2021 NFL Draft – Less than 3 weeks away!

Draft day is approaching very quickly, so much so that I can already envision the arguments about who we took, when we took them and why we didn’t take this guy or that guy. It’s coming. Chris Grier and Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins Scouting team will be questioned, ridiculed and revered by others all after 4 days of the draft in which the Dolphins currently hold 8 selections, starting with picks 5,18 in RD 1, 36 and 50 in RD 2, 81 in RD 3, 156 in RD 4 and then a long wait until picks 231 and 258 in RD 7. As usual, you can almost certainly expect some movement by our team in the draft, we have a history of wheeling and dealing, moving up back and all around at different junctures of the draft.

I think for the most part, the majority here understand that we need to help our QB by giving him better weapons on offense, and that could mean at a variety of positions including the trenches to give him better throwing lanes as well as keeping him healthy, more talent and reliability at receiver whether that receiver is a WR or TE and a durable ballcarrier who can also be a quality receiver out of the backfield. An easy way to have the QB improve is to give him better players around, see Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans for proof of such. We also have needs on defense but we made two key moves to make us better up the middle. First move was trading for ILB Benardrick McKinney to pair him with #55 Jerome Baker. We then signed FA DT John Jenkins. We do have AVG and Vince Biegel coming back on the outside but Biegel is coming off a torn achilles. He showed some promise before the injury, but whether the Dolphins are going to count on him remains to be seen. We need to get pressure from the edge, so I’d expect us to be looking at either an OLB or OLB/DE tweener who can rush the passer both standing up and with his hand in the ground.

Who are the most likely targets? I see mocks split for pick #6 with the usual suspects, WR Ja’Marr Chase, WR, DeVonta Smith, TE Kyle Pitts and OL Penei Sewell and Rashawn Slater. Once you get past our first pick, things as expected get more muddled. #18 is all over the map, from RB Najee Harris to EDGE rushers Kwity Paye, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Gregory Rousseau and Jaelan Phillips. Who we take at #6 will undoubtedly affect who we take next. If we don’t take a receiver with our first pick, say we go with an OL then I’m inclined to believe our next pick will be a WR. I can’t see going forward with the WR corps we currently have without finding a dependable, reliable high talent WR in this draft. I suppose receivers like Kadarius Toney or Rashod Bateman or Terrace Marshall could be the guy but I think we go for top tier talent here and either Chase, Smith or Pitts is the first pick. I’ll get more into the rest of the draft next week, and I’m sure there will be even more speculation, rumor and innuendo to discuss next week.


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  1. David Collins says:

    Kwity Paye is NOT slow at all, hes fast
    There is footage of him on the internet running a 6.37 3-cone drill and during Michigans Pro Day Paye ran a 4.52 40-yard dash. Remember this is a prospect that weighs 272-pounds and plays defensive end.

  2. The Flying Pig says:

  3. The Flying Pig says:

    Repost from before page turn

  4. steveccnv says:

    We’re set at WR, after we take Pitts or Chase, not sure what the point is in having 9 WRs on the roster with NFL experience, then drafting 2 more

    • steveccnv says:

      If we take Pitts at 6, I guess we could take another WR in the 2nd. I do like loading up on O, just don’t think we have room, when comparing dead space and roster spots

      • The Flying Pig says:

        That’s the point

        These guys Im posting are probably not 1st or 2nd rounders

        If we draft Pitts, we can use a WR. I don’t think we are set with Parker, William and fuller top 3 given how much time they be spent being injured

    • Tim Knight says:

      LOL, it’s all about 9 routes.

      • steveccnv says:

        Isn’t that what Fuller and Foster were brought in to do?

        Foster seems like a long shot and has 100k dead money, if he doesn’t make the roster. Seems odd to bring in low level FAs and give them guaranteed money, Hollins 337.5k dead money, both about 1m contracts

      • Tim Knight says:

        I don’t look at Foster as a big deal. Fuller can help us for sure as long as he can stay on the field.

  5. bailbondmike says:

    I don’t know what it is about St. Brown. His game does not impress me. He said he was training hard to prove doubters wrong about his 40 time then goes and posts a 4.51 at his own pro day. I would not take him any higher than 4th round and would rather have Marquez Stevenson there.

  6. Rockphin says:

    Team Picks
    11: R1 P11 WR Ja’Marr Chase – LSU
    18: R1 P18 LB Micah Parsons – Penn State
    36: R2 P4 RB Najee Harris – Alabama
    42: R2 P10 EDGE Joseph Ossai – Texas
    50: R2 P18 RB Javonte Williams – North Carolina
    81: R3 P17 DL Marlon Tuipulotu – USC
    156: R5 P12 C Michal Menet – Penn State
    231: R7 P3 EDGE Hamilcar Rashed Jr. – Oregon State
    258: R7 P30 DL Jack Heflin – Iowa

    RPTP can’t help him self.
    I also got a 2nd & 3rd next year

  7. Rockphin says:

    Double Down on the offense Plus a couple of weapons on D thrown in. This draft can be franchise changing.

  8. Rockphin says:

    Team Picks
    6: R1 P6 TE Kyle Pitts – Florida
    18: R1 P18 LB Micah Parsons – Penn State
    36: R2 P4 EDGE Joseph Ossai – Texas
    50: R2 P18 RB Javonte Williams – North Carolina
    88: R3 P24 DL Marlon Tuipulotu – USC
    103: R3 P39 C Josh Myers – Ohio State
    156: R5 P12 FB Ben Mason – Michigan
    231: R7 P3 EDGE Hamilcar Rashed Jr. – Oregon State
    258: R7 P30 CB Brandin Echols – Kentucky

    One things all these mocks show me is that there are a lot of potential upgrades available with the ammo we have;

    • steveccnv says:

      I hope it transfers to the real draft

      • Rockphin says:

        potential is only a part of the equation as you know. But I like at the least that we have increased the odds of hitting on star players. We will see. Grier is the same guy that was there when we traded up for Dion FF and who took Harris in the 1st .

      • steveccnv says:

        If we go Edge in the 1st the results will likely be the same

  9. Tim Knight says:

    Grier has cleaned up cap space and acquired draft capital but lets focus on DJ fuckface. LOL

    It never ends. SMH

  10. Krishna says:

    I wonder why “police power” is tolerated. Check out the “detaintment” of an Army Lieutenant who was physically (sprayed and put on the ground), mentally, and emotionally assaulted!

    Nice! I feel protected now.

  11. Krishna says:

    And, last night in MN, man shot after traffic stop. Will it ever stop?

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Dude in MN had a warrant for arrest. Cops tried to arrest him, he jumped back in his car cops shot him. Two different situations. Cops assaulting innocent army officer because they are scared, bad. Cops shooting criminal resisting arrest, meh.

      • Krishna says:

        Unarmed and nonviolent. Guess you shoot him. Meh.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Criminal resisting arrest. Cops don’t know his intentions when he climbs back in his car. Going for a gun? Going to run over them? You don’t know what the warrant was for. What if he’s wanted for murder? Rape? Child Porn?

  12. Krishna says:

    Keep kneeling on a neck 2 minutes the dude’s dead from kneeling on his neck. Meh.

  13. pheloniusphish says:

    Being a cop is dangerous. You deal with the scum of society everyday. Now the knee jerk reaction is to riot every time a criminal gets shot. And that’s how you end up with Portland.

    Long Island cop in critical condition after being stabbed during traffic stop
    2 deputies injured, suspect dead after shooting outside Utah sheriff’s office

  14. ocalarob says:

    bailbondmike says:
    April 11, 2021 at 11:09 am
    Nah, that was a futuristic video of ORob and David at the next fest. Don’t have to tell you who was who in the video. lol
    I would’ve used a driver for that shot!

  15. Mike E. says:

    I would never want to be a cop. The situations some of them face are awful and then of course you have civilians judge them like they’re watching an ice skating performance. Maybe they should make as big a story every time a police officer is attacked or killed in the line of duty, maybe people would have more understanding of what it can be like to be a cop.

  16. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s not do politics today

  17. steveccnv says:

    Clowney is the type of Edge we could’ve used, with his constant pressure.

    Jonathan Jones
    Indeed. The belief is both sides will ultimately strike a deal Monday, per sources.
    IG: JosinaAnderson

    I’m told the #Browns are working to arrange another visit with free agent edge-rusher Jadeveon Clowney for Monday, at this time, per source.

  18. steveccnv says:

    More talk about, if picks 4 and 5 don’t go the Fins way we could trade again, by Fansided.

    Just make a damn pick at 6, it isn’t worth dropping back a few spots to get another 3rd or so and lose out on a top talent

  19. Rockphin says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 12, 2021 at 12:36 am
    Grier has cleaned up cap space and acquired draft capital but lets focus on DJ fuckface. LOL

    It never ends. SMH


    No, you are right. Fair evaluation of a person’s performance at their job does not end. Why are you Shaking your head? It is not as if I was railing against Grier being GM. I just pointed out that having the draft capitol was only part of the equation. The other part is up to the players and coaches to achieve the potential.

    In no way was is a pile on of Grier. Yes he has done a good job (The past two years) in acquiring additional draft picks. NOW he has to do a good job in picking players.

    My point was that it is encouraging, but it does not mean we will automatically get better because of it.

    It seems some fans are willing to give him a free pass for everything before Flores got here. He has been a loud voice in the room for more than 10 years.

    I was not calling for his head, but no free passes.

    (2007–2015) Director of college scouting Miami Dolphins (2016–present) General manager

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I don’t know what the director of college scouting does

      But I don’t think it’s the person who’s ultimately responsible

      I don’t feel comfortable judging him too harshly if he wasn’t pulling the trigger prior to 2016

      The 2016 draft is pretty good
      The 2017 is horrible
      The 2018 draft is pretty good – but by hen player we selected 1st wanted our (mr fuckface)
      2019 is so so
      2020 too early IMO

      I think overall we aren’t in A territory
      But o don’t think a B grade is so bad

  20. steveccnv says:

    He was shaking his head, because you were railing on Grier a little bit, a little bit, but I agree with what you wrote.

    A GM can only be as good as the HC allows him to be, meaning he has to pick the right type of players and the coach has to use them properly.

    Flores is and will make Grier look better than he is, because of his schemes and how he uses/motivates his players

    • steveccnv says:

      I see Grier’s GM skills as adequate or maybe a little above average, where he excels is working with Flores as a team and neither seems to have a big ego.

      Flores I see as a great coach, with people skills, but isn’t everyone’s buddy, because he’s soft on them, but, because they believe in him and see the job he’s doing. The kind of coach players will go to war for

  21. Rockphin says:

    Piggy request that there be no politics and everyone takes their ball and goes home. LOL

    Slow day on the ol’ blog today.

    • steveccnv says:

      The big ole meany he is🤪

    • stangerx says:

      Have less to talk about and there will be less talk. And part of it is we are in the post-FA pre-draft dead zone when it comes to Phins news. Did a google news search for the Phins yesterday….. wasteland.

  22. steveccnv says:

    Which former Dolphins player still in the NFL would you want back?
    By Kevin Nogle SBNation

    Marino, he still works for the NFL 😉

    Mostert or OV maybe? Not really a lot of guys we’ve gotten rid of that I think could help, except maybe Minkah, but…

    • Ken says:

      Tunsil or Fitzpatrick are probably the highest quality former Fins out there but at least we got really good trade value for those guys

      • steveccnv says:

        If you say Tunsil, you have to including that big fat 22m per yr contract. I don’t want that contract, and why I didn’t mention him

    • Ken says:

      Yes but there was no qualification about contract just which one you would have back he is clearly one of the better OTs in the game. I was not happy when he was traded but in hindsight I think it worked out great for us

      • steveccnv says:

        Gotta look at the whole picture, just like when he was traded.

        When he was traded we knew he was due for a large contract

  23. steveccnv says:

    Field Yates
    An astonishing 91% of Kyle Pitts’ catches resulted in a TD or first down in 2020. He didn’t drop a single pass. He’s the most athletically gifted TE prospect in the draft in over 10 years.

    The more shit like this that comes out the less likely we get him

    • steveccnv says:

      Teams interested in him already know this, just referring to how much better he is.

      I hear Jerry Jones has a woody for him and may trade up to 4 to get him

  24. steveccnv says:

    Not that it means anything, but…Pitts would be available after Fields at 4 and Chase at 5.

    • stangerx says:

      That’s what we want…. a 4th QB taken in the top 5. Other luck in is Sewell to the Bengals.

      • steveccnv says:

        I prefer Pitts, but just leave one of Pitts/Chase

        Pitts, Chase, Smith and Waddle can all play the slot, so they’d move right in as WR3, maybe Williams would give some competition too

  25. stangerx says:

    Based on a couple twitter polls pretty clear who folks want at #6. And yeah not exactly done by Gallup…. but margin of error don’t matter based on the results.

    Both polls assume 4 QBs go up front.

    Poll 1

    Assuming the Cincinnati Bengals take Chase at #5, the Phins should take.

    Pitts 83 percent
    Sewell 8 percent
    Smith 7 percent
    Waddle 2 percent.

    Poll 2

    Assuming the Cincinnati Bengals take Sewell at #5, the Phins should take.

    Pitts 71 percent
    Chase 25 percent,
    Smith 4 percent
    Parsons 0 percent.

    • steveccnv says:

      Ok, so it looks like we won’t draft Pitts under any scenario🤪

      • stangerx says:

        Just need that 4th spot to be a QB. Don’t think the Bengals would take Pitts, but then again they could trade down with a team that will.

  26. mf13ss says:

    Who is Who? And who would you prefer at face value?

    Player “A”
    6’5″, 239 pounds, 33 3/8 arm length, 9 1/4 hand size, 4.35 40-time
    Player “B”
    6’4″, 238 pounds, 32 1/2 arm length, 9 7/8 hand size, 4.42 40-time
    Player “C”
    6’5″, 241 pounds, 32 arm length, 9 5/8 hand size, 4.46 40-time
    Player “D”
    6’6″, 245 pounds, 33 1/2 arm length, 10 5/8 hand size, 4.44 40-time

  27. ocalarob says:

    Ken says:
    April 12, 2021 at 11:35 am
    Tunsil or Fitzpatrick are probably the highest quality former Fins out there

    I agree Ken, all we have left is Tua & Brissett, i hope Fitz does well in Wash

  28. mf13ss says:

    mf13ss says:
    April 12, 2021 at 1:31 pm
    Who is Who? And who would you prefer at face value?

