Dolphins complete improbable last minute 26-25 comeback victory against the Las Vegas Raiders

So many things had to happen in order for this miraculous comeback to occur. I suppose you can pick a number of different things to be the most important one. I would say the missed extra point by Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson. To me, that was the the start, because it left the door open for the win. In any case, let’s get to how the Dolphins DID win it, which you pretty much have to see to really comprehend.

With 3:37 remaining in the 4th QTR, Raiders QB throws a deep pass while on the run, running to escape pressure and somehow the pass finds WR Nelson Agholor on the right sideline with Byron Jones in coverage. Jones slips trying to make the tackle and then all that’s left is Good Ole Bobby McCain who is unable to even lay a finger on the serpentine weaving of said Agholor. Then the fatal mistake, K Daniel Carlson goes wide right on the extra point making the score 22-16 in favor of the LV Raiders. But wait, is that the turning point, or is it the 9:37 mark of the 4th QTR when Miami Dolphins HC chooses to pull starting QB Tua Tagovailoa and replace him with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick? You can make the decision.

Down 22-16, Fitzpatrick the QB now, begins a drive with 3minutes and 36 seconds remaining in the game after a touchback which starts at the MIA 25. 2 consecutive short completions to WR Isaiah Ford for 7 and then 9 yards get the Dolphins a first down at the 41 yard line. On first down, Raiders bring pressure and Fitz throws to his outlet, RB Myles Gaskin on the right side and little magic happens her as Gaskin makes a couple of moves and races down the right sideline for a 59 yard TD!!! So with 3 minutes and 8 seconds remaining, the Dolphins now have 23-22 lead.

The Raiders take the touchback and begin at their own 25. QB Derek Carr throws complete to RB Jalen Richard, 2nd and 6. On 2nd and 6, Derek Carr uncorks a deep throw to Nelson Agholor which is incomplete but PASS INTERFERENCE is called on Miami CB Byron Jones. I thought the call was understandable as there is a clear picture where Byron Jones has both hands on the receiver, one on either side of the shoulder pads. While I think the contact is mostly negligible, if you’re an official and you see it, you have the right to call it. Some here were incensed by the call and my very good friend who’s a Steelers fan thought it was an egregious call, so there’s that. In any case, the Raiders now have a first down at the MIA 22 with 2:20 remaining.

On 1st down, Josh Jacobs rushes for 7 yards to the MIA 15 yard line. 2nd and 3 and Jacobs rushes again for 2 yards to the MIA 13 setting up a huge 3rd and 1. No wait! Neutral zone infraction on Kyle Van Noy and an automatic first down at the Miami 8 yard line. Jacobs pushes for 2 yards to the Miami 6, tackled by Van Noy and Miami now uses it’s final timeout, with 1:50 remaining in the game. 2nd down and Jacobs takes it the end zone, NO, he purposely hits the brakes and falls down at the Miami 1 yard line, touched down by Bobby McCain. The Raiders then take a timeout of their own at 1:05 to discuss strategy. On 3rd and goal, Carr kneels and the Raiders run the clock down to 22 seconds remaining. Daniel Carson then comes out on 4th and goal and kicks the game winning 22 yard field goal that send the Dolphins home and out of the playoffs. OK, that’s not what happened, but it sure seemed like it.

Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson booms another touchback so the Dolphins begin the drive with 19 seconds remaining at their own 25 yard line. Ryan Fitzpatrick under pressure, and with a Raider defender literally twisting his facemask to the point where Fitzpatrick can no longer even see the receiver as he’s now looking skyward lets a deep floater to the left sideline to a waiting WR Mack Hollins at the 41 yard line of LV who this time makes the catch and then is pushed out out of bounds. The aforementioned facemask, which is a 15 yard personal foul moves the ball from the LV 41 to the LV 26 yard line. The penalty was actually called as a “Roughing the Passer”, either way, 15 yards. The Dolphins run one play in which QB Ryan Fitzpatrick rolls right and then throws out of bounds which then stops the clock at 6 seconds remaining. Then enters Mr. Clutch, K Jason Sanders who promptly nails the 44 yard field goal to give the Dolphins the lead at 26-25 and once the ball goes through the uprights, a scant 1 second remains. BTW, Dolphins tackle Julie’n Davenport reported as an eligible receiver on the last Fitzpatrick throw out of bounds. Thought you should all know that.

