical data. Not much of historical data on US new sattelights. 3 days is when I usually take action but just in case I’ll have the kids practice with our hurricane drills. I’m thinking hose using the water hoses to simulate driving rain.

    • steveccnv says:


  17. 81Howie says:

    Evening Update
    Howie 31-27 MIA
    M-13/ 37-31 MIA
    Son 35-9 MIA
    Old27-23 TB
    Tim 30-27 MIA
    Naples 27-17MIA
    Herd 34-21 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

    • 13kvFINS says:

      O 0 one half game ahead of half the league and one game behind the rest, (if Irma doesn’t drastically change course)!!!

      Last I saw was five of the projection threads have it going straight threw the middle of FL/Miami directly from the keys (Sat – Sunday) moving south to north and up the center of the entire state…

      Everybody start blowing to the south east, maybe we can alter it’s direction!!!

      Fins 26 – 21

  18. 81Howie says:

    Yes JS
    the auto zone I go to kind of rents them
    20 for the one to get it off and 45 for the one to get it on
    But they give you your money back when you return
    I can do that 🙂

  19. 81Howie says:

    Not worried
    Unless it comes up the west coast then turns in a bit north of Tampa
    JS and Stang are under the gun right now

  20. naplesfan2010 says:

    We had the wettest summer (June-July) on record in Naples area,
    Then the back wash from Harvey flooded us. Schools in all 3 counties closed here and many neighborhoods flooded. My 2 sons who still live here about 20 miles apart had their streets impassable for a while and my one son’s house had the creek overflow the weir so that a second channel opened. The creek began flowing through his house, in the back door and out the front. They called in a team and had 50 fans in there trying to dry it out, but the baseboards, furniture legs and such are all ruined. All four neighborhoods in Bonita Springs near, well, Bonita Springs, an artesian natural upwelling from the aquifer populated by manatees and alligators, are the same as his, that is, still under water.

    Insurance companies are saying just wait to repair until after Irma so they don’t have to do it twice.

    The ground is so saturated that commercial car washes have flooded streets nearby.

    We might go up to stay with my son in Tampa, depending on how directly it will hit us.

    But canes have been known to scrape us and ram Tampa a day later. Cat 4 always kills people.

  21. mf13ss says:

    Guys, the NATIONAL NEWS (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc) is saying that H. Irma is going to hit Florida now. EVACUATE NOW

    • jetsssuck says:

      enough of the hysteria the news is creating. 2-3 days out is fine but 1 week. Lots of stuff can happen. Our plans are already in place and evacuation is only in consideration if we have cat4 with imminent direct hit 2 days out. Go to the hurricane centers website for more accurate hurricane info.

    • steveccnv says:

      Lol JS, you looking for someone to figure it out for you?

  22. steveccnv says:

    This is what I’m talking about Tim. Wyoming says RT couldn’t see the play before it happened comparing that aspect of his game to Henne, and you change the subject RT is in another league compared to Henne. Not even close… that’s exactly what Lou did to you yesterday.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Not at all. It was more personal than football.

      • steveccnv says:

        Yeah he gets personal like that, but I’m talking about what started it all.

      • Tim Knight says:

        That Clayton was drafted in the 8th and Brady in the 6th and that you can find these things out on the internet? LOL

      • steveccnv says:

        Yes thats what you were talking about, then he changes the subject over to “I made a comment that the comment “well, that’s why they went undrafted” means nothing except in hindsight”. Then you guys start arguing over 2 different things.

  23. wyoming85 says:

    The only comparison from Henne to Tanny Is they have the same issues

    If you can tell me that you wouldn’t like Tanny to be better at reading the defense!
    Well I can’t help that!

    Henne was terrible at it that is why he held the ball so LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

    Of course that is just my humble opinion!

    • steveccnv says:

      Sounds spot on. Now watch Doughty in the 4th quarter he’s got Morgan open on a short out in the end zone, but his indecisiveness causes Morgan to run out of bounds, instead of catching a TD.

      • steveccnv says:

        What these guys all have in common is they’re afraid to make a mistake, and what will always hold them back from being great, among other things in some cases. Are Derek Carr and Luck afraid to let it rip? I don’t think so.

  24. Douchenozzle says:

    28-24 Mia

  25. 81Howie says:

    Douchenozzle 🙂
    I remember that picture, Who the heck had it?
    I think it was Rock

  26. 81Howie says:

    Nightly Update
    Howie 31-27 MIA
    M-13/ 37-31 MIA
    Son 35-9 MIA
    Old27-23 TB
    Tim 30-27 MIA
    Naples 27-17MIA
    Herd 34-21 MIA
    KxFINS 26-21 MIA
    Douche 28-24MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  27. Tim Knight says:

    Steve, I agreed with Lou that UDFAs can become good players. Just didn’t agree with the language that it puts to rest the idea that they weren’t drafted for a reason. That makes me a know it all who runs this blog as some superior opinion and all that nonsense? LOL

  28. steveccnv says:

    Although Cutler has a 68-71 record as a starter, he’s been victimized by dismal defenses in Denver and Chicago. In games where the opponent has scored fewer than 23 points he’s 54-16, which shows he’s dangerous when he has help.

  29. Mike E. says:

    Howie! Welcome back! Rock is the Douchenozzle. Good catch!

    Howie MIA 26 – TB 24

  30. The Flying Pig says:

    New blog up

    Oh and Howie
    38-20 Miami

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