Week 4 – Seahawks @ Dolphins

Six very important players in this upcoming matchup between the Miami Dolphins who are hosting the red hot Seattle Seahawks. There are more of course, more players who will have an impact on this game because ultimately 22 players are o0n the field at any given time. If our defensive line can’t harass QB Russell Wilson it will make the containment of WR’s Tyler Lockett and D.J. Metcalf very difficult. Even pressure alone doesn’t cut it with Russell Wilson, it’s containment as well. His escapability and ability to keep plays alive is one of his best assets, so initial pressure will be good, but not allowing him to scramble and find room to escape and keep the play going will be key. This is where Wilson separates himself from most QB’s, he’s one of the very best. Defending Tyler Lockett who is a very fast and savvy WR is difficult enough as it is, and same for physically imposing D.J. Metcalf, who by the way I was very wrong about. Thus far, Russell Wilson has been nearly the perfect QB. He’s completed nearlym 77% of his passes for 925 yards and 14 TD’s against one INT. His TD% is an absurd 13.6%. If not for Pat Mahomes, he would be considered the NFL’s best in 2020.

The Miami front 7 will also have their hands full, because not only can the Seahawks throw it but they have 2 backs that can run well too. Chris Carson leads their rushing attack with a modest 157 yards on 37 carries and Carlos Hyde can grind out a game too. Russell Wilson is actually 2nd on the team at the moment in rushing with 90 yards on 14 carries. He can do it all! The Seattle O-line has been built with a few retreads like LT Duane Brown (HOU), LG Mike Iupati (ARZ) and RT Brandon Shell (NYJ). C Ethan Pocic and RG Damien Lewis are the only Seattle draftees. They’re not a great line, but Russell Wilson makes them better than they are. Wilkins, Ogbah, Godchaux, Lawson, Van Noy, Sieler, Davis, Van Noy, Van Ginkel, Baker, Roberts and Grugier-Hill are all going to need to be disciplined and not lose containment. Flushing Wilson is good but bringing him down or forcing him to get rid of the ball before he wants to is important.

On offense, if we can duplicate what we did last week to Jacksonville we should be in this game. Seattle’s defense is a little better and Pete Carroll is a much better coach. All Pro S Jamal Adams is used all over the place, coverage, playing the run and rushing the passer and he does it all well. Not a big name defense but they have a trio of LB’s who get it done and tackle well in Wagner, Wright and Barton. No longer the “Legion of Boom”, Adams adds a little pop back into that secondary. We have extra time to prepare for this one which can only help us. It will give WR DeVante Parker a couple of extra days to rest that hamstring and give RB Myles Gaskin a breather after 22 carries Thursday night, far more than he’s had since his college days. It’s only 3 games in and you never know if things will change, but Gaskin looks like the real deal. We still have Jordan Howard and Matt Breida, but for now they seem like role players, Howard the goal line threat and Breida the change of pace. Gesicki will have a more difficult matchup this week and last week he only caught one pass. Parker gutted it out last week as opposed to sitting the game out like he would in the past and the team needs him. At some point this season we may see Lynn Bowden and Malcolm Perry but I think it might be a while. Parker, Williams, Ford and Gesicki and Gaskin are the main contributors.

If at the end of the day, Russell Wilson doesn’t have 3 or more TD’s and Carson and Hyde don’t have well over 100 yards combined I think we have a shot in this one. I don’t know if we’re capable of keeping the ball out of Wilson’s hands but I would like us to do that. Long drives mixing rushing with Gaskin and passing to the previously mentioned guys ending up in with TD’s on the board can make us a real spoiler upset. The line is 6.5 for the bad guys. We have our work cut out for us but a nice effort like last weeks win could keep us in this one.


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  1. CavalierKong says:

    LOL, was calling him ‘Pat’ Mahomes a conscious choice?

    (His mom made a stink on twitter during the game which made it’s way to the broadcast about how he is NOT Pat, his father is Pat. lol)

  2. bailbondmike says:

    I think without question white people can be racist Agajnst other whites
    Yeah Piggy, I hate fucking Jets fans, Brady, Bellicheat, etc! LOL

  3. wyoming85 says:

    I know we weren’t to do politics!
    But I had to share! 😉

  4. stangerx says:

    Good take on the game Mike E, but unfortunately that includes we have one tough one. Hope Byron Jones’ pelvic region is feeling good. 🙂

  5. CavalierKong says:

    Stang, I have come to loathe the phrase “since we’re…”. But finally, a blessed end is in sight, lol.

    • stangerx says:

      And that makes me jealous . We are just getting ready to start. Thought I was real smart with “we don’t need to A, B and C at all.” But silly me….. turned out that meant everything else in the place was fair game. 🙂

  6. Rockphin says:

    Nice write up Mike E! I think the only chance we have at this game is to keep drives going and finish them. Matt Haack is having a good year, but I don’t want to see him on Sunday. FINISH THE DRIVES WITH POINTS!!! I think we will need 30+ points to win this game even if we limit Wilson’s time on the field. I hope it is hot as hell and muggy as well this Sunday and Seattle has to wear the dark uni’s.

  7. CavalierKong says:

    Are the CIncy and Atlanta pitching staffs this good or do their offenses suck? This may end up being another 1-0 game. Going into the 5th still 0-0. (Now that I’ve written this, I have no doubt someone will score in the 5th, lol)

  8. Rockphin says:

    LOL I just clicked the Dolphins Shout link up on the right hand side for the “Dolphins Links” just to see what I would get (knew the site had closed) and there is a re-direct to “hugedomains. com” where you can “BUY IT NOW” for only $4,395.00.

    Did the original creators of the site pay that much? Man, seems like a lot to have a blog. LOL

    • stangerx says:

      I’m surprised some of those guys on top of KV haven’t come over. We tried at least some. A number of us were there. Complaints of some of their guys were this wasn’t pure football, but a lot of football it has too.

  9. Mike E. says:

    I think less people are blogging. Some people like twitter better. To each their own. I get it. We’re a cranky ass group here too, maybe that scares people away. lol

    • stangerx says:

      Mike E — you tried to meet and greet with them more than anyone. But don’t think was about not liking a blog with them. Saw an aging version of our own without the group friend thing. And do think it was on the serious decline before KV came over…. which is why he probably did.

      • Mike E. says:

        I hear that. I wasn’t only referencing those guys I was talking about some of our own who either never come on anymore or only make very rare appearances.

      • stangerx says:

        Sorta of the way it is. People don’t come in so there can only be drop outs. Some go away and come back with fire though. M13, Top, David and Krishna come to mind. But overall with no new folks…..

