QB’s – Current depth chart and needs

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Josh Rosen

Jake Rudock

So there you have it. 15 year veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick who is clearly the #1 choice as the starter at the moment, followed by 2 year veteran Josh Rosen who has played in all of 20 games starting 16 and doing so with a record of 3-13. Of course that record must be taken in context as he was playing for an awful team in Arizona for a HC that was fired after just one season. Jake Rudock was signed to a 1YR deal for $600K and he rounds out the depth chart.

Fitzpatrick had an uneven season, sitting behind Josh Rosen until the Fest game where Rosen was pulled and Fitzpatrick took over the reins for the rest of the season as the starter. He finished really strong, developing a strong relationship with WR DeVante Parker, who really grew in leaps in bound last season. I don’t want to ruin the upcoming WR article but the duo of Fitzpatrick and Parker from game #10-#16 totaled 39 receptions for 733 yards for a crazy 18.7 YPC and 5 TD’s. That’s a season for some guys right there. Mike Gesicki also had a very nice season and Fitzpatrick had a lot to do with that as well.

What to do with Josh Rosen? The best answer is probably nothing right now as his value couldn’t really be diminished any more than it already has so we just have to hope he has better things to show us. He needs to show a lot of improvement in camp and in the preseason and let him continue to build on that. There shouldn’t be any pressure for him regarding the starting job because if Ryan Fitzpatrick is healthy, he’s the QB, there is no uncertainty there. Of course if Rosen played out of his mind he may force a different outcome but no one really expects that to happen.

There are so many different ways to view the draft and the QB’S that may be available to us. My preference is to stay where we are and let the players fall as they will. I don’t want to trade multiple picks to get Burrow and I’d rather not trade multiple picks to get Tua, although the value to potentially get to #3 with Detroit shouldn’t cost more than our #5 and and our #39 pick. I could tolerate that, but the more I consider Justin Herbert or Jordan Love or even Jacob Eason or Jalen Hurts later on, as long as we have a solid foundation after free agency and the draft, I’d feel fine with any of those guys knowing none of them have the pressure to start this season. We can develop them and see what we’ve got and still be able to draft a QB next season providing we don’t trade away any future draft capital.

I’m excited for the draft, even if no one is there live, that doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is WHO we draft, not whether they hug the commissioner. It’s possible due to COVID-19 that free agency will be postponed, because part of the process is meeting team’s staffs and also checking out the neighborhoods, schools etc. If travel is limited or shut down completely, all that stuff can’t happen. I suppose they could do video conferencing but it can’t be the same as meeting a guy in person and of course seeing the sites around town and feeling the lifestyle of sunny Florida. I’m open to taking a QB early and I’m even more open to taking one later after we got some top OL and defensive players and maybe a RB. Next up is WR’s followed by TE’s.



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1,291 Responses to QB’s – Current depth chart and needs

  1. Rockphin says:

    Grier has added players aged 25, 25, 28, 27, 26, 26, 25, 25 and 27.

  2. Rockphin says:

    Miami will have one player aged 30 or older on the roster. That’s incredible.

  3. Rockphin says:

    Miami isn’t tanking. They’re becoming a tank.

    WOW Joe Schad. LOL

  4. Rockphin says:

    average age of the players they have picked up in FA is 26. PRIME ascending players. No,no,no,no Rockphin, don’t start drinking again.

  5. naplesfan2010 says:

    I don’t know about the tank metaphor, maybe so,
    but what they are becoming is a hungry yet fun team,
    a creative yet professional team.

    Unpredictable but based on rock solid fundamentals.

    A team that’ll hit you in the first drive, hit you all during the first half, hit you right out of the locker room after halftime, and hit you while you’re exhausted and sick of getting hit in the 4th quarter, so you can’t come back, cause if you try, you know the Dolphins are gonna hit you the whole last drive.

  6. steveccnv says:

    Karras chose us over the cheats, because he had a better chance to start.

