2021 Season – Game 1 – Dolphins @ Patriots

The roster has been trimmed to the 53 man roster and our team is ready to begin the 2021 NFL season, it’s longest season ever, 17 games. The Dolphins head to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough to face off against their long time division rival New England Patriots. Bill Belichick always has a surprise and this season it was cutting then starting QB Cam Newton to make way for the newly drafted QB of the future, Mac Jones. By doing so, Belichick has now enabled a division of fine young QB’s, most drafted within the first 10 picks of their respective drafts, except Jones who fell to #15. Josh Allen, the elder at 25 (Pick #7), Tua Tagovailoa next at 23 (Pick #5), Mac Jones who just turns 23 today (Pick #15) and the baby of the group, Zach Wilson who is 22 (Pick #2). This should make the AFC East a competitive division for some time.

On to the Dolphins roster. We speculated for months as to how it would shake it and we all got it mostly right, but there are always surprises. The first bomb was LB Benardrick McKinney getting released. I’d say the second biggest surprise to me was WR Lynn Bowden going on IR and out for the season. It was a good move which allows us to stash him for another season, but it also makes you wonder if the kid has it or not. Next year will almost surely be his last chance. OLB Vince Biegel also went on the IR ending his season as well. WR Allen Hurns was also shelved on the IR with a wrist injury which made their decision to keep 6 WR’s relatively easy. I did think Kirk Merritt would make the 53 but he ended up on the PS. So, this our roster now . . .

QB (2)

Tua Tagovailoa

Jacoby Brissett

RB (3)

Myles Gaskin

Malcolm Brown

Salvon Ahmed

WR (7)

DeVante Parker

Mack Hollins

Albert Wilson

Jaylen Waddle

Preston Williams

Jakeem Grant

Will Fuller * (suspended Game 1)

TE (5)

Mike Gesicki

Adam Shaheen

Durham Smythe

Hunter Long

Cethan Carter

OL (9)

Austin Jackson

Liam Eichenberg

Michael Deiter

Robert Hunt

Jesse Davis

Solomon Kindley

Greg Mancz

Greg Little

Robert Jones

DL (6)

Christian Wilkins

Raekwon Davis

Emmanuel Ogbah

Zach Sieler

John Jenkins

Adam Butler

LB (7)

Andrew Van Ginkel

Jerome Baker

Sam Eguavoen

Elandon Roberts

Jaelan Phillips

Duke Riley

Brennan Scarlett

CB (5)

Xavien Howard

Byron Jones

Nike Needham

Noah Igbinoghene

Justin Coleman

S (7)

Eric Rowe

Jason McCourty

Jevon Holland

Brandon Jones

Clayton Fejedelem

Trill Williams

Elijah Campbell

PK (1)

Jason Sanders

P (1)

Michael Palardy

LS (1)

Blake Ferguson

So that’s the 53 man roster and this year the practice squad has been expanded by the NFLPA and the NFL accordingly to 16 players, including veteran players. Our PS consists of . . .

DE Jason Strowbridge, WR, Kirk Merritt, C Cameron Tom, RB Gerrid Doaks, RB Patrick Laird, QB Reid Sinnett, DT Durval Quieroz-Neto, OL Adam Pankey, LB Shaquem Griffin, DE Jabaal Sheard, CB Tino Ellis, WR Brandon Powell, LB Calvin Munson, LB Milo Eifler, OL Kion Smith, CB Javaris Davis.

