Dolphins shift focus from Free Agency to Draft

I know everyone, including myself, has their own idea as to what the Miami Dolphins should do in the 2023 NFL Draft. Armed with only 4 picks, none in RD 1, as the Miami Dolphins were punished for owner Steve Ross’ “tampering”, having discussions with QB Tom Brady and HC Sean Payton, while both were employed by other NFL teams. I think stuff like this happens all the time, but if somehow it comes out, then you have to pay for your indiscretions. This draft will not be a huge impact draft for our team, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a couple of players who can make an impact this season and beyond.

I’ve been a fan of this team since the late 60’s, but I was a kid then and didn’t really comprehend the game. I’m still learning, and the game continues to evolve, mostly to enhance player safety and and to infuse as much offense as possible to recruit new viewers who don’t necessarily identify with the rules and strategy of gameplay, but love a high scoring affair. I recently read with much dismay that the “Roughing the QB” penalty that was up for potentially being a challengeable and reviewable penalty is now off the table, so the referees will continue to make a mockery and protect NFL QB’s at all costs, while NFL defenders are forced to play “patty cake” around opposing QB’s. Maybe they should just make a sack a two hand touch of the QB, so defenders won’t have to worry about actually tackling these 6′ – 6’5 200 – 250lb athletes and the 2 hand touch will keep the defenders from bringing them down. I think of the punishment QB’s used to endure, they were allowed to get hit at least 2 seconds after releasing the football with full force, and they were tackled as violently as any running back would be when they were in possession of the football.

This kind of brings me to my next thought. The NFL wants offense, that’s clear. As previously mentioned, I’ve been a fan since the late 60’s, and this could be one of the deepest rosters we’ve had here in Miami in it’s history. Our defense is very deep, and I feel our biggest holes or issues are on the offensive side of the ball. To me, TE and OL are still our biggest concerns. With TE’s Durham Smythe, Eric Saubert and Tanner Conner, we’re lacking a TE who is a true dual threat athlete, one that can win as an in-line blocking TE, and also be a reliable target in the passing game. Saubert is a an extra blocker at best, never having more than 15 receptions in any season. Smythe had a season high 34 catches in ’21 and fell to 15 last season. I get it, the offense runs through Tyreek Hill and Waddle, but if teams put extra personnel on those guys, someone else needs to step up. My first choice would be Georgia TE Darnell Washington. Of course, most importantly, he has to still be on the board in order for this to happen. Washington is a big bodied, shredded physical specimen who will block well in-line and also downfield. He has the speed to get downfield to help open holes for receivers and running backs. I also think his 6’7 frame will allow help him become a good receiving TE at some point. If Darnell Washington is there at #51, I hope we getter’ done!

At the moment, we have two very questionable spots on our offensive line. It seems as if our coaches are going to give LG Liam Eichenberg and RT Austin Jackson every chance to show they can start. I don’t like the idea of drafting a tackle, so i think our efforts would be better off concentrating on an interior offensive lineman, one that can play OG or C. Robert Hunt is one of our best linemen, and he has the frame, strength and athleticism to play outside at RT. There are a couple of interior guys who who might be able to help us. C/OG John Michael Schmitz and OG Steve Avila. Schmitz can play either center or G. Last season we brought in Connor Williams from the Cowboys and all he did was play EVERY-SINGLE-SNAP. He struggled with high snaps during the season, was our best C in quite some time. Schmitz could take over the C job and move Williams to OG, which could facilitate the move of Hunt to RT. Steve Avila is a big athlete who moves very well, and has the balance, power and athleticism to win and plays with some nasty. That could give that right side some serious nasty with Avila and Hunt. Nothing the Dolphins have said or done indicates that Hunt is moving to RT other than the fact we have only Austin Jackson currently our RT, and he’s started ZERO games there, and only played in 2 total games last season. Jackson is backed up by OT Geron Christian and OT Kion Smith. Not especially far fetched to think Hunt might move to RT, but we have to talent in place on the interior to allow that to happen.

