Dolphins are ALL IN

I wish I could adequately share my excitement with all my friends and readers here. I hope by the time you finish reading you can feel it through my writing. It’s not that this team is the front runner for Super Bowl LVII, it’s that we’re actually in the running. It’s that our team has made a commitment this season acquiring assets to be a legitimate competitor in the AFC. Last week I was taking in all the moves and thinking to myself this team got a few nice players, a collection of adequate players but nothing exceptional. I felt we needed some top level talent. What a difference a week makes! We signed via Free Agency the top OT on the market, Terron Armstead formerly of the New Orleans Saints. Yes, he’s a LEFT TACKLE, and Tua is left handed, which means Armstead won’t be protecting Tua’s blindside. Doesn’t matter, we needed a high level player on the O-line and just thinking of Connor Williams and Terron Armstead on that left side is exciting. Both are excellent run blockers. Then the blockbuster dropped, and it happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. I’m getting rifled with texts from friends and fans of other teams letting me know that the Dolphins are in the running for WR Tyreek Hill. Who expected anything like that? BOOM! He’s here for the next 4 years for $120M. What???

The Miami Dolphins offense is going to be known as the LEGION OF ZOOM

So friends, as disappointed as I was last week, I couldn’t be more optimistic about our team. The totality of all the moves make it clear we wanted speed on the field, and with newly acquired Raheem Mostert, Tyreek Hill added to Jaylen Waddle, that’s some legit horsepower out there. You can read all the negatives about giving up all that draft capital and paying exorbitant amounts of money to a smallish WR, but F all those know nothings who write and say those things. The Raiders are brilliant for giving up loads of draft capital for Davante Adams and paying him, but the Dolphins are desperate. You could easily make the case that Tyreek Hill is as good or better than Davante Adams. Alright, so in reality, it all comes down to the prevalent belief that Tua just ain’t it, just isn’t good enough. I don’t think there’s a player in this league, possible league history who is judged as unfairly as Tua is. I can’t say whether he’s a top 10 talent at the QB position but please judge the man by what he had to play with. Worst O-line in football, a revolving door of injured receivers, no run game, and the proof of all that was how much worse and established NFL starter, Jacoby Brissett performed in Tua’s stead while he was injured. There seems to be no perspective at all when judging young Tua and I just hope with all my heart that this kid makes them all look stupid. For the most part, he can’t really win, because if he succeeds this season and the team wins, the new weapons will get the credit and Tua will just be a game manger surrounded by great players and a great HC. I can only pray they say that because we’ll be winning.

We all knew the offense was the unit that needed some TLC, and the Dolphins apparently agreed. While we managed to keep the defense intact, props to the Dolphins FO for making that happen, they really dug in to fix the offense. So just how does Tyreek Hill fit in with this offense. Just like in KC, just get him the damn ball. I don’t care if it’s a screen pass, a jet sweep, a 5 yard pass, 10 yard pass or a 50 yard bomb, just get him the ball and good things happen. He’s that dangerous receiver that absolutely must be accounted for at all times. You think Jaylen Waddle is excited? His 9.8 YPR is going to go up nicely with Hill in the lineup. You think Mike Gesicki is excited? BTW, both of those aforementioned receivers may see less targets, but I can almost guarantee you they will be making more big plays. Last year Will Fuller, AKA The Invisible Man was supposed to be the guy to take the top off the defense. That was the bottle rocket that went pffffffffffffffffft! It was such an unbalanced attack, it was the Penguin Show, Waddle getting 104 receptions with the next closest receiver being TE Mike Gesicki with 73.

The ball is going to be spread around a lot, and I’m sure WR Tyreek Hill will get his share of targets and receptions, as will Waddle and Gesicki, but remember all the RB’s we brought in here. First, Chase Edmonds, who’s averaged between 7-9 YPR, and our own Myles Gaskin who was one shy of 50 receptions. Raheem Mostert isn’t really used a receiver often but he’s so dangerous in space and finds angles and creases so quickly that he may get the ball more here in this offense. Ah, but keep in mind, we hired Mike McDaniel, run game coordinator. Mike loves to run, and although we don’t have a feature back per se, we have some guys that make big plays in Mostert, Edmonds and of course Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

