How good will Jaelan Phillips be?

If you’re a Dolphins fan, and you watched every game last season, it’s easy to forget how sparingly Jaelan Phillips played the first half, and how much he came on in the 2nd half of the season with that additional playing time. For comparison, in totality, Jaelan Phillips played 54% of snaps on defense. AVG (Andrew Van Ginkel) played 71% of the defensive snaps. DE Emmanuel Ogbah played 67% defensive snaps. Now that we’ve seen what Phillips is capable of, his time on the field will greatly increase, probably exceeding 75% of the defensive snaps. If not at age 23, when?

Once again, for comparison, Pro Bowl LB Micah Parsons who was beloved from many here on FMU played 84% of the defensive snaps last season. You’d have to think Phillips approaches that this season. With more playing time, more plays will happen, and Jaelan Phillips, and hopefully the Miami Dolphins defense will get an increase in production in their pass rush and rushing defense. Phillips was tied for 2nd on the team with 9 tackles for loss, and 3rd in QB hits with 16. He was 2nd on the team in sacks with 8.5, just a half sack away from being tied with DE Emmanuel Ogbah. Phillips showed the ability to play the run as well as rush the passer. He’s a very athletic, guy with a nice repertoire of pass rushing moves that he will keep refining. He definitely learned a lot last year, you could see the difference by the end of the season he was so much more effective.

This season, I don’t think it’s crazy to expect 12-15 sacks from Phillips if he plays all season and gets at least 75% snaps on defense. He’ll probably have more than 20 QB hits, and I’d expect close to 80 tackles. You want your best players on the field as much as possible, and I feel Phillips will be, already is one of our best. We did pick up Melvin Ingram who will share some snaps with Phillps, but Ingram is 33, and will have to be used strategically to keep him effective, and healthy. Although this only year 2 for Phillips, he came to the team with a good toolbox of pass rush moves, he has prototypical size and length at 6’5 266 and wide wingspan, crucial to getting to the QB. He’s certainly one guy to watch on this aggressive Dolphins defense. He should be among the leaders in a few defensive statistical categories this season, I can’t wait to see this kid shine!



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  1. mf13ss says:

    *knocking on wood*

    So far, so good for our Phins during the summer break. Nothing on the police blotter, nobody got a DUI/DWI, nobody lost fingers (see JPP) during firework displays, etc.

  2. pheloniusphish says:

    Shooter was also an aspiring rapper.

  3. Ken says:

    186 days in 2022. 308 mass shootings in this country

    • Ken says:

      309 my mistake

    • Tim Knight says:

      What constitutes mass? Do they count the everyday gang violence involved in illegal black markets?

      • mf13ss says:

        ONLY when they want it to, Tim. Chi-Town is never counted until they want it to count.

      • Ken says:

        What is a Mass Shooting? What Can Be Done? – Department of Criminology
        The Congressional Research Service defines mass shootings, as multiple, firearm, homicide incidents, involving 4 or more victims at one or more locations

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Tim – Yes they do count those.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        It’s a lot sexier than say we’ve had three mass shootings this year.

  4. mf13ss says:

    LOVE this guy!!!

  5. stangerx says:

    “I’ve had the opportunity to have Trump on my show more than once. I’ve said no every time. I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him.” He added that he’s “not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form.”

    — Joe Rogan showing the right side of the political equation is not as simple as you would think.

    • mf13ss says:

      I’ve truthfully never been a fan of Joe Rogan. Not sure why so many people put him on a pedestal of sorts, other than communists trying to ‘cancel’ him.

    • Tim Knight says:

      He’s not on the right, but he’s not all in with the left either. He tries to find common ground. He’s more liberal than right.

  6. Tim Knight says:

    It’s interesting I’m currently on a group text with 3 long time friends of mine who are willing to discuss reality as opposed to being on a side. We’re discussing the same issue as we are here simultaneously.

  7. Tim Knight says:

    At the end of the day a gun is an inanimate object, the sick mind is a living evil.

    • mf13ss says:

      And we know this… MAN!!! 😉

    • Ken says:

      The gun makes it a lot easier for the sick mind to kill but we keep telling ourselves otherwise

      • mf13ss says:

        If one were to ban guns (see Australia, GB, etc), the sick mind would STILL have availability to guns via the black market… plus, there are 6 million ways to die. You’d have to ban quite literally EVERYTHING.

      • mf13ss says:

        For instance, why aren’t we banning fentanyl from coming over our southern border? Put that shit into anybody’s smoke, and it will KILL ya.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Ken, sick people kill in all forms of ways. We need a war on crime in this country, not the soft liberal approach that is happening now. Some people are not wired right. They’re not going to change. I’ve seen so many shows where the guy who killed these women was already in prison for sexual misconduct with a minor, attempted rap, burglary etc. As soon as they get out they do it again but this time they killed someone.

        Some people were forced into a bad life of crime since they were born – that our entire government created and allows to exist. Every citizen in this country has to get behind better education and fun for kids as they grow up. That’s where it starts. That’s where you nip it in the bud. There are always going to be some evil ones that slip through the cracks. Nothing on this planet is perfect. Focusing on inanimate objects will never be the solution. Lots of dangerous machinery in the world. It starts in the mind.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        When you stop being dishonest about the numbers, we can talk about the root of the problems and how to solve them.

  8. Tim Knight says:

    M13, your drug reference is right in line with what I’m saying. We have more desperate and evil people now than ever before. Our government on all levels have allowed it. That’s why no politician should be a career politician. It’s human nature to do what’s good for you. You can’t allow corruption. So don’t give them a chance to build long lasting relationships. Serve and move on. Next up, you’ll be watched. Cameras are everywhere now. 🙂

  9. bailbondmike says:

    why aren’t we banning fentanyl from coming over our southern border
    Colorado State Police just seized in one vehicle enough fentanyl that came over the southern border that would kill over 30 million people.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Ken, I get where you’re coming from. But the weapon is not the biggest problem. Change the mind from going to those evil and horrific actions. This country is in a weird place. We need to admit it and address it. The AR-15 is not the problem. Take that gun out and it changes nothing. Bombs are illegal. But that shit happens. It can kill hundreds easily. What’s making people do this shit?

