Dolphins fall to 0-3, lose to Cowboys 31-6. However, all is not wrong in Miami

There’s hope. While there are many things compromised by the deep roster purge, there are glimmers of hope. The first half of this game it wasn’t that obvious which team had just emptied its roster and which team was probably a contender to be the best team in their conference. The Miami Dolphins actually had an edge in T.O.P. in the first half, 16:11 to 13:49. The first drive looked nice yet K Jason Sanders failed to convert the FG to give the Dolphins their first lead of the season. Despite the fact that we didn’t score, it was evident this team had a different feel with QB Josh Rosen at the helm instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick. There was confidence, aggressiveness, and in general there was life in this offense.

The defense wasn’t especially strong, but in the first half they were in the game. There’s still no pass rush, and we don’t look great against the run, but the Cowboys high powered offense was held in check in the first half. You want depressing? This kills me by the way. I know it’s early in the season, but here are the 3 sack leaders on our team. All newcomers, John Jenkins, Vince Biegel and now Taco Charlton who has played only one game are all tied with a grand total of 1 sack! Not one Dolphins defender who was here last year or longer has a sack. That’s ugly. I guess I was wrong about Taco, he’s better than what we got (Ugh!).

DeVante Parker still remains the enigma he’s always been. He’ll make the wonderful contested catch with a very low chance of success, and then run an easy crossing route with no defender within 5 yards and allow an easy floater to go right through his hands. That could have been a TD. Preston Williams seems to have passed him on the reliability chart and it seems that Rosen and Williams have good rhythm between them. Jakeem Grant was extremely amped up to play in front of his home crowd in Texas and his hands were even more amped up, dropping not only another punt but a couple of passes too. How much longer does Grant get to field punts? That should be a legitimate question.

It’s only 3 games, but I can’t think of one guy on our defense who has been impressive. What happened to our LB’s Jerome Baker and Raekwon McMillan? They have been quieted to the point you forget they’re there. Sam Eguavoen who made lots of noise in preseason has come back down to earth. Yesterday was different, the Cowboys made our best defender Xavien Howard look like Eric Rowe for a game. They picked on X all game and were successful doing so. This is one X would like to forget, but I’m sure Rowe was thankful to have the pressure off him for 1 week. To be fair, Eguavoen led the team in tackles yesterday, but there hasn’t been an impact play all season. I’m wondering if Christian Wilkins blew his load trying to body bump Roger Goodell at the draft because he hasn’t been seen nor heard from since. It’s still early though so I’m far from panicking about him. Charles Harris though, oh boy . . .

I laugh to think how many discussions we’ve had here about which RB is better suited to be the feature back here in MIA. I’m pretty sure after 3 games that we haven’t seen him get regular playing time, because it’s clearly not either Kenyan Drake or Kalen Ballage. While Drake has the runaway speed he’s too much of a finesse runner. While Ballage has the size he’s too much Sta Puft for me. He goes down as soon as he sees the graham crackers coming. Also, both are supposed to be good receivers out of the backfield and this season they just keep dropping the ball. I think it’s just a matter of time before we see more of Mark Walton and Myles Gaskin. We’ve also been economical with our use of FB Chandler Cox and I’d like to see that change too.

Rosen is the reason. If you’re tuning in this year, you’re probably watching to see how the young QB fares, or you’re a masochist, either one. I think he brings lots of promise. I’m not sure if he can be an elite QB but he looks like he belongs on the playing field and his arm talent might be the best since good ole Danny boy. Granted, that isn’t saying all that much, you’ve seen the list of QB’s that have been here since ’99, it’s fugly! I said I wanted improvement every week, and although on the scoreboard it was just a tiny increment better, I know we were competitive, we could have been ahead. The 2nd half things unraveled, but when you’re looking for positives, you have to take them where you can find them. Maybe by season’s end we can put 2 halves together and play a solid game the whole way.