OK, as Jen Psaki would say, let’s circle back to the O-line. Y’all know I felt we needed two quality guys, and I made it clear I wanted interior guys, expecting our talented young OT’s Austin Jackson and Liam Eichenberg to be reclamation projects of O-line Coach Matt Applebaum and Frank Smith. Instead, the Dolphins simply got the best OL available in Free Agency, LT Terron Armstead. Earlier and preceding the Armstead deal, the Dolphins picked up Connor Williams. Williams must be ecstatic that he’s going to be playing next to Terron Armstead. I don’t know if Michael Deiter is going to be our starting C, or if we look to the draft where we have significantly less capital, or possibly at post June 1st cuts for our new center. The right side of the line has yet to be determined but most definitely includes OL Robert Hunt. Whether he remains inside at RG or moves out to RT is still up in the air. One thing we know for certain, in possibly a symbolic move, is that Jesse Davis will NOT be the RT in 2022. If it were me, I’d leave Hunt at RG where he’s flourished, and make an open competition between young tackles Austin Jackson, Liam Eichenberg, Larnel Coleman and Robert Jones. Or as some have speculated here, maybe big man Solomon Kindley moves to RG and Robert Hunt is the new RT. All possible, but my thinking is that Solomon would have to be in tip top shape to play in this athletic offensive line scheme, where lots of movement is the plan. You have to move to fill a hole or gap, and you can’t be tardy or the play is blown up. I think Austin Jackson has a good shot and as I type that I can see M13 cringing about Jackson on Tua’s blind side. Eichenberg had mentioned last season he’s very comfortable at RT, so this competition should be a good one, and I feel we have enough knowledge there now with Applebaum at the helm, and with a couple of other guys with O-line experience to lean on.

Have we now increased the talent level on this team? CHECK! Have we brought in some game changers, playmakers? CHECK! Have we addressed the O-line? CHECK! The only negative I can muster right now is that I probably won’t watch Day 1 and 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft. It’s usually one of my favorites, until it actually happens and then most times I’m grumbling WTF under my breath, or actually screaming it. We still own picks #102 (RD3), pick #125 (RD4), pick #158 (RD5) and pick #225 (RD7). If we decide to look for competition at C via the draft, OL Cole Strange could be an option. Zion Johnson struggles to move in space so although he has some pop in his blocks, my thought is we’ll be looking for a more athletic mover like Strange, who has played mostly OG, and has only practiced snapping and hasn’t actually played C. He would be a guy that couldn’t take over immediately, but perhaps a year or two later. We could grab in an inside LB and I know most of you here love Leo Chenal. The big backer may not make it to pick #102 but I wouldn’t mind it if he ended up here if he did. We could also look at RB but I think the top 2, Hall and Walker will be gone, so we’ll be looking at some lower tier players. If we’re looking for a bigger back with a tough running style to complement all the smaller, faster guys, Zamir White is that type of guy.

Oh, back to that defense. So we basically re-signed everyone, the defense comes back intact, including the depth. ILB seems to be the spot I’d choose for an upgrade, I love our D-line and and I don’t think our LB is an issue, but I’d love another playmaker next to Baker inside. Chanel is a big, muscular thumper who can motor, but he’s not a good cover LB at this juncture, which means he probably won’t be. As you all know, I’d love Bobby Wagner, but I feel like our cap space is getting tight, but there always seems to be ways to manipulate that and make things work. Wilkins, Davis, Ogbah, Van Ginkel, Wagner, Baker and Phillips make up quite the front 7. Maybe Wagner will see what we’re building and more inclined to join at a friendlier price. Roberts is a fine 2 down LB, and he’s made some big plays so I don’t consider it a need, more a want. Despite trading away lots of draft capital, we’re not done building, we still have some free agency and the draft, and then after the draft the post June 1st cut downs, which always nets some choice players. Enjoy the build, I know I am!



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1,170 Responses to Dolphins are ALL IN

  1. manitobafinfan says:

    April 1 came early

  2. manitobafinfan says:

    Ya had me for 2.5 seconds , then I saw the date of post

  3. CavalierKong says:

  4. Wyoming85 says:

  5. Wyoming85 says:

    Oh and fuck you MF13! 😉

  6. Wyoming85 says:

    Let us not forget!

  7. bailbondmike says:

    Yeah, I went through a range of emotions for about 10 seconds, anger, depression, then laughter as M13 got me. If I had not drank 8 beers last night, he may have not got me. My brain isn’t functioning on all cylinders yet.

  8. steveccnv says:

    Changing my tune on Parker, it makes no sense for him to be on the roster this year, his final year of his contract, when he won’t be resigned to a new contract, get what you can now or lose him for nothing

    The argument for him lies in the great year he had a couple of years ago, but Fitz was the QB and he really doesn’t fit with Tua, becase Tua isn’t willing to throw up enough 50/50 balls

  9. ukfinfan says:

    The clue was “Adam Schafter”. Not to mention the content!

  10. bailbondmike says:

    I like this one even though I waited until the end to get an OC but he is good in ZBS.

    – Edge Amare Barno 6’5 246 pounds and a ridiculous 4.36 40, he’s considered real raw but think he goes before 7th round with his combine performance.