  10. Ken says:

    mf13ss says:
    July 5, 2022 at 6:39 pm (Edit)
    If one were to ban guns (see Australia, GB, etc), the sick mind would STILL have availability to guns via the black market… plus, there are 6 million ways to die. You’d have to ban quite literally EVERYTHING.
    The vast majority of firearms used in mass shootings are purchased legally. Yet we keep telling ourselves otherwise

    • bailbondmike says:

      Not denying that. Though, if you take them away from the good people, the bad people will still get them and the good people can no longer defend themselves.

  11. bailbondmike says:

    Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro is right and his country is a perfect example. Before he came into office, Brazil had very, very strict gun control. His solution, “Give guns to good people”, is working.

    This is a WSJ article from 9 days ago. No need to post the whole thing.

    “More Legal Guns Reduced Crime in Brazil”
    Homicide fell 34% after Bolsonaro made firearms permits easier and cheaper.

    “Lives are on the line,” President Biden said after the Supreme Court held New York state’s restrictive gun-permit regime unconstitutional last week. Gov. Kathy Hochul warned: “This could place millions of New Yorkers in harm’s way.” Brazil’s experience suggests otherwise.

    In 2018, the year before Jair Bolsonaro became president, Brazil had one of the highest homicide rates among developed countries: 27.8 per 100,000 people, compared with 5 per 100,000 in the U.S. Mr. Bolsonaro’s solution: “Give guns to good people. Let people have guns so that they have the chance to defend themselves.”

    In Brazil black-market firearms are widely available to criminals, and 70% of murders in 2019 involved guns. When Mr. Bolsonaro took office, there were about 330,000 licensed firearm owners in Brazil. At the time, according to the BBC, “only strictly defined groups of people, including police and security officials are able to obtain a gun license.”

    • Ken says:

      If giving guns to good people was working our country would be the safest in the world

      • bailbondmike says:

        Our problem is weeding out the nut jobs. Making a dollar is more important.

      • bailbondmike says:

        Our country was much, much safer than Brazil who had very strict gun control. We are still much safer but their #’s are improving every year since they eased restrictions.

        70% of their murders were by firearm most all obtained though the black-market.

        That’s what would happen here.

      • Ken says:

        Mass shootings is almost uniquely an American problem. Other nations have high murder rates but none have the rate of mass shootings we have here. There is no evidence that the shootings would continue at this rate should assault weapons were banned. In fact the evidence is to the contrary. Between 1994 and 2004 there was a national ban on assault weapons and there was a substantial reduction in mass shootings during that time

  12. Krishna says:

    Yeah, the strictly defined group…”including police and security officials”. Curious wgat other defined groups are….lmao

  13. pheloniusphish says:

    Again – Don’t use dishonest talking points if you want to have a conversation about people violence.

    From an ABC News article:

    “Was the Ban Effective at Reducing Gun Violence In General?

    That is unclear. According to a 2004 study from the University of Pennsylvania, the number of people killed in mass shootings did go down generally during the years that the ban was in effect. The exception was 1999, the year that the shooting at Columbine High School happened.

    The number of mass shootings per year has doubled since the ban expired, but the researchers say it’s difficult to discern whether there was a cause-and-effect relationship.

    The study found that gun crimes involving assault weapons declined by as much as 72 percent in the localities examined after the ban went into effect. However, the authors note that these types of weapons were only used in 2 to 8 percent of the gun crimes committed prior to the ban, so the larger impact on gun violence was minimal.

    “We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence,” the study concluded. “And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence.””

    • Ken says:

      I am speaking of mass shootings as compared to “gun violence “ as quoted in the article. I stand by my argument which the numbers bear out

  14. Wyoming85 says:

    well I hate t be the bearer of bad news.
    But mass shootings are a part of the freedoms we enjoy!

    My suggestion would be to teach kids not to grow up to be assholes and shoot people!

    It worked for my Mom and Dad!
    It worked for me on my child!

    I wonder what the difference is????

    You find that, and we can talk about a solution!

    • Ken says:

      A 2 year old boy was found wondering at the crime scene because both of his parents had been shot dead. What freedom is worth that boy’s parents? Honest question. I am tired of seeing another mass shooting on the news every week. At our schools, churches, malls and parades. Just about everywhere we live our daily lives. Is that really freedom?

      • Wyoming85 says:

        Unless you deny some people their Constitutional rights, You can’t fix the problem! (And personally I don’t think that would fix it anyway)

        It’s a cultural problem!

        Something is being left out of these kids upbringing!

        The dreaded boogy man of the family unit?
        Teachers teaching that America sucks?
        Lack of “real” human interaction due to the internet?
        The Victim mentality that’s prevalent today?
        Participation trophies?

        I’m not a social worker, I have no idea what changes brought this shit about?

        But I can tell you 1 thing for certain, they definitely aren’t worried about embarrassing their parents like I would be!!!

      • Wyoming85 says:

        The answer is all of them!
        That’s how it works

  15. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    July 5, 2022 at 7:01 pm
    M13, your drug reference is right in line with what I’m saying. We have more desperate and evil people now than ever before. Our government on all levels have allowed it. That’s why no politician should be a career politician. It’s human nature to do what’s good for you. You can’t allow corruption. So don’t give them a chance to build long lasting relationships. Serve and move on. Next up, you’ll be watched. Cameras are everywhere now. 🙂

  16. mf13ss says:

    I wish you were all watching Tucker Carlson right now.

  17. Wyoming85 says:

    Stanger I’ll see your MTG, and raise you this

  18. Tim Knight says:

    Ken, I get where you’re coming from. But the weapon is not the biggest problem. Change the mind from going to those evil and horrific actions. This country is in a weird place. We need to admit it and address it. The AR-15 is not the problem. Take that gun out and it changes nothing. Bombs are illegal. But that shit happens. It can kill hundreds easily. What’s making people do this shit?

