2021 Position Outlook – LB

The Miami Dolphins defense made a resurgence in 2020. Some of its success was due to better play at LB, and no one player benefited from the improvements we made on defense as our own drafted LB #55 Jerome Baker. Baker had his finest season and has become one of the leaders on this defense. His signature season featured 112 tackles, 7 sacks, 7 TFL, 11 QB hits, 3 passes defensed and 2 forced fumbles. Bringing in FA’s Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts, and also the big guys like Emmanuel Ogbah, Zach Sieler and Shaq Lawson and the emergence of Andrew Van Ginkel allowed Jerome Baker to be what we had hoped he could be, a playmaking LB who made plays in every facet of the defense. One could easily say if we had one more guy like #55, our defense could be elite, and it’s hard to argue. Although our secondary is the first unit you think of when you think of dominance, I feel like our front 7 aren’t far away. By the end of the season, the rotation of Wilkins, Davis, Seiler, Ogbah, and the LB’s Van Noy, Baker, Lawson, Van Ginkel, Roberts were a very solid group. Before the season finale in which we got stampeded by the Bills offense, this was a legitimate defense. Both Elandon Roberts and Kamu Grugier-Hill were one year contracts, so we have to add a LB or two either in the draft or free agency.

For the 2021 NFL Draft, there are a few LB’s that could help our team right away. The first one hails from Linebacker University (Penn St) and is the top LB prospect in this draft, Micah Parson. Big, 6’3 245 and rangy, and with excellent speed and can run sideline to sideline and cover running backs and tight ends. He really is a talented LB, one that could eventually transform our defense along with Jerome Baker. While Elandon Roberts was a run game thumper, Parsons could be that and do everything Baker can. If you liked Super Bowl linebackers Lavonte David (6’1 233) and Devin White(6’0 237), we could have that with size with Parsons (6’3 245) and Baker (6’2 230).

Another very good prospect is Tulsa LB Zaven Collins. Where Parsons could play any of the LB spots in our defense, Collins is more than likely going to play outside. Collins is big, bigger even than Parsons at 6’4 260. Collins is better in pass coverage than rushing the passer as he has just average burst. He has good speed, but not elite speed. He does have excellent length and can cover tight ends. He would need to improve his pass rush, as many prospects do. He’s a possible target and should be available at our 2nd pick if we stay at #3 and #18.

If we want to draft a LB much like the aforementioned Super Bowl Bucs LB’s Devin White and Lavonte David, that would be Missouri LB Nick Bolton. Bolton is a little smallish, especially when compared to either Parsons or Collins, but he can play. Bolton is 6’0 232, and is very fast and explosive like the two Bucs linebackers. He has the speed to also run sideline to sideline is a reliable tackler. Where Bolton struggles however, is in coverage. The instincts that serve him well in his run defense haven’t yet been developed in pass coverage. Still, he has the athleticism to become a 3 down backer.

If we’re looking for an OLB/Pass rusher, look no further than Texas’ Joseph Ossai. Ossai is a bona fide pass rushing LB. What’s more is that he is a very high effort guy, plays full out all the time. He has the size (6’4 253) and speed to be a perfect fit as a 3-4 OLB. Ossai was able to increase his statistical totals playing in only 9 games in 2020 as compared to 13 games in 2019. He compiled 55 tackles, 15.5 tackles behind the LOS which is 2 more than the previous season in 4 less games. He also topped his 2019 in sacks with 5.5 over his 5 in 2019, again, in 4 less games, also adding 3 FF’s.

There are many prospects that will be interesting but those are the guys that I feel can make an immediate impact. Another undersized player who can play multiple positions including LB and safety is Jeremiah Owusu. He’s 6’1 215 and has legit speed and explosiveness. Another interesting prospect later on is former Florida Gator and UAB transfer Jordan Smith. Smith got caught up in the alleged credit card scandal in Florida and transferred to UAB. He is raw, but shows potential as a pass rusher with great length 6’7 255. He’s also a good for fit for a 3-4 OLB pass rushing LB. He is definitely a project though, and would be probably be 3rd-4th RD pick. Let me know who you guys like, I know y’all have your favorites.


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  1. Randy says:

    We all get a little carried away with ourselves with issues we care about. It’s one of the great things about us! I also think we all forget how our comments come across in this sort of forum. This is still a really bad way to have a true conversation about something. I know I get accused of all sorts of emotions I am pretty sure I’m not having. Lol
    I voted for Trump once. I simply couldn’t do it again. He showed his true colors. If Biden does the same, I’ll try to vote his ass out of there too. I truly don’t give a shit which party you belong to. I think folks are getting a little ahead of themselves with saying he won’t even make it thru the next 4 years…but I get it. Frankly, I would support the idea of an age limit for these fuckers. Lots of them appear to have issues. Hell, I’m only 55, and I still can’t remember shit all the time. 75. 80. 85. I don’t know.

  2. steveccnv says:

    Biden the racist, just said, blacks aren’t smart enough to get online

  3. steveccnv says:

    Randy, when I see a video that shows one thing, then these partisan hacks put something in print that’s the opposite I call it fake news.

    That kind of shit happens all the time, biden on the Ukraine story, and keeping poll watchers out when counting votes are a couple of them that come to mind.

    If they wouldn’t let the poll watchers from the right oversee the vote counts how can anyone say it was a fair election?

  4. mf13ss says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    February 17, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    good riddance, SMH< that man was a hateful and deceitful fearmonger

    hopefully satan has room for the drug trafficker limbaugh
    Brah, you're better than that. YOU sound like the hateful and deceitful fearmonger when you talk like that. I couldn't stand Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, yet I gave her a respectful and public RIP on Twitter.

    I say this to you with respect, not to chide you. Don't lose the good in you, man.

  5. The Flying Pig says:


    I don’t believe for a second that anyone here doesn’t crave 🐖💨 when I’m not around

  6. Randy says:

    I am not an avid fan of how politicians have been doing their jobs in general. but all I can do is use my vote….just like everyone else. These issues are bigger than Trump or any one politician. I think we’ll all get back there in time. Trump is still a political force in our Country, so I get why he’s still in the news and discussed. But, we’ve got serious issues to contend with. I hope these guys/gals can come together and do something worthwhile. I think we all know it when we see it. We haven’t seen enough of it in a long while. The art of compromise really only works when everyone agrees to it.

  7. The Flying Pig says:

    This time I decided to go back to drafting a Wr at 3

    3: R1 P3 WR Ja’Marr Chase – LSU
    18: R1 P18 EDGE Joseph Ossai – Texas
    36: R2 P4 RB Javonte Williams – North Carolina
    50: R2 P18 WR Kadarius Toney – Florida
    81: R3 P17 C Landon Dickerson – Alabama
    123: R4 P18 S Talana Hufagana – USC
    202: R6 P16 DL Tedarrell Slaton – Florida
    256: R7 P30 CB Bryce Thompson – Tennessee

    • Rockphin says:

      I am obsessed with getting the additional 1st for 22

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I’m usually not doing mocks with trade downs

        But I’m prefer a trade down. Now so sure about a future 1 though, I would be happy with a modest trade down for a 2nd round pick and a little extra

    • Tim Knight says:

      That has the look of a realistic draft.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I think some people are probably going to have issues with 2 WRs early, but I really think we might make a move like that

      • Tim Knight says:

        I think it depends on if we add a WR in FA that will be viewed as a significant part of the rotation. We have some good WRs but we do have durability issues at the position. So upgrading the position wouldn’t be a bad thing. You have to score in this league to get to the playoffs.

        We really don’t know if Bowden will build on some of the good things he did at the end of the season. We haven’t seen enough of Perry as a WR but he flashed a few times. We all know Grant is an explosive player but we all know he has questionable hands too.

        As for Parker and Williams, when healthy they’re starter material. We’ll see where Wilson and Hurns stand on the team.

        I can definitely see us adding significant talent at WR.

    • mf13ss says:

      Can’t lie: I really like Ossai. But I think I like Gregory Rousseau and Azeez Ojulari better. If we get any one of those 3, we’ll have done well.

  8. olddolphan says:

    IN LATE 2008 THE COMPANY I work for relocated to Tampa! My 19 year forced exile from Florida was, at last, over!! On my first day at work in the new location I wore one of my antique Dolphin shirts to the office. A young kid who was a part time employee noticed my shirt and said “Are you a big Dolphin fan?” For the next 2-3 minutes I bored him with a description of just HOW BIG a DOLFAN I REALLY WAS. The kid was stunned. When the season started in September of 2009 I asked him “Would you like to go to next week’s game?” He said “OH YES!” We had a great time at that game and at several other games from about 2010-2013. Eventually, this kid graduated from USF and was accepted at USF’s school of pharmacy. He told me “I’m gonna be a LEGAL drug dealer!” After graduating (2nd in his class, I was told) young Ryan was hired by Publix and named assistant chief pharmacist at their busiest and most profitable pharmacy in greater Tampa Bay. Best of all, it’s located just 2 miles from where my wife and I live!! He has less spare time now. He got married 3 years ago to a girl who also works at my office (she’s our office manager). They just had their first kid a few months ago. But Ryan loves the Dolphins more than ever. And he often mentions some of the games he and I have gone to.

    About 5 weeks ago Me and Mrs. OD came down with the covid virus. We both had a tough time. But we got over it. For weeks, Mrs. OD tried to get us the covid vaccine. She spent many long hours on the internet, registering us for the local and state vaccine registries. But, as of today, NONE of them have responded, even though we’ve re-applied to several of them. I believed we’d be lucky to get the vaccine by July, if then!

    Last Thursday night Ryan contacted me and said “You and Penny (Mrs. OD) need to be at my pharmacy tomorrow night at 6:00 PM. We’re going to give both of you the first of two doses of Moderna’s vaccine. The second dose will be 3 weeks later.” I WAS FLABBERGASTED!!
    Then he added, “I really had a terrific time at all those Dolphins games you took me to. Now, it’s payback time!”

  9. The Flying Pig says:

    I just love the way he runs

    Look at the way he moves his feet

  10. New Age says:


    That draft would be amazing. I think all 5 of the first picks would be starters by no later than the 2022 season (Dickerson, Toney). and maybe all five by the end of the year. Bills…meet your new AFCE overlords

    • The Flying Pig says:

      If we need ended up with Chase, Toney and Williams I wouldn’t know which jersey to buy

      Which is probably a good thing

  11. mf13ss says:

  12. The Flying Pig says:

    He makes a lot of big plays

    Flores is salivating

  13. olddolphan says:

    YOUNG STANGER: I know you’ve met Ryan on more than one occasion. He sends his regards to both you and your wife.