  10. Mike E. says:

    Who likes the circle pictures better than the square tiled layout? Asking for a friend

  11. wyoming85 says:

    Good write up Mike E!

    I say we need 35+ to win!

  12. wyoming85 says:

  13. wyoming85 says:

  14. Rockphin says:

    For Piggy

  15. Mike E. says:

    Wyo – Yeah man, I know that, but I don’t see us winning in a high scoring shootout.

  16. stangerx says:

    Gaskin is on pace for 1,280 offensive yards.

  17. Rockphin says:

    Mike, I think the layout came out good. I like the way it looks. Is it a new feature to be able to lay things out that way? (We non-admins never see the set up page)

    • Mike E. says:

      The tiling feature for photos is new, I’ve done both the square tile setup and the circles like in this post. I like them both, it’s a little different and an upgrade I believe

  18. Rockphin says:

    Phins or Die is a defunct link as well.

  19. bailbondmike says:

    I have been trying to tune into more PAC 12 players come draft time. One LB to keep an eye on is LB Merlin Robertson, 6’3″ 251, ASU. As a freshman he had 77 tackles, 8.5 TFL, 5 sacks, 1 INT, Pac-12 Freshman Defensive Player of the Year. He dropped off just a bit his sophomore year but was dealing with family issues.

  20. Rockphin says:

    So Tua has been out all week with a Non-covid illness. What do the Dolphins do if he is still sick this weekend? We don’t have another QB on the roster. What if Fitz gets banged up?

    Flores was asked about it and also asked if Perry and Bowden who have been inactive every week, but played QB in school might be an option and Flores said no, he wouldn’t want to put too much on the young guys like that. He said several times in the interview that “They have a plan” but didn’t say what that plan would be.

    What do you guys think?

  21. bailbondmike says:

    Another PAC 12 player to keep an eye on is OLB/Edge Hamilcar Rashed, Jr., 6’3″ 235, Oregon State. 62 tackles, 14 sacks, 2 FF, 2 PD’s as a Junior.

  22. Rockphin says:

    Holy Crap! Literally half the Seahawks are on the injury report! Is Pete Carol playing Belicheat type games with the report!?

  23. Rockphin says:

    bookman11 says:
    October 1, 2020 at 3:03 pm
    Re-sign Rudock on Saturday, cut him on Monday


    I forgot they brought Rudock back to the practice Squad. I did a search earlier of “miami dolphins practice squad” and didn’t check the date of the return. Rudock wasn’t on the first list I checked. I just double checked with a newer link to Miami’s web site and sure enough, he is on the squad.

    That MUST be their plan. Someone on twitter was saying they would sign a vet for this week only, but I thought that was dumb because the new guy wouldn’t even know the offense, It’s Thursday already.

    • bookman11 says:

      That’s funny, because I actually didn’t think or know he was on the PS. But I was half serious just the same LOL

  24. Rockphin says:

  25. stangerx says:

    Whoever the #2 QB is on Sunday…. ain’t gonna be Perry or Bowden.
    “To throw that on those guys would be a lot, especially as rookies. I get it, they’ve played quarterback before. I understand the thinking of, ‘Hey, we can just put them out there.’ I think that’s easier said than done.” — Flores

  26. stangerx says:

    Weed is legal in a bunch of states, but not in others. And they have pooches.

  27. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – It’s going to be on the ballot in NJ. I really hope it passes.

    • stangerx says:

      I figure unless they are going to put up inspection points at every state border why bother at this point. But they are still putting people away in some states. And hey — if you put 80 pounds on a plane from Cal to TN you are sorta asking for it.

      • Mike E. says:

        LOL – No question. I just think it should be legalized at this point. Shouldn’t be any more illegal than drinking alcohol.

      • stangerx says:

        Not worse than drinking, but still not good in excess at least. Knew a lot of “wake and bake” guys in high school who weren’t doing themselves a favor.

  28. D says:

    I dont think legalizing it makes a ton of difference, i mean i know the people that wanted to do it before, the legality never really slowed them down. Unless your trafficking the punishment was either they take your shit from you, fine you or slap you with a misdemeanor the shit about people getting felonies for personal use amounts, its kinda bullshit. It might happen occasionally if you piss the wrong cop off, but i know plenty of people popped for possession and none ever spent any jail time. Most cops will just take it from them and dispose of it, or smoke it lol.

    Legalizing it also doesnt make it legal at your place of work, so if they drug test, and have a rule about using it its not going to be legal for you no matter what the state says. I really have no clue what the big deal is as far as legalizing it, on either side of the argument.

  29. wyoming85 says:

    Joe Schad
    Byron Jones returned to practice and feels “really good.” As for teaming up with Xavien Howard and Noah Igbinoghene at CB, Jones says: “It’s going to be special.”

  30. stangerx says:

    Sorry Wyoming. 🙂

    “In his first TV appearance following Tuesday night’s debate, Wallace noted that Trump had interrupted either Democrat Joe Biden or himself 145 times.’

    • steveccnv says:

      Wallace was more of a train wreck than the other 2. His questions were long and he didn’t give enough time to respond. Worst job I’ve ever seen by a moderator, even worse than anderson cooper.

  31. Mike E. says:

    D – My son and his friend were stopped by cops years ago when they were kids, they were at a park and went they to smoke behind the trees, and when they came back to their car the cops were there, 2 local guys. They conducted an illegal search but it was legal because my son and his friend were scared to say no when the cops asked if they could look in the car. They found a very small amount, but they were arrested and we had to hire a lawyer and it was an expensive pain the ass. If the kids just said no, the cops wouldn’t have had any right to search the car but they were scared shit, so it happened. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen again.

  32. steveccnv says:

    Proud Boys suing Biden for calling them white supremacists. They say they’re left of center.

  33. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – Trump was ridiculous with the interruptions. It was very difficult to watch it because of that. I don’t blame Chris Wallace or Joe Biden for that, it’s all on him and his total inability to control himself. He’s like a kid with A.D.D.

    • Krishna says:

      Not to get political, but he’s an adult with never learned self-control, because he’s used to getting what he wants like a spoiled little brat. That makes it worse, imo.

      • stangerx says:

        If he had a strategy it was to pummel Biden senseless and create vid where he looked that way. But that is assuming there was a strategy.

    • TOP SECRET says:

      like the beatles say, “i get by with a little help from my friends” …lol.

  34. Krishna says:

    Nice article Mike E and great circles…lol.

  35. Ken says:

    Yes the Jets have a lead. Save Adam Gase

  36. Ken says:

    Darnold injured Flacco in

  37. Randy says:

    I think the only possible way we beat Seattle is to keep Wilson on the sideline. We struggled to maintain drives last week….mostly because we couldn’t run. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t really good either. If we can’t sustain drives and control the clock, it will be a long day. The defense will have to play very well regardless. They can’t have a bad or so-so day.