Next year would probably be a better time to look for an OT if necessary, as we’ll finally have a first round pick and a 2nd, although we’ll be picking at 32. That’s the sacrifice you have to make when you win the Super Bowl, and that’s one I’m willing to make!


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  1. steveccnv says:

    Not much to talk about, again with limited picks

  2. steveccnv says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call 4.64 fast for Darnell, shouldn’t matter though

    • Mike E. says:

      His 4.08 20 yards shuttle shows explosiveness and short area quickness. That’s more important than the 4.64 40, which is quick enough anyway.

      • steveccnv says:

        That’s great to know, you’re more into those shuttle times

        Hard to believe at 6’7″ 269 he’s quicker than fast

        I like what I saw of his receiving skills, mostly his presence and tough to bring down

  3. steveccnv says:

    If last year is any indication, whoever we draft, don’t expect to see them on the field too often

  4. Mike E. says:

    Steve – If you want to really be impressed by that 4.08 shuttle, it’s the 5th fastest shuttle at the combine for a TE in history since 2006 when they probably started that event. Crazy, right?

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m going to look for that, from the combine, it’s not all good though, might keep him from falling to us

  5. steveccnv says:

    Check out the catch at the end

  6. Rockphin says:

    Please stop trying to weaken our o line by moving our best guard to tackle. STOP He is a pro-bowl level guard. (or close) he did NOT play that well at tackle.

  7. Rockphin says:

    Other than that, nice article Mike E. Thanks once again for keeping this place fresh.

  8. steveccnv says:

    Moving Hunt to RT makes the OL better

    I don’t think the goal is to see hiw many Pro Bowlers we can generate, idiot

    • steveccnv says:

      His quickness doesn’t show on the field, so really the shuttle doesn’t mean anything

      Gesicki right behind him has the same problem

  9. Mike E. says:

    Rock – Hunt played his rookie year at RT, we had a terrible O-line period. I understand the reluctance to move a player who was successful at one spot to another, which is why I’m hesitant to move Williams from C to G, but the idea is to get the 5 best guys on the line. Don’t you see the how that makes sense?

    • Rockphin says:

      I see the sense in getting the best five guys on the field, my opinion just differs on the idea that he makes a better tackle than guard.

      The “logic”: let’s weaken the guard spot substantially to make the tackle spot MAYBE a little better.

  10. Rockphin says:

    Let’s move X to safety!

  11. Mike E. says:

    Rock – Never said Hunt was a better T than G, but he 100% may be a better RT than Jackson, and either Silva or Williams might be a better G than Jackson. Get the best 5 on the field, regardless of what position we play. I remember when we had Mark Dixon, he was a career OG, but he played well enough at LT, and Jaime Nails was awesome at LG.

  12. Rockphin says:

    Luis Riddick broke Greenie. LOL

  13. CavalierKong says:

    Rock, if you like the Belgariad and the Mallorian, you’ll like the Elenium.

    I enjoyed all 3 series when I was younger, but now I find they all suffer from the same problem. Eddings loves his protagonists way too much and they are always too overpowered. His books are basically travelogues with all the companions taking turns showing off and beating the snot out of bad guys with clever quips thrown into the mix, lol.

    His prose is great, the orders of knights and their differences are cool. Sparhawk and his squire (who’s name I can’t recall off the top of my head) are awesome. The magic and story are fun. It’s worth a read.

    • Rockphin says:

      Thanks Kong! Yeah, I always found Edding to be “light” reading. “feel good” kind of stuff. He focuses a lot on interpersonal relationships with his characters which helps you to like them. The detraction is they are almost like kids books.

  14. steveccnv says:

    Not a bad choice

    Marino would be my obvious choice for former player, and I can’t think of a current player I’d take over Tua

  15. Nice write, Mike. I guess this new article will just keep the TE and OL discussions going. LOL

  16. Wow I didn’t realize how serious the charges were against Willie McGinest. Now I know why I haven’t seen him on NFLN recently. He could be facing up to 8 years in prison. What were you thinking Willie? Geez!

    • CavalierKong says:

      It was an unprovoked (in the moment) gang attack on one dude in a restaurant and McGinest used a bottle as a weapon. Obviously, there was some bad blood there, and maybe the guy deserved to get his ass beat, but McGinest did it in about the stupidest way possible.

