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1,327 Responses to WILD CARD PLAYOFFS GAMEDAY!!!

  1. manitobafinfan says:

    I’m wondering why we play @ chargers again … we played them in their house this year …

    • bookman11 says:

      It is based on the NFL schedule formula. This year we played them on the Road because we played the team in the AFC west from the year before that was in the same place in their division as we were. That away and home is rotated yearly by division. We are on the road in 2023 because in our rotation of playing all the teams in the AFC West, it is our turn to play them on the road. 3 years ago we played them at home.

  2. steveccnv says:

    Have at it Skins

    Washington’s interest in Dolphins quarterbacks coach Darrell Bevell is already known, but now, it sounds like the Commanders are also eyeing Dolphins running backs coach Eric Studesville.

  3. Krishna says:

    Just read an article this morning by Safid Deen, basically citing the Tua references and concussions

    The idea of being prone to concussion speaks to comments I’ve made about Tua’s fragility.

    My response is that football is a physically violent sport. It’s the nature of the game. I may be wrong (perhaps), but my guess is that, of all sports on the planet (and I have no clue what they all are), you are MOST likely (prone) to be concussed by playing football than any other sport, except for maybe boxing or some sort of bloodsport where you try to knock your opponent unconscious, lol. You know, like soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, or some other kind of team sport where the goal is NOT to knock your opponent unconscious….lol.

    Some sports are too violent and physically imposing on a lot of athletes thus affecting their survivability….lol

    For example, this 5’8″ man would get killed, lol, playing football, or mauled, dismembered, and left for road kill….lol.

    ….and it would have nothing to do with sliding or neck control…lol.

    I would love to see Tua play a full year next year with an OL that gives him the best chance at that.

    • Krishna says:

      There’s only so much bubble wrap you can use in football…..it’s just a violent sport.

    • steveccnv says:

      So you’re saying you just play and whatever happens, happens?

      I don’t agree with that, if we look at the 3 plays he got concussed, the back of his head hit the ground

      Watch Tannehill take a sack, he gives himself up just before contact. People would say how durable he was, but he really wasn’t taking much contact, especially the surprise kind

      Tua seems to be in a balance position similar to a guy trying to stay in bounds making himself light on his feet, easy to vault

      My guess is Tua stands too upright, trying to be as tall as possible, then doesn’t prepare for contact

      Martial arts might help him

      • Krishna says:

        LOL….thanks for putting words in my mouth. Your interpretation is so off the mark….try again.

      • Krishna says:

        …lol…and you are disagreeing with something I never said….omfg

      • Krishna says:

        I would love to see the neck control one might be able to develop after being swung around like a rag dog, body slammed, and head whipped to the ground…..LOL…good luck teaching that move over the off-season….I need better drugs….

      • Krishna says:

        Or, how about the OT missing his block and coming at Tua’s blind side and body smashed to ground breaking his ribs….in the right positioning, he could be concussed on that play…just saying.

      • steveccnv says:

        Lighten up Francis, maybe you missed my question mark

      • Krishna says:

        LOL….means it’s pretty light Franciscc

  4. Wyoming85 says:

    Tua needs to learn when the play needs to be given up!

    Most of his fumbles and “OMG” desperation passes come after he should have given up on the play.

    If he lasts long enough he will get this with experience.

    • steveccnv says:

      I agree ge needs to learn when to give up on a play, but I don’t agree it will just come naturally with experience, think it would be similar to pocket presence issues some seem to naturally have

      Skylar has better pocket presence than Tua, but he also doesn’t stay in the pocket long enough and isn’t very good outside it

  5. steveccnv says:

    Good point on Tua


    I’d say Tua will be given the 5th year option, because he’s too good to let walk and we don’t seem to have money for a Brady, Rodgers or Carr, wouldn’t want 2 of those 3 anyways

    Brady now without Gronk isn’t close to any version that won as SB

  6. steveccnv says:

    Every QB gets hit from time to time regardless of how good the OL is, like when a blitz comes, with more than you have to protect

    Allen is so big guys hit him and bounce off, for the rest of them they need to protect themselves first

  7. Wyoming85 says:

  8. Wyoming85 says:

    I think this is good news

    • CavalierKong says:

      Great news for us. Interesting decision by Bevell. He was an OC for a number of years and even did a stint as an interim HC, but he started his coaching career as a QB/passing coordinator. Perhaps he’s just happy in that role.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Or maybe he just doesn’t want to be OC for a team with the huge offensive issues the Jest have and doesn’t want to work for the Washington organization while Snyder is still running it, lol.

