Unofficial official news, and other rumblings

Despite the fact that the New England Patriots are still in the playoffs, and therefore “officially” we have not asked the Patriots “unofficial” defensive coordinator if he wants the job, that hasn’t stopped all media outlets, both radio and print from saying the Dolphins new Head Coach is Brian Flores. In addition, they’re already “unofficially” naming his staff, as Flores has tabbed Jim Caldwell for a senior advisory role to the Dolphins. I’d like to “officially” wish Jim Caldwell a Happy Birthday today. Caldwell, formerly the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, who by the way, was 24-8 as HC before being “unofficially” forced to “Suck for Luck”.

There are rumors that Flores wants to hire former Arkansas and Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema as Defensive Coordinator, but need I say, that’s “unofficial”. Bielema has good experience as a Head Coach, and has a strong defensive background.

The Bengals “Unofficially” hired former Dolphins QB Coach Zac Taylor, who was QB’s Coach for Ryan Tannehill. This leads to “unofficial” rumors that Ryan Tannehill will be the next Bengals QB. Oh please, please make that happen!

The NY Jets “officially” introduced Adam Gase as Head Coach, and I have to say that after the press conference, I kinda feel bad for him. Oh, I still hope he falls flat on his face, but his “crazy eyes” were mostly what the NY sports media talked about. The morning after on the Boomer and Gio show on WFAN in NY, there were parodies of many different “eyes songs”, like “Betty Davis Eyes”, These Eyes”, “Doctor My Eyes”, etc. I’d prefer the NY media destroy him for his football acumen, or lack thereof.

Speaking of the NY Jets, they are close to tying things up with former Browns interim HC Gregg Williams, meaning they have “unofficially” signed him. That’s a damn good hire. It pains me to say so, but the Jets are definitely making things easier for Gase. Williams will allow Gase to do exactly what he did in Miami, which is ignore the defense. While we had hack DC Matt Burke, the Jets have an excellent veteran defensive coach running the defense. It was clear that Adam Gase does NOT have any control of the 53 man roster, another bonus for the petulant young HC who routinely jettisoned players in his Dolphins tenure.

So to recap, we “unofficially” have Brian Flores as HC, Jim Caldwell as a Senior Advisor, and Bret Bielema as DC. We have “officially” lost D-Line Coach Kris Kocurek, who goes to the San Francisco 49ers. Kocurek, by the way, replaces former Dolphins DT Jeff Zgonina. I liked that guy when he played here.

Lastly, but not leastly, the Dolphins have “officially” hired former Bills Scout Marvin Allen as Assistant GM. Allen was with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2013-2017, in which they drafted QB Patrick Mahomes, WR Tyreek Hill, RB Kareem Hunt, DT Chris Jones, DE Dee Ford, OT Eric Fisher, TE Travis Kelce, OG Zach Fulton and OT Mitch Morse. That’s quite a resume! Looks like an excellent hire, we’re going to need some excellent drafts to become a power in the AFC East. Grier and Allen have a good relationship, and one that should help us going forward.

RIP Bob Kuechenberg

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  1. The Flying Pig says:

    We’ve drafted 5 QBs since 1990

    Who are they?

  2. The Flying Pig says:

    Fox Mike E but it’s over

  3. mf13ss says:

    GO ANYBODY not named the Patsies* TODAY!!!
    HELL YEAH!!!

  4. BailBondMike says:

    Mike E., no, he was inquiring about bonding someone out. Not going to happen unless he wants to give me full cash of the bond to hold as collateral. He wants to bond a prostitute. We rarely get them out cause they never go to court. They tend to bounce around to much and can be hard to find. Said he was a family friend but couldn’t answer some simple questions about her family. He may have been a pimp. Sometimes these pimps will move them to another city or even another state after they get arrested. It’s a misdemeanor so they won’t be extradited if they go to another state unless we pay for it and that can get expensive for a small bond of $500 where we only make $100 and the transport cost for 1 day is $300+ even if it’s only from 120 miles away like Biloxi.

  5. mf13ss says:

    Jimmy Buffett is a life-long Saints fan? I didn’t know that. Could have sworn he was a Phins fan.

  6. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – You better make it 6, Josh Heupel

  7. mf13ss says:

  8. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – I guess the important thing is we only drafted ONE QB in the 1st RD, that was Tannehill.

  9. Mike E. says:

    Yeah M, can’t win ’em all. Two outta three ain’t bad

  10. Mike E. says:

    Goff is jumpy. He’s throwing off target, and rushing his throws

  11. Mike E. says:

    Ken – Doughty was a 7th RD pick in 2016

  12. mf13ss says:

    Man… when Brees drops deep (7-step drop), he does it VERY quickly. That’s a key to his success.

  13. mf13ss says:

    Remember MY STUDY I posted a week or so ago? If you can run, you can win. And if you can stop the run, you can win. It’s still all about the trenches, y’all.

  14. mf13ss says:

    Todd Gurley is playing like he’s a Saint thus far. SMH

  15. mf13ss says:

  16. mf13ss says:

    We’ve got a game!

  17. The Flying Pig says:

  18. The Flying Pig says:

    I would rather listen to credence than hear joe buck and aikman

  19. The Flying Pig says:

    Looks like we might be in see a great finish

  20. son of a son of a shula says:

    SUH-per Bowl

  21. son of a son of a shula says:

    We couldn’t use him…

    But we had Tannehill – woohoo

  22. BailBondMike says:

    Refs blew it real bad for the Saints. Should of had 1st and goal. Rams only had 1 TO. Would have run clock down to under 30 seconds at least.

  23. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s go Chiefs!!

  24. herdfan says:

    mf13ss says:
    January 20, 2019 at 3:18 pm (Edit)
    And if I’m not mistaking, we’ve only ever drafted 3 QBs in the 1st round: Griese, Marino, and Tannehill. 2 of the 3 are HOFers.

    The 3rd one probably doesn’t know where it is.

  25. CavalierKong says:

    Patriots were pretty bad rushing the passer all year, and suddenly have a ferocious rush in the playoffs. Deal with the devil.

  26. The Flying Pig says:

    Our next HC is calling these defensive plays

  27. The Flying Pig says:

    This Williams guy is pretty good

    Where was he before KC?

  28. The Flying Pig says:

  29. Rockphin says:


    Arrogant POS HA HA HA HA HA

  30. Rockphin says:

    NE fans are gonna say they were screwed.


  31. Rockphin says:

    That is clear and obvious

  32. mf13ss says:


  33. Rockphin says:

    Belicheat says “that was fucking bullshit” HA!!! LOL

  34. The Flying Pig says:


  35. Ken says:

    There’s the refs

  36. Rockphin says:

    No it’s not contact to the head

  37. Rockphin says:

    No it’s not a catch

  38. Rockphin says:

    WTF is a catch? Because the fucking wasn’t

  39. mf13ss says:

    If that was ANYBODY but a Patsie* player, it would have been ruled incomplete (re: Chris Hogan).

  40. mf13ss says:

    Tony Romo is the very BEST color-commentator in the game! HOLY CRAP, the things he sees from the booth! He’s spot-on!

  41. mf13ss says:


  42. Rockphin says:


    Belicheat “But they cheated, it was a pick play” …..