  17. Ken says:

    Still need OL😡 moving people out of position is not the answer

  18. Mike E. says:

    Rock – I can’t say with any certainty since we haven’t done it yet, but if we can’t get a better RT than Jackson, and Jackson doesn’t cut it, Hunt to RT is a possibility

  19. Randy says:

    I’ve tried to explain this before. With a QB like Tua, who is a timing pocket passer and short…think Drew Brees….you actually want your IOL to be your strength. Tackle isn’t as important. If you don’t have an IOL that can create and hold a pocket so Tua can move up, he’ll struggle. If Tua is moving laterally, you’ve already lost because it screws up the timing of the play and makes it more difficult for him to see to make throws. You can also help chip with RB and you have a TE to help your OT.
    I told you guys Hunt was going to be an all pro guard, and I think he will get there. He survived at tackle because he’s talented, but his movement skills aren’t what you want out on the edge. Plus, again, you want really good guard play with Tua. Moving Hunt to tackle won’t make this a better OL. He’ll get exposed once there’s film on his warts, and you’ll weaken the IOL.
    Williams has played guard a bunch, so I don’t really have a problem with moving him if, for instance, they draft Schmitz. Keeping him at C is fine, but moving him is no big deal because of his experience at guard. Draft a guard and leave him at C or draft a C and move him to guard…I don’t think it matters much and might just come down to who they like in the draft.

  20. Randy says:

    That’s not to say OT isn’t important, btw. Plugging in a talented RT next to Hunt would be really nice to see because Hunt is already one of the top young guards in the league.

  21. herdfan says:

    Thanks for the new article Mike! I do have to say not EVERYONE has their own idea of what we should do in the draft. I have no clue. What I have learned over the years is rarely do we do what everyone thinks.

  22. Rockphin says:

    Dan Marino is an unrepentant dick head. A total douche IRL. I could not stand to be in the same restaurant with him let alone sit through a meal. My picks would be Zach Thomas and Christian Wilkins

  23. bailbondmike says:

    Mine might be Larry Csonka and Zack Seiler. The outdoorsy dudes.

    • steveccnv says:

      I thought about Csonka, but after talking to Mercury and other players from other sports, those from that generation just seem to be common people now, Marino is different

  24. steveccnv says:

    Reached out to pet my cat and she nudged toward me with 1 foot off of the ground

    That’s gotta be some type of infraction, maybe even an all day thing

  25. Ken says:

    Ricky Williams but probably would wind up not remembering it

  26. Rockphin says:

    I don’t know how he got the gig but Omar is writing for Sports Illustrated now. He is still a know nothing douche, but he is writing for SI now.

  27. Mike E. says:

    Ken – BTW, we would be drafting an OL in the scenario I put out. I’d re-sign Brandon Shell, he’s still available

  28. Mike E. says:

    Thanks Rock, Tim, and Herd. Herd, I assure you if I like someone in the draft, that just made his odds of getting drafted by us much slimmer. lol

  29. herdfan says:

    So what is the cause of this bad blood with Rock and Dan Marino?

    Not that anyone would call him a legend but normally I’d pick Chad. But he’d want to go to Cracker Barrel so maybe not. Lol.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Lol @ Cracker Barrel
      Go with Bob Griese, there will be lots of drinks at least.

    • Rockphin says:

      LOL I would totally go to Cracker Barrel with him. I would get the southern fried steak and gravy with hash browns.

      I did work on Marino’s pool and dealt with him as a “Peon” and he didn’t treat his “servants’ well. I worked for the pool company that installed and upgraded his pool and waterfall.

  30. son of a son of a shula says:

    Herd glad you’re doing better 👍

  31. son of a son of a shula says:

    Happy Friday
    Ally and Buddy jammin

  32. Lots of talking heads saying Fangio as our DC is going to elevate the defense and make us a top contender. It’s cool to hear that kind of talk. It’s been awhile. 🙂

  33. son of a son of a shula says:

    Tim, this one is for Mike E

    • Ouch! The title of this song hit hard. My long time friend who lives in Brooklyn; a friend of his was savagely beaten a couple of days ago in Brooklyn and is in critical condition. Really awful stuff.