    Player “A”
    6’5″, 239 pounds, 33 3/8 arm length, 9 1/4 hand size, 4.35 40-time
    Player “B”
    6’4″, 238 pounds, 32 1/2 arm length, 9 7/8 hand size, 4.42 40-time
    Player “C”: Vincent Jackson, solved by Steve
    6’5″, 241 pounds, 32 arm length, 9 5/8 hand size, 4.46 40-time
    Player “D”: Kyle Pitts, solved by BBM
    6’6″, 245 pounds, 33 1/2 arm length, 10 5/8 hand size, 4.44 40-time

  29. mf13ss says:

    mf13ss says:
    April 12, 2021 at 1:31 pm
    Who is Who? And who would you prefer at face value?

    Player “A”: Calvin MEGATRON Johnson, solved by BBM
    6’5″, 239 pounds, 33 3/8 arm length, 9 1/4 hand size, 4.35 40-time
    Player “B”
    6’4″, 238 pounds, 32 1/2 arm length, 9 7/8 hand size, 4.42 40-time
    Player “C”: Vincent Jackson, solved by Steve
    6’5″, 241 pounds, 32 arm length, 9 5/8 hand size, 4.46 40-time
    Player “D”: Kyle Pitts, solved by BBM
    6’6″, 245 pounds, 33 1/2 arm length, 10 5/8 hand size, 4.44 40-time

    So who is player “B”?

  30. mf13ss says:

    mf13ss says:
    April 12, 2021 at 1:31 pm
    Who is Who? And who would you prefer at face value?

    Player “A”: Calvin MEGATRON Johnson, solved by BBM
    6’5″, 239 pounds, 33 3/8 arm length, 9 1/4 hand size, 4.35 40-time
    Player “B”: Chase Claypool, solved by BBM
    6’4″, 238 pounds, 32 1/2 arm length, 9 7/8 hand size, 4.42 40-time
    Player “C”: Vincent Jackson, solved by Steve
    6’5″, 241 pounds, 32 arm length, 9 5/8 hand size, 4.46 40-time
    Player “D”: Kyle Pitts, solved by BBM
    6’6″, 245 pounds, 33 1/2 arm length, 10 5/8 hand size, 4.44 40-time

    • mf13ss says:

      Vincent Jackson missed what this tweet addresses by a mere tick (4.46), but Kyle Pitts qualifies.

      • mf13ss says:

        And THIS is what the purpose of this exercise was all about… WOW, Kyle Pitts is — in fact — ELITE.

  31. stangerx says:

    Great quiz M13. After reading all those similar metrics was left with a Q — why is Pitts a TE instead of a WR? And that may have been your point. Some of you folks who scouted him more might have the answer.

    • mf13ss says:

      Stanger!!! You got the purpose of the quiz, sir! Pitts is essentially a WR with ELITE traits!

      • stangerx says:

        But FL still played him at TE. Even if yeah he ran a bunch of WR routes. Assuming if we got him he’d at least be lining up on the line at times.

      • mf13ss says:

        Indeed, Stanger… he’d be a total NIGHTMARE for opposing Defenses to account for.

      • mf13ss says:

        He’s too tall for CBs to cover, and too fast for LBs to cover.

      • Krishna says:

        I believe the reason Pitts was at the TE position at UF is because he could be that. In college you just put all the talent you have on the field on O and pull the trigger.

        He’s a gifted athlete he does it all and allows specialists to do what they do. Jmo.

  32. mf13ss says:

    Now here’s the second purpose of my quiz… we already have (big and tall) DeVante, Preston Williams, and Gesicki. Do we really need or want another ‘big and tall’ target for Tua, or would we rather go with another speed-demon to augment Will Fuller… so as to replicate the Alabama Offense Tua was used to? I honestly don’t know… just pointing something out.

    • mf13ss says:

      Vincent Jackson fit the quiz so perfectly (just missed the 4.45 cutoff by a tick), as I’m reminded how Phil Rivers had the 3 TOWERS in San Diego: V-Jax, Antonio Gates, and my man Malcolm Floyd. Seems we HAVE that right now in Miami with DeVante, Preston, and Gesicki.

      Seems we may need more speed for Tua.

      • Ken says:

        2 of them are rarely on the field. I think this year is Williams last chance to show something or else he is not worth a roster spot anymore

      • mf13ss says:

        I agree, Ken.

      • stangerx says:

        Williams is gonna be 3rd WR on the outside (so sitting a lot). Parker and Fuller will start. Gesicki will play a lot. Seems boils down to whether the other non-RB option is Pitts or Chase/Smith/Waddle. Life could be worse for Tua.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Williams has shown he can play but he can’t last a season. That’s the only negative I have with him.

      • steveccnv says:

        I don’t agree Ken, so you’d rather have Mack Hollins or someone like him?

        Preston has been hurt, that just means he won’t make the big bucks after this year, if he goes on it again

  33. mf13ss says:

    So when it’s all said and done, I have no doubt we’re targeting a WR (yes, I’m calling Kyle Pitts a WR for all intents and purposes) @ R1P6. And as Ken just stated above, two of our WRs aren’t reliable enough from a health standpoint.

    NO… Kyle Pitts would not replace the incredible Mike Gesicki, in my eyes. Pitts is an OW (Offensive Weapon).

    • mf13ss says:

      If we draft Pitts, I hope to see him and Gesicki together for a lifetime in Phins uniforms. That would be incredible!

      • stangerx says:

        Would like that too. But Gesicki is going into a contract year. And Pitts coming here would make it easier to let him go elsewhere.

        My guess is they would tailor the O to Pitts and Gesicki for a majority of plays and sees whether it works.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I would think we’ll re-sign Gesicki. Why develop a playmaking TE then let him walk? The idea is to keep your own guys when they produce. I don’t see him breaking the bank either.

      • mf13ss says:

        SMO (strictly my opinion)… Gesicki is emerging as one of the best TEs in the league. If drafting Pitts means even possibly letting Gesicki go after this season, I’m out on Pitts.

        That would mean overkill on the TE position when we don’t need help at the TE position: we need help elsewhere. Should that be the case, I’m with Piggs on drafting Chase instead.

      • stangerx says:

        Gesicki is a FA after next season. That means there is a chance he walks whether we want him too or not. And I really like the guy. Don’t see any way around if we take Pitts there will have to de a different scheme cause assume we would play both. And yeah if you take a stud of the world high-end hybrid TE means you have less need for two….. unless you want to play a scheme with both.

      • steveccnv says:

        I hate when people call the current league year’s future games next year😉

        The league year started in March, the games in 2021 are this years games

  34. Tim Knight says:

    Randy mentioned LB Jamin Davis the other day and I saw a piece on him on NFLN today. He could be a guy we target. Long LB with big time speed ran in the 4.4s.

  35. mf13ss says:

    Watch this with fresh eyes: it’s our highlights from last season (I watched it last evening). Mike Gesicki is an outright STUD MUFFIN(!!!), and we’re so much worse without him. He and DeVante lit it up last year…

    (PS: my man ORob WILL point out how we lost steam once Tua came in! LOL)

  36. Tim Knight says:

    Remember that Godsey as one of our co-offensive coordinators is also still our TE coach. So maybe he likes TEs. 😉

  37. The Flying Pig says:

  38. Tim Knight says:

    Stanger, I like the idea of having two good go-to TEs. Belichick is doing that this year.

    • stangerx says:

      I’m all for Pitts….. so yeah like that idea as well.

      My 3 Qs are
      1 — does it work?
      2 — does it work for Tua?
      3 — who is gonna block?

      On the last — Gonk and Hernandez could block. Not so much with Pitts and Gesicki.

      • steveccnv says:

        Works real well for Tua, and why he struggled at times last year.

        His strength is throwing the quick slant, if you have 2 TEs one of them is going over the middle a lot

      • Tim Knight says:

        Gesicki’s blocking improved quite a bit last year and Pitts is considered okay at blocking but that’s not what you’re drafting him for. Pitts and Gesicki don’t have to be on the field together all the time. Smythe is our top blocking TE and we just extended him. If we want to improve the running game, having 2 TEs on the field and at least one who can also be mismatch in the passing game is a nice thing to have. Lots of ways to make it work. You also need depth at TE and Pitts would make us loaded at the position.

      • steveccnv says:

        We ran 12 personnel a lot last year and effectively, that won’t change, especially, if we draft Pitts.

        Gesicki doesn’t need to be on the field 50 plays a game, he’ll get his balls, 7 or so a game

      • Tim Knight says:

        Agreed, Steve.

      • stangerx says:

        I’m all in on Pitts, but what trying to figure out is the running plays. But since we know which way we are going…. them having to cover the 2nd TE on the other end of the line will help. Especially since that guy can slide wide and be the #1 target any time. Might help with play action as well.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Exactly Stanger. Pitts can also just simply line up as a WR at times and you can also have Gesicki and Smythe on the field. Lots of ways to utilize multiple TEs. Adam Shaheen is another quality TE. If we utilize 12 personnel often, you keep the opposing defense big and that’s a mismatch with play-action because LBs are going to have a tough time covering these guys all day.

  39. The Flying Pig says:


    I’m less concerned with size vs speed and more concerned with a versatile WR that I know can play in the slot and move outside of necessary

    If we have Pitts, Parker, Williams and Fuller at the top of our depth chart, what I’m looking for is a guy who is comfortable in the slot but can be comfortable outside if those guys miss games (which I honestly think we can count on)

    That’s why I am talking up Amon St Brown. I think he has that versatility

    • steveccnv says:

      So does Pitts and the 3 top wrs in this draft

    • mf13ss says:

      Many of you have a great head-start on me, due to this COVID-plagued year: I barely watched any college ball this past year and it was the last thing on my mind for the first time in forever.

      I thank all of you, kindly, for your takes, reviews, thoughts, research, etc.
      First time in forever that I’m relying on YOU(!), instead of my own eyes. Great job, ALL!

      I’ll check Amon St. Brown out… and I’m sure I’m going to like him! Thanks!

  40. CavalierKong says:

    Put me in the group that believes even if we draft Pitts and he’s a stud, we’ll do our best to resign Gesicki. Gesicki has been durable, reliable, has improved each year, and IMO still hasn’t reached his full potential. Assuming Pitts is who we think he is, resign Gesicki and that is one hell of a TE room.

  41. Ken says:

    steveccnv says:
    April 12, 2021 at 2:49 pm (Edit)
    I don’t agree Ken, so you’d rather have Mack Hollins or someone like him?

    Preston has been hurt, that just means he won’t make the big bucks after this year, if he goes on it again
    No I would rather draft new and better talent

    • Tim Knight says:

      Williams is a talent though. There were times when he was our top WR in some games. He has to figure out how to avoid season ending injuries though. He’s 2-2 so far and hopefully this year that ends.

    • steveccnv says:

      That’s not what I’m talking about. Preston won’t be starting this year, if we draft Pitts or 1 of the 3 top WRs they’ll likely be 1st team in the slot, so as a replacement for him you’d rather have a lessor player?

      Parker, Fuller, let’s say Chase in the slot as starter. Gone are Grant, Wilson, Hurns, Foster. That leaves Williams, Bowden and Hollins or you get rid of Williams and replace him with a 3rd rd WR. I’d rather have Williams over the other 3.

      Gronk was also hurt a lot early in his career, that worked out pretty well

  42. steveccnv says:

    Did anyone here forget?

    The Miami Dolphins can do so much with the 36th overall pick
    by Brian Miller2h ago

    We tend to forget that the Miami Dolphins are not just picking twice in round one but also have a top 10 pick in round two as well

    • Tim Knight says:

      I didn’t forget. #50 is not too shabby either. 🙂

    • stangerx says:

      Brian is a nice guy. Used to play FF with him. He lived the fan dream…. turned being Mike E on the site he created into a full time paying job. My impression is he stopped running the joint when sold out to corporate though.

  43. Tim Knight says:

    Run the football utilizing heavy TE looks and rotate your WRs keeping everyone really fresh and wear defenses down. If we draft Pitts we’re going to play him quite a bit so there probably won’t be much of a need to draft a WR because we have enough to rotate with the heavy TE looks. We’re going to use some spread with 3 WRs and the RPO game, so we can really create a lot of challenges for opposing defenses.

    • steveccnv says:

      That’s what I’ve been saying too, but maybe we just want to kill it on O and take Pitts at 6, then wr at 18 and an RB at 36

    • mf13ss says:

      Right on! And that’s why I like the Pigster looking at speedy WRs on day 3.

      • Tim Knight says:

        We do have speedy WRs on the team now in Fuller, Wilson, Bowden and Foster. Not sure how everything will shake out on the 53 but it’s not like we don’t have speed. Parker and Williams aren’t slow either.

        I don’t want too many rookies at skill positions because not all rooks are ready for a big workload right away. We need a mix and there are only so many touches to go around.

  44. CavalierKong says:

    Stang, maybe you’ve missed it, but I’ve seen it floated on this board that if we sign Pitts we’ll let Gesicki walk because he’ll be due a payday, and signing Pitts is basically to replace him.

    I’m saying (and I believe the team will look at it this way too) I would rather we pay him unless some team throws ridiculous money at him and he takes it instead of signing here.

    • steveccnv says:

      Gesicki may walk, but I’m sure the team will do what they can to keep him.

      He’ll be looking at a North of 10m per year contract

    • stangerx says:

      Cav — he’s a $10 mil player to me. I’ll bet you that if we don’t draft Pitts that we lock him up early during next season. Sign Pitts and wait till the off season.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I think regardless of if we draft Pitts, we’ll still try to extend Gesicki during the season because that is the smart play either way.

        But just because we try doesn’t mean it will happen. He may want to hit FA.

