Miami Dolphins QB room – A complicated trio

I don’t think there’s a position on this team with as much uncertainty. We have the veteran, last year’s rushing leader, and consummate professional in Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s the savvy guy who was able to show impressive escapability when the blocking wasn’t up to snuff. This was something 2nd year QB (at the time) Josh Rosen couldn’t muster. Rosen was stymied by the constant pressure and although his arm strength looked as good as many NFL QB’s, his ability to understand what he saw out on the field in opposing defenses was lacking. To be fair, he was in 2 pretty poor situations, first in a woeful offense in Arizona under one and done HC Steve Wilks, and then here with the Dolphins in the midst of a team rebuild. We traded away our best OT (Laremy Tunsil) for 2 first RD picks from the Texans, but that didn’t help our QB’s in 2019. The odd thing for me was that Rosen was considered one of the most NFL ready QB’s from the 2018 Draft yet he was still having trouble identifying the “Mike” on the defensive side of the ball.

Ryan Fitzpatrick won the confidence of his teammates and DeVante Parker ended up emerging as a legitimate top level WR. Before Parker and Fitzgerald went on their torrential run from game 8 on, rookie Preston Williams was his favorite target and the rookie was having a very nice rookie season. He is clearly a leader of men, and by the end of the season Fitzgerald made it clear he wanted to return here and be the starter. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand had to look to the future, both the distant future and immediate future and drafted Tua Tagovailoa at #5. This had been discussed and predicted for so long to me it almost became a foregone conclusion. So now that leaves us with a wily veteran who has put together 2 pretty good seasons in a row with Tampa Bay and now our Dolphins. We have a young veteran QB who has endured 2 difficult seasons and it shouldn’t be discounted that many scouts questioned his desire and love for football in the first place in Josh Rosen. Then add in what I will have to consider our best QB prospect in many years, 1983 to be exact in Tua Tagovailoa.

There are a couple of wild cards that will have their play here. One of them is COVID-19 which unfortunately is running wild in Florida at the time of this writing. Nearly 10,000 new cases have devastated FLA since fully reopening. The other wild card is the actual physical health of Tua Tagovailoa. If he really is completely healed and ready to go will the Dolphins be able to keep him off the field? The COVID-19 wild card works 2 ways here. One, it may make opening camp here in FLA impossible and force a relocation if it doesn’t quiet down. It also may force the NFL to push back team activities although they are loathe to do that. They desperately want to start on time and it seems the only real concessions the NFL is going to make is lopping off a couple of preseason games. Let’s just say that they move the team to a facility that keeps them away from the general public and COVID-19 is not a factor. It will be interesting to see how things proceed. The Dolphins made it clear that they would prefer to start Fitzpatrick and he earned that right. On the other hand, if Tua truly is right physically and starts lighting things up, it will become increasingly more difficult for the Dolphins not to let their new potential star take the QB reins.

What about Josh Rosen, who has to be the most overlooked QB on the roster. Most people think he’s in danger of being cut unless the Dolphins decide to keep 3 QB’s. Last season the Dolphins carried only 2. This year, the gameday roster will increase to 48 from 46 but one of those must be an OL. It’s possible this increase could affect the decision to carry 3 QB’s, but I believe if Tua is healed that would be unnecessary. I think the one thing that Josh Rosen has in his favor is his age and inexpensive rookie contract. Ryan Fitzpatrick will turn 38 this season and Josh Rosen is 23. Keep in mind Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t always a starting QB, he didn’t start until he was traded to the Cincinnati Bengals after his 3rd season and then he was traded again to our rival Buffalo Bills the next season. Josh Rosen is in a similar flight pattern to Fitzgerald and maybe he finds his footing at some point. It may just come down to desire with him because he has the physical tools of an NFL QB, one with a better than average NFL arm. He has to show something this season or his career as a Miami Dolphin will likely be over.




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  1. Rockphin says:

    Basically every woman I’ve ever been with:

  2. Rockphin says:

    That can’t be right, can it? 50 Mil per year? No way. The GM and owner should be fired if that is what it works out to. NO ONE PLAYER not even the greatest of all time is worth that kind of money!

  3. CavalierKong says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 38-40 mil a year average. It’ll be high the first couple of years, then average, then low the last couple. Can’t wait to see the details.

    If it ‘only’, lol, averages 35 mil, then the Chiefs get a steal assuming Mahomes stays healthy.

    • CavalierKong says:

      No matter what the numbers it’s major risk/reward. Guaranteed money will be really interesting. Maybe there will be an opt out clause for team and player after year 6 or 7. that would reduce the risk for both. Wow, 12 years total…

      • D says:

        Yeah thats a baseball contract in length. Unheard of in NFL. My guess is it will be in the 40′ like i said below.

    • D says:

      12 yeah eat the final two years of the last contract, so lets say it a 10 year 450mil extension, then you average in the last two of this one and its really a 37.5 per deal. My guess is it could be a 10 year 500mil extension. which would make it a 42ish per year average.

      • D says:

        You could also say that technically, since he wont get the money due from the last part of his rookie contract, which was a little over 5mil this year and would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 25mil on a 5th year option. So maybe 600mil as the extension could be right, because technically that would be closer to a 570mil extension which would break down into 47.5 mil per. Probably wont be that much but i could see it getting pretty damn close.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I just read La Canfora says the Chiefs were prepared to offer him $40 mil a season back in Jan, so it likely won’t be less than that.

  4. wyoming85 says:

    • CavalierKong says:

      This could potentially change the way teams sign their franchise QBs for good.

    • CavalierKong says:

      They might as well make him part owner.

      • D says:

        yeah give them a stake in the franchise. I could see that, its kinda like forgoing a certain part of the contract money for partial ownership, potentially could pay out larger dividends playing the long game, and would be money that continued after retirement.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Yep, exactly what I was thinking. this might open the door for that kind of thing. I don’t know, there may be fair bargaining rules against it, but if you have a generational talent, it might make a lot of sense. you keep him, he doesn’t eat too much of your cap, and the player gets a ton of security.

    • D says:

      That would just be how they split it, but if so, since there are no guarantees on that, you would have to think it would be considered a bonus amount. I dont think you could use a variable when writing up a contract, without it being a clause.

  5. CavalierKong says:

    Kind of a shot in the dark, but I wonder if Dak had the scoop about this contract happening, and he is holding out for something similar in Dallas. I’ve seen a lot of speculation over why Dak hasn’t resigned yet with what the Cowboys have offered.

    • D says:

      I definitely think that he was waiting on someone to set the market, and it had to be one of the younger QB’s coming up for contract. I think Mahomes though is going to set his ceiling, i dunno if he is also waiting for one of the other QB’s taken his year to go off the board so he can set his floor. One of those teams will be more desperate to lock up their guy because they have shit else on a franchise that has been in the dumpster for so many years they cant afford not to re-sign him. Then he gets a floor of 35 or so, and can push for the 38 that he wanted

      • D says:

        I guess what im saying is this wont help him as much as one of those other guys signing will but im sure it helps kinda hone in on a target amount.

  6. CavalierKong says:

    I was just looking up longest nfl contracts. i don’t remember it, but Mcnabb had a 9 yr deal with the eagles, so maybe this isn’t as of the walls different as I thought it was.

    • CavalierKong says:

      And Bledsoe signed a 10 yr contract with the Pets, lol, right before Brady.

      I guess this piddly little Mahomes thing is nothing to see here, carry on. LOL

    • D says:

      Yeah but still its pretty much unprecedented. Standard contracts are 4-5, so something that doubles that is something to see. I mean just the fear of injury in the NFL is what i always thought kept the contracts shorter in term. I guess they feel like they will do whats necessary to make sure he doesn’t get hurt.

  7. Mike E. says:

    Funniest sports item I heard today is Cam Newton is tired of being humble . . .

    • D says:

      Lol, i saw that and thought to myself….really?

      • D says:

        Cam Newton has been a lot of thing in his career, both college and NFL, but humble has never been one of those things.

    • CavalierKong says:

      LMAO, I saw that too. I almost said something because he also made an ignorant comment about gorillas being quiet when the lion roars. This inter-species discrimination will not stand. A silverback could easily take on a lion, and my family wouldn’t even notice him.

  8. steveccnv says:

    So a little over 400M for the 10 year extension. Being an extension, he is still under the current contracts this year and next.

    40M going that far out is a bargain for the Chiefs, 40M for Dak and you set yourself up for no team success.

  9. steveccnv says:

    The Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have reached agreement on a 10-year contract extension worth over $400 million total that ties him to Kansas City through the 2031 season, league sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

    The Chiefs picked up Mahomes’ fifth-year option for the 2021 season in April, putting him under contract for the next two seasons. Mahomes had two years and $27.6 million left on his existing deal — $2.8M this year, $24.8M in 2021. The 10-year extension puts him under contract with the Chiefs for the next 12 seasons.

  10. stangerx says:

    Every time a new QB contract comes up we get wowed by how much per year. But has there ever been a ten year contract in the NFL? That’s amazing.

  11. wyoming85 says:

  12. wyoming85 says:

    • D says:

      Ok if its 450, its pretty close to what i was thinking, somewhere int the 450-500mil range.

      • D says:

        No as big of a bargain as i was saying it was below when i heard the 400mil, but definately still a good deal.

    • stangerx says:

      Gotta think the Chiefs are pretty sure he won’t do a Luck…. but then have to think the Colts were sure Luck wouldn’t do a Luck.

  13. D says:

    I mean thats pretty much a bargain for Mahomes TBH. Nice contract.

  14. D says:

    The scene with Spider summed up the culture they were trying to portray in that one scene, not that others didnt severly support it as well lol.

  15. CavalierKong says:

    Another good decision by the SCOTUS today, ruling that states can insist their electors uphold the state popular vote. Although this one really was a no-brainer, the SCOTUS is on a roll.

    For those that may not know what this was about. 18 of the states have no requirement in place to stop electors from voting whichever way they decided to regardless of what people in their state voted. It’s never turned an election, but there have been a few times in history including last election that a handful of electors voted against their state’s populace wishes. Ridiculous.

    • Rockphin says:

      But the decision doesn’t do more than allow the states to change their charters to allow it. Their will still have to be local / state level changes voted in to stop the electors from voting the way they will.
      Now these states should take the courts lead and pass local laws that prevent it happening.

  16. Rockphin says:

    Yeah Cav, I had a hard time believing it was a thing either.

    • Rockphin says:

      The way the “electors” are selected differ from state to state and are bizarre in some cases too.

  17. wyoming85 says:

  18. Rockphin says:

    People don’t realize that they never get to vote for president. They actually get to vote for their state electors who then cast their votes for president. There are only 538 people that actually get to vote for president.