  14. The Flying Pig says:

    This might be fun

    • New Age says:

      Toney and Pitts were the primary catchers for Trask and I think we saw in the bowl game just how much he needed them. Toney really intrigues me as a possibly better Landry.

  15. mf13ss says:

    Tim and Pig,

    I hear both of you. I suppose if the price is right like Bob Barker, we might be able to fit Von Miller into our plans. If not, I’m about the youth movement.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah I agree. I think Miller will end up elsewhere anyway. I think Grier approaches building a team based on the best available players and when they’re available. Teams don’t build their teams over 4-5 years anymore. It’s 2-3 years now. So the best players you can add makes you the best team sooner than later. Just don’t screw your cap with a boatload of top FAs while not building “a team.” I think Grier and Flores are on the same page with that. This is year 3 of their plan. The goal is a championship. What do they have to do to get there? That’s what they’re working on.

      • mf13ss says:

        And just think… there are probably even more giants to fall from the trees. That’s why so many are monitoring our cap space… perhaps we make a move on one of these giants. We shall see…

  16. olddolphan says:

    MF-13; I REMEMBER when the Dolphins acquired the supposedly “Over the Hill” Nick Buoniconti from the BOSTON Patriots. He was about 5’10” and about 215 pounds and an unimpressive 40 time. This “Over the Hill” guy led the Dolphins to a Perfect Season and three straight Super Bowls. He was the missing element in the Dolphins defense. Without him, there would have been no Perfect Season!
    SO-O-O we should at least kick the tires on Von Miller. If Miami’s FO and HC think he will significantly upgrade our defense, perhaps a deal could be worked out. That said, I agree with you that the youth movement is the way to go. But damn few teams have won Super Bowls without a proven star player on defense to guide the ship. — We shall see.

  17. mf13ss says:

    Many thought Big Ben was going to retire… I never believed that to be the case. Seems it’s more a matter of GM Kevin Colbert and Big Ben’s $40M+ cap hit. It’s not over, but the Stealers* need to create cap space… and they need O-Line help, a new RB, a new WR with JuJu hitting FA, DF7 help, etc, etc.

    AND, they’ve got to look at re-signing the likes of Devin Bush, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and several others.

    So I don’t think it’s about Big Ben ‘retiring’, it’s a matter of restructuring him or he could be on the outside looking in. At THAT point, I could see Big Ben retiring… if he wants he legacy to be as a QB for one team. Otherwise, he just might hit FA, making this QB carousel even weirder than it already is.

    • mf13ss says:

      I don’t think we’ve ever seen — in the history of the NFL — such movement or potential movement of QBs in a single offseason. CRAZY!

      • mf13ss says:

        We’ve got…

        Phins: Tua (potential trade for Deshaun Watson)
        stej: Darnold (potential trade for Deshaun Watson, or even traded separately)
        Patsies*: Cam Newton is likely gone, where does he end up?
        Texans: What are they going to do?
        Jags: incoming- Trevor Lawrence. Are they trading Gardner Minshew?
        Eagles: trading Carson Wentz?
        Panthers: whispers that Teddy may be cut?
        Broncos: are they finished with the Drew Lock experiment?
        Cowboys: are they going to complete a deal with Dak, or let him walk?
        Giants: Daniel Jones is weak, and not the answer. Who do they go with next?
        49ers: Rumors galore that they’re done with Jimmy G, and want to upgrade?
        Raiders: Derek Carr on the trade market?
        Bears: Mitch Trubisky is likely on the move?

        And is it clear that Drew Brees is actually retiring?
        What are the Colts going to do at QB after the retirement of Philip Rivers?

        Again, we’ve never seen anything quite like this in NFL history.

      • Tim Knight says:

        There is a big change going on heading into 2021.

  18. The Flying Pig says:

    If all your wives hate me for making this suggestion, I’m doing my job

    Try the head in the jar prank, and let me know your partner’s reaction

  19. Mike E. says:

    M – not sure why you included the Dolphins as part of a potential trade for Watson. Other than fan or talking head conjecture there is zero evidence otherwise that we have any interest

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think if we move on from Tua too early we may regret doing that in a few years. Build around him. He will also work hard to develop his game. That’s who he is.

      • Mike E. says:

        I think it’s ridiculous personally. Stick to the plan. Nothing Tua did last season makes me think he can’t be a good to great QB in this league. Just because the Cards dumped Rosen doesn’t mean that’s going to become a trend. Not only that, yes, every team wants a franchise QB but when you trade for one, it takes its toll on the franchise because of what you have to give up to get that QB. We have a good young QB, build a great team around him rather than trying to acquire one great player.

    • mf13ss says:

      Until I hear it 100% batted down by management that we aren’t going after Deshaun (and we haven’t), I consider it to be an option. Not by choice, mind you… rather, I see it as a possibility.

      As for me… I think I’ve resigned myself to rolling with Tua: I believe in him.
      I have spoken… 😉

  20. ocalarob says:

    stangerx says:
    February 17, 2021 at 4:22 pm
    Gonna take a lot more than #18 and a good player. Tua plus both our firsts and one of the 2nds would be the admission price to the bidding party.

    right now the price is high, after FA and up to the draft most teams are set, they cant take on a big contract and remember Watson has to approve the deal, all these issues makes his trade value drop. if he isn’t moved by draft day i believe he will be a bargain

  21. pheloniusphish says:

    A balanced assessment of the TX power grid. No crazily inaccurate numbers of which power source is at fault.

  22. Mike E. says:

    Krishna – I didn’t come on yesterday to talk about what was going on in Texas. You were talking about it. I came on to bring up the Democratic hero Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Not everything is a look over there. That shit is older than you are. That guy was revered all over the country as a great man when in reality he was a POS. Now he’s under FBI investigation and I’m happier than a pig in shit to see the veil lifted.

    • steveccnv says:

      They were going to run Cuomo for president, after they praised him for his handling of covid, even though he was killing all of those nursing home covid people.

      I guess they came to their senses and figured the truth would come out and he’d lose, then go to prison.

  23. ocalarob says:

    Randy says:
    February 17, 2021 at 3:45 pm
    Anybody who actually wants to know the truth about just how corrupt Trump and his family was during his Presidency just has to do some research. If you believe there’s no evidence of his corruption, you’re simply not interested in knowing….and that’s your prerogative, I guess. Rail on Biden for his corruption all you like but if you’re gonna try to claim Trump wasn’t corrupt, you’re sorely mistaken.

    read this asshats statements,
    I’m sure you can find a lot of unsubstantiated left dirt on Trump, that’s what the left does fling dirt without any evidence.
    you should be the one to show us all the corruption you accuse Trump of, after all the you’re the one who’s running his mouth without a shred of confirmation as to what you are saying.

    typical left wing moron.

    Bidens corruption is well documented by his own mouth.

    • stangerx says:

      I’m glad the right never throws out any unsubstantiated BS. It’s proven that whenever they do it was actually an antifa false flag operation.:)

  24. pheloniusphish says:

    I didn’t know TX was number one in wind power,production. One the linked articles pointed out that the windmills did freeze up because they don’t winterize them which is what a risk analysis would tell you. Someone was talking business decisions yesterday and that’s what this is. Why winterize in a place that almost never freezes? Natural gas doesn’t flow when it’s very cold. That’s why I asked if anyone ever tried to grill in the cold. Can’t do it with NG.

    In fine cherry picking of data, it was pointed out that El Paso was on a different power grid and didn’t have the same problems, which is true. It is also true that El Paso temps were not as cold and the grid they’re on stretches from Mexico to Canada and the Montana power plant is currently running on fuel oil.

  25. steveccnv says:

    Anyone remember some U75 announcer using the word matriculate, as in matriculate the ball down the field?

    Well, I just read an article about FA WRs we should sign and the idiots are at it again, so I thought I’d look it up again.

    be enrolled at a college or university.
    “he matriculated at the University of Vermont”
    record (arms) in an official register.
    “the arms have been matriculated by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh”
    a person who has matriculated.

    This SbNation article was written by sern342. If I wrote it I wouldn’t put my real name on it either.

  26. pheloniusphish says:

    Steve – The windmills did freeze and they account for about 30% of TX . But they were not the only or even the primary cause. It was a, pardon the pun, a perfect storm of events.

    • steveccnv says:

      Yeah I know, I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of the left for blaming Trump for everything that happened in the US the last 4 years, by blaming biden for this incident.

      I mean Trump was friends with the Clintons and many on the left before he ran, then after he become enemy #1. They filled the media with lie after lie, yet he’s proclaimed as the biggest liar in the world. Funny how politics work.

  27. Mike E. says:

    Anyone watch the President’s Town Hall Meeting the other night? Anderson Cooper was glowing all night, so friendly to new President Biden you’d think they were bestest friends. He even coaxed him a few times getting him back on track and prompted him with what to say. Yep, same treatment former President Trump received from the media. This disgusts me.

    • Mike E. says:

      This also ties into Cuomo, who had friggin press conferences every day as if HE was COVID-19 central! The media sucked him up like he was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Now, we see him for the garbage he really is

    • steveccnv says:

      Not only is it disgusting its dangerous. We saw how cozy they were with Obama, to the point Obama said, he had no scandals while he was in the WH.

      Yeah, because the media was in bed with him. Afterwards we saw spygate, Bengazi, IRS, and about 100 other things he did.

      But here we are today and the same idiots are praising Mr china.

  28. CavalierKong says:

    Can someone let the operator know the ride is broken?

    • steveccnv says:

      Mike, please fix the ride biden broke it last night after taking a little girl out for a spin 🤔

      • CavalierKong says:

        So is this BDS? lol

      • steveccnv says:

        Yes, it’s Biden’s Dolls

      • CavalierKong says:

        You’ve put a lot of thought into this. 🤔
        Did Biden say he’d bone his own daughter or something disgusting like that?

      • steveccnv says:

        He didn’t have to he showed us time and again on video.

        I guess your circles didn’t report on the Christmas parties either, when he was VP and walked around naked and tried groping the women. The word before the parties was, keep your wives and girlfriends close

      • CavalierKong says:

        lol @ my circles

        Did ‘your circles’ report on Trump saying this?
        “She has the best body, I’ve said If Ivanka weren’t my daughter I’d be dating her”

        Or do you just not care how disgusting that is because it’s Trump?