  19. Wyoming85 says:

    The things I do know.

    If you drug him over to a tree and hung him,( Publicly and on TV ) You might discourage the next one or 2?
    Leave him hanging until he rots!

    but they seem to want to die anyway?
    So I’m not even sure that would work?

    For the future ones anyway! It would definitely work for him!!!!!!

  20. Tim Knight says:

    Wyo and some others, morals are a big part of it. If some of you are religious so be it. I have no problem with the freedom of being who you are. But stop telling other people what they are. As long as you don’t violate the rights of others, who cares? What we’re seeing now is you much refer to us as such or it’s a violation. Hmmm… uhm… no! That’s the problem. Freedom is being assaulted by fascists who don’t know they’re fascists.

    • Wyoming85 says:

      I don’t remember motioning religion?
      I’m not into “regulated” religion!
      To each his own!

      You could remember that last part sometimes!

      I respect you a lot Tim! But sometimes you look for the big bad religious boogy man in the bushes!

      I haven’t heard anyone on this blog stand on the Evangelical pulpit!

      • Tim Knight says:

        For me it’s about how people treat each other. I don’t care about their label.

  21. Wyoming85 says:

    Well Ya’ll go ahead I’m done!

  22. Mike E. says:

    186 days, 309 mass shootings. Good thing Trump isn’t President, the Democrats would be blaming him, not the guy who couldn’t hold his attention span long enough to count to 309 or the cackling hyena. Actually, they probably still blame Trump anyway. Whatevs

  23. Wyoming85 says:

    I’m just going to leave this here

  24. Krishna says:

    I didn’t know Marlin Briscoe set a rookie passsing record as a QB for the Denver Broncos that still stands today….

    …and, never played QB again. Wow!

    Yet, he was part of the Dolphins’ perfect season as a WR….

    ….that’s a fucking talented athlete!

  25. randydolfan1947 says:

    FINALLY BACK on the board after curing some computer-related problems.
    ALSO, some not so good news. My wife is set for left shoulder surgery on the 27th of July.
    And, I messed up my Left shoulder and, after some useless therapy, it looks like I’ll have left
    shoulder surgery in August. SHEESH!

    • randydolfan1947 says:

      PS: I leave in a little while for a convention in Orlando thru Saturday.
      Me and Mrs. OD will celebrate her 39th birthday again today, then it’s
      off to Orlando! Talk to y’all Sunday.

    • bailbondmike says:

      I chickened out of my shoulder surgery after the surgeon told me he was going to detach my bicep tendon “because at my age, I didn’t need it anymore”. I am only 58 and still very active. After a few days of thought, it pissed me off and I cancelled my surgery. Just living with the issue of lost strength and can’t play golf anymore or, at least I haven’t tried to yet. Sucks because I had my handicap down to an 8.

      Prayers with Mrs. OD and you Randy!

      • Krishna says:

        Why would a bicep tendon not be needed? Lol…you need a referral….geez, loueez.

    • Krishna says:

      Good to hear from you OD and all the best….tough road. Positive strong thoughts to you both.

    • ukfinfan says:

      Hope all goes well with your procedures Mr. and Mrs OD.

  26. bailbondmike says:

    Well, nothing new in football news. Was hoping to see a headline like:

    “Josh Allen arrested for grabbing another man’s cock at a 4th of July party.”

    But no such luck.

  27. ukfinfan says:

    Saw this tweeted. Man, that is so sad and fucked up.

    I’m not trying to stoke up more arguments here, as it seems most folks are as entrenched on gun laws as they are on politics, but just wanted to say that the statistics on this are bewildering for someone this side of the pond. We are far from “peace and harmony” at times here, but we also have free speech, a melting pot of cultures, video games etc etc. but nothing like this problem. The fact that the victims become statistics and lose their identities in a heartbeat a lot of the time is the saddest aspect of it.

    • Krishna says:

      Nothing else like it on the planet…and it’s called freedom…lmao…and sad

    • bailbondmike says:

      Sadly, this was the least violent 4th of July in Chicago in the last 3 years with 10 killed, 62 wounded in Chicago shootings during 4th of July weekend. This is a little above their average to a regular weekend. Last 4th of July weekend I think they had over 100 shootings with about 20 killed. I remember it being big news last year also. I will have to look it up.

    • ukfinfan says:

      This is one of the initiatives here in Manchester at my hometown football (round ball) club to try to turn young peoples’ minds.

      The Manchester worker bee is one of the best-known symbols of Manchester and has been an emblem for the city for over 150 years. The bee denotes Mancunians’ hard work ethic and the city being a hive of activity. It has also come to represent the sense of unity in our great city.

      It also became the symbol of hope after the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert where a suicide bomber killed 22 innocent people.

      It’s apt in so many ways that it was used to make a sculpture which acts as a centrepiece for an initiative to try to turn your people away from weapons and violence and channel their energy into more worthwhile opportunities.

      • stangerx says:

        My head of team sports at a day camp was brought in each summer from Liverpool. He played for a lower level Liverpool football development team. Don’t think he ever made it cause would have heard, but have a feeling you guys would be rivals.

      • ukfinfan says:

        Tranmere are our local(ish) rivals in our division from that neck of the woods Stanger. South of the Mersey Estuary through the Mersey tunnel South from Liverpool.

      • ukfinfan says:

        PS Great news on you shedding your Vader outfit a few days ago. Hope you are sleeping better as a result.

  28. bailbondmike says:

    Anyone watch “Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”? There is some really odd shit going on there. Almost X-Files shit.

    I am also a fan of Astrophysicist/Aerospace Engineer Dr. Travis Taylor since his show “Rocket City Rednecks” back in 2011. That show only lasted 2 seasons but I found it entertaining. They did advanced redneck engineering like building a rocket that uses moonshine for fuel or building a hover craft using leaf blowers.