So the Dolphins travel to New England, which formerly was a house of horrors, but we have been flipping that script in recent years. We did lose last season to Cam Newton and the RPO for which we had no answer 20-11. We upset the Patriots 27-24 in ’19 with a Fitzpatrick to Gesicki TD with :24 seconds remaining. In ’18 we were massacred 38-7 with HC Adam Gase, as if we expected any different. Gase in over his head at every stop in the NFL as head coach. I’m hoping we have something closer to the 2019 game, but I’d like to beat them by at least a TD, send them a message! The Patriots will have their new QB along with 2 new TE’s, Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, as well as WR Nelson Agholor. I would expect both TE’s to get a lot of looks as BB tries to exploit mismatches. Besides, the TE is a young QB’s best friend. On our side on offense I expect us to have long drives moving the chains with a good combo of rushing and passing, and I expect our TE’s to be busy as well, along with RB Myles Gaskin getting lots of touches in the rushing and passing game. Both defenses will be similar in approach. Create pressure from where it’s not too obvious, disguising blitzes and pass rushers. I want to see a crisp game from our squad and most of all I want them to make Mac Jones look very bad. We don’t him gaining confidence beating a better team in game 1, and yes, I said we’re the better team. Instead, I want the new Tua to have a great game and give NE a taste of what’s to come for the next decade or so of Miami Dolphins dominance!


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1,387 Responses to 2021 Season – Game 1 – Dolphins @ Patriots

  1. The Flying Pig says:

    They settled for a FG

  2. good job getting their hands up, to knock down Allens third down pass

  3. stangerx says:


    David 31-13 🐬
    New Age 24-14 🐬
    CavKong 27-17 🐬
    Phelon 27-0 🐬
    Herd 30-17 🐬
    🐷 49-3 🐬
    Rock 23-16 🐬
    Mike E 23-13🐬
    Tim 30-20 🐬
    Naples 19-16 🐬
    Rhino 27-10 🐬
    OD 26-10 🐬
    Capt Stubbs 31-27🐬
    mf13ss 27-23 🐬
    stang 17-14 Phins

  4. Capt. Stubbs says:

    Game Day!!!!
    Excitement is getting to feverishly high level!!!
    I worry about the rookie qb beating us. If my memory serves me right rookie qb’s beat us more often then not.

  5. The Flying Pig says:

    I didn’t know Vince Neil was a Dolphins fan

  6. The Flying Pig says:

    That sound delicious Kong, I’m glad you decided to go with a porkless breakfast

    Keep this up and I may be willing to team up with your planet of the apes takeover

  7. The Flying Pig says:

    Remember to root against the 49ers this season

  8. stangerx says:

    Do you guys get like 3 emails a day asking you to give to candidates? I get them from both sides. Rand Paul just called me a Patriot.

    Reason ask is wondering if that is the normal American’s experience or just cause have ended up on lists cause of campaign giving and my e-mail has been passed around.

  9. Rhino says:

    Piggy, good to know about Vince Neil. Tuesdays and Fridays runs are my Motley Crue days cuz the pace is faster. lol

  10. Rhino says:

    Devonta Smith with first NFL TD with catch and run from 18 yards out.

  11. thats 3 offensive holding called against the bills, lol

  12. CavalierKong says:

    Steelers D looks good, but Rapeberger looks pretty crappy

  13. Mike E. says:

    I put up the Gameday Blog. Don’t need to use until game time. Nothing on it, no article, just so we don’t have to wait long for the page to refresh, so once the game starts, head over to the next one.

  14. stangerx says:

    White jerseys with aqua pants today.

  15. rothlisburger fumbled the ball, he looks slow and unaware of the backside rush

  16. CavalierKong says:

    Piggy, when I went shopping, I forgot the bacon, lol

  17. CavalierKong says:

    Stang, I’ve gotten about 6 calls in the last 3 days from both parties regarding the recall, but nobody wants my money yet.

  18. CavalierKong says:

    Houston up 14-0 on Jax. Watson who? lol

  19. The Flying Pig says:

  20. Ken says:

    Big Rape and Steelers look like doo doo

  21. Ken says:

    Zach Wilson three his first career int

  22. CavalierKong says:

    Steelers D has been terrific

  23. The Flying Pig says:

    Garapolo is playing pretty good now

  24. The Flying Pig says:

    Did you guys o ow the jags were favored in that game?