So the Dolphins K Jason Sanders pooches the kick and there’s a couple of laterals and then a fumble and Dolphins safety and ST’s ace Clayton Fejedelem recovers it and that’s the ballgame! DOLPHINS WIN! DOLPHINS WIN!!!

OK, so let’s push aside for a moment that we are 10-5, and have one more game to win in order to make the playoffs in 2020. What’s the deal with Tua???? I’m not sugarcoating anything, I’m disappointed that the Head Coach feels the need to yank him from the game because he’s ineffective. It’s very disturbing to me. It’s the right call, HC Brian Flores has the pulse of this team like no other, he’s been masterful at handling the roster. Is it Chan Gailey? Is he not figuring out how to make this kid succeed? Just one observation, how many fucking times are we going to play action and roll left and find a defender right fucking there within 3 yards of where he’s rolling to? YA THINK YA MIGHT WANNA SCRAP THAT CHAN??? O Rob will just say Tua doesn’t have it, and I’m actually starting to have my doubts as well. QB’s develop at different speeds, there’s no question. First off, don’t try to sell me on this Wood/Stock Tua/Fitz crap. David Woodley was an 8th RD pick dammit, not the #5 pick! Yes, I also understand that the great Aaron Rodgers sat for 3 years, but that was a different era.

If you look around the NFL, there are all kinds of weird QB situations. Carson Wentz has fallen from grace just 4 years into his career. He was playing great football but injuries have sidelined him too often. His replacement, rookie Jalen Hurts has 6 TD’s in 2 starts, 5 passing and 1 rushing. Mitch Trubisky is like a phoenix rising in Chicago. Left for dead and replaced by Professor Lou’s favorite QB Nick Foles, is now back at the reins and leading the Bears to an improbable playoff run and is 5-2. Trubisky was on a path not too different from our own Ryan Tannehill was on, decent QB who can get the job done if he has a good enough cast around him. Is that what Tua is now? Is that what he’s going to be?

I don’t have the answers, but to me it’s disappointing. Simple as that. Furthermore, and I expect flak from this, I don’t want to fucking hear that Tua is fine with being pulled and that he roots for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don’t! I want him to burn inside with the desire to be better and to claim that position, I want him to be be the alpha hippo and bite Fitzpatrick’s tail off and then turn around and spin his own feces and cover Fitzpatrick! I love Ryan Fitzpatrick, I really do, he’s fun, but I want Tua to man up and take the reins and never look back. If he doesn’t do this soon, I fear he may never be “The Guy”. That doesn’t mean I’m right, but it’s going to be how I feel. Oh, this doesn’t mean Rob is right either, so pipe down there big guy!

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  1. sb7mvp says:

    I can’t think of the last time we had a team of players where I was not against any one of them being here. Everyone here is working hard from the top to the bottom. It’s tough rooting for your team when you have someone like Suh on your roster, or even worse…Dan Marino. lol.

  2. bailbondmike says:

    Crabbs’ new 2 round mock isn’t bad.
    1a WR Jamar Chase
    1b LB Zaven Collins
    2a RB Najee Harris
    2b OC/IOL Landon Dickerson

  3. bailbondmike says:

    A few months ago I was thinking doubling down on RB. Don’t see the need for that now. I think Najee Harris, Gaskin, Ahmed and Laird make a fine RB group. Maybe find another gem in 7th or UDFA.

  4. bailbondmike says:

    we were light years more accurate than they generally are
    We blew them all away!

    • Rockphin says:

      The Miami Dolphins’ backfield currently features a seventh-round pick, an undrafted free agent, another undrafted free agent, another undrafted free agent, and an H-back to fullback convert who was… actually another seventh-round pick!

      It doesn’t sound like it should be going well. It is.

  5. The Flying Pig says:

    bailbondmike says:
    December 30, 2020 at 12:11 pm (Edit)
    Crabbs’ new 2 round mock isn’t bad.
    1a WR Jamar Chase
    1b LB Zaven Collins
    2a RB Najee Harris
    2b OC/IOL Landon Dickerson
    Rockphin says:
    December 30, 2020 at 12:21 pm (Edit)
    you forgot to mention the trade down at 1a to pick up an extra 3rd.


    Trading down and still nabbing One of the top 3 WRs and getting Harris in the 2nd is pretty ideal

    Must have not been a very far drop for us to only pick up a 3rd and still name Chase

    • The Flying Pig says:

      If we flipped spots with Atlanta that Dan explain the 3rd

      But if we moved down to 7, 8 or 9, there’s gotta be more compensation right?