  9. Wyoming85 says:

    I wish he was part of the “gameplan”

    • The Flying Pig says:

      If we resigned him and he was affordable
      I would just chalk up 2022 to a bad year for him and be ready for an impact in 2023

      But there’s a real shot he’s just a bad fit for the team and will be expensive to keep this off-season

  10. Ken says:

    Bevell says no to Jets and Commanders

  11. The Flying Pig says:


  12. Rockphin says:

    Did you guys catch at the end of master of furies the tie in to his Serpent War Saga?!?

    I am not sure who Nathan is, maybe Naykor? But Ruffio is definitely from the council at star dock!!

  13. Krishna says:

    Yay, Bevell!

  14. Wyoming85 says:

  15. mf13ss says:

    Seems the first wave of NFL doldrums has already hit us: it’s been rather quiet here today.

  16. mf13ss says:

    Changes for the Senior Bowl…

    Unfortunately, none of our staff is among the coaching in Mobile.

  17. mf13ss says:

  18. mf13ss says:

    EXCELLENT write by Barry Jackson

    • CavalierKong says:

      From the article…

      Restructure the deals of at least four among Tyreek Hill, Bradley Chubb, Terron Armstead, Xavien Howard and Emmanuel Ogbah.

      That can be done by changing base salary into prorated bonuses, which are evenly distributed through the length of a contract. But it’s also pushing back financial headaches to another day.

      Some of the Dolphins’ 2023 cap numbers are huge:
      $31.2 million for Hill
      $22.2 million for Chubb
      $21.1 million for Armstead
      $17.2 million for Ogbah.

      With Hill, $11 million in cap space can be saved by converting most of his 2023 salary into a bonus. Doing the same would save $6 million in cap space with Armstead, $9 million with Ogbah and nearly $15 million with Chubb.

      So those four simple steps could clear out more than $41 million in cap space, giving the Dolphins about $25 million in space.

    • CavalierKong says:

      That’s good info. We have options

  19. Wyoming85 says:

    No trips overseas

  20. Rockphin says:

    Mike E. says:
    January 18, 2023 at 6:25 pm
    Yes I did, I think I asked you about Nakor, remember?

    Yeah, but at the time I hadn’t gotten as far in the books and rejected the idea because of the dissimilarities between the two. Nathan is tall and blond, Nakor short and swarthy. But Ruffio is definitely from the council at Stardock, and the metal ball that Nathan uses is sure a lot like the Tsurani teleport ball and the Dreadlords at definitely the threat from one of Pug’s series.

    Though I haven’t gotten to the end of the last book yet, I am guessing he is going to expand the series now even though there is nothing on line about him continuing the series.

    It just seams like he took three books to set the stage for the story and it looks like he is unsatisfactorily wrapping it up in a couple of chapters.

  21. Rockphin says:

    Wyoming, that is just the list of the “Home” teams. We don’t know who the opponents will be for those games yet. We play all of those teams this year except Jax.

    KC, NE & Buff are all away games so there is a chance we will have to play one of them out of the US

  22. Rockphin says:

    Dickhead Florio out there saying the Dolphins have a great opportunity to go and get Lamar Jackson as running back / fullback again this offseason….

    What? He doesn’t play running back? Could have sworn..

  23. Rockphin says:

    Phelon, I am about 3-4 chapters from the end and I cannot for the life of me see how he can possible tie up all the story lines in the pages left!!

  24. Wyoming85 says:

  25. steveccnv says:

    We’d better get a home game on Thursday Night this year or someone in our FO should be fired and let me be a scheduling/clock management/ 2pt Advisor😁

    We’ve had only maybe 2 or 3 home games on Thursday Night, while cheats were getting them every year

  26. steveccnv says:

    Watching the Dallas vs TB game I thought TB’s D was a lot like ours in that, when they bring guys up close to the LOS they can be dominant, then they get a leak, the dam breaks, and they can’t get a stop

  27. steveccnv says:

    Jan 17
    Replying to
    I dont know who will get this message across to the right folks but, Lamar Jackson as a backup incase Tua gets broke again? Maybe? Spread the word.

