Stephen Ross’s vision for the Miami Dolphins matches what Dolphins fans should want to see

“This is going to be a young team,” Ross said. “I want to see it grow and at the end of the season I’m sure it’ll be a better team than when it started because there’s going to be a lot of young ballplayers that are going to be having meaningful positions.”

“I want to win all the time, but sometimes you gotta take a little pain,” Ross said. “The fact is we’re a young team, we’re drafting, we’re not signing all these (free agents). It’s all going to be the talent. That’s what it is at the end of the day: finding guys who are motivated, who want to play ball. It’s not all about money; it’s about winning. And that’s what you’re looking for.

So far, Ross, Grier, Flores and the rest of the Dolphins front office have kept good on their promise. We were thrifty in free agency, even to the point where we let our own RT, Ja’Wuan James leave to the Denver Broncos to the tune of a 4 year/$51M deal. That hurt us in the short term and although I wanted to keep James, it’s arguable whether he was really worth that kind of money. I think he’s being very honest and upfront with his plan. For the millionth time, this plan isn’t tanking, but filling spots through the draft and not free agency without a boatload of early picks may not yield a lot of proven NFL starter ready talent, so as we get younger and less experienced, there will be bumps in the road as Ross made so clear.

“These guys who play football, they play to win. That’s why you don’t talk about tanking. These guys are giving their all on the field. You don’t take those kind of hits knowing the team is tanking. But we’ve got to see it getting better, they see themselves betting better and they see something developing here, that we’re building it. That’s what you really want to see this year. The wins will take care of itself.

The draft is getting closer and closer and as per usghe, the QB’s are creeping up and up, closer to the top of the draft. Nothing has changed with these QB’s other than the scripted workouts without and defensive presence where everyone oohs and aahs at their arm strength and accuracy as they stand there with no defender coming at them or covering the wide open receiver they’re throwing to. It’s amazing to me how the same thing plays over and over every year. It’s silly as can be. We all knew that Haskins was a sure fire early 1st RD pick and that because Kliff Kingsbury appears to love Murray that he would be too, but now Lock and Jones are entering top 10 consideration. I shouldn’t be surprised, it happens every year and the need for a quality starting QB seems to increase every year which thrusts at least 4 QB’s into that 1st RD, and usually the first half.

It’s never too late to get things right, and thankfully, it seems that Steve Ross, who has been extremely successful in every business venture he’s entered into except the NFL, has finally seen and decided to pursue the correct course.

“When you first enter the league, this is so different than any other business,” he said. “And I bought a team because I wanted the challenge of building a winner. And I know how I build winners. I start them from scratch. I found the best people and created an environment where people all work together and bring the best out of them and not be like any other organization.

“But football is so different. At first you want to sit back and watch and learn. After last season I said, this isn’t working. And the more we talked about it after the season, I just came to the conclusion we have to change. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity. And it’s more me finding the right people and having them work together as a team. I really feel good about it.”

To be fair, Ross was pretty convinced that Adam Gase was the guy to change the fortunes of the Dolphins. Good on him for making the change once he felt differently. Now the task falls to Brian Flores and it seems like for all the right reasons he’s the right guy to carry us through. Once again, I caution because I’ve felt this way before. I didn’t love Adam Gase, but I thought for sure our offense could be a top offense at the very least, and that never happened.

So now GM Chris Grier, long time Miami Dolphins employee, has now emerged from the shadows and into the forefront. He’s the architect, and the contractor too, and will now follow Stephen Ross’s plan to build the Dolphins the right way. I believe we have started the process very well, we didn’t overspend in free agency which in and of itself, was a departure from how we always did things here. Now the biggest challenge is acing the draft. We’re not endowed with a lot of picks in this draft, we have one pick in each round except the 6th, the first round being #13, and then we rotate each round until the 6th RD, where we traded our selection to the Titans for their 7th RD pick to complete the Ryan Tannehill trade which also netted us a 2020 4th RD pick. Not a lot of draft capital, but there still may be a trade or two to get us some more. At the moment, we are actively trying to trade DE Robert Quinn and at least 2 teams (Cowboys, Saints) are interested, and even more have entered the fray. It’s also possible Reshad Jones will be traded, but that’s merely my speculation only, nothing firm on that one.

We’re heading in the right direction Dolphins fans, now we have to pass the biggest, most daunting test yet on April 25th-April 27th.


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  1. manitobafinfan says:

    So the Patriots could get more draft picks without being obvious 🤡

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Woo hoo I’m not a virgin anymore

    • stangerx says:

      LOL — that’s the way it has turned out. Who let’s there top players walk away?…… deep teams that have trained replacements. What am guessing was meant to help the less competitive teams is not the opposite. Bet you they put it in before their was a salary cap.

  2. Tim Knight says:

    David, Metcalf isn’t a very well rounded WR. He’s a physical specimen but he’s not very crafty. Scouts have said he’s more of a vertical guy who can make some big plays, but not a go-to-guy.

    • Many are also saying he is going in the middle of the first round.

      he isn’t good enough for the first overall pick, but he can still help a team

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah he’s likely a 1st rd pick. Some draftniks compare him to former Cowboys WR Alvin Harper who played opposite Michael Irvin. Harper was the deep threat and Irvin was the go-to-guy.

  3. Ross is saying the right things, let’s see how it all works out.

    Ross takes a lot of heat, deservedly so since he is the owner.

    But, he doesn’t coach, has never fumbled , never tossed a game losing interception, never dropped a catch, never missed a block.

    He needs to find players and coaches that understand his vision, they have to buy into it, and have the skills and motivation to deliver a championship to the Fin community.

    His job is run the team from an executive viewpoint, write the checks, and keep the stadium in top notch condition. He is doing well in that regard.

    Now it’s up to Flores, Grier,, and the rest of the FO to get the right mix of talent in here, then develop, and retain the players

  4. manitobafinfan says:

    The original idea behind compensatory picks was to help maintain parity in the NFL: The league has never wanted wealthy teams in big markets to be able to buy up all the top talent and leave the small-market teams struggling, so the compensatory pick formula gives additional picks to teams that have lost high-priced free agents to other teams.

  5. D.K. Metcalf: ‘I had to come in here and show I was faster than Tom Brady’

    Lmao, Good one
    That humor originally appeared on

    D.K. Metcalf was one of the best performers at the 2019 NFL Combine. The Ole Miss wide receiver blazed a 4.33 second mark in the 40-yard dash while measuring in with a well-built, 6-3, 238-pound frame.

    Boston was never that big or fast, plus Boston got into legal troubles, that can sink any player

    hopefully Metcalf can learn how to conduct himself from his NFL father. Some mocks have him coming to Miami at 13

  6. Randy says:

    Wasn’t it to offset the affect of teams losing guys in FA?

    • stangerx says:

      Sure seems like it, but now it helps the good teams. Well them and rebuilding ones like ours….. until the purge the roster period is over and we start spending all that cap room.

  7. Bostons trouble was legal troubles. Poor compare imo, anyone could have legal troubles, even our coach Foerster had em, lol

    Check the scouting profiles of 2019 WR prospects, Metcalf is number 1 because of his rare combination of size and athletic ability, he is expected to go mid first by most

    He has exceptional skills, high point positioning, explosiveness, separation, red zone mismatch, physicality.

    his only weakness is he doesn’t always catch everything he should. He is expected to be an immediate starter with tons of upside according to Walter football

    Btw This room is the most negative opinions I can find on him anywhere, lol

    • Mike E. says:

      How is it a poor comparison? He was drafted 8th overall, he was a tremendous talent. His problems weren’t legal, he overdeveloped himself. Honestly, it looks like Metcalf is heading down that path. I hope not for his sake

    • Tim Knight says:

      Boston wasn’t a very good football player. Dropped a lot of passes. Not saying Metcalf is bad, but he’s kind of a one trick pony. It’s not so much my opinion of Metcalf, I’ve heard draftniks break down his game. Much of his game are fly routs, deep posts etc. That doesn’t mean he won’t be productive.

  8. Mike E. says:

    David Boston had serious talent, but he got into bodybuilding (steroids) and blew up. He was 6’1 215 when drafted, he blew up to over 240, I think he was about 250 when he played for the Dolphins. He had 20″ arms. LOL Huge!

  9. The NFL is toying with the idea of doing away with onside kicks, just give teams a 4th and 15 or some bullshit

    Next kickoffs will disappear, and extra points, like the AAF.
    I miss kickoffs in the AAF, teams just start play after a commercial, game context seems missing.

    It’s more like scrimmage rules instead of game rules

    IMO some of the most exciting plays in football are kickoff returns. Remember Fulton Walker in the super bowl?
    Did it bore You or excite You? Lol

  10. Randy says:

    I like the WR from Iowa State. Forgetting his name right now, but I thought he looked good in a few games I watched. May not be a superstar, but he looks like he’d be a pretty solid player.

  11. So Metcalf has steroid problems too? Shit I Didn’t know that, then ok, he’s another Boston?

    For some reason this room knows what the experts don’t, but I hope the football pundits are correct if Miami selects him.
    Everyone not in this room is high on the guy and expect him to be tops in the WR prospects.

    I remember when I said Murray was the best QB and best player , and that was before the cardinals made it well known they were looking at Murray as the top pick in the nation.

    Now it’s clear that he is in the conversation as best QB, and best player.

    Sometimes My opinions are too far out in front of the pack, they may look premature or inaccurate on the surface, but it takes time for them to bear fruition.
    I do the same thing in stocks, I know something’s gonna bust, but buy the damn things too early and have to babysit it a week first before it pops.

    My biggest problem is I get tired of waiting, bail, and it explodes anyway.
    Lol. I had to exercise more discipline to reap the rewards.

    I waited forever for JAGX to get to the bottom, I knew it months in advance, and tripped over it and cursed at it, at times gave up on it. now it’s my favorite performer

    I feel If You truly believe in something, at the very least You should give it enough patience to do what it’s meant to do. If You don’t give an oak tree time to grow, it wont

    • Mike E. says:

      Whoa Nellie! I didn’t say he has steroid problems, but WR’s don’t need to be as big as he is. T.O. was pretty big, but most WR’s don’t bulk up that much because it restricts their movement and flexibility. You look at Julio Jones, A.J. Green, they’re not nearly as muscular as Metcalf is.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Nobody said that he was on steroids.

      As for Murray he was all over the 1st rd, mid or late 1st until Kliff Kingsbury talked him up and ARZ has the #1 pick. That’s when he got pushed to the top.

  12. Mike E. says:

    Tim – Boston had some pretty productive years, and one excellent year in 2001. He caught 98 passes for 1598 yards and 8 TD’s. That’s not good?

  13. Btw buy JAGX, sit on it. and You will be rich like I’m rapidly getting too.
    It’s a baby CRMD

    I have 10,000 JAGX! I Wish I had ten times more, but margins won’t allow Me more

    • I doubled my money in 18 days on Jagx, and its tops on weekend aftermarket gains as well.

      It should be even hotter next week imo 😎

    • stangerx says:

      Be careful buying on margin. I know it amplifies the wins, but can lead to some really bad days and weeks. And if you can’t buy more, sounds like you are right up to the limit on it.

      • Right, I am up against the limits. I don’t buy Jagx on margins, there are no margins on it, that’s the problem. I can only have so much non margin picks.

        The worst that can happen , is I get a margin call, and have to sell a few of them, not a biggie , because I just would sell a few without any penalties.

        But if You want insane gains, JAGX is the rocket ship for it 😎

  14. Mike E. says:

    If you google David Boston and and click on images, scroll down a bit you’ll find a picture of Metcalf. LOL Seriously, there’s a pic of him in the gym with weights. I guess I’m not crazy after all

  15. BailBondMike says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    March 29, 2019 at 8:27 pm
    BBM, then you forgot Dan Driessen!
    Yes, I did. lol

  16. Mike, Metcalf ran a 4.33 at the combine, he says he is faster than Brady, lmao

  17. Tim Knight says:

    LaRon Landry was another one who got too big at safety.

  18. I have this vision of Metcalf tossing patriots defensive backs into the upper decks on his way to the end zone , lol

    One way or the other , we may have to beat those bastards 3 times a year, to get where we want to be.

  19. If You are gonna do steroids, the NFL is the wrong sport for it,,

    go to baseball where steroid abuse is rewarded.

    For example Alex Rodriguez has a net worth of 300 million dollars, according to

  20. BailBondMike says:

    Rock, you posted video of QB Minschew last night. Man the more I watch of him, the more I like. In addition to his accuracy, he is really smart. Someone said his accuracy is due to dink and dunk but it’s not totally that. That is the way their offense is designed but you have to watch the accuracy of where he throws the ball. He throws it where it needs to be thrown to protect the ball and on the money. Like I said before, IMO, he has the best footwork of any of the QB’s where is always resetting his feet. He has a quick release in general but takes a little more of a windup when he has to put more mustard on the ball and does not lose any accuracy. Like Naples said and I have said, he is a more nimble Chad Pennington with maybe a little more zip on the ball than Pennington. I like him over Lock and Jones TBH. IMO, I think if he is there in the 4th or 5th, you have to take him and it would be a steal.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It would be great if we find our future QB outside the 1st round. That’s a win!!!