  6. wyoming85 says:

  7. The Flying Pig says:

    I just reviewed his mock and i can see the trade down was with the bengals and we acquired a 2022 2nd as well

    I don’t know if I’m crazy, but I think it’s possible to trade down and get a 2022 1st
    Even if that means moving a little lower

    He has Waddle at 18 in that mock
    We can afford to move down a little more and still get a shot at a top wr

    Also I like the Collins pick, but I noticed he took that pick right before Ossai

    There is some room for us to add Collins or an Ossai this offseason and maybe move our defense to a different level

  8. bailbondmike says:

    Piggy, we traded down to 6th. Getting only a pick in top of 3rd seems a little light but this next draft these teams may not be willing to move so have to take what we can get if we feel it’s worth it. In this case, I would take a pick in top of 3rd. There should be a couple good edge players available there. Carlos Basham comes to mind. He reminds me of Ogbah.

  9. stangerx says:

    Mike E. says:
    December 30, 2020 at 6:43 am

    Stanger – Props to you. I was notified yesterday that if I want to get the COVID-19 vaccine, we’re considered front line health care workers and are eligible to get the vaccine. Now the tough part, deciding whether I should actually do it or not. I’m really not sure
    It is of course up to you Mike E. but hope you do get it. Reason you got bumped up in line is cause you come in contact with a lot of people. Makes it more likely you do get it and that you give it to your customers if you do. Biotch about Covid is you can be a spreader and not know it.

    I’ll be camping out like the clinic is a Stones concert when I’m eligible.

  10. Ryan Clark, at overrated ESPN, is saying the Fins are overrated, lol whatev

  11. Rockphin says:

    Is there really a Bowl game called “Dukes Mayo Bowl”? REALLY!?

    What is next the Massingill Douche bowl? The Tampax panty liner bowl?

    College sports is such a fucking racket. With all the money in college sports SOMEONE is getting rich, but it’s not the players. Who it be? (says the graduates from these colleges)

    • stangerx says:

      My only problem with the Dukes Mayo Bowl is Dukes is too tangy. Mayo should be a building block for something, not a featured taste ingredient. I can add spice flavors myself. And don’t get me started on that vinegar Kraft Miracle Whip.

      Hellmans is the way to go.

    • Mike E. says:

      Tidy Bowl Clean Toilet Bowl

  12. Rockphin says:

    Cameron Wolfe

    Jakeem Grant & Elandon Roberts only players on Dolphins active roster not at practice. Preston Williams, on IR, wasn’t spotted.

    DeVante Parker, Shaq Lawson both practicing. Solomon Kindley didn’t appear to participate much.

  13. Rockphin says:

    Wilkins Mic’d up against the Raiders

    • Rockphin says:

      LOL at the 4:15 mark where Wilkins goes to chest bump Noah Igbinoghene after the win and Noah dodges the bullet like “nope, Not gonna do that with you!” LOL

      • stangerx says:

        Wilkins is a frigg’n trip. He tackled Sanders in the open field after the field goal. And no doubt which player on D is gonna be first in for the TD celebrations.

      • Rockphin says:

        yeah, he does like to sprint down the field to join the TD celebrations doesn’t he!? LOL

        As long as he doesn’t jump up on them and put his weight on them and put them on IR……oh, wait!

        I LOVE his enthusiasm but he needs to dial that back a bit. Tackle your kicker!!?? Man he is a Kicker! You don’t tackle your own kicker!

    • stangerx says:

      For all you guys (and Herd) — this vid is really worth the watch. Wilkins is a most different and fun guy. Might be the best minutes of your day!

  14. stangerx says:

    Do worry about us Americans sometimes.
    A new survey has revealed that Americans increasingly believe in conspiracy theories such as QAnon, which claims that a deep state run by satan-worshipping pedophiles has worked to undermine Donald Trump.

    When asked whether or not “satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media,” only 47 per cent said the statement was incorrect. Some 17 per cent said the statement was true, while 37 per cent were unsure about the claims.

  15. Rhino says:

    I saw your post about VACCINE eligibility. Our entire staff at the clinic got the Moderna vaccine on the 23rd. Prior to that we had a discussion as several were hesitant. These people are NOT anti-vaxers in any way. So we discussed what their concerns were, even though I already had an under-19.standing (and it has nothing to do with the actual vaccine).

