Dolphins through the years: Who was your favorite Dolphins player of the 1980’s?

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667 Responses to Dolphins through the years: Who was your favorite Dolphins player of the 1980’s?

  1. naples has some nice shipwrecks with giant permit, i caught them up to 25 pounds there

  2. Wyoming, next time You go to the keys, ask the captain if he will troll the reefs with giant diving plugs for large gag grouper

    OMG, its a must to try !

    when You hook a giant gag grouper, its like catching a small whale

    • wyoming85 says:

      The wind was up to high to get out to the wrecks all week-end! 😦
      But that kinda thing happens when you book 6 months in advance!

      Between the 5 of us we boated
      4 Tarpon
      2 Barracuda
      A bunch of Mangrove Snapper and Yellow Jacks

      It was a great trip!!!!!!

  3. stangerx says:

    wyoming — nothing better than Key West and sounds like you ate some mighty fresh seafood. Next time you come we’ll teach you how to catch Tarpon like the locals do. 🙂

  4. ocalarob says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    July 14, 2019 at 4:44 pm
    it was working fine for a year after i left, why didnt You call me if you had a problem?
    customers call if they have problems, the only time u called is when you broke the drain line and expected me to drive out and fix it for free, which i did

    David when you lie, make sure the person you’re lying to doesn’t know the truth.

    first of all my compressor went on my old unit, it never leaked, so you come out and put this new unit in and it flooded my home the same day! what a coincidence!

    i kept telling you it was still leaking and that’s the reason you came back, you finally climbed under it and found the broken drain line, knowing that i never had that problem in the past makes it easy for me to know your installer did it.

    saying that you subbed it out like you didn’t have the time to do it is also BS. if you were that busy why were you here the whole time the guy was working on it? it still wasn’t completed and you had to hire a second installer to come out and finish it! it took 2 fuck’n weeks!

    after you were finished and long gone i still had the stynch of david in my AC as it flooded again, the line got clogged and the moron you had working on it didn’t take the metal knock-out out of the overflow shutoff!

    the reason you had to hire 2 installers is because you don’t know how to install an AC, why else would you be there the whole time, i just had a 3 ton unit put in another home and the guy was in and out in 1 day! works great.

    i had to pay another guy to come out and finish your work!

    the reason i didn’t call you is you don’t know what you are doing!

    you should get help from a shrink bro.

    I know you meant well but no reason to lie about it.

    • i never lied, i explained to you you were outside my area, You know you are in ocala and i had a buisness in orlando

      im sorry the guy that sold it to you and installed it wasnt to your satisfaction, but it was all i could do for out of my area. i did my part and you dont seem to be able to grasp that

      i didnt make shit on the job but caught grief and aggravation out of it
      i tried to help You, but i cant control others

      im quite honest that orlando isnt near ocala, google it and check if You dont think so
      i never did work in ocala, just tried to help a guy that falsely claimed to be my friend

      no need to be an asshole about it again, i had enough of your abuse before

      there is no need to lie on my end, my ac works fine, installed by my ac company, not the one that did Yours

  5. i would have never sold a job to a problem customer out of my area, nobody i know would either

    life is too short for the aggravation

  6. steveccnv says:

    Watching Dodgers Red Sox, the count is 3-2 the pitch is inside about 4 inches, the batter swings and makes an out Would the batter swing, if the balls and strikes were called electronically? The point is, batters are taught to swing with 2 strikes on anything close, but would it change if the 3-2 pitch was actually called as is?

    • do You think balls and strikes should be called electronically? the technology certainly exists,
      i think it would eliminate mistakes or bias by humans

      • steveccnv says:

        100%, I’ve been calling for it for years. Why cant the Dodgers score when Kershaw pitches? Because for both teams the strike zone is expanded. We saw the same thing for the Braves in the 90s. Most great pitchers get it.

  7. steveccnv says:

    Why is it that commentators in every sport think that when fans wear hats and jerseys from the visiting team they actually live in the city of the visiting team? I’m pretty sure most of these Dodger fans in Boston live on the east coast.

    • stangerx says:

      Case in point is Phins games when the Pats and Jets are in town. But heck…. I’m a local who goes to Marlins games in a Pirates shirt when they come.

      • steveccnv says:

        You should see the west coast Fin’s fans in SD. Every time I’ve been, it’s about 25%.

  8. pheloniusphish says:

    Damn….should have made popcorn before catching up. That was entertaining.

  9. Orob was mad because i mentioned one WR won the super bowl mvp and the other one bounced around from team to team, then he went off into 7 years ago when i sent someone out to his house and subcontracted with him, because the sub didnt have a credit account with the supply house, i did
    the guy i subbed with, disappointed Orob, AND myself, and Orob thought i should install it for free and pay the sub to install it too, but that isnt how it works,
    but i stuck with it and paid a tech to drive all the way out from orlando to get it going

    so he can get mad all he wants, doesnt change anything from the past, nor does the wr comments mean anything. im not angry, im retired and my ac works fine

    Orob can call an Ocala company next time he needs a new ac

  10. ocalarob says:

    I like the way you minimize your part in that shit, so if you subcontracted to another guy are you normally there thru-out the whole process? and do you normally sub it out to another as well?

    if i sub a job out to someone I normally tell them to go do the job and let me know when it’s done, they don’t get paid until the jobs complete and in a timely manner.

    and who gives a shit about where you came from, you took the job! did you have a problem with the money i gave you? did it spend OK, because what i got in return was a shit show!