    • I like that guy, he drops or drills the ball in very tight spaces.
      He is very Accurate and has a cannon for an arm.

      He also shows great pocket awareness, we haven’t had a QB with that in years , and scans the field, checking down options very rapidly.

      As We all know, a QB doesn’t have very long to figure out where to put the ball, he needs to get it out quickly, and accurately. Gardner appears to be that guy on film

      • BailBondMike says:

        I agree, but not sure about having a cannon. With him, it is hard to tell how strong his arm is cause he likes to drop it in there vs gunning it but when he does there is plenty of zip on it. Another reason for his accuracy is that he throws a very catchable ball.

      • Agreed. He looks powerful on short to medium passes, the ball delivery is very strong and quick.

        But He does not have a long arm cannon though, maybe he can develop that

  21. BailBondMike says:

    As far as RB, I like all the guys y’all are talking about. I would prefer they address RB in the 7th though and bring in some UDFA’s since Henderson will be gone to early. There are also some decent F/A RB’s out there as well. Wish there was a way you could look up the F/A’s and see which ones would not count against the comp pick formula. I understand that the OG we signed will not count against us when comes to the comp picks next year. I just don’t know how that is figured.

    Does anyone know why some do and some don’t count against the comp pick formula?

  22. Gardner was riding the pine at Bama, and transferred to Washington State so he could start, and display his skills.
    He led the conference, took the team to its first 11 win season, and awakened some to his chances of making it in the big league

  23. Gardners naysayers point to his size, they claim he’s not very big, and not very fast.

    Also he’s not the greatest at deep passes, he isn’t the guy that tosses 45 yarders on a rope. His deep passes run out of gas.
    Of course, A solid weight lifting and diet program , could help him in this area, giving him a chance to be a great starter for somebody.

    He’s projected to be a backup QB, with possibilities , upsides of being a starter.

    No one projects him as one of the best, he just appears to be a solid guy, excellent backup QB in the NFL for sure, the rest is up to Him, and how bad He wants it

    • BailBondMike says:

      Minschew never played for Bama. He had committed to Bama as a graduate transfer from ECU but withdrew his commitment and transferred to WSU instead. Also, at 6’2″ 220, I don’t think his size should be an issue.

      • My bad on the pine splinters, You are Right he never played for Bama, they heavily recruited and wanted him.

        I think, if I remember correctly , they were trying to ink him up and he was ready to sign with Bama, but backed out at the last minute to go to Wash State, Was that it?

  24. BailBondMike says:

    I guess the knock on Minschew is the long arm accuracy, but still would not mind a Chad Pennington 2.0 in the 4th or 5th then draft another QB next year.

  25. Anyone opinions on Tyree Jackson from Buffalo ? He is 6′ 7″, and very athletic. He’s a sleeper prospect, flys under the radar, even though he’s so tall he can be tracked on radar, lol jk

    He needs to be more accurate, but he could be attainable in the 4th or 5th. His biggest knock is Buffalo is a small , not well known school for producing NFL talent.

    But neither was the college Jerry Rice came from, Sometimes gems come from small schools

  26. Stanger, all the stocks in my profile look similar. Poor mans buffet picks I call em.

    They are oversold stocks, low on RSI, , at the bottom of a bear run, that has a trend reversal because of skyrocketing growth, earnings, , FDA approval, whatever is going to make the company go forward. I Research the companies that fit the above profile, make sure they have good management, good cash flow, etc.
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    • stangerx says:

      Btwn your talks about bitcoin, pot stocks, and penny stocks…. was never a doubt in my mind that you were trying to hit the rocket on volatility. And that is a model that if done right and stuff ends up well can work as can leverage which you are into as well. Way beyond anything I try to touch cause figure more about market moves than intrinsic business value….. and I just sit and hold. Seems your time line is more month by month or maybe even day by day.

      • It’s one of my main sources of income until my boat and rv storage lot fills up.

        Once that happens I’ll just buy a ton of AMD and Disney and retire

      • The biggest drawback to it , is it involves mass amounts of time to determine which is gold, and which ones are fools gold.
        This exhaustive amount of time, is why I don’t recommend it to others. It’s just what I do, because I’m obsessed with getting ahead.

        It’s not always worth the time if I figured out the hourly rate.
        Some of my picks , I have had to watch them drop for over a year before they give Me the buy point I want. It’s not just find a stock and buy it
        I regularly put a hundred hours a week into it, and get very tired. I won’t always work this hard, trust Me on that.

        But goals are goals, they aren’t always easy, but they are well worth it if You can find a way to make them real.

        My goals are sky high, I sometimes am not sure I can meet them, but I’m having fun along the way, and I’ll get closer to My goals by trying ,

        than sitting on my ass hoping I win the lotto, lol

      • stangerx says:

        “I regularly put a hundred hours a week into it, and get very tired.” Guess that is the price of both finding the latest hot stock and then trying to time the market on it. Turns out to be time of two full time jobs.

  27. BailBondMike says:

    I would not mind a QB in 4th or 5th like Gardner Minschew, Tyree Jackson or Jordan Ta’amu. Possibly (since we don’t have a 6th) Brett Rypien in the 5th if our staff feels he is worth it. Maybe Justice Hansen in the 7th.

    THEN, trade up for Fromm next year!!!!!

  28. stangerx says:

    We can all have our own opinion for what Reshad is worth in a trade, but here is what one football writer pegs it at….. and will note a 2020 4th is a 2019 5th. Same as for Tanny, but then he took a bunch less money and we paid a bunch of what he will get.
    Age, cost and health are motivating factors to move Jones off the roster, but they’re also working against the Dolphins in getting solid return for the two-time Pro Bowler. Ultimately, a 2020 4th should be considered a good return for Jones when the time comes to assess how the Dolphins did.


  29. naplesfan2010 says:

    not sure if I am confused or someone else,
    but I just rechecked and pretty sure Rock’s vid was on Luke Falk #4, not Minschew.

    I think we should not draft a QB this year.
    I think Luke Falk could run a Brady offense very well.
    We should give him that chance.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      excellent touch
      excellent anticipation of the route
      excellent footwork in the pocket
      excellent field vision
      excellent reading the defenses

    • BailBondMike says:

      Oh shit, thanks Naples, LOL I have not forgot about Falk. I wanted us to draft him in the mid rounds when he came out.

  30. Stanger, I’m riding JAGX for awhile, if it goes up a dollar, which I believe it will, and more , I’ll make six figures on it, it will my biggest gain ever.

    If not, can I borrow a few bucks, lol

    • stangerx says:

      What percentage gain in the stock price would it take to go up a dollar?

      • A ton, lol

        But, They are currently trading above .30.
        My buy in price was .1498 for 100,000 shares

        The first big jump You see in the trend reversal, was caused by Me, lol

        It was the first time I ever made a stock move with a purchase

      • stangerx says:

        Just be careful David. If you made a stock price jump with a 15k buy….. think about how many others could do and then dump as well. Glad you doubled at this point, but ain’t over till you sell.

    • BailBondMike says:

      Oh shit, thanks Naples, LOL I have not forgot about Falk. I wanted us to draft him in the mid rounds when he came out.

  31. Not a big fan of Metcalf. He looks the part with his performance at the Underwear Olympics and his physique but if you watch him play he doesn’t like to be challenged. Greedy Williams completely shut him down.

    He doesn’t fight for the ball, doesn’t fight for extra yards and he doesn’t block. If he beats a guy off the line he can blow by him but if he’s challenged he doesn’t like to fight to get by a guy.

    Someone did a comparison of him to Megatron saying that he only ran three routes and he got by because of his physical abilities and said Metcalf has done the same at Ole Miss but it’s nowhere near the same because he looks like one of these guys that finds it easy vs certain lesser competition and blows it up then but doesn’t rise to the occasion against the better players.

    So, I think he’s going to find tough going in the NFL when he’s going up against the best of the best every week. Just like Parker did.

  32. For what it’s worth, I’d rather have the guys who can get open like Zaccheaus, Hurd, Cody Thompson, Isabella and a few others than these prima donna type wide receivers.

  33. naplesfan2010 says:

    Buffalo U enrollment is a little less than TWICE as big as Clemson U enrollment.
    New York state pop = 20Million; SC pop = 5M people.
    Buffalo city pop = a quarter million; Clemson city pop = 16K.

    Kahlil Mack came out of Buffalo.

  34. naplesfan2010 says:

    David … Brady took 20 yrs to get to a thou yds rushing.
    That’s how you win 6 Super Bowls.
    I don’t need and don’t even want my QB to be my leading rusher.
    That’s how you go 6-10, like Buffalo did last year when Josh Allen led the team in rushing

    • I agree the QB doesn’t need to be the leading rusher,
      but it’s a plus if he can evade pass rushers, and pick up a first down from time to time on the ground when nobody is open

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        yes I agree, but he does show good pocket awareness to shuffle, step up, etc,
        I just think we should give him a long look in camp and preseason. We might have something.

    • stangerx says:

      There’s no doubt that we are gonna see what Charles Harris has to offer next season unless he gets hurt. Doesn’t matter what they do in the draft.

  35. Stranger ,, have You seen CRMD ? I first bought them at .31, now they were up 20 Friday, and are almost $10.00 a share!

    Jagx is a baby crmd imo.

    It also could go to $10.00 a share

    • ps..
      about a week ago, CRMD did a reverse 1-5 split, so in effect the rise from .31 cents a share is really around 2.50 since they divided my shares by 5.

      but .31 to $2.50 thats still insane, one of my best ever gainers, i should have more but bought some more.

      but now CRMD isnt a penny stock anymore, and the major exchanges picked it up.

      its very hot, and will be a top performer for awhile

      • stangerx says:

        Am glad that worked out for you. But don’t you think asking someone if they have seen about a stock with a $200 mil market cap (yeah looked up) a real shot in the dark? Pretty much guessing no one on this board knew what CorMedix Inc was before you brought it up.

        Don’t play small caps at all. And if did would be through fund. But that is why don’t spend as much time on it as you…. even if might leave you with better percentage results for that 100 hours a week.

      • to be honest, CRMD displayed the above mentioned signs to Me that jagx is now showing, i knew the stock was headed for greatness.

        how did I know? because i did enough research, hard work pays off. there arent any shortcuts i know of.

        my biggest issue was figuring out when to sell, i did sell CRMD a couple times, thinking the bull run may be over, made crazy ass gain, but only to buy back in at a higher price when it kept popping, ugggh,

        my picks are A plus, good thing, because my execution is a work in progress.

        i believe i have the buy points nailed down, sells are tougher to figure, but any gains a gain

        im gonna hold it for awhile longer this time

  36. Stanger, CRMD has been one of My valued professors in learning how to select top performers.
    its an education all by itself.

    its the kind of stock my profile has, other than a few steady margin guys to balance out.

    i figure my margins should be moderate gainers or hope, , and i swing for the fences on the nonmargins

    • stangerx says:

      Good for CRMD for teaching you. Like said, your way is so far from mine but hope it works out for you. That you are bringing up a whole lot of risk flags does concern me. Leverage is how the hedge funds got crushed, but then that is how most of them made all their money as well.

      • the ones that can calculate the buys and exits on the high risk win, the ones that dont, dont, lol

        i have some losers, believe Me, but i figure a way out, Ogen dropped 50 percent overnight and pissed me off, i leveraged the hell out of it for a couple days and bailed.
        i almost broke even, then sold it and bought more stocks on dips, so I got it all back in that way.

        but there is something very wrong with OGEN, i wanted out and bought more AVEO

        i dont pay commision on my trades, so i can buy and sell at will with no fees

  37. Help me out here. If there’s a team towards the end of the first looking to move up can you see any of them offering this year’s first and next year’s first to move up to #13?

    • the answer is a resounding YES,

      i think the steelers would be interested in a tradeup to get a top defensive talent

      they keep getting artie burns, and terrell edmunds kinda guys,
      so so guys, but not top talents

    • stangerx says:

      That should be a no brainer. Their next year’s first counts as a 2nd. And the cost to move up to #13 probably more than that. So that should work with some extra change thrown in…. maybe like a 4th.

      • Never happening. Nobody is going to give you this year’s first AND next year’s first to move up from the bottom of the first to #13. No way. That’s ridiculous. That would assume would have to be hell bent on getting a guy at that point to give all that up.

      • stangerx says:

        It has happened in the past, but maybe not this year for some reason that am not aware of. Would work on the standard trade chart as well. Why do you think this year is different? And just asking to learn. Cause know your football knowledge and following the trends on such is far greater than mine.

  38. what if we moved down to near the end of the first round, and got 2 extra second round picks out of it.

    would that be a good deal for the Fins?