    The biggest concern is “fear of the unknown”. This is the first time in the U.S. since 1945 that adults have been asked to get vaccinated on a large scale. In our minds it is something relegated to children.
    Regarding the speed at which the vaccines have been developed… the vaccine was achieved within a month of the first case in the U.S. because 2002 and 2012 SARS provided the foundation for future SARS viruses like Covid-19. Since the year 2000 (the age of the microchip) we have been living in the greatest era of vaccine development in human history. For those of us born in the 60’s and later, we are the first generation of humanity to live within the safety net of vaccines. They don’t take a decade to develop any more, especially when resources and urgency are poured into them.

    I told our staff that side effects are expected, but not lethal ones. lol. Our children have side effects from vaccines all the time because it’s NOT medicine, it’s evolution … “get a little sick so our body can adapt”. Fear of the Unknown is evident at every child’s well visit “am I gonna get a shot” … right before they start screaming.

    As adults, experiencing fear of the unknown, our fear gets amplified in complex rationalizations, yet still just attempts to rationalize fear of something we’ve never been asked to do.

    With the Moderna vaccine, 2 of our 21 people felt mild flu symptoms for 2 days, a few felt like their allergies were bad, and a few (including me) after 4 days had a 2 hour period where it felt like a fever was breaking. All the others had no side effects. So if any colleagues ask you, especially when it comes to side effects, … if millions of children deal with it, then we adults can deal with it, because the alternative is simply not acceptable. 🙂

  16. Stanger, alot of nut jobs that believed any lie they could make up or hear and be afraid of,

    just gotta move on, they will go back under their rocks for 4 years molting season, lol

    Go Moderna!, i keep buying the MRNA dips, i believe in supporting the American made company that is saving the nation!
    Moderna beats Pfizer hands down as the best vaccine, best company, and best stock gainer IMO

    • Rhino says:

      I noticed Fauci ‘waited’ for the Moderna even though he could have gotten Pfizer. lol. My wife got the Pfizer a week before the rest of us got Moderna. She would have preferred the Moderna but was concerned about how long before it would be available. Nevertheless, we are exposed DAILY by parents who flat out lie to us about their exposures and/or current positive status UNTIL after they leave. The reasoning? They wanted to be inside instead of our curbside medical tent (which is set up with everything the regular exam rooms have AND a heater in case it gets cold).
      So, the sense of relief here was palpable.

      • the Pfizer vaccine is good also as far as taking it, its just much more expensive to transport and store it, because it has to be held at minus 86 F and has a short shelf life.

        Moderna can be kept 5 times longer in storage, shipped with regular reefer trucks and stored in freezers that already exist.

        in Central FL< only the big cities had Pfizer, everyone else had to go with Moderna to fit the existing infrastructure and shipping

        it has been announced that Only Moderna will be available in the smaller towns, which i prefer to support American made over German made Pfizer anyway, win win

    • stangerx says:

      David — back under a rock or not….. those folks actually believe this stuff. My best hope is that it is like a football game. You root for your own team, no matter what the game situation is. So down 22 with two minutes left…. still believe in a pick 6, bomb, 2-point convertion and then hail mary coming.

      • anything can happen in football, because football is a real game, reality

        but the whackpot conspiracies, are just whackpot conspiracies, i dont believe they deserve much attention, im figuring once the new admin is in place, and the lies diminish, maybe reality will sink in for them a little, if not, i wont waste time worrying over insane people with nutjob ideas

        the nation is reeling from covid, i think its best to just focus on healing the nation, take care of our families and move forward

  17. stangerx says:

    Maybe the Bills decide to rest some guys too. Both games are playing at one, but maybe if the Browns get a big lead the Bills start putting in the 2nd team. If both lose Bills get the #2 spot.
    “Cleveland is now a 10-point favorite over Pittsburgh after the news that Mike Tomlin has decided not to play Ben Roethlisberger and other key starters on Sunday. The Browns opened as four-point favorites over the Steelers.”

    • the steelers could possibly do BETTER without Ben, hes like an old car that is blowing blue smoke and the tranny is slipping bad

      he has a couple of nice passes here and there, but overall is really struggling

      he does not take care of the football, hes a turnover machine, which has cost the steelers a few games

  18. wyoming85 says:

  19. wyoming85 says:

  20. Krishna says:

    Losing should be an anomaly. You play to win the game.

    I like Flores, too. No bullshit from him and he knows it’s a team sport and the best teams usually win.