  7. son of a son of a shula says:


  8. son of a son of a shula says:

    I’ve been working with a Pats fan, a retired guy who helps us out occasionally, it’s been so fun busting his balls. I’ll tell him I need to check my phone to see how many more guys they lost and how many more Patsies we got. Yesterday saying the Center should be next! Well he signed today.
    He’s a bit in shock over Brady, I don’t think it set in yet. I’m like thank God Brady is out of our division. I said something like they got all that out of a freaking 6th rounder and to that he said well Marino was to. I said no he wasn’t he was he was a first rounder and instead of realizing he was mistaken he became insistent that he was right. So I won an easy 20 bucks. How the fuck is he going to argue with a lifer Dolphin mega fan, especially about something so simple.

    • steveccnv says:

      Dumbass cheats fan.

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        I couldn’t believe he argued that with me. I didn’t feel right about taking his money but he did offer up so really I only had an opportunity for an easy 20. I should have snatched it out of his hand, lol.

  9. son of a son of a shula says:

    We’re about a month out for the new schedule so we can start planning Corona Fest 20. I’ll be there whichever game it is.

  10. son of a son of a shula says:

    I think this we be the 10th annual Fest.

  11. steveccnv says:

    Over the cap still shows us with $53M in cap space for the top 51, but Howard and Robert’s don’t show up yet. Guys like Van Noy $6M, Byron $14M.

    We keep hearing how these new contracts are front loaded, but it’s just the bonus money and the first couple of years payment, and not cap space.

    Having these lower numbers this year just gives us flexibility, as we’ll likely carry over $20+.

    The rookies will cost a ton this year, with pick 5 being about 6M, 18 about 3M and 25 about 1M, then subtract out the min salaries they replace and that gives us about 8M net for our 1st rounders. 2nd rounders will cost a net of 1+M, so somewhere in the 9-10M range. The rest of them don’t cost anything, and if they all make it, they’d actually save us money.

    When the new TV contract hits the cap will explode they say.

  12. manitobafinfan says:

    Dilly dilly to Sons 10:16 post

  13. ocalarob says:

    I heard it was 17,000,000 to sign our rookie class

  14. ocalarob says:

    County still available did he make a mistake not signing with Miami last year

  15. Mike E. says:

    No Dilly Dilly to Son’s 10:16. No trading the whole damn draft!

    • dbolt48 says:

      LMAO 😂

      • Mike E. says:

        How many times is the 1st QB off the board the best QB?

        2019 – Murray, Jones, Haskins, Lock, Grier
        2018 – Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson
        2017 – Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson
        2016 – Goff, Wentz, Brissett, Prescott
        2015 – Winston, Mariota
        2014 – Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater, Carr, Garoppolo

        Right now, 2019 is way up in the air, I can actually see Jones or even Lock having better (longer) careers than Murray. ’18 it’s Jackson by a lot right now. ’17 is easily Mahomes. ’16 is Prescott. ’15 is vomit. ’14 is Garoppolo or Maybe a late surge by Bridgewater. I can keep going but more often than not the 1st QB taken isn’t the best.

      • D says:

        QB is more of a crap shoot these days than before because the time they are a changin at QB. Offenses in NFL are adapting, and the skills that work in the NFL are also in transition.

  16. Mike E. says:

    D – It really is, and while that’s true, why trade multiple picks to get one?

    • D says:

      You do it to secure your guy. It’s also all about what they are and not what we see. Trading multiple picks to get the closest thing to what you feel could be our next Fan Marino, what would you give if your informed evaluation said, that’s him.

      • D says:

        Dan, it changed it on me a second time lol, I literally corrected it when it auto changed it the first time

  17. wyoming85 says:

    • D says:

      I liked him for us, but I’ll ride with Jones. Slay get ints, but videos of Jones shows he’s all over the play and defends the pass well.

      • wyoming85 says:

        Exact Eagles’ picks being sent to Detroit in exchange for CB Darius Slay: No. 85 and No. 166.
        Then the big contract!