  39. my favorite spot in the draft is the number 32 pick.

    while it isnt the greatest spot to pick from, everyone in the 32 position can be wearing a shiny ass new super bowl championship ring while they are making their selection.

    must be nice

  40. if by Chance Greedy Williams is available at 13,

    Redskins or steelers should be willing to play trade with us, Williams is the highest rated CB in the draft

  41. the giants might be interested in trading down with us,
    they lost Beckham, and could get another WR, Metcalf, or a QB at 13

  42. fansided has Miami taking this guy in the 2nd round –

    39th pick – Oshane Ximines Edge – Old Dominion

    im not sure whats tougher, pronouncing his name correctly, or blocking him, lol

  43. if you cant pronounce that guys name, maybe this is easier? lmao
    Yodny Cajuste – OL – West Virginia

  44. stangerx says:

    No doubt we are rebuilding….. and doesn’t that make the draft most different. They aren’t trying to fill holes to win next year but to set up for the future. So seems they should be as BPA as BPA could be. And includes the Pats mix and match in the back 7 we are expecting. What position in the first 3 rounds wouldn’t we take? Only ones that come to my mind are Safety and TE and maybe wideout or LB (and not even sure on those).

    • agreed w dont need TE, or kicker, Punter, returners, or long snappers in the first 3 rounds,
      but everything else could be in the mix,

      its also possible Jones might be traded. making Safety a real need.

      • Tim Knight says:

        If we did trade Jones which I’m not sure we will this year, McDonald and Minkah would be our safeties so we’d have starters. Of course you need depth but where this team is at now, having superior depth at a lot of positions is not realistic. We’d probably role with Maurice Smith and players on that level.

  45. another lessor known edge player , but freaky skills is Jaylen Ferguson, Louisiana Tech

    • mf13ss says:

      David, Ferguson led the nation in sacks last year and was #2 in tackles for loss. What’s more, he’s now the FBS career-sack leader with 45. He’s a VERY well-known entity.

      His problem? He had his Combine invitation rescinded after they found an assault charge on his record when he was 18 years old. Thus, teams are shying away from him.

      He’s one helluva player, but he’s got a red flag. I’d take him in the 2nd round if he’s still around, but I doubt he last that long: some team is going to take a shot on him, probably in the late 1st (ie: Reuben Foster).

      • The Flying Pig says:

        The assault charge according to his agent was a fight

        I know an agent it’s the most unbiased source

        But he was actually charged with a misdemeanor when he was a teenager

        He was also charged with public intoxicstion while in College – honestly I thought being drunk in public was legal in college…lol

        I agree with you about the 2nd round
        Those red flags don’t really scare me

      • Tim Knight says:

        It’s a funny thing. He had an assault charge on his record when he was 18 so 1st rd teams are leery but hey in the 2nd rd we’d be happy to have him. LOL

        He’s 23 years old now, what he did at 18 should not matter. If he was allowed to be on a college team what’s the problem for the NFL?

      • mf13ss says:


        You and I both know that there is a very large focus on violence in the NFL today… particularly domestic violence. It is what it is. And at 18 years old, he should have known better as a legal adult who could vote (sorry, just had to add that! 😉 ).

        What’s more, we’ve come to see the likes of red flags come to fruition more and more often in recent years.

        If I’m Steve Ross, I’m steering absolutely clear of any and all red flags after all I’ve seen on my team over the last decade. Maturity level is going to be important in this ’19 Draft for us. We’re going to want natty leaders, not nasty beaters. Just sayin’…

  46. Tim Knight says:

    M13, 5 years ago and nothing since speaks volumes. Public intoxication is a common thing in America everyday of the week. LOL

    • mf13ss says:

      It was the assault charge that got Ferguson bounced from the Combine, not the public intoxication charge. What’s more, I don’t run the Combine, Bro! 🙂

      • Tim Knight says:

        Bro, he’s 23 and they’re looking at something he did at 18 yet it wasn’t bad enough to keep him from having a college career. Seems really petty to me.

  47. wyoming85 says:

  48. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    March 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm
    Bro, he’s 23 and they’re looking at something he did at 18 yet it wasn’t bad enough to keep him from having a college career. Seems really petty to me.
    I was merely telling David that Ferguson is NOT a lesser known EDGE player. I presume he felt that way when he’s looking at mocks, big boards, etc… that don’t have him listed high.

    I explained to him that it was his assault charge that got him barred from the Combine, thus it would seem to some that he’s a lesser known EDGE player.

    I don’t make the rules, I don’t control the minds of so many scouts, and I’m not trying to (nor am I interested in the) argue/debate why Ferguson isn’t slated to go high in the Draft.

    Just stating the cause and the effect of why it is. And as I stated, I do believe he’ll go in the 1st round, albeit late like Reuben Foster.

    Who knows… maybe a team will decide it’s all small peanuts after all and he goes top-10 as his performance would dictate.

    AGAIN: the whole thing is about the NFL barring Ferguson from attending the Combine. THAT is why his stock has dropped and he now has a red flag. That’s what it is.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I get all that. If I’m GM and he’s far beyond that incident and his skills and production translate to the NFL, I’d take him at #13 is the point I’m trying to make. I would not hold that against him.

      • mf13ss says:

        Well if ya get all that, why are ya trying to debate me!!! LOL 😀

        I totally agree with ya, Tim. If he had a great interview, proving all of that is behind him, I, too, wouldn’t hold it against him. Man, Ferguson IS a player! We’ll see what happens…

      • Tim Knight says:

        That’s just it, I wasn’t debating you, I disagreed with how the NFL treated him with the combine. I think that was BS.

  49. ElephantRider says:

    I agree Stanger.

    BPA all the way since they are building a foundation. I dont care what the position is. Take the best player available, cant have too many no matter the position.

    • mf13ss says:

      You used the term “foundation”. The foundation of a great football team? The TRENCHES! And it just so happens that this Draft is NICE on both sides of the trench.

      YUP! BPA is going to truly mesh with need this year… and I’m with both Stanger and you!

    • Tim Knight says:

      Fortunately for us BPA will be DL, OL or QB at #13. 🙂

      • mf13ss says:

        ^ @ Tim

      • Tim Knight says:

        The thing is some team could draft a WR, LB and TE before us, that gives us 10 chances at DL, OL or QB. It’s a pretty easy draft to just stay where we are and draft a quality prospect where we need it. Best player on our board should fit the need.

  50. ElephantRider says:

    Well..this team needs talent everywhere so it’s easy! LOL

    • Tim Knight says:

      Let’s break it down.
      LT Tunsil
      C Kilgore
      RG Davis
      TE – potential and depth
      WR – if healthy we have playmkers
      QB – Fitz we know here we’re at
      RB – Drake and Ballage we can roll with for sure

      DT – Godchaux, Taylor and Spence are solid
      Edge – Harris is incomplete
      DE – Woodard has size and a role
      LB – McMillan, Baker and Alonso could be really good in 2019
      CB – Howard, Rowe, McCain, McTyer, Tankersley, Armstrong
      S – Jones, McDonald, Minkah (CB), Aikens

      We need a corner?

      STs is good. We’ll see how that works with a new coach.

  51. mf13ss says:
    March 30, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    David, Ferguson led the nation in sacks last year and was #2 in tackles for loss. What’s more, he’s now the FBS career-sack leader with 45. He’s a VERY well-known entity.

    His problem? He had his Combine invitation rescinded after they found an assault charge on his record when he was 18 years old. Thus, teams are shying away from him.

    He’s one helluva player, but he’s got a red flag.


    thanks for the input MF, and others too.
    yes, agreed on red flag on Ferguson.
    the draft is one tough cookie to nail , many of the players come from shaky backgrounds or even worse.

    do we take chances on red flag guys?

    sometimes You get burnt, like Jordan
    sometimes You win, like Tunsil

    we cant change a guys past, but if he is willing to buy into our program,,,,, then its worth it

    i dont know if Ferguson is our guy or not,

    on film, He is,

    its up to the FO to figure out if He can be a contributor or a cancer

  52. Jay Ajayi is on the free agent rumour tour this year.

    should we bring Him in again? i like the guy, but not sure we need him now with the emergence of Drake , and drafting Ballage
    i wouldnt mind bringing him in , because running backs get banged up frequently,

    there are no guarantees Drake and Ballage stay healthy all year

    • Tim Knight says:

      Well we know Ajayi can’t. Do you really think Ajayi makes sense?

      • i do like what he brought to the team when he was here , but not sure he is the answer now.
        i mainly wanted some room feedback on him, so thanks for that

        but if the price is right, i am not against bringing Him in,

        of course if i was in charge of this department,
        i would have to weigh Ajayi against other options before pulling the trigger on a deal

  53. ElephantRider says:


    If a CB was BPA I’d take him. Competition competition competition. That’s what Flores has been saying. Wouldn’t mind having 2 lockdown CBs…..

    All the ones not named X haven’t done anything.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I don’t think it will be and hope it isn’t. Corner is not what I would focus on this year. Eric Rowe is a former 2015 2nd rd pick. We have good competition opposite Howard.

      Secondary is the last place I’m focused on. LOL

    • i believe Minkah is a kick ass corner, we havent seen his best yet.

      • Fitzpatrick was ranked as the top cornerback prospect in the draft by and was ranked as the top safety prospect by Sports Illustrated and NFL analyst Mike Mayock.

        i dont know how You can complain Minkah isnt a great corner, IF he is playing safety.

        however its obvious he can excel at either position,
        interesting note,, before the draft Minkah was telling teams he prefers corner

  54. ElephantRider says:

    I wouldn’t focus on CB either. I’m just sayin if a stud is sitting there, hypothetically, you take him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if no secondary is selected

    • thats the way bpa goes.

      me personally, i love bpa, unless its at a position we are stacked at, then i would consider bpa at something we desperately need

      what if the bpa at 13 was a cb?
      but a near miss BPA is a QB, a position of great need?

      i remember when Ireland thought Jordan was bpa, even though we didnt need an edge rusher that season. SMH

      but to answer above questions, id go with the QB every time, cause that guy is sorely needed,
      we can live without drafting a cb this year

  55. i remember Mel Kiper saying that its a knock against Minkah that he doesnt have a defined position, and he could slide.
    Kiper also said that Derwin James, a defined cb, would or could be better at cb than Minkah

    but,,, ironically, the chargers are asking James to play safety, lol

  56. Richard Griffin of Titusville says he and his wife were driving north on I-95 in Flagler County Friday when they saw a man and a woman running across the road.

    But as they got closer, they saw that the woman had no clothes on. Griffin says she was naked from head to toe, and trying to round up a dog.

    i guess the dog was naked too, so she figured what the hell, lol i dunno

  57. D says:

    When watching the Ferguson videos another guy who kept showing up was 50 Chris Spence. Looks like that guy is a redshirt junior this next year. Someone to keep an eye on because he was beating people up the middle almost as fast as Ferguson was from the outside

  58. naplesfan2010 says:

    I think the NFL banned Ferguson from the Combine (and several other players as well over the last few years) for 3 reasons, which are really all the same reason.

    And I think it is the right thing to do, given all of these reasons, plus one more.

    1) With all the other crap they’ve dealt with in sometimes shaky process, the NFL can’t afford to be seen as condoning or even ignoring illegal violence by prospects. Inviting a person implies you “like” them. The league can no longer seem to be a collection of thugs, wife-beaters, and convicts.

    2) When these guys in the past did get to the combine, the press was all about their past transgressions, and such news obscured the “mere” football news, so the combine came to be a series of stories about all the criminal or near criminal activities and not so much about the good kids whose stories by comparison erroeously seemed boring. In addition, the “troubles” stories obscured discussions about 40 times and actual and potential talent in the playing of the sport.

    3) Letting it be known and shown that committing careless acts has strong negative consequences is a valid attempt to deter such behavior. High School stars might think twice about doing bad things if they see college stars getting their paycheck and/or other opportunities reduced by such acts.

    The 4th reason is punishment. Why should violence against innocents not be punished?

    I actually strongly believe this type of punishment needs to trickle down to college and high school, where elite athletes are treated as privileged. They are allowed to bully regular kids, to date-rape females (admittedly sometimes starry-eyed girls), and to progress through school without learning much or passing legitimate tests. This is a dirty secret of many high school football landscapes.

    • the thing is, they punished Simmons for defending a family member. if someone is attacking my sister, female or not, i’m going after that person. i’m not going to stand by and watch someone hit my family member without doing something about it and that’s exactly what Simmons did.

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        I agree with that, but if we rewind the tape, how did they get into that situation?
        Could law enforcement have been called in, instead of getting into a street brawl?
        Was the attack itself in retaliation as a part of an on-going feud?
        Just saying that freeze-framing can put a spin of things. How far back should one go?
        If Ferguson was totally innocent, why was he punished?
        If he is innocent, then expunge and forget, which was not done.

        If he is totally innocent, then he is a victim of the current backlash against alpha male behaviors (and even chivalry, as you project) due to over-reaction to past misogyny by others. (by which I do NOT excuse date-rape, casting couch pressure, etc. etc.)

        But I am a forgiving person and I am going to say something even more controversial.

        From the tapes I watched, the former KC RB was defending persons inside his living quarters from an invasion attack by a wannabe ho who followed them after a chance encounter in a public entertainment venue. Would “you” allow some crazed screaming B**** to verbally assault and physically intmidate “your” friends because she was rejected by “you” while trying to seduce “you,” maybe trying to be a notch-getting groupie to “you,” to record incriminating cell phone video of “you,” or even possibly impregnate herself upon “you” for financial gain? All of which multimillionaires must be aware of in the modern landscape.