    Why didn’t we think of this, paying Lamar 50m to be Tua’s backup🤔

  28. Wyoming85 says:

  29. ukfinfan says:

    Rockphin says:
    January 19, 2023 at 9:19 am
    Wyoming, that is just the list of the “Home” teams. We don’t know who the opponents will be for those games yet. We play all of those teams this year except Jax.

    KC, NE & Buff are all away games so there is a chance we will have to play one of them out of the US

    The Dolphins play at the Chiefs next year, there’s a possibility they get the Germany game. Obviously they also play at the Bills and Patriots but it’s unlikely the NFL forces New England and Buffalo to sacrifice home division games. Would NFL take away a divisional home game for Bills or Patriots? There is precedent for it, like when Dolphins hosted Jets in London in 2015. But as it’s a NY franchise and Goodell’s Patriots, it’s double unlikely.

    Needless to say I’m all for it.

    • steveccnv says:

      The reason you don’t see any NFC teams on that list is, because they all only have 8 home games this year, unlike the 9 AFC teams have

  30. stangerx says:

    Mike Gesicki@mikegesicki
    I didn’t even know I was making memories, I was just having fun. No telling what the future holds, just control what you can control. Everyone that knows me knows I would stay in South Florida forever, time will tell. No matter what and no matter where, the show goes on. . . 🤐

  31. stangerx says:

    Just don’t think this is right. Gun was supposed to be loaded with blanks by thee armorer (also charged) and then was checked by the first assistant director. Is it manslaughter if Baldwin assumed it was loaded with blanks?

    “Alec Baldwin will be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Halyna Hutchins. New Mexico prosecutors have been weighing whether to bring criminal charges for months. Halyna, a rising cinematographer, was killed on the set of Rust when a gun Baldwin was holding discharged during rehearsals. He’s repeatedly maintained he did not pull the trigger. The 30 Rock star is just one of three people authorities believe played a role in Halyna’s death.”

    • steveccnv says:

      Yes, it his his fault, he’s supposed to check the gun himself, and why it’s only manslaughter

    • CavalierKong says:

      Why is it two counts of involuntary manslaughter? Is it something like different levels, but he can only be convicted of one?

    • pheloniusphish says:

      He pointed it and pulled the trigger. First rule of gun safety – Treat every gun as if it is loaded. Second rule – Don’t point a gun at anything or anyone you don’t intend to shoot.

      It is manslaughter.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        They actually don’t make actors take gun safety classes or do anything like that even though they use real guns

        So they don’t ever really know unless they happen to own their own guns and become familiar like that

        There’s really a surprising lack of oversight in this industry

        When I was in college (at fsu) I did a summer semester of film of film school at nyu (which is when I first visited nyc) and everyone always wanted to film short movies with guns as props (bc we were all sensationalists who want to make action packed stuff) but guns, even toy guns were off limits bc appearently there was a history of nypd shooting studen film actors or nearly shooting student film actors

        But that was just student film stuff

        In nyc when they film they usually get permits from the city to shut down entire streets (there’s no parking put up signs weeks before) and the nypd always knows a movie or tv show is being filmed – so if the studio/filmmakers are using guns – there’s basically no safety oversight

        Honestly surprised it hasn’t happened more often

  32. Tim Knight says:

    I’ve been off the grid for a few days. Is there any new Phins news I should be aware of?

    • steveccnv says:

      Yeah, read up the page😜

    • CavalierKong says:

      Bevell declined to interview for OC positions with the Jest and Washington. Grier says Tua is our QB and that doctors say he isn’t more prone to concussions than anyone else.

      That’s about it

      • CavalierKong says:

        Oh we signed 7 futures contracts with some randos that included Cotton, lol.

      • CavalierKong says:

        defensive tackle Josiah Bronson, offensive lineman Lester Cotton, cornerback Tino Ellis, linebacker Cameron Goode, wide receiver Braylon Sanders, tackle Kion Smith and defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman

  33. steveccnv says:

    Oh and Tim, belicheat is abandoning his dual OC idea much to the chagrin of all Fins Fans

  34. CavalierKong says:

    What exactly are ‘futures’ contracts? We drafted Braylon Sanders last year. Why do we have to sign him to a ‘futures’ contract?