  19. wyoming85 says:

    Mike E I predicted 600 Mil

  20. Rockphin says:

    I look forward to watching KC crash and burn over the next decade. LOL

    • olddolphan says:

      ROCK: THE NFL is becoming more and more a quarterback’s league with each “passing” season. Having one of the league’s top quarterbacks for a long stretch will be a huge advantage. DON”T bet too much money on the Chief’s demise.

  21. Rockphin says:

    so what is that 42 mil average? 503 over 12 years?

  22. CavalierKong says:

    Half a billion dollars on one contract. That is roughly a quarter of the worth of the Buffalo Bills franchise. Wild

  23. Phindog says:

    I dig this. 😎👍🥃🥃

  24. Mike E. says:

    Damn, just saw this, sorry if it’s old news. RIP Charlie Daniels

  25. olddolphan says:

    HEY CAVKONG AND THE REST OF YOU PUCKHEADS!!!!! – – The NHL Network is reporting that the NHL and the NHLPA have tentatively agreed to a 4-year extension of the current CBA which means not only will we have this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs; we’ll also have several more years of hockey peace!!!!

  26. D says:

    D says:
    July 6, 2020 at 3:45 pm
    12 yeah eat the final two years of the last contract, so lets say it a 10 year 450mil extension, then you average in the last two of this one and its really a 37.5 per deal. My guess is it could be a 10 year 500mil extension. which would make it a 42ish per year average.

  27. wyoming85 says:

    For the numbers crowd!

  28. wyoming85 says:

  29. steveccnv says:

    The structure of this deal makes me think it will end up as a six-year, $183.4 million pact before the two sides negotiate a new contract after the 2025 season finishes, which would reduce $319.2 million of this deal to play money. ESPN Barnwell

    This is a great deal for KC, 30.5+M for the next 6 years. Even when you take the next 2 years, when he was set to make about 30M, out of the yearly guarantee you still get just over 38M a year for 2022-2025.

    And Dak wanted 40M per, yeah right.

    • D says:

      Like i said before i think the Mahomes deal kinda set the ceiling for Dak it didnt set the floor. So Dak may still have leverage for 38, but not much higher i dont think or it will be something structured like Mahomes deal, and end result will be a cheap up front deal, which works out for the Boys and long term benefits for Dak if he makes it that long.

      • steveccnv says:

        I agree, this kind of deal is going to be the precedent going forward for QBs.

        What I really like about it is it temporarily puts a halt to the skyrocketing QB contracts, and the dumbass Richard Sherman’s of the world will just see 10 or 12 years and 500M and think his boy got paid.

  30. wyoming85 says:

    • steveccnv says:

      This kind of contract screams OV isn’t getting sacks, but still getting pressures and other things.

      The U75s only talk about our draft picks we didn’t resign, but not about those we didn’t resign and shouldn’t have at the price they got, like this one Miller…

      Drake doesn’t fit in this category, but he should. Don’t think he fit for his price. I think he fits much better in AZ, so it was win win.

  31. D says:

    I would have resigned Vernon at 10, maybe up to 12mil per kinda deal. The nearly 16 he got from the Giants was very excessive.I think he is a pretty good DE, in a kinda all around kinda way, but elite he is not.

    • D says:

      Miller was iffy, the 6.3mil per he got wasnt a bad amount for a running back with homerun ability like he had. I mean i thought the 6.3 was fair, and if not for my “dont sign RB’s to big contracts” kinda feelings on things, i probably would have signed him for that much as well.

    • stangerx says:

      Looks like the Browns didn’t think he was worth what we didn’t sign him for either. And since he to ok the pay cut….. Vernon too.

  32. stangerx says:

    What every cool Dolfan is wearing these days.

  33. wyoming85 says:

  34. wyoming85 says:

    • steveccnv says:

      If we win the division he’ll win it. In an odd year like this the best coaches stand out. I believe it was the scab year of 1982 when Shula had the boys ready, one knock down of a pass by theismann was the only thing standing in the way of that title.

      • steveccnv says:

        I’d say we have a better chance to win the division this year, than any of the last 20. We’ve got enough depth that we don’t have to have all of our ducks lined up to win it, just a few key ones, like our CBs playing clise to what everyone expects, QB play the way it was the last 9 games, some resemblance of a running game/run D.

  35. steveccnv says:

    DeSean Jackson getting backlash from his antisemitic rant on social media, so he offered an apology, that seemed sincere, but did he only do it, because of the backlash?

    Is he and many other of these social justice Warriors bigots or do they really care for the bigotry to stop?

    You rarely see this type of an apology, it’s good to know some care enough to make it.

    • D says:

      Id rather see them atone for their misdoings than apologize. I mean i appreciate a person who has the balls to apologize, but whats really at play is what makes you say it in the first place. Why didn’t your heart catch you before it came out your mouth. Atone for it by turning it into a positive int he long term, and for christs sake, figure out why you said it and fix that so it doesn’t happen again. Shame is a beautiful and humbling tool if allowed to be.

    • D says:

      The other question you have to ask yourself when considering an apology, would they have apologized without the backlash. Do they actually feel the error of their ways.

  36. wyoming85 says:

    Look Jackson should be able to post or say anything he wants too!
    This is still the USA last time I checked.

    That doesn’t mean he’s free from the repercussions of his actions. But I’m seeing a horrible trend of people getting fired for their opinion.
    If you don’t like what he is saying, don’t support his business / activities.

    One thing we should all remember is if you want to be able to say what you want too, everyone has to have that same right!

  37. Rockphin says:


  38. stangerx says:

    Trump’s niece clams Trump paid someone to take the SAT’s for him. Not trying to get all political, but that is the least shocking thing I heard today.

    • steveccnv says:

      Hearsay, since she likely wasn’t born at the time, but she’s writing a book, so how much stock can we put into that? Everyone trying to get rich off of someone else.

      • stangerx says:

        What his niece said. And even if young, she was born and part of the family. She’s not some reporter digging in.

        But do you really think Trump wouldn’t do that? Talking the guy who faked TIME man of the year magazine covers about himself, blew them up and had them put up at all his golf courses. Get your first instinct is to doubt, but not like ain’t a history on such.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Of course he did, lol. The only way this would be shocking would be if she claimed he actually took the SATs himself.

      If she really wanted to sell books, she should claim he’s a smart guy who aced the SATs on his own. Those are claims no one would believe…well 3/4 of people wouldn’t believe, lol.

      • stangerx says:

        His niece said he did it…..but then she was only a kid at the time. But then stories go through families. If true whoever took the test for Trump is the guy who can paid for the story.

      • CavalierKong says:

        In case the first part of my comment wasn’t clear, Stang. I was saying I have no doubt Trump paid someone to take the SATs for him. This doesn’t shock me, lol.

  39. steveccnv says:

    Do you know how many politicians kids went/go to ivy league schools? The worst is Al Gore’s kids all 4 going to ivy league schools. Bidens kids too.

    Even if true what’s the difference between cheating on the SAT or getting your kids in based on pay for play like the Clintons did with Chelsea at Stanford?

    • stangerx says:

      I have no idea how Gore’s kids got in…… don’t even know their names. I went to a similar school. Like to think earned my way in.

    • D says:

      Your Dad wasnt a top politician was he? If not you probably did.

      • stangerx says:

        But we are talking about having someone else take your SATs. And Trump’s Dad had connections too. — And yes I got in on my own merits, including the SAT.

    • CavalierKong says:

      There is no difference (except that Trump is ginormous jagoff). The ultra rich or people with connections can cheat their way through these facets of life. We saw the college scandal with hottie from full house (forget the name). That was just a glimpse.

      • stangerx says:

        There is no doubt that connections can help a lot at private places. One of my friends when was a frosh had his last name on two buildings. Real nice guy but he shouldn’t have been there. And he wasn’t by end of 2nd year.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Our college system is so jacked up. My wife is working on another stupid degree from ASU. (It’s all online) I say stupid because it’s costing me a fortune. Her tuition went up $200 per unit this semester, I assume because they have to make up for the money they lost due to COVID.

        We were already paying something like $3000 per 3 unit class just for tuition. The costs are outrageous. We can afford it, but how is a 20 y/o something working at Starbucks supposed to afford a $600 increase per class? Lol, minor rant over. I just found out today about a few extra grand I’m throwing this school.

  40. pheloniusphish says:

    Wow – hopefully your wife’s new degree is something you can monetize rather than a course in anti-American radicalization.

  41. wyoming85 says:

  42. wyoming85 says:

    Curiously leading tweet of the day!

  43. Randy says:

    You don’t need a HS diploma to be President let alone a college degree, but you do need to be rich.

  44. ocalarob says:

    Trivia question???

    Back in the early 2000s Coach Dave Wanstadt required the whole team to go see a movie together.

    Which movie was that?

  45. ocalarob says:

    Remember the Titans

  46. ocalarob says:

    i was scrolling thru movies on cinema and came across “remember the titans” and rembered that event. i was living west in pembroke pines at the time there is a chillis on pines blvd near my home i was there and wanstadt sat down next to my table was very cordial , when he left the whole place started yelling GO DOLPHINS

  47. steveccnv says:

    That must’ve been so cool. Is his stache as bad in person😉

  48. steveccnv says:

    Wanny, SMH. I liked him, when he was our coach, but man was he a dumb SOB. Those vanilla schemes, like he was still the ‘Boys coach and scheme didn’t matter…

    • D says:

      He seems like a really nice dude, good person, i have seen him do a few things outside of football and im pretty impressed by him as a person. Still, smart isn’t one of those things im gonna put high on his positives list. I think he stuck with simple for reasons, but again, he was a HC in the NFL so apparently it worked some of the time, it just cant work long because simple playbooks dont confuse complex defensive or offensive minds.

  49. wyoming85 says:

    I’m just to lazy!

    • Rockphin says:

      I just don’t have the NEED to know this stuff or the WANT to pay him to teach it to me. LOL

    • D says:

      Its dependent on how many you have in zone coverage. Ie Cover 2 is two safeties in zone, cover 4 is both safeties and both outside CB’s. Thats the basics of it. Thats what i assume he is talking about with the 1,2,3,4. I wouldn’t pay him to learn something you can learn for free lol, now if he wants to get into some deeper concepts and i was looking to break into the NCAA, maybe i pay him. He is a very smart defensive mind.

  50. ocalarob says:

    Wanstadt had a dumb enough plan that his team was the only dolphin team to win a playoff game in the last 20 years, geez all the coaches since must have been morons! only 2 other dolphin teams made the playoffs in that time, both losing in the first rnd.
    i was at our last playoff win, mia vs colts at the joe.