    102. Troy Anderson LB, Montana State
    125. Velus Jones Jr. WR, Tennessee
    158. Matt Araiza P, San Diego State
    224. Amaré Barno EDGE, Virginia Tech
    247. Dawson Deaton IOL, Texas Tech

    You can’t do player trades on this. I took WR Jones with that thought in mind. Even if it wasn’t for a pick this draft as we could trade parker for a higher pick next year than what we could get this year.

    Not to mention, WR Jones would give us a true boundary WR with 4.31 speed.

  11. steveccnv says:

    We’ve been passed up by the Colts and Donkies in the ratings, based on Ryan and Wilson trades, rankings based on players on roster

    Our advantage, we hope, is MM’s playcalling, that seems to have gone unnoticed by the rangers

    Think it will be a huge advantage for us and help the OL tremendously

    Looking forward to some easy yards, like we’ve seen previously on first drives

    Watching the Jags game last year felt everything was a struggle, stopped watching at the half

  12. bailbondmike says:

    It would put defenses on their heels lining up with Hill, Waddle, Velus Jones and Mostert where Waddle is the slowest of the 4 players. Welcome to the Greyhound Park at Hard Rock Stadium! LOL

    Naples, thanks for turning me on to Jones.

  13. bailbondmike says:

    I think we may have forced the Pats hand come the first round. They need a WR, LB and CB. With their loss of JC Jackson and us adding Hill, they are gonna have to go CB early.

  14. naplesfan2010 says:

    The thing I like about Velus Jones (besides the 4.31 40) is he is 6′ 204, so not some delicate little skinny guy. And he played in the SEC, so he’s not some FCS guy you wonder can play w/ the Bigs.
    … …
    He’d be a great WR5 w/ mad chops @ KR/PR so Hill does not need to take all those chances. And if Hill or Waddle get nicked up, Jones could step right in and run those same plays.

  15. Wyoming85 says:

    • CavalierKong says:

      He’s the most engaging HC we’ve had in decades. I love his interviews. I find myself looking forward to the fresh answers he’s going to give to all the standard questions.

      Q: In your mind what do you see role-wise that fits with Tyreek within your offense?

      A: Well, first and foremost, you’re an incredible interview, and I do want to just give you the keys to the kingdom, but I’m not sure that from a competitive advantage standpoint that would make much sense, but you’re really walking before you can run…

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        as you say Cav
        and then Coach goes on to say that he and his Ocoaches don’t even know all the ways they can use Hill yet and that Hill’s talent will make things happen that are beyond the play as drawn up.

        Sincere and low-ego, yet actually Brilliant.
        He gave away no more than Bellicheat does, and yet he gave a thoughtful “real person” answer instead of just mumbling grumpy crap.

  16. naplesfan2010 says:

    In some order that Grier figures out, I’d like to come away with
    3rd a thumper ILB like Damone Clark or Leo Chenal or a reasonable facsimile thereof, as y’all have said above
    4th WR5 burner like Velus Jones or Danny Gray or Bo Melton or even Tyquan Thornton (all 4.3x 40s)
    5th Araiza
    7th A a developmental BallHawk CB w/ + ball skills
    7th B a sleeper/steal hyperspeed RB like Pierre Strong or Isiah Pacheco or Ty Chandler, to have in case Mostert gets hurt

    This is doable and would fix all the leaks we have left.

    • steveccnv says:

      Seems by most accounts you’ve left out C, but not sure it’s a team need, as Grier seems to like Deiter

      Expect they already may have someone on the roster to back him up

  17. naplesfan2010 says:

    I told my wife that I think Bellicheat might retire soon after all these other teams get stacked rosters, and he gets nothing, and then Arians beat him to it.
    Still might happen, especially now that McDaniels is gone, so there’s not someone to carry on and do well with Bellicheat’s ways and guys.
    I hope they promote Patricia to HC when BB steps down.

    • steveccnv says:

      Lol, sure would be nice, if he steps down before the season starts, because he sees no realistic playoff hope

      And if he does the later the better

  18. Wyoming85 says:

  19. steveccnv says:

    Deebo was great at breaking tackles, when running the ball on 3rd and 4th down in the biggest of situations and getting the 1st downs

    Hill isn’t going to be breaking lots of tackles, I do expect he’s going to make a lot of guys miss

    Which is better? Probably Deebo, because he doesn’t need space, Hill should be a close 2nd

  20. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

  21. steveccnv says:

    When I picture our OL on a pass play, I see LT walling off the end and Deiter taking care of the middle

    Can’t seem to get Williams and Hunt’s spot secured for some reason, maybe I don’t see them playing the guard spots

    Four man rush should see no one coming in on the left, Hunt controlling RT spot and Deiter helping the RG

    Think either Williams or Hunt play RT, then Kindley, Jackson, Jones and Eichenberg battle it out for the other OG spot, that would make the competition fierce in camp

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