  38. Krishna says:

    I would like to see them play better, show improvement from last week like they did from week 1 to week 2.

    It could be a good game.

  39. Ken says:

    Fuck Broncos took the lead

  40. son of a son of a shula says:

    You got Mossed

  41. son of a son of a shula says:

    Nice pick

  42. Ken says:

    3 personal fouls already on a Greg Williams defense. Go figure

  43. son of a son of a shula says:

    They held Tua out this week to avoid any kind of controversy about getting him in there on a long week. He’ll be fine for Sunday.
    The Hawks are banged up if we can stay healthy and move the ball I like our chances. A chance to knock off an undefeated team should be good incentive as well.

  44. son of a son of a shula says:

    Reid Sinnett is our PS QB.

  45. Ken says:

    4 personal fouls on a Greg Williams defense. What a surprise

  46. son of a son of a shula says:

    Broke the plain

  47. olddolphan says:

    WELL THINGS HAVE FINALLY RETURNED TO SEMI-NORMAL here in Tampa Bay after the big celebration for the Stanley Cup Champion TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING!! After a long boat parade, the celebrants had a huge party inside Raymond James Stadium. Team Captain Steven Stamkos grabbed the microphone and screamed “WE WON THE FUCKING STANLEY CUP!!!” to a full house of Lightning Fans!! The merriment extended to daylight in some portions of the city!!!—Since we had missed some vital sleep during the last two games of the Finals, we decided to turn in early each of the last two evenings.

    That meant we missed all of the screaming contest that passed for a Presidential Debate. Those of you who stayed up and watched the whole thing probably have a better understanding of WHY I voted for the Libertarian candidate the last two Presidential elections. And that’s REALLY all I’m gonna say about that.

    Looks like Florida Atlantic will actually play a football game this saturday, after their first THREE GAMES were cancelled because one or both of the teams were overrun by the corona virus!! The Charlotte @ FAU game will be on ESPNU sometime around 4:00 PM, I believe. Willie Taggert, who DESTROYED Florida State’s football program, has been hired to replace Lane Kiffin as head coach of the Owls. Kiffin resigned his post at FAU to accept the head coaching job at Ole Miss. Needless to say, I am NOT pleased with the Taggert hire. FAU won 11 games last season, including the C-USA Championship game followed by a blowout 52-28 win over favored and 17th ranked SMU in the Boca Raton Bowl. I think FAU will win about 4-5 games this season, then they’ll fire Taggert!!

    Time to walk the dog and get some shut eye. I just can’t stand to watch a team coached by Adam Gase on the NFL Network tonight. (Old Dolfan belches, farts, and finishes his Colorado Kool-Aid!)

    Talk to y’all tomorrow.

  48. manitobafinfan says:

    Ballads being abused tonight. This game is hard to watch

  49. steveccnv says:

    Jets lose. Gase’s future?

  50. Tim Knight says:

    Wow the NFLN is getting a little testy now too. What’s going on?!!!

  51. Krishna says:

    Trump has COVID? Must be fake news!

  52. Krishna says:

    I wonder if they have a contact tracing/tracking/isolation plan in place?

  53. Krishna says:

    Maybe false positives?

  54. Krishna says:

    It must be a hoax like everything else. It is what it is.

  55. Krishna says:

    Interesting meme:

    The virus got politicized, yet the virus is not political.

    • Ken says:

      Interesting meme:
      If he doesn’t take the test he can’t have the disease

      • Krishna says:

        Lol….better still!

      • olddolphan says:

        KEN: YOU KNOW it’s a proven fact that most people who earn their living in the medical field are communists. Doctors, medical technologists, nurses, maintenance workers, ALL OF THEM, AS YOU KNOW, are hard core COMMIES!!! And that’s especially true at research facilities like the Centers for Disease Control where Bolshevism runs rampant!! NO DOUBT ONE OF THESE TRAITORS set-up the President with some tainted air recently captured outside a coal mine in West Virginia! OOPS, coal mining does NOT pollute. It’s GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY! So THAT explanation must be wrong!! Well I’M SURE some god damned liberal/communist traitor set up the President!!

        And, of course, this proves THE PRESIDENT WAS RIGHT about the Covid virus!! It’s all A COMMIE PLOT!!

      • Ken says:

        My brother the neurosurgeon is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun

  56. Krishna says:

    Now OD….let’s not perpetuate the lunacy/conspiracy.

    Stupid is as stupid does. Pretty simple, really.

  57. wyoming85 says:

  58. Krishna says:

    Just drink some bleach and shove a black light up his ass. He’ll be fine.

  59. pheloniusphish says:

    The TDS is strong in you all.

  60. steveccnv says:

    True colors

  61. Krishna says:

    True….you mean.

  62. The Flying Pig says:

    I read the news last night about the President
    Hopefully he has a speedy recovery

    Let’s keep it classy guys
    I’m old enough to remember people posting videos of people crying about RBG’s death
    I don’t want to see any stuff like that the other way around
    I hope everyone can agree to that

    We may not have pants, but we have standards here

  63. Krishna says:

    Thank Trump for the China ban and all he’s done to manage the pandemic. Impressive.

    Must be a color thing.

  64. Krishna says:

    Piggy, restraint is hard at this time. Especially, listening to the bs on this blog over the last 9 months.

    It will go away like magic.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Play nice Krishna

      It’s not hard
      You are a nice person and I am a nice Pig

      I know how you feel on the subject but let it go…

  65. Krishna says:

    Lol…just don’t call me colored and all will be fine.

  66. steveccnv says:

    For a guy that tries to portray this holier than though attitude you sure are using the word color loosely.

  67. D says:

    Krishna says:
    October 2, 2020 at 9:54 am

    D, does that mean I’m an illegal immigrant? Or, a legal immigrant? Let’s ask steveccnv who is all about color.
    Well i will leave it to Steve to give you an answer, mine is a non answer because i dont think you judge a person dressed like that and wielding those swords anything. Smile, wave, pleasant greeting, no checking papers lol.

  68. Krishna says:

    So deep and pretty meaningless from someone who only sees colors.

    And, never portrayed a holier attitude. If I did, what is your objection of me trying to be the best person i can be? Aren’t you? Aren’t we all?

  69. steveccnv says:

    My objection is you say you’re trying to be the best person you can be, then you post what you did above, if that’s the best you can be you’re either not trying very hard or…

    • Krishna says:

      What was objectionable about my post? Your evasiveness is objectionable.