    • D says:

      Wasn’t a dumb plan it was just a simple system, there is a big difference. You can win with a simple system, its just not sustainable long term because other coaches figure it out and eventually it doesn’t work anymore.

      • ocalarob says:

        i disagree, its all about talent, if you have the horses to win the LOS that’s where the games are won and lost.

      • steveccnv says:

        So you’re saying ORob there’s only one way to skin a cat? We had no horses last year, yet we won 5 games, under your logic how is that possible?

        Two of the dumbest coaches I can remember were Wanny and Barry Switzer, they both benefitted from the talent JJ left behind.

  51. wyoming85 says:

    • stangerx says:

      Sounds exactly like that modified plan for the Phins that came out before. Have to believe Ravens are just the first.

  52. Rockphin says:

    We have two in the top 10 according to CBS (on paper) Let’s see them stay healthy and sparkle in real life!

  53. Rockphin says:

    reduced seating capacity at M&T Bank Stadium will be in place of fewer than 14,000 seats per game.

    sounds like a typical home game at HRS a few years ago.. 😉

    • stangerx says:

      What I found interesting was — “2020 Ravens season tickets will be deferred to 2021.” Instead of parsing them out amongst the season tix holders they are just canceling them. Assume they would be first in line though as far as getting seats with the 14k set-up.

  54. stangerx says:

    “The Chiefs and Packers have also announced that the capacity at their stadiums will be drastically cut, although neither team gave a specific capacity number like the Ravens.”

  55. wyoming85 says:

    Maybe we should have waited???

  56. ocalarob says:

    Football is not that complicated as others make it seem, the goal is to overpower your opponent. once you do that you force your opponent to add resources to the point of attack weakening other areas of your opponent and then you exploit those areas of weakness.

  57. son of a son of a shula says:

    The amount of clear plastic installed in ALL the stores in front of registers and how creatively and quickly it was done astonishes me.

  58. steveccnv says:

    Do you wanna pay him 15M a year, and reward him for not ownering his contract, Leveon Bell style? How’d that work out?

  59. steveccnv says:

    What are the odds the Dolphuns rise from 5-11 to the playoffs? What history says. Herald

    My history tells me this wasn’t your typical 5-11 team, shouldve been 0-16, then take that talent and turn it into a playoff contender that can use multiple look schemes and stifle an O.

    I don’t care what history says.

  60. steveccnv says:

    Some of y’all thought McCain was decent last year. Here’s an article that’s in line with what I saw (and its Kyle Crabbs, SMH):

    McCain was the team’s surprise solution to their free safety dilemma last offseason — transitioning from nickel cornerback to safety for the first time in his career. The results were mixed. Before an injury sent McCain to injured reserve for the second half of the season, his coverage was inconsistent and his tackling was troublesome. How bad was the tackling? McCain was credited with missing 10 tackles last season — equivalent to nearly 30% of his total attempts.

    For a player who serves as the “last line of defense”, such a high rate of poor challenges can’t become normalized or accepted. McCain will need to shine better as a tackler and be more instinctive in free coverage if he’s going to be Miami’s long-term solution.

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m giving Jones every chance possible to be a starter, but we do have other options. % chance McCain is the starter in week 1 15%, week 2 0%.

  61. D says:

    ocalarob says:
    July 9, 2020 at 8:28 am

    Football is not that complicated as others make it seem, the goal is to overpower your opponent. once you do that you force your opponent to add resources to the point of attack weakening other areas of your opponent and then you exploit those areas of weakness.

    Im sorry ORob and i mean no disrespect by this, but thats an out dated look at the game, and a very oversimplified look at the chess game that is defensive and offensive scheming. Your system would be very easy to overcome with strategy.

    ZBS in itself destroys your theory, because its one where you dont overpower anyone, you actually take a weakness like their ability to over power you in the trenches and remove that power, not the exploitation of a weakness but turning a strength against them.

    Thats also what sweeps and quick screens are for against those with run clogging DT’s or certain routes are designed to have the secondary in certain formations ie zone or man, be exploited and usually specifically to get a certain receiver open, while also not tipping off which receiver that is on that play.

    Certainly you also exploit weaknesses, but again, thats not the simplified view that your representing, there is more to it than that, and thats what both Steve and i were saying, Wanny lacked that, his systems were too much more straight forward so the intention and the planning of it comes out in the fact that its not disguised or nuanced. It like cracking a code, if it code it simple its easy to crack and most people will crack it.If its not….well then you might win on occasion, but you are going to have sustained success.

    I mean if it was as easy as your saying and its all about talent, then you just couldn’t stop a more talented team, and that was easily dis-proven last year. I know there have been eras of football where that was more the case, but even back in the 70’s it was more to it than that.

    • steveccnv says:

      I see you took the bait. He thought he’d play Wanny today😉

    • D says:

      I mean yeah i know, but it kinda bothers me to hear football, possibly one of the greatest games of strategy, broken down into something so i guess mediocre at best. Not that im mad or anything i just really respect the nuances of football, maybe even on an academic level, so its like really dumbing down something, like calling chess, checkers with different pieces lol.

  62. D says:

    Incidentally, i agree about McCain, i havent liked any of the positions they have tried him in. He handles the slot CB position well, the others, FS wasn’t great, but it was a shit ton better than at outside CB where he was a complete liability.

    He gives us a player to where we get more time to eval other players at the spot. He gives us a player who can fill in in a pinch at all the DB positions, though again, hopefully it isn’t long term at any outside of the slot. I think Noah IgMahoganey could make him expendable if he gets in there and shows what i feel like he will be able to, Jones will get his time at S and then next year we might target a FS early to have the same replacement scenario for Rowe, or maybe by then Iggy is a FS after a year in the system and we look to upgrade NCB.

    Not sure, a lot more to play out but in general, i dont think McCain is bad, he just isnt strong in all positions, capable, sure, but not strong enough to do anything but flex in an out of the other roles.

  63. Mike E. says:

    Bobby Mac had a shoulder injury last season. Gee, think that may have affected his play, especially his tackling?

    • D says:

      I mean i understand that but i dont think he played exceptionally well even given that. I think he looked a bit out of position. He is pretty good at slot CB, it fits his skill set, i just dont think he is the best we can do at S and i think we might have better on the roster. Still i dont expect him to be on the team for much longer, if he stays at S, there is a replacement int he wings, and if he moves to slot CB he probably has a replacement in the wings. Best for him would be for Jones to replace him at S so he can move back to slot CB where he might be able to compete with Iggy.

  64. D says:

    steveccnv says:
    July 9, 2020 at 8:57 am

    Do you wanna pay him 15M a year, and reward him for not ownering his contract, Leveon Bell style? How’d that work out?
    Assuming this was a reply to the Mostert thing?

    From what i ready he was seeing an equivalent pay to the the teams highest paid RB, so he was only looking for his salary to be adjusted to a 5mil per contract. Its very possible that it could turn into something ugly, but i dont think it will go Leveon Bell ugly.

    I mean in some ways i respect what he is doing more than some of the others. The guys came in as an UDFA, gutted his way through several years of bouncing around and trying to get in a position to produce and earn a new contract. He wants something more than just a ST contributor would get, because thats pretty much what he was signed to do before. Now that his role has changed he was trying to renegotiate to a more fair contract for what he was being used for.
    In other ways, i get it, you signed a contract, tough it out and catch it on the flip, but given his agree, and given the potential for injury, i also understand why he is striking now.

    I personally am satisfied with our RB room as is. When i saw the new thing about him wanting out, i admit i was like well we might wanna look at him, but i dont think the benefit is there, so no reason to give up draft capital or add someone whose use might not match what he wants to be signed to an extension for.

  65. CavalierKong says:

    oog, take ball, make run

    • D says:

      Mongo checker in game of football….

      • D says:

        Mongo, Checker, in game of football….even cave man speak need comma

      • Mike E. says:

        I have a few extra commas if you need them, I buy them in bulk!

      • CavalierKong says:

        LOL, Mongo was precisely the voice in my head.

        And I have a rule about commas, sprinkle a few in every sentence or two, doesn’t matter where. Nobody knows all the comma rules anyway except for John Nash, Napoleon Dynamite, and Rain Man.

  66. Mike E. says:

    Kong – Pretty sure I’ve been doing that, or something like that with commas. What I actually do is imagine I’m saying this out loud, and put commas in every place I would pause. The Insane Guide to Using Commas. lol

    • CavalierKong says:

      I do the same thing with the pauses. I know some of the easier rules governing their use before conjunctions with independent clauses and the like, but other than those few exceptions I just scattershot them. lol

    • D says:

      Tends to work out better more than less.

  67. ocalarob says:

    i think wanstedts problem was the loss of ricky, he’s still the most successful coach in dolphins history post 2000, and oh BTW wasn’t Wanstedts dumb vanilla offense run by none other than Chan Gailey ?
    in one breath you think we are a good team and in the other breath you are saying our offensive coordinator has a dumb vanilla offense???


    • D says:

      we didn’t say offense or defense.

      • ocalarob says:

        steveccnv says:
        July 8, 2020 at 10:02 am
        Wanny, SMH. I liked him, when he was our coach, but man was he a dumb SOB. Those vanilla schemes,

      • D says:

        Vanilla schemes, on which side though, or was it overall game plan. I just think he ran a simplified system, Wanny was a D guy, but im sure the offensive scheme was at least partially his thing since it has to marry with the defensive scheme.

    • D says:

      I think we can leave it at, he had a successful year, and *signing* “They cant take that away from me!” Wanny is the Ryan Tannehill to your Tim Knight!.

  68. D says:

    Nobody knows all the comma rules anyway except for John Nash, Napoleon Dynamite, and Rain Man.
    Scary, but in some respects, those guys do overlap.

  69. ocalarob says:

    Chan Gailey will spread’m out and run over them, when they add resources to stop the run he will kill them over the top.
    very simple

    • D says:

      Maybe, im not sure what he’s planning on, but whatever it is it will be what Flores wanted when he changed OC’s. I do know that it was reported that he felt like whats his name was too simple, so it will at least be more complex than that. I dont think Chan is his long term plan at the spot either, more transitional.

  70. ocalarob says:

    Well since we have the same OC as we did back in the Wanny days what you’re really saying is we will not have success with our current offensive plan.

    D says:
    July 9, 2020 at 9:46 am
    ocalarob says:
    July 9, 2020 at 8:28 am

    Im sorry ORob and i mean no disrespect by this, but thats an out dated look at the game, and a very oversimplified look at the chess game that is defensive and offensive scheming. Your system would be very easy to overcome with strategy.
    Wanny lacked that, his systems were too much more straight forward so the intention and the planning of it comes out in the fact that its not disguised or nuanced. you are going to have sustained success.