        We didn’t have to trade for Jones first! 🙂

  18. D says:

    As far as picks go, it would take all of our firsts to get him I’m sure and maybe more. That personally is to Rich for my blood, but again it’s not me making the purchase either

  19. wyoming85 says:

    The question would be “How much better is Borrow than Tua”

    Is he 2 starters better?

    I don’t think so!!!

    I would take Love and 2 starting players over Borrow!

    • D says:

      “I” agree, but again, lets say Burrow is the next Dan, would you give a shit about those picks in hindsight? Not at all. Again, not saying i would do it, i wouldnt, i said that before, BUT we dont have all the info, we dont know what they see, and they see a lot more than we do.

    • dbolt48 says:

      I’m of the same thoughts as you. In all honesty any QBs success, especially in the initial stages of development, hinges on putting a good team around them. Right now if you give away a bunch of picks for 1 guy that kid won’t have a solid OL, running game, or depth at WR to work with. The top 4 QBs in this draft need that & if they get it they will grow into a successful QB and make the team look smart.

  20. D says:

    wyoming85 says:
    March 19, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Exact Eagles’ picks being sent to Detroit in exchange for CB Darius Slay: No. 85 and No. 166.
    Then the big contract!

    We didn’t have to trade for Jones first! 🙂
    I get that, and seeing what they gave up, and then having to do the contract our move was better.

  21. wyoming85 says:

    But then again I can see us not taking a QB at all if we get jumped for Tua!

    • dbolt48 says:

      I truly believe they like Love & Herbert just as much.

      • dbolt48 says:

        And as I mentioned before I’m sure Flores probably loves Hurts.

      • D says:

        That would damage my opinion of Flores greatly. Unless we are talking loving hurts in a 2nd or 3rd round kinda way.

      • D says:

        Jalen Hurts is not a good QB, and he has enough issues to work out i have severe doubts he ever will be, even if you played to his strengths.

      • dbolt48 says:

        Doesn’t mean Flores won’t like him. Personality wise he’s everything Flores wants in a football player.

    • D says:

      Love would be a HUGE overdraft at 5 in my opinion. If im at 5, Burrow and Tua off the table, maybe Herbert, but more likely im taking Brown. 18, maybe Love, or definitely Herbert if he is still on the board, Love if he makes it to 26 would be a lock if i took someone else at 18 like maybe Swift, Kinlaw, McKinney, or Delpit.

  22. D says:

    I dont think they like Love or Herbert as much as Tua or Burrow, but i do think they feel like both are 1st round worthy, and wouldnt feel the need to sell the farm to trade up to get those other two. I do think they have a amount they are willing to give up to move up, but its not going to be shocking if they do.

    • dbolt48 says:

      I’ll say I think if all 4 were available to Miami I’d be willing to bet they’d grab Burrow w/o hesitation. If Tua, Herbert, Love were all available I’d think there’d be serious debate between Herbert & Tua at 5 along w/ possibly trading down a little and taking Love. I think they can like the players equally, but also have a different value on the floor vs ceiling in regards to where they slot them on the board, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a prospect just as much.

  23. steveccnv says:

    ocalarob says:
    March 19, 2020 at 7:09 am
    I heard it was 17,000,000 to sign our rookie class

    The U75s do the same thing every year, they report the gross rookie salary cap, then everyone thinks if we have 53M in cap space you subtract the 17M, this years number, and now our new number under the cap becomes 36M.

    Isn’t it logical, that if we add someone to the top 51 or 53, we must also subtract the bottom (lowest) contract? The bottom 14 contracts right now are roughly in the 600,000 range, so subtracting out those bottom 14 would give us 8M less than 17M or 9M for the rookie cap. I believe I said 9 – 10M.

    • D says:

      Yeah, im pretty sure it might be in the 10 or so range too. It also depends a lot on trading up or not. If we trade up to 1 for example, giving up our other two first, our first round is about 5 mil, if we dont then at 5 is about 3.5 at 18 its about 2.5 and at 26 its about 2. which is 8. The rest of the rounds are almost negligible, even 2nd

  24. steveccnv says:

    Good sleuthing there Mike, on which QB became the best of the class.