    Isn’t it ironic don’t you think

  43. herdfan says:


  44. Rockphin says:

    That is clear and indisputable

  45. mf13ss says:

    I have a bad feeling about this…

  46. Rockphin says:

    Tony Romo is really good.

  47. Ken says:

    Romo is an excellent analyst

  48. mf13ss says:

    Dammit. Maybe the Chefs* let them score on purpose there, in order to get the ball back.

  49. herdfan says:

    How many TOs does KC have left?

  50. herdfan says:

    Nevermind. They just said.

  51. naplesfan2010 says:


  52. son of a son of a shula says:

    They better not win with Boise

  53. mf13ss says:

    OT, baby!!!
    GO CHEFS*!!!

    Y’all DO know that when I put an asterisk after CHEFS, I’m merely alluding to the famous Snickers commercial, right?!! 😀

  54. mf13ss says:

  55. mf13ss says:

    SVUCKS!!! 😡

  56. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s go Rams!

  57. naplesfan2010 says:

    KC defense sucks, but Brady is amazing.

  58. ElephantRider says:

    Romo calls every play and KC let’s the same shit go over and over…..
    Another SB I wont be watching. Fuck me.

  59. stangerx says:

    Least had a game to watch….. HC coach resolution on pause.

  60. mf13ss says:

    We’d better bloody hope that Brian Flores can form a quality band quickly. By the time he’s officially hired by us, he’s going to be picking leftovers at the salad bar.

  61. CavalierKong says:

    I’m not having a Super Bowl party this year. I’m tired of throwing a party to watch the fucking Patriots.

  62. bookman11 says:

    The Patriots are incredible. Once again, I envy their fans. We are watching something simply historic. Wow.

  63. dcoralsprings says:

    And boom just like that I’m an honorary rams fan

  64. ElephantRider says:

    Feels like being kick in the balls….over and over.

  65. I won’t be watching this one either. Yeah, I can’t stand the Pats but I really could care less about this matchup. If the Pats win or lose it doesn’t really matter to me. Only thing I want to see is Miami get back to where it was in the past.

    And, finally, I really have a hard time believing Kraft is going to let Flores go to Miami. Yeah, you can say he can’t stop him if he really wants the job but something is going to happen after the Super Bowl and Flores ain’t coming.

  66. The NFL is just so bad anymore. Boring games, boring Super Bowl matchups, bad officiating. Just a bad league.

  67. There is a temptation here for the Phins brass to go after a qb in the first round and I just hope they resist that temptation.

  68. Here is my question about Daniel Jones. If both Mannings have been coached by Cutcliffe in college and they both have intimate knowledge of him and have been working with him and the Duke football team and the Giants don’t take him before Miami then why would you take him?

    If he’s that good the Giants should take him before we even got a shot. Correct or no?

  69. You would think it’s the offensive side of the ball people would be interested in with Tony Romo but the smart person would want him as a defensive coordinator because he knows what offenses are going to do. At the least, as a defensive consultant. “Look in your crystal ball and tell us what they’re going to do on this play Tony”

  70. ocalarob says:

    Two great championship games, i doubt there’s been a championship sunday where both games go into OT

  71. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    January 21, 2019 at 4:57 am
    Here is my question about Daniel Jones. If both Mannings have been coached by Cutcliffe in college and they both have intimate knowledge of him and have been working with him and the Duke football team and the Giants don’t take him before Miami then why would you take him?

    If he’s that good the Giants should take him before we even got a shot. Correct or no?

    your logic is flawed, first of all the Mannings don’t call the shots for the NY Giants, second, your implying if the giants don’t take him he sucks…..who’s to say they feel a need for a qb, everyone is down on Manning but who knows if the people who actually make call are. Giants would normally take an edge guy that early. and why would Manning want the Giants to draft his replacement?

  72. ocalarob says:

    you can really see the difference the way those teams operated yesterday and the way we operate, it’s night and day.

  73. ocalarob says:

    i’m not sure but i question Ross’s decision making.
    why is he pursuing a high profile HC if he has plans to tank?
    why not just go inside the organization and let rizzi run it on an interim basis?

    this way we stockpile draft picks and may get very early picks

    does he actually think that this HC will not be in a win now situation?

    so if that’s the case we are still in win now mode, but that’s not what Ross has said.

  74. ocalarob says:

    All these saints people are blaming the loss on the alleged “bad call”.
    but the refs don’t get the benefit of Slo mo.

    the question is did the hit happen before the ball arrived

    It was very close and looking at it in slo mo i’d have to say it did but in a minuscule amount of time.
    it’s definitely a judgement call and a play that close…I like the no-call.
    the refs shouldn’t decide the game unless it’s obvious.

    at that point the Saints took the lead and Payton was still crying to the refs as if that would change anything.

    why not just play D and stop the Rams?

  75. Rockphin says:

    The bad call the changed the game and gave it to NE was the phantom roughing the passer call for the hit to the head that never occurred which kept the drive alive and allowed NE to score. The NFL guy in NY said it was a blown call and should never had been thrown because if you can’t see the penalty then you shouldn’t throw the flag. the ref’s only defense was he couldn’t see that the defender didn’t hit Brady. Well if you don’t see it don’t throw the flag. it is NOT a benefit of the doubt call! It disgusts me and is enough for me to tune out from the NFL. FUCK the NFL!

  76. ocalarob says:

    Missed/bad calls are part of the game, don’t put yourself in a situation where a missed or bad call will cost you the game because if you do and lose you were not the best team on the field that day.

    • Mike E. says:

      Both of those matchups were very even, so unfortunately, a bad call or missed call can put one team over the top. Sure, there were other opportunities, but in close games, those bad calls matter.

  77. bookman11 says:

    2 great games, 4 great teams, hope we can get to that level some day.

  78. Mike E. says:

    So it looks like the Dolphins are hiring Patrick Graham from GB to be their defensive coordinator. That’s because the last LB coach from the NFC North did so well for us.

  79. New Age says:

    What’s terrible about those calls is that the Saints one was very obvious and it cost them the game. They had other opportunities but it was 99% a win if the call was correctly given. Going by Rob’s logic, the phantom call in NE should never have been given in a close game but was and made a difference as well. No one wants refs deciding games but…here we are.

  80. Rockphin says:

    Soooo, according to the articles I’ve been reading if Patrick Graham is hired it may be an indicator that we are changing to a 3-4

    • Mike E. says:

      Teams play base defense so little, it almost seems like it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s less than half the time, because most of the time you’re in nickel or dime. It’s probably 40% base, 60% other

  81. naplesfan2010 says:

    wow those were some awesome playoff games. Very exciting to watch such highly skilled and well coached teams.
    Of course i hate that the pasties* won, but KC deserved to lose if they are just going to let Brady waltz down the field for an easy score like that.

    PS: I do think the roughing the passer penalty was bogus and gave them new life on that drive, but KC showed they could do nothing to stop NE.

    PPS: I do think the nonPIcall was bad for the Saints, but I think it was deemed an uncatchable ball, and i think that is correct.
    As above, the Saints let the Rams drive down the field at will, so they deserved to lose.

  82. naplesfan2010 says:

    I totally agree with Armando, which is very rare for me, in his article on us not needing to tank while rebuilding. We have a great nucleus of young talent, excellent team speed, untapped potential at several key positions (TE), and numerous players coming back from non-career threatening injuries.