  35. The Flying Pig says:

  36. Tim Knight says:

    Okay the dual OC thing was always obvious. Godsey was the OC and Studesville was a Flores minority promotion. He returned under McDaniel as RBs coach.

  37. Tim Knight says:

    Thanks folks!

  38. The Flying Pig says:

    Tim you timing is excellent

    This just happened

    • CavalierKong says:

      The additional changes:

      “Safeties coach Steve Gregory, outside linebackers coach Ty McKenzie and assistant linebackers coach Steve Ferentz were also relieved of their duties.”

  39. The Flying Pig says:

    Boyer fired

    Probably the right move in my judgment
    But it’s right on the line IMO

  40. Tim Knight says:


  41. The Flying Pig says:

    I think the DC job is a very attractive job and they should be able to attract a season vwt

    People are talking a lot about Vic Fangio

    • The Flying Pig says:

      And some assistants which really bc ones with the territory

    • CavalierKong says:

      He’s probably at the top of the list.

  42. naplesfan2010 says:

    I thought maybe the injuries to our DBs would save Boyer’s job, but giving up the FG with like a half a minute left at the end of the half after we had tied it up was really bad.
    And of course, as you guys have pointed out, the ill timing of using the Cover 0 and giving up firsts on too many 3rd and longs.

  43. Tim Knight says:

    Fangio would be great. He reminds me of Dick LeBeau.

  44. The Flying Pig says:

    So probably not Fangio according to Barry Jackson

  45. naplesfan2010 says:

    I thought our safeties played almost badly this year.
    Holland almost regressed, and Rowe definitely regressed in coverage,
    so I have no problem with letting the safeties coach go.

  46. naplesfan2010 says:

    And our OLB coach did not ever teach Phillips how to seal the edge.
    And I love Phillips,
    but he seemed to be working on raw talent and very little coaching.
    I also thought the talents of both Ingram and Chubb were muted by scheme.
    Even Van Ginkel was quieter this past year.

  47. Tim Knight says:

    Which DBs played poorly, young players and backups? Our secondary took big hits with injury. Talent matters.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      The injuries at CB and the youth and lack of talent back there makes the work back there excusable.
      Holland, Rowe, and the rest of the safeties had coverage problems and low PFF ratings all year long, even though those guys have real talent.
      … …
      McDaniel fired the safeties coach, not the CB coach.

  48. Wyoming85 says:

    Doesn’t these firings take care of the Patriot smell we had in the locker-room?

  49. naplesfan2010 says:

    Needless to say ILB is STILL a need for our FO.
    Baker and Roberts and Riley make lots of tackles,
    and even some splash plays,
    but too often teams make yards in crucial moments when you want a hole filled by a LB to stunt the run, but instead, he keeps his feet moving and gets YAContact.
    or you want a TE covered so he isn’t open,
    instead of him making a catch and picking up the first and then getting tackled.

    • Tim Knight says:

      We were 4th in run defense this year. The secondary was the problem.

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        Our DL played great against the run, but our inability to get sacks from our front 4 was a real problem, especially with the talent and size we have.

  50. naplesfan2010 says:

    Bottom line, our D gave up more yards and points
    than their talent would lead you to expect.
    That’s on the coaches or scheme,
    and I think McDaniel has done a precise job of figuring who the slackers are.

  51. Tim Knight says:

    Ross will have to pay for Fangio.

  52. naplesfan2010 says:

    Fangio’s good, but I worry his playbook is outdated.
    ppl have seen it,
    and he failed as a HC.
    … …
    Where’s a young, innovative defensive mind at DL or LB
    somewhere that we can promote?
    or a DC or even smaller school HC from college who wants to try the NFL?

  53. naplesfan2010 says:

    What about Jim Leonhard who was the interim HC at Wisconsin?
    He’s ready to jump up.

  54. Ken says:

    Bye bye Boyer

  55. naplesfan2010 says:

    Byron Leftwich got fired.
    They should’ve fired Brady.
    But then again, any OC who calls pass 66 times in one game should get fired.