        Although the kicking was in excess, the woman was not injured, and the hitting appeared to be him just running into her as a RB runs into tacklers, which is fierce on a civilian, (am i allowed to say by feminists) “especially a female” but not the same thing as what Ray Rice did to his own fiance.

        That is why he was not banned as Ray Rice was.

        **”you” meaning “anyone” not Prof Lou.

  59. naplesfan2010 says:

    We need LINEMEN, not DBs.
    BPA is correct.
    Stupid, blind BPA is stupid and blind.

    (We can debate the QB question, but I’d go with Luke Falk, unless Jake Rudock beats him out, knowing i have an NFL starting QB in Fitzpatrick if needed.)

    If those two fail, then we draft a QB the next year, going all in on a trade-up to get the #1.
    Meanwhile we have a star studded line-up for our franchise but rookie QB.
    (and protection in the OL, so he does not get killed right off the bat.)

  60. stangerx says:

    What the start of rebuilding looks like…. and maybe we should call this the Purge Year.
    The Dolphins currently own the second most cap space in the entire NFL, trailing only the Indianapolis Colts. Miami’s books currently show $35.5M in available cap room with 58 players signed…..

    Miami’s “active” payroll currently sits at just over $122M, which is dead last in the league. The next closest is the Baltimore Ravens with $153M. The league average is $176M…. Remember: the Dolphins are currently on the books for $37.5M in dead cap space this year.


    • naplesfan2010 says:

      It’s highly interesting that we have only 58 players “in camp” this close to actual OTAs etc.
      Of course the cap thing only applies to the 51(?) highest salaries, right?
      So all those guys added to go up to 90 do not figure in at all.
      How does the “dead money” figure in to the 51 salaries that are counted?
      It must be laid down first, I guess.

      Another question. Is there a rule saying all teams MUST carry 90 into TC?

      • stangerx says:

        They’ll have 90 in camp (not sure if have too, but my guess not)….. and this might be about the top team a UDFA wants to sign on with. Greater chance of making the roster.

        And dead money comes right off the top…. then add in the players on the squad. And exactly how they calculate that changes from off season to in season. Forget exactly how, but has to do with number of players in the mix…. but doesn’t really matter much when you are this far under.

  61. naplesfan2010 says:

    In the past it seems the Dolphins have invited tons of WRs and DBs to the 90-man roster.
    One year we had 15 WRs for a space of 5-6.
    We generally keep 10-11 DBs so having 16 in camp is not excessive,
    as well as about 12-15 OL to cut to 9
    and a dozen DL to cut to 7-8-9
    and about 10 LB, which lately has to be reduced to 6-7.

    So how does this patry 58 compare?

  62. naplesfan2010 says:

    Well we only have 2 RBs instead of the 5-6 we usually carry through camp, and we MUST have more or we can’t run our 3 offensive strings through drills without wearing down our starting RBs before the season even starts.

    Plus no way can a team play a season with only 2 RBs. They’d both be on IR by the bye.

  63. naplesfan2010 says:

    Same with wide-outs. We have 6 now and I like all 6 to make the 53.
    To give our DBs enough reps, we need “camp bodies” at WR.
    They also play most snaps in pre-season games so that we don’t lose our main guys then.
    We need to keep the smurfs in bubble wrap as long as possible.

    So we need at least 4 more WRs before spring practice. 3-4 … UDFAs all?
    or do you guys want to draft a qulity one to really compete with Ford and Brice Butler?

    btw I really liked Butler’s work last season
    and I notice they released Caroo instead of Butler (so far).

  64. naplesfan2010 says:

    We have 5 TEs but I hope we carry 4 on the 53, so only a minimal need for another and NO need to draft one.

  65. Ferguson got into a fight at McDonald’s when he was 18.

    Isn’t this a normal part of the transition from boy to man? Lol
    He’s not a hardened felon from what I can see.
    I wouldn’t need shy away from drafting Ferguson over a silly McDonald’s fight as a kid/man

    If we want him, draft him, fuck McDonald’s, they don’t have shit to do with it.

    I wouldn’t draft people that eat the rancid crap McDonald’s serves , WITHOUT fighting, lol. Jk

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      I haven’t eaten at McD’s since I was in college in the early 70s. That shit almost killed me.

      I said when he was denied the Combine invite that i was almost glad in that it might cause Ferguson to fall to us, a la Tunsil.

      I’d still prefer Ed Oliver, but he might’ve pro day’d himself too high for us.

  66. naplesfan2010 says:

    We only have 4 safeties on the roster, 5 if you count Aikens as a safety, which I do, although the team last year startred listing and playing him as a CB.

    That’s enough for the 53 and I like all 5 of them. Unless we trade Reshad, to which I am opposed as just creating trouble, unless we can get at least a 3rd for him, which i doubt.

    We need at least 2 more safeties for the 90. I would prefer not using a high draft pick on safety, but round 7 is a good place to get one you can use in STs (like Aikens) so it would not be a waste of a pick.

  67. I would put in Fergies contract ,
    he’s not allowed to eat at Mickey d,s corporate carcinogenic profit centers during his career with the team,
    he needs a better diet, everyone does

  68. naplesfan2010 says:

    We need another QB for the 90.
    You each have your own opinion on whether he should just be a “camp arm”
    or a legit contender for back-up
    or a potential Face of the Franchise.

    I have no idea how that will play out.

    • Drew Lock would be a nice addition to the 90 imo

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        still on the fence about Drew Lock
        not opposed, just not convinced I want to give up a Round 1 DE / DT / OT
        so I can bet all my chips on him.

      • I understand. It’s just Me, I’ve waited for a franchise QB since Marino retired, excuse my impatience 😎

        I would go for it, we have nothing to lose at this point, what’s the worst that happens, we only win 5 games this season? That’s about expected anyway.

        Nothing to lose, but could gain a franchise QB if we gamble a little?
        Yes, go for it, we may as well be super aggressive and fight for a championship , versus sit on our ass tanking for Tua

  69. naplesfan2010 says:

    We only have 3 OTs on the roster, and that’s if you count Jesse Davis.
    LT is set at LT, but in my opinion, we need to draft a starting RT in the first or 2nd round.
    OL is that important to me.

    3rd rnd OTs are usually not good enough to build a champoinship team with, unless our scouts have found a secret one hidden somewhere they think our coaches can raise.

  70. Just curious of room opinion, but here is the question,

    Who is the better QB, between Tannehill and Fitz ? Not salary wise, just opinions of their respective skills?

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      Tannehill. No question.

      But the fan base, media, team mates, new coaches, all are done with him.
      So to continue to try to trot Tannehill out as the starter would have just tortured everybody including Ryan, so he had to move on.

      I think it is similar to firing Andy Reid in Philly. He was still a great coach (not that Tannehill is necessarily great), but the players had stopped responding to him and the team PR needed to be refreshed.

  71. 2018 stats of RT and Fitz

    Fitz. 66.7 completion rate, 2,366 yards, 17 TD, 12 iNT, rating of 100.4

    RT. 64.2 completion rate, 1979 yards, 17 TD, 9 INT, rating of 92.7

  72. stangerx says:

    Naples — they have 58 players signed now and will get 7 more in the draft if don’t trade (and down might mean more). So that is 65 and active roster only has 53. And they’ll pick up some street or June cut FAs and will fill out with UDFAs. And when the end of camp cuts come, we’ll be picking up the leftovers from the deep teams like the Pats, Rams and such.

  73. naplesfan2010 says:

    We have 8 LBs on the roster including all 3 of last year’s starters.
    I love those 3 guys as our starters again.
    Depth beyond Chase Allen is a bit sketchy as Hull is really only a ST guy.

    If our new edge guy(s) is a OLB sack monster, then fine, get him high in the draft.

    I would prefer getting a bigger body out there at DE however. That’s what the patsies do.
    And that works for them.

    I think Harris’s big issue is he is not big enough.
    We need a natural 260-280 guy out there.
    Many TEs are bigger than Harris and i saw several TEs block Harris.

    I even saw several RBs stonewall Harris and that just can’t happen to a legit DE, not to mention our new guy(s) MUST be able to set the edge against the run.

    Harris either gets run over like the Lion King
    or lost in the trash like a Prius on I-275 in Atlanta @ 4:39PM.

  74. Bortles went to the Rams, he got rewarded for sucking up the place in Jax? Lucky pos, lol

    jags signed Foles for their QB.
    I don’t think Jags go QB, instead

    Jags will likely pick an OT to protect Foles and help open up holes for their dangerous running game. They were interested in Murray before the Foles trade, so obviously Murray isn’t a priority now, maybe QB in general aren’t their priority in the first round

  75. naplesfan2010 says:

    62.8 %
    20,434 yds in 7 yrs so 3406 yds/yr.
    123 TDs
    75 Ints
    1.64 TD/INT ratio
    87.0 rating
    60.1 %
    29,357 yds in 14 yrs, so 2097 yds /yr.
    190 TDs
    148 INTs
    1.28TD/INT ratio
    81.1 rating

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      I will always be a Tannehill fan,
      but I can cheer for Fitzpatrick though, in a rebuilding year.
      At least he’s not a Sanchez.

      Even a guy like Gabbert I would have trouble rooting for, as he is a nothing.

      At least Fitz is exciting for a journeyman.

      I just thank god we did not get Kaepernick (still praying until we’re safe).

  76. I checked Kaeprnicks stats, he’s a better rusher for sure, but his passing stats are not clearly better than RT and Fitz. His completion rate needs improvement

  77. naplesfan2010 says:

    I liked Kaep coming out of Nevada in the draft, but he has altered the narrative.
    I thought he had intriguing skills, with his gazelle style speed and live arm.
    And he seemed like a nice boy.

    We can no longer discuss his football skills without mentioning his political activities.
    By becoming a politician, he has ruined his sports career.

    If he had waited until after he was done playing (maybe he did), then we could assess the value of his stance on social issues, and actually there is ample room for improvement in our country concerning racist application of law enforcement, specifically cops harassing and shooting black men, which must be balanced in the context of black men ambushing policemen who are trying to enforce laws.

    But I want my Sundays to be about beating the New England Patriots. This is my recreation time.
    I resent being forced to think about sad or difficult questions of race relations while i am trying to enjoy a beer and and a pizza and rooting for my team.

    • He’s not a politician, hes a quarterback, and he’s an individual, sticking up for individuals rights against politicians and corporations that lied and tried to oppress him and others like him.

      He won his settlement, I don’t see why that means he can’t play QB.

      He was wronged, and didn’t get a chance to prove it in court, the NFL just threw money at their problem in a settlement, so their ugly secrets weren’t exposed in court.

      The biggest problem is he isn’t a clear upgrade over Fitzpatrick, so I feel we don’t need his services.
      But he proved he deserves a chance to play for somebody, im not going to stand in any mans way that wants to work, but I might not hire them either if their skill set isn’t what We need

  78. naplesfan2010 says:

    Lexus IS a very nice car, no wonder she loves You, lmao. Jk
    Hey a guy who looks like me must employ whatever means of persuasion and distraction are available. LOL
    i also fly her to concerts in Las Vegas, Atlanta, NOLA, and Montreal etc. to see her fave bands U2, Santana, Bonnie Raitt, BBKing.
    Whatever works, man.

  79. Long story short, lol.

    Because he won his settlement, The NFL was obviously wrong to keep Kaep from working,

    I won’t make the same mistake the NFL made by wrongly punishing the guy.

    I just feel like We need a better QB, someone with a promising future, like Drew Lock 😎

  80. Hey Ken, wassup, So You feel Kaep is better than Fitz.?

  81. naplesfan2010 says:

    Back to my roster needs

    At LG we have Chris Reed (who?) and Isaac Asiata, a bust even for a 5th rounder.
    At RG we have Jesse Davis unless he is our RT.

    This is a dangerous situation.

    To me this is why OL and DL are our most critical needs.

    Fortunately, you can get a cheap guard in FA or draft a pretty good one as late as the 4th.
    We sure as hell better do that.

    I personally think it was a mistake to cut that guy who got hurt so fast
    i didn’t even learn his name last year,
    but I understand they wanted the money.

  82. naplesfan2010 says:

    Once he knelt on the job, Kaep ceased to be a QB and became a politician.

    I do not care who my surgeon votes for,
    but I don’t want to look up from the table
    and see Dr. Scalpel kneeling in the fucking corner
    about ObamaCare
    while the nurse anesthetist is holding my hand and counting backwards.

  83. wyoming85 says:

  84. naplesfan2010 says:

    Back to roster needs
    Thank God we do not need a LS with HoF first ballot lock John Denney re-signed.
    However, he’s so old, multiple joints could fail, so we need another LS trained.

    I’m also good to go with our P and K, so no needs there,
    but we sometimes want another leg or 2 for the sake of practice reps.

  85. I think The reason Ali got back in the sport so quickly,

    was there BiG BIG BIG time money to be made, let’s not squash that.
    Ali and others associated with him and his matches, made fortunes

  86. naplesfan2010 says:

    OK, so I was alive and a sentient sports fan during Muhammad Ali’s career.
    I watched the first Liston fight live.
    I also watched some friends go to Viet Nam and never come home.