      • stangerx says:

        Chances are we don’t draft Pitts…. lets see if we do or not. No answer without that.

  45. steveccnv says:

    I would think, if we ran a lot of 12 personnel the TEs would be subbing often, with Smythe playing more on early downs

  46. bailbondmike says:

    Sorry Piggy, not impressed with St. Brown especially when he had been training hard to put up a good time at his pro day and could not break 4.51. I want someone faster and more elusive. IMO, St. Brown lacks a little of both. He looks slowish on the field to me also.

    Give me an elusive sub 4.40 guy for the slot in Tylan Wallace or Marquez Stevenson. Both not smallish at 5’11. Stevenson is built a little like Devonta Smith but a little heavier.

    No Tutu though. He is smaller than Grantman and don’t think he will last in the NFL.

  47. steveccnv says:

    The biggest bone headed thing we could’ve done in this draft was stay at 3.

    Not sure we can screw it up too much, unless we go Slater at 6 and Paye at 18

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s fun to talk about the multiple TEs and skill positions, but whoever we draft, if those players make us better and we win a lot of games, it won’t matter who we drafted.

      Unless a QB goes at #4 and I’m not sure that will be the case, I think it’s only 50/50 that Pitts or Chase will be there for us at #6, and it won’t be both.

  48. Mike E. says:

    No reason to let Gesicki walk. He’s the guy we’ve been looking for, as Teddy KGB says, “Pay that man his money!”

    • stangerx says:

      Up to Gesicki too. But heck yeah hope they get him early and long-term.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Every year, we see some team willing to overpay for one of the top FAs. It’s easily possible Gesicki gets a deal like that and jumps at the money. If that’s the case, nothing we can do.

      But some players will take real good money even if not the top offer to stay where they are, especially when they’ve been there from the start of the rebuild. Gesicki strikes me as possibly being that kind of player (pure speculation).

  49. steveccnv says:

    Edelman’s contract terminated, he’s expected to retire

  50. mf13ss says:

    The literally multi-million $$$ question is: when will the run on RBs begin?

    A) WE start the run
    1- Start the run with our R1P18, or trade back a few spots and start it
    2- We might luck into the start of the run @ R2P4

    B) We intervene after the run on RBs starts
    1- Trade up to get a guy before we’re without a top RB prospect

    C) We don’t value the RB position as high as most
    1- We get a RB on day 3 or even FA, who we had graded higher than most, relying on our O-Line to pave his way

    D) We’re relying on our current, in-house talent to get the job done

    • Tim Knight says:

      Most draftniks don’t think a RB will go 1st round. They’re saying that about DT too. I think the run on RBs starts at anytime in the 2nd round.

    • steveccnv says:

      F) we don’t draft one and resign Washington

      G) we start the run at 36


  51. stangerx says:

    They must have activated some list I’m on. Yesterday got an e-mail from Matt Gaetz and today it is Don Jr.

    • steveccnv says:

      You’re an FN republican hack now, watch out or you might get canceled

      • stangerx says:

        Long been a Republican. After gave to Rubio in 2016 was getting like 6 or 7 pitches a day from like every GOP candidate you ever heard of. Eventually called up the RNC said stop or will never donate to another GOP candidate again. Worked until now. Which yeah means Rubio passed on my info.

      • steveccnv says:

        More than one way to get your info, like right off of the roll

      • stangerx says:

        What’s the roll?

  52. Mike E. says:

    Kong, we could talk extension before the season, show the guy some love and maybe he stays. I understand we can get outbid once FA begins next season but we don’t have to let that happen

    • CavalierKong says:

      Agree with you and also Steve mentioned it in reply. See my reply above to Stang. Regardless of whether we draft Pitts or not, our smart move is to already be in contract talks to extend Gesicki before he hits FA so we can avoid that scenario.

  53. Rockphin says:

    Still think we got the 2nd best TE in that draft. The stats agree with me too.

  54. Tim Knight says:

    Matt Ryan can still play at a high level at QB so if the Falcons are going to roll with him for a few more years they don’t need to draft a QB this year. They’ll likely continue to build around him. Now if they trade down, it’s not a lock that the team trading up is going for a QB either. It could be for Pitts or Chase.

  55. mf13ss says:

    steveccnv says:
    April 12, 2021 at 4:17 pm
    The biggest bone headed thing we could’ve done in this draft was stay at 3.

    Not sure we can screw it up too much, unless we go Slater at 6 and Paye at 18
    Oh, man, I agree with you, BIG-TIME!

    I LOVE Slater, but we don’t need him… besides, Penei is better than him, and IMO… we don’t need him, either.

    Kwitty Paye? He’s not what we need, and I feel he’s overrated. He’s Jared Odrick, 2.0. Now, that’s not a bad thing at all… but it’s not what we need, dammit!

    I’ve seen your comments, Steve, and they’ve echoed mine… we have no need for a Paye/Odrick at this time!!! Paye is NOT a quick-twitch athlete (we agree to the nTH degree!), and he comes from Michigan, to boot… we already have enough of that type of player on our roster, and it’s not getting us anywhere.

    We need a quick-twitch STUD to freak off the EDGE at this time. His name: Micah Parsons, IMO.

  56. stangerx says:

    Trevor Lawrence got married on Saturday. Actually a plus for me in players. Less chances to get in trouble.

  57. Tim Knight says:

    I’m still a fan that’s on board with what Grier and Flores do in the draft. Not going to nitpick them unless those picks don’t pan out in a few years. The end result is winning games and competing for a championship, not draft grades.

  58. The Flying Pig says:

  59. The Flying Pig says:

    steveccnv says:
    April 12, 2021 at 3:38 pm (Edit)
    So does Pitts and the 3 top wrs in this draft


    Yes they do

    The st brown scenario is if they pick up Pitts at 6

  60. bailbondmike says:

    M13, back to the RB question.

    The run will either start us at #18 or the Steelers at #24

    Steelers currently have a backfield led by:
    Benny Snell
    Kalen Ballage
    Anthony McFarland

    It is my guess the Steelers may go:
    #24 Najee Harris
    #55 Landon Dickerson or Creed Humphrey

  61. The Flying Pig says:

    Tim I find it hard to believe there won’t be a RB selected In the first round

    I know we’ve seen that before, but I think Harris has made his,case to go before we get into the 30s

  62. pheloniusphish says:

    I think it’s 50/50 Falcons take a QB and 70/30 they trade out to someone who takes a QB. I also think there is no way in hell Cincy takes anyone but Sewell. Their OL got their shiny new toy broken last year and they have WR already.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The Bengals have only 5 WRs on their roster. Could it be Sewell or another OL sure, but it’s not like they can’t address that in the 2nd round.

    • stangerx says:

      Talking heads sure are fond of Cincy taking Chase. But either way would be great to know they will not take Pitts. And real into a QB goes at #4.

  63. mf13ss says:

    bailbondmike says:
    April 12, 2021 at 5:26 pm
    M13, back to the RB question.

    The run will either start us at #18 or the Steelers at #24

    Steelers currently have a backfield led by:
    Benny Snell
    Kalen Ballage
    Anthony McFarland

    It is my guess the Steelers may go:
    #24 Najee Harris
    #55 Landon Dickerson or Creed Humphrey
    The Stealers* are my biggest fear to take the first RB off the board. But by most accounts (take it for what it’s worth), they absolutely need to address the O-Line first and foremost after their losses in FA and Pouncey to retirement. However, if Big Ben is to adapt to the game, he won’t need half a minute of protection any longer via an ELITE O-Line… meaning, Najee is the outlet valve for him in lieu of a weak O-Line. Najee could be their Le’Veon Bell part deux.

    The Bills are the other team that might take a shot at the first RB, should the Stealers* not. While I think they need to work on a better pass-rush (as evidenced vs KC in the AFC Championship), their Offense may become unstoppable with the first RB off the board… think of the (Tri-force) days of Kelly-Thomas-Lofton in the 90s, reprised as Allen-Najee-Diggs… SCARY, to say the least.

    I want COMMAND of the first RB to go off the board!

    • mf13ss says:

      Nevertheless, patience may pay off. It IS possible that no RB comes off the board in the 1st round this year.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Happens a lot these days. Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the first back taken last year at #32.

  64. mf13ss says:

    I’ve told y’all my dream hope, yesterday…

    — Falcons don’t trade out of @ R1P4 and take whoever
    — Broncos want their QB, and trade up to us from R1P9 to R1P6, we get an additional pick(s), plus one of Tua’s favorite targets in Jerry Jeudy (that addresses our WR want/need)
    — @R1P9, we select Micah Parsons, who is the best EDGE in the ’21 Draft (even though he’s considered a MLB/ILB)
    — @R1P18, we get to select the very first RB… may it be Najee Harris or Javonte Williams

    The rest of our draft is GRAVY after that!

    • Tim Knight says:

      I’m fine with all of that but don’t think it’s going to happen.

      • mf13ss says:

        Right on, which is why I called it my “dream” 🙂
        I dare to DREAM!

      • steveccnv says:

        I know it was just a wishlist, but Jeudy has 12.43m in deadcap, so 100% it isn’t going to happen.

        He also had a great year 52 856 3tds 16.5 and was their best receiver

  65. son of a son of a shula says:

    Giovanni Bernard signs with Bucs

  66. steveccnv says:

    Just watched Paye again, trying to find what the hype is all about, looks worse every time I watch him.

    He does the same thing everytime, just tries to overpower the OL and he never wins.

    Still waiting for his first move, like a swim move, or anything.

    Any GM that drafts him in the first should be fired on the spot

    • steveccnv says:

      11.5 career sacks several of them against teams I can’t identify

    • steveccnv says:

      With no one in front of him he has a good burst to the QB, but he has trouble getting off of a block

    • mf13ss says:

      100% agreed, Steve. Paye is very overrated. HOWEVER, he could be a great fit for a team that runs a rotational 4-3 D… hence my comparison to Jared Odrick. Paye could play DE and DT, just like Odrick.

      He is NOT the “EDGE” defender most view him as. He’s a 2nd rounder at best, IMO, to a specific Defense… and it ain’t US.

      • steveccnv says:

        He’s worse, than the guy we took dead money to trade in Lawson. Why would we then draft a guy with less potential?

  67. The Flying Pig says:

  68. Mike E. says:

    Tim – I’m almost positive Chase will be there. Almost . . .

  69. mf13ss says:

    steveccnv says:
    April 12, 2021 at 7:50 pm
    He’s worse, than the guy we took dead money to trade in Lawson. Why would we then draft a guy with less potential?
    Spot on!

    • mf13ss says:

      And with that said, we’re going to draft Paye… LOL!

      • Tim Knight says:

        I have no problem with Paye at #18. Not sure what you guys are missing? Charley Casserly said he can play all 4 positions up front specifically in nickel. We run mix it up and match it up on long down and distance on defense. Lance Zierlein compares him to Emmanuel Ogbah but Paye is more versatile. He’s a solidly built dude at 6-3/6-4 270 running a 4.54. This pick would not surprise me at all. He might go earlier.

  70. ocalarob says:

    Simms was right about Tua

  71. steveccnv says:

    Last month they were so sure Cincinnati was going to take Penei, the month before that the jets were taking him, now he’s going to Denver at 9.

    I think he goes to Cincinnati

  72. Krishna says:

    ^wasn’t even….oh god

  73. steveccnv says:

    Somewhere grampa is smiling

  74. Mike E. says:

    I’m not stuck on Chase, I’d be happy with Chase, Pitts, Sewell or someone else, or even a trade back. I do believe Chase will be our pick though

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Gonna be good choices at 6 no matter what

      It’s silly to focus one guy

      (Piggy tries to hide his Jamarr Chase shrine as he posts this)

      • Tim Knight says:

        Was just talking to my friend who’s a Giants fan and we were saying at #11 there will be a really good prospect. The Dolphins and Giants are kind of on the same page with how they’re being built.

      • Mike E. says:


  75. Tim Knight says:

    Why the knock on Kwitty Paye?

    In our defense, he’s a fit.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He’s very unpopular around here

      Some people hate him

      • Tim Knight says:

        I know, I don’t get it. This guy reminds me of John Randle but not a pure DT.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I haven’t spent a lot of time examine him

        But his name brings volcanic eruptions to the blog

        He might be some one we are looking at @ 18
        That should be interesting to watch…

    • steveccnv says:

      Really highlights? They’re for amateurs 😉

      His highlights include Rutgers and some Schools not even as good.

      Seriously Tim YouTube Paye game tape

      • Tim Knight says:

        I am an amateur. I don’t need to study game tape, the people who get paid to do that have him graded as a 1st round prospect.

  76. The Flying Pig says:

    In honor of the 60 day anniversary of this classic

  77. The Flying Pig says:

    This won’t be a popular pick at 18

    But what if…

  78. steveccnv says:

    The pick at 18 is Rousseau 100%, even if Parsons is there

    • steveccnv says:

      He’s a beast, just as good against the run, if not better. Gets doubled a lot, running plays go to the other side, he doesn’t have a great 40 time, but with his length, height, long arms, wingspan and big hands He’s tough to get by.

      Heard he may have had a nagging injury at pro day, but it doesn’t matter he plays quick and fast and should be a good defense to Josh Allen scrambling

  79. Randy says:

    I think Paye is a second round pick, myself. I don’t see top half of first round, but that’s the way the draft goes these days. I don’t evaluate him as a big edge rusher or sack guy. He probably won’t be, but this regime doesn’t…or hasn’t…gone after big edge rushers. They want well-rounded, versatile guys who play hard and smart. They can fit him in anywhere, and he will give you a consistent effort and production. He won’t give you a dozen sacks, but I’m not so sure these guys care about that. Evaluated from that perspective, he makes sense….but I still wouldn’t draft him at #18. I think there will be better value there.

    • steveccnv says:

      IMO they want pressure from the Edge, we didn’t get much of it from Lawson, so he’s gone.

      We also need someone to contain Allen, that’s not Paye, he rarely over powers an OL.

      He’s an OK rotational DL, but after 4 years he won’t have 10 career sacks.