  56. Rockphin says:

    Falcons giving Flores an interview shot at DC

  57. The Flying Pig says:

    I’ve heard the name Mike Zimmer thrown around

    Guy was a defensive coach In nfl from 1989 to 2013 before becoming the Vikings HC

    That’s pretty serious experience

    He’s an “analyst” for Jackson state now so he probably wants back in the nfl if he’s not just ready to retire

  58. bailbondmike says:

    aplesfan2010 says:
    January 19, 2023 at 4:03 pm
    What about Jim Leonhard
    Yes, I made a post about this a couple weeks ago. Jim Leonard was one of the college HC’s the other possibility from college is Illinois HC Bret Bielema.

    This was the list:

    The Broncos defense is 1st in points allowed, 2nd in yards and 2nd in EPA.
    Evero is widely regarded as a rising star in the NFL. The 41-year-old has spent time coaching under Monte Kiffin, Vic Fangio, Dom Capers, Wade Phillips, and Raheem Morris during his 14 seasons in the NFL. This collection of coaches has exposed Evero to every defensive scheme and trend in modern pro football. He is all about building a defense around his players and not forcing players into his defense, which is incredibly refreshing.

    JIM SCHWARTZ – who is off the market now.

    Former Bears DC.



    Over the last five seasons running the Badger defense, he led them to top five in total defense five times and top 10 in scoring defense four times. During that period, the Badgers ranked third in scoring defense (17.3 points per game), first in yards allowed (284.8 yards per game), first in pass efficiency defense (110.5), third in rushing defense (103.4 yards per game) and first on third down (30.5 percent conversions). In addition, their 112 takeaways tied for fourth-most among Power-5 schools.

    Illinois had a top 5 defense last season. Spent 3 seasons as an NFL assistant, 2 for Pats and 1 for the Giants. Also was HC at Arkansas and Wisconsin.

  59. bailbondmike says:

    Piggy, Deon Sanders has left Jackson State to be the HC at Colorado. Zimmer will have nothing to keep him tied to Jackson State as an analyst.

  60. pheloniusphish says:

    Please delete this

  61. naplesfan2010 says:

    Leonhard was also a huge over achiever safety in the NFL, right?

  62. son of a son of a shula says:

    If Brandon Jones didn’t get hurt Boyer would still have his job. That was the toughest of all losses we suffered with injured players.

  63. Krishna says:

    I don’t think Boyer’s firing was dependent on an injured player or players….it was his coaching, scheme, and adjustments….imo

  64. Krishna says:

    Also, I’m not sure having a top 5 run defense in a passing league where your passing D is bottom 5 is a winning formula…

  65. pheloniusphish says:

    Boyer failed to adapt to what he had when injuries happened. He continued to call cover 0 when he didn’t have the personnel to run it.

  66. naplesfan2010 says:

    you have to tell the circumstances. How were you with Crosby and Lucas?
    I mean, the most famous person I ever played games with is Stanger.

  67. mf13ss says:

    Not sure how to feel about the firing of Josh Boyer, and in under a week of our exit from the 2022 season. For the n-teenth time, our Secondary was on life-support and he coaches through the Secondary to the rest of the Defense.

    If we can find a better DC, all good… but prepare for a potentially drastic scheme change. For instance, if we should change to a predominant zone scheme, we may have to replace most of our CBs.

    It all depends on who we get and if our current Defense as currently constituted meshes with the new DC. Time will reveal…

  68. mf13ss says:

    4-3 DC

    Phillips and Chubb at DEs
    Wilkins and Seiler at DTs
    Mike? Jerome Baker isn’t that guy, IMO. Plus, he’s pissed we fired Boyer.
    Boundary CBs?
    Nickel: Darth Kader
    FS: Jevon Holland
    SS? Brandon Jones will be tasked with this new role.

    • mf13ss says:

      With any luck, Channing Tindall will be ready to man the Will.

    • mf13ss says:

      And to those who don’t already know, ya DON’T change a career man-to-man coverage CB into a zone CB. Just ask Champ Bailey (first year in Denver) or Nnamdi Asomugha (after going from Oaktown to Philly) how well that works.

      • Rockphin says:

        except most defenses play both zone and man when it situation calls for it, so ask them about that.