      Don’t judge me. Who the fuck are you?

      And you want me to play nice? You should look up the definition of Hindu warrior.

      • steveccnv says:

        I’m just some asshole to you, that’s calling out your hypocritical BS.

        I don’t care, if you play nice or not, you don’t raise my blood pressure, your BS is just water off of a duck’s back.

        Playing all of this trying to be the best…you can be isn’t fooling anyone.

    • Krishna says:

      Typical deflection of the last nine months of rhetoric from your dangerous, cult leader.

    • Krishna says:

      Are you trying to be the best person you can be or just judging others. Nice to be a judge.

      • steveccnv says:

        Maybe I am and maybe I’m not, but WTF do you care. Does my answer make you feel different one way or the other.

        I’m not here saying I am, then posting comments to the contrary.

      • Krishna says:

        Telling the truth is not being contrary even though it might not be acceptable.

      • steveccnv says:

        You are a totally lost soul.

  70. The Flying Pig says:

    Big game this week for us

    Not our game

    But Texans v Vikings

    What if the Texans go 0-4?
    It gets us that much closer to a top pick

    Woop woop

    • D says:

      The Texans are going to bounce back, they actually havnet played bad, the other teams have just played better so far. If they lose today though you have to think that the 0-4 start will either light a fire under them and they will get that turn around, or its going to snatch the wind out of their sails and maybe your right we get something top 10 at least.

  71. Krishna says:

    Best person = anyone who agrees with steveccnv. Lol!!!!

  72. Krishna says:

    Lol….bust Twitter. Now, he truly has nothing else to do. Oh my!

  73. Krishna says:

    Kudos! And, agree.

  74. wyoming85 says:

    • stangerx says:

      That doesn’t make it sound good good for Byron Jones. But heck with an injury like that if he is risking making it worse don’t even want him to play.

  75. Krishna says:

    To D.

  76. Krishna says:

    Wyo…I liked the music post, however it was intended. It touched me.

  77. CavalierKong says:

    My little mini football community here, we all have a pool on what week Gase will be fired. I bet after week 9, going into week 10. Still alive, woohoo!! LMAO

  78. CavalierKong says:

    My Cards blew it yesterday. We were up 6-2 in the 6th and lost 9-11. We had an excellent chance to finish out that series considering our relievers are supposed to be the strength of our team. They got shellacked.

    • steveccnv says:

      That seems to happen a lot in the post season. The heart of a champion comes out and doesn’t care what your regular season stats show. If the Cards don’t win game 3, look for the Padres to make the WS or at least be a difficult out.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Baseball is such a funny game. I didn’t even figure we’d win one game, and we dominate game 1 and then game 2 right up until the 6th inning. Our offense has been wildly inconsistent and we scored 7 and 9 then our pitching lets us down, lol.

        Honestly the Padres on paper are a much better team and should win this series, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the WS. I didn’t think we’d even make the playoffs.

  79. CavalierKong says:

    I know it’s only been 3 weeks, but is scoring in the NFL up this year? It sure seems like it is.

  80. wyoming85 says:

  81. The Flying Pig says:


    If they didn’t fire Gase today, they may not be firing him anytime soon

    I’m rooting for Gase to last the season….lol

    • CavalierKong says:

      That was my reasoning on picking week 10. We started the pool before week 1, and a lot of people were picking early weeks. I figured if they stuck with him even knowing he lost the locker room before the season even began, they would likely wait until near the end of the season.

      The longer they keep him, the better, lol.

  82. wyoming85 says:

  83. wyoming85 says:

  84. The Flying Pig says:

    Honestly if the Texans and the jests finish the season as the two worst teams

    That’s my 2020 super bowl

    • steveccnv says:

      It’s not mine. I want the jets to win 7 games, none against us, 1 vs Buffalo, 2 against the cheats and the jets to have confidence Gase is their guy.

  85. The Flying Pig says:

    Gaskins is an interesting player
    I’m pretty sure he would have went earlier in the 2018 draft than he ended up going in the 2019 draft

    But he chose to stay in school for another year

    So he is really experienced
    But he’s got a ton of tread on the tires

    It doesn’t surprise me that when he gets a chance he’s productive

    I don’t think he’s a long term answer
    But he might be vital to our success this year

    • steveccnv says:

      Last year he was horribly early, but started to adapt late in the season, and it carried over to this year. He still has way too many carries where he goes no where and his ceiling isn’t high. The other two haven’t adapted yet, once/if they do I’d expect them to be better than Gaskin.

      • steveccnv says:

        Take a look at Gurley, basically washed up. Zeke signs big contract and has little affect this year, unlike the rookie version. Even Saquon hasn’t done much the last 2 years.

  86. steveccnv says:

    When we run the ball too much, force it, we can’t score. Week 1, week 3 2nd half. We didn’t need to score week 3 2nd half, but we can’t power run when they know we want to run, and that’s Ok, just be who you are.

  87. steveccnv says:

    Now, it is confirmed what we suspected: Seattle will be without both Adams and Brooks in Week 4. Carroll, appearing on KIRO 97.3, said that the two defenders would not make it back for Sunday.

  88. Rockphin says:

    It’s a great compliment but I need to get better. That’s the ***NEW*** way of being a Dolphin, never being satisfied, always striving for more. I don’t think I’ve really made a splash, but I appreciate all the compliments

    There I fixed it for you Gaskin.

  89. wyoming85 says:

    Have fun!

  90. steveccnv says:

    We should only commit to the run when it’s working or when we have a big lead. Mix it in to keep the D honest, but pass to score.

    Seattle’s run D is skewed, because of the points they put up, but it looked pretty good vs the cheats.

  91. stangerx says:

    “Miami is 8-2 in its last 10 home games against teams from the West Coast.”

    And that includes times when the heat wasn’t a factor.

  92. bailbondmike says:

    Miami weather forecast for Sunday: 88°, Precipitation: 60%, Wind: 13 MPH, Humidity: 73%

    May or may not be a factor. Wish it would rain before game then sun come out. Let them be in the sun with over 80% humidity.

    • stangerx says:

      Sure would be nice for them to bake in the sun while our guys are in the shade. Been a gloomy few days here though….. more like Seattle.

    • D says:

      I hate that humidity that comes from ground steam, i mean muggy day, high humidity, fine, but that shit where it came out and rained for 30 minutes on a blazing hot day just makes it worse adding in all that fucking steam.

  93. D says:

    CavalierKong says:
    October 2, 2020 at 12:16 pm

    I know it’s only been 3 weeks, but is scoring in the NFL up this year? It sure seems like it is.
    I think i saw one of the halftime shows mention it last week that it was. Definitely seems that way, offenses look to have been better prepared than defenses to start the season.