  29. bailbondmike says:

    Why would a bicep tendon not be needed? Lol…you need a referral….geez, loueez.
    Still working on it. It was a young Navy ortho surgeon. Trying to get a referral to the Andrews Institute since it is here in Pensacola (Gulf Breeze, FL).

  30. steveccnv says:

    To all:

    ORob says hello

  31. steveccnv says:

    It seems lots of things can be done to lessen the mass shootings, starting with the rhetoric on both sides

    There’s no magic pill to fix it like getting rid of assault rifles

    Just as people like AL Sharpton don’t want to end racism, many politicians don’t want to end mass shootings, as their talking points would have less meaning

    You have to ask yourself, if they really wanted to limit mass shootings, wouldn’t it seems logical to try and do everything you could, not just eliminate guns?

    So what’s the real agenda? Think we all know it’s gun control

    What type of people want gun control? Usually tyrants, fascists, someone trying to tell others what to do

  32. steveccnv says:

    The biggest question down in Miami is whether Tua Tagovailoa has truly improved in his passing game. Both his throwing power and accuracy have been huge concerns around the media.

    This is the kind of article you get from a lazy reporter

  33. pheloniusphish says:

    Ken – Those mass shooting numbers are bullshit, compiled by gun control groups. Here’s an example:

    13 “mass” shootings in June listed. Every single one of them were gang/criminal related. No gun law in the world would have prevented any of them. You want to stop mass shootings? Then stop spouting woke bullshit like carceral state, equity, white privilege, CRT, victim mentality, etc. Punish criminals – prison should be a place you never want to end up. Stop letting criminals walk. Crack down on the entertainment industry – gaming, music, movies, TV. Stop defending cultures that glorifies violence and misogyny. Raise your fucking kids to have respect for themselves, others, and authority. Stop defending people and cultures that don’t.

    Our public schools and the government agencies that oversee them have been socially engineering our children for decades and now we reap what they have sown. The last two generations are predominantly whiney, self-absorbed, entitled waste of carbon. Nikita Khrushchev told us in 1961 that they would bury us and this is how they are doing it.

    Tim mentioned the melting pot, but we are not that anymore. Now it’s all about separation and diversity for the sake of being different. Your liberal social experiment of the last fifty years has resulted in what we have now. It was a failure. As a country we have about one more opportunity for a reset. That is what is happening now. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.

  34. naplesfan2010 says:

    Highest yards per rush all time, among players with 75+ attempts

    Tyreek Hill 7.7
    Jerry Rice 7.4
    Brad Smith 7.3
    Michael Vick 7.0

    the cheetah is wildly dangerous in the backfield

  35. naplesfan2010 says:

    “stop spouting woke bullshit like carceral state, equity, white privilege, CRT, victim mentality, etc. Punish criminals – prison should be a place you never want to end up. Stop letting criminals walk. Crack down on the entertainment industry – gaming, music, movies, TV. Stop defending cultures that glorifies violence and misogyny. Raise your fucking kids to have respect for themselves, others, and authority. Stop defending people and cultures that don’t. ”

    I’m in favor of this.

    • steveccnv says:

      It’s hard to believe anyone could be against this, yet here we are, with half the country for this crap

      Curious to hear what Ken has to say on this, as he generally backs the agenda, when in favor and silent on these types of issues

  36. naplesfan2010 says:

    “The gun makes it a lot easier for the sick mind to kill but we keep telling ourselves otherwise.”
    I agree with this.

    • steveccnv says:

      There needs to be some gun laws, that make it a little harder to get one, but these politicians always over do it, see beto, so the result is the laws don’t get changed enough

  37. naplesfan2010 says:

    I have long been opposed to “diversity.”
    Our motto is “e pluribus unum,” which means “out of many, one.” meaning when we come here, we let our past ancestral ethnicities go and become American.

  38. naplesfan2010 says:

    I am opposed to the ownership of military grade guns and body armor by almost all private citizens.
    If the gun is so powerful that it frightens a dozen heavily armed cops, then why do we sell them to anybody who wants one?
    Shouldn’t wanting a gun that can cause mass carnage with little skill be a red flag all by itself?
    At least we can send a sociologist or psychologist around to talk to the boy and his parents or associates to find out who is pissed off at or afraid of.
    Then we can help him with his anger management or other mental health issues, like the Republicans say.

    • steveccnv says:

      This is the problem, 75% of Americans agree with you, but the politicians on both sides are all or nothing

      There’s got to be some middle ground that works for the large majority

  39. naplesfan2010 says:

    I need to buy a new phone.
    Anybody hate or love theirs enough to give me a clue as to which one to get?

  40. Wyoming85 says:

    Football “news”

    • stangerx says:

      It’s almost like they write this article cause they have too.
      Can anyone catch the Bills? It’s the top question when assessing the AFC East in 2022.

      The Bills, who were 13 seconds from reaching the AFC title game, look as tough as ever. Led by quarterback Josh Allen, they have mostly kept their core together and are the No. 1-ranked team in ESPN’s offseason power rankings.

  41. Wyoming85 says:

    There it is

  42. Wyoming85 says:


  43. stangerx says:

    The Herald’s Daniel Oyefusi ranks our DL best in the AFC East. Went Bills, Jets, Pats after us.
    ▪ Projected depth chart: Jaelan Phillips, Christian Wilkins, Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, Andrew Van Ginkel

    ▪ Skinny: For this exercise, on-ball linebackers such as Phillips and Ginkel are lumped in with the rest of the defensive line. While the Dolphins’ secondary — particularly, the cornerback duo of Xavien Howard and Byron Jones — gets much of the credit for the defense’s ability to play aggressively, the trenches remain an integral part of the unit.

    Miami returns a talented, versatile and deep defensive line, headlined by Ogbah and Wilkins. Phillips is a breakout candidate after registering 8.5 sacks as a rookie. Zach Sieler, one of the more efficient players at his position, will remain a part of the rotation and offseason addition Melvin Ingram III has the skill set to rush from the edge or move inside.