  21. stangerx says:

    RIP Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann.
    We might not have realized it at the time…. but you were so much the pick over Ginger.

  22. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    December 30, 2020 at 1:59 pm
    Do worry about us Americans sometimes.

    A new survey has revealed that Americans increasingly believe in conspiracy theories such as QAnon, which claims that a deep state run by satan-worshipping pedophiles has worked to undermine Donald Trump.

    When asked whether or not “satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media,” only 47 per cent said the statement was incorrect. Some 17 per cent said the statement was true, while 37 per cent were unsure about the claims.

    Why on Earth would you post this, bud? I mean, it’s politically divisive in nature and I feel ALL of us are coming back together as Phin fans FIRST. What’s more, there’s already TOO MUCH division between us fellow Americans.

    Yes, you’ve the right to post it if you so wish, but why, and why now? I feel as though all of us Phin fans are finally coming back into the fold.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d really like to enjoy this moment in Phins history with fellow Phin fans without having to stomach political punches.

    No offense intended to you whatsoever, and no offense taken whatsoever, man. Let’s just UNITE for once in this rare moment in Phins history! 😀

    • stangerx says:

      I posted it cause found it strange and sad. You were more than welcome to pass over it. Not your board any more than it is mine. If it offended you for some reason… then I am sorry. But talking “satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.” Surely no one is for that.

      • mf13ss says:

        The whole accusation is ridiculous: no one is for that. Yes, shared board, agreed. Politically divisive, it IS.

        ANYHOW… do you think the Bills rest Josh Allen on Sunday? THAT’S what most of us would like to talk about, now that the playoffs are finally in reach! 🙂

      • stangerx says:

        Seems if “The whole accusation is ridiculous” then bringing up shouldn’t be divisive at all.

        And yeah thinking the Bills might be resting some folks on Sunday given what the Steelers are doing….. or at least hoping on that.

  23. stangerx says:

    Guess some folks aren’t as interested in our game as we are. TV coverage area is in blue.

  24. mf13ss says:

    Interesting take, here. Not sure I totally agree (the game then changes completely after; Bills play differently afterwards), but it has some merit…

  25. wyoming85 says:

  26. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    December 30, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    …yeah thinking the Bills might be resting some folks on Sunday given what the Steelers are doing….. or at least hoping on that.
    Here’s the thing: the Stealers* and Bills are contending for the #2 seed in the AFC. The Stealers* seem content (perhaps necessarily, being they never had a bye week this year, due to COVID) to rest their starters.

    The Bills may want that #2 seed, warranting the use of their starters. Man, I really hope Josh Allen gets the day off.

  27. mf13ss says:

    Can’t wait for Mason Rudolph & Maurkice Pouncey vs Myles Garrett, part II. That game promises to get UGLY.

  28. i really hope Flores gets the coach of the year award, outcoaching Jon Gruden should have sealed the deal IMO

  29. Rockphin says:

    I just had a cathartic laugh. I typed and deleted 6 posts before this one. That felt good. Thanks!

  30. bookman11 says:

    I am still trying to come down from the high of Wisconsin winning the classic long standing, well known and really well named “Dukes Mayo Bowl” SBJ what has happened to the bowl naming process? Advertisers….smh

  31. CavalierKong says:

    Wait, so I don’t get the game in my area? Instead I get a game where one team has already announced they are playing mostly backups?

    This is my shocked face… 😐

  32. bookman11 says:

    I feel bad for Kyle Trask tonight. His top 4 receivers bale on the bowl game, kind of sucks

    • wyoming85 says:

      That first pick didn’t have shit to do with the WR

    • wyoming85 says:

      3rd neither!

    • olddolphan says:

      REALLY INEXCUSABLE. There’s GOT to be a way these future pro players can obtain insurance FOR ONE GAME against future financial losses they might incur by playing ONE BOWL GAME.

      I’M NOT an insurance guru. But there MUST be one among our midst who knows something about this business. HOWEVER, if there’s no solution, then college football should expand the playoffs to AT LEAST 8 teams so that there’d be enough incentive for players to CONTINUE TO PLAY during the playoffs TO ENHANCE THEIR DRAFT POSITIONS.