  25. The Flying Pig says:

  26. najee harris, looks in over his head

  27. Rhino says:

    cheering for NFC teams in all inter-conference games. Never too early for tie break scenarios. lol

  28. CavalierKong says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Steelers D can keep it up in the 2nd half and keep the score down. A TD here may be enough points for the win the way the Steelers offense is playing.

  29. The Flying Pig says:

    after having a horrible preseason and Training Camp JaMarr Chase is killing not today

  30. CavalierKong says:

    monster 3rd down play here

  31. The Flying Pig says:

    That was a perfect throw by Josh Allen

  32. bailbondmike says:

    Lawrence with his second bad INT of the first half. Both really bad throws.

  33. Krishna says:

    Just finished off 1# of buffalo wings with tater tots…at Nickel City, a Buffalo Bill’s bar!

    LMAO! Awesome!

  34. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m Rooting for the Panthers too guys

    But that’s not a fake that’s going to make a difference when it comes to tiebreakers!

  35. Krishna says:

    Got t-shirts, songs, chants, rowdy as shit, lmao. It’s pretty cool, actually….

  36. Ken says:

    Darnold killing the Jets but this time with good play

  37. The Flying Pig says:

    Game is getting away from jests

    Oh…what am I saying

    It got away from them last December

  38. bailbondmike says:

    AZ defense playing big. Chandler Jones with 3 sacks in first half against Tanny and holding Derrick Henry to 0.8 yards a carry on 9 carries so far.

  39. The Flying Pig says:

    Time to start changing avatars every week again

  40. stangerx says:

    San Fran is up 21 against Detroit. Have a feeling we might be waiting a bit on our first selection next draft.

  41. Krishna says:

    Welcome to the NFL, Trevor…..

    Same greeting needs to be made to Mac Jones!

  42. Rhino says:

    switched over to Jets Panthers … would love to hear Jets fans lament their franchise with Darnold outclassing Wilson. lol Just another reminder that rookie QBs are ‘rookies’. I actually had a dream last night that Tua threw for 600 yards. LOL. Opening Day optimism.

  43. Rockphin says:

    I have game day anxiety

    I don’t like it

  44. Rockphin says:

    Tyrod Taylor with 200+ yards and two TD’s in the first half

  45. Rockphin says:

    What the hell is going on in the Jet’s game? NO QB stats on NFL.com They haven’t attempted a pass or is the site f’d up?

  46. Rockphin says:

    Lady Zebra on the field

  47. Ken says:

    Stupid play call by Bills

  48. Rockphin says:

    Great fourth down stop by the Steelers!

  49. Krishna says:

    Meant to mention the blonde LJ in the Bills game. Seen her several times.

  50. Ken says:

    Woohoo Steelers take lead

  51. Rhino says:

    THANK YOU Steelers

  52. Ken says:

    ST TD for Steelers 😃

  53. Rockphin says:

    Haack still making plays for Miami. LOL

  54. Krishna says:

    Buffalo unravelling….lmao

  55. lol steelers block a punt for a TD, AWESOME

    bills will start the season 0-2

  56. Krishna says:

    Getting quiet at Nickel City….lol.

    Love it

  57. Krishna says:

    Uh oh, volume just went up!

  58. Rockphin says:

    The hottest chicks in the buffalo stands are Steelers fans. LOL

  59. CavalierKong says:

    Nearly every important game is going our way right now

  60. Rockphin says:

    Let’s go Pit Defense!


  61. stangerx says:

    Bills going down has some taste to it….. but gotta happen next Sunday too.

  62. Rockphin says:

    It will be fantastic if we take the division lead this week and never give it up!

  63. Rockphin says:

    Miami and NE currently tied for first place! LOL

  64. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s Go Dolphins!

  65. The Flying Pig says:

    Really bad loss for the Bills

  66. Rhino says:

    that’s a fumble

  67. Tim Knight says:

    Week 1 as unpredictable as usual.

  68. Tim Knight says:

    BS call.

  69. wyoming85 says:

    OK I’ve caught up to live!
    Fuck stopping play on offsides!!!!!!!!!
    Call holding MF’rs!!!!!!!!!!!

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