  44. Ken says:

    I couldn’t get on the site since last night. Looks like I had to clear my cache

  45. steveccnv says:

    Always find these types of articles amusing, as if every player that turned out to be a star, would be a star everywhere he could’ve gone

    Brady is classic example, if drafted by the Brown’s, ironically enough, he probably is never even a starter

  46. naplesfan2010 says:

    I like Raekwon Davis a lot,
    but Sieler graded out as one of the best DTs in the whole league
    while Davis graded out very low @ 36.5.
    (to be fair he was playing injured, as his grade the year before was 71.1)

    The #Dolphins were the only team
    to have two Interior D-Lineman record 80+ grades
    this season

    🐬 Zach Sieler (84.8) (4th in the NFL)
    🐬 Christian Wilkins (83.3)

  47. naplesfan2010 says:

    This is cool.
    Notice #5.
    Mayfield, Darnold 1-2 in INTs Since 2018

    New Panthers teammates Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold have thrown the first- and second-most interceptions in the NFL, respectively, since they entered the league in the 2018 season.
    QB INTs
    Baker Mayfield 56
    Sam Darnold 52
    Jared Goff 49
    Jameis Winston 47
    Josh Allen 46
    — ESPN Stats & Information

  48. Tim Knight says:

    Phish, the melting pot of diverse cultures is a wonderful idea but now we have people pissing in the pot and ruining it. The new wave is to divide everyone by broad brushing people and putting them in groups. It’s sad.

  49. stangerx says:

    RIP Hank Goldberg

  50. Tim Knight says:

    Man, I just saw that a little boy lost both his parents in that shooting in Illinois. That made me really sad.

    To be honest I have no idea how to stop this shit. As a society we’ve got to do something. We all know it’s going to happen again and again.

    • Krishna says:

      Only in America….that makes me sadder.

      Fucking stop it!

      No where else on the planet is the same…fucking do what it takes.

      And, I blame all responsible gun owners for not doing what it takes…sorry…

      …seems deadly toys are more important than human lives….I know it’s never the gun’s fault…just the person…lmao

      • Tim Knight says:

        Well it is always the person’s fault when they decide to murder people. I’m not a gun guy and don’t really care if we decide to ban certain guns. But then when it happens again with a gun not deemed to be so dangerous, then what?

      • Krishna says:

        Guns are rampant in our society….I think we should make more available…lol

        It’s the perfect remedy…🙄

      • Krishna says:

        …i.e. make them more rampant…I love all the killing…lol

        Let’s be real!

      • Tim Knight says:

        I didn’t say anything you’re saying. In fact it was the opposite.

  51. Tim Knight says:

    Krishna, are you for banning all guns from citizens?

  52. Krishna says:

    TK….you never said what I said nr intimated it…


    I was not asking for your support…just taking full responsibility for my comments if I stand alone, I’m comfortable with that…lol

  53. Krishna says:

    Why can’t the gun community manage themselves? WHY can’t they peer-review and police themselves?

    These are simple questions posited to a community that has dangerous “material” in their possession and seem to let everyone have access this hazardous…ok

  54. Krishna says:

    …and no solutions except ‘we want our guns because they’re fun’……fuck those who are randomly killed…ok…lol

  55. Krishna says:

    I’m reacting to the number of innocent people being killed, especially children, that has been reported in the last 30 days and in 2022….sometimes I just have to vent.

    I have people in my office who have family in Uvalde and soon thereafter we have I’ll on the 4th…happy freedom day dude…

  56. stangerx says:

    “Mike Grier, brother of Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, is expected to be announced as the new general manager of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks.

    Mike spent 16 seasons in the NHL, playing for the Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, Buffalo Sabres and San Jose Sharks. By accepting the job, he would become the first black general manager in the league’s history.”

  57. Wyoming85 says:


    • Krishna says:

      Lol…I’m out, too….so tired of seeing children, innocent people cut down…then saying it’s our right because we’re free…

      • Tim Knight says:

        It is becoming overwhelming.

      • Wyoming85 says:

        your heart is in the right place!

        but grouping that piece of shit in with legal gun owners is a really a bad concept!

        Really, really bad!

      • Krishna says:

        Wyo…I did not lump! I asked the question of gun owners, what are you going to do about it…..

        ….let it be?

  58. Tim Knight says:

    Wyo, legal gun owners is the wrong title because a lot of these shooters were legal gun owners. It should be law abiding citizens.

  59. Wyoming85 says:

    I’m definitely sad and disgusted!

    • Wyoming85 says:

      actually angry, and frustrated may be a better description!

      • Tim Knight says:

        Whatever the terms are I’m becoming emotionally exhausted about it. It can happen anywhere at anytime – it’s about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. People are on edge about so much these days and then we have this to deal with.

    • Krishna says:

      That’s all I’m saying Wyo…how do you police/intervene/peer-review to minimize the deaths?

      I’m not a gun owner…just an observer and hate what I’m seeing…and expressing that disgust…

      • Wyoming85 says:

        How do I intervene with someone in Chicago?

        Hell I don’t know 5 people that live in the town I live in now!

        I was never a peer pressure type of guy!

        It’s more about individual responsibility! Nobody goes to jail or hell with you!

      • Wyoming85 says:

        Do you make sure all the dope smokers in the country follow the laws, and human decency?

      • Krishna says:

        Lol…is that on topic? I’ve never heard of a “dope” smoker (I assume you mean weed which the majority of states have legalized) is doing a mass killing of random people. You?


  60. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    July 6, 2022 at 5:47 pm
    Phish, the melting pot of diverse cultures is a wonderful idea but now we have people pissing in the pot and ruining it. The new wave is to divide everyone by broad brushing people and putting them in groups. It’s sad.
    100% agreed, Tim… and it’s being done intentionally by the radicalized dems who are now owned by China. And to be very fair, the GOP isn’t doing much to stop it, either. Our current high-ranking politicians (BOTH sides) seem to be bought and paid for by China.