      Draft him and the only one he may be better than is Strowbridge and that’s debatable

  80. steveccnv says:

    We had some trouble last year rushing 3 and dropping 8 on 3rd and long, with Ogbah, Rousseau and Davis we’d get a pretty good 3 man rush

  81. Randy says:

    I know I keep saying this, but Lawson was never going to be a big edge rusher/sack guy. I don’t think they signed him to be that, and I don’t think they released him because of it. Now, maybe they thought he was gonna make a big jump in sacks and signed him because they felt that way. But, if that’s the case, they screwed up. The guy is a 5-7 sack a year guy. That’s it.
    Also, if you watch how we play, we don’t really set up our defense to just have one guy constantly rush the QB off the edge. NE doesn’t either, and we play similarly. I’m not so certain that’s a big concern of theirs. I get that it is for you but maybe not for Flores. I think he wants pressure from anywhere and everywhere. To be able to take advantage of each week’s opponent and figure out where to most effectively bring pressure…to disguise pressure…not just hope an edge rusher gets home consistently. Just my take. I’m just trying to go by what we’ve seen so far.

    • steveccnv says:

      I think your bottom paragraph is what everyone here believes to be fact, and a sort of given into what I said.

      They realized Lawson wasn’t special, he played close to how he’s played his first 4 years, but they want to go in a different direction, because they’re trying to beat Allen with more pressure from the side opposite Ogbah.

      When Ricky lit it up for us that 1st year, our division opponents all went out and got a run stuffer. Flores wants to find the comparative to that for Allen. I think that’s Rousseau

  82. Randy says:

    3 man rush schemes aren’t really designed to get pressure on the QB. They are coverage schemes. DL are usually coached to maintain containment and not to let the QB move laterally. If you get pressure, great, but you don’t expect 3 to beat 5…or more. A sack is gravy.

    • steveccnv says:

      I understand that, but at the same time you can’t let the QB just stand back there forever, and if he wants to it should result in a check down or coverage sack

  83. Krishna says:

    Pp…Brooklyn city, MN man mentioned yesterday was pulled over for expired tags NOT outstanding warrants. Supposed to be tazed, but somehow shot to death. Meh.

    Death for expired tags. Reasonable use of force?

    Seems like a problem to me.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Yes, pulled over for expired tags and when they ran his ID they found the warrant. At that point he resisted and got back in his car. Cop reached for her taser, got the pistol instead. Grips feel about the same. That she only fired one round supports that she thought she had the taser. Piss poor training. However, if MN man had not resisted, had not climbed back in his car, had not been a criminal he would be alive. Maybe in jail (briefly), but alive.

      • Krishna says:

        I thought the tazers were specifically worn on the non-dominant side ‘to help you remember’. Poor training, bad reflexes….hard to understand, but I’m trying.

  84. Krishna says:

    BPA at #6!

  85. Krishna says:

    I would never want to be a cop, for sure.

  86. Krishna says:

    I know NO one on this blog thinks “power policing” is color prejudiced, but I sure am glad I’m white. I love my white privilege!

    • Krishna says:

      Just wondering where all the videos are of white people getting pulled over for broken lights, expired tags or registration being shot to death. I would love to see those, just to be fair!

      • Mike E. says:

        On that same token, you won’t see countless videos of blacks ignoring police commands and police getting shot at or attacked because that’s not what the media wants to portray, it’s all about disparaging cops. It’s the popular flavor these days. Sure, these few incidents make police look awful, but think of how many crimes police respond to each and every day all over the great USA, and how small the percentage of these terrible incidents with cops shooting “innocent” people. It’s too high, of course it is, but defunding, demilitarizing police isn’t the answer. It’s a two way street, citizens need to cooperate with police and if that poor guy didn’t get into his car and ignore commands, he’d still be alive today. That aspect doesn’t matter much to the people who want to dismantle the police.

      • David Collins says:

        its not up to the media for police reform, its up to the communities

      • David Collins says:

        also want to say we cant assume that all cops are perfect, and if we dont do anything wrong, we wont have any problems. there is NO excuse for the cop that murders while being paid by taxpayers

        cops are not judges, nor GOds
        they should NOT be worshipped or assumed to be infallible

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Here you go.

  87. Krishna says:

    I’m. going back to cave now. Hadn’t watched TV or news for several days and now wish I hadn’t.

    Getting into “David” territory…..lol.

    • David Collins says:

      nothing wrong with being informed, sure glad i knew about BTC a few years ago. lol

      gonna be a btc millionaire if this keeps up
      it hit $61,000 !

      and i have 100X margins on it

  88. ocalarob says:

    there’s a big drop off from 81 to 156, i would think we trade back one of our top 5 picks to get more in the middle rnds of this draft.

  89. ocalarob says:

    i would take williams at rb over all the other guys, i think ettiene will be drafted before harris, harris scares me just like tua did last year.

  90. ocalarob says:

    if you figure we have parker, fuller & williams as our starting recs, then we have grant, wilson, bowden, ford, hollins, foster,
    where does a jamar chase or devante smith fit in?
    now consider gesicki as a UFA in 22.
    it seems very likely that Pitts fits best for this team at #6

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Wasn’t Ford cut already? I’m not on the Chase train (rather take Parsons at 6), but Parker and Williams have proven fragile, Grant only catches about half of what hits his hands, Wilson is an unknown after a year off, Hollins and Foster are special teamers. So I could see taking Chase or Pitts, who can play WR or TE.

  91. Mike E. says:

    No one assumes all cops are perfect, but the fact that we have police in the first place means our citizens aren’t perfect either. There are proportionately more crimes than there are bad police. Better parenting and community involvement is a good start

    • ocalarob says:

      they are all bad until they are needed

    • pheloniusphish says:

      They are not all good. Some are just dicks. But most are trying to a really hard job, best they can because they care. What I don’t get is this love for criminals. I’ve said it before – being a criminal is an inherently dangerous profession. You, and only you are responsible for your choices and actions and the consequences that follow..

  92. ocalarob says:

    the cashews are out, and for the grace of god go i.


    • David Collins says:

      bye tua hater, you were told about BTC when it was $4500
      < but You went to ruin over 20 cents of gas

      have a curmudgeon day

  93. pheloniusphish says:
    • David Collins says:

      thats a horrific story, cops are cowards and in this case, executioners of the mentally disabled

      • David Collins says:

        the kid had the obsolete thought, if i call the cops, they will come and make everything right.

        he should NOT have called the cops, they do NOT make everything right

      • pheloniusphish says:

        You confuse mental health issues with mental disability. Also you are confusing the point of the article if that is what you got out of it.

  94. ocalarob says:

    note to self, 3 football posts on a football blog go unnoticed while political rantings are always the topic of the day here.
    why do i waste my time?

    we should rename this place to political mob unleashed

    • David Collins says:

      you posted tua hate and lies thousands of times, they SHOULD be ignored at this point

      this is a Dolphins room, and there are some fans here, lol

      google the term football fans and get back to us

      • ocalarob says:

        David, you pollute this site, you do realize that don’t you?

      • David Collins says:

        lol says the guy that hates Dolphin players and trashes them constantly


      • ocalarob says:

        i don’t “hate” anyone, including you, I don’t like the play of certain players and i call them out,.

        are we required in your mind to like the ability of every player that wears a dolphin helmet? regardless of how they produce on the field?

        take for instance Tua and his less than 100 yard outputs in 3 of the 9 games he started,
        take another 3 games where he had less than 200 yards,
        and of the 3 games he had over 200 yards we went 1-2
        in your mind, are we suppose to like that?

  95. sb7mvp says:

    I think people on this blog really hate Twitty Paye because he wears the number #19 and that’s really triggering for some Dolphins’ fans.

  96. pheloniusphish says:

    Steve – Rousseau at 18 is the definition of a reach. Kid has one year of playing sandwiched between redshirting and opting out.

    • ocalarob says:

      4.6 40, would be a total bust at 18

    • steveccnv says:

      Reach? No way, a bust maybe possible, that’s where you have to interview and try to see what’s in his head.

      I saw an interview and liked what I saw.

      His long arms, big hands, tall frame allow him to be in Canton some day, that’s how special he can be with the right work ethic. He’s the guy that gets results, and doubled so others can eat.

      Flores likes to disguise pressure, that will make it hard to stay on a double team of him at times.

      At 18 you want a guy that can be special, a guy with a high ceiling

  97. David Collins says:

    If Miami takes Pitts , or Chase at 6, and then selects Etienne at 18, the offense will be explosive and high scoring for years to come

  98. The Flying Pig says:

    I really think some one at edge will fall to 36 and maybe even our 2B pick too.

    They alll have warts like Paye and Rousseau
    There’s no chase young, bosa bro or Myles garret this year.

    They all have that late first to 2nd rounder that might be a first rounder bc of the value of the position and a run starting

    Lot of factors here, but so many good pass rushers and defensive players didn’t play In 2020

    Kind of increases the wildcard factor, had they played in 2020, maybe one of them could have had a chase young kind of year and the conversation is different

    Maybe we really like one as a scheme for at 18

    But let’s say we get through the first round without taking a defensive player – then we still get a shot in the 2nd round at prospects that maybe could have went as high as 18

    It’s an odd year bc of the opt outs, no combine and season limitations

    But at other positions there are 3 WRs that stand out, 1 TE, and 2 RBs

    at the edge/lb/dl hybrid types that might fit out scheme – I have about 10 guys and if you asked everyone who is top 3, they would give you different answers. That means there will be a good one at 36 and maybe even a little later too

    Sometimes who you pick is set by the board, not just who you are going to get, but who you might have a shot at later.

    • steveccnv says:

      The U75s tell you there’s no Chase Youngs, that’s not Rousseau, but he’s pretty close with production.

      He’s not the bull that Young is, he’s a different type of player, one that uses his frame to get results.

      When I watched Becton last year, saw a guy that doesn’t have the best technique, but it was damn hard to get around him, because of his frame, Rousseau is similar once he’s in the backfield.

      I can’t see him getting by Pitt

    • pheloniusphish says:

      I agree with the last statement for sure. Seems to be an overall weak defensive class. The standouts are few if any. Offensively, though it is deep. So do you take one of the defensive “stand-outs” first and take a WR later because there are many good ones available, or do you take a WR early and settle for whatever is there defensively? I guess Krishna has it right – BPA.

  99. David Collins says:

    risk/reward ratio

    thats basically what the draft is

    everything is risky, but the rewards ONLY come to the ones with the cajones to boldly take on the risk
    of course, sometimes the risk is named Dion Jordan, and other times the risk is Laremy Tunsil

  100. bailbondmike says:

    Etienne at #18 would be a wasted pick. He’s the fastest of the top RB’s but just not special enough to be even drafted 1st round.

    • steveccnv says:

      In the right situation he could be really dangerous, like in Buffalo or KC or Tampa.

      For us he doesn’t make much sense at 18, unless you believe he could take Tua to the next level with his explosiveness running and receiving.

      Would kind of depend on the direction Flores wants the O to go, but to just come out and say no matter what taking him at 18 is a good thing, I can’t say that

  101. steveccnv says:

    We sometimes forget cops are human, and get scared at times, when criminals resist, and don’t want to be shot. Like a QB with happy feet, they sometimes get happy trigger.

    Animals even know the #1 rule is self preservation.

    You have to stay alive first, you can throw out who is right, it has nothing to do with that.

    When I go thru big intersections I look at cross traffic, when I’m in someone’s blind spot I stay to the opposite side of my lane as I pass, before entering an intersection upon green I make sure it’s clear and check the speed of any moving cross traffic. Why? Self preservation.

    When you resist arrest you break the #1 rule, reducing your chance at survival.

    Are people/criminals this stupid? No, they know the risk and are willing to take it, so when something happens it’s partly on them, not to fault, but for being foolish

    • stangerx says:

      Completely agree as to most these deaths. The person who dies is partly to blame. That does not mean the cop is not, but the person helped escalate the situation to where the cop’s mistake was one of deadly force.

      Didn’t get that from that army officer who was pulled over in VA though. That cop was just wrong in so many ways, including not just talking to the driver. Cause the pull over never should have happened to start with.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Cop in VA is just a dick and should be fired. I would bet a paycheck he is detested by the rest of the department.

      • steveccnv says:

        My post isn’t about the cop in VA or those types of situations. I don’t think you’ll find anyone seriously back those cops up.

        The media tells us how we need police reform, which we do, but we all know that, we don’t need it emphasized for every occurrence, especially when it’s rare.

        They need to start preaching self preservation. What you can do to not put yourself in that position.

        Too many people seem to toy with the cops, because you can’t do that to me…what’s your badge number, I pay your salary, I didn’t do anything…

        I partly blame the media (their narrative is dangeous) and those pulling their strings and the criminals, who know the risk and would rather try to get away, then go to prison.

        In many of these instances the cops are put in a self preservation situation themselves. I believe they’re trained to take care of themself and public first, then worry about the criminal.

        Why should the cops have to put their life in jeopardy, when the criminal created the situation?

        The VA cop and others like him/her should be prosecuted

      • stangerx says:

        steve — like said right with you, except for maybe the new point about the media. Figure who am I to tell them what to cover and what not….. even if feel real free to call out false narratives.

  102. ocalarob says:

    I think we should go with a battering ram at RB instead of a twinkle toes guy like drake, that will give Tua the best chance to succeed, when teams have to guess on 2nd down vs knowing Tua has to pass due to the lack of bully ball up front.
    get williams.

  103. steveccnv says:

    Jimmy Johnson once said, all players are a risk, some are a risk, because of their talent level

  104. bailbondmike says:

    So Bengals sign Burrow’s former LSU TE Thaddeus Moss. Are they going with familiarity for Burrow. Could Chase be next?

  105. pheloniusphish says:

    Now here is an article illustrating the art of regurgitating the obvious.

  106. steveccnv says:

    In our cap top 51 I see 4 wrs Grant, Hurns, Wilson and Foster not making the team, 1 C either Tom or Deiter, and Laird.

    4 guys not in top 51, I think make it are Ferguson, Bowden, Ahmed, and Needham.