    Ali had a lightning fast punch speed, the footwork of a salsa dancer, and a game plan so superior as to have revolutionized the sport. But he became a politican.*

    So he went to jail for dodging the draft, and he should’ve. i did not then nor do I in retrospect support a man who fights for sport skipping out on his duties as a citizen of my country.

    If Jimmy Stewart can fly bombers and my buddy Mike can wade through a fetid swamp with leeches sucking his thighs dry while ducking napalm behind him and invisible rifle fire from the jungle in front of him, then so can Muhammad Ali.

    But he thought he was too pretty. And Mike was not as pretty when he came back as when he left.

    *I opposed the Vietnam War on the grounds that certain of our national politicians put our men and women in harm’s way without a clearly defined mission or adequate commitment to their protection.

    But I supported our troops.

    • The war was based on lies and deceit. Some went thinking it’s patriotic, others felt differently. Ali served his time in prison, he broke the law and did his time.

      Kaep , didn’t break the law, didn’t dodge any drafts, just wanted to sue the NFL so he can play QB, and won his settlement.

      I don’t see where Kaep warrants further punishment, especially when the NFL could not prove him wrong

  87. I’m thinking Fitzpatrick interception rate is alarming. We have all seen what interceptions do to chances of winning,not good.
    He either gets his shit together, or this teams gonna suck, we aren’t strong enough to overcome a shitpile of picks, few , if any teams are.

    I really hope we either get a miracle QB fall to us at 13, or trade up. We need a starting QB.

    I really want to see Fitz fumbling the clipboard on the pine, or tossing paper trash in the wrong bin lol

  88. naplesfan2010 says:

    If Kaep came to play for Miami, every week I would be forced to endure political bickering, which would ruin my fun of watching football. There would be pickets, maybe even riots, booing unrelated to football, all that unpleasantness.

    There is a huge difference between someone who suffers from discrimination while playing his sport, such as Hank Aaron, and someone who steps out of his role in sport to assume a political posture which interrupts sporting events.

    No one refused to let Kaep play until after he made a distracting display of his politics.
    And i even more or less acknowledge the validity of his political stance … er …kneel.

    But when i go to Publix, I want fresh veggies, not a lecture on Global Warming, even though I consider climate change to be a threat to our planet.

    • I’m guessing when Kaep gets his chance, somewhere, some people will bitch about he sued the NFL for the right to play.

      Only thing Kaep can do is toss touchdowns, and all should be well.
      If he comes into the league and rips it up, his critics will find someone else to attack, and his support will be there

      But if he fails,, its like anyone else that fails, they are out of work

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        I totally disagree with this David. There are literally, no exaggeration, millions of people who would not support Kaep if he threw 50 TDs, because his politics has transcended the sport.

        No one I have ever read has been opposed to Kaep because he won a few dollars in the lawsuit. They were opposed to him when he was in the league and kneeling.

        He did not sue while playing. He kneeled while playing.

      • Fair enough, but only one way to really find out. 😎

  89. naplesfan2010 says:

    The reason i am so concerned about our roster is that we start off-season workouts like …
    Tomorrow, right?
    And we have a new coach, new offense, new defense, new culture.

    And many of the players we need to teach all this to are not in the building.

  90. Mike E. says:

    Muhammad Ali wasn’t on a team. That’s the biggest difference Ken, and David too. You have to have this man in the locker room, and his teammates need to accept and respect him. Coaches too. Plus, a major negative is the media circus and distraction of that following the team for all the wrong reasons. Can’t see any reason to be on board with that.

    • Yes Mike, Boxing is an individual sport, fooseball a team sport.

      I don’t think the players feel the same way the NFL does, everyone knows Kaep was done wrong, and they wouldn’t like being done wrong either.

      Maybe they would rally around the oppressed,
      players were never completely on board with the NFL blackballing players over individual rights,
      why would they side with the corporations that oppressed one of their own?

      They probably wouldn’t, and if the FO brings in Kaep, Lock, or whoever, it’s the teams responsibility to buy into the program, and give their all.

      Players don’t make personnel decisions, they need to gel as a team and play their best.

      I don’t know of Kaep is the answer for Miami, I just don’t view him as a problem to other players

  91. naplesfan2010 says:

    Remember, I was alive during the Viet Nam War.
    I am not telling you stuff I learned in sanitized textbooks or revisionist movies.

    Stopping the spread of Cummunism was a very very real agenda.

    We had Communists in Cuba backed by Russian military, and they were exporting it to all of Latin America, trying to turn Central and South America into Communist continents.

    Communism was rampant throughout Europe with half that continent locked in vassal states behind the Iron Curtain and viable Communist Parties in most of our most fundamental fatherlands such as Italy, France, and Scandinavia. Even USA had a Communist Party.

    The Korean War was under a mere cease fire. SouthEast Asia was one domino season from threatening Australia. The Soviet Union was huge, powerful, militant, and vocally threatening.

    China had just become a Nuclear Power and boasted of its clients Laos and VietNam. Cambodian Communists were slaughtering everyone in their way with only the brave Thais standing between them and the many millions of communist Indonesians.

    These are not lies. This was the context in which we felt we needed to make a stand somewhere without provoking World War 3. I opposed the way we conducted the War in Viet Nam, but I understood what was at stake. Going to fight in Nam was indeed patriotic and the duty of American citizens, and Ali shirked that duty over the lie that Islam is pacifist, which has never been true.

    • South Vietnam fell to the communists, we didn’t stop the communists.
      We had no coherent plan beginning to end to stop communism, it was more do this do that games to get elected. Nixon sold the country down the river lying about the withdrawal before his reeelection.
      Many didn’t want to die for political causes, I understand both sides feelings on it

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        I hated Dick Nixon then and i hate him still.
        He was a dirty politician, a crook, and a tiny little, paranoid, foul-mouthed narcissist.

        Nixon was the main reason our Viet Nam effort failed. I will never forgive him for causing the deaths of so many of our brave military servicemen for his own gain.

        I agree with you that he played games with American people to trick them. Nixon was elected and re-elected because his two opponents were considered (cast as) soft on Communism. Nixon and his stooges and handlers orchestrated this lie, but we caught on, albeit several years too late.

      • I’ve heard the Nixon and Kissinger tapes, SMH, yes, Nixon was a calculating evil man

  92. Kaep isn’t Hernandez or Ray Lewis, lol.
    He hasn’t been charged or convicted of any crimes

  93. naplesfan2010 says:

    There is no way Kaep can help a team to gel. No way news media would ignore it and leave it alone. No way Miami fans would accept his support of a regime which forced them into exile.

    i do agree that many players share his politics. Even i am against police brutality.
    I do not agree that Kaep was “done wrong.”

    i am forbidden from making political speeches to my company’s clients on company time, in company offices, or using company “stationery, logo, letterhead, budget ($$), or media events.”

    This was in there before Kaep and any cause / effect relationship to his antics and my company is impossibly laughable.

    I’m no lawyer, but i’ll bet that that is in lots of contracts. And i totally understand why.

  94. Just kicking around some thoughts today, hopefully the team shocks the world with all the right answers, lol

  95. Mike E. says:

    You say Kaep was oppressed? By who?

    • who blackballed him? The NFL
      The NFL wanted to pacify trump, so went out of their way to oppress an American citizens rights, it cost them dearly in the settlement payout.

      The ones to vilify is this case is the league, they need to give everyone a right to play in the NFL, unless they have committed crimes or gross violations of league and team rules

      • Mike E. says:

        He blackballed himself David. He chose to be a controversial figure, no one in the NFL made him do it. He made his bed, and now he can sleep in his $10M settlement bed. Does someone else always have to be at fault? Can’t you just blame him?

      • Can I Blame him for sticking up for his rights to play Quarterback?

        Ok. Sure He’s guilty of that. That’s what the case was about, does he have the right to play quarterback

        But of course , Don’t worry, he prolly won’t come here, we’re just chatting away for the
        Sake of chat 😎

        But I did try to answer Your questions, best I could

  96. Rockphin says:

    Kaep was fighting for the right to be a quarterback in the NFL, and he won
    Did he? Which team is he playing for?

  97. CavalierKong says:

    Political/societal aspects aside, the whole Kaep thing is moot. It seems pretty apparent he doesn’t really want to play football. He allegedly wanted 20 mil to play in an alternative league, and even before his collusion case the rumor was he wanted way too much to play (read: top level starter money).

    I personally think he’s keeping the whole playing football thing alive because it keeps him more relevant in the news which serves his social activism. The fact we’re talking about him now when he hasn’t played a meaningful game in years illustrates that point.

    From an athletic point of view, Kaep was a pretty terrible throwing QB. He had arm strength, but not much else. Poor accuracy, slow at reading defenses, etc. His running ability opened up his game and effectiveness. Take that away, or even diminish it, and he becomes a far less effective QB.

    He was already a borderline backup/questionable starter at the time he went out of the league. Add a couple years of downtime, and he is almost certainly backup material at best now. What team wants to bring in the circus that comes with signing him for a back up QB? But again, I don’t think he really wants to play anyway.

  98. naplesfan2010 says:

    Trump has nothing to do with Kaepernick. Your timeline on that is distorted.
    The NFL’s issue with Kaep predated Trump’s presidency.

    The NFL chose to settle out of court for the same reason many people do, to stop the negative PR and remove the soapbox which the irritating voice was using.

    • Different views on what happened, not really important for Miami in 2019

      I can agree to disagree. I just want Miami to be their best, and Kaep prolly isn’t in that conversation.

      What I see as a problem, is Fitz interception rate, it’s turning Me off
      But I am curious of room opinion,

      Does Anyone else thinking Fitz is not the answer? Anyone feel we have to make a move in the draft for a QB? What should we do for QB this year and beyond?

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        i agree with you David about Fitz turning the ball over too much.
        That is why I want to see Luke Falk given every chance to win the job.

        Fitz can only be useful as a fun ride at the amusement park.
        He’ll take you up, down, and all around until you get sick in your stomach, but you’ll say let’s go again daddy, that was fun.
        He’s not your Bugatti Veyron, your Lamborghini, even your always reliable Toyota Camry. He’s exciting though.

        We need to draft the next Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson type guy.

  99. naplesfan2010 says:

    Back to our depleted roster

    At DT all we have is 2 UDFAs, a journeyman 4th rounder, a 5th round over-achiever and a 6th round spot rotation player.

    There is no chance of any of those players becoming a pro bowl talent at a position which demands that level of talent or your defense WILL sick, as it did.

    If we do not immediately infuse some talent into our DTs,
    we are doomed to be bottom quartile of the NFL on defense.

    I said this last year,
    and we did not draft or sign anybody good enough to matter and look what our defense rating was.

  100. CavalierKong says:

    I think FItz is definitely NOT the answer. More to the point though, I don’t think anyone in Davie thinks he’s the answer, he’s just a one or two year bridge.

    I don’t get into player evaluation like others on this board, so I don’t have an opinion on this year’s QB class other than Murray came off like an idiot to me in the interview I watched. I have found the different discussion enlightening, and do wonder how we are going to approach this draft.

    Like always, I think it comes down to what our evaluators think of the crop of QBs. If there is one they really love, and he is reachable, then we go get him, otherwise we have to be all in on drafting a QB next year.

  101. CavalierKong says:

    I’m sure the NFL payed that 10 million to Kaep with smile on their face. That’s less than nothing to them, he has to shut up about collusion, and he is in the exact same boat he was in before the suit. Nobody has to sign him, and nobody will.

    Now that the payout amount is out there, people know he didn’t have evidence, just like when people thought the NFL had paid out 100 mill, as was first reported, people thought it meant the NFL capitulated because Kaep had them over a barrel. It works both ways. Clearly there was not enough evidence for Kaep to win his suit or no way in hell he settles for 10 million, lol.

    • CavalierKong says:


    • Works both ways, the NFL has nothing they could prove in court that he can’t play quarterback, they settled to avoid court

      • CavalierKong says:

        I don’t understand the first part of that. Why would the NFL have to prove he couldn’t play QB? lol They didn’t have to prove anything. Kaep had to prove collusion and obviously couldn’t which is why he settled.

        And yeah, the NFL settled to avoid court. They got the best possible outcome short of the suit being dropped. They wanted this to go away because it’s a PR nightmare. That is why it’s a win for them. They paid a pittance and now it’s gone.

  102. Just think, if Taylor fell to us at #13 and we took him our offensive line is better day one than it was last year.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      yep and i would do that.
      I would lose sleep over our DL though.

      If we did that, who would be left on the DL in the 2nd?

      • maybe Simmons drops to the 2nd. At DE there’s still plenty to be had. Omenihu will probably be there. Anthony Nelson is probably going in the 3rd. He’d be a good addition. Joe Jackson. Some people think Zach Allen could fall to the 2nd.

  103. An NFL settlement paid to Kaepernick, in no way insinuates or proves Kaepernick did anything wrong.. it only proves the NFL had enough money to cover it or wouldnt have offered, lol. And it suggests heavily the NFL did not want to go to court. Who makes settlements if You want to go to court?
    If Kaep did wrong, and was proven in court to be wrong, then I’d say, damn the dudes wrong, but that never happened

    To continue vilifying Kaep, we are only doing what the NFL did, and it cost them millions of dollars to settle. I see no point to it

    • CavalierKong says:

      You are correct that the settlement doesn’t prove Kaep did anything wrong.