      NYC has become a war zone again and the consequences for this type of piece of shit criminal behavior has been lessened. I know so many people who live and work in the city all saying the same thing. We see the nonsense everyday but this one hit close to home.

      Not trying to ruin your tune. Just saying.

  34. Mike E. says:

    Thanks Sonny! I always thought I heard in the song “Kid Charlemagne”, “Didn’t you know, you were Italian in their eyes”. I always fuck up lyrics. 🤣

  35. Mike E. says:

    Damn Tim, sorry about your friend, that’s awful

  36. Wyoming85 says:

    OK! just send it! 🙂

    51.John Michael Schmitz OC Minnesota
    84.Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
    197.Kemari Averett TE Bethune Cookman
    238.Keondre Coburn DT Texas

  37. manitobafinfan says:

  38. manitobafinfan says:

    Keep that Canadian theme going !!!

  39. manitobafinfan says:

    Our son took drumming lessons from this guy

  40. manitobafinfan says:

  41. son of a son of a shula says:

    I was looking at Tucker Kraft TE from South Dakota State he’s good, great hands and a big frame 6’5 255.
    Have you guys talked about him? I see him going mid second round to early third.

  42. son of a son of a shula says:

    He’s Canadian
    “Staring at your mamas crotch…

    • manitobafinfan says:

      I have apologized MANY times for Bryan Adams 😟😉

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        Don’t apologize for Bryan Adams when you love Nickelback you have bigger problems

      • manitobafinfan says:

        I didn’t say I LOVE nickleback , I said they get a bad rap .. mostly for overplay

      • manitobafinfan says:

        You golf I think ?? You will appreciate this … for my 15 year work anniversary company is fitting me for a custom made set of clubs …

        I believe we have settled on stealth 2 driver , Callaway Rogue fairway woods, Cobra Aerojet irons , and a Scotty Cameron Blade putter. My current clubs ere 200.00 from Costco … can’t wait to get them out on some grass in a month or two

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        That’s really cool and those are nice f’n clubs, grip em and rip em 😁

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Thanks. Supposedly all Long and forgiving… hoping to eliminate any 8’s from my scorecard this year.

  43. manitobafinfan says:

  44. son of a son of a shula says:

    Get that Far-giveness Driver

  45. randydolfan1947 says:

    HAVEN’T BEEN THIS “AMPED” before a sporting event since Marino and Montana took the field in Stanford Stadium before Super Bowl XIX in Stanford Stadium!! But, of course, I was several decades younger at that point of my life!! There’s NOTHING like being at a Super Bowl IF YOUR TEAM IS IN IT!!!
    In less than 20 hours Florida Atlantic University’s men’s basketball team takes the court in Houston in the semi-final game of March Madness. The Owls are 3-point underdogs to San Diego State. FAU has been the “dog” in 5 out of their 6 playoff games, so far. IT HASN’T BOTHERED THEM one bit!!
    It’s probably fair to say this is the biggest Cinderella story in the history of March Madness. FAU was rated 5th in their division of Conference USA in a preseason poll.
    LAS VEGAS didn’t even post odds on FAU’s chances to get to March Madness because there was NO INTEREST in placing a bet on them at the start of this season.
    NOW, only San Diego State stands between FAU and a spot in the National Championship Game!! It is a story that has no equal in the history of college basketball!!!
    Me and Mrs. OD will watch this game from our living room. We thought about maybe going to a bar or a fancy nightclub. But my recovery from last week’s surgery has been slower than I anticipated. So we’ll watch this most improbable run to a title in basketball history in the company of each other plus our two dogs!! We’ll yell and scream! And, if FAU notches yet ANOTHER UPSET VICTORY, the four of us will dance around the periphery of our living room yelling our heads off!!!
    AT OUR AGE, it doesn’t get much better than this!!

    GO-O-O-O OWLS!!