    51-6+4=49, add 4 rookies from top 2 rounds gets us to 53, then picks 81 and 156 should also make it, so 2 more need to be cut/traded depending on what positions are drafted.

    With that said, why do we need to trade back from one of our earlier picks to get more draft capital like CBS and others are suggesting?

  107. bailbondmike says:

    I really don’t want to get in the cop discussion because we have had it last year during the Floyd shit storm. If you have never had to arrest or detain anyone then you don’t know what it is like. The fear, anxiety and adrenalin. I have it every time. Thank God I don’t have to do it much anymore.

    The moment someone does not cooperate to the simplest of requests the fear, anxiety and adrenalin multiplies exponentially.

    I look at our jail 24 booking several times a day just to see if someone we are looking for got arrested. When scanning I will see several people (of all races but mainly white or black) who were arrested for resisting arrest. That is all day and everyday. The PC culture has made people think it is ok to do that. You will also see many felons arrested for possession of a firearm almost everyday. Then add in factors of alcohol or drug intox and shit gets real unpredictable.

    Criminals will be all cool and cooperate initially but many of them are just looking/waiting for that moment of opportunity.

    All this is engraved in the back of the officers minds as it is mine. These cops want to go home to their families. Shit will go south in a heartbeat when people don’t listen. You resist and get back in the vehicle, you are probably gong to catch some lead.

    As for profiling. Yeah, it happens but they don’t pull over every black guy they see. One of the black cops I know very well says he does it. I mentioned him before last year. His nick name is the “Nutty Professor” cause he looks identical to him. He profiles but he says he is 80-90 percent right most days. Says when you been doing this for a while you can just tell when something isn’t right about someone. Says if he didn’t do it these guys would still be riding around the neighborhoods with guns and drugs in the car.

    Then he gives me a ration of shit for getting them out the next day or two. I just tell him “Hey, it’s the system”. Truthfully, half the people I bond out, I hate myself for it. The other half just made a mistake and aren’t career criminals (yet).

    My boss and I were seconds from being shot in 2013. That shit is still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. Now look at your city cops. This happens to them every year if not several times a year. Compound that PTSD over 6-7 years. Their “Oh shit, not today mother fucker” level is probably through the roof most days.

    People have the right to speak out about the cops but unless they have worn their shoes they should really just STFU. Until people start obeying the police, it is what it is.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Yep. The Wokers need to start looking in the mirror for the reasons it keeps happening.

    • steveccnv says:

      There’s too much false narrative out there and it’s dangerous. Some people are too stupid to realize they’re being used

    • stangerx says:

      BBM — that’s a great inside look.

      Grew up in suburban CT, every year or so my town would put out notice it was hiring new officers. They’d get like 100 applicants for every spot. Most of them would be NYC cops. Part of that is the pay would be better, but think most of it was our town offered a whole lot less opportunity for the situations you describe.

  108. steveccnv says:

    Stanger, do you trust Biden?

    • stangerx says:

      Yeah I do. My biggest problem would be if Biden did all he says he wants to do, but that is why I have Joe Manchin.

      • steveccnv says:

        So you’re OK with the covid bill that used 9% for covid and the infrastructure bill that used less than 6% on infrastructure?

      • stangerx says:

        You asked me whether I trust Biden rather than like his policies. Two different Qs. You act like I think Biden is the 2nd coming of Reagan. And some of his policies I like and some I don’t. Thought both the Covid bill and the infrastructure bills over blown if that helps.

  109. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 12, 2021 at 9:05 pm
    I have no problem with Paye at #18. Not sure what you guys are missing? Charley Casserly said he can play all 4 positions up front specifically in nickel. We run mix it up and match it up on long down and distance on defense. Lance Zierlein compares him to Emmanuel Ogbah but Paye is more versatile. He’s a solidly built dude at 6-3/6-4 270 running a 4.54. This pick would not surprise me at all. He might go earlier.
    I really think Paye is a solid player, he’s just not upper echelon in my eyes. What’s more, even though Paye would fit our scheme, I feel we have too many Paye’s as it is. What we lack is a fast-attack pass-rusher from the EDGE… and that’s not Paye, nor is it his game.

    If we draft him, so be it… we’ll find a home for him to be sure. He’s just not what we need right now, and I don’t view him as a 1st rounder. In other words, we have bigger fish to fry before we should even think about Paye, IMO.

    • mf13ss says:

      Paye won’t help us against Josh Allen, Cam Newton, Pat Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, or any of the other slippery and fast QBs in the league.

    • Tim Knight says:

      But many of the draftniks think he brings speed and power to the table. I have no idea how he’ll pan out in the NFL, I’m just going by what the pros are saying about him. I’m just a bit surprised that so many fans here think so little of him.

      At the end of the day as fans we have no choice but to roll with who we draft and root for them to be most awesome. LOL

      • mf13ss says:

        If we draft Paye, I’ll be rooting for him. What I do like about him is his non-stop motor, he seems to have a great work ethic, he’s shown he can produce, and he’s flexible on the D-Line… much like one Jared Odrick.

        What I don’t like about him? He’s not a true EGDE in the sense that he’s an outside pass-rusher: I find that designation to be a misnomer. He lacks the explosion to be a true NFL EDGE. He should be considered more of 4-3 tweener on the D-Line, again, just like Jared Odrick.

        That’s NO knock on Odrick, either.

      • mf13ss says:

        It’s actually most complimentary to compare Paye to Odrick. Odrick was a helluva player for us.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Paye doesn’t remind me of Odrick. Very different body types and he’s a lot faster than Odrick.

      • steveccnv says:

        Watch his game tape, he does the same thing on every snap which is run right into the OL in front of him and tries to outmatched them. Someone should tell him he has no muscle or moves.

        If he’d just try to beat the OT to the outside, and learn 1 or 2 moves he might be OK, but that’s a project not an 18

  110. Randy says:

    I love Rousseau’s athletic ability and physical traits, but he has a serious bust factor. Plus, I don’t see him coming in and playing from day one. Or, at least I don’t think he’d come in and play well from day one. He doesn’t have any technique at all. He’s got a lot of learning to do. This is not an easy defense to learn.

    • steveccnv says:

      He’s not the greatest technician, that’s not his game, but he does have some moves and he can shutdown his end of the line and gets to the QB fast.

      On day 1 he’d be our best passrusher

      • Tim Knight says:

        You see how people have different views on these prospects. You think Rousseau is the real deal and Randy and M13 don’t see it.

    • steveccnv says:

      If it’s not an easy D to learn, then everyone brought in has a lot to learn, unless they came from the belicheat tree.

      Are you saying he’s too stupid to learn it?

      I didn’t get a hint of that from his interview

    • steveccnv says:

      He’s not a sure thing like the Bosa’s and Young, but he’s the next best thing.

  111. Tim Knight says:

    I’m not going to spend all day trying to talk up Kwitty Paye. I keep seeing him in mock drafts going in the teens and many fans here don’t think he’s very good. I found that odd. That’s all.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He’s the prospect you love to hate…..lol

    • mf13ss says:

      All good, Tim. For the record, I think he’s good (I grade him as a 2nd rounder)… just feel we can do better with our picks, that’s all.

    • steveccnv says:

      We have only 1 team to watch, we know our team inside and out, and mostly know what type of players fit.

      Try doing that for 32 teams, they don’t, they just pick the brain of the beat reporters and go by what they say

      • steveccnv says:

        Also you have to consider their agenda, are they click baiting? Are they trying to be a GM?

      • Tim Knight says:

        Who are you talking about?

      • steveccnv says:

        I’m talking about the mockster, that mock Paye in the 1st

      • Tim Knight says:

        I’m referring to guys like DJ, Bucky, Pioli and Casserly who were all paid as scouts and executives. I don’t think they’re following beat writers.

      • steveccnv says:

        You’d be surprised how unprepared they can be. These guys are just talking heads, same as any of them doing mocks

  112. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 13, 2021 at 1:55 pm
    You see how people have different views on these prospects. You think Rousseau is the real deal and Randy and M13 don’t see it.
    To be fair, I think Rousseau could be excellent. As I stated here on the day of his Pro-Day, my problem is his commitment to football. He has one year of production (which was NICE!), but he took the whole year off and ended up flunking his Pro-Day. WTF was he doing all the while?

    And according to Tony Pauline, Rousseau was NOT battling through any injury at his Pro-Day.

    That’s a MAJOR red-flag to me: buyer beware.

    • mf13ss says:

      Rousseau is a project to me, and as Randy stated above, he’s going to need time. His technique is unpolished, he has much to learn being so green, and I question his work ethic.

    • Tim Knight says:

      You can’t blame anyone for opting out due to Covid. You don’t know their situation. Other than that, I’m not sure what his upside is. I sometimes worry about guys being too tall. Some pan out but a lot of others seem to struggle with movement.

      This blurb from his NFL draft profile isn’t very positive.
      “I don’t really see a big-time NFL rusher. So much of his pressure came as a zero-technique and he won’t see those looks in our league. He has very average juice and speed-to-power.” — Director of scouting for NFL team”

      • mf13ss says:

        No, I do NOT blame him (or anybody else) for opting out due to COVID. What I can blame him for? For flunking his Pro-Day after having a year off.

        Rousseau is probably the only one who opted out last year, who totally shat the bed on their Pro-Day. There are 300 pound+ DTs who have a significantly higher VJs than Rousseau… and Rousseau’s film shows otherwise.

        Rousseau was likely sitting on his couch eating Doritos, dipping them in melted cheese, downing soda and beer like they were going out of fashion, and likely watching NetFlix all day and all night long.

        No excuse for his Pro-Day numbers vs his tape.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I have no idea what he was doing over the last year. Maybe his pro day results is who he is. Was he overweight?

    • steveccnv says:

      That’s why you get different opinions. You and I agree mostly on his talent, but you’re thwarting what you see based on his desire.

      Maybe you have a bad taste in you’re mouth from Wilson and Fuckface, I don’t know.

      I saw his interview and didn’t get the impression he was a slacker

  113. mf13ss says:

    One of the greatest things about this site is the many differing opinions… that’s something to be appreciated. If we all agreed about every player and every trait on a prospect, it would be really boring here!

    Everybody brings something to the table, and it gets digested by all. At the end of the meal, it doesn’t matter who was right or wrong… who brought the most or the best food… we all contributed and we ALL ATE! That’s what’s important, y’all!

    • Tim Knight says:

      Oh I agree with that. I was just pointing out how different people view different prospects. I find it interesting, it’s not a knock on anyone.

      • mf13ss says:

        Tim, that wasn’t directed at you, my friend… it was directed at EVERYBODY, including myself. We sometimes get a little too into ourselves, and don’t consider another’s perspective… not that I’d ever do that (AMERSON! ARCHER!), LOL 😀

        It’s all good, man! Just want everyone to keep things in perspective, nothing more.

  114. steveccnv says:

    I’m not saying Rousseau is a finished product, he’ll need to adjust to the NFL, refine his moves and learn to be a pro.

    He has the physical traits to be that Edge guy we need, his ceiling is high, unlike Paye, that I see a low ceiling for us

    • mf13ss says:

      I do agree with this! I just think Rousseau, after his Pro-Day, found himself outside of the 1st round, looking in.

      Who knows, man… he could still go in the 1st if a team loves his potential… which is INCREDIBLE. Just beware.

  115. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 13, 2021 at 2:20 pm
    I have no idea what he was doing over the last year. Maybe his pro day results is who he is. Was he overweight?
    I don’t think he was overweight, but he was clearly out of shape. His tape shows what he is capable of doing (that’s where Steve’s at, and he’s not wrong!). However, his Pro-Day showed a shadow of the man we saw on tape.

  116. stangerx says:

    Kiper’s latest mock has us getting Pitts…… but after trading up to #4. Call that ridiculous , but also obvious he doesn’t think Pitts will be there at #6.

    • stangerx says:

      According to The Count:

      ““I don’t think it would cost the Dolphins a first-round pick in 2022, but it’s tough to predict without knowing who else is bidding. For this exercise, I think it could take something like a second- and third-round pick next year for Miami to move up two spots. “

    • mf13ss says:

      I’m calling that RIDICULOUS! LOL

      In that scenario, we should have just stood pat @ R1P3.

      • stangerx says:

        Pretty much no difference. End result of all the moves would be a 2022 2nd for a 2023 first to drop one spot.

    • steveccnv says:

      Kiper has to do something no one else has done to account for charging that 5.99 I believe it is.

      I take mocks with a grain of salt

  117. mf13ss says:

    I LOVE this video!!! LOL
    Reminds me of some of us (me included!) here on the F-MU!!!

  118. steveccnv says:

    Just watched Rousseau’s Pro Day, and yeah it wasn’t great, but I didn’t see too many cheeseburgers around his waist and he looked like he could’ve prepped better for it.

    Things like the bench press 21 reps don’t bother me, because it’s harder to bench with long arms and it really isn’t an indication of football strength. I take more what I see on the field.

    On the field he plays fast, the opponents game planned for him, and he’s very good against the run

  119. ocalarob says:

    steveccnv says:
    April 13, 2021 at 9:59 am
    That’s what Brown can do for you, but if we want an upgrade (4 yard avg on 1st down, instead of 3) that’s more Harris and Williams

    The Flying Pig says:
    April 13, 2021 at 11:41 am
    Harris and Williams both for that mold


    harris ran behind a dominate OL against sub par talent, he won’t have that luxury in the NFL, that’s why i’m Harris shy.

  120. Tim Knight says:

    As for Kiper’s comments on Miami, who knows if Pitts is the guy we’re targeting. Also moving back up to #6 might have been the plan to be where we need to be if we decide to trade up for a specific player. We still got a future 1st out of the deal and we’re not going to be trading an additional 1st to go from #6 to #4. Based on the value chart (I know just a starting point) is only 200 points which would be a 3rd and maybe a late pick. We would still have our #18 and two 2nd rounders. Those are the key picks for us.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The #3 trade got us a 2022 3rd and 2023 1st. I don’t think Kiper really thought this out. We could trade up to #4 without giving up too much as long as ATL or say even Cincy was game. The #6 pick still holds a lot of value.