    • D says:

      You are right, thats a possibility. See my above statements though, its either he and Flores have discussed something different with what he will want him to do this time, or he is a temporary piece. The Patriot way has always been Complex from the simple, so a handful of formations but a lot of different designs out of the same formation.Its deliberate to disguise the intention of the play. Its smart, and i think its what we will be looking to do. I could be wrong, they might just throw people at each other and win with might over mental, but that doesn’t resonate with me as who Flores is.

  71. D says:

    I still stand by my statement that i feel a more complex system works out best long term. Its much more geared at everyone doing their job correctly though, so it can get derailed by the wrong players.Again, i like Wanny, i think a lot of him and like ya said he is the best success we have had with recent coaching, still its why wee only had that one year, and yeah there are a lot of other factors, losing Ricky certainly was one, but come down to it, what seemed to me was people just figured us out. Better than Joe im a neurotic on the field, Philbin or Crazy eyes Adam Gase. I probably put Wanny and Sparano on the same level to be honest, both simple system, both good coaches of men, both limited success with us, both very simple systems.

  72. stangerx says:

    “I’ll probably be sticking with football and video games for now.”
    —- Pat Mahomes on the long list of physical activities his new contract prohibits.

  73. wyoming85 says:

    Making friends and influencing people!

  74. CavalierKong says:


    • CavalierKong says:

      i haven’t seen anything about putting the players in a bubble during the season. I can’t see how this will be successful if they don’t do that, but locking them down for 5-6 months doesn’t seem viable either.

      • stangerx says:

        They lock them down for camp anyhow, but yeah doing that the whole season would be tough. Have families. Same time — ship captains do it.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I’m very curious to see what the NFL solution is. We’re nearly there.

  75. wyoming85 says:

    stangerx says:
    July 9, 2020 at 2:50 pm
    What did you do? Teach me to fish.
    It has to end in .jpg or .bpn of any other APP
    I can’t have any of the other stuf, like Small or Large or a bunch of numbers

    • stangerx says:

      I knew about the jpg but not the other. Did you cut that one to the end of the second “tbn”? Sorry to sound like an idiot on this stuff, but exactly what I am. Thanks.

  76. wyoming85 says:

    • D says:

      If they do that most the other conferences will likely follow suit, which means a lot of the smaller schools wont get their pay day games though.

      • wyoming85 says:

        they will get over it!
        It will make for better football overall!

      • D says:

        I mean i agree with that, though i think its going to me fewer games. There will probably be more bye weeks.

  77. D says:

    Saw something where the NFL is asking the player to basically take a pay cut to offset the loss of revenues for less people in the stadiums. Basically i think they are saying they will do a furlough type thing like they did with a lot of job, paying them 2/3’s of their salaries. One thing is they arent not having the game, and in the case of most people who were furloughed they were asked to be at work in conditions that might not be safe. Thats not going over well at all. Lots of players piled on with a collective WTF.

  78. The Flying Pig says:

    ocalarob says:
    July 7, 2020 at 9:40 pm
    Trivia question???

    Back in the early 2000s Coach Dave Wanstadt required the whole team to go see a movie together.

    Which movie was that?
    The Flying Pig says:
    July 7, 2020 at 9:52 pm
    Ace Ventura
    son of a son of a shula says:
    July 7, 2020 at 10:44 pm
    Tony Sparano took the team to GI Joe
    ocalarob says:
    July 8, 2020 at 12:41 am
    Remember the Titans


    Is it funny to anyone else that no one actually did “remember” that?
    Talk about a movie not living up to it’s name

  79. The Flying Pig says:

    Football in 2020

    • D says:

      That actually might be a neat twist on things lol. Going to guess though, not a lot of receiving yards and definately will change the dynamic of handing the ball off to the runner. QB would have to be damn accurate to rainbow it in to the opening from longer distances.

  80. Rockphin says:


    Let’s Eat, Grandma.
    Let’s Eat Grandma.

    So is proper capitalization

    Timmy, help your Uncle Jack off his horse.
    Timmy, help your uncle jack off his horse.

  81. Rockphin says:

    imagine I’m saying this out loud, and put commas in every place I would pause.

    Except you don’t put one before and

  82. D says:

    Sounds like we might be working on a trade for OBJ or thats whats being reported.

    • D says:

      Could just be more talky talk though, when ya search for it you get rumors all over the place about different places.

    • D says:

      Never mind, i know i might have made some poop stains for it, but its looking like speculation at this point, the source said “if he starts having a poor season” so it seems they are suggesting a trade before trade deadline, and not right now and if thats true, its pure speculation.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Sounds like bullshit but he didn’t seem too happy in Cleveland despite Landry being there.
      Him and Parker would be hell on a secondary.

  83. Tim Knight says:

    Hope everyone had a good 4th weekend. I decided to take a respite from being online.

  84. Mike E. says:

    I understand Tim, shit is pretty volatile and sometimes it’s not just the other person, it’s me.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Nobody really listens to each other. They insult each other based on opinions and now they’re literally throwing stones at each other. It’s fuckin insane. The radicals on both sides control the dialogue while most people regardless of their political ideology simply go about their lives. The middle, moderates/centrists or whatever you want to call them, need to step up and squash this nonsense.

      • Mike E. says:

        Nope, no one is listening at all, and it’s crazy how some people have simplified their views as “If you support this or don’t support this then we can’t be friends” Yeah, well good luck with your five asshole friends that agree with you! lol

        People are drawing lines in the sand all over the place and it’s comical. We don’t all think the same and thank goodness for that. It’s OK to feel differently, that’s what half of the shit these people argue for is all about. I think it’s exactly like that meme that Wyo put up here a couple of weeks ago with Buzz Lightyear telling Woody “They don’t want to hear your opinion, they want to hear their’s coming out of your mouth” It’s fucked man, it really is.

  85. The Flying Pig says:


    What was life without the internet like?

    I imagine it’s like the main character in Metallica’s One video

  86. wyoming85 says:

    Things you know now that you didn’t in 2019?

    Onions don’t fit in a masked society! 😉

    • Rockphin says:

      LOL, Every time I eat at a restaurant now, and put on my mask to walk around / leave I can smell my breath / face and am offended by it. Now, I wash my hands before and after the meal AND wash my face after the meal too. LOL

  87. D says:

    Im a tech person and there are things that the internet did to really do some good stuff, BUT there is at least a one to one relationship with shit it either made worse or did that was bad. I dont know if i can say its 2 to 1, but i feel its higher than one to one.

  88. Rockphin says:

    Lame Stream Media:

  89. D says:

    Was just looking at the class of RB’s next year and its a pretty stacked group. No need to add more to the roster. this group is good until we loop around to draft next year.

  90. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, totally agree with what you said in reply to my post from last night. Insanity!

  91. stangerx says:

    NBA is getting ready to open up in a couple weeks….. am I ever looking forward to live sports. Same time if teams get a Covid outbreak…… that’s about it. They are protecting about as much as you can.

  92. wyoming85 says:

  93. son of a son of a shula says:

  94. Tim Knight says:

    This is how I feel about all the violence and vandalism going on in this country.

  95. son of a son of a shula says:

  96. wyoming85 says:

    RIP you fiddlin fool!

  97. pheloniusphish says:

  98. son of a son of a shula says:

  99. son of a son of a shula says:

  100. Phindog says:

    I can’t post 😷

  101. Phindog says:

    Maybe I can.

  102. olddolphan says:

    ONE DAY about 12-14 days ago I just showed up at work wearing a mask. I was the ONLY ONE in the building who wore one. I didn’t try to convince ANYONE ELSE to wear one. When a newer employee asked me why I wore one, I told him about my history of cancer, my asthma attacks (which I got from being raised in a family of smokers, even tho’ I NEVER smoked any tobacco or weed) and some other factors that do NOT bode well for my survival, and he nodded his head then walked away.

    Next day 2 more employees, a late-20’s girl who is hoping to successfully deliver a baby (after a miscarriage last year) and her husband both donned masks. She is 6 months along. Two other employees, both in their 30’s, donned masks the next day after two teenagers died of Covid-19 in local hospitals.

    Then, after back-to-back days of record Corona Virus numbers in Florida, the big boss put a large
    “Masks Required” Sign on the main entrance to our first floor entrance (we’re in a 2-story building and do most of our work on the second floor. I thought TRUMP would have a sex-change operation before my boss wore a mask. Well, I was WRONG!!

    SO NOW every employee was provided a mask, a can of disinfectant spray, and a large sign which said they MUST wear a mask when NOT seated at their desks (which are all over 6 feet apart from each other.) However, nearly all of us stay masked even if we’re at our desks.

    On some issues, gentle persuasion works much better than screaming & cussing. And, this may have happened at just the right time. As of right now, Pasco County has only 4-5 beds left, total, in all their combined hospitals. They expect those to be occupied before midnight. Meanwhile, Hillsborough County (Greater Tampa) reports over 95% occupancy of their ICU beds. They have asked Governor DeSantis to create a temporary site that could hold 150-200 extra ICU beds for the millions of potential Covid victims in the the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. But the governor has failed to respond to that request, citing the line that “Things are getting better,” despite the rising numbers.

    That makes me very sad.

  103. son of a son of a shula says:

  104. son of a son of a shula says:

  105. Phindog says:

    And then there is this.

  106. Phindog says:

    This is cool. I’m gonna learn it.🎸🎼😎👍🥃🥃

  107. Phindog says:

    For Son and anyone that digs Robert Joh son. They kill this 👍

  108. Mike E. says:

    Doggy – That was just me singing with the Karaoke track of Comfortably Numb. I was kidding about the fam doing the backup vocals. 🙂

  109. son of a son of a shula says:

    Same concert as above

  110. olddolphan says:

    THANKS, GUYS!! Those great songs picked me up!!
    NOW, if we could just get our governor to listen to them!!
    I hope all you folks in NY & NJ are safe from the tropical storm.
    Talk to Y’all tomorrow.–The OLD DOLFAN IS OUT!!

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s not so bad in the NE, just a lot of rain and wind off and on. Nothing we haven’t dealt with before. There have been so many warm summer days you know you’re getting rain at some point. Hope all is well!