  46. manitobafinfan says:

    Good luck with FAU , and a full recovery my friend

  47. The Flying Pig says:

    Did you guys know that the summer of 69 is actually not about the summer of 1969

    The song is actually about doing the 69 position in the summer

    Bryan Adams was actually only 9 years old in 1969

    He’s admitted the meaning of the song

  48. bailbondmike says:

    Wyoming, hearing Ray Stevens made me think about Tim Wilson.

  49. Wyoming85 says:

  50. sb7mvp says:

    That’s right Rock. You tell them the truth about Dan Marino.

  51. naplesfan2010 says:

    Speaking of eating with Dolphins QBs,
    Earl Morrall frequently stopped in to the Chick-fil-A where my son worked when he was in high school.
    Almost no one recognized Earl, but my son did because I’m such a huge fan and so old that I actually remember watching Earl and then told my sons the story of him and Griese, etc.
    So my son spoke to Earl, and they developed a relationship where about once a week Earl would come, and the manager would let Dylan go sit with the QB, and he’d tell my son Dolphins stories. Gave him his autograph on a chick-fil-a napkin or something.
    He was just a really great guy, and they remained in this legend and teenager chat a week thing until Earl died.
    He was already my favorite Dolphins QB, but after that year and a half or so, I tell everyone what a gentleman and cool story teller he was.
    I can’t remember all the details now, as that was about 14 years ago, I think. My son turns 30 this May, so …

    • herdfan says:

      Great story!

    • randydolfan1947 says:

      THAT’s a GREAT STORY, Naples. If I could have asked Earl to tell me just one story, it would be a detailed account about how a small group of players got a small alligator into Don Shula’s shower stall after one particularly hot practice during the summer. Rumor has it that Manny Fernandez and Jake Scott were among the culprits!!

      • randydolfan1947 says:

        Naples; So your son is in his 30’s, right?
        My oldest stepdaughter turns 58 this summer.
        Has anyone found my memory? Or did I misplace it?

      • Rockphin says:

        If you find yours let me know we may have left ours in the same place if you start experiencing really wild memories that are not yours give me a call.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Really cool, Naples

  52. Rockphin says:


  53. Ken says:

    Still need OL 😡

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      relentless, but true
      I read somewhere that the consensus is the FO need to see a full season of Eich and Austin Jackson starting to decide if they are busts or not.
      I would hope that if they’re awful after X number of games, they would be replaced, for example, at the bye.
      Also I would hope that they are not a package, so if one succeeds, then great, then we only need a RT or a LG or whatever it is.
      Finally, Eich spent a year playing blind side protector OT in the NFL,
      and Austin spent a year playing LG in the NFL.
      There is lots of tape on that, and this new regime has probably already watched that, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that the coaches flip flop those guys at some point, just so they know for sure what they’ve got.

      We’ve definitely upgraded our OL coaching staff, and Jackson has sweet feet, which our HC covets in a RT, so maybe he finally gets it all together.

  54. The Flying Pig says:

    Wow – just reviewing all the off-season moves so far

    The Jets are legitimate Super Bowl contenders!

    • CavalierKong says:

      Now that the Kings have secured a spot in the NBA playoffs, the Jest have the longest current playoff drought in sports.

  55. mf13ss says:

    IF we prioritize TE in this Draft, Darnell Washington is the one we want to come away with, without a doubt. If he’s there @ 51 — like Steve recently stated — you run to the podium to get him. Again, that’s IF we prioritize TE in this Draft.

    He’s arguably the best all-around TE in this Draft when it comes to receiving, run-blocking, and pass-blocking.

  56. mf13ss says:

    Draft Darnell Washington, then opposing Defenses will never know if we’re running or passing.

    • mf13ss says:

      Draft Darnell Washington, then watch both Mostert and Wilson’s YPC go even higher.

    • bailbondmike says:

      I am starting to lean that way also.
      51 TE Washington
      84 OT Bergeron
      I think Bergeron could come in and win the starting RT job over Jackson.

      • mf13ss says:

        That’s not a bad plan.

        What do ya think of Blake Freeland, T, BYU? I like everything about him but his freakish 6’8″ vs 302 frame… seems almost fragile for a Tackle.