    • pheloniusphish says:

      You will stay at the top of the Ferris l and like it mister!

  29. CavalierKong says:

    Phel, you grill with gas? WTF?

  30. Mike E. says:

    Got about 5″ of snow already today and probably going to push over 10″ by tonight. F this snow. My family can vouch for me, I said this was going to be a bad winter with a lot of snow. It had been way too calm and for a couple of years.

  31. Krishna says:

    Pp….wind production accounts for 30-33% as source of power doesn’t mean 30-33% of failure.

    Gov Abbott not that you should believe a politician claimed renewables, principally wind, was compromised just like all of the resources, but only accounted for 10-13% of failed power overall.

    Also, after 2011 event in TX, a study was done, recommendations were made, and ignored because profit over upgrade took first seat.

    A generational perfect storm that’s happened twice in less than decade.

    Cherry picking? That’s a joke right? Like how you manipulate wind data and blame?

    • steveccnv says:

      What’s with this fact thing? You guys haven’t used any the last 5 years, now all of a sudden you want to be a true fact checker🤑

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Dude – you need to come out of that drug induced haze. I specifically said wind failure was not the root cause just part of it. And the 2011 storm resulted in a 6 hour power outage. Yes….cherry picked.

  32. ocalarob says:

    Q What’s Joe Biden’s favorite arcade game?
    A Space Invaders

  33. ocalarob says:

    Q Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumur, , and Nancy Pelosi are all on a sinking ship. Who gets saved?

    A America.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I kind of think the Eagles like Jalen Hurts

      It’s hard for me to accept the idea that the Lions have secured their future with Goff

      But on the other hand the Eagles are a potential trade partner after drafting Hurts

      Not saying Hurts is better than Goff
      But Goff has a few more years under his belt than Hurts – we know his Goff is and the Rams moved away from him for a reason.

      Given what the lions got for Stafford, is it crazy for the lions to think about drafting a QB to eventually replace Goff who may be just holding down the ship?

      I kind of think the Lions are more likely than the Eagles to trade up

      Carolina seems like the most likely option

      But that said, one huge problem looms for the Dolphins if we try to trade down

      And that’s that this off-season there’s more QB movement than ever before

      There are a ton of vets out there

      If Philadelphia does move Wentz – where does he go.

      Add Watson, Rothlisberget, Darnold, Wentz and Garrapolo to moving pieces this off-season

      Is a team in the top 10 going to want to trade up with us to take an unproven QB who isn’t Trevor Lawrence?

      The more I think about the QB situation the more I think we may end up keeping the #3

      Get used to hearing Miami Dolphin, Ja’marr Chase
      He’s kind of shaping up to be the smart pick

      • Mike E. says:

        My first thought was no way the Eagles would trade up. I also agree that the Lions can’t be thinking Goff is the answer, I think they had to take him to consummate the trade and eat his cap space.

  34. CavalierKong says:

    Ahh, glad to read that, Phel. I’ve always felt we are kindred spirits, but grilling with gas (as the norm) goes against everything I believe in, lol.

  35. wyoming85 says:

  36. Krishna says:

    You did say that pp, but i interpreted your cooment or read that 33% of the failure was due to wind. It is not according to the gov and he back tracked on his bs that the reason for failures was due to green new deal.

    I apologize for misinterpreting where you going then.

    If you don’t think TX gov’t and oil and gas industry in TX are mostly to blame, you are ill-informed. Even after studies/risk assessment nothing was done.

    TX doesn’t believe in climate change so i get it.

    • Krishna says:

      That was a response to pp 11:15 post.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Definitely a Govt issue. Don’t know about the other. Govt. has the choice of increasing utility bills to pay for winterizing equipment for 10 year storms or gambling that they can deal with the ten year storm without.

  37. wyoming85 says:

  38. CavalierKong says:

    Is it a foregone conclusion the Jest are moving on from Darnold? If they aren’t then they are another potential hurdle for us trading down, as they may also be looking to trade down.

  39. wyoming85 says:

    Listening to Ya’ll argue about how energy is generated is funnier than hell!

  40. wyoming85 says:

  41. Mike E. says:

    I’m a very happy amateur griller! I love going out, pressing the start button and at least half the time, the grill actually going on. Getting the natural gas hookup was the shit! No propane tanks to deal with.I grill all year round, even in the winter, except most of this winter, my backyard has been covered with snow.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Do you kill puppies too? lol, j/bb.

      Gas grills are fine for the standard cook that is looking to get food on the table, and you can make some good food on a gas grill, but the best food will always be better on charcoal/lump/pellets. Cooking with charcoal or lump is an art.

      I grill year around with my webber, but we don’t have extreme winter weather in Sac. If we dealt with snow, I’d probably have a propane grill for those cold winter months.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      My charcoal smoker/grill starts every time. 700 degrees in 15 minutes.

  42. Mike E. says:

    Kong – I was going to get the wind turbine powered grill but they were all out!

  43. stangerx says:

    A talking head’s response when asked if the crisis in Texas could have been prevented — “Well they do keep the power on in Alaska all winter.”

  44. CavalierKong says:

    LMAO. I am watching this terrible made for TV movie version of Jason and the Argonauts, and just heard this line. (If you don’t know this is the story, it’s Greek mythology.)

    “My Lady Madea, the Lord Jason…in cahoots.”

    In cahoots? Ancient Greece? LMAO, some screenwriter got paid to write that line, an actor got paid to say it, and a director directed it. And no one said “hey, maybe we should change this.”

    • The Flying Pig says:

      If that’s the one with the stop motion animation I love it

      Forget the script, I am a pig of simple tastes, I will watch this over and over again

      • CavalierKong says:

        No, that is Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts, a fantastic movie.

        It has my favorite Harryhausen stop motion monster of al time- Talos, and it has the extra bonus of being a completely ‘cahoots’ free movie, lol.

  45. Ken says:

    Nothing right now says man of the people more than Ted Cruz in Mexico

  46. Ken says:

    In regards to Carson Wentz I have always liked him but he did not look good last year. I thought it was just a lack of talent on Eagles but then Hurts did better with the same talent. Not sure what to expect of him with Indy. Glad we didn’t pursue

  47. wyoming85 says:

    OK I want to be a dick too!

    If this is global warming, you’ve got my attention! 🙂

  48. The Flying Pig says:

    Is that Wentz trade enough to take colts out of QB market

  49. The Flying Pig says:

    Kong, are you telling me you never heard of the Isle of Cahoots just North of Athens?


  50. Ken says:

    Piggy I still the Lions will be in the market for a QB. I doubt they look at Goff as the answer

  51. The Flying Pig says:

    • CavalierKong says:

      That’s the guy. Most fans of Harryhausen list the Cyclops as their favorite monster, but for my money it was always Talos.

  52. stangerx says:

    They demolished Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. I spent many a night there for free. Hit it big (relatively) one day and got on “the comp” list for rooms. Could never figure why they never took me off cause didn’t bet enough after to belong on it. But was real cool for a 20-something.

    Vid is short and real cool. If doesn’t come up can click.

  53. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – Did Biden demolish Trump Tower or was it Pelosi? lol

    • Rockphin says:

      (it was actually Trump, who else can bankrumpt a casino?

    • stangerx says:

      lol – He hadn’t owned it in a while, but will al ways be Trump Plaza to me. Might not like his politics, but will always appreciate the hospitality. Was always cool to tell girls I was dating “let me call Trump Plaza and get us a room.”

  54. Mike E. says:

    Just shoveled the driveway again. I’m going to turn into a stop motion monster if this keeps up

  55. Rockphin says:

    Perseverance set to land on Mars in about 15 minutes. You can watch live on youtube on the link that apears after the explosion video Stangerx posted above.

  56. stangerx says:

    Six Dolphins going into a contract year below…. who gets an extension?
    Now is the time for it.
    All for locking up at least Gesicki.

    DE Emmanuel Ogbah,
    LB Jerome Baker,
    TE Mike Gesicki,
    TE Durham Smythe,
    WR Albert Wilson and
    C Cameron Tom.

  57. Mike E. says:

    Rock – To be fair AC went into the toilet. It’s just not the place to be anymore. There are a couple of hotels hanging in there, but it’s not the same.

  58. Rockphin says:

    Eight minutes until the spacecraft enters the atmosphere

  59. The Flying Pig says:

    When you realize you made a mistake

  60. Rockphin says:

    Three minutes until entry! The most dangerous phase has begun. About to lose communications until it lands.

  61. Rockphin says:

    Parachute has opened!!

  62. stangerx says:

    Mike E — this is pretty much what happened to AC, says a guy who now goes to the Seminole Hard Rock. Was the only place to gamble other than Vegas for a while though.

    • Mike E. says:

      You mean Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun?

      • stangerx says:

        That was the start. Foxwoods is a lot closer to NYC than AC. Then there were Indian casinos all over the place. Was a federal legal thing.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I haven’t been to AC in a long time

      But there was a time in the early 2000 when the Borgata and I think it was called Revel or something like that – were pretty amazing

      I was at the borgata once on Halloween and I’ve never seen so many women dressed in so many sexy costumes

      • stangerx says:

        Never been, but my impression is that Borgata became like a destination resort away from the boardwalk/strip. Left the old line of them in the dust. However it is spread out now….. lot less gambling than the 80’s and 90’s in AC.

  63. Rockphin says:

    It is successfully steering itself and the heat shield has separated

  64. Rockphin says:



  65. Rockphin says:

    Boy watching the relief and joy of the Nasa nerds is touching. Nine months 300 Million miles and it has survived the trip and successfully landed. Incredible nerdmanship!

  66. Rockphin says:

    The nasa ground mission manager is pretty hot.

  67. Rockphin says:

    WOW they sent a “Mars copter” with Perseverance. designed to fly in the very thin mars atmosphere (1% of earth’s atmosphere) They are going to be flying a drone over mars’ surface.

  68. Rockphin says:

    China has a rover scheduled to land sometime in the next month. I hope it crashes and leaves a crater.

  69. Rockphin says:

    WTF is Young Blood and why is he allowed to sing in public?!?! God awful!

  70. steveccnv says:

    4 years ago we had the Russian probe and you guys were up in arms at Trump being a traitor, but today the real traitor with China, biden doesn’t concern you.