      You are also correct that the settlement suggests the NFL didn’t want to go to court. That is the LAST thing they wanted. Even if they won, it was still the last thing they wanted, this to be dragged out for months or years.

  104. CavalierKong says:

    Nobody will ever really know if the owners colluded or not. I personally don’t think it took collusion for most of the owners to come to the same decision not to sign him. I wouldn’t have. The talent didn’t warrant the circus. If he was a Marino talent, then he gets signed, but he’s not, so he didn’t.

    But whether they colluded or not doesn’t matter in regards to the settlement. Clearly there wasn’t enough evidence of collusion or the case would have moved forward. That was the game being played.

    Kaep wanted to prove his case, get paid, and drag the NFL through the mud. That only happens with a huge payout or a case in court.

    The NFL wanted to shut Kaep up, fix their PR problem, and save money. Their best case scenario was a dropped case or a small settlement.

    How did it play out?

  105. BailBondMike says:

    I traded back in the 5th to gain a 6th but didn’t realize I was also giving up a 7th. Dammit, got to read the fine print. LOL
    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 13: Oliver, Ed, DT, Houston (A)
    Round 2 Pick 16: Ferguson, Jaylon, DE, Louisiana Tech (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 14: McGovern, Connor, C/OG, Penn State (A+)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Grier, Will, QB, West Virginia (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 26 (IND): Brumfield, Garrett, OG, LSU (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 21 (G.B.): Hardman, Mecole, WR, Georgia (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Homer, Travis, RB, Miami (FL) (A+)

  106. Take a look at the Pats roster. There’s no high draft picks playing DT for them and but for the Bennett signing they really didn’t have much at DE either.

    I didn’t realize this but they only had 30 sacks last year. One less than we had. Amazing.

  107. Randy says:

    NE also scored 27 points a game. We scored about 20. Big difference in what your defense needs to do. We couldn’t outscore anybody, so our defense was always under pressure. NE could, so they could play defense differently.

    • CavalierKong says:

      You would also think the Pets were playing from ahead most of the time which means the other team has to pass more often. Usually playing from ahead means the pass rush gets to pin its ears back more. 30 sacks a pretty surprising stat in that regard.

  108. Randy says:

    Wasn’t that $10M settlement for Kaep and another guy, so they split the money?

  109. Articles claim they received almost Ten mil, but I cAnt find Ny proof they split it or got it individual.

    All I am certain of is the NFL doesn’t want us to know, that’s why the hush non disclosure greements, and wants us to keep supporting them with our money

  110. ElephantRider says:

    Why is Krapernick always brought up? He was benched for Blaine “the real American” Gabbert. That’s when all this started happening. How on earth is a guy that is benched for Gabbert every option for any team looking for a QB? I’ll never understand it.

    • For the record, his name is Kaepernick , , and QB are the discussion of the day, Miami needs one.
      We are discussing available options, is that ok? lol
      But , realistically the chances of him coming to Miam would have to be in the abysmal range 😎
      So I wouldn’t get out my omg shirts yet

      • ElephantRider says:

        If you view him as an available option, great.

        And for the record, I know his name. I guess it is selective who you can use goofs on names around here with you.

      • I understand, but I do think it’s important to respect others, with their name.

        We can always say we don’t like the guy, that’s not it.
        If We ever met Kaepernick in person, We would expect him to show us some respect, at the least not call is goof derogatory names, right?
        I would hope he would, I know I wouldn’t disrespect him, he’s never done anything to Me

        But next subject, lol. I’m out of opinions here 😎

      • ElephantRider says:

        He gets no respect. That is what he has earned with me.
        His “message” is one subject. His actions and comments are another….

      • Its obvious You dont want to respect him, and that’s ok I guess.

        But I will not be part of any process that I feel may dehumanize someone.

        I’ve seen instances in history that didn’t turn out well, that started with the rights taking away, dehumanizing, etc

        I’m for American citizens rights, I’m not for big greedy corporations that have nefarious agendas against all of Us, not do I support divisive politicians.

        They are paid by us and should represent us, period

        Maybe Beto can turn Texas blue, get elected in 2020, and the hate era ends, who knows.

        But Beto is right, We are all Americans, and need to remember that

  111. herdfan says:

    I haven’t checked in here for awhile. Been really busy with work. I figured there’d be porn streaming on here by now. 😳😂😳😂

  112. Does Anyone like Quinnen Williams, Alabama DT for our number 13 pick?

  113. Ken says:

    Mike E:
    I think the locker room aspect of the Kaep situation is not really an issue. There has never been any reports that Kaep was a bad team mate or a disruptive influence and someone who didn’t practice. I think he was blackballed because he took an unpopular position that was costing the owners money and that is the difference with Ali. Ali was still tremendously popular and he made the sport lots of money

  114. I think, and I can understand this, we have a lot of fans who are still stuck in the mindset this is the same team it’s been for the past 3 regimes but i’m not looking at it that way.

    You look at the Jets and there’s turmoil starting already with reports that Gase is having arguments with the scouting department and Williams is pissing people off as well.

    Personally, and it’s JMHO, I think we’ve turned the corner in that respect and that we’re beyond that now. People are going to check their egos at the door and I truly believe, like everyone has been saying in the interviews, they are all aligned in their vision of what the team will be going forward.

    There’s something to be said for drafting talent but there’s something to be said for the people who can find the right talent and can coach that talent to be better than others thought it would be and I’d rather have a top 5 coaching staff and front office than a bunch of high draft picks any day because I think those guys can find talent just about anywhere and bring out the best in that talent.

    A team of 11 guys on offense and 11 guys on defense will beat a top GUY on offense or defense any day.

  115. Poor Quinnen Williams, nobody loves a nose tackle, lol

    I’d be ok with Williams at 13, Suh is gone and we need beef in the middle

  116. Williams highlights at Bama

  117. ElephantRider says:


    You wont be a part of dehumanizing someone? Maybe you should look into the “man” you are defending. You are selective in what you see. It’s a 2 way street…… i’m not going to waste my time any further, itll be for nothing anyway.

  118. Heres another defensive lineman Miami may be interested in ,
    Christian Wilkins from Clemson U

  119. Wilkins appears as if he could play any position on the DL t.

    We could play him anywhere, or move him around during the game, hoping to find gaps or seams where he can make the plays behind the los

  120. BailBondMike says:

    No one really talks about Williams because everyone knows he will be gone in the top 3-5 picks. No chance he falls anywhere near #13.

  121. CavalierKong says:

    Sheesh, freakin’ Christian Yelich won 3 games against the Cards pretty much single handed, smh.

  122. Mike E. says:

    Ken – You don’t think teammates will take exception that the Kaep story and the media following the team around and constant questioning from reporters about Kaep instead of the team will happen? What NFL coach would want to deal with that? I think you guys are totally simplifying things here. Why hasn’t any NFL team signed him? Do you think big bad Goodell is forbidding teams to sign him? No one wants to have that circus, and while there are some teammates that might be sympathetic with his cause there may be a bunch that aren’t as well. Too much of a headache

  123. wyoming85 says:

  124. wyoming85 says:

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 13: Oliver, Ed, DT, Houston (A)
    Round 2 Pick 16: Little, Greg, OT/OG, Mississippi (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Nelson, Anthony, DE, Iowa (A+)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Herbig, Nate, OG, Stanford (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Wingard, Andrew, SS, Wyoming (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 19: Guyton, Jalen, WR, North Texas (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Armstead, Ryquell, RB/FB, Temple (A+)

  125. naplesfan2010 says:

    Then there’s DE
    another horrific nightmare scenario on the Dolphins roster.

    Let’s see … we have the 6’3 236 Charles Harris. Since he was a first round sack artist, he should have 8 his rookie year and 10 the next. oh wait … he only has 3 in 2 years.
    But wait he has 23 tackles … in 33 games? No INTs no FF

    I’m not giving up on him though.

    Surrounding him with talent, we also have Woodard, Carradine, and Valoaga. Holy Shit !
    We have no starting DEs on our roster the day before the spring workouts begin.


  126. naplesfan2010 says:

    We have 11 CBs, 7 with starting experience in the league.

    No need to draft a corner unless you want to finish last.

  127. naplesfan2010 says:

    We have 2 Centers, Kilgore and a PS guy. So if we see a good young c who has slid into the 5th, we should probably take him.

  128. naplesfan2010 says:

    I love that draft man.
    Let’s do that.
    (Guyton got himself kicked off the Notre Dame team though. Why was that?)

    I guess it’s a low risk high reward pick at that late spot. He has definite skills.

  129. wyoming85 says:

    Mike E
    You can put me down for never hearing his name again!

    I would like the Fins to fly him in, then drop him off in a Cuban neighborhood with his Castro T-shirt on!!!!!! 😉

  130. naplesfan2010 says:

    Me being a Clemson alum, I do love christian Wilkins and would not mind if we got him, but i really think he has a bit of a ceiling and a bit of a wash out risk to him.

    Not sure why I’m worried about his career, but I think for us the other Clemson interior guy Dexter Lawrence 6’4 342 would be a better fit and will have the better pro career.

    A good guy to draft late or sign as a UDFA is that sub DL who came in on rotation for those two guys. Take a look at some film on this guy: from Walter football
    Albert Huggins, DT, Clemson
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 305. Arm: 33.50. Hand: 10.63.
    40 Time: 5.12. 10-Yd: 1.81. Three Cone: 7.84.
    Bench: 35. Vertical: 25.5. Broad: 8-5.
    Projected Round (2019): 4-6.
    3/23/19: Huggins would have been a starter at most schools, but with Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence ahead of him, Huggins was relegated to being a rotational backup. As a senior, he totaled 23 tackles with 2.5 sacks and 3.5 tackles for a loss. Huggins recorded 22 tackles with 1.5 sacks as a junior and three sacks as a sophomore. He has enough size, quickness, and athleticism to be a rotational backup in the NFL.

  131. naplesfan2010 says:

    Watch #67 especially in the pruple about halfway through the tape.
    He’s very nimble and can tackle RBs and QBs in space.

  132. wyoming85 says:

    Not having a RT or a DE makes it tough to go BPA!
    I wish we would have kept James! Even on a short term high pay contract!

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 13: Williams, Jonah, OT, Alabama (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 16: Ferguson, Jaylon, DE, Louisiana Tech (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Benzschawel, Beau, OG, Wisconsin (A)
    Round 4 Pick 14: McCoy, TJ, C, Florida (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Johnson, PJ, DT, Arizona (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 19: Renfrow, Hunter, WR, Clemson (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Armstead, Ryquell, RB/FB, Temple (A+)

  133. Mike E. says:

    Ken – I don’t deny his talent. He may be better than at least 3-4 starters and many backups, but like I said, it’s not just the talent, it’s the circus that comes with him. He’s also been out of the sport for a long time now, so that has some bearing on the situation as well. Believe me, if Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft wanted to sign Kaep, they would sign him. They don’t answer to Goodell or anyone else for that matter.

    • Mike E. says:

      Hey man, I’m the original Kaepersniffer! His time has come and gone, all due to him and his stance. He did this to himself, and he has no one else to blame, and he also has $10M of nuisance money from the NFL to console him.

      • Well, technically Eric Reid also sued the NFL, it wasn’t just Kaeprnick bringing it by himself.

        Bottom line is, they both took the NFL,s money in settlements, maybe the NFL will treat players differently next time. They brought that on themselves, pay the Men NFL

    • CavalierKong says:


      Baltimore was also reportedly close to signing him, had contacted him, then his girlfriend made nasty, racist comments/implications about Ray Lewis and the owner. That happened, but it gets forgotten. The NFL didn’t make his girlfriend nix that deal, and it’s hard to believe she did that without talking to him about it. It seemed pretty contrived to me.

      The timing of that was what started me believing he doesn’t really want to play football anymore. The rumors of astronomical $$$ demands reinforces it.

      I’ve said it before, if it came out irrefutably the owners did blackball him, I wouldn’t be shocked. I don’t disbelieve the accusation out of some some silly sense that these are moral people, lol. Far from it, they are high -powered business men, most are probably as dirty as it gets. I just don’t think it was necessary to all agree to not sign him because I think it was a combination of things that equaled that. And evidence appears to be that a couple of teams MIGHT have signed him, Seattle and Balt, but he made sure they didn’t.

  134. if Colin was trying to ink uo in Balty, then why did she say anything?
    not much of a girlfriend to badmouth potential employers, at the same time, her man is applying for work

    who needs gf like that, lmao maybe shes good at doubles scrabble?

    • CavalierKong says:

      She is still the only person in recorded history to play a triple word score with the word oxyphenbutazone for a whopping 1778 points!