  57. bailbondmike says:

    LOL – watching golf and they showed a guy teeing off in slow motion where the club head meets the ball. There was a sizeable bug on his ball. You see the bug go twirling away with a trail of guts and juice following. Kind of cool.

  58. mf13ss says:

    It would be very wise to trade Cedrick Wilson to a WR-needy team (preferably in the NFC) with major cap room for a 4th or 5th round pick… in THIS year’s Draft.

    I’m looking at y’all, Chicago, Carolina, Detroit, Green Bay, and Atlanta.

  59. Randy says:

    How many targets do folks think we will have for a TE? If we truly invest more in the running game this season, that will take targets and reps. It sounds like most here feel Hill and Waddle will be targets 1 and 2. So, I just wonder how many targets a TE will get. Is that why people are suggesting we draft a blocking TE? Personally, if I’m spending a top 3 round pick, they need to be a receiving threat of some sort. I ain’t spending a high pick on a blocker. I can find that anywhere.
    I think our talent at TE needs to be improved. A nifty TE who can work coverages, find open areas and make the catch would be great. Make the 6-8 yard catch when called upon. Block well enough, and I’m good. If all we want is a guy who can block, plug in an extra OL….you can even find some who were former TEs if that floats your boat. I prefer the former approach.

  60. Randy says:

    Freeland is athletically gifted. He is scrawny. He is going to have to hit the weight room seriously and improve his lower body. He does look like he has room to put on weight, but he will probably get pushed around a lot until he does. He’d be a perfect fit for an outside zone blocking tackle if he can….but it might take a few years. He’s actually similar to Jackson in the draft. He’s a project, and he plays like a tall tackle…never a good thing.

    • mf13ss says:

      Thank you for your feedback, my friend. You pretty much summed up my thoughts on Freeland… it’s that tall size (difficult to get leverage on a smaller DE) and scrawny current build. He’s got good feet to fit our OZB scheme though.

      Under your advice, I’m going to pass on him. Thanks again, Randy.

  61. Not sure if this is old news but Bobby Wagner signed back with Seattle.

  62. Randy says:

    I’ve watched Darnell Washington film. I kinda doubt he gets to #51. This draft is kinda like that with a number of guys for me. Guys id like to get but who we’d probably have to trade up into the top of the 2nd round to get.

  63. mf13ss says:


    I did some more research on Iowa’s Sam LaPorta: he can’t block. Once again, you were correct.

  64. Randy says:

    I’m not saying I’d pass on Freeland. Just giving my critique. Lol
    He’s a classic high potential guy who MIGHT become pretty good because he has the basic athleticism. He’s not a plug and play guy, but if you’re willing to develop him for a few years, he could turn out to be a really good pick. I’m kinda hoping Jackson becomes that guy for us this year!

    • mf13ss says:

      Got ya. I suppose I’m looking for ‘plug-n-play’, so that keeps me from wanting to develop a guy who could become a beast… and that’s very short-sighted on my part.

      If he’s got the character and drive to be all he can be, then he will put on more muscle weight in time and become a beast.

      If he’s there @ 84, he should be considered at the very least.

  65. bailbondmike says:

    What do ya think of Blake Freeland, T, BYU?
    I am not worried about his 302 pounds at 6’8. He has a frame to add more mass. He may struggle early on against some NFL edge rushers due to his high pad level. Edge players that are quick and smaller that can bend. Guys like Hassan Reddick, I can see him struggling with.

    He has a lot of upside and comes from a zone system. I think Bergeron may be ready sooner but Freeland has the makeup to be better in the long run. IMO

    I think it was Kyle Crabbs gave him an NFL comparison to Conor McDermott.

    Then again, I am not the one you want to ask OL questions to. LOL


  66. Randy says:

    It’s not LaPorta’s blocking that’s an issue for me. He’s okay, and he can probably improve a little. It’s his lack of playmaking skills that I’m not a big fan of. He’s not a guy I start at TE.