  94. CavalierKong says:

    Marlins knock out the Cubs.

    4 teams from the NL Central made the playoffs, and if the Cards lose today, all 4 will have been knocked out in the first round.

    The Reds, Cubs, and Brewers all combined for a total of 3 runs in 6 games, which is insane.

    Meanwhile the Cards have given up 15 runs in 2 games and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Padres put up another 10 spot today. Been a wild start to the playoffs.

  95. stangerx says:

    Marine One is about to take Trump to Walter Reed Hospital. Not a good sign. Don’t want him to win the election, but wishing him the best as far as his health too.

  96. pheloniusphish says:

  97. CavalierKong says:

    Seriously wishing the best for Trump because, as a decent person, it’s just the right thing to do. But not far down the list, I also don’t want to listen to conspiracy theories for the foreseeable future about how the dems did it to him.

  98. The Flying Pig says:

    It’s the time of year when coffee becomes candy

  99. bailbondmike says:

    Didn’t realize Myles Gaskin is our leading receiver right now. He is doing it all.

  100. bailbondmike says:

    Our OL is tied for 8th in fewest sacks allowed at 5. Seahawks OL is tied for 22nd at 9 sacks allowed. Surprising with a elusive QB.

    • steveccnv says:

      Still surprising after all these years? Wilson has always taken more than his share of sacks, because he holds the ball for so long. Big Ben does the same, as do some others that are mobil.

  101. bailbondmike says:

    Seahawks are 15th in rushing. We are 19th.

  102. bailbondmike says:

    Seahawks are #1 in scoring with 15 TD’s (only 1 rushing). We are tied for 21st in scoring with 8 TD’s (balanced with 4 rushing and 4 passing.)

  103. bailbondmike says:

    Seahawks pass D has given up 1292 yards to rank worst in NFL (more yards than Jets and Broncos who have played 4 games) but only given up 6 TD’s and have 4 INT’s. We have given up the 24th most yards at 797 yards and only given up 4 passing TD’s and only one INT.

  104. bailbondmike says:

    Seahawks run D is #2 giving up only 200 yards in 3 games at 3 YPC and 4 TD’s. Like our pass D, we have given up the 24th most yards at 401 in 3 games at 4.9 ypc and 5 TD’s (however, more than half the 401 was given up to the Pats in game 1).

  105. Mike E. says:

    Stats can definitely be skewed because teams aren’t even bothering to run because they are passing all over them. Plus, The Seahawks are scoring so many points you have to pass to keep up, so it’s a two-headed reason why no one is running against them. I don’t care how we get yards and points as long as we get them.

    • steveccnv says:

      But the YPC they give up is very low, so their run D has been pretty good. Zeke last week, cheats in week 2. They did however stack the box vs NE and Dallas threw it a lot, so the eye test needs to be used. Watching their game against the cheats, they didn’t seem that hard to run against until they brought Adam’s into the box.

      Bottomline is they can stop your run game, but if it’s really good they need some help. Their passing D is very suspect and they don’t get much passrush.

  106. steveccnv says:

    Keys to success, score early and often and don’t allow Wilson to score on his last real drive.

  107. The Flying Pig says:

  108. olddolphan says:

    REASONS for the Fins to run the ball vs. Seattle on Sunday:
    1) RAIN–LOTS OF IT–is in the forecast.
    2) YOU CAN’T improve your running game
    by passing 90% of the time.
    3) IF OUR O-LINE really is improving, WE
    SHOULD BE ABLE to run vs. ANYBODY!!
    IF NOT, we need some new O-Linemen!!
    4) The Best way to slow down the pass rush
    is to call a run, and run EFFECTIVELY,
    when they LEAST EXPECT IT!!
    5) FITZY is a PROVEN runner under the
    right circumstances (such as an all-out
    blitz on 3rd and 11). Take advantage of
    this talent!!
    6) ATTITUDE and BALL CONTROL. In a high
    scoring game, ball control may be your BEST
    DEFENSE. The longer Russell Wilson SITS,
    the better I like our chances. The attitude that
    WE CAN and WE WILL run the ball is something
    that championship teams have.

    • steveccnv says:

      I’ve seen that game and we lost to Peyton, while winning the TOP 2-1. We must throw to win. Why would you try to force our weakness into their strength and not vice versa?

      • olddolphan says:

        STEVE; WHAT I SAID was that we needed to run the ball more than we have, and we need to do it EFFECTIVELY! What is viewed as a “WEAKNESS” needs to be viewed as a potential strength at some point. I NEVER SAID abandon the pass, or anything like it.
        A balanced offense is a winning offense.

  109. wyoming85 says:

  110. CavalierKong says:

    Parker didn’t even show up on this week’s injury report, so hopefully that means his hamstring is no longer bothering him. Have to give the guy credit for playing and being a factor even while clearly being hampered by the injury.

    • olddolphan says:

      CAVKONG; HOPE things are improving, health wise, in your family. A Lightning season ticket holder told me Pat Maroon is now a free agent. HE likes Tampa Bay’s chances of resigning Maroon to a multi year contract.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Cheers, OD.
        And in case you missed it up above, congrats on winning the cup 🙂

      • olddolphan says:

        THANKS CAVKONG. Everybody is recovered and sobered-upright now. Unfortunately, most of those who attended the huge Stanley Cup celebration at Raymond James Stadium neither wore masks nor practiced social distancing. The big Tampa Bay hospitals are expecting an upswing in the infection rate next week. I hope that doesn’t happen!

  111. CavalierKong says:

    Bummed to see planetoid Kindley with a foot injury. How many years has it been since we’ve actually had a good line? The Sparano days? This year’s line has the potential to be the best we’ve had since then.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      We were decent during Sporano years, sporadic with lots of injuries, but it’s really been since Richmond Webb was here that we were a good line and even then we couldn’t or didn’t run it well. Haven’t had a true run blocking line since Larry Little was here.
      The smart Mount Kindley wears that beautiful number 66 as well speaking of Little.
      OD it takes some time for the line to come together this is a good group they’ll get there. Running it is key on Sunday if we want to win.

    • Mike E. says:

      I’m curious to see whether it’s Hunt or Deiter who replaces him

  112. CavalierKong says:

    Steve it was 3-1 TOP in our favor. I’ll never forget that stat because it was so insane. We had just over 45 minutes of ball control, Colts had just under 15. Crazy.

  113. wyoming85 says:

    • CavalierKong says:

      Huh? How the heck would that work, and why?