    Let’s look for a solution at QB in FA or in mid rounds of the draft and go get us a superstar at DT and another at DE, add another starter at OG and maybe a cover corner drops to us as well.

    We do not have many (any?) bad players. i do think the fan base needs to be done with Tannehill.

    • stangerx says:

      Not going full rebuild is at least an option. Like you say, lots of talent on the team. Have a feeling our new HC coach might want it though….. it’s a form of job security when expectations go low.

  83. stangerx says:

    Early line on the Bowl is Pats +1. Could shift or maybe becomes the 2nd game in four years where they are a dog after last week.

  84. Rockphin says:

    PPS: I do think the nonPIcall was bad for the Saints, but I think it was deemed an uncatchable ball, and i think that is correct.
    As above, the Saints let the Rams drive down the field at will, so they deserved to lose.


    There was still a personal foul penalty involved even if the pass was uncatchable. Defenseless receiver helmet to helmet contact. Pick you poison it was an egregious non-call that sent the Rams to the Superbowl instead of the team that deserved to go.

    • stangerx says:

      Still just one play and will never know what would have happened…. but yeah as clear a non-call as could be. The DB even said he was there too early and was just trying to save the TD cause he got beat.

  85. New Age says:


    The Rams, Bears, and Cowboys have very, very average QBs but good OL and DL. These combinations got them all to the playoffs. Like you said, get a couple maulers on both lines and a fill in QB and we could easily get there too. Almost all QBs can get it done with the right protection so it’s time to give us the best chance to make a consistent run at the p,layoffs.

  86. stangerx says:

    “A high-ranking official with one NFL team confirmed [to the Wash Post] that making pass interference reviewable will be considered, adding: “And there will be discussion on [replay] review of calls and non-calls.”
    Absolutely think that PI calls should be reviewable. Happen so fast, the refs are running to check lots of times, and sometimes the biggest game changing penalties there can be….. what other penalty can get you 50 yards?

    Not so sure about non-calls though…. that’s one huge Pandora’s box. Lots of uncalled penalties on almost any play. If a coach doesn’t like a big play does he get his crew to find some DB pressing a wideout 5.5 yards past the LOS on the far side of the field?

  87. Mike E. says:

    • mf13ss says:

      That’s absolutely APPALLING. If this were baseball, Tannehill would be batting .086 on the season in those sits. WOW!

      • Mike E. says:

        It’s disgusting, and I think I’d put 50/50 blame on both Tannehill and Gase as well. I guess we’ll find out how much of it was Gase and how much was just Tannehill himself when we see how Darnold does this coming season.

  88. ocalarob says:

    New Age says:
    January 21, 2019 at 9:40 am
    What’s terrible about those calls is that the Saints one was very obvious and it cost them the game. They had other opportunities but it was 99% a win if the call was correctly given. Going by Rob’s logic, the phantom call in NE should never have been given in a close game but was and made a difference as well. No one wants refs deciding games but…here we are.
    Saints call,
    the first angle showed that the ball almost got there at impact, the 2nd angle which they kept showing looked as if the defender got there way early, but that was a bad angle almost like the media wanted to stir the shit.
    from that angle you can’t see where the ball was in reference to contact.
    if you look at the regular video of the pass i agree the defender got there early but it was a micro second early, if you’re a ref and a play is that close, live action in a championship game the best call is no call unless it’s obvious which it wasn’t..

    Pats call,
    It was not a phantom call, The defender made contact with Brady’s head, very slight but he did make contact, if you’re a defender you should know that you can’t hit a QBs head, as a coach you should make your players aware of that.
    the defender is in charge of his actions so maybe he should not get anywhere around the head area as to avoid that penalty.

    however slight it may have been it is clearly the defenders fault for putting the ref in that situation to have to determine if it was a foul.


  89. Tim Knight says:

    Great games yesterday. Just wish the Rams/Saints game wasn’t tainted by that blatant missed call.

  90. Tim Knight says:

    Not sure what base scheme we’ll run on defense but I think what we do know is it will be a versatile defense that can play multiple fronts. If Patrick Graham is the DC which has been reported multiple times, he ran a 3-4 in GB and Flores has experience with multiple schemes so it kind of adds up.

  91. Tim Knight says:

    I think there is a good chance Teddy Bridgewater will be in Miami this season.

  92. mf13ss says:


    If we go with a base 3-4 D, we’re going to have to draft for that scheme… especially up front.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah but like I said, it may not be a pure 3-4 or 4-3 scheme but a versatile defense. The Pats base scheme is a 4-3 but it rarely looks like one.

      • mf13ss says:

        I’m with ya. Nevertheless, if we implement the 3-4 at all, we don’t have the necessary personnel to do it. That’s all I’m sayin’. We’ll need to acquire the necessary pieces.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah we’ll need a big man who can play NT at times and some edge guys who can play both DE/OLB. Charles Harris may benefit from this.

        But we’ll likely be in nickel most of the time so it will probably be 4-2-5 a lot of the time. And that can be 3 down lineman and one standing off the edge, or 2 down lineman and two standing on the edges.

        I’m just looking forward to a change of pace from what we’ve been doing on both sides of the ball. It should be refreshing and fun to watch the transformation.

      • stangerx says:

        No true NT and undersized DEs without a pass rush LB doesn’t scream 3-4 for sure. But guess if you do rebuild exactly what you are doing.

  93. Tim Knight says:

    Godchaux who is 6-3 315 could also play NT at times when we want to use that formation. We have some other guys already on the roster who can probably do it as well. It’s not like we’d be a true 3-4 for more than maybe a dozen or so plays anyway. I’m interested to see what type of players we acquire both in FA and the draft with Grier as the top dog and what Flores believes in.

    • stangerx says:

      Hard to tell when you don’t even know who your HC or DC will be, but am guessing gonna see some DL beef coming in…. whether that leads to 3-4 looks or not. The strength of this D is in secondary and we are pretty much locked into our LBs for now based on age/draft investment with the two young kids and Kiko’s contract.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I’m pretty sure our HC will be Brian Flores and the DC will be Patrick Graham. There have been reports that over the next couple of weeks before the Super Bowl the Dolphins will meet with Flores again to discuss coaching staff hires. So it sounds like we might be putting his staff together prior to him being “officially” hired.

      • stangerx says:

        From all reports you are right Tim. Just saying that hard to tell exactly what scheme we will play even if they do come in and without knowing how hard the rebuild is, what they have in mind, and what players they take. Lots of different looks makes sense though given what the Pats do, what is in, and who we have on the roster.

  94. Rockphin says:

    You guys ever notice that BurgerKing never calls their nuggets chicken nuggets in the commercials? My brother pointed it out to me a white ago and I have been paying attention since then and they never say CHICKEN. They say juicy nuggets, crispy nuggets, tasty nuggets but not once ever in the commercial do they say chicken. Ten nuggets for a buck. hmmmmmmm

  95. Mike E. says:

    Anyone see this? Crazy!

  96. Tim Knight says:

    Stanger, Belichick believes in good football players – smart, tough and versatile. I would think Flores who’s been around him and this team for 14 years likely believes in the same thing.