    Fake moral outrage or partisan hacks, call it what you will, but you’re not fooling anyone

  71. stangerx says:

    Ken says:
    Nothing right now says man of the people more than Ted Cruz in Mexico.
    But Cruz did speak up for the people of Texas when the Mayor of Austin went on vacation during Covid times. Guess you ain’t one of the “Hypocrites” till done it yourself.

    Hypocrites. Complete and utter hypocrites.

    And don’t forget @MayorAdler who took a private jet with eight people to Cabo and WHILE IN CABO recorded a video telling Austinites to “stay home if you can…this is not the time to relax.”

    • wyoming85 says:

      Well if it makes you feel better he is back now that the flights have started again

      • stangerx says:

        Yah think he would be if his Cancun vacation didn’t hit the news? Sorta strange to fly out and fly back the next day. BTW — actually had no huge problem with him doing that till read his bash on the Austin Mayor in a far less severe situation. Live by your word is how I live my life.

    • steveccnv says:

      I thought Ken was man of the year

  72. The Flying Pig says:

    stangerx says:
    February 18, 2021 at 4:20 pm (Edit)
    Never been, but my impression is that Borgata became like a destination resort away from the boardwalk/strip. Left the old line of them in the dust. However it is spread out now….. lot less gambling than the 80’s and 90’s in AC.

    That’s what it is
    Basically you don’t leave the hotel

    But they have good restaurants, bars and clubs in the hotel
    I remember having a really good steak once at Bobby flays or wolfgangs I can’t remember which but it was really good

    It’s really nice for a 1-2 day stay

    • stangerx says:

      Sounds like a place I’d stay at. Guessing general AC ain’t as nice as one would like though. The big push when they legalized gambling was the city would be revived, but everything stayed in the casinos. You’ve driven through. Not pretty.

  73. Rockphin says:


  74. Mike E. says:

    Phelon – I showed that to my wife last night. She’s an actuary, she shook her head in disbelief. It’s amazing the lengths some people are going to incorporate racial injustice. She also said Math is truth.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s a restitution power play by the far left race baiters. It doesn’t mean it will happen, but that’s what it is. It’s not a race card anymore, it’s a race billboard.

  75. wyoming85 says:

  76. Randy says:

    I was driving all day…so 8 hours of radio. One guy said there is video or pictures that show Cruz had luggage with him when he returned to TX. I have no idea if that’s true or not. I’m guessing he had 2 or 3 small illegals stuck in his luggage to bring back and have them shovel coal into his furnace to keep his mansion warm.

  77. mf13ss says:


    Talk to me about Chauncey Golston, DE, Iowa…

  78. Randy says:

    He actually might be a good fit for us because he’s probably a rotational sorta guy who’ll give you a tough, run stopping DE who knows how to use position. He’s not much of a penetrator from what we’ve seen at Iowa. He’s a meat and potatoes guy that’ll give you nice depth but not a ton of impact plays.

  79. Randy says:

    No problem. Day 3? I’d certainly take a look at him there. He’s also a great leader and a hustle guy. He’s a team captain sorta guy too. He’d be a great addition to the locker room from all accounts out of Iowa. Tough, smart and plays hard all the time. Could have a nice impact on ST too.

  80. Randy says:

    I’m not so sure how much upside Golston has. His stats usually come from playing hard and being in the right spot….not from elite athleticism. Nothing wrong with that if you get the job done, but I don’t see him becoming a major sack guy.
    None of these DEs in this draft do much for me. The Rousseau kid has elite measurables, but he is so damn raw. He literally has no moves. It’s kinda frightening how good he might be if he actually learns some technique. The kid plays like a bull in a china shop.

    • mf13ss says:

      To your first paragraph, I hear ya… but that’s what day 3 selections are all about. If Gholston gets in the right system, he may surprise. I value positional versatility (and leadership), so I think Gholston may fit the bill as a day 3 catch. We’ll see, but it would be nice to pick him up in say… the 5th (<— I know we don't have one… yet) or 6th round.

      To your second paragraph, I totally agree with ya. I don't see a singular STUD pass-rusher. Rousseau comes with inexperience (and a 1-year layover after opting out), Ossai is nice but no guarantee, but I see something special in Azeez Ojulari… though it may take time.

      Wish we had a Combine this year in order to show-off the talents of these kids: I think Ojulari would KILL the Combine. Then, scouts would go back to his tape and see how special he is. Dude has flex and bendability, coupled with speed to get off the edge. He somewhat (I said SOMEWHAT) reminds me of a young 'sign-puncher' (Bruce Irvin).

      I need to do more work on this unspectacular class of pass-rushers.

  81. mf13ss says:

    Many pundits/draftniks again believe that this year’s crop of RBs aren’t 1st Round worthy. PFF, for example, doesn’t think a RB is worthy of coming off the board until the mid-2nd Round.

    I find that interesting… and I don’t believe it, either. I’ll say this… once the first one is taken off the board, the run is ON… and we see it nearly every year.

    Say we just selected a player in an average year… and with the next pick, a RUN begins on a new position: we can’t catch up until 32 picks later. Fortunately, we have many picks to move up and down this year.

    I’d rather be the first to take a RB, rather than being late to the party (yet again). I say, do NOT be late to the party this year. If we miss out on one of the top-3 RBs again this year, I’ll be flustered.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      There’s only a handful of ones that are worth day 1 or 2 picks

      And that’s going to presenter a problem for us. We might have to reach

  82. Randy says:

    Actually, Ojulari is like Rousseau but with a little more polished and less athletic talent. Ya know, the NFL is drafting these raw but superior athletes and teaching them how to play more and more. Sometimes it’s easier to shape the clay yourself rather than have to break a guy of bad habits and then teach him good ones. There is some truth to the old “Ya don’t know what you don’t know.”. Lol

  83. Randy says:

    Would you really reach for a RB in the first? Are you thinking maybe we reach for a guy at #3 or 18? Or, making a trade?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I would reach for Najee Harris at 18

      But I think the sweet spot of us is the #36 pick

      And I would take any of the top 3 picks at 36, Harris, Etienne or Williams

      That might be perceived as a reach for a player like Williams, but I don’t really think it is

      #3 is out of the question though – I don’t see that on a RB

      If we trade down from 3 or 18 and some now end up with a pick in the 20s, that’s a great spot for a RB

  84. Randy says:

    Gotcha. Yeah, I would be happy with any of those 3 at #36. I have no clue where people expect them to go though.

  85. Tim Knight says:

    I’m excited to see who we add to the team to try and take it to the next level. We have a solid core, but we need playmakers and positions to step up more. How do we go about it? Other than the obvious I’m not sure what our top priorities are in how to take this team to the next level. Is it defense, run game, pass game or a mixture of all of it?

  86. Mike E. says:

    I think if we really like a running back who they feel is worthy of the #18 pick then take him. If you think you can wait until #36 and there’s players there that will also satisfy what you want, wait until #36. Just make sure you get one of the players you want. Don’t get caught up on value. I doubt they do to be honest, because I don’t think anyone was taking Iggy as early as we took him, they just wanted him so they took him, and I have no problem with that.

  87. bailbondmike says:

    Piggy, that was a bad ass mock draft you did 2 nights ago! Made me not want to do any more. lol

  88. Krishna says:

    LMAO….”reality” TV show. You know Ted Cruz is a liar and a creep. My wife and several of her friends worked and were associated him, Cornyn, and Abbott before she retired in 2010.

    He was caught “taking care of his daughters and family” because of his privilege and
    wealth. So simple and ok as long as you’re not a one of the highest elected officials in TX. Great example of fatherhood “meets” creepy liar. Lol. His nickname at the state was “chameleon”.

    • Krishna says:

      For Orob, expert on TX politics.

      • Krishna says:

        Our neighborhood didn’t lose power, and 3 of us have “guests” staying with us (including me). Never lost gas or electric.

        Have been battling freezing pipes and now low water pressure with boil water restrictions.

      • Krishna says:

        No internet either, but guests showed me how to “tether” so i could get payroll done several clients. Probably 20-25 people were happy they got paid today.

  89. sb7mvp says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    February 18, 2021 at 5:24 pm
    What are you suggesting Biden has done with China recently?

    Tim Knight says:
    February 18, 2021 at 5:31 pm
    He was seen riding an Ox and setting off firecrackers.

    This legit made me laugh out loud for 5 minutes

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m suggesting he used China to steal an election. China changed votes for biden.

      • Krishna says:

        OMG….lmao again. Spreading more lies. That’s what you do. Is that cherry picking or just blatant cult thinking and conspiracy thought?

        I guess all the Republic judges that threw out “steal the vote” cases, and all the Republican legislatures that certified their state votes, and yes only votes challenged were in predominately black and brown districts, were in cahoots with China.

        Some, will believe anything and they’re not even on drugs! Lmfao!

  90. bailbondmike says:

    M13, I haven’t talked about any of the 270+ DE/Edge defenders much, except maybe Carlos Basham. I have been focusing on the OLB/Edge type players like Ossai and Ojulari. I guess they seem to offer more flexibility, speed and quickness. Not always the case though.

    One in that 270+ weight group with good speed and quickness I like is Dayo Odeyingbo from Vanderbilt. I think he is underrated. I think he would have gone late 2nd to 3rd round. Unfortunately, he opted out of the last game of the season to preserve his health and train for the draft then tore his achilles training.

    Not sure how far he falls, could be significant and worth a late pick (6th or 7th) if he falls that far.

    For 6’6 276, he has really good quickness and closing speed check him out at the 11 second mark on this stunt. Looks like a LB with that quickness.

    • steveccnv says:

      When I see DEs or LBs in that 6’6″ – 6’7″ range I usually take a look. I think of JT, Ted Hendricks, and Ed Too Tall Jones being a pain in the ass to throw over. JPP also

    • steveccnv says:

      Just watched his highlight reel, he’s my kind of DE. He reminds me of a cross between JPP and OV, because of the speed and angles he takes in pursuit.

      I commented on OVs pursuit right after we drafted him, with a similar response.

      These type of pursuit, effort kind of players are what make a D great.

      Everytime we had a return going after a TO Branden Jones would come flying up to block, once resulting in a key block for a td, he’s uses the same effort/pursuit on D and why I think he’s going to be a real asset going forward.

      Nothing pusses me off more than to watch some slacker just going thru the motions

  91. steveccnv says:

    I agree with Mike on RB. I don’t want to miss out like we did last year.