  67. Randy says:

    Was that what you said about Freeland? Nice! I feel reassured. Evaluating players ain’t as tough as most fans say. Lol

  68. bailbondmike says:

    Randy, you got me rethinking my draft strategy. What you said about having a solid IOL. We are 2/3’s there with Williams and Hunt. Can we solidify LG with Feeney, Eich, Cotton or Robert Jones?

    I also don’t like going into the season where are backup OC is Feeney who has only practiced there a little from what I understand.

    I think if TE Washington is not there, hopefully Schmitz will be.

  69. mf13ss says:

    Another IOL we should think about is Brett Neilon, C, USC. He’s coming off an Achilles injury suffered this past December, but he’s one of the best in the game, right there with Schmitz.

    Don’t know how far Neilon will fall due to his injury, but IMO, he’s worth monitoring.

    • mf13ss says:

      MIND you, I’m talking about spending maybe a 6th or 7th rounder on him, being he’ll be out all of 2023. And maybe we can land him as an UDFA.

  70. Randy says:

    Feeney is a vet who could certainly come in and lock down the LG position. At the least, he’s a guy who a coach can plug in at C or G and feel comfortable with what you’re getting. He’s not gonna get ya beat, but he won’t stand out much either. I’m fine plugging him in at LG and seeing how it goes. If they see Eich as a LG of the future, it gives him another year to develop too. He needs it.

  71. Randy says:

    Didn’t Feeney play a bunch of snaps at C for the Chargers?

  72. randydolfan1947 says:

    IT IS NOW “ZERO” HOUR for Marc Madness. All 3 of the Turner Network Panelists, including Charles Barkley, are picking FAU to upset San Diego State. One of them, Clark Kellogg, cited FAU’s big edge in rebounding as the deciding factor. Normally, this kind of endorsement is a death curse.

    But not tonight. FAU advances to the championship game with a 72-70 win over the Aztecs.

    GO-O-O-O OWLS!!

  73. bailbondmike says:

    When it comes down to LaPorta in the 3rd, I would rather and take Purdue’s TE Payne Durham 6’6 258 in the 6th. The only knock on him is he is slow (over 4.8 40) and will get smothered in man coverage but knows how to attack a zone D well.

  74. bailbondmike says:

    Randy, maybe he did with the Chargers. I only looked at what Feeney did with the Jets.

  75. The Flying Pig says:

    Randy – I think you got the right idea about TE

    Limited amount of targets
    I think they are basically just going to be extra OL

    • bailbondmike says:

      With the weapons we have in Hill, Waddle, Berrios, Mostert, that would be no surprise.

      In that case, I could see us getting Washington if he falls to us. Trading down from #84 and taking Schoonmaker or a late day 4 pick like Payne Durham or Brenton Strange.

  76. The Flying Pig says:

    Randy – I think you got the right idea about TE

    Limited amount of targets
    I think they are basically just going to be extra OL

    Which I think is a great model for us

  77. bailbondmike says:

    Something tells me that TE Brenton Strange is going to be their target on day 3.

  78. bailbondmike says:

    Things in this job still make me SMH. Going to the next county in a few to bond out a lady with 2 black eyes, one almost swollen shut and dried blood under her nose in her mug shot. But, I am bonding her out for misdemeanor Battery-Domestic Violence. Wonder what the guy looks like. Who, BTW, didn’t get arrested for anything.

  79. Randy says:

    Just a blatant shout out to my Iowa Hawkeye women’s basketball team that is playing for their first national championship tomorrow and is led by a freaking super star in Caitlin Clark who’s dropping 40 points repeatedly. Hell, I don’t even like basketball all that much, but this girl is a freak. Lol

  80. randydolfan1947 says:

    FAU leads San Diego State 40-33 at halftime!!

    The Turner experts have been proven right so far. FAU DOES have a rebounding advantage over the Aztecs. And, in my opinion, FAU has been a bit faster getting up and down the court.

    That said, the Aztecs outscored FAU 14-0 early in the first half. AND STILL FAU leads by 7 at the break!!

    Florida Atlantic just needs to keep doing what they’ve been doing to win this game!!

    GOO-O-O-O OWLS!!