    There’s also other factors to consider though like how the draftee fits the team he’s drafted by. Look at Big Ben and Brady, if they were drafted by other teams they likely wouldn’t be who they are today.

    • bookman11 says:

      I think this is a really good point. Coaching and the system, and talent surrounding the QB can have a huge impact, and I don’t think that is measurable. In other words, we can never say what would have happened to any QB if they had been drafted by a different team.

  25. Mike E. says:

    Steve – no question the team you get drafted by as well as the team situation play a huge part in the success or demise of the player. I think if Derek Jeter wasn’t taken by the Yankees and went to the Royals he may not have been a hall of Famer. Mahomes and Jackson went to good teams and great fits.

  26. Rockphin says:

    Got sent home today because I have the sniffles. Go work from home! Get out of here

  27. bookman11 says:

    I wish I could work form home, but alas, our company makes bath tissue…….

  28. Rhino says:

    As hard as it was to watch last offseason as they stripped this team to the bone, we all knew they were finally gonna build and they were going to let Brian Flores create the culture he wanted.

    The team was bereft of talent and still won games. They bought in to the culture.

    FA allows Flores to bring in guys he KNOWS can set the example of what culture he wants, will play the way he wants. I’m not surprised at all about the number of guys being signed. This was half of the plan. The other half is all those draft picks!

    This team will still be built through the draft, but they will have plenty of “Flores’ guys” to learn from on how to be the kind of professional that Flores expects. And speaking of QBs and how they fit leading to success… I expect at least one more FA O-lineman cuz a rookie Tackle takes more time to develop than a rookie Guard (in general).

  29. Rockphin says:

    Boss said go get tested……

    I said are you not watching the news? They don’t have tests and are telling people not to try to get tested unless you have symptoms. I only have a runny nose. No cough, no fever just a runny nose Boss says stay home until you are tested….

  30. Rockphin says:

    I don’t want to be home! I have deadlines to meet. My office is set up with two big 20″ monitors, super fast fiber optic internet connection, big wrap around desk. I hate working on this little lap top at my dining table.

  31. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m going into the office today for a few hours. Wish me luck

  32. Rockphin says:

    Regarding drafting a “second tier” QB. It is possible that we do not trade back from #5 but instead pick a non-QB player at five and then move up from 18 or 26 to the 10-14 range to get Love or Herbert. Hell we could take all three of our 1st round picks where they stand and then move back up into the 1st by loading up a bunch of our lower picks to get a 4th 1st at the end of the round to take Hurts. The possibilities are endless at this point.

    We can only hope that they get it right and find the right guy. Mike’s point about the first guy off the board not necessarily being the best is very valid.

    • D says:

      But he can be heads and shoulders better than the rest of the class too, so its not an exact science either way you look at it. Thats what mi was saying, you just let the team do what they do and accept their decision.

  33. wyoming85 says:

  34. D says:

    steveccnv says:
    March 19, 2020 at 10:13 am

    If I remember correctly the #1 pick’s number is more like 17M.
    Maybe it changed under new CBA but it use to be 5mil a year 4 years 20 mil total contract.

  35. D says:

    I freaked this poor little girl at the drive thru out yesterday. She started to hand me my food and i backed away and asked her where her CoronaFree certification badge was, that all window people were supposed to have them now. She kinda freaked out and started asking co-workers if she was supposed to have on and if anyone who was working today had one….lol. She was a good sport about it at least lol.She couldnt spit on my food either because i saw her holding the bag the whole time.

  36. wyoming85 says:

  37. Rockphin says:

    I wonder how Xavien Howard feels about Jones getting 7 million more than him. 1.5 mil more per year. He WANTED to be highest paid CB in the league, now he isn’t even the highest paid on the team. Miami now has 31.5 mil tied up in two players.

  38. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP and fuck all of you for not laughing!

  39. Rockphin says:


    I would take this all day and twice on Sunday after the first few days of FA

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