    Ideally I’d like to see us get Najee somewhere after 18. I really want an LB at 18 or wherever our 2nd 1st is.

    I wouldn’t be surprised, if we traded back from 3, then up from 18, but not expecting a trade up.

  92. The Flying Pig says:

    If we end up taking a WR at 3

    Both 18 and 36 are good spots for both RB or Edge

    I’m assuming those are are three top positional targets
    Top of the 2nd round is usually a great place for RBs
    But there are enough good pass rushers this year for it to also be a good spot for a pass rusher

    There are some other positions we can look at but those are usually my top 3 picks

  93. pheloniusphish says:

    Apropos of nothing….

  94. sb7mvp says:

    steveccnv says:
    February 19, 2021 at 8:49 am
    I’m suggesting he used China to steal an election. China changed votes for biden.

    Well that’s not funny. I didn’t even have an awkward chuckle. Have you tried writing your own material?

    • steveccnv says:

      All the video evidence is out there, starting with the Dominion machines being connected to the internet, then you have the handbook saying to connect it to manipulate the votes.

      You guys can’t see the forest for the trees with the election fraud or just choose to ignore

    • steveccnv says:

      My memories of Jake are all great ones, he was one of my favorite all time ayers. It just kills me that you tarnish that by taking his name

    • steveccnv says:

      I take it as a compliment, when you call me a liar, since biden and the left haven’t told the truth about anything in 5 years and you believe it all.

      Twain must’ve known you personally and why he said what he did about fools

      • Krishna says:

        From the guy who can’t remember the last 5 years was a Trump administration. And, can’t get over the results.

        Talk about sore losers and cult thinking.

  95. pheloniusphish says:

    I would like to see them draft another impact player or two on defense. The defense was okay, but not overwhelming.

    • Krishna says:

      See below, as wondering, thinking same thing, especially after final game of season.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      The 18 pick might be a good place for that

      Once you throw out the idea of drafting Parsons based on off the field stuff, the 4 pick is down to 1 a WR; 2 Sewell; or 3 a trade down

      There’s just not a defensive propose to I would take at 3

      So that’s why what we do at 18 and 36 is really interesting. I can see one of those picks being used in Defense. It’s a good spot for a pass rusher or some one like Barmore from Alabama to help out DL depth

      Also, let’s see how Iggy develops

      One interesting thing about improving on Defense, is you might be able to add a vet just to bring some leadership to the table

      I really like the idea of JJ Watt, but right now it looks like the Browns and Steelers are making a push

  96. Krishna says:

    TX shut down quicker with 2 inches of snow than it did with COVID.

    ……a state that produces more “power” in the nation.

    That’s pretty funny to me, and sad.

  97. sb7mvp says:

    steveccnv says:
    February 19, 2021 at 9:40 am
    My memories of Jake are all great ones, he was one of my favorite all time ayers. It just kills me that you tarnish that by taking his name

    You suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  98. sb7mvp says:

    I don’t know whatever I’ll do for tarnishing Jake Scott’s name. That hurt me all the way to my duodenum.

  99. ocalarob says:

    A lot of noise recently about Watson to Miami, and Miami hasn’t said anything about not being in the Watson sweepstakes

  100. bailbondmike says:

    Steve: “All the video evidence is out there, starting with the Dominion machines being connected to the internet”
    Krishna: “Keep lying”

    Some people are just blind sheep or don’t care out of extreme hate for Trump that they don’t want this looked into further. They don’t care that this is going to set a precedence for future elections and our votes don’t matter anymore. They are all just peachy cause the orange man is no longer in office.

    Someone is going to respond saying this is false or BS but that is only because CNN told them it was without any investigation.

  101. Krishna says:

    Just took a drive less than 5, probaby around 3 miles round trip, to see and go to HEB, local grocery store, but state chain. Website said they were open, but wasn’t going to stand in line. So, took a chance since had AWD. Treacherous road conditions, but navigable.

    “Store closed” poster on main entrance.

    Low water pressure now being reported on national news as state-wide. Local folk knew 2-3 days ago.

    Neighbors talked, bi-partisan…lol, and watched out for each other.

    See, it can be done….lol.

  102. Mike E. says:

    Whatever happened in this election is done. All I know is we better be voting IN PERSON, supplying valid identifications next time around. Do it the way it always has been. I thought it was a sham that people can go to the grocery store, Home Depot, whatever but can’t go out to vote. No way that’s acceptable next time around.

    • Krishna says:

      What is your point?

      Voting in TX was at designated voting sites, wear masks.

      Go to a grocery store, wear a mask.

      My TX experience.

      • Mike E. says:

        It was strictly vote by mail in NJ, no voting in person. To boot, and you can ask my wife, we all sent in our votes at the time, and my vote got kicked back (The ONLY Trump vote in the family). Got a notice my signature didn’t match the signature they had on record. My wife signed my son’s name on his ballot because he had moved. That one went through. I completed the form they sent me and NEVER got confirmation that my vote went through

      • ocalarob says:

        No way Mike! are you suggesting voter fraud? can that actually happen?

      • Krishna says:

        Every state defines their own voting laws, Mike E. I have no clue about NJ.

        And, for sure, i know nothing of the politics there.

      • steveccnv says:

        To say the least

  103. Mike E. says:

    Why don’t you try and guess as to what my point might be? You’re a smart guy

    • Krishna says:

      No clue….sorry. Just asking you to help me understand.

      • Mike E. says:

        That people have lives, even former God-like Presidents like President Obama. If it’s good for Obama, it’s good for Cruz. Both got flack and some of it is deserved and some of it isn’t.

      • Krishna says:

        I think that’s comparing apples to oranges. A State senator leaving town, his state, during a state emergency in his state is a far different scenario than the one you cited about Obama.

        Really? Are you always about, what about this?

  104. sb7mvp says:

    I love lamp

  105. sb7mvp says:

    I wouldn’t go to Louisiana when it’s not flooded. I don’t blame Obama.

  106. ocalarob says:

    FL was great, i went to the polling station and voted, had to show my DL.

  107. ocalarob says:

    NY Gov Coumo in some hot water with this nursing home issue!

  108. bailbondmike says:

    No need to worry about voting anymore. “They” will do it for you.

  109. bailbondmike says:

    TBH, I don’t think each state should decide individually how their people are going to vote for president. States can run their state elections how they want to. I think the Presidential election should be by itself and one set of rules for every state/territory and that is in person with a valid ID. Instead of election day, have an election week Mon-Fri where voting sites are open. To avoid massive lines, break it down by alphabet or DOB for Mon-Thurs and have Friday for stragglers. If you can’t make it, sorry, guess you are not voting this time around.

    • Rockphin says:

      need a constitutional amendment for that Mike. it is written into the constitution the way it is.

      To change you would need overwhelming support and have to get 50 state legislatures to ratify the change.

  110. bailbondmike says:

    A State senator leaving town, his state, during a state emergency in his state is a far different scenario than the one you cited about Obama.
    Alex, something CNN would say for $500, please

  111. CavalierKong says:

    This place has turned into facebook, and I killed a guy with a trident. lol

  112. The Flying Pig says:

    It’s true though

    Unless you want this place to be like Facebook, we need to shutdown the political speech

    It’s way too much

    I enjoy engaging myself and I like hearing other point of views

    But most of you are just throwing rocks at people you don’t like.

  113. sb7mvp says:

    Whenever I see a tragedy on the news, I think of the families hurting and struggling and I wish them an ease to their pain and a solution to their problem. I don’t jump on the internet as fast as I can to argue partisan politics. If you find yourself doing the latter, then maybe you need to re-evaluate life.

  114. The Flying Pig says:

    This is sort of a joke draft
    But if we just took WRs, Edge and RB – here we go

    3: R1 P3 WR Ja’Marr Chase – LSU
    18: R1 P18 LB Zaven Collins – Tulsa
    36: R2 P4 EDGE Joseph Ossai – Texas
    50: R2 P18 WR Kadarius Toney – Florida
    81: R3 P17 RB Trey Sermon – Ohio State
    123: R4 P18 WR Armani Rogers – Clemson
    202: R6 P16 WR Tamorrion Terry – Florida State
    256: R7 P30 RB Elijah Mitchell – Louisiana

  115. Krishna says:

    Agreed, Piggy and to those who don’t need the politics here. I sure don’t. I could never do social media. This place is more than enough for me! Lol.

    Blissful and in a haze….then someone posts political bull shit and breaks the whole mood. Lmao!

    • Krishna says:

      “someone” includes me.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Well you and I both certainly are guilty of putting our .02 in

      Sometimes i enjoy it

      Sometimes I don’t

      I just think it’s on each of us to try to curb it when we can, without completely barring it – bc sometimes it’s worth discussing current events

  116. Randy says:

    I haven’t spent this much time looking at draft projects in a few years. COVID did it! I think when all is said and done we should be able to add several key players to this team. That’s really all I’m hoping for.

  117. Krishna says:

    It’s raining ice off the 40-50 ft Live Oak trees in the front yard. Amazing! Beautiful!

    I am so grateful and fortunate….

  118. bailbondmike says:

    Dang Piggy, replacing the whole WR room, lol. Those are ones I like. Glad you like “Scary Terry” in the 6th. Draft him and put him on the jugs machine until the season starts. IMO, dude could be special if he puts forth the effort and improves on his drops. He would have been considered a top 10 WR in this draft had he not had the dropsies and played on a team with no good QB. Dude is BIG and has good acceleration after the catch especially for his size 6’4 203. He is not frail either.

    OK, gotta post him again. Good example of his acceleration is at the 32 second mark:

    • sb7mvp says:

      He’s definitely got some skills. It’d be nice to get him late.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think he’s a developmental WR

      The thing about FSU, is they are so deep into decline now the talent isn’t being recognized, but they still do bring in some talent every year

      The coaching is really bad at FSU right now too – I don’t have a lot of faith in FSU draft prospects being nfl read these days

  119. Krishna says:

    Still think we need 2-3 new starters/better players on defense via draft this year.

  120. Krishna says:

    I’m not opposed with starting over with the WR unit this year, lol. We shouldn’t have to and that’s the shame of it.

    I like the FL dude from the little i saw of him. Tough and elusive from what I remember.

    • New Age says:

      I agree. I don’t really like our WR unit too much. Either injured or not making a huge difference from what I’ve seen the last few years.