    “Russia, Russia, Russia” is being used as the scapegoat by the Chinese, in order to divide and conquer the world’s last two ‘superpowers’.

    • mf13ss says:

      Ukraine is the new (INTENTIONAL) proxy war, to keep both the American war machine profiteers happy while spending both Russia and US into oblivion.

      • mf13ss says:

        Funny how Ukraine began almost immediately after we withdrew from Afghanistan, is it not?

    • Krishna says:


    • Tim Knight says:

      The far left is on a roll in society and we have seen a kickback from conservatives with the recent Supreme Court decisions. We’re in a cultural civil war with ourselves. The battle of extremes have raised the bar. People who simply want to live their lives are being challenged on all fronts now. That is how you divide and conquer.

  61. Wyoming85 says:

    I don’t have peers! I’m peerless like a water faucet!
    ( probably because nobody wants to act like I do)

  62. mf13ss says:

    The last nail in the coffin of the USA will be the removal of the 2nd Amendment. I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’m not giving it up.

    Should we ban alcohol again (see Prohibition) due to DUI deaths? If y’all think Chicago is bad now with liberal policies (“no gun zones”), wait until it turns into 1930s Chicago on steroids.

  63. mf13ss says:

    Krishna says:
    July 6, 2022 at 8:39 pm
    Lol…is that on topic? I’ve never heard of a “dope” smoker (I assume you mean weed which the majority of states have legalized) is doing a mass killing of random people. You?

    Well, at least we know you don’t know much about inner-city violence, my guy. Happy that ya don’t, to be honest… but what’s the last thing most do right before a driveby? Yes… they smoke up with Mary Jane… it kills the pain of taking lives.

    • Krishna says:

      How do you know that? And if you know, answer the fucking question!

    • Krishna says:

      And, don’t tell me MJ inspires one to violence…lol

      • mf13ss says:

        I think you’re speaking out of turn, Bro. Most of it has to do with drug deals gone bad, unpaid, or done on the wrong turf. Thus, MJ plays a part in mass killings (gang violence).

        I DID say inner-city violence… not from recreational use from those outside the ghetto.

    • Krishna says:

      I know all about pain….mental, emotional, physical…some professionals have said PTSD pain, as well….

      …you have no clue

      • mf13ss says:

        See above… I DO have a clue, sir.

        Hopefully, with the legalization of MJ (not quite sure how I feel about it, TBH), mass shootings could be decreased. See post-prohibition in 1930s Chicago.

      • mf13ss says:

        As such, gun violence went DOWN after prohibition. So was it really a “gun problem” after all? Cause and effect.

      • Krishna says:

        I completely disagree with you that the root cause of violence in the inner city is due to smoking marijuana, mf13ss. That’s fucking alien shit…lol.

        You’re clueless..jmo

  64. Krishna says:

    Always coming with blinders on….it’s fucking hilarious…

  65. Tim Knight says:

    Crime is crime. Violating the rights of others is poor character and morals. I don’t care what your beef is.

    I’m so glad MJ is becoming legal in so many states. Take it out the hands of criminals. Let people grow it and nobody has to worry about it. It’s like any other harvest. If you don’t like it don’t grow it.

    • mf13ss says:

      See me above to Krishna. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the legalization of MJ.
      Just wait for the government to tax it, though! 😉
      I’m talking about the decline in gun-violence post-prohibition in Chi-Town.

      • Krishna says:

        The violence during prohibition was a result of prohibitting drinking…it was protest.

        Totally off topic and not relevant as it pertains to a conversation on marijuana.

        Oh my…

      • Tim Knight says:

        If you go to dispensaries it is taxed already. But why can’t people grow it like tomatoes and share it? It totally eliminates the criminal element. It’s a fucking plant. LOL

  66. Tim Knight says:

    M13, weed is not the money maker like heroin, crack, meth and other processed drugs that really fuck people up. MJ is the least of society’s problems. It actually helps people cope with the nonsense. It’s better than xanax and other fucked up shit. Take a few tokes and you relax. You might even write a great song. 😉

  67. mf13ss says:


    Yessir, I’m about removing the criminal element (not sure Krishna understands). I waffle on this… one of the very, very few matters I actually waffle on. I sure DO understand where you’re coming from (and Krishna in principle), man.

    Why do I waffle on this? I feel it may open ‘Pandora’s Box’ to legalize some hardcore shit, Bro. We’ve already heard the looney left seek the legalization of some BAD SHIT, just to piggyback on state legalization of MJ.

    It necessarily needs to be taken into consideration, ya know? I’d ask you and Krishna… why do many (certainly NOT ALL!) weed-smokers want to legalize more than just MJ? It certainly gives the illusion that MJ is a ‘gateway drug’… and THAT is problematic.

    Mind you… it’s not ME who is calling MJ a ‘gateway drug’.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The gateway drug is the individual mind like with anything else. Personal responsibility needs to be enhanced in society, not more excuses for poor behavior.

      But yes, there are reasons that set people off. I do not think MJ is a major culprit. We’re being overloaded with everything other than what the problems are and it’s becoming obnoxious.

      • mf13ss says:

        I appreciate your take, Bro… and I hear ya. I’m not here to stir the pot (forgive the pun), rather just trying to figure it all out.

        “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY” resonates with me, and I believe that THAT is issue #1 in today’s (lack of) society.

  68. manitobafinfan says:

    BBM and OD .. my wife had her Bicep Tendon disconnected a few years ago , some here will remember her in a sling at a fest ..

    She was working with a kettle bell over her head and also off to her sides at the gym , and it somehow “flipped” her bicep, causing the tendon to wrap around the bicep muscle .. she was in constant pain and very limited mobility..
    Since the surgery she can still use her arm just fine , even played softball for one season before blowing up her knee..

  69. mf13ss says:

    Manitoba! Great to read ya this evening, sir! Hope everything is going great with ya!

  70. manitobafinfan says:

    Best of luck to Mr and Mrs OD with the surgeries….