  69. randydolfan1947 says:

    GOOD NEWS FROM TEXAS. Florida Atlantic leads UTSA 70-48 as they cruise to their 17th straight win of this season!! There’s still about 8 minutes to go, but THIS GAME IS OVER, ladies and gentlemen. The Owls figure to improve on their #24 ranking in the AP Poll as #23 Rutgers was defeated by Michigan tonight.

    WILL THIS BE THE YEAR that FAU finally gets its FIRST WIN in March Madness??

  70. Wyoming85 says:

    • mf13ss says:


      Like I said, regarding Boyer: he’s Secondary first.

      • mf13ss says:

        And there’s NOTHING(!) wrong with that… but when our entire Secondary minus Holland went down this year, shit hit the fan for him.

        Methinks Boyer got the blame for something entirely out of his control: injuries.

      • Wyoming85 says:

        Could have been his inability to be flexible?

        Or as KC and Daniel said, maybe MM wanted to go with another philosophy?

  71. randydolfan1947 says:

    BUT until the Dolphins fix their decade long offensive line problems, IT WON’T MATTER which defensive scheme is employed.
    THE BEST WAY to fix our defense is for the OFFENSE to produce lots of long, time-consuming, drives that end up AS TOUCHDOWNS!!

    LAST YEAR, with more draft choices, we didn’t pick a single offensive lineman in the draft!! – – AND IT SHOWED!!
    TIME TO WALK THE GREYHOUND and get my beauty rest!

  72. mf13ss says:

    Wyoming85 says:
    January 19, 2023 at 10:27 pm
    Could have been his inability to be flexible?

    Or as KC and Daniel said, maybe MM wanted to go with another philosophy?
    One can only be so flexible when the gameplan’s centerpiece is the Secondary… or the D-Line… or LBs… and injury hits one’s centerpiece.

    Say our next DC is more of an EDGE strategist: do we fire him if Chubb and Phillips miss most of the season due to injury in ’23?

    If Coach McDaniel wants to go with another philosophy, I’ve got no problem with that… just beware of how long the retooling might take to go zone, for example.

    • mf13ss says:

      And dead cap is going to prevent us from making immediate strides in year 1 of our new DC… unless he’s a hybrid and man-to-man cat like Josh Boyer.

  73. steveccnv says:

    I think the trade for Chubb was telling for releasing Boyer

    Think MM wants more of a dominant SF type D, instead of a smoke and mirrors D

    Fangio would be that guy

  74. steveccnv says:

    MM wants to run the ball more, you can’t do that with Boyer’s D

    Boyer’s defense never ranked better than 15th in yards allowed in any of his three seasons as defensive coordinator.

  75. manitobafinfan says:

    With all the LBers becoming FA , bows the time to make a change if ya see the need 🤔🤷‍♂️

  76. naplesfan2010 says:

    ILB remains the main position group in need of a talent infusion IMHO.
    I think what Steve said is what McDaniel wants.
    Look what SF did to us with their tough LBs.
    Also Buffalo doesn’t beat us either game without Edmunds and Shitlano.
    … …
    (DB also of course as that room is a mess, but we do have Needham, Trill Williams, and Brandon Jones coming back from their injuries, and maybe X will rebound, and Kohou appears to have a good enough floor to count him in. I’m not counting on Byron Jones at all, but he exists.)

  77. naplesfan2010 says:

    Whatever the reason and however much it can be blamed on injuries,
    we had a low total of both sacks and INTs,
    as well as a bend don’t break run D and funky cover 0 scheme.

    That’s a losing combination.

  78. naplesfan2010 says:

    But then again, so is a bad cap number AND
    low # of draft picks with no first rounder.

  79. naplesfan2010 says:

    We also had injuries to Ogbah and
    some guy named Flowers I think it was, who only played like 11 snaps or something.

  80. Rockphin says:

    Son of a son of a shula says:
    January 19, 2023 at 6:24 pm

    He STILL has a great voice. Did he sing for you?