  121. The Flying Pig says:

    If Parker was our #3, I would look at our WR unit as exceptional

    Parker is a solid outside wr who can make plays but has been inconsistent even when healthy

    After that I don’t really think anyone is worth mentioning other than alber Wilson
    And I don’t think ven k ow the deal with Wilson these days – I can’t really say he’s on the depth chart

    But Parker outside on the other side of a Ja’marr chase or a DeVonta Smith

    With some one like Toney or Amon-Ra St Brown

    That can be a very good trio without dipping into free agency

    There are also plenty of free agent that can help us

    But without adding a free agent, I would like to draft 2 WRs before the end of day 2

    Bc I do think Parker (with gesicki contributing) can be a part of a very good unit

    • New Age says:

      My thoughts as well. Parker is too inconsistent overall as a #1 BUT PAIR HIM WITH A #1 and another solid WR and he’s extremely dangerous. Wilson has talent but he’s done almost nothing here. I don’t mind keeping him for 3 million but I also don;t mind if we have someone else we want to give a try either.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      At some level you have to work with what’s on your roster, even if this not living up to what you hoped it would.

      I think we’ve parted ways with way too many players over the years in favor of what the new shiniest toy is

      Parker is a good example of changing that trend

      He is ripe to get bumped down the depth chart but not ripe to be waived IMO

      • stangerx says:

        I think Parker/Williams makes for one great WR. Plus name comes with a back-up. And you get that flyer on the other side things could open up big.

  122. stangerx says:

    According to the Herald we have $25 mil in cap space and a bunch to do. Might not be able to sign too mu ch without some back-ending or restructuring.
    “The Dolphins need $11.9 million to sign a draft class if they keep all their 2021 picks.

    They also need to sign a starting receiver; sign free agent Ted Karras or a new center; sign free agent Davon Godchaux or a new rotational defensive tackle (unless they draft one instead); sign Matt Haack or another punter; sign a backup quarterback; re-sign exclusive rights cornerback Nik Needham (will be cheap at $850,000); sign two or three linebackers to replace Elandon Roberts, Kamu Grugier-Hill and perhaps Vince Biegel.”

    • New Age says:

      I just don’t know how any teams outside of the top 7-8 in capital will get anything done. We’re in the top 11-13 in space this year and we have very few high end guys. (If it’s going to be so hard on us, how will these other teams get under the cap and how will all these FAs get paid this year? Looks like the Famine end of the scenario for a lot of players this year. Might be a great time to look for talent if we can manage the cap.

      • stangerx says:

        FA prices actually might go down, but guess that is expected with the cap doing so. Thinking some big names might be let go. Agree could be some bargain basement deals.

        Little wary of managing the cap to get more…. that is the road to cap hell. Going with rookies in spots is the sound financial move.

  123. Rockphin says:

    I just realized that I don’t know what more than 1/2 the keys on my key ring are for! I haven’t a fucking clue.

    • bailbondmike says:

      lol, I’ve one that I have no clue either. Might have been to a place I lived 3 moves ago. lol

      • Rockphin says:

        I had my key fob for my car on my key ring and had to take it off to replace the battery.
        The key on one side of the fob was my house door and the other side was my office door. Those are the only two keys I use regularly. I put the fob back on my ring and realized that I don’t know what the rest of the 10 keys on the ring are for exactly and couldn’t find my office door key right away and got stuck standing in the rain while checking every key to see if it fit! LOL

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I bet one is for your high school locker

      • Rockphin says:

        LOL I thought for a moment some might have been for the 2nd house I sold last year, but I remembered checking every key in every door up there when I had to turn over the keys so none of them are from there. One I know is a spare key to my best buddies place he gave me in case of emergency (Kramer Key) but I couldn’t say which one it is. The other 8 keys I have no clue! LOL

  124. bailbondmike says:

    Looks like Pro Days start March 5 and run for a month to 1st week in April.

  125. Rockphin says:

    New Age says:
    February 19, 2021 at 1:44 pm
    What’s your thoughts on keeping Godchaux, Biegel, and Elandon Roberts? Which positions are you looking at mainly for improvement?


    I like the idea of re-signing Godchaux NOW for good depth at a fair price. Roberts is rehabbing a knee injury that was, according to Flores “Significant” which occurred in late December and his contract is expired so I would pass on him. Biegel we traded for, but not much and he never showed much. He looked promising in some games, but I think we go ahead and draft a replacement for him.

  126. Rockphin says:

    Not convinced on the number reported to sign the draft class. I don’t think those are the “Cap” numbers. How could the Herald know? Salaries are slotted in the CBA but not bonuses or cap structure.

    • stangerx says:

      Your salary is dictated by your draft spot. Not sure how much the cap hit can be changed up by the structure of the contract.

      Either way though guessing will be less than that cause of what comes up every year — does not include the cap hit saved from the guys at the bottom of the roster no longer getting paid that the draftees replace.

      • Rockphin says:

        the salary cap can be swung a LOT based upon structure. Bonuses are prorated across the length of the contract (4 years for rookies) so you can structure the salaries in a large range and push money to future by making it bonus (while they get it immediately)

  127. stangerx says:

    They say no good deed goes unpunished. We’re getting our condo re-done and told our cleaning guys (we like them) they could have our bed platform and nightstands from our master BR.

    They called on Monday and said couldn’t clean the apartment we are in on Tuesday as scheduled. Why? — they were picking up the stuff we were giving them. Said could clean our place next week. 🙂

  128. The Flying Pig says:


    After finishing spending a significant amount of time on IR in each of his only two seasons, I think relying on Williams for anything other than depth at the position is a huge risk.

    We need to add at least 2 WRs who can compete to be our top 3 WRs IMO

    • Rockphin says:

      We have Hurns under contract for 2 more years. His dead cap hit for 21 is more than his salary so I think we keep him. We have Albert Wilson under contract for 21 at a cap hit of 5.1 Mil (dead cap of 2.1) So I think he make the team again this year.

      That said, I think we need more talent so I would still draft replacements for them.

    • stangerx says:

      Pig – like Williams and like Parker, but both fragile. Why was suggesting could count on both as one WR slot. Want one stud boundary WR and one explosive slot on top of them. And slot can come lower.

  129. bailbondmike says:

    I would resign Godchaux also. He would round out our DL without drafting one early and knows the defense already. Not sure a rookie would play any better. At least early on.

    I don’t think Roberts will be ready come opening day.

    I would see what’s out there before resiging the others.

  130. Rockphin says:

    I tried doing a mock draft on Fan Speak using the “User Voted needs” instead of “steve’s list” and the number one positional need according to the “user votes” is QB.

    WTF!? I personally don’t like the choice of Tua, but IMO we are stuck with him for at LEAST another season.

  131. stangerx says:

    Lauren Boebert is 2nd Amend as they come and she’s been linked to Q (even if denies now), but could be worse things that this congresswoman hitting the news a lot. Maybe she can be the anti-AOC.

  132. The Flying Pig says:

    Guys we just can’t go into the season expecting anything from receivers like Wilson, Hurns or Williams

    They may pleasantly surprise, but they are building blocks for a WR core

    If we add 1 we and then we are hoping for some one else who hasn’t delivered for us in the past to deliver – we are asking for failure

    We already have one inconsistent player in Parker. The value he brings is hennhes on his ceiling is really high, but we are taking big risks relying on multiple players at the position from the 2020 roster – and we shouldn’t be taking those kind of risks this year. It’s pretty critical to our young QBs development

    • stangerx says:

      So what do want then? Think we are all locked in with WR in first and taking a 2nd one in the second or third or getting someone in FA. You thinking #3 and #18?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think you add 2 WRs that are good enough to compete for the top 3 spots along with Parker

      If we add a free agent like an Allen Robinson that will take up one spot and then you probably can add one on the first two rounds

      But if you don’t add a wr in free agency that we can seriously say can take Parker’s spot, then you have to walk away from the draft with two receivers in the early rounds

      We have 5 picks in the first two days

      You don’t need to use the #3 pick, but you are gonna get one heck of a WR if you do.

      If we took Chase/smith at 3

      And waddle fell to 18 I would even take waddle at 18 and use both first rounders on receivers

      And then you can use those 2nd rounders to address other positions

  133. stangerx says:

    Anyone want to go fishing?
    Florida recently caught grouper.

  134. Randy says:

    What type of WR are folks thinking we should target, or does everybody just want to draft 2 or 3 regardless of how they play?

  135. Randy says:

    Can that young gal even reach her weapon where it’s hung….nicely? Lol

    • stangerx says:

      Wasn’t kidding that she was a congresswoman, but whether she can reach the weapon depends on if her arms can get around her chest. 🙂

  136. bailbondmike says:

    Can’t wait! It’s going to be near 70 by next Wednesday!

  137. Randy says:

    If I took a WR at #3, I’d be open to taking one at #18 too, but he’d need to be a guy I valued pretty highly and there wasn’t a guy available at another position of need that I valued just as high. But really….there’d be nothing wrong with getting two quality WRs. And, sometimes bringing in some young, high end talent has an impact on those old vets that you like too.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      There’s really only 2 guys at 3: chase and Smith
      And 2 guys at 18: waddle and probably Bateman

      Waddle probably won’t last to 18
      And Bateman might not be worth 18
      Some people might argue Toney is a first rounder.

      We are close enough to the draft that we can kind of have an idea of who will be available when

      I think it kind of breaks open in the 2nd round with a lot more names being argued as 2nd rounders

      And you have to keep in mind we have a high second round which sets us up nicely to take a good player that slips out of the first

  138. Rockphin says:

    I would think the front office were out of their minds if they took two WR’s in the first round and ignored all the other pressing needs this team has. That is phrased very mildly because others I like on here have already expressed their acquiescence to the idea. I think it is a turrible, just turrible idea.

  139. Randy says:

    Lol. It was all piggy’s idea! It would not be my first choice. But, still, if you believe you need a serious upgrade at WR…and 2 guys you absolutely love are there for the taking, it’s still coming down to getting two guys you want at a position of need. I’d go Penei and then the best WR left at #18, but lots of folks think that’s crazy too. Just get good players.

  140. Tim Knight says:

    I think we’ll revamp the WR position a bit but just adding multiple guys isn’t going to do it. We need to add some special and/or significant contributors. I look at how guys like Diggs and Beasley really helped transform the Bills passing game. Maybe a FA WR and one drafted early could help us do the same. It’s not like we don’t already have some good WRs at all.

  141. Rockphin says:

    Damn Mick!