  71. manitobafinfan says:

    Thank ya MF, we are good .. as I posted Monday we just became grand parents for the first time this week .. they agreed on Xavien as the first name, I lost out on my pitch to have middle name Howard..🤷‍♂️ … they decided on middle name Dallas instead .. at least it wasn’t for the team .. her water broke at a 4 day Country Music festival where her favourite Dallas Green was playing .. thus the middle name ..

    • mf13ss says:

      NICE!!! And CONGRATS!!!

      Well, Xavien played college ball at Baylor, Texas… which is 95 miles south of Dallas. What does this mean? I dunno! Perhaps Xavien Howard gets 95 INTs this year?! 😀

  72. Krishna says:

    mf13ss…to you specifically and your 9:33 post….

    Let’s start eith your last point, that it’s a gateway drug.

    That myth has been around for more than 40 years as I have lived as an adult for all of those years. I have indulged in a variety of substances and not one encouraged me toward another or opened a door for me, i.e. provided a gateway…

    The gateway argument is a unicorn…sorry…I meant mythical.

    Your waffling bears no witness to the truth; it only bears witness to your fear, blindness, and misunderstanding….

    It’s difficult for me to discern or understand what is ok as a freedom to alter my mindset…lol. I smoke a weed I can pull a bud off a plant v having to brew or distill something…lol

    Give me a fucking break…lol…gateway to hell?

    • mf13ss says:

      Brother, I went out of my way to NOT call it a “gateway drug”, nor did I infer as much. I wanted your take, not a misreading of what I had posted.

      It’s alright, we’re good.

  73. manitobafinfan says:

    As for Covid Restrictions.. no we are pretty well wide open .. there is talk now of to be considered “fully immunized” in Canada we will be required to have/get a new/booster every 9 months … we got first two shots to be able to travel to US as well as Jamaica, wife got a booster after that , I refrained as the strains were less serious .. but with the proposed changes , we will need to get more shots in order to board planes within or into the country .. or to cross at road borders into the country

  74. manitobafinfan says:

    Yeah not too impressed with it , but if we are to travel I guess we will suck it up 🤷‍♂️

  75. Krishna says:

    Lol…speaking of Covid…

    I was asked if a Covid+ 14 yo could join us for our beach vacation in Port A. I stated strongly, of course! And, followed up, I don’t give a shit, please bring him….Everyone else was already exposed and negative

  76. Tim Knight says:

    “Part of that is a few of them also won’t/don’t test either ..”

    Remember when we didn’t test to know we felt shitty. The doctor said yeah you have a bug or flu. Do this and that and get rest. Now it’s OMG you have COVID!!! Quarantine time. Didn’t we always say stay away from me, I’ve got some sort of bug I don’t want you to catch it. Now it’s about testing positive for COVID!!! that is no different than any of that.

  77. manitobafinfan says:

    Tim I agree with most of what you stated above … daughter and son in law were feeling like shit and came to a family gathering that included a pregnant woman .. they only told us after the fact that they were “under the weather “.. if they were infected we should have at least been asked if we were okay with it .. that’s all

    • Tim Knight says:

      I hear ya, man. I think COVID has become a red alert word for governments to shut shit down at any time. I’m not a conspiracy guy, but I see this as a tool for them to control people whenever it seems fit. Maybe legit or not. It doesn’t matter. We’ve been influenced to comply already.

      Three of my closest friends and I have been discussing this and we all know we’re honest with each other so we trust each other. We’re all mostly fiscal conservatives and social liberals. But with sanity as the former NYC mayor Ed Koch would say. 😉

  78. steveccnv says:

    Lol Lousiana

    What a dipshit

  79. Wyoming85 says:

    ho hum

    • steveccnv says:

      He doesn’t have the sack numbers and quick twitch of a great DLman, so of course his unflashiness causes him to be overlooked by those, that think they know more than they do (aka every poser some call beat writers or sports media)

      This year they’ll all jump on the bandwagon and act like they’ve always been on it

    • steveccnv says:

      Sieler recognition is the reason we were rated as having the best DL in division, by a non mainstream sports media person

  80. Wyoming85 says:

    Well this is as titillating as anything else

    16.Peter Skoronski OT Northwestern
    27.Bijan Robinson RB Texas
    48.John Michael Schmitz OC Minnesota
    78.Arik Gilbert TE Georgia
    80.Clark Barrington OG BYU
    148.Cam Jones LB Indiana
    172.Riley Moss CB Iowa
    212. Mike Jones Jr. LB LSU

  81. steveccnv says:

    Not sure what the big deal is with Tua throwing for 4k yards, 235 a game, Gari Polo had 3810 last year in 15 games

  82. steveccnv says:

    Saw a Tweet this morning showing Mahomes with a better QB rating than Tua left handed

    It was a joke, but 1 pass he threw

    I got one for him, Mostert rushed for 10 ypc last year (2 carries 20 yards)

  83. Wyoming85 says:


  84. stangerx says:

    RIP James Cann
    Most folks will think Sonny in the Godfather, but he’ll always be JON-A-Tan to me

  85. stangerx says:

    And of course MTG had to speak out about the shootings.
    “What’s the definition of a right wing conspiracy theory…. it’s just the news that’s six months early.”

    • steveccnv says:

      It’s what M13 has been saying, he even predicted it before the elections

    • steveccnv says:

      Why is it so hard for you to believe the corrupt left wouldn’t do this?

      • stangerx says:

        I just don’t believe the left would organize mass shootings to gain political advantage. Don’t believe the right would either if that helps. So just ridiculous thoughts to me. And she has not proof of it, just the machinations of her her obviously biased mind.

      • steveccnv says:

        Biden left people in Afghanistan to rot, it’s not that different

        He/they claim to be for people’s rights black, lgbtq, immigrants…think the Griner case explains it all

        If you think inflation and the price of gas aren’t higher on purpose…you must’ve been under a rock the last year+

        Look at what they did to Chris Stevens

        In Hilllary’s emails, she wanted to take Trump out, they said no, but she would’ve in a second

      • stangerx says:

        Like I said steve — don’t think either the left or the right would organize mass shootings in the US. I get you don’t like the left, but seems you are going into Alex Jones and Sandy Hook territory if you think the left does that.