    • steveccnv says:

      Trading from 3 to 12 to 6, then maybe further down makes no sense to me.

      That 3rd and maybe a later pick has the same value as the 2023 first to FOs.

      3 – 12 – 6 was the plan, going back further, based on who is still on the board could happen, but moving down at this point would make Grier look like an ass clown, and they’d like nothing better, than do that.

      Ross would have him on notice too, maybe even double secret probation

      • steveccnv says:

        Atlanta could give us an offer we couldn’t refuse, but barring a great value to us, which I can’t even see happening, we aren’t trading up.

        Also that 4 pick would cost us more to sign.

        Just say no

      • Tim Knight says:

        We disagree on this. A 3rd and a late round pick never adds up to a 1st round pick. Do NFL front offices use some different kind of math? How would a prospect at #65 at best and say a 7th in the 200’s ever equal a #32 at worst? We also got a 3rd next year so not following your thinking here at all.

      • stangerx says:

        It was just Kiper’s click bait twist in his latest mock. Bet you it isn’t in his next one.

    • stangerx says:

      Key Q is what has changed since we moved from #3 to #6? Same guys to draft. But guess if the Falcons don’t want to take a QB or can find a trade partner that does that we might take a 2-spot pop up on the cheap.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Nothing changed, we acquired good future draft capital and still have a #6 and other picks to move up if we choose to. We act like we gave up all these picks in the SF/PHI trade. No, the 49ers did that.

        Let’s say we trade up to #4 and give ATL a 3rd and 6th or 7th this year. Are you going to be bummed out because we don’t have that unbelievable #81 and 175 to 200+? We still have #18, #36 and #50, and two 3rds next year that will be 3rd round picks, not 4th round picks. Comp picks don’t start until after the 32nd pick in the 3rd round.

        At the end of the day it’s about players, not this bizarre idea that future picks have less value.

      • stangerx says:

        If we could trade up to #4 for a 3rd and a 6th I’d take it right now. That would be the “on the cheap” trade up was talking about. Doubt it is there but you never know. Kiper was talking more than that.

        And I’m cool with how it worked out, even if would have stayed at #12 getting excited about who we take.

        And for sure it is all about who joins the team. Who can argue with that one? We just don’t know who they are yet.

  121. ocalarob says:

    we will get a great player at 6 no matter what, i would’ve stayed at 12 and kept next years 1st rnder.

    • stangerx says:

      And a great player is what the trade-up hopefully bought. Would have stayed at #12 too. Think either Smith or Waddle would have been there. And maybe Parsons as well. One of them plus a first rounder sounds good to me.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That wasn’t an option in this trade. It was a three team trade, why is that so hard to understand? We didn’t want to be at #12. The 49ers were the team that provided the draft capital, not us. This trade doesn’t happen without the Eagles.

      We act like a 3rd next year is worth nothing and a 1st in 2023 doesn’t exist. I almost feel like some of you are looking for the negative.

      All this said, we might be just fine staying at #6.

      • steveccnv says:

        It’s not being negative, just the facts based on how GMs view draft picks.

        You’ve had an issue with the trade from the beginning

      • stangerx says:

        From the stories sounded like the Phins were making the deal with the Niners and then started working with the Eagles. Were the Niners insisting on our trade up with the Eagles? San Fran got nothing out of the trade up.

  122. ocalarob says:

    there will be at the very least 3 QBs off the board before us, that leaves two non QB picks in front of us at the most.
    you would have to think Sewell, Pitts & Chase, one of them will be there,
    there may be a 4th QB taken in front of us, that would leave two of the three there at 6.
    they may just want Smith at 6 due to the chemistry between he and Tua.

  123. ocalarob says:

    I think the Bengals go Chase

  124. steveccnv says:

    If you had bought Microsoft stock on March 19th, like the pelosi’s did you could’ve doubled your money

    • stangerx says:

      Was Mar 19 a significant date? It’s in my index though….. so glad to hear.

      • steveccnv says:

        It’s when her husband’s option came due and when another stock they bought was on first day of trading.

        They’re supposed to report any trades over 1k, sounded like they didn’t and may be in some trouble, maybe even insider trading, but we know how that goes for politicians

      • stangerx says:

        Haven’t caught the news on that. Will be interested to read about it.

      • stangerx says:

        Now have read a story. They (mainly her rich husband) cashed in some stock options. Reason hit the news was cause listed on a public disclosure form. Not sure what you are smelling here.

  125. steveccnv says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 13, 2021 at 3:31 pm
    We disagree on this. A 3rd and a late round pick never adds up to a 1st round pick. Do NFL front offices use some different kind of math? How would a prospect at #65 at best and say a 7th in the 200’s ever equal a #32 at worst? We also got a 3rd next year so not following your thinking here at all.

    There was an article out last week that I posted here about future trade compensation. It said, GMs around the league view a future pick as the 18th pick in the current draft 1 round later.

    This article made sense, so I’m going by this value, since we’ve all heard this in the past, but didn’t hear the part about the 18th pick

    • steveccnv says:

      1 round sooner not later, so if you want rd 2 50 this year give me your 1st next

    • Tim Knight says:

      How do they come up with that? They don’t even know what kind of talent will be available in future years. The reason we could do this trade is because of how much draft capital we have in 2021. Not every team could make this trade.

      Last year we stayed put and drafted #5 and #18 and then traded down from #26 to #30. It’s about the prospects you like.

      Of course if we don’t become a competitor sooner than later after having all of this draft capital the last two years, Grier and Flores will be gone.

      • steveccnv says:

        Who knows how they came up with it. Why does it matter, it’s just what they use.

        Philly’s GM calls Tim to make a trade, he says I’ll give you 5 1st round picks starting in 2021-2025 for #3.

        Tim says I can’t make that trade, because I don’t know what talent will be available the next 4 years

    • stangerx says:

      That’s still just a benchmark though. Obviously the Jets first round pick next year is worth more than the Chiefs…… even if the exact positions still not known.

  126. Tim Knight says:

    stangerx says:
    April 13, 2021 at 4:29 pm
    From the stories sounded like the Phins were making the deal with the Niners and then started working with the Eagles. Were the Niners insisting on our trade up with the Eagles? San Fran got nothing out of the trade up.


    Once the 49ers came calling for #3, we asked the Eagles if they’d be willing to move out of #6 and go to #12, they said yes. We didn’t want to be at #12. I don’t think the trade happens without the Eagles.

    • stangerx says:

      It most likely would not have happened without what we got from the Niners……. just not sure why the Niners cared. Or are you saying we wouldn’t have done the deal without the trade up deal in place? If so then the Phins never wanted to be at #12, but ORob and I were saying wish we’d stayed there. But then don’t run the team either.

  127. steveccnv says:

    BREAKING: Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Should Have Been Ruled An Overdose

    • Tim Knight says:

      Regardless of reality, if the book is not thrown at Derek Chauvin, cities are going to burn again and innocent people will be harmed and killed again. We know that reality will happen. We’ve already seen it. That’s where we are in 2021.

    • stangerx says:

      What’s up with that? He finished his testimony days ago. Was the ME called back on the stand?

  128. Tim Knight says:

    Okay I’ve exhausted this conversation. We still have premium draft capital this year and in the future and I like it! LOL

    Edge rusher is not top shelf this year but there is some depth. WR is top shelf and also has depth. OL has some top shelf and some depth. RB is good not great. Take the best of what you need when you can match value.

    If we don’t make the playoffs this year, Grier and Flores are on notice in 2022. If we fail that year they’ll be gone.

  129. ocalarob says:

    we did the deal with the niners, regardless of the philly deal, we had an option to stay put at 12 or trade with philly for 6. maybe both deals worked in unison, who knows except for the F.O.
    that really doesn’t matter, I would’ve definitely done the niners deal without philly in place.
    I would have kept both 1st rnders and stayed at 12 for the time being unless another deal came up that was too good to pass up.
    what’s better getting a player at 6 or getting a player at 12 and having two 1st rnders next year?
    not sure the drop off from 6 to 12 is significant enough to warrant a 22 1st rnder

    • stangerx says:

      I’m at least gonna he checking out whether whoever we take at 6 is our 2022 first rounder better than who is there at #12. But hey — we pick a stud will probably forget about it.

    • Tim Knight says:

      You still don’t get the deal. That’s not what we wanted to do and that’s not how the deal went down. We wanted to be at #6 not #3 or #12. Why would we do it otherwise? Oh right because ORob would have now after the fact.

      So now Pitts, Chase, Sewell or someone else is not significant? You can get just as good at #12, That’s not what you said earlier.

      • ocalarob says:

        how do you know what “we” wanted to do? you state that as a matter of fact. nobody knows what “we” wanted to do except for “we”.
        I’m just speculating as are you.

      • stangerx says:

        Team obviously wanted to be at #6 instead of #3 or #12. Only Q is if that was the right decision. Wouldn’t have done the trade up to #6, but that’s just me and 100% sure we could have stuck at #12. We chose to do the Eagles deal.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Uhmmmm… let me think about that. That’s what we did.

        So are you saying we made these trades because that’s not what we wanted to do? I know I always order food I don’t want to eat just because. LOL

  130. ocalarob says:

    watch SN 15 cryo test, bitch is snorting like a dragon.

  131. ocalarob says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 13, 2021 at 5:19 pm

    So now Pitts, Chase, Sewell or someone else is not significant? You can get just as good at #12,

    you don’t know that, you could get someone in the 6th rnd better than all 3, see tom brady

    • Tim Knight says:

      Right!!! So now what? 4 picks in the top 50 is now about hoping for a 6th round pick becoming a hall of fame guy, seriously?

      That can happen but it’s rare.

      • ocalarob says:

        how rare is it for the #12 over all or a 22 1st for one to become a hall of famer, that’s the real question. great value always doesn’t reside in the top 6.

  132. ocalarob says:

    the deal with the niners had to be done first, i’m sure at some point they had the choice of staying put at 12 or moving up to 6, and i’d bet it wasn’t an easy decision.
    given that situation i would not have given up that 1st rnder to move to 6, obviously they must have a player they really want because they did move up. but you can bet it wasn’t an easy decision.
    That said i’m just wondering what the bottomline of that decision is, was it a good move or a bad one,

    you act like this is what good GMs & HCs do, that was a no brainer, status quo,
    hell yeah let’s give philly a 1st rnd pick to move up 6 spots.

    where as i question that move, and want to weigh that decision, I don’t like that move as of right now.
    i don’t think who we could have got at 12 and with next years first combined is worth the player that will be there at 6, i don’t see dan marino in this years draft.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I understand, but that trade doesn’t happen without the way it went down. It’s as simple as that. The 1st that went to the Eagles was part of the deal. It was never our pick. It was the 49ers pick. Move on, that was the trade. We gave up nothing.

    • ocalarob says:

      they didn’t get the niners pick, they got ours

  133. ocalarob says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 13, 2021 at 4:06 pm
    That wasn’t an option in this trade. It was a three team trade, why is that so hard to understand?

    how do you know there wasn’t an option, you state something as a matter of fact. there would have to be an option, stand pat or trade with philly.

    Tim Knight says:
    April 13, 2021 at 6:09 pm
    Uhmmmm… let me think about that. That’s what we did.

    your making a statement then backing it up with what we did, so i’m asking how do you know “we” didn’t have options?
    because of what we did?

    but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have options.

  134. ocalarob says:

    it wasn’t a 3 team trade, SF & Philly were not part of a 3 team trade, we traded with SF, we then traded with Philly, we gave philly our 22 first to move up, we still have SF 22 first

  135. Tim Knight says:

    OMG guys, that was the trade. If we wanted to stay at #3 we could have. If we wanted to stay at #12 with a 1st in 2022 and 2023 we could have. That’s not what we wanted to do. You make it seem like we got railroaded. We controlled the trade because we had #3. It’s not that complicated. We were fine at #6.

    At the end of the day we chose to trade back from #3 to get #6 and acquire a 3rd in 2022 and a 1st in 2023. That’s it! We still have two 1’s, two 2’s and a 3rd n 2021. We gave up nothing and acquired future picks.

    The 49ers are the team that better be right, not us.

    • ocalarob says:

      Tim Knight says:
      April 13, 2021 at 4:06 pm
      That wasn’t an option in this trade. It was a three team trade, why is that so hard to understand?
      Tim Knight says:
      April 13, 2021 at 6:45 pm
      OMG guys, that was the trade. If we wanted to stay at #12 with a 1st in 2022 and 2023 we could have.

      OK i understand……..I think?

    • Tim Knight says:

      Oh right… I’m sorry, we swapped a 4th for a 5th this year. Yeah that was the big mistake. Really? LOL

  136. ocalarob says:

    So i assume what you’re saying Tim is that had it not been for Philly giving up the 6th pick we would not have traded with SF and stood at 3.

    so my question is, how do you know that to be fact?

    because that’s what we did?
    what if philly doesn’t want to make that trade, how do you know we still wouldn’t do the SF trade?

  137. Ken says:

    We traded with SF then we traded with the Eagles. There was nothing about the SF trade that required us to trade with Eagles. They were 2 separate trades

  138. manitobafinfan says:

    As fast as those deals happened , our FO was definitely in hypothetical discussions with Philly about moving back up while still dealing with SF… so not exactly contingent upon each other , nor a three team deal … BUT good chance it wouldn’t have been done by our FO without the Philly trade …. JMHO

  139. ocalarob says:

    another reason why we wanted to move to 6 could be;
    there are 5 first rnd QBs,
    it’s pretty certain that the first 3 will be taken 1 thru 3,

    what does Atlanta do at 4? best case scenario, they take a non QB player.
    we know Cincy isn’t taking a QB, I doubt they trade out of that spot either. not their MO

    that leaves Miami with two QB prospects on the board at 6, who wants a trey lance or justin fields?
    Miami could possibly trade out of six depending on who’s there at 6

  140. Ken says:

    Mel Kiper mocks us trading up to 4 with Atlanta to draft Pitts

  141. ocalarob says:

    Denver needs a QB, let’s go to 9, take broncos #40 and a 3rd next year?