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  1. Rockphin says:

    DE Charles Harris. Harris was looking to make a splash in year three. And Harris was a disruptive presence all throughout the preseason — providing optimism that this could be the year. And then the regular season started and Harris has, once again, been invisible on defense. The Dolphins claimed Taco Charlton on waivers two weeks ago and Charlton now has one less sack for the Dolphins than Harris has in 31 games. It’s hard to imagine Miami exercising a 5th-year team option on Harris with how unproductive he continues to be rushing the passer.

    Here is to hoping that Grier does a better job with the three first round picks he has hoarded than picking a bust like Harris again!

  2. son of a son of a shula says:

    Say our own pick is top 3 and one of the others is top ten to twelve then we could use the 3rd first to move up again into top 5 and get our QB and possibly the best DE on the board.
    Go Bengals!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      That’s one thing we can do

      But Im leaning towards an offensive heavy draft
      QB, OL, OL, WR, WR, RB
      And we still have another pick in the first 3 rounds
      We can build the entire offense this offseason
      And then use those picks in 2020 to fill in the holes on D around Howard, Baker, McMillan, Wilkins and taco

      Our pass rush is horrible
      But maybe we can draft a couple in 2020
      And be a complete team by 2021

    • Rockphin says:

      No trading away the picks! Use the picks to get first round talented players!

  3. Rockphin says:

    ocalarob says:
    September 30, 2019 at 9:41 am
    at least we WON the coin toss!


    But then after “winning” we deferred so we can’t even win that right.

  4. Rockphin says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    September 30, 2019 at 10:27 am
    That’s one thing we can do

    But Im leaning towards an offensive heavy draft
    QB, OL, OL, WR, WR, RB…..

    I would rather go QB, EDGE,OL,CB, BPA

  5. son of a son of a shula says:

    I dunno Piggs Rivers has all day to pass yesterday. We couldn’t get near him, 3rd and whatever was cashed in all day long.

  6. Rockphin says:

    With the 4th round pick we get back for Rosen we should take a OG

  7. Mike E. says:

    You look at the NFL standings and the one freaking thing that never seems to change is NE in 1st place in our division, usually followed by a bunch of teams with shitty records. Right now BUF has a winning record, but it’s equaled out by us 0-4 and the Jets being 0-3. Hopefully after next year’s draft and free agency we’re closer to where BUF is right now.

  8. Mike E. says:

    You look at the NFL standings and the one freaking thing that never seems to change is NE in 1st place in our division, usually followed by a bunch of teams with shitty records. Right now BUF has a winning record, but is equaled out by us 0-4 and the Jets being 0-3. Hopefully after next year’s draft and free agency we’re closer to where BUF is right now

  9. Rockphin says:

    So what do you think of the Dolphins Execution this week?

    I’m all for it. (John McCay)

  10. Rockphin says:

    Adam Beasley

    Replying to @AdamHBeasley
    3. Taco Charlton is the Dolphins best pass rusher. In just 78 snaps with MIA this year, he has two sacks and three quarterback hits. By way of comparison, Charles Harris — whose playing time has been reduced — has zero sacks in 218 snaps.

    Harris is a bust!

    • Mike E. says:

      Harris is just a huge disappointment. He has given us absolutely zero. There’s not a single glimmer he has given us to look forward, he’s a fucking ghost! Reminds me of Vernon Gholston (Ghost-on) for the Jets, although Harris didn’t come with anywhere near the same hype, but he’s just as freaking invisible.

  11. The Flying Pig says:

    Rock and Son

    Yeah – our pass rush is horrible
    In fact, I think it might be our biggest need

    But we can build a good offense in one offseason
    And get in shoutouts in 2020

    We have 2 picks in 2021 as well
    We can work on D then

  12. Mike E. says:

    Screenshot_2019-09-30 Pro Football Statistics and History Pro-Football-Reference com.png

    Speaking of the (useless) devil, there he is when I pulled up the pro-football-reference site, top left. Only place he actually shows up!