  111. son of a son of a shula says:

    Doggy, here’s a good strummer for you and Mrs Toba singing

  112. Phindog says:

    Well having three of my favorite guitarist playing a great song 🐕🎸🥃🥃🎼🎼

    • Tim Knight says:

      This era makes me sad. Jimmy was just getting back in public after the end of Led Zeppelin due to Bonzo’s death, and clearly not ready to be what he once was. You can see Eric and Jeff clearly looking out for him and letting him get it out. But that’s what friends do. How crazy is it that these three were teenage friends and they became who they are? LOL

    • TryPod says:

      Who all is in that? Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ray Cooper, Page, Beck, Simon Phillips, Joe Cocker, Paul Rogers…?

  113. steveccnv says:

    Doctors say Goody Tua Shoes will be ready for camp and that his right (injured hip) is stronger than his left hip.

  114. bookman11 says:


    Thanks for Woolley Swamp, that was awesome!!

    I like your taste in music

  115. bailbondmike says:

    Was just looking at the class of RB’s next year and its a pretty stacked group. No need to add more to the roster. this group is good until we loop around to draft next year.
    D, you are right, sir. Many good 3 down backs and receiving backs as well. My fav may be Kylin Hill where ever/if he ends up playing this season.

  116. ocalarob says:

    CK out the lead guitarist solo, RIP Terry Kath

  117. olddolphan says:

    SON-OF-A-SON; I JUST finished replaying Peter Gabriel and Paula Cole’s rendition of “Don’t Give Up” that you so graciously put on this site last night. IT WAS SUPER AWESOME!! Everyone should start their day with this kind of song.

    MRS. OD and I thank you!

    • stangerx says:

      Think know more about Bill about this stuff. BLM didn’t have 501(3)(c) charitable status so became a “supporting organization” of a place that did….. which made donations tax deductible. Same way place I used to work does it. How the money is used…. well that I have no clue about.

  118. stangerx says:

    “The Tua that I’ve seen at Alabama since him stepping onto the scene has been wonderful. He stood, he delivered. He’s exceeded expectations. He’s taken them where they wanted to go, and then farther.”

    “Yeah, he sustained an injury trying to make a darn play. He’s not injury prone. This guy is a flat-out winner. He’s smart. He’s professional. He’s articulate. He’s going to say the right things. He’s going to enhance the organization. He’s going to stand up in the press conference and say and speak the truth. He’s going to praise the Lord. I love everything about this kid. I think he’s going to be a phenomenal success in Miami.”

    —- Seems Deion Sanders has a mancrush

    • steveccnv says:

      Just in case you were wondering why Trump doesn’t wear a mask🤔

      • stangerx says:

        That’s 10 minutes dude…. too long for me. Would be nice if Trump wore a mask every now and then though. A lot of his folks follow his lead.

  119. Krishna says:

    Steveccnv, you know there’s not going to be football season. Wearing a mask and having any kind of leadership from the top MIGHT have changed all this.

    It seems to me we are in deja vu land….is it March and April again?

    And please remember, herd immunity works just fine for me. Perhaps the ODs of the world would object to this approach and I understand that.

    The only way through as I see it at this point is very Darwinian. Thanks DJT.

  120. Krishna says:

    Here’s a strategy “floated” by a pandemic expert (I will get his name, so sorry, he’s a Dutch dude if I’m corect) who consults/ed with NY and its regional approach.

    Testing, tracing, and isolation gives you a baseline and a fighting chance. Look around the world. Magical thinking doesn’t work in this case. Hmmm, the virus doesn’t give a shit about your politics, but it can succumb to a plan, strategy, and fucking effort to get it right.

    Another way out besides the Darwin approach. Just a thought.

    Leadership is another way out, too.

  121. Tim Knight says:

    Trivia question: which well known person played guitar on Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from My Friends” and other songs on that album? Don’t cheat and look it up. 😉

  122. wyoming85 says:

  123. olddolphan says:

    ARE THE INMATES running the asylum? You be the judge.
    A STATEWIDE OPINION POLL taken in Florida by three college professors at the University of Miami came up with some interesting results. 1,039 Floridians were asked about their attitudes on taking a Covid-19 vaccine. 43% believed taking the vaccine should be made mandatory, 33% disagreed. I’m guessing the remaining 24% were unsure, but that’s just my guess.

    The poll authors also reported that 20% of Floridians are unwilling to take the vaccine if it were to become available. And, 20% believe that the Corona virus is being used to force a dangerous and UNNECESSARY vaccine on Americans. A 20% non-compliance rate tells me that we will NOT be able to terminate this deadly disease, but, again, that’s just my guess and is not discussed by the authors of this poll.

    These numbers reminnd me of a poll of voters taken in the late 1960’s regarding the Income Tax. About 1/4 of respondents said they should not or WOULD NOT pay any income taxes. The government’s reaction was, and remains, that, under pain of incarceration in a federal facility, citizens MUST pay their taxes whether they want to or not. And the feds will vigorously prosecute those who refuse to pay.

    I HOPE citizens will understand that NOT taking the vaccine will needlessly condemn many tens of thousands of good citizens to death, and it will condemn millions to catching this disease needlessly. But if appeals to common sense don’t work, other measures most likely will be instituted.


    • wyoming85 says:

      We don’t even know if they will have one yet, and your hollering about “never Vaccors”??

      Vaccines are fine!

      But I don’t think I’m ready for Gate’s tracking yet!

      • olddolphan says:

        WYOMING: Perhaps you mis-read my personal opinion. I favor VOLUNTARY COOPERATION. But I’m warning those who refuse to take the vaccine (and that assumes there WILL BE a vaccine), that the government most likely will take other measures to encourage compliance.

  124. son of a son of a shula says:

    Clowney to Patsies being bandied about now.

    Wouldn’t come here for close to what his market was (was being the key word), but will go to patsies for a Cam like deal.

    I’m not a genius but 15 million is a hell of a lot more millions than one or two.
    Is perceived better chance at winning worth 12-14 million dollars? Maybe he just seriously fucked himself, I’d go with that.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Don’t care. This new and young OL will have to face good players along the way. Phase II is on but different. lol

  125. son of a son of a shula says:

    PSA –

    When wearing a mask don’t forget you are wearing a mask and spit. It’s gross trust me. What a mess ugg.

    • olddolphan says:

      SON; My mother taught me NOT to spit. And it was NOT a request, if you catch my drift. Also, my mom, who taught me how to play baseball, NEVER FAILED to rip into those “unsanitary spitters in baseball.” She’d turn to me and say “There’s a very good reason why they outlawed the spitball in baseball. These guys who spit all over their own dugouts need to get a clue!”

      I learned at a very early age NEVER to argue with mom on issues like this. My dad, a World War 2 gunny sergeant, NEVER SPIT if there was a chance mom would see it or hear it. They only time I saw him spit was on Lake Erie when we went fishing in the early 1950’s. “Can’t do that when we get back on land,” he’d say.

  126. stangerx says:

    New US record baby….. FLA #1.
    “Florida reported a record increase of more than 15,000 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day on Sunday as the growing outbreak forces state authorities to close some businesses and beaches. If Florida were a country, it would rank fourth in the world for the most new cases a day behind the United States, Brazil and India.”

    • olddolphan says:

      Thanks Young Stanger for the info. It makes me want to cough & spit. Lucky for me, Mom’s not around to dispense harsh punishment!
      Seriously, did you see the age group MOST IMPACTED NOW IN FLORIDA is the 25-34 age group?? Number 2 is the 35-44 age group and number 3 is the 15-24 age group. Maybe more of these “KIDS” will start wearing masks and practice social distancing.

      • stangerx says:

        They opened the bars and the kids went to the bars. Who could’ve seen that one coming? Read yesterday about a 30-year-old guy who died after going to a “Covid party.” One of his friends tested positive so they held a part to see who would get it too. Well he did.

      • olddolphan says:

        YES, YOUNG STANGER, these kids are now the NUMBER ONE SPREADERS CORONO VIRUS in Florida.

  127. stangerx says:

    Serves me right for ranking on how when they opened the bars the young kids filled them. At the same time they opened the nail places…… and there was my wife. Woman who did her nails tested positive. Wife’s getting tested on Wednesday, but based on the time line hoping was before the nail woman got it.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Praying she’s fine Stanger.
      In the mean time, you my friend are going to have to find your inner Frank Burns and take care of those nails yourself. You might like it 🤷‍♂️

      • stangerx says:

        LOL — love the MASH reference. Still watching it to this day. One where I can close my eyes as try to go to sleep and still know what is going on.

        And we’ll see — FL is running like a 30% positivity rate or something and this is one with no symptoms…. so chance should be even less.

      • olddolphan says:

        MRS. OD & I concur with Son’s comments. Our best to your wife!!

      • stangerx says:

        How about me OD? If she has it so do I. 🙂
        But same time that suggests neither of us do….. no symptoms.

  128. olddolphan says:

    IT WAS Governor De Santis and his allies who decided to “open-up Florida” just as the Covid infection rate was rising on the road to a RECORD LEVEL OF INFECTIONS. NOW that we are at record levels, De Santis an his pals want us to OPEN UP THE SCHOOLS NEXT MONTH and let the kids and their teachers face totally unacceptable chances of infection and possible death. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the infection rate is significantly lower?? Wouldn’t it be better to wait until we actually have an ample number of available ICU beds available to treat those who doubtless will need them?? Right now, there are ZERO ICU BEDS available in my home county. And about 80-90 per cent of the regular beds are occupied. Most locals believe virus levels will get WORSE BEFORE THEY GET BETTER.

    In my humble opinion, De Santis could NOT have picked a worse time to OPEN UP THE SCHOOLS.

  129. olddolphan says:

    YOUNG STANGER: My comments about wishing good luck to your wife and her virus test obviously extend to YOU, TOO!!! Your efforts for the annual “MOBFEST” will forever be remembered by Dolphin fans everywhere. Among Dolphin fans, you are more than a bit of a legend!

  130. pheloniusphish says:

    I don’t think they should open schools anywhere until they have wiped out the socialist virus infecting them.

  131. bailbondmike says:

    I understand people are much more concerned about COVID than I am. I also believe there is a panic agenda of the media. I don’t blame any governor for trying to open things back up when they did. Will I get vaccinated, yes, but just for the same reason I get a flu shot every year.

  132. TryPod says:

    Not letting politics decide how I take care of myself. Going to give scientists’/medical personnels’ opinions the greatest consideration. The rest is all noise.

  133. CavalierKong says:

    Any bets on the Redskins new name to be revealed tomorrow?

  134. CavalierKong says:

    Are the Indians next? I think that will happen.
    Blackhawks or Chiefs?
    Braves have said they won’t change.

    • TryPod says:

      Putting your head in the sand/digging your heels in is always the best approach.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I’m not sure the Braves statement means anything. Snyder previously said the Redskins would never change their name.

      • TryPod says:

        I understand your point- I anticipate their resolve will be maintained in direct proportion to their profits.