      LAST BOWL SEASON, F.A.U.’s Harrison Bryant decided to SKIP FAU’s bowl game vs. SMU, thinking there’s NOTHING he could do in a smaller bowl to enhance his 1st Team All-Amercan status as a Tight End. FAU became a decided underdog against 15th ranked SMU in the Boca Raton Bowl. However, FAU shrugged off the loss of both Bryant and Head Coach Lane Kiffin (who resigned to accept the HC job at Ole Miss) and walloped heavily favored SMU by 52-28, with SMU scoring the last 14 points in garbage time. An alum who was at the game told me a few guys who were back-ups for FAU got to see a LOT of playing time, thereby jump starting their careers. So there’s that.

      BUT, with star players jumping ship in all but the biggest of playoff games, the outlook may be gloomy for retaining the top players on teams in the smaller bowls, and the NOT so small bowls like tonight’s COTTON BOWL where Florida has been gutted and the ticket buyers have been CHEATED out of what they expected to see.

      ANY of you insurance guys got they answer to this quandry?

  33. wyoming85 says:

    should have been #3 for Florida

  34. olddolphan says:

    ONE FINAL QUESTION for Mike E. or whoever wants to answer it.
    Let’s suppose that Cleveland quickly moves well ahead of Pittsbugh’s second teamers like 17-0 after one quarter. Realizing the Browns will secure the Bills 2nd seed for them, might Buffalo start sitting some starters against Miami before half time?

  35. wyoming85 says:

    If I was running the Bowl invitation committee I would make the teams declare their roster for the game. That way you could decide if you wanted them for the Cotton Bowl, or the Dukes mayonnaise bowl.

    But I’m an insensitive ass!

  36. wyoming85 says:

    But I love salt!

  37. sb7mvp says:

    I dont eat anything named after a bowel movement.

  38. Bitcoin hit $29K a day after it broke $28K, next stop $50K by June 2021 IMO

    its EASY money, even $100 of BTC would be worth $800 or more in 2 years
    they key rule of ALL investing is never invest More than You could afford to lose, even skipping a daily coffee and putting $2.50 a day in the morning dips wouldnt be a strain on the budget, yet would add up significantly over time and compound interest,
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    they bought High, and sold Low
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    i dont mean to be pimping BTC< lol im not a spokesperson for them. i just feel its the right thing to do to spread the word of an opportunity of a lifetime, that is available to anyone with the desire to have a nice retirement
    if money and financial security is not important to You, You are QUITE fortunate, lol please pass this by

  39. Rockphin says:

    The most prolific serial killer in US history (that we know of) is finally dead today after dying in prison. Samuel Little killed 93 people between 1970 and 1995.

    Two thoughts on this;

    1. if he was convicted why the F was he still alive!!??
    2. what kind of sickness would cause someone to target, kidnap and kill 93 people!??

  40. Rockphin says:

    The FO promoted Ford to the active roster from the PS. Hope he can contribute to a big win this weekend.

  41. Krishna says:

    I laughed at you’re first point because was thinking same thing as reading.

    To borrow from Ken, i’m a bad man….lol.

    Lots of sickness in the world.

  42. Krishna says:

    That was suppossed to be to Rockphin at 8:13….oh my.

  43. The Flying Pig says:

  44. Krishna says:

    I’ve really lost my enthusiasm for Parker. We definitely need to shore up WRs.

    He plays half a season. Aren’t hamstrings more a function of conditioning, flexibilty, and strength? I don’t get it.

  45. Rockphin says:

    WOW Canada not f’n around with quarantine. You break the 14 day quarantine after entering Can you face 6 months in jail AND up to $588,000.00 fine!

    • some countries take this seriously, and are having more success than the US, its horrible to think that the USA was one of the least capable of dealing with this, We used to be the leaders of the world in Science , Technology, and Medicine.

      obviously golfing and tweeting falsehoods hasnt stopped the covid deaths, even Mary Anne/ Dawn Wells died from it.

  46. The Flying Pig says:

    When you prepare for bowl games

  47. The Flying Pig says:


    I’m pretty sure we are zeroing in on WR this draft

    I can actually hear the wind blowing through the trees

  48. pheloniusphish says:

    Aquatic mammals
    Warrior receivers needed
    Samurai wind blows

  49. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

  50. The Flying Pig says:

    Here is Amon-Ra St Brown

    Some of the highlights make it look like he’s a speed outside guy
    But really in the nfl he will probably be more like a slot guy

    So far Bowden and/or Perry really haven’t broken anything big
    There’s time for them to develop

    But it never hurts to bring in competition

    My guess is he goes anywhere between 2 and 4th rounds

    We have the picks…

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