    • Mike E. says:

      I’m sure a lot of Bill’s disciples took those feelings to wherever they went. The problem is, being able to identify those players, and then be able to teach them the way Bill does. Not an easy task, and why none from his “tree” have been able to duplicate what he does

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah I know the tree hasn’t been great but those coaches haven’t lasted long enough to get to that point. Belichick didn’t get it done his first 5 years either.

        Bill O’Brien has done pretty well.

  97. mf13ss says:

    LMAO!!! 😆

  98. Tim Knight says:

    I was just thinking Brian Flores has been coaching against us for years and recently has been more involved in game planning against us. So he comes in with a pretty good knowledge of our team from an opponents standpoint. I’m sure there are players he thinks highly of and others not so much.

  99. wyoming85 says:

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s the kind of penalty that has given fans of other teams the reason for being suspicious about the league and the Pats.

  100. wyoming85 says:

  101. wyoming85 says:

  102. stangerx says:

    OD is not able to get on the blog and he calls the 2nd most tech idiot on the blog (yeah that would be me). Can see but not enter comments. Best can figure is he needs to re-enter on WordPress, but anyone want to try and help him out? Is there some easier way? Will try my best, but just in case…. keep in mind I have a bunch of phone numbers. 🙂

    • Mike E. says:

      I don’t see any comments pending, so my next question is, is he able to log in?

      • stangerx says:

        Tag you are it…. sorry bud. Seems he just needs to figure out how to relog into word press. Went through step by step on screen but where I had a “forgot your password” link he did not.

      • stangerx says:

        Sorry again dude. Thought you might have an answer. He called back and told him “you just need a 13-year-old” to get on your computer.

  103. ocalarob says:

    If the Chiefs want to wine….maybe they should wine about the offsides that bailed the Pats out.

  104. CavalierKong says:

    The non-call against the Rams was so ridiculously egregious the NFL already admitted it was a blown call and the NFL Competition Committee will be considering changing the rules on reviewing a non-call. Calls/non-calls that laughably bad that directly impact outcomes of big games get rules changed.

    The bad call against the Chiefs was certainly a bad call, but that was a run of the mill bad call, and didn’t impact the outcome of the game IMO. It happened on 2nd down, and Brady was lighting it up on 3rd downs. There is no reason to believe he wouldn’t have converted a 3rd and 7. Brady was throwing perfect passes, and the Chiefs had no answer.

  105. mf13ss says:


    Tell Old Dolfan that I wish him a Happy MLK Day to him. He’s always been the one to wish it here, and I’m very proud of him for that.

  106. naplesfan2010 says:

    Hey MF13 and Tim:
    I was at that speech where he said that about “I have decided to stick to love.” I always admired that about him.

    At 40-45 in the video; you can see some “white sympathizers” and some white press coverage that were there. I was semi both. i had a press badge from my covering high school football and basketball games for the newspaper where my father was the Sports Editor. County Hall was next to my elementary school and across the street from my church.

    We used to sneak out the back door of the education building of my church and go over to County Hall to watch pro wrestling and concerts. This night though I was there after “marching” with MLK that evening. It was hot and still daylight and was not much of a march as those went back in those days. This one was more like a grand entrance thing.

    I was president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship at that time, and I guess that is how I got “invited” to be there.

    I could listen to King’s voice, his cadence, his turns of style for hours.

  107. wyoming85 says:

    • Tim Knight says:

      I see Lock as an option at #13. Big QB, decent mobility, very good arm – can make all the throws. Seems like a good kid too. I can also see him going before we pick.

  108. mf13ss says:


    I’ve always respected ya, man.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      MF and Tim
      I was known because I was in on organizing “Exchange” Nights or something like that. I forget what we called them, but we would go to Black AME churches and some Baptist ones too like Emanuel (where the shooting was) and Morris Street, and attend services. There were only a handful of us white boys who actually went, when the time came to show up. None of the girls could get permission from their fathers.

      We only did it about 6 times maybe, and the one time we had a couple of “them” reciprocate, 90% of my congregation refused to attend that Sunday evening, several families transferred membership and ladies were crying and men were threatening me for letting “black devils” defile our sanctuary.

      I just thought it was the right thing to do. When the race riots came, some black guys formed a ring around me and escorted me to safety. My little brother was one of the few who was not pulled off the bus and beaten, because “he cool” “his family cool” . Of course it helped that we played basketball with many of “them.”

      My dad was attacked in the community because he hired Duncan Wragg, the first black sports writer in the history of the Charleston News and Courier. My dad was tough though.

      He merely pointed out on TV that the young man’s ancestor had fought for the US in the Revolution.
      He left unsaid the part that Duncan’s ancestors were both the slave master for whom that fine plantation was named and a “favorite” slave.

  109. The Flying Pig says:

    Really can’t figure out how I feel about Drew Lock
    He’s got a terrific arm
    Just not sure if he’s worth the 1st

  110. manitobafinfan says:

    Naples in a serious note that is a couple very cool stories in a very historic time

  111. naplesfan2010 says:

    Actually I mistyped that above.
    County Hall was on King Street next to Rivers High School, across the street from my elementary school, James Simmons. My church was on Rutledge Avenue. But it had a basketball gym connected to the church, and that had a back door onto the church’s King Street parking lot, which was also across from County Hall, where MLK gave his speech.

    It was long ago. I was just a kid, but MLK was an amazing orator.

  112. naplesfan2010 says:

    Toba … LOL
    peeps been always thinkin’ I’m a black guy. like Son still thinks Marvin Lewis is my brother.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      I remembered the convo from the Fest 😊😊 just having some fun .. you and the MRS are A-OK in my books and I enjoy a lot of yer reads here

  113. manitobafinfan says:

    So .. Cuba was fun .. but if they tell ya don’t drink the water on holidays .. TRUST THEM ..
    had a headache so I grabbed 2 Advil and washed them down with 1/2 glass from Bathroom tap like I would do at home… 12 hours later major tummy grumbles.. morning was a very close to david moment .. shits lasted Wednesday to Monday .. earache moved in After arrival home Thursday .. Saturday am I went to emergency as mouth drooping, head ache, neck stiff thought I had a stroke .. luckily I guess?! Turns out to be Bells Palsey brought on by virus likely from water.. right side of my face is temporarily paralyzed . My mouth will not. Close or open all way on right, and my speech is slurred as a result of non working mouth .. right eye cannot close or blink .. so I have an eye patch on to keep it from drying out .. I’m not one to listen to warnings about food and travel hazards ,, Please Heed them !!!

    I am told vast majority have a complete recovery with no remaining signs/effects …

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      holy shit Man. Here’s my strongest wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.
      That’s awful.

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Thank you .. mostly just a warning to all , I am not looking for pity or attention.. not that I do not appreciate the wish

        Wife is a lot more freaked than I am now .. making me get all bloodwork and a complete physical wants me to quit smoking .. likely not gonna happen .. sorry ORob and OD

  114. naplesfan2010 says:

    Hey another time, I “organized” a “Jesus loves” night instead of Maundy Thursday during Holy Week for our youth group to go to County Hall to see Strawberry Alarm Clock, Buffalo Springfield, and the Beach Boys, all in the same concert. That placed was rockin’ during Steve Stills’ set.

    I convinced my minister that “Good Vibrations” was some kind of modern interpretation of being filled by the spirit of Jesus or something.

    Actually, I think it is.