    I told you at the time to take your AC away that i would figure out another way and you begged me to complete the job that took you 2 weeks! multiple floods! and now you act like you’re the victim!

    Your full of shit David, your fucking delusional,

    • you still dont get it, you say normally this and that, normally i dont have any technicians in ocala.
      normally i dont do installs huindreds of miles away and run an office at the same time, technicians have to do installs
      normaly i dont drive equipment hundreds of miles, I made an exception for You on that because the sub didnt have a credit account for the equipment
      i never had any techs in Ocala, EVER, i subbed with a company that would service Ocala, NONE of my techs wanted to drive hundreds of miles

      You can hurl personal insults , but if You are trying to anger Me, You failed, Im not angry, try to get over it, and the wr comment
      if You want me to come out and install new equipment, that aint happening either
      You are well outside of My retirement area, lol
      life is too short to get upset over wr comments and installs forever, IMO

  11. ocalarob says:

    it took 2 sub contractors and david two weeks to put an AC in, flooded my home and i had to hire a reputable ac guy to come out and finish the job!

    • flooded your home is a lie, i was there, remember? that was months later when you broke the drain line, it made a very tiny spill, i cleaned it all up and fixed it for free even though i should have said fix your own problems. i still have the documents on jt
      what is the point of making up BS 7 years later?
      do You feel important spreading lies? i thought you were done conversing with Me?

  12. pheloniusphish says:


  13. pheloniusphish says:

    ORob – You should know that you can’t argue with a window licker.

    • theres alot he cant do dick licker
      he cant make up good lies
      he cant make me angry
      he cant make me drive out to his house for more free work
      he cant get angry that i didnt install his ac, and get angry his house flooded out from the install i didnt do at the same time, thats retarded.
      he cant get over the WR comment that one won a super bowl mvp and the other one bounced from team to team lmao and SMH

      these are all above your head, but i dont mind You shoiwing off Your ignorance

      you guys live a pathetic life to spend it all baby whining, wahh wahh little baby Phel, go fuck yourself lol

      • im done talking to the marine too, everyone knows they are the dumbest service members because of shining examples like this one
        LOL what a littke crybaby snowflake.
        dont You have some chickenhawk boots to shine and kiss?

  14. ocalarob says:

    pheloniusphish says:
    July 15, 2019 at 7:12 am
    ORob – You should know that you can’t argue with a window licker.

    a normal person would just admit to botching the job and apologize
    it’s not that he botched the job, it’s the lying/ twisting the truth to avoid responsibility for his actions and all the BS that comes from him.
    The guy needs help for sure, very sad.

    • you made up lies about Me, and claim Im lying? this is going nowhere, have a great day

      the BS came from You, im not sitting around whining about WR comments or installs from 7 years ago, or lying my house was flooded
      my wr are fine, and my ac is fine, no floods or koi ponds either

      im fine, thanks for asking, sorry your life is hell over there, but try to at least get past the wr comments, lmao and smh

      life is too short to stress out over nothingburgers imo, but suit yourself, wallow in misery if it makes you happy

      • and as far as any apology, you would only forget it later, whats the point

        i already apologized that the brand new equipment was defective out of the box, but u forgot that, and i had to return it and did

        its not possible to apologize for shit you just made up on the fly later cause u were mad at the trivial WR comments

        does it seriously bother You that You cannot make me angry? did You want me for Your pity party? sorry, You are out of my area, and im in a great mood, lol

        i dont expect any apology from You, its Your lucky day!

        gotta make some market money, the WR and the AC will be dead within 60 years, maybe u can forget that then, lol

  15. steveccnv says:

    David, you keep digging yourself deeper. Probably better, if you just drop it.

    In general company vs consumer arguments people take the side of the consumer, because they can relate better with them. I dont know what happened here, only you two do, but generally a consumer doesn’t go after a company, when the company did nothing wrong, unless they just want something for free and that doesn’t seem like what’s happening here. Just saying how you’re coming across to me.

    • try to understand i left out some damaging details about Orob, so You didnt get the entire story, he would have been happy if he was in orlando, and my company techs came out and did the job, i did explain ocala was out of my area,
      but he insisted on ME and this guy doing the work, and begged me to bring him weed too, he said he didnt have any weed connections
      this blog will honestly never know all the details, and shouldnt,
      if orob or anyone had a legitimate complaint, waiting 7 years and posting it on a football blog isnt the best way to do it
      i have remained calm, and havent personally attacked him like he does with me ranting and raving,

      but agreed im done with it

      word to the wise, ANY consumer complaints are not solved by waiting 7 years and posting crap on a football blog
      those are never valid complaints

  16. stangerx says:

    And you guys thought you heard too much about my washer and dryer. 🙂

  17. son of a son of a shula says:

    Well I just fixed my own damn a/c, so there

  18. Mike E. says:


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