    I lived with his Sister-in-law for 2 years (rented a room from her in her house) so I got to “hang” with him on several occasions. He never “sang for me” but he did hang out in the play room and fiddle with his guitar / jam a bit. His wife Jan was a really nice woman. David…..not so much. LOL

    It was a really cool period in my life. I got to meet so many celebrities in a low key personal type environment. I met Edger Winters and didn’t even know who the hell he was at the time. All the local radio DJ’s would hang out. Every week I got to meet someone “famous”. Whether it was some local famous Chef, a DJ, News anchor, movie producer, bunch of music producers and celebrities, etc.

    It was a HUGE party house, there was always coke being served up.

    • stangerx says:

      That is awesome Rock. I’ve met a few people along the way but never had anywhere close to that prolonged or personal ineraction with greatness.

  81. Rockphin says:

    naplesfan2010 says:
    January 19, 2023 at 8:41 pm

    you have to tell the circumstances. How were you with Crosby and Lucas?
    I mean, the most famous person I ever played games with is Stanger.

    George Lucas helped David Crosby with his auto biography. (Don’t ask, I have no idea) but they met at David’s SIL house, the woman I lived with. One night after they had finished what ever they were doing they decided to play a game and Patty, Jan’s sister (the owner of the house) invited me and my GF to join them.

    The first time I met Crosby I was coming back from the grocery store and bring the stuff in putting it on the counter and going out for another trip to the car. When I came in with the final load there was this fat bald guy with long hair around the edges wearing a torn Tshirt and saggy sweat pants digging through my groceries, had opened a jar of pickles and a can of peanuts and was standing there at the sink snacking on my stuff.
    I walked into the back living room (the “Play room” because it has a pool table, air hockey, Pacman, Galaga, Digdug) and asked Patty “hey, who is the fat slob eating my groceries”?

    She laughed and said, oh, you haven’t met yet. Let me introduce you. David this is my friend who is living here. Martin, This is David Crosby my BIL……LOL
    I stood there looking at him like that woman in the math meme until it fell into place. He must have overheard us from the kitchen because he said Sorry, I didn’t realize the food wasn’t Patty’s.

  82. bailbondmike says:

    Patriots interview Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien for vacant OC position

  83. Ken says:

    Agree with Greg Camarillo

    • steveccnv says:

      Buffalo can beat you any number of ways, you can’t cry , because something didn’t work against them, and single out 1 of those times and question the call

      Pressure was close, Allen took a shot, he made the play, would you rather we sat back and got beat everytime? We made lots of stops against them

      On this particular play the chance of a completion was lower than sitting back

      Greggie boy, why didn’t you mention the other times we used cover-0 and it worked? Didn’t fit your narrative?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        It’s a very risky play to try on a down (3rd and 15) when you don’t need to take big risks

        When you get beat on cover zero, you get beat big
        When you get to the QB on cover 0 you may cause a turnover

        So big risk v big reward playcall

        But on 3rd and 15, I just want to see 4th and 7
        So just keep them in front and make a good tackle
        Don’t blitz everyone!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      We were posting/screaming about it when it was happening

    • Rockphin says:

      IF their running back didn’t tackle Rowe on his way to the QB it would have been a sack. It should have been a hold and 3 and 25 at that point. But they were holding all day and not getting called so we should have known better.

      Singletary is literally being dragged on his knees behind Rowe. “What a blitz pickup” sways Tony Romo!

      • The Flying Pig says:

        They weren’t calling holding at all last week

        The officiating in general in2022 was pretty bad IMO

    • Ken says:

      It was stupid defense. This is why Boyer doesn’t have a job

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I honestly hate cover 0

        I hate it when works
        I hated it under flores

        But that’s kind of stylistic – it’s just too much risk for my taste

        It works sometimes
        Sometimes it backfires like fart in an elevator

  84. The Flying Pig says:

    So now that’s it’s the off- season I think we should of conscious of in-fighting on the blog

    So I found this excellent training video to help us

    I know what you guys are thinking – “Piggy we aren’t carving meat”

    Well that doesn’t matter – what matters is that The conversation be natural and pleasant like it is in this video and not At all like the start of an 80s porn

    “Do you like Hot Fudge Sundaes?” is my new go to.

  85. CavalierKong says:

    Another guy who would rather stay a position coach than interview for the Jest OC job.

  86. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!!

  87. The Flying Pig says:

    Desai actually worked closely with Vic Fangio when they were with the Bears together

    He’s a pretty serious candidate

    He would be a good hire

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