      It must be to make sure other Patriots players don’t test positive and pass it on to the Chiefs…

      • CavalierKong says:

        Actually that makes sense if they just found out today about Newton. Wow, that would screw up a couple of weeks for both teams.

  114. son of a son of a shula says:

    Steve, we have to be able to run just enough to control the clock. Really controlling the clock is the real key running it is the best way but they use a short passing game it could be very effective.

    • steveccnv says:

      We need lots of 1st downs, however we get them. Not real concerned with TOP, unless we get killed there. We just need to run enough to keep the D honest.

      This is not a regular game, forget about a 70s power running game or in general. We must score and we can’t do that running it 40 times or maybe even 30 times.

  115. herdfan says:

    I decided to be brave and go back to the last blog to get the list. I should get hazard pay for that. I think this was the last update.

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    Steve 33-33 Miami
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬

  116. CavalierKong says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    Steve 33-33 Miami
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30
    🐒 38-34 🐬

    • herdfan says:

      You left off my 🐬!


      • CavalierKong says:

        LOL, sorry. Without instructions I’m lost 🤣

        Howie’s List
        Rockphin 38-35 Miami
        Steve 33-33 Miami
        David 31-0 MIAMI
        🐷 28-20 🐬
        Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
        🌞 31-28 🐬
        Herd 35-30 🐬
        🐒 38-34 🐬

  117. steveccnv says:

    The most retarded play in football, when kicking the ball off from the 50, is kicking it out of the endzone. Kick it high and to the 5 in the NFL, in college do the same or try an onside kick. In college a fair catch anywhere on the field brings the ball out, at least, to the 25, that’s why I might try an onside kick.

  118. steveccnv says:

    Fl and the U look good this year FSU…not so much.

  119. son of a son of a shula says:


  120. CavalierKong says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    Steve 33-33 Miami
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬

  121. steveccnv says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 33-33 Miami
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬

  122. Ken says:

    Man COVID is really fucking both my fantasy teams. Derrick Henry in one league and the Chiefs defense in another

  123. Ken says:

    At least I don’t have Cam Newton

  124. steveccnv says:

    I don’t get why the cheats game is PPD. One player is positive just, because its Cam? Didn’t they add extra PS guys this year in case a team had positves?

    Playing Tuesday gives them 2 less days next week, so I guess they don’t win there. Cheats play Donkeys next week.

    • CavalierKong says:

      The only logical reason I can come up with for postponing a couple of days is in case there are more Pets players that have it but aren’t testing positive yet. This gives them a couple more days to catch those players before they infect the Chiefs. And if a few more players do test positive, maybe the will reschedule the game instead.

    • steveccnv says:

      Come on man! Play along with the conspiracy🤔

      • CavalierKong says:

        F%cking Pets. Now they get a couple of extra days to get their new QB and new offense installed! The league always bends over backwards to accommodate them.

        If it was our QB, they’d probably move the game up a day to Saturday! LOL

  125. steveccnv says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬

  126. steveccnv says:

    Lol, the SC QB looks like Minshew and his name is CHill.

  127. wyoming85 says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    https://emojipedia-us.s3.dualstack.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/thumbs/120/emojipedia/132/flag-for-wyoming-uswy_1f3f4-e0075-e0073-e0077-e0079-e007f.png 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬

  128. stangerx says:

    “The only logical reason I can come up with for postponing a couple of days is in case there are more Pets players that have it but aren’t testing positive yet.”

    Cav — it’s a reason but not a guarantee either. Incubation period is just too long. Look at what happened at the White House. It’s a good control cause those folks get tested every day. Seems pretty clear that the infections began at a ceremony introducing the Supreme Court Nom last Saturday. First positive test didn’t some up till Thursday with Hope Hicks.

    • CavalierKong says:

      The good news is so far none of the Vikings have tested positive even though it is likely they played against infected players.

      • stangerx says:

        Team to team transmission might be difficult. How much actual contact time is there btwn players in an NFL game? I’d be most worried about the guys in the trenches.

      • steveccnv says:

        Seems pretty clear that the infections began at a ceremony introducing the Supreme Court Nom last Saturday.

        Speculating a little there, and trying to make it a fact? Are you now the covid expert?

    • steveccnv says:


      • stangerx says:

        Why Steve. Or do you just want to leave it at you didn’t like the comment?

      • steveccnv says:

        Should’ve bee here

        Seems pretty clear that the infections began at a ceremony introducing the Supreme Court Nom last Saturday.

        Speculating a little there, and trying to make it a fact? Are you now the covid expert?

      • stangerx says:

        Chris Chirstie who was part of the debate prep announced today that he has Covid. And since the debate was Tuesday the prep was for sure on Monday and probably Sunday too. Guess you could pint to him as well there.

        But a bunch of the people at the saturday event have turned up positive in the last couple days. So I’m going with that, and includes Kellyanne Conway who was also in the debate prep.

        What I don’t know is why you care so much whether it was Saturday, Sunday or Monday. That Covid was going on is a fact isn’t it?

      • steveccnv says:

        You don’t have to play stupid, you know why.

      • stangerx says:

        On my sainted mother’s soul, I really don’t steve. A number of thoughts why….. but not into guessing games either.

  129. stangerx says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami

  130. CavalierKong says:

    RIP Bob Gibson. One of the all-time greats. So dominate in 1968 they lowered the mound the following year.

  131. steveccnv says:

    What if the season were over now with no more games played? Houston 0-3😉

  132. CavalierKong says:

    -Gibson’s former catcher Tim McCarver described him as having “eyes smoldering at each batter, almost accusingly.” Dusty Baker once said the only two people he ever felt intimidated by were “Bob Gibson and my daddy,” and when Baker was preparing to face Gibson during Baker’s time with the Braves, Hank Aaron gave him some advice.

    “Don’t stare at him, don’t smile at him, don’t talk to him,” Aaron said. “If you happen to hit a home run, don’t run too slow, don’t run too fast. If you happen to want to celebrate, get in the tunnel first.”-

  133. CavalierKong says:

    Gibson started 34 games in the 1968 season and went the full nine innings in 28 of them. He had 13 shutouts and 268 strikeouts. In one stretch from June 6 to July 30, he won 11 straight starts — all of them complete games — and allowed only three runs.

    Gibson still has the lowest single season ERA for a pitcher in the live ball era at 1.12.

  134. CavalierKong says:

    Steve, it’s odd, but when I read he Gibson passed, I thought “didn’t that happen a couple of months ago?” I must have attributed Lou Brock to that as well.

  135. Mike E. says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks

  136. CavalierKong says:

  137. CavalierKong says:


    NFL is open to a team by team bubble for the rest of the season. According to the article, this was previously rejected by the players association. The author of the article states the players may be more open to that idea now, although it doesn’t look like he has an inside track on that but is giving an opinion.