  115. Tim Knight says:

    If you believe in God then I’d have to say that he/she/it purposely put The Beatles on earth for obvious reasons. 🙂

    • manitobafinfan says:

      care to expand on that a little ?? Not that I disagree …

      • Tim Knight says:

        They transformed old school traditions that were becoming a burden to many of the next generation and opened up everyone’s eyes and ears through music that crossed all generations. I first heard The Beatles when I was 3 years old and loved them instantly according to my Mom. I would have to say they are my God if I’m being perfectly honest. I knew about them before I understood Jesus. There was a time I thought the message was the same.

  116. manitobafinfan says:

    Fair enough .. they certainly were a bridge between generations and opened a lot of eyes and ears to new sounds and looks that were not acceptable at the time .. then had just an Iconic career , that on all fronts , both as a group and individuals that was too short ..

  117. CavalierKong says:

    Toba, a few years ago my wife had Bell’s Palsey which was brought on by a knock to the head below her ear. It was pretty scary. She was complaining for a few days about a twitching in her cheek, then one night we’re on the couch, I look over at her, and it looks like half her face was melting or something. By the time we got to the ER, the paralysis had set in.

    It was a scary experience, but she recovered with next to no side effects. Her recovery took about a month total with about 3 weeks of full paralysis on that side of her face. She occasionally still has a twitch, and sometimes feels a bit of fire along the nerves, but it’s very minor.

    She’s a bad-ass though, she wore a bandanna over her eye and just told everyone she was a pirate, lol. I updated my gravatar image to her pirate pic.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Nice Bad ass pirate pic .. thank you for the timeline , no one has given me any info on that to this point … I have about 2 weeks of heavy meds in hand , and have been told to massage my face and be sure to keep moving my eyes around even if under the patch .. I have the black eye patch, and Wife has always wanted a Johnny Depp 😂🏴‍☠️

      Most ironic part of my onset/discovery was because I was having a hard time inhaling on my smoke .. right side was not wrapping around .. so in a sense smoking saved me 🤡

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Kong : And how rude of me .. I am very happy for the two of you that she recovered so well .. it’s also encouraging going forward .. thank you again

      • CavalierKong says:

        No worries, man. The worst part for us was not knowing anything about it first hand. We didn’t know anyone who had previously had it or knew anything about it, and the docs really didn’t give us much in the way of information. We weren’t given a timetable for recovery either, so I thought I’d relay our experience.

  118. manitobafinfan says:

    Most appreciated my friend

  119. Admittedly, I don’t know much about some of these people being mentioned in the coaching conversation for the team other than Caldwell but I still feel a lot better about the situation going forward than I have in a long time.

    I think Grier resists the temptation to go out and get a qb just to get a qb. He may still draft one he likes but not necessarily in the first rd. I think he’d really need to think very highly of the qb he would take in the 1st in order to pass up at the talent that’s there on the defensive side.

    I can’t explain it but this just feels a lot different than the past. Maybe because Ross is staying out of it. That could be it.

  120. ocalarob says:

    could this guy be our next qb?

  121. Rockphin says:

    So besides the lesbian haircut, what is the negative stuff about Drew Lock?

  122. ocalarob says:

    do we keep Amendola? 33 years old, our leading rec, will save 6m on the cap either trading or cutting him.
    do we keep Parker? dumping him will save 9 mil, can Brice Butler fill his shoes?

    by losing both these guys does that position become a position of need?

  123. ocalarob says:

    as for me i’d like to see Stills shown the door, trade him and Parker, keep amendola. Amendola has history with Flores

    • D says:

      Lock isnt bad QB,he has some refinement needed but he can get there and his arm is the best of all the QB’s in this draft. He is definitely a guy you could consider capable of being a franchise QB, but he still has some stuff to do to get there. This, though, i believe is true for even the best prospects that comes out of college these days.

  124. Mike E. says:

    Dougie Fresh! Hope you get better quick bud. My cousin’s wife had Bell’s Palsey, and thankfully she’s fully recovered, so you will too.

    Kong – Like you, your wife seems very cool. Would love to meet the both of you someday

    • CavalierKong says:

      Cheers, Mike. Hopefully we’ll make it to a fest one of these years. Our youngest daughter is finishing high school this year and may move out to Maryland. If that happens we’ll definitely be heading out east to visit and will have to time it to make a Dolphins game.

  125. Mike E. says:

    Rob – Stills was another guy underused with Gase and Tannehill. I’d keep Stills, and hope that with a new offense, and more importantly, a new QB, HC and OC that we can get him more involved.

    • D says:

      Im iffy on Stills, he can be a good QB and i dont really think we are overpaying for him so keeping him, im ok with. I dont think we find a better replacement for the money, but it really just depends on where the new offense wants to head. It may be that we want our money allocated differently.

  126. D says:

    D says:
    January 22, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Lock isnt bad QB,he has some refinement needed but he can get there and his arm is the best of all the QB’s in this draft. He is definitely a guy you could consider capable of being a franchise QB, but he still has some stuff to do to get there. This, though, i believe is true for even the best prospects that comes out of college these days.

  127. D says:

    The idea that we will ever get QB’s that are guaranteed in any of these drafts, even the mytical 2020 is a hoax. We need to do what we need to do when we need to do it and not hold off on a wish when we have something tangible in our grasps.

  128. mf13ss says:

  129. D says:

    I think a lot of the people you bring up OCRob are on the list of to be cut, unless the new coaches are just inlve with them. They all make a lot of financial sense to cut if the new coaches dont feel they fit their system perfectly. We obviously cant hack out everyone but i think it will be a decent roster turnover. Low rent players, like peeps still on rookie contracts, etc are probably safe until they are just in the way of getting the right people, but those with big price tags could be this year casualties.

  130. D says:

    Presser with Lock is really good.

    • D says:

      Im actually kind of hoping he is our guy now. That dude holds himself really well. Really confident, very knowledgeable, pretty humble too.

      • D says:

        manitobafinfan says:
        January 21, 2019 at 10:40 pm

        Thank you .. mostly just a warning to all , I am not looking for pity or attention.. not that I do not appreciate the wish

        Wife is a lot more freaked than I am now .. making me get all bloodwork and a complete physical wants me to quit smoking .. likely not gonna happen .. sorry ORob and OD
        Jesus dude, i am really glad ya said something, i wouldnt have even thought it could be that bad. I know i have heard of montezuma’s revenge but though that was just diarrhea. I could have easily made that same mistake.

  131. stangerx says:

    manitobafinfan says:
    So .. Cuba was fun …..
    Only a Canuck would start that story with that. Some serious “shit” Toba. 🙂
    Hope you get better faster than you expect.
    You just gave me ammo with the better half about Cuba though. Told her instead of staying “lets find a cruise where it is a stop if we go.”

  132. D says:

    D says:
    January 22, 2019 at 11:46 am

    manitobafinfan says:
    January 21, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    Thank you .. mostly just a warning to all , I am not looking for pity or attention.. not that I do not appreciate the wish

    Wife is a lot more freaked than I am now .. making me get all bloodwork and a complete physical wants me to quit smoking .. likely not gonna happen .. sorry ORob and OD
    Jesus dude, i am really glad ya said something, i wouldnt have even thought it could be that bad. I know i have heard of montezuma’s revenge but though that was just diarrhea. I could have easily made that same mistake.
    Also just to add, i hope you get well soon, thas sounds like some bad shit.