  135. CavalierKong says:

    Two weeks away from the start of training camp. It’s going to be real interesting t see how this plays out.

    Players won’t be in a bubble. They have the option to stay at a team sponsored hotel or at home (except for the night before a preseason game).

    Players will have a radio chip in their pads which will allow the league to track every other player they come within 6 ft of in a game, in cases of a positive test.

    The league and NFLPA have not agreed about whether they are playing 2 or no preseason games. The league doesn’t believe they need NFLPA approval.

    The NFL will allow each team to determine their own individual policies about allowing fans into stadiums on gameday.

  136. ocalarob says:

    For you lawyers out there,
    i recently got duped for $700, from a reputable corporation or so i thought, they do business in fl with a major swimming pool wholesaler, horner equip. they sold me a training guide that they misrepresented, they are out of virginia, one of there officers of the corp has an address in tampa which is a comm office. what they sold me, the money was taken out of my bank here in fl. one of the owners said he would refund me in an email however that didnt happen.
    my question is where do i file for small claims? here in florida or in virginia?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      In fla, in most cases bc it’s easier for you

      But if you want to file in VA it’s possible too

      But Jurisdction always depends on the state rules, so I’m generalizing based on NY rules

      But most states permit filing in state of the contract was agreed to in that state

      And it sounds like you agreed to the contract online which means fla should be available to you Under that theory

      Google “basis of subject matter jurisdiction in Florida” to confirm

      But generally if the contract occurred in a jurisdction , the jurisdiction is the proper jurisdction for that lawsuit

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      I’m not a lawyer but I play one on the blog. You would take action in Fla where the transaction was made.

  137. D says:

    bailbondmike says:
    July 12, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    I understand people are much more concerned about COVID than I am. I also believe there is a panic agenda of the media. I don’t blame any governor for trying to open things back up when they did. Will I get vaccinated, yes, but just for the same reason I get a flu shot every year.
    Easy to not be as concerned when you work in a profession where concern isnt really allowed. Its a threat, its real, etc, but there are essential functions of our world where we still have to do those functions and we cant be terrified to face that fact and do the job. There is a middle ground between the ultimate panic and crazy careful way some of us are living and then the totale disregard that some of the other of us are living.

    Im closer to the looney too careful side, because of my children, and im not sure how i feel about them going back to school. I kinda dont want them to, but this area is in such a way that they cant do remote schooling. They could not keep it fair for those that cant afford to do it online, and in this area, that would be a chunk of people. It really is a double edged sword, between stopping the spread and a stable economy, between stopping the spread and a healthy socialization and education. Really tough place fro anyone to be in, both as a citizen and a law maker.

  138. D says:

    CavalierKong says:
    July 12, 2020 at 11:25 pm

    Are the Indians next? I think that will happen.
    Blackhawks or Chiefs?
    Braves have said they won’t change.
    Indians top peeps have called for it. Its probably being discussed for them. Not sure about the others. Braves, isnt derogatory, neither is BlackHawks, Chiefs and unfortunately Seminoles (because i would so love them to have to change their name lol). Those are all honorable refrences to Indian culture. Braves is a societal ranking, as is Chiefs. Blackhawks and Seminoles are tribe names. Again, yeah with the world the way its going, im sure its going to be called for, because the real reason this shit is going on is people get empowered to hear their voice shake mountains. So im sure its very empowering, probably even qualifying as addictive to some im sure.

    • CavalierKong says:

      This was kinda what I was looking for. I have no idea which names are considered offensive to Native Americans and which aren’t, other than Indians of course. That one is obvious.

    • TryPod says:

      I understand this take, but I’m not sure that the people most “affected” by this agree, considering the iconography and various “war” chants that are utilized.

      • D says:

        War chants might be offensive in the sense that that is personal i feel. Something that part of their culture and should be used for a football game. I could see getting rid of that for sure. Not needed in that context anyways, plenty of other ways to celebrate the team.

      • steveccnv says:

        Besides the fact that war chants are annoying as hell.., but don’t fall for the PC BS of the left, they want to uproot the US as we know it, from destroying statues to families, and everything in between.

      • TryPod says:

        If all you see is conspiracies, all you’ll find is conspiracies. I want to look through a different prism.

  139. steveccnv says:

    On Cox being on the bubble:

    Cox averaged just eight snaps a game last season, with his high coming in Week 7, when he was on the field for 18 plays, or 25 percent of the offense’s snaps. Miami had their fullback, but did not utilize him as much as they potentially could have. Develin was injured early last year, missing most of the season, but to continue the comparison, in 2018, he averaged 24 snaps a game, playing in 32 percent of the snaps on the season and playing at least eight snaps in every game.

    Not sure why we need him on the roster, but if he could actually block or had some receiving skills I’d consider him.

  140. steveccnv says:

    One key point Kyle Crabbs makes about our WRs is they need to cut down on the drops. We were tied for last I believe, with 36 or so drops.

    I’d need to see all drops to know for sure, but I do remember some bad ones. Parker against the jets and Laird with some at the end of the years. Anyways we’ve had more than our share lately, so I agree with Crabby.

    Drops in general are drive killers.

  141. CavalierKong says:


    I understand you think ‘the left’ just politicizes everything for their own gain (thankfully ‘the right’ is above all that), but is the point of your statement also that these things don’t actually matter to Native Americans? Or is it that the majority of America shouldn’t/doesn’t really care? If neither of those statements is true, then what is wrong with having a conversation about it?

    I personally don’t care about the politicizing of it. I am able to separate the politics from the possible real issues. I care about a conversation regarding the details, and I think it’s a valid conversation to have.

    But I also understand that you can’t have conversations with people that refuse to look past their own politics. If your answer to everything is “it’s all left BS” then you have no voice other than your own political leaning and the rote responses of your loudest members. You bring nothing to the conversation because it completely disregards there may be an actual issue. I think real people like us on this blog can try to discuss those actual issues. We often do.

    So in regards to the actual issue, if we had the Alabama Cottonpickers, that name wouldn’t stand. So should we have names that are literally derogatory to a subset of Americans, like the ‘Indians’?

    • TryPod says:

      I have gotten the same sense. If it was the Georgia Crackers or the Chicago Honkies, people on the extreme right would be just as up in arms. Things change. Our demographics are changing. We’ll (white people) be a minority-majority soon. I think it worries some people. The way to get a seat at the table is to be more inclusive, and the right has had a hard time selling their message, particularly when the people they are trying to sell it to look at them and only see a bunch of old white guys. I worry because true conservatism (has been) will be lost.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I would love to see the conversation move beyond right and left, liberal and conservative. I know that some of the issues can’t move beyond that because some of the issues are deeply rooted in ideology.

        But some of these things like offensive imagery or sports names is not ideology. Same thing with community statues of founding members of the KKK or Confederate leaders who fought for the right to own slaves. It’s basic humanity IMO.

      • stangerx says:

        Try — but thing is it never would have been the Georgia Crackers or the Chicago Honkies …. but guess that is part of the point.

      • TryPod says:

        Agreed Cav- I get frustrated when a statement is responded to with “the left” this or “the right” that. I particularly get peeved when one only sees the bad in the side they are opposite from, and never addresses the weaknesses of their own position. I don’t expect someone to make it easier for me in an argument (in the classic sense of the word), but occasionally you have to be able to say when your “side” has its weaknesses, too.

    • stangerx says:

      Can’t blame any native american for finding redskin offensive.
      Indian might have just been passed by what is PC.
      Not sure why anyone would have a problem with Seminoles….. unless the tribe was looking for money for naming rights.

    • steveccnv says:

      We can have a conversation on this, I no problem with that.

      My point is the PC crowd and identity politic crowd are the ones making an issue about this. For this to be a real issue, Native Americans need to be the ones bringing the issue forward, and not the left, and since the left are the ones creating the issue, then yeah everything is the left BS.

      You can’t tell me, that since Trump was nominated the left hasn’t done everything in their power to get him impeached, divide the country, and do whatever to hurt the economy.

      Trump has many flaws, but doing what he thinks is best for our country isn’t one if them.

      I can’t say the same for the left politicians. They want the country to stay closed to hurt the economy, they want open boarders and to give free stuff to gain power. Everything they do seems to be geared at the 2020 election. Tget don’t give a damn about the American people.

  142. bailbondmike says:

    Someone was telling the deep state was behind this COVID shit. Didn’t believe it but I am starting to.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I don’t know a lot about ‘deep state’ theories, so this is a legitimate question. Is the deep state supposedly worldwide? If not, how does that work with COVID deep state conspiracies? Is the whole world in on it or do we have a warped view of what is really happening in the rest of the world with COVID due to our media coverage? (i.e the rest of the world isn’t concerned with COVID)

    • stangerx says:

      BBM — on all the planned release of Covid in Wuhan conspiracy theories one question has to be answered — why would the Chinese release a lethal virus on its own people? An unintentional “escape” from a lab is possible and impossible to disprove, but that would just mean they F-ed up.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I can’t see the video. Is the theory that it was released on purpose by the Chinese as part of a deep state conspiracy? Like in conjunction with our government?

      • stangerx says:

        US gave like $4 million grant to the the lab in Wuhan (long known) that conspiracy theorists claim manufactured/ released on purpose/ let escape the virus. Somehow that means Obama/deep state was involved. But then didn’t watch the whole thing….it’s 12 minutes.

      • steveccnv says:

        4B not 4M, the video also has Faucci on tape from 2017 saying a pandemic was going to hit this administration. We already knew he wasn’t on the level.

      • steveccnv says:

        Stanger was correct it is 3.7M not billion.

      • stangerx says:

        Steve — you saying the US gave 4 Billion to that one lab in Wuhan? Was out before that the grant came from a large worldwide NIH grant program that might have been that much. No offense, but if billions went to that Wuhan lab think would be headlines for many days.

    • steveccnv says:

      This is just more to think about, from what I wrote above.

      I find it strange that the left has an issue with calling it the Wuhan Virus, unless this video is true. We already know the Bidens were in bed with China, so why would this be any different?

      This all plays into what Cuomo did to the nursing homes in NY, killing hundreds of people. Does anyone really believe the left cares about us?

      • stangerx says:

        Not sure why couldn’t reply above — but wrote about billion versus billion before reading we agree was millions.

  143. CavalierKong says:


    OK, I better understand where you are coming from. Basically what you’re saying is that Native Americans aren’t the ones that care about this or are pushing it. The left has just brought this into being to sow discord.

    Again leaving the Trump politics aside (I’ve made my position on him clear and I don’t wish to turn this conversation into a fight about Trump), this HAS been an issue going back to at least the 1990s. That is when i first remember hearing about it, and I’m sure it goes back further. It’s not like this is a new convo.