  138. pheloniusphish says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks
    🐬 34-27 🐬

  139. wyoming85 says:

  140. manitobafinfan says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks
    🐬 34-27 🐬
    Toba 35-24 🐬

  141. Randy says:

    We aren’t going to win a shootout with the Hawks. At least that seems highly improbable. It’s not about scoring a bunch of points. We aren’t that sort of team anyway. It’s not about power running. Nobody just calls a ton of power run plays anymore anyway. It’s about running to control the clock, but you mix in the short passing game as well, of course. Throwing a bunch, not running clock and giving them the ball back a lot is a recipe for disaster.
    We’ll see how it goes. The score will dictate a lot. If they get up early, then we may need to start throwing to keep up. If we can keep the score close late into the game, then you can do things differently. I’d rather keep it, say, in the low 20s…not the mid 30s. Just don’t put the ball in Wilson’s hands late with a chance to win if you can help it.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Agreed you want to limit Wilson’s possessions.

    • steveccnv says:

      No one wants to get into a shootout with Seattle, but we may not have a choice. Forget about the clock, just worry about scoring. We might be able to win a high scoring game.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah after I posted I did kind of think we could win a high scoring game. We’ve scored pretty well the last two games and Seattle’s defense isn’t defending the pass very well right now. But as Randy said, we don’t want Wilson getting the ball last with a chance to win.

  142. bookman11 says:

    There seem to be slot of fans at a couple of these games tonight

  143. Randy says:

    You never know how games will go. Most come down to doing what you need to do to win and not being able to control everything. Just win, baby! I don’t care how it happens. It’s fun to think through a game though. If we can win 35-38, great! If we can wear them down in the heat and humidity and win by leaning on them, that shit works too. Lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      You broke a sports cardinal rule. You don’t list the lowest score first. LOL

      However the scoring goes, we don’t want Wilson getting the ball last with a chance to win. 😉

  144. bailbondmike says:

    Piggy, even though Texas lost, OLB Joseph Ossai was a beast today with 11 tackles, 5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 FF.

  145. bailbondmike says:

    SMU QB Shane Buechele would be a decent prospect to draft in the mid rounds. He lit up #25 Memphis going 32-45 for 474 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT.

    • bailbondmike says:

      Also, if we were to miss out on the likes of WR Waddle in the 1st round, someone like SMU WR Reggie Roberson would be a decent option later. He had 5 receptions for 243 yards today and 2 TD’s before tweaking his leg and leaving the game.

  146. mf13ss says:

    What’s this whole “Howie’s List” thing, seriously? My man didn’t die (nor is close to dying), so as to have a list made in his memory… he got tired of the BS that goes on here and left you, as have so many others.

    Does merely mentioning his name make everybody feel fuzzy and cuddly (reminiscing the old days of the Sun-Sentinel, where we had REAL moderators like Chris Tiedje) after current moderators have run so many off this site (like Ocala Howie, himself)? I mean… WTF?!!

    Asking for a friend. I’ll hang up and listen…

  147. steveccnv says:

    What’s happenin’ MF?

  148. manitobafinfan says:

    OR , Howie started doing the list it was always fun , and as opposed to being accused of hijacking someone’s idea , it has been continued with the creators name … two sides to the coin MF… that was a little beneath you Sir

    • mf13ss says:

      Hey, Manitoba! Hope all is well with you, bud!

      Yes, there are two sides to every coin. Howie felt ran off, man… and he made it very clear here, and we all saw it.

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Shits okay MF , thanx .. Tired of the COVID world, looking forward to normal again someday, and cheering for Our Team … I must have missed the Howie run off episode you mention.. I know things get heated , and shit gets said, I see some come and go and some just disappear.. I just figure peoples lives change and they may not have as much interest/time .. wish all above didn’t happen , but all are welcome and some are even missed 🤡🤘

      • mf13ss says:

        100% AGREED, good SIR!

  149. Tim Knight says:

    M13, just be. Everyone can speak their mind here.

  150. manitobafinfan says:

    Speaking of episodes. Hoping to see another episode of FitzMagic tomorrow , or I guess later today.

  151. mf13ss says:


  152. ocalarob says:

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks
    🐬 34-27 🐬
    Toba 35-24 …..WHO?
    Rob 41-26 MIA

  153. ocalarob says:

    the key to this game is score more points than your opponent!

  154. Mike E. says:

    Howie was run off? Seems that’s a bit of revisionist history. I don’t remember any friction with Howie at all to be honest. Not sure why this is even an issue “The Howie Score” if something did happen, obviously we think of Howie in a good light or we wouldn’t name it that.

    M – These constant attempts to stick it to this blog are fucking tired man. Yeah, we’re not perfect, what fucking blog ever was? You’re salty about a run in with someone here, either get over it or don’t get over it but don’t bring it back here because no one wants to see it, I promise you. We’re all just people, and to call us moderators is stretching the title pretty far, we never wanted to be that and there are probably less than a handful of times when we actually have moderated anything over the years. You want to come here and talk, feel free, but please leave that be already.

    Thanks, Mike

  155. wyoming85 says:

  156. Mike E. says:

    I think the Seahawks offense is going to be too much for us this week, but if we can somehow beat them, that will open my eyes and a lot of people around NFL circles because that would be a big upset, despite the players the Hawks have out this Sunday.

  157. The Flying Pig says:

    Woohoo – it’s gameday!

    No time for tissues

    How’s Howies List looking?

    Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks
    🐬 34-27 🐬
    Toba 35-24 …..WHO?
    Rob 41-26 MIA

  158. The Flying Pig says:

    bailbondmike says:
    October 3, 2020 at 10:14 pm (Edit)
    Piggy, even though Texas lost, OLB Joseph Ossai was a beast today with 11 tackles, 5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 FF.