  133. D says:

    Hunter Renfrow Clemson 5’10 3/8″ 175lbs 29″ arms 7 3/4″ hands.
    Thats some tiny hands there. My hands are over full inch bigger. Crazy.

  134. mf13ss says:

  135. mf13ss says:

  136. mf13ss says:

    Take it for what it’s worth, for it’s smoke-season.

  137. mf13ss says:

    • mf13ss says:

      • D says:

        I like he and Lock better than Haskins. Im gonna get railed on for having that opinion but they are solid prospects.

    • D says:

      IMO this isn’t news, i have heard him as a first round grade since before the NCAA season ended. People are starting to get on board with it ino. The guy doesnt come from a power school, its a basketball school but they are in the ACC so they have seen their share of talented defenses. The only reason he isnt being talked about as well as some of the other guys is because he is from a nerd school lol.

      • D says:

        Sorry didnt mean that to sound agressive towards you M13, just them stating this now seems to me the media is just catching up where most of the scouts have been for a while

  138. D says:

    Rockphin says:
    January 22, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    do you measure end of pinky to end of thumb? Is that how the measurement is taken.
    ywah tip of pinky to tip of thumb. Place your hand down on a flat surface and stretch your hand out and measure tip to tip.

  139. mf13ss says:

    D says:
    January 22, 2019 at 1:54 pm
    I like he and Lock better than Haskins. Im gonna get railed on for having that opinion but they are solid prospects.
    Who cares if you get railed on? If that’s your opinion, I think it should be respected! 🙂

  140. The Flying Pig says:


    I’m not seeing a slow release when I watch Drew Lock

    The one thing I hear a lot of is poor decision making from time to time

    But his arm is pretty top tier
    His mechanics look great including his release

    I’m still not sure what to think

    Honestly I get nervous trying to predict success for QBs

    If there is thing that jumps out to me about drafting Lock is that if we do that we better make sure he has a lot of clean pockets to pass from. Although he can throw on the run I think he is a much strong QB with a clean pocket – and I mean more than the average QB is

    • D says:

      He has good pocket movement, but he isnt a upper teir athlete like a Prescott or Wilson, etc. He has more true QB instincts though and would more than likely shift in the pocket than scramble. I dont see that as a limitations to what most people want from their QB

  141. D says:

    Montez sweat has almost 36″ arms. Usually dont see arms that long on players who are OT’s.

  142. Rockphin says:

    D says:
    January 22, 2019 at 2:00 pm
    On your dominant hand too, because its very likely they are different sizes. Mine are about a quarter inch difference right to left.


    Huh, Go figure I would not follow the tenancies of the rest of society. My non-dominant hand (left hand) is 1/4″ bigger than my right hand.

    Right 9 7/8
    left 10 1/8

  143. D says:

    I hate to say it but tht make really kill Hunter Renfrow. I like the kid and wouldn’t mind having him here as a later round selection, because he is a spunky gamer type player and i really like that. 7 and 3/4 inch hands though, people are going to wonder if he can make contested catches and hold on to the ball after a safety cleans his clock across the middle.

  144. mf13ss says:

    D, will you be attending the Senior Bowl at all this year?

    • D says:

      I dunno, stuff going on right now. Probably not. Kinda weird year for me. I usually would have had my whole week planned out already but i dont think im going to the meet and greet nor the game this year. I saw Danny was in town and i almost called in sick though and went down there to the practices.

      • mf13ss says:

        All good. I just know that you’ve attended there in Mobile in the past and enjoy it. You don’t need to be in attendance to get good data, of course.

        One of these days I hope to attend, preferably with a press pass. It would be cool if you and I got together if/when that happens.

  145. Mike E. says:

    I’m more like Hunter Renfro, about 7 1/2- 7 3/4. I’ll never be a football star. Damn!

  146. Rockphin says:

    Rockphin’s combine stats:

    5’11” 205 lbs
    31 1/2″ arms
    9 7/8″ hands
    6.43 – 40yd (LOL)
    14 vertical (LOL)

    • Rockphin says:

      that is post quitting smoking weight. I was 175-180 from 24 – 47 years old and have packed on 30lbs in 10 months since quitting cigarettes. (down from 45 extra lbs right after Christmas.)

    • D says:

      You’d be a RB with those physical stats. Not so mych the 40 and vert lol.

      • D says:

        They are probably better than mine would be lol and thats if i did or did sprain my calf again in the process.

  147. D says:

    Dunno whats smoke and whats not, but i think that Haskins will probably go to the G-Men, but i think it could be a shocker and it be Daniel Jones too, lots of rumors linking the two. I think Denver could take Lock, there are a bunch of rumors saying that Horsy face likes Lock. Arizona and Oakland are wild cards, either one could decide to dump their current starter to take a QB of their new coaches choosing. So you would think that could eliminate Haskins and possibly Grier is one of those two screws things up for the others and causes everyone to shift their draft strategies.

    Grier is a good prospect, and id take him in the first but id be more apt to gamble on losing my chance on him and trading back to get more picks, than i would the others. Im interested to see how we play it. Trade up, trade back, stay put. I could see any of the three but im expecting to see a QB selected in the first 3 rounds and id prefer for us to lock that position up on day 1, just depends on how things fall.

  148. Mike E. says:

    Rock – You got short arms for those big hands!

  149. Mike E. says:

    My 40 time would be a week or so, because I know I’d pull my hammy after the first 10 yards

  150. mf13ss says:

    I used to have a 37″ VJ and 4.58 speed in college, prior to my sports career-ending injury. I’d be lucky to be able to do half of that VJ today, and my 40-time is very much tarnished.

    SUCKS getting older.

  151. D says:

    My arm length is 34-1/2 to 35. which are long for a 5’9 dude. Though i think im shrinking because i use to be pretty close to 5’10 and now im solidly 5’9

    • Rockphin says:

      I used to be over 6′. Just barely, if I stood up and stretched my neck. Now I am closer to 5’10 1/2″ Life is a bitch and 50 years will beat you down man! MY Dad used to be 6’3″ Now I am taller than him. (he’s 85 now)

    • Mike E. says:

      What do you weigh, if you don’t me asking. I’m 5’9, anywhere between 165-170, depending on the week.

      • Mike E. says:

        don’t mind me asking

      • D says:

        Im well out of where i use to be im hitting 210-225 these days. Im not built to be at that weight, even though i think you are ideal for the height. Id look like an aids patient with a really disgusting and emaciated bobble head noggin at 175 lol. Even when i was at my best shape and probably less than 10% body fat i was 190-195.

  152. D says:

    So we have talked with Daniel Jones and Drew Lock already. I bet we talk to all the QB’s before Sneior Bowl is over. Im sure we are preppring for a first round selection all the way to a 7th round selection, though my guess will be that we would pull the trigger in the first if any of the top guys fell to us. I dont think teams are nearly as apt to play the waiting game, since so much can go wrong as they are to take quality when they have it.