  13. stangerx says:

    We’re gonna have the biggest slate of draft picks in the NFL, but will also be btwn us and the Colts for the biggest check book in FA too. Should be like $140 mil to play with.

    $15 mil a year buys you a top guy at his position unless QB. We will have to plan ahead cause won’t have that much cap room in the years after, but could easily afford two of the top 10 FAs with change left over for a couple other solid starters.

    Grier is gonna be the most popular man in the NFL come the off season.

  14. Rockphin says:

    Son & Piggy, I listed that person as “Edge” because I’m not sure the player will be a TE. We don’t play enough 4-3 to use a high pick on a DE in a 3-4. We need help in pass rush from somewhere though. Opposing QB’s are having picnics back there in the pocket.

  15. rich0322 says:

    In this day in age, I think having very good CBs is just as important as having very good pass rushers. They both help each other in making a good defense, just look at NE. This might be NE’s best defense to date and it’s no coincidence that they have the best secondary in the NFL.

    With that said, I think QB, OL, CB, and a pass rusher should be our first 4 picks.

    • stangerx says:

      Those are the big value picks and for a reason. Not just that they are important, but the positions that get the big bucks in FA. So having one on a rookie contract for 4 years with a 5th year option is thrifty capwise.

  16. The Flying Pig says:

    Basically I’m saying

    We are so bad – let’s just work on one side of the football this offseason
    I think it’s going to take 2 years anyway

    • stangerx says:

      Think we have enough to work with that can address both sides of the ball. 2020 will be like two offseasons in one…. maybe even more like 2.5.

  17. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s just say we happen to get the #1 overall pick

    And we select Tua

    Did you guys know he is left handed?
    The left tackle doesn’t protect his blind side

    Does this make LT less of a priority?
    I think you can argue that – but I think overall of you draft a QB number 1 overall, you need to prioritize OL

  18. rich0322 says:

    I agree we need a lot and it will take multiple off-seasons. I just have always believed unless there is a very, very, very special player that falls in your lap, the 4 positions I would always target in the 1st round are OL, DL, CB, and QB. Since we need all of them, I would target the best at each position. Then you can focus on one side of the football the rest of the draft. It’s how I would approach it, but we’ll see. It should be interesting either way.

  19. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!!

  20. Rockphin says:

    Piggy we have discussed on here the varying importance of a left tack for a left handed QB. Someone posted a theory that it could be why they traded Tunsil. (that the team was planning on drafting Tua and saw less value in Tunsil with a left hander back there)

    We need to shore up the Oline regardless of who is at QB. I am hopeful that we can find some guys without having to have all 1st round picks on the line.

    At one point in the recent past we had a first round pick at LT, LG, C & RT (Albert, Tunsil, Pouncey & James) and our line still wasn’t that good. (injuries contributed)

    I hope we pick a right handed QB anyway. One who is more prototypical in size and who is less injury prone than Tua.

    Whoever they pick I just hope they get it right finally!

  21. ocalarob says:

    I don’t think selecting a qb with the first over all pick makes any sense at all, first of all Rosen looks damn good, secondly how many great knock it out of the park qbs were selected #1 over all?
    look at russell wilson…aaron rodgers…tom brady…the list goes on.

    you let Rosen become your starter and draft a qb later to learn behind him.

    now who should we draft early?

    you have to draft guys that mother nature does not make many of, these are big guys that are agile and can run also durable DL …OL…Edge rusher.

    little fast guys are a dime a dozen.

    lastly, you don’t target one guy. and you use one of your early picks to trade back and acquire more 1st rnders in future years, repeat that in the 2nd rnd as well.

  22. ocalarob says:

    Rockphin says:
    September 30, 2019 at 12:48 pm
    We don’t play enough 4-3 to use a high pick on a DE in a 3-4.

    They may acquire or draft an edge setter as they went after trey flowers last off season.

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