  142. The Flying Pig says:

    Rock you are not ignoring pressing needs by acknowledging that we have two pressing needs at WR

    Our WR unit is not one WR away

    Two of our pressing needs are receivers

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah but if we continue to build the OL, add a stud RB, a playmaking WR, Tua taking the next step and some upgrades on defense, we’re a much better team that fast. This team is not completely void of talent. We have a solid core that needs a jolt of special. Our TEs were also very productive in the passing game last year.

      I don’t think we need to draft two WRs early and I don’t think we will. One FA WR who’s a proven vet that is better than Hurns or Ford etc., and a really good rookie prospect would be good enough.

  143. CavalierKong says:

    Phel, is there any tactical reason for a holster on the leg like that, or is just about the way it looks?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Dangling around like that seems weird to me

      Is that more dangerous? Like riding a bike with your shoe lace untied and the shoe lace get stuck in the sokes…,that’s all I can think about when something is dangling like that – like it gets caught anywhere.

      If you want to draw quickly is it like picking up a strand off spaghetti?

      I really want to know – why?

      It doesn’t seem practical

      • Rockphin says:

        it is a drop leg holster. If you are wearing bulky body armor and / or multiple items of equipment on your belt they help keep the side are clear of the “clutter” and allow for easier drawing. They are also easier to draw from a seated position so if you are sitting a lot in your job they are beneficial.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I’m betting there is a practical reason other than killing Greedo’s while sitting, lol.

      • Rockphin says:

        there is a strap around her leg to keep in tight to her thigh. it doesn’t flop around.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Ah, that makes sense, Rock. (The body armor and tactical gear thing)

    • pheloniusphish says:

      It was a thing with operators for awhile. Before they issued a lot of body armor. Easy access. Still see them occasionally but have mostly fallen out of favor

  144. Tim Knight says:

    So Piggy goes from a WR discussion to worrying about holsters. LOL

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Oy…..That’s about 2000-late tactics-wise! These days everyone is carrying a short-barrel, suppressed rifle. Pistols were never meant for anything besides the last step before going to K-Bars and e-tools.

  145. Rockphin says:


    FAGE yogurt is pronounced Fiyay
    Just saw a commercial for the first time but I have seen it in the cooler at the SM. I must admit that is not how I pronounced it in my mind.

  146. wyoming85 says:

    If she were to spread her feet and bed over at the waist she could definitely reach the gun!
    Maybe not before mine went off? But I’m sure sure she’d get there!

  147. Rockphin says:

    for her it was probably a f’n fashion statement.

    • stangerx says:

      Who cares? Put out her pic cause her body is rocking and all you guys want to talk about is how she holstered her weapon. 🙂

  148. pheloniusphish says:

    Drop leg draw is actually slower and less accurate than a draw from the waist.

  149. pheloniusphish says:

    This is how they deal with body armor getting in the way of the holster these days

  150. wyoming85 says:

    Well If your in the saddle it keeps the gun away from the rope and horn! and you could reach it easy!

  151. pheloniusphish says:

    But Stangers point….she can wear it anyway she wants.

  152. Rockphin says:

    When I referred to it as a fashion statement, I mean because “that’s how cowboys wear them”

  153. The Flying Pig says:

    Those are all good explanations

    Now please tell me the beneficial use of this one

  154. Krishna says:

    Lol…..i really don’t care how she wears a gun, just don’t shoot me!

    I would keep Godcheaux, Roberts is hurt but i like him a lot.

    I think a top end LB in the and a 3d DL/Edge in draft, two starters.

    Agree about team help on O needed, ie I like Harris as the RB, top end WR, and upgrade on OL. I think this helps Tua and the team best. If we can find a gem 2nd receiver, awesome.

  155. The Flying Pig says:


    3: R1 P3 WR Ja’Marr Chase – LSU
    18: R1 P18 RB Najee Harris – Alabama
    36: R2 P4 EDGE Jaelen Phillips – Miami FL
    50: R2 P18 WR Kadarius Toney – Florida
    81: R3 P17 C Landon Dickerson – Alabama
    123: R4 P18 S Talana Hufagana – USC
    202: R6 P16 QB Filipe Franks – Arkansas
    256: R7 P30 DL Tedarrell Slaton – Florida

    • Rockphin says:

      I like. But didn’t someone on here say Dickerson has been hurt a lot.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I read that he started 24 of 25 games the last 2 years

        But he transferred from FSU to Alabama and didn’t start many games at FSU….maybe that’s injury?

      • mf13ss says:

        Yes, Dickerson has injury flags galore. I REALLY like that guy, but he’s going to fall due to injury concerns.

      • mf13ss says:

        Season ending health issues for Landon Dickerson…
        2016: 6 games + ACL injury
        2017: 4 games + ankle surgery
        2018 (RS): 2 games + ankle injuries
        2019: Healthy
        2020: Knee ligament

        This is not the picture of great health. Love the guy, but too many injuries in the past. Last two years have been relatively good to him, but that knee ligament in 2020 should be very concerning regarding his past.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Yeah but that last injury was in the SEC championship

        He was a mess at FSU, I didn’t know the story

        But he almost made every start for Alabama after he transferred there – he just would have missed the post season bc of that 2020 injury

        So first 3 years certainly raise an eyebrow though

  156. mf13ss says:

    Randy says:
    February 18, 2021 at 10:46 pm
    Actually, Ojulari is like Rousseau but with a little more polished and less athletic talent. Ya know, the NFL is drafting these raw but superior athletes and teaching them how to play more and more. Sometimes it’s easier to shape the clay yourself rather than have to break a guy of bad habits and then teach him good ones. There is some truth to the old “Ya don’t know what you don’t know.”. Lol
    You may be onto something there, Randy. I suppose it comes down to a given player’s mindset and ambition. It’s not like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, being these are rooks… however, if a given player is so hellbent on doing it his own way on talent alone and without film study/proper coaching, he’s going to be left behind.

    And this is where most draftniks and pundits get left behind themselves: they aren’t privy to the private player interviews with coaches and GMs.

    Some prospects stand out from the rest in terms of character, GPA, team captainship, and other off-the-field endeavors/accomplishments before they turn pro. For most of the rest, it’s a rather grey area.

    In short, “ya don’t know what ya don’t know” (<– I dig it) comes down to a player's willingness to get ever better. As such, Rousseau vs Ojulari vs Ossai may simply come down to their interviews. WHO IS THE HUNGRIEST? WHO IS THE TEAM PLAYER?

    I don't portend/pretend to know, either. I'll try to find as much out as I can.

  157. Randy says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t really wondering about her holster. I was just trying to be polite. Lol

  158. steveccnv says:

    Now that everything is out on Ted Cruz, we all know what he did was wrong, and he lied about it to save face, but the NYT ratted him out with the text messages.

    With so much disinformation out who knows what’s actually true initially. We can’t really talk politics here unless both sides are willing to admit when their side was wrong.

  159. steveccnv says:

    With the Wentz trade Phil has plenty of ammo to move up to 3 to get a QB. It would put them in a great position, rookie waiting in the wings and guy who can win as placeholder.

    Are we better off if the jets take a QB or don’t. I hope they do, because QBs 2-4 seem to be lumped together, so once the first one is gone now those in need will be a little nervous.

    If one of the 3 separate themselves from the pack before the draft, then I hope the jets don’t take a QB.

    There’s also the argument that someone may really like one over the other, and it would benefit us if the jets don’t take one.

    In any scenario I see us being able to trade down and get good compensation.

    Can we get 3 1sts like RG3 garnered, probably not, unless someone stands out and I don’t see that happening

  160. steveccnv says:

    So the condition on the Wentz trade becomes a 2022 1st, if he plays 75% of the snaps and the Colts make the playoffs. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate dilemma, if we trade down from 3 with Philly and get that conditional pick, then be in the hunt for a playoff spot with the Colts.

  161. ocalarob says:

    Billy the Kid had his gun low so it was all an uphill draw, filed the sight off to reduce friction.

  162. ocalarob says:

    not sure what happens if we resign fitz, i heard they may give him a 1 year deal worth 10 mil guaranteed, if that happens it may mean there’s no interest in bringing Watson here.

  163. Rockphin says:

    Team Picks
    10: R1 P10 WR Ja’Marr Chase – LSU
    18: R1 P18 EDGE Gregory Rosseau – Miami FL
    48: R2 P16 RB Javonte Williams – North Carolina
    50: R2 P18 WR Kadarius Toney – Florida
    80: R3 P16 S Paris Ford – Pittsburgh
    81: R3 P17 DL Levi Onwuzurike – Washington
    99: R3 P35 RB Trey Sermon – Ohio State
    123: R4 P18 DL Osa Odighizuwa – UCLA
    148: R5 P3 C Drake Jackson – Kentucky
    Trade Partner: Dallas Cowboys
    Round 1 Pick 3
    Round 1 Pick 10
    Future Round 1 Pick
    Round 3 Pick 35
    Trade Partner: Las Vegas Raiders
    Round 2 Pick 4
    Round 2 Pick 16
    Round 3 Pick 16
    Trade Partner: Houston Texans
    Round 6 Pick 16
    Round 7 Pick 30
    Round 5 Pick 3

  164. ocalarob says:

    i think godcheaux is gone, i’m sure he will get great offers out there and i doubt miami will be willing to pay him his market value.

    • steveccnv says:

      Nothing wrong with the player, just don’t think it’s wise to pay him, unless it’s a true team value contract. I’d give him some not so easy to achieve bonuses.

  165. ocalarob says:

    it seems that eliminating the qb position from the draft, the talent level is pretty much very similar thru out the top 20 or so players.
    having the #3 overall pick looks to be very valuable to a QB starved team.
    if we take a player at 3 i think that would be a huge mistake.

    • steveccnv says:

      ^ 100%

    • The Flying Pig says:

      It’s not a mistake if we don’t get return value for a trade down

      I don’t think the talent level is similar at all
      Particularly at WR

      Nearly every expert I’ve read has chase, waddle and Smith in the top 10 players

      If we want one of those top 3 WRs or Penei Sewell, you probably can’t drop much farther than 10

      Those four players are better prospects than anyone who might be there 12-20

      If you can’t get a team like Carolina, Philadelphia or Detroit to offer good value for the 3, it’s probably a mistake to trade down

      A trade down out of the top 10 when we have a glaring need at WR and 3 WRs are really expected to go in the top 10 would be ridiculous

      If we did something like that, we better receive multiple first rounders in return

  166. ocalarob says:

    got this 1989, toyota tercel for free, has 79k miles on it.
    all i had to do was go get it. bought a battery from walmart, $50.
    i started it and drove it home, the engine had a severe knock in it.
    pulled the oil pan, spun a rod bearing due to lack of oil, apparently the last person to drive it ran it low on oil, when i drained the engine oil you couldn’t fill a thimble with it.
    got the bearing out. ordered bearings oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket online, total $34.00,
    waiting on parts to put it back together.