  135. mf13ss says:

    ElephantRider says:
    March 31, 2019 at 3:38 pm
    Why is Krapernick always brought up? He was benched for Blaine “the real American” Gabbert. That’s when all this started happening. How on earth is a guy that is benched for Gabbert every option for any team looking for a QB? I’ll never understand it.
    Post of the day! And now I’ve gotta post the obligatory video again… LOL

    • its true Gabbert beat him out once, but Kaep also had to deal with a new coach, shoulder,thumb, and knee injuries

      but he also won his job back from Gabbert, and played well, and even the last game he came to Miami he took it to the goal line before ALonso denied him. almost beat us, but we barely survived
      he played at a high level earlier too, broke a record in a nFC championship game, so its not like he cannot play, hes proven he can

      what he hasnt proven is whether or not he can come back from a 2 year layoff, who knows what shape hes in. the NFL is highly demanding of peak condition

      • mf13ss says:

        He’s done, Brah. And your last paragraph says it all.

        He had a chance to re-establish his value by going to the AAF (he refused the contract offered to him), and I don’t think his heart is in football any longer.

      • im preferring We trade up for Drew Lock, i dont believe Colin Kaepernick is the long term answer for us

  136. mf13ss says:

    And who backed up The Real American in Jax? Chad Henne!

    You guys remember this classic?!! LOL

    • henne is old toast, he got run out of town in Miami, beat out by Bortles, and now Bortles got beat out by Foles

      its the way of the NFL, the constant. consistant franchise QBs, are few and far between, we sure dont have one, but there may be one in the draft

      • mf13ss says:

        Truth be told, Henne looked pretty good once The Real American went down due to injury. It was short-lived, but he was a lot better than The Real American, IMO.

      • not sure You remember the game, but we were up on Cleveland in the fourth quarter, and henne tossed picks and fumbled an easy win against a then doormat team.

        i gave up on Henne , THAT DAY

        at that time,
        nobody wastes a fourth quarter lead against the lowly browns, unless You are totally inept.

  137. mf13ss says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    March 31, 2019 at 7:51 pm
    im preferring We trade up for Drew Lock…
    I’m pretty much cool with whatever Grier and our FO decides to do. My preference is to wait until next year to get our QB of the future, allowing Ryan Fitzpatrick to hold it down for a year or two. But I’m not picky in this rebuilding year.

    Just stock up on the ‘meat and potato’ players and allow the chefs to cook.

  138. i could never get it out of my head.

    what kind of QB blows a two score fourth quarter lead over the lowly browns?

    the only answer that came to My mind, was backup QB, for some one else, lol
    because a starting QB , doesnt do shit like that

    that came out to be true, as he became the backup in Jax

  139. here ya go,,

    blast from the past,

    SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

    With a last-minute chance to lead his team to victory, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne came up short.

    After the Browns scored their final touchdown, an excessive celebration penalty and a horse collar tackle by the Browns gave Miami the ball near midfield. All Henne had to do to give his team a great shot at victory was move the ball into field goal range.

    Instead, he threw three straight incompletions and on fourth down threw an interception that sealed his team’s fate. Unlike McCoy, Henne couldn’t deliver when his team needed him the most.

    I knew the Henne era would soon be over, just not soon enough for my tastes

  140. mf13ss says:


    The Henne-era in Miami has been dead for a long time, man! I just posted the Henne song for a trip down memory lane… and it was FUNNY! 🙂

  141. interesting footnote ,
    Gabbert signed for a year with the bucs,
    Henne isnt in the NFL anymore

  142. Johnny Manziel, playing in his third league, the AAF , left his game with a head injury against the Orlando team yesterday. he tossed an interception, then got knocked out of the game

    this dude seems cursed, lol

    • mf13ss says:

      I think Manziel has been a class-A douchebag for most of his life, but he’s facing real demons what with bipolar disorder and addiction issues. I hope for his sake and his family’s sake that he can put it all together and live a good life.

      I find myself rooting for him, though I’m not a big fan of his.

  143. Tim Knight says:

    Wow… more Kaepernick talk. Nothing about him fits the criteria of the type of player this team is looking for. Especially at QB.

  144. Okay, here’s a hypothetical based on that last minute situation David just posted above with Henne.

    We have the ball on our own 35 with 1:30 remaining in the game. We have a good offensive line that gets the job done so we’re not looking at the same shit we’ve been so the qb will have time to make the throws. Again, it’s a hypothetical.
    All we need is a FG to win the game.

    Which qb do you want running the offense:

    Drew Lock
    Daniel Jones
    Dwayne Haskins
    Jarrett Stidham

    and why?

  145. wyoming85 says:

  146. wyoming85 says:

  147. wyoming85 says:

  148. BailBondMike says:

    Wyoming, I watched that whole ND vs Stanford game. Tillery was virtually unstoppable. He had 4 sacks from the DT position going up against Stanford’s best offensive lineman. That is why I never picked Herbig in any of my mocks. Tillery reminds me of another Vincent Taylor but a little better. He is just as good against the run as he is in pass rush as a DT. Many teams double teamed him. Stanford didn’t and it showed big time.

    • BailBondMike says:

      He is also very disciplined in that he sticks with his assignment whether it’s maintaining his gap or stunting.

    • BailBondMike says:

      Actually, I shouldn’t say best OL because if I remember correctly, they were moving Tillery around a lot that game.

  149. mf13ss says:

    Tom Pelissero
    1m1 minute ago
    #Raiders are sending QB David Carr and 2020 first round draft pick to #Dolphins in exchange for Dolphins’ pick no.13 this year and QB David Fales, according to source. Raiders now with 4 first round picks in 2019 #NFLdraft.

  150. Mike E. says:

    M – That was good except Fales wasn’t on our roster. 🙂 AFD!!!

  151. Mike E. says:

    M – I’d be awfully disappointed with that deal for a multitude of reasons. I don’t want Carr, and I want to draft a QB, not pick one who is already a James Bond vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. lol

    • mf13ss says:

      I’d be very disappointed with that deal as well for many reasons, including the reason you just stated. LOL

  152. ElephantRider says:

    Lol @ M!

  153. mf13ss says:

  154. CavalierKong says:

    LOL @ MF13.
    Before I even opened the site today, I reminded myself, “Don’t fall for it.”

  155. The Flying Pig says:

    Sounds like a good trade…
    For me to poop on

  156. mf13ss says:

    Man, I’m seeing some pundits who are REALLY HIGH on Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State. As I stated last week, I’m comparing him to Dion Jordan (WITHOUT the mental issues or shoulder issues).

    From PFF: “Burns racked up the most pressures of any Power-5 defender in the country last year with 69”. That is VERY significant.

    Some (including myself) feel that he’s already maxed out his frame at 249… again, like Dion Jordan. That doesn’t mean he can’t put on more weight (like Dion Jordan did), but it’s going to hurt him and his resounding 4.53 speed.

    If we want an edge-setting DE who can additionally rush (see William Hayes, who I think Clelin Ferrell compares favorably to), Burns isn’t our guy. But if we want a pass-rushing terror, Burns is our guy. All JMO.

  157. mf13ss says:

    I think I’m beginning to narrow it down, as to who our pick could be @ R1P13… and yes, that means BPA (which is going to mesh with many needs).

    So far, I’ve got 3 names who I think could be available to us…
    Jonah Williams, Clelin Ferrell, and Brian Burns.

    No, I do not believe Ed Oliver will last to R1P13… but we can always hope.

    • mf13ss says:

      And NO, I do NOT believe we’ll try a trade up. We’re trying to stockpile picks, not trade them away.

      And NO, I do NOT believe we’ll try a trade down. If ya love somebody in the Draft, take him. Too much of a risk losing that prospect, even if trading down a couple/few spots.

      I think we’re going to have one helluva prospect there for us @ R1P13.

    • Phindog says:

      I was going to reply to you but I see you already did 🙂

    • Tim Knight says:

      I would put Christian Wilkins in there too.

      • mf13ss says:

        He could be a sleeper pick in the 1st round, to be sure. Very good prospect.

      • Tim Knight says:

        He fits the multiple to play 3-4 DE and 4-3 DT. Big body, team leader and high character guy.

  158. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 1, 2019 at 2:28 pm
    He fits the multiple to play 3-4 DE and 4-3 DT. Big body, team leader and high character guy.
    No doubt. And IF we’re going to attempt to replicate what the Patsies* do, that’s the type of player we’re looking for, IMO. As such, I think we’d take Clelin Ferrell over Brian Burns… Ferrell can move all over the D-Line, while Burns is more of a 1-trick pony as a pass-rusher.

  159. mf13ss says:

  160. BailBondMike says:

    M13, I feel there are a few great players who will slide to our picks both in the 1st and 2nd that, IMO, those first 2 picks will be great for us no matter what. Also, I feel we have obvious needs at DE, OL, and DT so if we go BPA it’s going to fill one of those needs anyway. IMO, it’s just the way this draft is stacked up with DT/DE talent.

    BTW, did you like that last draft I did on “First Pick”? 1,2,3,4,5 – DT Ed Oliver, DE Jaylon Ferguson, C/OG Connor McGovern, QB Will Grier, OG Garrett Brumfield. Went WR and RB with the last 2. I did not get an OT but still think this would be stellar.

    • mf13ss says:

      Absolutely agreed on your first paragraph!

      Your last draft on “First Pick”? I LOVE IT! I think we need an O-Linemen earlier, though. That, and I highly doubt we’re going to have Oliver drop to us in the 1st, nor Ferg in the 2nd (I think he goes late 1st). But yes… I LOVE IT, Brother!!!

      • mf13ss says:

        BB Mike,

        You are probably the most aligned thinker to me on this board… I really appreciate your input, always!

  161. Mike E. says:

    I liked that draft I saw the other day where we traded back late 1st RD and took DT Jeffery Simmons. That would be great 1st pick, not necessarily for this season, but he would be a monster for us next season and beyond.

    • mf13ss says:

      Let it be known… I’d LOVE a short trade down to acquire more picks! I just don’t see it in reality.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s funny and I agree with you. I believe Omar said he’s not the kind of player we can draft and stash him away for half a season or the entire year but the Pats can. I look at it that we can do that being that we’re not built to win yet. The Pats need players to help them compete for a championship again.

      I know there will be media and fans who bitch that now our 1st rd pick isn’t even playing. But that’s just another example of people not understanding what’s happening here. If Simmons is a beast in 2020 all is good. Too many people are focused on we have to have this and that this year. We need to add good players to build on, we don’t have to have any one particular position to play this year.

    • I wouldn’t be upset over that either. Pick up at least a 3rd and possibly a 4th or 5th and we could still get an offensive lineman in the 2nd,come back in the 3rd and get a DE like Anthony Nelson in the 3rd and then go offensive lineman in the 4th.

    • I actually put that on Twitter as a poll. If it weren’t for his ACL he’s a possible top ten pick. He has a chance to be an elite DT talent for some years.

  162. Tim Knight says:

    Our DL coach Marion Hobby was Co-defensive coordinator/defensive ends coach at Clemson in 15 and 16. He knows Wilkins who is a senior and some of the other Clemson DL in this draft. He’s a good insider for us with those guys.

  163. I love it when people say the Browns did it right. Really? And Joe Schad says it started with a DE one year and a QB the next? Really?

    Last year they had two 1’s including the #1 and #4 and two 2’s. In 2017 they had three 1st rd picks and 10 picks total.

    In 2016, they had 6 picks in the top 100, 14 picks total, 3 picks in the 3rd rd, 4 picks in the 4th rd and 4 picks in the 5th.

    In 2015, they had 12 total picks with multiple picks in every rd except for rd 2, including 2 picks in each the 1st, 3rd & 4th rds.

    Then, in 2014 & 2012 they had 2 picks in the 1st rd.

    But, they did it right.

    People make it sound like the Browns tanked in order to get those high first rd picks. They didn’t tank, They just plain sucked.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The Browns are the new hype, get used to it. LOL

      • Even their HC said “we have a good looking team on paper. Whoopdie Dilly Ding Dong”. Okay, I changed the last part but it was something like that. lol

      • ElephantRider says:

        That’s what i’m saying. Dorsey was handed all the money and the picks, yet he is treated like hes a genius that already has won a SB for them. The Browns sucked for years, eventually you have to start hitting on picks and spending the money….

  164. mf13ss says:


    In all fairness, you are the only one on this board who has been hysterically referencing the Browns over the last 2 years. Don’t know why you’re doing a 180 at this point, being you’ve been with them and their dealings for so long.

    • mf13ss says:

      And when I say “hysterically referencing the Browns over the last 2 years”, I’m talking about you cheering them on for the positive.

      • That’s not what I’m talking about. There’s a big difference between what I was saying and people who are saying the Browns tanked the last two seasons in order to get high draft picks and say that’s what we should be doing.

        I know the Browns have been sucking. Difference with me was I was saying they had a better chance because of all the picks they had over the past two years and, yeah, their roster was getting better. I never said they “tanked” on purpose in order to get the first pick in the draft the past 2 yrs.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think what he meant is they weren’t tanking under Hue Jackson and their poor front office, they were just bad. Hue Jackson was trying to win.

  165. D says:

    Mike E. says:
    April 1, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    You shouldn’t have cut down your nose tackle tree in your back yard!
    And murdered those poor squirrels.

  166. mf13ss says:

  167. mf13ss says:

  168. Mike E. says:

    Guys – This is my son’s friends brother’s band, he’s the bass player. Tell me what you think. We just saw them in Asbury Park on Saturday night, really enjoyed it. I think they have a big future. Be honest though . . .