    He might be a good fit for us. I’m curious to see when we get closer to draft time how he is evaluated and where they are projecting him – but he looks like the type of versatile LB that we can use

  159. Mike E. says:

    If we can dominate the game on offense we have a chance, but not sure if we can win a 38-35 type of shootout. That would be fun as hell to watch though

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think we might be able to score a lot of points

      It would be helpful to score early though – that’s one of the let’s imo

  160. herdfan says:

    (Not Dead)Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks
    🐬 34-27 🐬
    Toba 35-24 🐬
    Rob 41-26 MIA

    Manitoba’s original post with his score had a dolphin beside it, it got dropped when it was copy/pasted. I fixed it. 🙂

  161. Ken says:

    M13 I like you but seriously if you are going to bash me personally which you did as I am a moderator you are happy to go pay the Sun Sentinel so you can blog there with a “real moderator “ Chris Teijie smh

  162. Ken says:

    No one ran off Howie. Last I recall he was having computer issues and I also recollect him having issues with damage after one of the large storms. Howie is viewed warmly by everyone here and we would love to see him blog again

  163. Ken says:

    I don’t normally do this but for Howie:

    (Not Dead)Howie’s List
    Rockphin 38-35 Miami
    🎰 🕒🕒-🕒🕒 🐬
    David 31-0 MIAMI
    🐷 28-20 🐬
    Wyo 30-35 SeaHags 😦
    🌞 31-28 🐬
    Herd 35-30 🐬
    🦍 38-34 🐬
    stanger 35-28 Miami
    🤚33-23 Seahawks
    🐬 34-27 🐬
    Toba 35-24 🐬
    Rob 41-26 MIA
    🤢Miami 28 Seattle 27

  164. wyoming85 says:

    Ribs are on the pit!
    Should be done at halftime!!

  165. Rockphin says:


  166. steveccnv says:

    The only way our O is going to ultimately win this game is, if we have the ball last, see NE 2019, otherwise the D is going to have to make a stand. I can see, without it being a reach, X picking Wilson as the play of the game.

  167. wyoming85 says:

  168. ocalarob says:

    i like the adjustment defensively the last game, dbs played off, kept everything in front of them.

  169. Rockphin says:

    Piggy, technically I should be the person with beef with MF13. I am the one who started the list this week and called it “Howie’s List” (the proof being the first prediction listed) I have a very simple reason for doing so.


    Carry on with your shit stirring drama, Dramamama.

    ^^ Moderate if you like.

  170. son of a son of a shula says:

    Can you guys give the links again please?

    Is it nflbite.com
    Sportssurge.com ?

  171. Rockphin says:

    You deciding to “talk” with me today Rob? I thought we had agreed to ignore each other. I will be happy to flame you all day until you cry again. Your choice.

  172. ocalarob says:

    Rockphin says:
    October 4, 2020 at 11:31 am
    You deciding to “talk” with me today Rob? I thought we had agreed to ignore each other. I will be happy to flame you all day until you cry again.

    i don’t talk to you, you’re clueless.

    You’re always flaming, what did MF 13 do to deserve your stupidity?

    you saw a chance and took a shot, very low class.

  173. herdfan says:

    I’m pretty tired of all this drama that is repeatedly stirred up. I’ll add that I’ve deleted a good deal of this post and toned it down.

    Howie’s List was a tip of the hat to the person who always did the list and isn’t on the blog lately. I have no idea why. I do know in the past he had said he had computer issues or getting logged in, he had his daughter helping him, I do remember him saying that. My assumption has been that he might still be having issues and if there was a way to help him, I’d do that but we have no way of contacting him, at least I don’t. I’ve helped OD several times, stanger and OD can confirm that. No one was saying he was dead, I wouldn’t know that one way or the other but I know that wasn’t a thought I had. If he’s not here because of the drama here, all I can say to that is ME TOO! Since it’s being brought up, something tells me if we hadn’t given Howie credit, there would be a comment about that, we had ‘stolen’ his idea. It’s a no win situation no matter what we do.

    This person makes references to talking to people off the blog, all his people who have left due to how bad this place is. Maybe they have. I don’t know. The admins of this blog are professional people, we all have demanding jobs, and we hope this place can run on auto pilot because we don’t have time to police it. We do this as a hobby, it’s meant to be fun. What I do know is I have also gotten emails, complaints about this same person. The drama common denominator.

    I don’t care what people post about here, the off season is long, this year more than most. There’s all kinds of things going on in the world and of course it gets mentioned here. We don’t always agree, but in time things generally work themselves out when you are dealing with adults. What I do mind is someone coming here and telling people what they can or can’t post when they have no authority on this blog to do anything. What’s worse, they make a comment that gets something started, then complains when others don’t agree and then says, stay with football….WTF?

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why someone feels the need to continually come to this blog just to be negative, just to be insulting, just to make snarky comments at us. That’s seriously messed up.

  174. ocalarob says:

    i highly doubt Howie left due to the content of this blog, and for those who think he did they also should have a right to their opinion.
    I have met Howie personally, he doesn’t get caught up in that stuff, he’s a mild mannered person.

  175. pheloniusphish says:

    Maybe anyone who doesn’t like the way this blog rolls should spend a couple hunnert dollars and start their own blog. Then they can run it the way they want. If the world is against you, maybe it ain’t the world.

  176. wyoming85 says:

    This place seems to be a microcosm of the world today.

    Nobody can have a serious conversation because of the few “shock and awe” posters.

    I don’t think I’m one? But if I am I apologize!

    I do talk to a few who don’t post here anymore.

    It’s not the dolphins that caused them to stop!!!!!!!!!!

  177. herdfan says:

    Here are the links, reposting the original from Cav. You guys are high maintenance! 😉

    CavalierKong says:
    September 12, 2020 at 2:11 pm (Edit)

    So even though the opener on Thursday was on a national broadcast, I practiced my setup, and both of these sites worked well. Just FYI for anyone that needs the links:



  178. stangerx says:

    Forbes Magazine
    Ford Motor Company
    Hilton Hotels

    Just cause something has your name on it doesn’t mean you are dead. They put their names on their businesses themselves.

  179. wyoming85 says:

  180. Mike E. says:

    Well said Herd, Phelon

    • stangerx says:

      Used to be M13 would hang and be part of the crew and go off every so often. Now he only comes here when he wants to go off. Maybe it is his venting place. 🙂

  181. Mike E. says:

    Wyo – thanks for being yourself. Just know I always appreciate that

  182. wyoming85 says:

  183. The Flying Pig says:

    I was binge watching season 2 of the Boys last night

    Good show!

  184. Mike E. says:

    Chris T. was a cool dude. I bet he’d be proud of the way we handle this blog.

  185. son of a son of a shula says:

    Kavon Frazier also inactive for today. I wonder why.

  186. wyoming85 says:

    JETS = just end the season! 😉

  187. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – maybe so, but it’s old hat venting on shit that went down so long ago. I mean think of all the splits that happened after we left the SS. Walker’s blog, Tennessee Fin Fan’s blog, and then ultimately, FMU. We just provide the space, let people say what they want.

    • stangerx says:

      Venting does not really need a reason, just a target. Maybe it’s hard to remember, but historically this place is pretty mild. And I’m including the current politics stuff i that.

  188. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s get ready for football

  189. Ken says:

    Kickoff bitches

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