  167. ocalarob says:

    still looking for my 04 c-5 corvette vert.

  168. ocalarob says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    February 20, 2021 at 3:05 pm
    It’s not a mistake if we don’t get return value for a trade down

    I don’t think the talent level is similar at all
    Particularly at WR

    Nearly every expert I’ve read has chase, waddle and Smith in the top 10 players

    i Believe one of them if not 2 will drop, there’s also some good OL past 10, weigh that agianst another 1st rnder next year

    • stangerx says:

      Maybe top 20 is stretching it , but nothing wrong with dealing down in the Top 10. And heck…. I’ d take #31 and a bunch of 2’s or maybe even a first next year.

    • stangerx says:

      Colts had lots of cap. We did last year, but that was last year.

    • steveccnv says:

      Maybe you missed my post the other day about having lots of cap space. It’s not always good to have lots of cap space, especially when you have a good team, because it generally means you have lots of FAs, and in their case they have 22.

      I can’t speak for how many of these 22 are important players, but that’s a lot to have. I wouldn’t exactly call their cap situation great.

  169. steveccnv says:

    Chat Sports has us taking Penei at 3, Najee at 18. I’d prefer a trade down, but those 2 would work.

  170. Mike E. says:

    Tua working out HARD!!

    Work 🚂 pic.twitter.com/lZwElQTIy1— Tua. T 🇦🇸 (@Tua) February 20, 2021


  171. steveccnv says:

    The Colts have only 13 players making 2M or more, so they’ll either have to sign several of their 22 FAs to low 1st year cap hits or they won’t be able to sign too many.

  172. steveccnv says:

    Anyone else think Jamarr Chase is a lot like Williams and Parker?

  173. mf13ss says:

    “As for Waddle, he earned the nickname “magic” during his prep days in Texas, and that ability to wow those watching carried over to his first season in Tuscaloosa this past fall where he earned freshman All-America honors as the Tide’s No. 4 receiver behind Jeudy, Ruggs and Smith.

    “The dude is explosive,” now-former Alabama running back Josh Jacobs said of Waddle. “He really might be the fastest dude on the team. I think the dude runs at least a 4.28, legit. He has legit speed. He’s going to make a lot of big plays. You’ll see a lot of him throughout the year.””

    We’ll see how Waddle recovers after his broken ankle this past year, but the guy has SPEED: he’s not to be slept on and has hands (unlike Clyde Gates of yesteryear).

    Should we trade down from R1P3 and keep our pick within the top-10, we’re going to get a great WR between Chase, DeVonta, or Waddle… and 2 of the 3 are most familiar with Tua, from their years together at Alabama.

  174. The Flying Pig says:

    Just bought a new iPad Pro – lets see if it leads to less typos

  175. steveccnv says:


  176. Tim Knight says:

    Like Randy has said, just add good players.

  177. ocalarob says:

    what we need is a wr who can stretch the field with speed, right now Grant is that man, maybe wilson can help in that dept if we get him back.
    but that should be the focus at wr, not sure Chase fits that mold

  178. Krishna says:

    If we can match/exceed Jerome Baker at LB, i.e. complimentary, as in both, that might be the next level for this defense, imo. DL/edge is next. Those 2 pieces and added depth. We lost the last game of the season because we had no pressure on the QB and could not stop the run. They scored 50 points! WTF?

    The O needs playmakers, not just fillers. A top notch 3d RB, WR maybe 2, and more OL help.

    Continue the rebuild in year 3 and draft the core of your team to start and develop them.

    Stay the course!

  179. ocalarob says:

    we have all these possession rec such as parker, hollins, bowden,ford,williams, none of these guys has elite speed to knock the top off opposing D’s.
    do we draft another similar guy in Chase?

    • Krishna says:

      I agree except for the fact there’s no one your list that’s reliable in skill or presence/injury issues.

      So, I would say both. The whole unit may need a reboot and this might be the year to do that since we have the draft capital.

  180. ocalarob says:

    QB play has a lot to do with the proposed inability of our wr corps, look at how Parker thrived with Fitz in 19 and was sub par with Tua in 20

  181. Krishna says:

    Parker was relatively healthy in 2019 as i vaguely recall (only one, i think) and then back to nagging injuries, as per his career, in 2020. When he shows up, he’s fine. And, to my point.

    He has earned his way to being 3rd or less option due to his lack of playing time.

    • Krishna says:

      Tua might be partially responsible, but it’s not his fault Parker isn’t on the field.

      We didn’t even have a WR unit on the field for the last game. Seems telling to me.

  182. bailbondmike says:

    I did a Rockphin trady pants draft on PFF: I added 2 1st rounders in 2022 and still got Devonte Smith.
    Dolphins Received 6, R1 2022, 37, 84
    Eagles Received 3
    Dolphins Received 9, R1 2022, 40
    Received 6

    9 DeVonta Smith WR • Alabama
    18 Gregory Rousseau ED • Miami (FL)
    36 Wyatt Davis G • Ohio State
    37 Samuel Cosmi T • Texas
    40 Jabril Cox LB • LSU
    50 Najee Harris HB • Alabama
    81 Creed Humphrey C • Oklahoma
    84 Jay Tufele DI • USC
    123 Richard LeCounte S • Georgia
    202 Marquez Stevenson WR • Houston
    208 Alaric Jackson T • Iowa
    Overall Draft Grade

    • steveccnv says:

      This is the best mock I’ve seen. Now, if a double tradedown was anything close to reality, and we got 2 2022 1sts…

      The possibilities of these trade downs can bring unlimited assets, that’s why I think we must trade out of 3.

      Think about a draft taking Smith at 3 compared to Smith at 9 plus 2 2022 1sts, and 2021 2nds and other picks and its a no-brainer

  183. Mike E. says:

    I really don’t understand why the Eagles are supposed to be drafting a QB, especially moving up to get one. They drafted Jalen Hurts who at the very least looks dynamic. Sure he wasn’t great but that team sucked last year no matter who the QB was. If they don’t think Hurts is the answer, why did they draft him? That’s kind of like how I feel about Tua. I was listening to WQAM and Joe Rose and his cohost Zach Krantz and they were talking about the uncertainty with Tua’s injury history and and whether he can last in the NFL blah blah blah. Don’t you think the Dolphins scouts carefully weighed all that when they took him? Think they took him at 5 and played him for 10 games and decided he’s not the guy? I think some of that talk is ludicrous. I get Hurts was a 2nd RD pick, but he played in 4 games, threw 6 TD’s and 4 INT’s, and also ran for 354 yards and 3 more TD’s.

    • Krishna says:

      Lol….that’s what talking heads do. Some of it so lame.

      I think Hurts is a good QB and is going to do well, if supported. He’s been successful with 2 different college teams at the highest level. There’s something to that imo.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Regarding the Eagles and Hurts, keep in mind the new regime didn’t draft him. New guys might not be sold on his potential.

      • steveccnv says:

        Also, yesterday they said the Eagles believe they need 2 QBs, so with that said the media thinks they want a top QB.

        Hurts isn’t going to be that guy, that is going to wow anyone from the pocket.

        The rookie QBs that tend to do the best are those that don’t have to read an NFL D to be successful, in other words they do it with their feet.

        The problem is they don’t usually last too long.

        Joe Burrow seems destined for greatness, since he moves around, but doesn’t depend on his feet.

        Tua I think is more mobile than Joe, but didn’t have the WRs for several games, when he did like the AZ game he was really good.

  184. Krishna says:

    I trust Grier and Flores will find/get what they want for this year (fingers crossed) and lay some groundwork for next year, too.

    A repeat of last year’s “success” (imo) during the off-season, will take this team to another level in 2021, again imo.

    Stay the course.

  185. ocalarob says:

    As for Tua, it’s not about taking him at 5, it’s about his performance on the field, it was horrible, he looked like a boy amongst men, he has no vertical passing game. he couldn’t get the ball down field.
    he has a hard time getting the ball up and over the opposing DL due to his low delivery, he has to have wide open passing lanes to throw the ball.
    that’s why the check downs work because he gets rid of the ball before the DL gets in his face. the result is he can barely break 100 yards passing.
    you cant keep throwing these check downs and think you will be successful.
    the opposing DC will kill you with that strategy.

    Tua’s a BUST!

  186. ocalarob says:

    Pause the video at the .08 mark look at the ball position how low it is.

    now look at Brady at the 4:07 mark

    can you see a difference??????????????????

    • ocalarob says:

      It’s not even close, and Brady is 6″4″ tall!
      Tua’s a midget by NFL standards.
      so the NFL scouts that weighed in on Tua as you said Mike need to be fired because they don’t have a clue!

    • ocalarob says:

      look how far Tua’s ball is away from his head, look at the same with Brady, very stark differences, the reason Tua has the ball so far away from his body is due to lack of arm strength, he has to deliver the ball that way to get velocity on the throw.
      so IMO there’s no fixing that.

  187. New Age says:

    Mike E,

    I thought the same thing about Philly and the same answer is always, new coach new QB. I’m always surprised to see them say, “I can’t possibly succeed with the trash you gave me” and hear ownership agree with them. I think Hurts is a decent, young QB with potential. At least similar to what other young QBs can do. Just work around your guys like every other coach has to now. It blows my mind that just a few years after getting the ultimate prize, Philly burns down everything.

    Howard is a very weird situation. I wouldn’t talk to the cops either but having the prime suspect disappear? The victim is your ex-agent? Cops are incompetent many times but it’s not a good look either way.

    The thing people like about Chase is those long, explosive plays. Most 20+ yard receptions in the past two years? That sounds explosive. That sounds like he can take the top off. I think Smith and Waddle can do the same thing but out of the 3, he’s done it a lot more. 14 in one year is pretty damn good. I really want to see how he’s been doing since taking an entire year off though. Is he in shape? How fast? Is he willing to grind? I have some real reservations that he was unwilling to play unless Burrow was there to make him look good.

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