  142. ocalarob says:

    if you figure we gave up next years 1st rnder to move to 6, a deal with the broncos, chargers or pats would have to be pretty sweet to move back, both broncos and pats are qb hungry, chargers may want sewell to protect the guy we should have drafted last year.

  143. Mike E. says:

    I’d be willing to bet boku bucks we’re not trading up with our first pick

  144. Tim Knight says:

    LOL I give up! Go Phins!!!!

  145. Mike E. says:

    Rob – not for ANYONE!

  146. Mike E. says:

    Ja’Marr Chase @ 6

  147. Tim Knight says:

    Name your top 6 prospects including QBs? Oh the horror!!! LOL

    Would it be weird if I said only one QB should go top 6 this year?

  148. manitobafinfan says:

    Gotta love Manitoba… last weekend sitting in yard in shorts and a Tshirt .. today we snowblowed the driveway 🤷‍♂️

  149. Tim Knight says:

    Miami being at #6 could be the worst thing they ever did. The beat writers love to rail on this team. LMAO!!!!


  150. The Flying Pig says:

    Nailed it

    6: R1 P6 TE Kyle Pitts – Florida
    18: R1 P18 LB Micah Parsons – Penn State
    36: R2 P4 EDGE Joseph Ossai – Texas
    50: R2 P18 RB Javonte Williams – North Carolina
    81: R3 P17 WR Amon-Ra St. Brown – USC
    156: R5 P12 DL Tedarrell Slaton – Florida
    231: R7 P3 S Mark Webb – Georgia
    258: R7 P30 C Michal Menet – Penn State

  151. mf13ss says:

    Guys, let me try to smooth this out with y’all…

    1) It was NOT a “3-team trade” with us, the 49ers, and the Eagles
    2) Like ORob, I WISH we would have sat @ R1P12 after the trade with the 49ers, but here comes point 3…
    3) The timing… as in, how quickly the trades went down, is indicative that we had zero intention of staying put @ R1P12, and we probably already had an agreement with the Eagles to trade up from 12 to 6, should the 49ers agree to the first trade from 3 to 12

    • Mike E. says:

      M, the Dolphins made both trades in a very short time span so for all intent and purposes it was orchestrated by us with both teams at the same time. It’s obvious we wanted to get back up from 12. That was our intent, so why would you think otherwise?

      • mf13ss says:

        That’s what I just said, Bro! I think you need to re-read what I posted! LOL 😀

        That is, unless we disagree on the terminology of a “3-team trade”. Being the 49ers and Eagles had absolutely nothing to do with each other in the two separate and independent trades, ya can’t call it a “3-team trade”.

        YES… we had clearly made a deal with the Eagles if we were to make a trade with the 49ers. hence it occurring so quickly that day.

        Perhaps it’s semantics we’re disagreeing on, nothing more.

      • steveccnv says:

        The 3 pts are what happened, Mike’s post is saying the same thing basically.

        Tim, you’re all over the place on this,

        Tim Knight says:
        April 13, 2021 at 4:06 pm
        That wasn’t an option in this trade. It was a three team trade, why is that so hard to understand?
        Tim Knight says:
        April 13, 2021 at 6:45 pm
        OMG guys, that was the trade. If we wanted to stay at #12 with a 1st in 2022 and 2023 we could have.

        First you said it was a 3 team trade, then you said, we could’ve stayed at 12, which is what Orob said, that you previously said we couldn’t do.

        Tim give it up already on this trade. The day it happened you came late and seemed misinformed, and nothing has changed

    • Tim Knight says:

      Your #1 point was the opposite of what Mike and I are saying but you’re also trying to say you agree at the same time. Two different different things.

  152. David Collins says:

    i remember last year, some folks were saying the Fins will have to trade up from 5 , if they have their hearts set on getting Tua

    they were wrong, it worked out.
    Falcons will take a QB IMO< and Bengals will take Chase, but no matter how it plays out, we will get Pitts at 6, OR Sewell, Waddle, or Smith at 6

    if we trade back up with Atlanta, it will likely cost us next years number one pick.'
    is Pitts worth that? he might be, but theres a good chance he will be there at 6, no need to panic and give the picks to atlanta IMO

    • mf13ss says:

      David, NOBODY was going to trade up for Tua last year (especially us sitting @ R1P5), being he was less than 6 months removed from what could have been a career-ending injury.

      The situation is very different this year… can’t compare last year to this year while citing Tua as some kind of example.

      But all-in-all, I DO agree with ya: we’re not going to trade back up to R1P4 at this point. That’s the silly Count Kiperla just being himself.

  153. David Collins says:

    BTC hit $63500 today,
    crypto futures are taking the sap out of the stock market lately, theres little buyer volume,

    coins like doge coin are up 2200 percent since January 1 2021
    Doge started out as a Meme coin, had no real value and it morphed into a real currency for nations that have currency issues.

    being able to get 100x Margins on futures, is making some people VERY happy, lol
    i try not to mention it TOO many times, but its possible with as little as $500 to make a years salary, or much more in just a couple of weeks!

  154. steveccnv says:

    YES… we had clearly made a deal with the Eagles if we were to make a trade with the 49ers. hence it occurring so quickly that day.

    This is what was reported to have taken place. We weren’t trading with SF, unless the Eagles were trading with us.

    We had both deals in place, before the SF trade took place

  155. Tim Knight says:

    Look at it this way. We had three 1st round picks in 2020. We have two this year in 2021. If we had two in 2022 and two in 2023, that’s 9 1st round picks in 4 years. Most of those contracts are fully guaranteed with 5th year options and then you have to pay top performers along the way. It’s not just about Grier and Flores, they have cap people saying we can’t do that. We need to spread it out a bit. So now we’re at 8 1st round picks since 2020. Don’t be surprised if we trade another one to make a move for a player this year or next year.

    • David Collins says:

      agreed, also the extra pick in 2023, will give us a couple more years to evaluate the 2020-22 draft classes, and see what We need

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yes if Tua isn’t the answer, in 2023 we can combine two 1st round picks to move up for a QB. But we better already have a good overall team by then or a new regime will be hired. Grier has made moves for now and the future for the franchise regardless.

    • steveccnv says:

      No cap people are saying that, if we were just given 2 1sts every year it would be awesome.

      Tua costed 5.5m last year and 6.9 this year, the #6 this year is about the same, but pick 18 is a lot less Jackson last year was 2.5 and 3.1 this year, about what we’re paying STs guys

      • Tim Knight says:

        Those contracts are basically guaranteed in full. Then you have to pay Baker, Gesicki and on and on if players pan out. It adds up.

        What if Tua is awesome the next two years? He’ll be looking for a new big deal in 2023. That’s how it works.

      • steveccnv says:

        OK, but what does any of that have to do with having too many 1sts?

        Guaranteed in full isn’t exactly a reason to be concerned.

        Jackson at 18 has a 4 yr 13.6m contract 3.4m per year isn’t going to break the bank.

        We were bad in 2019, so we had a #5 pick, this yr after trades #6, I don’t see any future top 10 picks any time soon, but even those are reasonable good contracts

  156. Tim Knight says:

    A trade up to #4.
    Atlanta gets: #6, #50, #81, #231 and a 2022 3rd or 4th round pick.
    Miami gets: #4 (Pitts or Chase) and Edge Dante Fowler

    We still have #18 and #36 as well. Dante Fowler is exactly what we’re looking for on the Edge.

    • steveccnv says:

      You’re so worried about the guaranteed money of rookies, yet you want to trade for a high priced DE, that feasted off of Donald

  157. Krishna says:

    pheloniusphish says:
    April 13, 2021 at 8:31 am
    Krishna – Don’t want you to miss this.


    Thank you, read it, and responded last night, but for some reason the blog said I had to be logged in. I thought for sure I was logged in…..lol. Couldn’t figure out to get it to post.

    Anyway, from what I remember from last night. the article addressed the disproportionate number of black deaths by “power policing”. It is a statistic that is very real. Is it racism according to the article? TBD….which I think is hard to know. So fair enough, considering the many variables, from poverty to criminal behavior to violence, it’s at best TBD or indeterminate according to the article.

    Prejudice/Racism exists in every culture, ethnic group or religion, including our policing. I don’t believe it’s disproportionate in the police community to any other group.

    It’s a fact of life, imo, and I wish we were a more evolved global and intelligent species so we could get past that. Certainly not in my lifetime…..lol.

    Perhaps if more white people were shown getting killed by police, more might be done to help the police and the communities they serve and protect.

    I just can’t get past the idea that being shot, especially in the back, or strangled for a nonviolent “crime” is an acceptable form of policing. Ever. That’s my hang up.

    • Krishna says:

      It worked! Ha!

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Glad you read it and I agree that prejudice exists in all cultures. While being shot for a non-violent crime is no bueno, it is also rarely the fault of the police entirely. Like the racism question there are many variables. Making an arrest is always stressful and dangerous. Resisting arrest multiplies that a thousand times. Take MN situation…dude was wanted for armed assault. Cops know this and they want to go home to their families too. Everybody involved is running on adrenaline and fear. Floyd was high…cops don’t know what he is going to do or is capable of…not like he was thinking rationally. I’ve seen dudes on PCP snap handcuffs. They ignore tasers. Yet the demagogues like Talib and AOC are telling people to resist and to disrespect the law and others in general. Riot when bad things happen. You want a military state? This is how you get it. Because the alternative is, in the words of Bill Maher, living “The Purge” every night.

      Anyway, good take on the article and, despite the D-ness of your response, I think it was rational and reasonable.

  158. Mike E. says:

    M – Sorry, had to run last night. I guess you can say semantics, but it’s clear we were dealing with both teams at the same time with a clear intent to move out from #3, and then get back up to #6, so whether you want to call it a 3 team trade or not is irrelevant, the trades were coordinated, not done singularly as if we flip flopped on what we wanted to do, like oh shit, we went back too far, fuck, I hope we can find a team that wants to trade back now. That’s what I’m saying and I believe Tim is too.

    • sb7mvp says:

      LOL. Both you and Tim are so dumb. I can’t believe you are referring to a trade involving 3 teams is a 3 team trade. What a couple of maroons.

    • ocalarob says:

      it’s amazing how this crap gets twisted, who cares what happened behind the scenes, a 3 team trade would involve 3 teams, players or picks going thru all 3 teams, SF didn’t have any dealings with philly, therefore it wasn’t a 3 team trade.
      none of that really matters though, all i was saying is i would not have went back to 6, i would stay at 12 and keep my 22 first. i think we way over paid philly.
      i was simply weighing the trade.
      what would you rather have, the player at 6 vs the player at 12 and another 1st rnd talent the next year.
      just because miami had their ducks in a row doesn’t make it a 3 team trade.

  159. pheloniusphish says:

    Here’s something that puzzles me…When talking about the possibility of trading Howard, everyone, talking heads and bloggers, says Miami would only get 2nd round picks or lower for him. Yet the Jags got two firsts plus for Ramsey who Howard outplayed. Now who here wouldn’t take two firsts plus for Howard?

  160. David Collins says:

    rarely the police fault? like that 26 year cop that yellled taser taser taser, then shot the suspect with a gun? oops? not their fault, sure, SMH
    call it like it is, they screw up royally almost every day !!
    and US citizens pay the price with their lives

    • Mike E. says:

      If a cop pulls you over and commands you to do something like stay in the car, do you get out of the car? This is so frequently overlooked and dismissed. Do you listen and follow commands or do you just get up out of your car and ignore them? Fault lies to both parties, and the officer clearly mistook her firearm for her taser. She admitted as much and apologized and turned in her badge and gun.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      See this is why you remain the village idiot. The sentence was “rarely the fault of the police entirely.” Because it referenced the resisting part as well. But dopes like you with limited (non-existent) ability to understand nuance can only focus on one thing. Limited capacity.

  161. ocalarob says:

    could we trade X?
    quite possible, he wants a new contract, i’m sure there’s tension because he’s not the highest paid CB on the team.
    do we restructure, make him work out the contract he signed or trade him.
    at least one of the above will happen.
    i doubt he continues status quo. would be too negative
    we either rework his deal or trade him.

  162. pheloniusphish says:

    Ugh…Not Beckham. Then we would have to take Landry back. Seriously, Beckham is expensive and too much drama and coming off an ACL. I doubt he’ll be the same.

  163. ocalarob says:

    actually it was a four team trade that included a gas mask!
    by some’s way of thinking we would have to include Houston in that deal as well because that’s where we got the pick to give to SF for their pick to give to philly.
    i hope that adds to the confusion

    • steveccnv says:

      True based on the loose definition of a multi player trade above.

      Bottomline is you said we could’ve stayed at 12, Tim said no, M13 said same as Orob, Mike said mostly the same thing, Tim then flip flopped and said we could’ve stayed at 12, after arguing to the contrary.

      Tim, you’ve been slipping into the David realm, since this trade happened. Serious question are you sure you’re OK?

  164. steveccnv says:

    Fanside actually has something, that isn’t too far out there, that I agree with.

    We have heard that Atlanta is fielding calls for the 4th overall spot and if they do trade that pick, Miami won’t likely have a chance to drop down in a trade. We have looked at that before. If Atlanta wants too much for four and gets stuck using that pick, Miami needs to be open to moving down.

    Atlanta, presumably, would draft Kyle Pitts. It is widely speculated that the Bengals would draft either Penei Sewell or more likely Ja’Marr Chase. If both Pitts and Chase are off the board at six, Grier has to be ready to get out that draft spot

    • steveccnv says:

      And we win either way, more picks, cap savings and Waddle/Smith/Parsons or Pitts/Chase

      For me, if we stay at 6, with Pitts and Chase gone, it would be the same mistake as staying at 3, so for all the same reasons we got out of 3, we should get out of 6

  165. The Flying Pig says:

    Why do you trade Howard
    Just let him play out his contract. If he leaves via free agency you get comp picks anyway

    We need all the firepower we have for as long as we can to make a run

    We have picks in the next couple of drafts
    We don’t need to add more picks by trading away our best players

    Maybe by 2024 we want more picks. For now though we can hang on to our best players

    • steveccnv says:

      As was suggested above, if he plays with the status quo contract he may not be that motivated.