    • Tim Knight says:

      I like it, they’re playing their instruments well. Not a big fan of the singer but not saying he’s bad. He sounds like a lot of other singers in this genre. He does feel the music though. For me I always look for unique singers.

      I’d give them a B+ based on the music they’re playing at a young age.

      • Mike E. says:

        The singers voice resilience impressed me. He was really letting loose, and yes, he has a little bit of that raspy scream in some songs, but then sounds nice and clear the next song with no ramifications. I don’t know how they do that.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I’m going by these recordings. You saw the singer live which is the best barometer and he might be getting better and more refined. They’re a good young band, they sound professional. I gave them a B+. LOL

      • Tim Knight says:

        Mike, 2nd rd talent at this time. 😉

    • mf13ss says:

      Definitely gives me a late 80s feel… that’s NICE, coming from me! Too much on the high end, making my ears bleed (but I can FEEL dog-whistles, so take that for what it’s worth).

      I’d say pretty darned good, actually! But in this day and age??? I’m not sure what I’ve heard (but it’s only ONE song!) translates to modern day pop hits.

      Yes… the talent is certainly on display(!), and I think that’s what truly matters. Now, they just need to find a modern producer/arranger. JMO, Bro Mike E. I wish these cats the best of success in their future!

      • Mike E. says:

        Thanks M – I think there are 2 songs there. “Silent Letter” and “Over and Under” My son’s friend is an aspiring actor and he’s in the video “Over and Under”. If you missed one, check out the other. “Over and Under” was their first single release. They have a little Rush, Coheed and Cambria type sound.

  169. ocalarob says:

    Mets marlins tonight. dann stinky ass Mets. where’s marlins fan?

  170. Krishna says:

    I read an article off phinswire about remaining players having $10MM cap hit…. this year beyond.

    RJ over next 4 years
    Minkah off rookie K
    Bobbie McCain…slot cover

    RJ brings so much more value being on the team than off, imo, rebuild or not. His choice. We can find his replacement later.

  171. Tim Knight says:

    Our current defense:
    Jonathan Woodard
    Tank Carradine
    Jeremiah Valoaga

    Davon Godchaux
    Akeem Spence
    Vincent Taylor
    Jamiyus Pittman
    Kendrick Norton

    Charles Harris

    Kiko Alonso
    Raekwon McMillan
    Jerome Baker
    Chase Allen
    Mike Hull
    Quentin Poling
    James Burgess
    Sam Eguavoen

    Xavien Howard
    Eric Rowe
    Bobby McCain
    Cordrea Tankersley
    Torry McTyer
    Cornell Armstrong
    Jalen Davis
    Dee Delaney
    Jomal Wiltz
    Chris Lammons

    Minkah Fitzpatrick
    Walt Aikens

    Reshad Jones
    T.J. McDonald
    Maurice Smith

    What jumps out at you for need? I see Edge/Hybrid . BPA for sure but keep that position in mind. LOL

  172. Mike E. says:

    Tim – Thanks for the feedback. Like you said, they’re pretty young. They have plenty of time to learn and improve. The lead singer is 16, Kyle, the bass player is 19, not sure about the others, I think somewhere in between.

    • Tim Knight says:

      They’re very good at that age. I wish them the best!

    • D says:

      Yeah the singer has a stronger voice than you would expect from a 16 year old. I thought they were pretty good. The guitarist especially I thought was good. Drummer was pretty good. The vocalist cracked a few times but he has a good strong voice especially for that genre. Im pretty impressed personally

    • Phindog says:

      Mike. I think they are very talented for their age and will only get better while they grow and experience life. Musically they rock and play off each other good. Once the lead singers balls drop the sound will change a bit but I think the band will easily adjust. I like their sound. 😎👍🐕🎸🎼

  173. The Flying Pig says:

    I thought they were pretty cool Mike

    But I would like to hear a few oinks worked into the chorus of their song

  174. ocalarob says:

    the Heat still hanging on to the #8 spot after a disappointing loss to @ celtics a game and a half separates the #6 seed thru 9 and out of those 4 teams only 3 will make the post season.

    • ocalarob says:

      with only 5 games left

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I would rather be in the lottery

      • Mike E. says:

        The Knicks probably won’t get the lottery right. They’ll probably get the 3rd pick or some nonsense like that.

      • ocalarob says:

        riley was talking the other day how he was on a phoenix team that barely made the 8 seed, they went on to win the western conf. he said just get in and anything can happen.

        besides i i think phoenix owns miamis 1st rnder for dragic trade

  175. Mike E. says:

    LOL @ Doggy! My first thought was New Years Eve NYC, that’s when the ball drops.

  176. ocalarob says:

    i was reading an article (” will miami finally let kenyan drake be the featured back”?)

    and they were quick to put the blame on gase for his absence in that dept LOL.

    the one who is responsible for not letting drake be the feature rb is drake himself. he can’t run btwn the tackles.

    will that change?

    i’d like to see it but i highly doubt it.

  177. The major thing the Browns did right, is pick the right players , that can actually help the team..
    Not only did they draft very well, but they didn’t play cheapskate and brought in quality free agents like Landry.

    That’s why browns are. Quote unquote, getting it right, and Miami, is well, just looking stupid

    The quality of the browns picks improved, and he FA quality improved, then the team improved, huh

    We could find a lesson in there somewhere if We look

    • ocalarob says:

      the lesson is maybe you should be a browns fan

      • That’s the lesson You got from why the browns picked right and Miami didn’t? That makes no sense.

        Then You missed it, but don’t feel bad, the FO missed it too,that why the team sucked last season.

      • ocalarob says:

        “That’s why browns are. Quote unquote, getting it right, and Miami, is well, just looking stupid”

        that comment doesn’t much sound like a miami fan, what have the brownies done? when was the last time they made the playoffs?
        #landry blows!

      • Have a great day, gotta make some coin this morning,

        Why aren’t You buying AVEO, it’s the easiest money ever

  178. ocalarob says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the heat land jimmy butler this off season.

  179. Mike E. says:

    Pretty sure we were 6-10 with Landry in 2017. It’s also not about being a cheapskate, it’s having over $100M in cap money to throw away on a slot receiver. Now the Browns have the 2 brothers together, I pity Baker Mayfield if things don’t go well there, those 2 are going to drive him crazy!

    • But there are no news stories about Miami getting it right, just the browns

      I realize it’s tough to own up to when improvement isn’t needed, but there’s room for Imorovement in Miami, then maybe the talk will be about us

      • Mike E. says:

        Pay attention, we’re in the beginning process of a rebuild, how can you expect a success story at this point? The Browns have been picking #1 for the last few years, were you giving them props then?

  180. ocalarob says:

    Landry is a slot rec with limited speed, you put him wide and he can’t beat an nfl cb due to his lack of speed, you don’t give a guy like that 15 mil a year especially in the situation miami was in.

  181. Btw this is a pointless and boring argument You are making today, I’m. Moving on

    If You think Miami needs no improvement, fine, we agree to disagree. Not worth arguing over we don’t need improvement when we clearly do

  182. ocalarob says:

    who said anything about “miami doesnt need improvement”?

  183. Mike E. says:

    David – BTW – News stories about getting it right in April. What is that worth? Let’s see them get it right during the season and get to the SB because they’re so good.

    • I see what You are saying, The April aspect of the concept isn’t the getting it right part IMO,

      Most people noticed dramatic improvent in Cleveland last season, im guessing that’s what the fuss was about

      I guess the same folks may not have noticed all the improving in Miami. Maybe next year we will warrant it

  184. Rockphin says:

    Oh, and the pointless and boring argument is the argument that YOU started.

    • Really? What was that. I didn’t start the argument, ORob did.

      I just made a simple statement, that You are now wanting to argue with? Lmao

      If You guys love arguing , have at it, I won’t argue

      • ocalarob says:

        ocalarob says:
        April 2, 2019 at 9:04 am
        “That’s why browns are. Quote unquote, getting it right, and Miami, is well, just looking stupid”

        this is the post i had a problem with and i politely responded, if you want to call that an argument so be it, and if so it’s clear who started it.

  185. Buying more AVEO, damn that stocks radioactive

  186. steveccnv says:

    SMH about some of these comments. I think most of you guys know what I mean.

    I was reading an article about autism myths, and I think it applies…

    • I agree, no arguments here, lol. I’m just having the greatest day of my life over here, and don’t feel like arguing, that’s really all it is on my part. Just chattin away killin time.

      I’m 90 minutes away from closing on a six figure net deal.

      I’m in the greatest mood here, thats a fact buddy.

      so I’ll just go deal with that, still got some mortgage papers to line up for my mortgage burning party 😎
      30 year mortgage cleared in 56 months, now I can buy another house

  187. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m actually a little discouraged about the Browns trading away some of their young talent (Peppers and Ogbah) to get to where they are now

    They had 4 first round picks in 2016 and 2017 and only one is on the roster

    I know they have a lot of firepower on offense right now
    But I don’t love their recent drafts

  188. Btw Mike, I like the band!

  189. with a good entry and exit, You can double Your money in 5 days with AVEO

    If high performing stocks with future growth are for You, then check this rocket out

  190. ElephantRider says:

    S B J

  191. Rockphin says:

    RTP at it again.

    (Rockphin Tradey Pants)



    • D says:

      I limit myself to trade offers on first pick, that 1) Makes sense, like there is an appropriate value associated with the trade, 2) even if there is a better offer, but it doesn’t make sense, i choose the one that makes sense. 3) i usually dont do more than one just to keep it realistic. I also try to make sure i think about how the team would look at the scenario. for one, no way do i make a trade if there are players we have looked at, or brought in on a visit/workout is in the top remaining list. I also dont do trade ups unless i know we really covet a player and i think there is a good chance they are going to be gone. For this year, i wouldn’t do any trade ups for example. We aren’t in a position where losing picks is worth it for the prospect. I think the trades in that mock program are a good feature but you have to be real with them or the mock itself just makes you feel like we can come out of the draft with something more than we actually can.

      • D says:

        BTW i get that you are just messing around and having fun, just thought id add my strategy/beliefs.

  192. ocalarob says:

    we all argue our points here, we may not all agree on certain subjects and we voice our opposition. sometimes when arguing a point some of the arguers drift into other places having nothing to do with the previous argument.

    arguing isn’t bad, it’s very good as long as the arguers stay on the topic of argument.

  193. D says:

    I wish they have a site where you could do mock drafts live against other armchair GM’s picking for their teams. Like one where once everyone picks their teams it queues you until matched with other people who were choosing for the other 32 and everyone just picks like you would in a normal draft (other than the taking 10 minutes to make a selection you knew you were going to make when the clock buzzed).

    • D says:

      Like is SF is on the clock, it is going to be Bosa or Williams, and they will know before the draft which it is, and if Arizona shocks people and takes Bosa or Williams 1) they will know who they are picking. Its going to take them 10 fuckig minutes to make their selections even though they fucking know who they are picking. That shit is irritating. Oh but maybe they are fielding offers for the pick…doubtful. SF is close enough to win now they should make that pick, i doubt you see them trade to build for the future.

  194. D says:

    BTW the Browns haven’t miraculously done anything they have sucked for damn near a decade to get to where they are now with the picks they have had. By most evaluations, they are WAY behind the curve on their “rebuild”. They finally took a QB and he showed some skills last year to help them think they are finally moving in the right direction. They used some of the 100’s of millions in cap space to add parts thats helping, but they were still 7-8-1 last year, a tad off of what we were and we had a pretty shitty season. There is no miracle in Cleveland, just laws of averages. Give a team a stepping stone long enough, eventually even a blind and handicapped one will find a way to use it.

  195. mf13ss says:

    Check out Charles Davis’ mock here. Look who we take, and who the two players are that go right after us. Remember the three players I mentioned yesterday who could be availed to us? Hmmmmmm!

    • mf13ss says:

      Oh yeah, and look who goes just before we pick…

    • D says:

      Not to shit on your predictions, good call by you, but i think most of us have had those three players floating around 13. Thats why i dont buy the, nor am on the trade back bandwagon. There is going to be a really solid player that helps us more than having more picks. I could see any of those three at our pick, and probably a few others that Davis has listed above us, because they could flip into the spots the others are.

      • mf13ss says:

        It depends on who ya listen to, regarding Jonah, Clelin, and Burns… I see them all over the place from pundit to pundit.

        But to your second point, I absolutely agree with ya, D. Somebody is going to be there for us @ R1P13 that has STUD potential.

      • ocalarob says:

        just because we pick a player at 13 doesn’t mean he will be great or even good, top 10 picks may be good 60% of the time, not only does trading back still gives us a chance at a good player, we have a cushion on multiple players if we get it wrong.

      • D says:

        There are no guarantees about anything but not too long after 13, there seems to be a drop in talent, not that the other players aren’t good, but there will be one or 2, maybe 3, really elite prospects at 13. You cant expect any guarantees in anything, but id say the odds are in your favor that a guy at 13 pans out how you think he will a lot better than a guy at like 20 or 26. With the picks we are amassing for 2020, thats seems to be where we are targeting our deep dive into adding multiple players and filling out the roster. This year i think we need building blocks so that when 2020 is here, we are ready to add parts around them.

  196. bookman11 says:

    LOL @ER!!

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