    • steveccnv says:

      No it’s not new, it’s just been brought up again by the left to propagandize their PC rhetoric. We have free speech in this country, at least we did.

  144. CavalierKong says:

    I guess if you truly believe the entire left is that evil and they will do anything they can to get rid of Trump, and that there is a giant deep state controlling everything, and that everything bad is a leftist conspiracy, then there is no way to have a conversation about anything of substance without it always coming back to that. It is literally impossible to just talk about the actual issues.

    It’s just such a binary and self-fulfilling conspiracy smorgasbord, that it’s impossible to rationalize anything beyond it. I can’t comprehend seeing everything in such simple terms and easy black and white like that, but I bet life sure looks a lot better when you have a boogeyman to blame for everything.

    I’ve always considered myself cynical and disbelieving, but maybe I’m not. Maybe I really do have a more positive outlook and live in a world of dreams, lol. Ah well.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I find this stuff as stupid as the conspiracy theories about Bush, the right, and 9/11 blackflag BS. Same shoe different foot, lol.

    • steveccnv says:

      We can talk about anything, that’s my stance right now. Please disprove anything I’ve written.

  145. D says:

    I do feel there is some truth to it being offensive to Native Americans, but i think this is furthered from a political perspective. The momentum behind it are mostly the unaffectted, as is the group that opposes it.

    So thats where i find the situation, i cut out the we should or we shouldn’ts and focus on the feel of things. Personally there isnt much that bothers me, and thats not white priveledge its a focus on my part to ignore statements that are intention to rile me. The power of derogatoy terms is in the person that allows those terms to affect them. Yes they have no place in society, but what woul;d happen is we just took power back and let them roll off us like water.

    Its infinitely more doable to control our own actions than the actions of other. Let me propose that the N word didnt bother blacks. Would it not stand to reason that word would have never gained usage since it wasnt effective? I mean that word in African means giver, so if it can mean something totally different elsewhere, why does it mean something nasty here? Because We made that meaning, we perpetuate that meaning and yes, those affect by it give it power.

    This is not a proposal to allow the use of that word, it shouldnt be used, but the success of eliminating the effects of racism, the power it has is to take its power away. Once that part is under control, then the words will die on their own.

    Back to my point about the name, i dont care what the left wants it remove for or why the right would even feel it should be fought over. Just step outside yourself and say, whats the point. If it potentially could cause people to feel slighted, why would it be so important to keep, and if you dont have a damn good reason, why not be the bigger man and change it despite your personal feelings on it.

    • steveccnv says:

      PC and identity politics are against free speech. The left wants free speech, unless it opposes them. You don’t think free speech is worth fighting for?

      • D says:

        Assuming this was meant to be a reply to a different post.

      • steveccnv says:

        Yes, from Stanger below. Have no idea how it got here, but since there’s there’s so many music videos posted on this page lots if weird stuff is happening. May I suggest on Friday creating a new article with a music theme, then Saturday morning a new article on something else.

  146. wyoming85 says:

    Not my rabbit hole today! 😉

  147. steveccnv says:

    We’ll likely never get to the bottom of this Wuhan scandal, but if true Faucci may be responsible for 135K+ U.S. deaths, and lol that Stanger is scared of Trump.

    • stangerx says:

      Guess you are right I am scared of Trump. And you do know have been a conservative GOP guy my whole life? But guess to Trump that would make me establishment.

  148. stangerx says:

    steve — why are you doubting we have free speech in the USA. If anything I’m thinking has gotten out of control, not that would want to stop it.

    • D says:

      Its a lot of you have free speech if you speak to what i want to hear these days. Maybe thats what he is referring to.

      • stangerx says:

        D– Upside of the internet is that it gave the common man the ability to be heard. Downside is that the common man was heard. Enjoy internet comments, but also miss when it was the guys who rose up out of the folks for this or that point of view that you were reading. In like the newspaper.

    • CavalierKong says:


      I’ve tried to talk about the actual issue of offensive imagery and names, and confederate and KKK statues, and every other word you’ve typed is all about political chicanery. It goes back to what I said before, you refuse to even acknowledge any issues because in your mind everything is leftist conspiracy. It’s so much easier to shout conspiracy than face issues.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Wrong place for my reply, but I’ll reply to you too Stanger. people have no clue what Freedom of Speech means. Has Congress passed a law inhibiting Free Speech recently that I’m unaware of? No, so why is this even a topic?

      • steveccnv says:

        What actual issues have you brought forth?

    • steveccnv says:

      Social media, NY laws, college campuses…and what D said.

  149. D says:

    I dont buy that China released it on purpose, but i also dont agree with the statement that China wouldnt release it on its own people. That country is full of a history where they do whatever they want to to their people, they do not care for their populous.

  150. wyoming85 says:

    It was always my opinion was that the OWNER of the team could name it whatever they wanted!

    If it offended you don’t spend you money on there service!

  151. wyoming85 says:

    AH the crux of freedom of speech!
    If you want to be able to say what you want to, You have to let the KKK say what they want to!

    And by the way, with all this talk of the KKK when is the last time you actually heard anything out of them????

    • steveccnv says:

      Do they still exist?

    • CavalierKong says:

      Again, not what freedom of speech is, but at least this isn’t political, just ignorance, lol.

    • stangerx says:

      wyoming — maybe I’m old, but do you remember when the American Nazis wanted to march through Skokie, IL? ACLU supported their right too. And man I never liked the ACLU. Respected their stance on that one though. You want freedom of speech….. that includes hearing what you don’t want to hear.

      • wyoming85 says:

        Not that particular instance.
        But I have seen them support “White” organizations marches.

  152. CavalierKong says:


    Did you read anything I wrote or did none of it make it through the political prism you see everything through?

    Offensive imagery and names. Community statues of founding KKK members and confederate slave owners.

    I literally brought these subjects up with zero political leaning in my posts, just the subjects themselves. You turned the whole convo into a political sanfu, and now that is the entire conversation.

    • wyoming85 says:

      I’m not Steve!
      If you find some part of our History that offends you. Your supposed to get a petition signed with enough signatures to get it put on a ballot for a vote?

      Not back your truck up and rip it down! (Well that’s what I’d do! fuck that pulling ropes thing!) 😉

      • CavalierKong says:

        Ok, now this is what I’m talking about! We can talk about this shit without it becoming left this, trump that. I agree with you. I don’t like that mobs are tearing down statues. It needs to be done the right way.

      • CavalierKong says:

        But I am absolutely for removing some of these statues of confederate leaders

  153. steveccnv says:

    Ok, what’s your stance on offensive imagery and why? My stance, as stated above is, if a group is truly offended by it, then bring it to your congressmen.

    The statues issue is too specific, because those aren’t the only ones being torn down. The subject should be on all the statues that are being torn down. These statues are part of American history and should be left untouched. We don’t have enough history in this country.

  154. wyoming85 says:

    The problem Cav, is that some of those “monuments” have went up for vote before.
    The “locals” didn’t vote for removal!

    • CavalierKong says:

      Yep, I am not in disagreement here. i very much am opposed to the way these statues are coming down even though I agree with there coming down, lol.

      It’s like the Redskins. The Redskins name has been around for ages, and the issue has come up before and been shot down. Now the voices are loud enough that the organization is choosing to change it. It’s societal pressure, but still their choice.

      • steveccnv says:

        I don’t really give a shit, if the Redskins change their name, beyond what the changing stands for.

  155. CavalierKong says:

    Sorry, i could have been more diplomatic instead of rude, but I’m posting quickly and don’t have time to filter like I usually do.

    Freedom of Speech has nothing to do with societal restraints to speech. it literally is just that Congress cannot enact laws inhibiting speech. So if we as a society say the ‘N’ word is bad, and there are societal repercussions from using it, that is not an infringement on free speech. And in regards to what you said, yes legally we have to let white power groups have a voice,and THEY DO. they can assemble and spread hate like anybody else.

    • wyoming85 says:

      That’s the crux!

      Mr. Megaphone doesn’t want you to have free speech!

      On either of the extreme’s

  156. steveccnv says:

    Cav, I apologize, if I’ve offended you in any way. I get a little too heated, when talking about some of these issues, and it isn’t meant to be personal to those on this board. When I refer to the left, I’m referring to the politicians, and MSM in some instances.

    • CavalierKong says:

      We’re good, bro, not offended 🙂 And I appreciate the branch. I know these are emotional conversations, and it’s hard to separate politics, ideology, beliefs, and issues, lol.

  157. wyoming85 says:

    That’s probably what pisses me off about the whole situation!

    I could live my life and never care what you do with yours!

    But when you start telling me I’m all fucked up and need to do this and that. Well that usually get’s my fur up!

  158. steveccnv says:

    Going back to the societal restraint issue of letting it being handled by society, I think that’s wrong, because the loudest voice wins, and these days the MSN has created the side that gets the louder voice.

    The OSU coach that got basically extorted by his star player for wearing an OAN shirt was ridiculous.

    • CavalierKong says:

      This is where the luxuries and freedom of our society is it’s own downfall. Our very freedom (and the internet) is what more freely allows these societal restraints to be enacted. When as a group we can get a person fired for saying one offensive thing, that is a major part of the problem.

      I don’t see this as just a MSM issue. The MSM is the symptom, not the problem. If you wiped out the current iteration of MSM, something just like it would fill that void.

      • steveccnv says:

        Yeah, but the problem is it’s too one sided now.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Is it though? I see a ton of news sites that go to the right and a ton that go to the left. This is part of what I don’t understand. I’ll be honest, when I want news, I google a subject, see what comes up, then go to a couple of sites that lean each way before I start to form an opinion.

        In my experience the site like Fox news and OAN are as biased as the sites like MSNBC and CNN. I have easy access to both sides and their information. How is it one sided? Because more people choose to listen to what you term the MSM?

  159. ocalarob says:

    i don’t understand how people are so blind to what’s actually happening, What has our president done against the US that is so bad?
    Why is the left pointing out any little crumb they can get on the guy?

    maybe they should point out flaws in Trumps foreign policy instead of his twiiter posts,
    what does twitter have to do with running a country and doesn’t he have a right to his opinion?
    why do they resort to unlawful practice (Fisa warrants) spend countless american tax money on fraudulent impeachment.
    i’m not so much in favor of trump as i am very scared of the left gaining power, all these riots are political by the left, they will resort to anything to gain power. Seattle with their CHAP or CHOP?
    their mayor and gov happens to be on the left supporting that shit.
    what about the innocent people who suffered due to that?
    i’m sure Trump has mixed feelings about getting renominated. who would want to put up with this abuse for another 4 years.
    He’s got my vote.