  153. D says:

    My left was a 1/4inch bigger too. Maybe thats natures way of making it more useful since its only going to be used in emergencies lol

  154. D says:

    4.58 is pretty fast. I would have loved to have had that speed. Id have been a a Csonka-esque RB. I only got to play it in practice, and a couple times in goal line packages in games, when we had a team where i had to give the D a power back look and i loved that shit. 0 or 1 gap dive right into the teeth of the defense, tons of fun. I did get the wind knocked out of me a couple times but if you aren’t sore leaving a football practice you probably weren’t a starter and probably weren’t having fun.

  155. mf13ss says:

    • D says:

      That guy has been a part of some pretty solid defenses, he was LB coach before DC, and his LB’s have always been good. Wouldnt be a bad add to our coaching staff at least as a LBers coach.

  156. Rockphin says:

    Rock out there being chased down by 350lb+ nose tackles @ 6.43

    • D says:

      Those freaks run freaking 4.8’s now. Thats scary shit. A human being that friggin big moving that fast, thats why you have CTE issues, not the helmets lol

  157. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    January 22, 2019 at 2:44 pm
    M13 — 4.58 is pretty darn good (even if you didn’t put in size stuff). Were you thinking about playing in college?
    At the time, no. I was too into playing volleyball, with my eyes on becoming a pro beach volleyball player.

  158. mf13ss says:

  159. Mike E. says:

    If you guys shrunk, heck, I’m probably 5’6 now then. lol

  160. Mike E. says:

    I played nickel bag in HIGH school

  161. Mike E,
    Yeah, I think teams take qb’s in the 1st rd because of the fans wanting a qb. Phins taking Tannehill was a perfect example. They took a qb in the first just to take one in the first. They heard all the fans who said “we’re tired of the team not taking a qb in the first rd. It’s time to take one in the first” and they did it.

    But, my point is more that I think teams do take a qb in the first rd because they feel pressure to get a qb; not because of the fans but because their qb situation isn’t good. Like us again this year. I don’t think we’ll take a qb in the first rd but a team in this situation could do it just to get one rather than taking the best player for the team.

    • Mike E. says:

      Man, I would hope that wouldn’t be the case. I bet they thought Tannehill would get better, and he did, but just marginally. I think it comes down to teams probably think they can fix certain flaws, or develop guys and turn them into stars, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I think teams do feel pressure to get a QB, but I would hope they don’t just take a QB that they don’t believe in. That’s absurd.

      • I think sometimes the people making the decisions fool themselves into thinking the player is better than they are. There’s teams that get better due to drafting top ten every year for a few years and then there’s teams that can draft in the bottom 3rd of the draft every year and still get it done. I gotta think the people running the first team of team feel a lot of pressure when they don’t have a good qb situation.

        Again, JMHO, but I’ve seen too much of it.

  162. I’ve gone back over and over these qb prospects and although you know guys are going to be overdrafted the majority of them shouldn’t go any earlier than the 2nd. Of course, that’s JMHO but if you really take a good look at the qb class in this draft there’s nothing that makes them stand out.

    Whether it be Lock, Jones or Grier or anyone I may have missed, they all look to have some iffy things about them where you’re taking a chance they’re going to turn out to be the guy. Even Haskins with only one year as a starter is somewhat of a question mark.

    I know the draft looks like a crap shoot and maybe it is for some team but unless there is a clear cut indication about one of these guys that they are that good that you take them over a defensive prospect I think I’d wait until after the 1st.

  163. D says:

    I still cant see how anyone here can say that the prospects are or arent worth a 1st round pick. The people making the picks determine if they are worth the pick, none of us do.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah they scout these guys their entire careers. It doesn’t mean they will pan out, but that’s why it’s not a perfect science.

    • D says:

      Each of those QB’s are being called 1st round picks, most of them top 10, by multiple sources inside the NFL. I get that you and a few other just wanna wait until 2020 when i guess we will obviously be able to select one, nothing would prevent it right? Thats not how i wanna roll with my team, in an infinite loop of waiting for the perfect selection, and hoping we dont miss out on it and have to wait for another iteration. There are no perfect selections and we sure as shit arent capable of determining which is or isnt that guy.

      • D says:

        You, lou not you tim, just the timing of my reply came after yours lol

      • It doesn’t matter if they are being called 1st round selections by the “experts”.

        Paxton Lynch
        EJ Manuel
        Johnny Manziel
        Teddy Bridgewater
        Robert Griffin
        Brandon Weeden
        Ryan Tannehill

        Just some examples of qb prospects considered 1st rd prospects by “experts”.

        I’m not saying I want to wait until next year for Tua or 2020 for Lawrence. What I’m saying is there isn’t any one qb in particular in this draft who looks like he’s the undeniable front runner and franchise leader that you’ve just got to have in the first rd.

        I seriously think some team could take a guy like Blough and he will outplay most of these guys in the NFL.

        I thought you said Jones is the most NFL ready qb in the draft. Are you going back on that now?

    • Why not? I think we’ve seen it enough that you know what you’re looking at. Teams miss all the time. Is all the intelligence in the universe concentrated in 32 NFL teams? I’d bet there’s some people on this blog who would do a better job of evaluating the talent in the draft with the same information these guys have.

      • D says:

        I truly mean no offense to you Lou, im counting myself as one of the ones that shouldn’t be determining if they are a first or second or thrid. We dont know the shit that they do about what they are really looking for and whether it matches up. They are putting together their team with their set of attributes they look for we really dont know. We can look at a player and see what we feel about them but there is no way i feel any of us are qualified to out guess the professionals who do it for a living.

        This also is in no way a “you cant have an opinion kind of statement” i just think there are obvious reason these guys are going to be selected in the first, and why a bunch of team personnel are going to have them at the top of their big boards. Its the most important position and in the cases of most teams looking to select one in the first, they are also in great need. It might be an overdraft but thats how the draft works every year. Next years QB class wont be any different. Or the next.

      • I agree with you 100% about the qb class but when you’ve got a chance to beef up some other position with a guy in the first who can really help your team and you don’t know when you’ll ever have that opportunity again do you take a player at #13 who isn’t rated as high on your board just because he’s a qb or pass up on that defensive talent and trade down to get a better value when you pick that qb?

        I know the qb position can transform a team but if you’ve got quality players at other positions and have a well rounded team on offense and defense you don’t need to have the “perfect” quarterback.

        I don’t know. To me, I see some guys who if you take them under your wing and treat them like they’ve got a shot to be the starter you’ll get your franchise guy and these guys are available after the 1st. Examples: Ta’amu and Blough. Blough showed his ability in the Shrine game and over the past two years at Purdue and I really don’t think there’s too many of those other guys who outplayed him at their respective schools.

        Again, JMHO.

  164. Phindog says:

    Toba Holy Shit Man !!! I hope you get better soon. That’s some scary shit right there.

  165. Tim Knight says:

    Toba, wishing you well brother!

  166. Mike E. says:

    On my honeymoon in Cancun, the bidet was my best friend Yes, you can shit your guts out, I certainly did. lol

    • D says:

      Lol, Mikey.

      Mikey: Honey come here ya got to see this shit…..
      Wife: OMG, Honey thats not shit thats your intestines!
      Mikey: Well damn.

  167. D says:

    No i think because of his coaching and they system he was in, he is the most NFL ready. Thats doesnt mean that he will hit the ground running, or shouldnt spend some time learning and acclimating to the speed of the game. There are no perfect prospects anymore the college game is so different than the pro game now its hard from them to walk out and walk stright in and tear it up.