  86. steveccnv says:

    Griner pleads guilty

  87. bailbondmike says:

    “What’s the definition of a right wing conspiracy theory…. it’s just the news that’s six months early.”
    I wouldn’t say “right-wing” but kind of agree with this. How long was the Hunter Binden laptop supposedly fake. That is just one example of MANY.

    Anyway, yard work is done. Time to hang at the pool, drink beer and grill.

    • stangerx says:

      Still waiting for MTG’s space lasers that cause forrest fires to be true. Surely you know many come out there and then just fade away. But that is not to say all…. but the ones that don’t are rare.

  88. stangerx says:

    No love for James Caan — he did a football movie too.

  89. stangerx says:

    Fantasy update on the top Phins’ projections. Gotta admit would not take either Hill or Waddle cause will be competing for balls. Might take Gesicki as #10 TE off the board, but then Mike E would have grabbed him already.
    ** Hill has an average draft position (ADP) of 16 (seventh wideout selected),
    ** Waddle’s ADP is 34.9 (13th wideout selected)
    ** Gesicki’s is 98 (10th tight end selected).

    • Tim Knight says:

      If they each average 5 catches per game that’s 85 a piece and with that comes a good amount of yards and TDs.

      • steveccnv says:

        5 catches, 13 yards per, 17 games, 1105 yards

        Waddle won’t be counted on for all those little passes he had last year, bet Hill gets more little ones

  90. Krishna says:

    You people crack me up…whatever Russia says about drugs is truth…lmfao!

    They give young teenagers performance enhancing drugs, they have a State sponsored drug program for ALL their athletes on every level and have been called out and proved by WADA, they can’t even show up at the Olympics as Russia….on and on.

    Then, everyone here believes whatever Russia says about Griner….hmmm

    Why? It’s a simple question. Lol…

    • mf13ss says:

      Laws are laws, man. Just because Russia has a set of laws doesn’t make them “Russia, Russia, Russia!”.

      We have laws, too. When foreigners break our laws we take actio… wait a minute, this is the lawless Biden regime we’re talking about. Never mind, lawless foreigners are given a free pass in our country anymore. Commit murder, and they don’t even need to pay bail in some jurisdictions. SMH

      • Krishna says:

        A believer in what Russia says…lmfao….case in point

      • Krishna says:

        You are always off topic…lol

      • mf13ss says:

        Do ya remember the case of Michael P. Fay, the American who was sentenced to caning in Singapore back in ’94? Singapore has laws… follow the laws, and ya don’t get into trouble.

      • Krishna says:

        Like I said s Russian believer…do you kiss Putin’s feet and sniff his underwear…lmfao

  91. mf13ss says:

    steveccnv says:
    July 7, 2022 at 4:42 pm
    It’s what M13 has been saying, he even predicted it before the elections
    And I’m not even Nostradamus, but there is a trend in these things. Here’s more proof: every time a radicalized leftist commits a mass shooting (and they commit these mass shootings 9 out of 10 times), it immediately gets blamed on the right, the NRA, and the politicians who protect our #2A.

    Once the facts come out (usually a day or two later)… OOPS! The story gets swept under the rug. For instance, I want to know WTF happened in Vegas with the mass shooting at a country music concert a few years ago. Why isn’t the truth forthcoming? GEE, I WONDER FUCKING WHY. SMH

    The American MSM is Pravda West, and it’s becoming clear to nearly everybody.

  92. mf13ss says:

    Krishna says:
    July 7, 2022 at 9:09 pm
    Like I said s Russian believer…do you kiss Putin’s feet and sniff his underwear…lmfao
    “Russian believer”? Yes, they have laws… that is a FACT. I feel badly for Brit Griner and her fam, but one can’t just turn a blind eye to the laws of another country.

    As the old saying goes: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

    • mf13ss says:

      Did ya really think Russia was going to let Brit Griner off with a slap on the wrist after your ‘president’ Biden has been spending our tax-payers’ $$$ like a drunken sailor to Ukraine?

      Buddy, ya can’t have it both ways.

      • mf13ss says:

        And if ya feel Brit Griner is a ‘political prisoner’, what about the peaceful protesters of 1/6… who are STILL being detained — in solitary confinement — in a DC jail after over 18 months?

      • Krishna says:

        LOL….leave it to you to draw a connection between Griner and Jan 6 rioters….god you have good shit…oh my

  93. Wyoming85 says:

    I’m guessing this will be swept under the MSM “rug” with the rest of the skeleons?

  94. Wyoming85 says:

    Wonder why he’d do that?

  95. Wyoming85 says:

    Let’s just leave it at that!

  96. mf13ss says:


    The Griner family has been desperately trying to get in contact with the Biden administration for months. He just doesn’t have the time to get involved with the Griner family. Sad.

    • mf13ss says:

      Sorry, just heard Biden may get involved… but it may entail a prisoner exchange. SMH

    • Krishna says:

      Clueless statement once again….dude you and few like you just love to hate…that’s the real problem in this country….extremism and you’re extreme…lol

  97. manitobafinfan says:

    So fun night ….

    It’s involved dog walks , losing poop bags , 3 poops on walk , come back to find internet and cable been cut by contractor, then some weird stuff dumped on driveway , so I investigated it , and on way back to house noticed my downspout was plugged .. reached my hand in to clear it and found out it was a ducking wasp nest.. stung three places

  98. Tim Knight says:

    All the politics we discuss comes down to we as Americans are all in the same boat and need to come up with solutions and not just political bickering.

    • steveccnv says:


    • Tim Knight says:

      What we’ve seen in the last few years are politicians who can’t negotiate with each other because they despise each other. We can’t have that. We need to vote those types out. It’s about the good of the country as a whole not your own personal agendas.

  99. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

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