    • stangerx says:

      Trump is POTUS and a guy running for re-election. Those by themselves make him a target. And MY OH MY does he make himself an easy target. Not talking about any policies in any way. He’s smart enough to know that. Yet…..

      • steveccnv says:

        …yet it doesn’t matter what he says or does, they’ll still go after him the same.

      • stangerx says:

        Of course they would….. but why make it easy for them?

      • ocalarob says:

        Its very apparent what the left is doing. They are not attacking him on his decisions regarding the running of the country. They are causing chaos in a lame attempt to point the finger at him.
        Joe Biden? Are you kidding me! If i were on the left joe biden would be the last person i qould want against trump. The man is 82 years old.

    • ocalarob says:

      Joe biden gas dementia. He definitely did what they tried to impeach trump on. If you vote for joe biden you are not voting for joe biden because hes a puppet. The you have to ask yourself who are you really voting for because if elected biden wont be running this country

      • steveccnv says:

        Yeah, I always thought in a democracy, you get to vote for who you want to be president.

      • stangerx says:

        ORob — then just vote for Trump. All this puppet stuff about Biden…. your opinion. But what’s it really matter since you won’t vote for him even if not true?

      • ocalarob says:

        Stanger. I wont vote for him because hes a corrupt politician. And thats a fact.

      • stangerx says:

        So then you’ll vote for Trump……cool enough

      • ocalarob says:

        Yes i will and you shouls also consider it

      • stangerx says:

        You never know ORob — I’m certainly ready to see what happens btwn now and Nov. What thinking person would say something could not change their mind? No scandal about Trump could come up that would change yours?

  160. wyoming85 says:

    We can have all the conversations we want!

    But this is what I’m talking about! And it’s tiresome!

    Coming from a Senator!!!!!!

    • D says:

      Yeah, so what are supporters of Biden? Sorry Libs, Biden is Trump, you aren’t convincing me you can do better when you put a more senile version of the same dude as your candidate.

      • D says:

        Its seems to me they had their mind made up on Biden, because it didnt even seem to really play our before they picked him. Part of me does have a conspiracy about why. I wouldn’t not at all think its not because he is senile or has dementia and will not be fit allowing for the VP to take over. My guess is the real person they want in office is whomever they select for VP. I dont see Biden making it through a whole term.

    • CavalierKong says:

      It’s tiresome, but it comes from the top down, and I don’t mean Senators. How can you rail against this kind of talk from a Senator when every time our President opens his mouth, bigoted, racist, hateful statements follow?

      Coming from a President!!!!!!

      • stangerx says:

        Does go both ways. Trump was attacking the CDC and Dr. Fauci today…… and they work for him. 🙂

      • CavalierKong says:

        I honestly don’t know why I’m still here responding, lol. It’s insidious, you can’t get away from it. And nobody understands the zero sum game, they just blithely go on playing.

  161. D says:

    wyoming85 says:
    July 13, 2020 at 1:58 pm

    It was always my opinion was that the OWNER of the team could name it whatever they wanted!

    If it offended you don’t spend you money on there service!
    This why my belief that capitalism has built in ahole protection. Dont like what a company stands for, dont do business with them, no buisness makes them re-think their stances on things. Still this represents a community as well so it is a private business, but it also isnt. NFL could have made them change the name because of NFL image. So they aren’t exactly above the public opinion nor the legal responsibility to make changes. Just like players have conduct clauses, im sure so does any team with that NFL logo.

    • D says:

      Ultimately thats how it got resolved, so i guess capitalism wins again?

      • CavalierKong says:

        Yep, capitalism does win again. The only reason Snyder is changing the name is because of the potential economic impact this has on his bottom line.

  162. ocalarob says:

    Thats exactly what is happening. The sponsors for the washington team is backing out financially due to the name. It didn’t take Snyder long to figure the right course of action. Hes the most inept owner in sports

  163. CavalierKong says:

    Steve, it’s a bit belated, but I just realized it was remiss of me not to offer an apology to you as well if I offended in any way, so I do so now. I know I too can be aggressive in tone, but I think we understand each other’s style well enough to not get riled beyond reason.

  164. CavalierKong says:

    Meanwhile, in football news, Clowney to the Pets would piss me off. Although what I’m reading today is he’s being linked with the Eagles.

    • steveccnv says:

      Seemed odd he’d go to the cheats, since he’d have to go there on the cheap, when he doesn’t have to. He could easily take 15M from several teams.

    • D says:

      Its like anything, if you cant make the money you want to, take the chance for championship and right now, despite all thats change in NE, they are the most likely team to bet on getting back to the dance. That probably changes in the upcoming years, its unraveling, but at current, you can still trust Belichick can get them going again. He just wins, much the pity.

      • D says:

        Personally, id take the money because my belief is that thats what we all work for, and i dont take for granted that even though it might be a harder road i can get there from most anywhere. Some prefer the easier road.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Clowney will never get the big deal he seeks from the Pats. Tom Brady isn’t there anymore either so not sure the Pats are a team players are jumping too just yet, until Belichick proves he can keep it rolling without him.

    • CavalierKong says:

      It’s hard to see him playing on a minuscule contract when he can easily get 10 figures. And there is no guarantee he gets the opportunity at another big contract.

  165. CavalierKong says:

    Ugh, a couple more weeks and we might have some real NFL news to bandy about.

    • D says:

      Im hopeful, but im not convinced. So many retractions already, makes me think they are already seeing the flaws in their plans.

      • CavalierKong says:

        yeah, I’m in the same place. I hope they figure it out, but last night I listed some of the rules they’ve agreed on, and I can’t see how it’s going to work.

        Whole teams could end up in isolation due to contact during games with a player who tests positive.

  166. bookman11 says:

    Sitting at the neighborhood bar watching the Miracle in Miami on TV

  167. wyoming85 says:

    I would find humor in this!

  168. CavalierKong says:

    The Onion is always good for a laugh. One of my favorite publications.

  169. olddolphan says:

    LAST 2 minutes of the Pats @ Dolphins game from Dec. of 2018 starting now on the NFL Network. Beating New England NEVER gets old!! GOO-O-O FINS!!

  170. ocalarob says:

    I want to think piggy, stenger, and they are paralegal son, i sent afinal email to clowns i mentioned earlier telling them how they took my money under false pretenses and that i had no choice other than to pursue them in small claims and that my next corespondence to them would be thealexandria sheriff serving them, within an hour the money was back in my account, THANKS GUYS

  171. Tim Knight says:

    I don’t think most “white people” would have an issue with a team being called “pale face.” The issue is many people of color feel they are not treated as equals. Can we correct that? The tit for tat comparisons are getting old. Just saying!

    • TryPod says:

      I don’t think that a lot of people that are white would have a problem in a vacuum, but, as you say, the tit-for-tat mentality would override that.

  172. ocalarob says:

    Kendrick nunn bam adebayo and derek jones jr all have covid

  173. ocalarob says:

    How about chris jones to miami?

    • Tim Knight says:

      Too expensive. I hope Raekwon Davis can be somewhat like him.

    • steveccnv says:

      He’s the guy you bring in when you can’t get over the top, and beat a certain team in the playoffs. We aren’t there yet.

      Deion and Charles Haley come to mind, as guys that helped get their teams an SB win.

  174. CavalierKong says:

    So we have a couple of COVID cases at my work in the last week. My employer (a government agency) sends an email letting everyone know this has happened. So far so good. They don’t name the people because this would violate HIPAA regs, but they do say they will inform anyone who might have been exposed.

    This is the funny part: Their threshold for exposure is if the infected people had contact with anyone within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. LOL, apparently it takes 15 minutes of exposure to contract COVID.

    I do get why they are doing that, because if they truly went by possible exposure, they would have to include the whole building, but what a goofy place to put the line, smh.

    • steveccnv says:

      I mostly think there’s too much hysteria over covid 19. There’s certain things that need to be done starting with the at risk people, who need to be as careful as possible, then those that get it need to be given one of the drugs that’s been curing it.

      People in the at risk group might also think about taking hydroxychloriquin as a preventative drug.

      • steveccnv says:

        Since the extended testing has been going on the death rate has significantly dropped, to numbers closer to the flu. Covid19 is more contagious, so more precautionary messuresvneed to be taken, but all of this reclosing and schools maybe not opening in the fall is more dangerous than the virus.

  175. CavalierKong says:

    Well that infuriates me. I just spent 15 minutes typing out a response to you, Steve. And it dropped off into the nether. I’m not doing that again. fucking stupid site.

    • steveccnv says:

      I’ve been saying stuff like that for a long time, but it falls on deaf ears.

      The problem may be related to the amount of video links posted on Friday. The page takes a while to reload and I get bounced around a lot. I suggested they post a new article on Fridays with maybe a theme header and let people post all the links they want, then on Saturday put a new post up or just put a new post up on Saturday. The new post doesn’t have to be an article, it can just have a header.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Did you guy click on the thing that says

      “Post Comment”


  176. steveccnv says:

    We need a page turn. I should just Home it and type the same thing over and over. Crimson and clover…

  177. wyoming85 says:

  178. wyoming85 says:

  179. stangerx says:

    I’m sorta wondering why teams are doing these new contracts when the cap may be down. Maybe they are factoring that possibility into the amount and you can sign cheap right now. Or maybe they are stupid and will get burned if that happens. Who knows?

  180. wyoming85 says:

    How can anyone take this world serious anymore?????????

    • steveccnv says:

      When you start lying and don’t ever come clean (the effect of global warming) you have to perpetuate it, and this is the kind of ridiculous shit that comes of it.

  181. steveccnv says:

    I’m wondering what gives too, but these U75s only want to be first. 5 yr 125M means nothing, without the guarantee and/or early money or is it back loaded like Mahomes. At least Schefty put in the guarantee.

  182. stangerx says:

    Pats are going limited seating for their games.
    “Highlighting the ‘preliminary protocols’ is the announcement that, “pending state and local approval”, the team plans to admit fans to games this fall, up to 20 percent of the building’s total capacity. Gillette Stadium holds just under 66,000 fans for NFL games; the new guidelines would see about 13,000 people attending games in 2020.”

  183. Rockphin says:

    None Dolphins Post to the fantasy readers out there;

    I am re-reading the WOT by Jordan. I have ready the 14 nook series like 2.5 times already. (going back and restarting from the beginning at least once while waiting for the series to be completed) and I just realized for the first time that Rand al’Thor is the son of the Daughter heir and Galad’s younger half brother. He is Elayne’s half-brother’s half–brother. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT!?

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