    You gave a list of failures but one of the QB’s in the Superbowl is a 3rd year player, a first round guy, an overdraft the year he was draft, most called him that. Wentz led Eagles just won the Superbowl, they were led most the season, by a QB taken in that same draft. Mahomes is a second year guy, setting records, most people thought KC was retarded for not only taking him in the first but trading up to do it. Its not an overdraft if it gets you where you wanna be, and you dont know that and cant know that until you either dont make it or do, so i wouldnt judge a selection as an over draft until its actually too late to really give a fuck, because thats just how shit goes. I definitely dont want out team making the decisions on who to select by a bunch of amateur bloggers. Id want the whole group fired if they did.

    • D says:

      I also dont disagree that taking a guy later in the draft cant have success, i just know that the odds drop the further down in the draft you go, and you also have to question whether or not we could develop a guy who is going to need some serious time developing. We dont even know what staff we will have and we havent had a history of developing players here, so to me that just adds to the unlikelihood we could transform one of those other guys.

      • I think teams don’t put the resources into guys they do they draft higher and expect to be or want to be starters for their teams. But, again, that’s just the way I see things. Foles is a perfect example. IMO he got screwed by Kelly. Probably would have had a much better overall career than he did up to this point although winning a SB is pretty spectacular if you’re a player, I guess. LOL

        I agree that if you hit it’s well worth it and you also look like a genius when you do it but I’m not convinced the majority of the teams have people who are that good at evaluating talent. But, if you’re good at what you do I could see it.

        And, like you said, they’re picking players who fit what they want to do. A team sees a player who isn’t necessarily the complete guy but they’re confident they can get him there because of who they’ve got on their coaching staff. Other teams may pass because they see weaknesses they don’t think they can fix.

        So, it probably all goes into the thought process. Maybe this team did think they could fix the issues Tannehill had coming out and they just couldn’t do it. A lot of teams probably have the same problem with players they pick.

        However, I will say this. If we do pick a qb in the first rd I will probably feel more comfortable with the selection because it just feels different this year with the people calling the shots and what looks to be the coaching staff to this point.

  168. ElephantRider says:


    Positive vibes heading your way! Holy cow! Get better man!

  169. manitobafinfan says:

    Thanks for the vibes and recovery stories guys is much appreciated..

    Stanger and D : don’t let this change yer mind on Cuba as a destination.. they do supply ya with bottles of distilled water.. I just had a brain fart that quite literally Back Fired on me .. saying that , once ya see Havana and get a proper guided tour of it not really much to do other than that … but the history told by a native is very interesting to say the least .. glad we went , Cabo next Year then likely back to Jamaica for the winter vacays …

    Thanks again

    Oh and if OD still can’t log in , someone mentioned clear cookies and history.. I’ve had to do it a few times in order to log in … likely harder to explain the process to dear old guy though 😊🏴‍☠️

  170. mf13ss says:

  171. stangerx says:

    Herd — OD called and asked me to post that you should check your e-mail. You are a good woman.

    • olddolphan says:


      • Mike E. says:


      • olddolphan says:

        THANKS so much to Herd & Young Stanger for helping me get back on the board. I simply repeated what I had done earlier and, this time, it worked!! (Previously, this computer bombed me out of the program and sent me to google to set up a totally different account–that had NOTHING to do with Word Press!!! – -Goes to show you I DON’T think like a computer nerd, for whatever that may be worth.
        MANITOBA–SO-O-O glad you’re on the road to recovery!!! But THAT sounded scarier than taking basic training in 1971, WHICH I DID!!
        ‘TOBA again: I’m sure,my Canadian brother, that YOU KNOW the Canadian Football League allows head coaches to CHALLENGE pass interference calls (or, presumably, NON-CALLS, too)!! Had THAT been in place in New Orleans, the Saints would be in the Super Bowl!!

    • stangerx says:

      Never mind Herd — Randy’s back.

  172. Tim Knight says:

    It appears that there is a chance Rizzi could be back as STs coach. Why wouldn’t Flores want him, he’s one of the best?

  173. ElephantRider says:

    The Herald had a little snipet saying Wilson is looking real good and being back 100% by April. That’s great news. Dude was best WR on the field last year.

  174. olddolphan says:

    MANITOBA: By the way, I have absolutely no idea what “clearing cookies and history” has to do with a computer. Speak English, man!

  175. herdfan says:

    Whew! Glad to see you’re back on here OD. I just got home from work….so that’s how my day is going. But at least this went ok and you’re back on the board. 🙂

    • olddolphan says:

      Thank YOU Lisa!! Hoping you can get down to this year’s Fest. First few drinks are on me (after all, I DID win a $50 bet recently!!!)

      • olddolphan says:

        PS: Whatever killed my connection to Word Press also KILLED OUR LAND LINE TELEPHONE!! – – MRS. OD went out and bought a totally new pair of phones but THEY DIDN’T WORK, EITHER. So she yanked them out and decided we’re going “all cellphones” in this household from now on. I decided that NOT debating her on that issue was the wisest course of action. Y’all understand that, right?

  176. Tim Knight says:

    Anyone know who Jim Caldwell had as OCs? Because that could be where we go if he becomes asst. HC/QBs coach. Flores might lean on him for that unless he has someone else in mind.

  177. wyoming85 says:

  178. wyoming85 says:

  179. wyoming85 says:

  180. wyoming85 says:

  181. wyoming85 says:

    Go Carl!

  182. wyoming85 says:

  183. wyoming85 says:

  184. manitobafinfan says:

    OD yes , they brought that in a couple seasons ago where then can challenge Non called PIs … I know they do challenge at least one (it seems ) per game .. and would not be surprised if 30% are ruled PI calls .. doesn’t seem to slow the game much more than normal .. still not sure if that the way to go though ..

  185. Rockphin says:

    I wanted us to draft Brady Quinn so what the fuck do I know.

  186. Rockphin says:

    olddolphan says:
    January 22, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    Thank YOU Lisa!! Hoping you can get down to this year’s Fest. First few drinks are on me (after all, I DID win a $50 bet recently!!!)

    You probably still have the $100 you won from me. In a picture frame.

  187. Tim Knight says:

    If Xavien Howard is healthy and nothing serious with his knees you re-sign him. The guy is getting better every year and he’ll be just 26 next season. He’ll play 4 more years before he’s even 30.

    11 INTs in his last 18 games. Shutdown performances. Physical tackling. What more are you looking for? LOL

  188. Tim Knight says:

    Was just thinking we’re looking at maybe trading Reshad Jones or somehow moving on from him? McDonald would be a less painful cap release if Minkah moves to Safety full-time. That said, if I’m Grier and Flores I keep them all. Clear other cap and go in with a 5 strong secondary. The Pats played 3 safety quite a bit. With our safeties you get some better coverage than LBs and still some thumpers. 2020 could be different, but I’d stay put with our best secondary in 2019.

  189. Get this. Jim Caldwell’s OC in Indy in 2010/11 was……………….Clyde Christensen

  190. ocalarob says:

    I wonder if there will be any interest around here come draft night?
    Will draftmas clause bring you the right toy??

    probably the most anticipated draft in memory

  191. ocalarob says:

    OD is carving out a living on this site with all his bets. He’s like the 72 dolphins….undefeated!

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