      I’m more in line with what you just wrote, I don’t want him traded, but would be OK giving him a new contract, if it wasn’t too much more.

      If you’re going to dump a CB dump Jones.

      The problem is people just throw BS out there without looking at the dead cap, neither guy is going anywhere, because of it

  166. steveccnv says:

    Atlanta sending 3 reps to the OSU Fields pro day II. Would be nice to see him in Atlanta

  167. steveccnv says:

    It’s been reported, that Chase, Waddle and Smith would all be playing in the slot, if we drafted them.

    It makes sense with Parker and Fuller on the outside, so I’m going to assume this would be the starting lineup.

    Chase would seem like the best fit being a tough guy, Waddle and his speed would be dangerous, Smith playing against opponents #3 CB would never be covered and wouldn’t have to worry about getting off the line.

    Pitts, if he was the pick at 6 would see some time there too, as would Gesicki.

    Any way you look at it we should get a new/old best friend for Tua

    • stangerx says:

      Knew about Smith, but not that the other two could play slot. That’s good news. Didn’t like the thought of a #6 stud WR who is less than a full-time starter.

      • steveccnv says:

        In Waddle’s highlight reel it say in 2020 he was moved outside some, mostly it showed him lining up in the slot

  168. steveccnv says:

    Good article from Cameron Wolfe


    I like the way he gives his best case scenario, then discusses the other options.

    Rousseau was mentioned for pick 36, I’d trade back a few spots at 18 and take Harris, Williams or Etienne, if I knew Rousseau was going to be there at 36

  169. steveccnv says:

    DeVonta Smith at 6′ 170lbs is smaller than Warfield’s 6′ 188lbs, and isn’t as fast, but he sure resembles him in smoothness.

    These type of players play faster than they are, because they don’t have waisted movements, they get from pt A to pt B in a blink.

    Warfield was distinguished by his athleticism. He was fast and explosive, a champion long jumper, but also graceful and precise. He was also intelligent and studious, a surgical route-runner. He timed his jumps perfectly, which is critical for downfield receivers, since defenders often arrive before the ball does.

    That’s what I’m comparing Smith to, and mostly this

    graceful and precise. He was also intelligent and studious, a surgical route-runner. He timed his jumps perfectly

    • steveccnv says:

      I don’t think Smith ran the 40, Warfield was 4.5, but a different era, both sneaky fast. Smith was supposed to be in the 4.5 range

      • stangerx says:

        Smith is actually my favorite of all the wideouts, except for the breakage risk. Like the beautiful X-Mus toy a parent suspect will be broken by Easter.

      • steveccnv says:

        He played in 39 games the last 2 years. Parker bigger and stronger was hurt more.

        He has such a smooth body control that he avoids those big hits.

        Gronk was big He was always hurt.

        Bigger guys have more to hit, elusive guys are harder to hit.

        I’m not all in on Smith, but the slight frame shouldn’t be a concern

      • stangerx says:

        6′ 1″ 170. It’s just a real strange build for an NFL player. He’s had 4 years in the Bama weight room to put more meat on his bones.

      • steveccnv says:

        Maybe he’s playing at his ideal weight. Make the catch, get what you can and get down or OOB

    • stangerx says:

      Very well might be his ideal playing weight. Figured never gonna outmuscle them and adding extra muscle weight cuts down on my speed, which is where I am better.

  170. stangerx says:

    “According to Matt Miller, he is hearing around the league that the Dolphins head coach loves Penn State linebacker, Micah Parsons.” (via Brian Miller)

    Some folks here really like Parsons, even if think he won’t go at #6. But we could still get him. He might be there at #18, even if unlikely, but we could also move up at lock him down for sure.

    How much is that worth? A 3rd? One of our 2nds?

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m with the group, like Omar and Hyde, that believe the only thing you hear in the 2 weeks leading up to the draft, especially from Flores, is just what the team wants you to think.

      By saying they like Parsons it might con some other team into feeling safe we take him at 6, instead of Pitts or Chase

  171. pheloniusphish says:

    steveccnv says:
    April 14, 2021 at 9:38 am

    “The problem is people just throw BS out there without looking at the dead cap, neither guy is going anywhere, because of it.”

    There certainly is some BS thrown out there. Howard’s dead cap if he was traded:
    PRE-6/1 TRADE
    2021 Dead Cap: $4,200,000
    2021 Cap Savings: $9,300,000

    POST-6/1 TRADE
    2021 Dead Cap: $1,400,000
    2022 Dead Cap: $2,800,000
    2021 Cap Savings: $12,100,00


    Cracker Jacks wants their Jr. Capologist Decoder Ring back.

    • steveccnv says:

      Must’ve read it wrong.

      If Howard is on the roster on the 5th day of the 2020 league year he will have his 2021 salary fully guaranteed.

      His dead money shows over 16m, but looks like that’s just for being cut, if traded th new team would have to pick up this guaranteed 2021 contract and we’re still on the hook for 4.2m.

      You are are correct sir

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Lol…But I had to bust your balls😁

        It goes back to the discussion we had awhile ago about the acquiring team picking up the balance of the existing contract.

  172. pheloniusphish says:

    To answer Piggy’s question, i don’t think you trade Howard unless he is going to ask for too much or be disgruntled. The question was perceived value. If he is going to ask for too much or be disgruntled, now is the time to trade him while his value is at its highest.

  173. ocalarob says:

    I think you redo Howards contract, after all he earned it, you have to be careful what kind of message you send thru that locker room.
    he is the best CB on this team shouldn’t he be the highest paid CB on this team?
    short term you probably save on the cap with a signing bonus.
    long term the cap should increase.
    trading him would probably send the wrong message.

    • stangerx says:

      I’d tell him lets see how your seasons goes and we’ll get you a redo after it if you play like in the last one. He’s still one of the highest paid CBs in the league even if Jones makes more cause he signed after.

    • steveccnv says:

      I agree

      The message you send is we’re willing to work with an elite player, the rest of you better stay in line😉

      We can easily push the cap hit forward, with the new TV contract, the cap will skyrocket in 2 years I believe

    • ocalarob says:

      i’m pretty sure if they don’t redo his deal this will be his last season in miami if he plays at all.
      He’s already asked for his contract to be reworked.
      I think it’s either you trade him or give him a new contract

  174. mf13ss says:

    • mf13ss says:

      We were talking about this two days ago.

    • stangerx says:

      Will Fuller plays slot. Pitts, Parker, Fuller, Gasecki yeah that makes sense.

    • steveccnv says:

      They fit in 12 personnel, they also fit with one in the slot and one inside on the other side, so 4 wrs Parker and Preston outside Gesicki and Pitts inside off the line

    • mf13ss says:

      I’m talking about viewing Pitts as a WR. Remember my quiz?

      • steveccnv says:

        3rd and long, you put your 5 best receivers on the field, 2 inside and 2 outside, with Gesicki lined up as a TE. 4wrs would be outside Parker, and Preston, inside Fuller and Pitts.

        I see though what he’s saying, but what other teams view Pitts as has nothing to do with us playing him at TE

      • steveccnv says:

        Maybe they don’t fit, but imagine trying to defend those 5

      • stangerx says:

        Forgot all hail M13….. still just what Mike Tannenbaum said though. 🙂

  175. ocalarob says:

    I think the WR narrative for Pitts is pushed for $$ purposes, WRs make more than TEs,
    Pitts fits very well in our Offense as Gesicki will demand big $$ in 22. I doubt he’s a dolphin in 22

    • stangerx says:

      We don’t even have Pitts yet (and probably won’t). Seems a bit early to doubt that we keep Gesicki. And even if Pitts comes we still may, especially if he is playing WR.

  176. steveccnv says:

    Mike Garafolo
    · 28m
    The NFL has laid out its plan for a three-phase offseason program. From a memo to teams today:

    Apr 19-May 14: All virtual meetings, weight rooms open

    May 17-21: No contact on-field drills allowed, meetings still virtual

    May 24-June 18: Ten OTA days plus a mandatory minicamp

  177. steveccnv says:

    Mike Garafolo
    The NFLPA has been pushing for an all-virtual offseason with no on-field work. The sides have been talking for weeks. The NFL is offering reduced testing/contact tracing/ability to gather away for vaccinated players but that must be part of an agreement with the union.

  178. steveccnv says:

    Field Yates
    The Browns now have the number one pick from 3 drafts in 5 years on their roster:
    2014: DE Jadeveon Clowney
    2017: DE Myles Garrett
    2018: QB Baker Mayfield

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Clowney doesn’t make them much better but to me the Browns are a team in the cusp of being serious contenders

      I like Mayfield more than a lot of other people…
      Landry has been very good for them (i miss Landry 😢)

      Clowney doesn’t have to do much but take advantage of anything Garrett creates

      • Ken says:

        Mayfield looked like he was going to be all world as a rookie but ever since then he has been mediocre. He has a dominant running game and was still mediocre

      • steveccnv says:

        Mayfield was good late last yr when they went on their run at the end

  179. ocalarob says:

    we are entering year 3 of the Flores/Grier regime, we haven’t made the playoffs yet under these so-called geniuses, I think they better step up this year.

    Taking Tua last year could be their downfall, especially if we go 8-8 or worse.

  180. ocalarob says:

    what’s more important, getting a bonafide edge guy @ 18, getting williams in the 2nd rnd or taking harris @ 18 and the edge guy you want won’t be there in the 2nd?

    • steveccnv says:

      Rousseau seems like he’s going to be there at 36, so I’d take Harris at 18

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think the fear is that if you don’t take a RB at 18, both Harris and Williams will be off the board

      There are going to be good edge guys at 36

      But when the picking are slim at one position, you have to make due, one way or another

  181. stangerx says:

    ORob — why you going after Flores and Grier? They are doing a great job. Tanking for Tua got us 5 wins. Last year was 10. Were you expecting playoffs during a rebuild? I was shocked we came darn close. Solid base on this team that is only going to get more so in a couple weeks.

    • steveccnv says:

      The real fun begins this year, in seeing what the duo are made of, no Tua training wheels to fall back on.

      It’s much harder to take this next step, and if the QB isn’t the right one, it’s not happening

      • stangerx says:

        Actually share ORob’s concerns about Tua , but there are 52 other players on the roster. And man are we young. Think they are building something that can keep chugging along year after year like the Pats and Steelers. Tua works out great. If he doesn’t don’t have to rebuild.

      • steveccnv says:

        As do I. Think he’ll pull thru, but who knows.

        Was watching DeVonta Smith highlights and they started showing Jones, then it switched to Tua and the ball coming out looked painful, oh that’s Tua I said to myself.

        As much as I dislike Jones, at least he doesn’t have that awkward throwing motion

  182. stangerx says:

    Aaron Rodgers has been the guest host of Jeopardy since last week Yesterday one Q was: “In the 1960s, these Midwesterners earned five NFL championship trophies.” Nobody got it.

    Next Q someone answered Boston Celtics right. Rodgers said…. “”Oh, you know that one, huh?”

  183. steveccnv says:

    What about Freiermuth

  184. ocalarob says:

    stangerx says:
    April 14, 2021 at 3:16 pm
    ORob — why you going after Flores and Grier?

    I’m not going after them, It’s their 3rd year, they need to produce results,

    no matter what happens this year i believe they will be back for a forth, but you can bet that would be it without success.

    when has a coach lasted more than 4 years without success on this team in recent years?

    they better nail this draft and make the playoffs or they will be on the hot seat next year.

    It’s the nature of the beast.

    • stangerx says:

      When a coach knows for sure he is gonna be back the next year I call that job security in NFL HC terms. Also think they could survive a Tua crash and burn.

  185. Tim Knight says:

    Steve, I like to throw out different scenarios because we’re kind of at a stand still waiting for the draft. I don’t always think we will or should make some of the scenarios I put out there.

  186. bailbondmike says:

    Tim, here is an argument for your guy Tevin Jenkins.

    I did not realize he was a right tackle. Imagine him next to Hunt with Jackson/Kindley on the other side.

  187. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    April 14, 2021 at 2:32 pm
    Forgot all hail M13….. still just what Mike Tannenbaum said though. 🙂
    Don’t know about “all hail M13”, but I do know about “ALL HAIL MEGATRON”. And of the 4 players’ physical attributes I listed on the quiz without names, you selected… yup, MEGATRON (Calvin Johnson). We just came full circle, LOL.

    And here’s a fun little fact for ya, Stanger, being I know you’re a Scooby-Doo fan (who isn’t?): Fred’s voice was done by Frank Welker… who also does the voice of Megatron (watch below)…

  188. The Flying Pig says:

    That guys Jenkins is fun to watch

    That early jump pointed out in that video is something else. I worry he will get undeserving false starts…lol

    Also he is shutting down my guy Joesph Ossai in that clip
    But FYI ~ Ossai had 3 sacks, 12 tackles and 1 forced fumble in that game. So he got the better of Jenkins if you ask me.

  189. The Flying Pig says:

    Speaking of OL
    Check out this small school who was pretty impressive at senior bowl

    People are projecting him at center in the nfl not guard

    I do have concerns about his ties to whitewater rafting….lol

  190. stangerx says:

    Been a tough few months for pooches in our family. Lost cool as heck Laddy today. Was just fine yesterday, but started panting bad today . Passed suddenly about an hour after made a vet appointment for tmrw morning. He was in the range, but still hurts.

    Cool little dude….a number of you guys met him.

  191. Tim Knight says:

    M13, the way we play defense with so many looks, we need to add speed even if the prospects we draft are not dominant Edge guys. This draft doesn’t have much elite for Edge but there is some depth with good prospects. The same with LBs, there is speed available.

    • mf13ss says:

      I don’t disagree with anything you just said… but I really want to get Micah Parsons, just not @ R1P6.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Well you know I’ve been high on Parsons for months. I think he’s exactly what we need. I really believe he’s a guy we can move around in our multiple defense.

  192. Ken says:

    Sorry Stanger for your loss. Laddy was an awesome dog

  193. son of a son of a shula says:

    Aww sorry Stanger

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