  81. steveccnv says:

    FAU is getting screwed on these fouls

  82. steveccnv says:


  83. Wyoming85 says:

    Sorry OD 😦

  84. Wyoming85 says:

    But hey at least a Mountain West team made it!
    But that would be like cheering for the Patriots to be honest!!!!!!

  85. Wow crazy finish. Sorry, OD. You had a great run.

  86. Wyoming85 says:

    This would be good

    51.Mazi Smith DT Michigan
    84.Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
    197.Kemari Averett TE Bethune Cookman
    238.Alex Forsyth OC Oregon

    • I think we’re going to address OL and TE in the draft just not sure where based on the value early on. I also think we’ll add more OL and TE as UDFAs and after cuts in June. Both position groups are going to have a lot of competition.

      One thing to keep in mind is that many of our OL have a year under their belt in the system now. That’s going to be beneficial to newcomers when last year they were all learning it.

  87. randydolfan1947 says:

    YES, FAU CERTAINLY did have a great run. This was, far and away, the BEST SEASON FAU HAS EVER HAD IN BASKETBALL! I’m VERY proud of them.
    I AGREE with you, Steve, that FAU was the victim of a few highly questionable calls down the stretch. And their decision to shoot the ball with about 2 seconds left on the 30-second clock led to their downfall.
    BUT I”LL BE THE FIRST TO GIVE THE AZTECS CREDIT for overcoming a double digit deficit in the second half to win at the buzzer. It will be the greatest moment in San Diego State basketball history!
    GOTTA GET MY BEAUTY REST. I feel like I played this game!!!
    Tomorrow the sun will rise and we’ll be one day closer to the NFL DRAFT.
    GOO-O-O-O Owls!!

  88. I chose difficult which challenges your teams needs. I went with BPA early and with a lean on need late but they were still within 10 picks of the BPA left on the board.

    51: R2 P20 RB Jahmyr Gibbs – Alabama
    84: R3 P21 RB Zach Charbonnet – UCLA
    178: R6 P1 OT Connor Galvin – Baylor
    238: R7 P21 TE Blake Whiteheart – Wake Forest

    • bailbondmike says:

      Tim planning to run the damn ball!!!

      • What I see in Gibbs is a RB who has more speed and upside than both Ahmed and Gaskin. He reminds me of Waddle as a RB. Once in gear the yards come quickly. He’s also an excellent receiver. MM likes speed and Gibbs at 5-9 200 also shows toughness. He’s a chunk guy with break away speed.

        Charbonnet reminds me of another Jeff Wilson who is a tough runner, solid pass blocker and receiver.

        I don’t see us finding a slam dunk at OL or TE in this draft. But adding backs like this might make our offense really friggin scary. I like Ahmed and Gaskin as depth options the organization and MM are comfortable with. But upgrades at RB if MM wants to get his vaunted run game going are needed. It’s all about creating space and having players with speed to take advantage of it. The addition of Berrios who is a smaller WR with quick twitch and sub 4.5 speed is an example of that. MM wants to chunk you to death and take it to the house plays will happen.

        Not saying this mock draft I did will happen but I can see us drafting a RB that can make an impact in MM’s vision. He wants Tua getting the ball to playmakers quickly in space. That’s what Tua does well. You upgrade the backfield with more skill and options it becomes really hard to defend.

        I’m not sure TE is as much of a “want” as we fans are saying. We have two good blocking TEs already in Smythe and Saubert. They’re both 4th options in the passing game. I’m not sure TE is a priority in our offense as a receiver. Help move the chains and catch a few TDs here and there.

        Based on how we approached the off-season, did TE seem like a priority?

  89. randydolfan1947 says:

    BOOKMAN; Your kind words were duly noted. And appreciated.
    The last time I felt this low was at the end of the great San Diego-Miami overtime playoff game (the hook-and-lateral play game)!!

    However, next season the Dolphins got their playoff revenge with a lop-sided playoff victory over Dan Fouts and the Chargers in (where else?) the Historic Orange Bowl!!
    That was David Woodley’s finest moment as a Dolphins’ QB!!

    I kinda feel like FAU will get a similar shot at redemption next basketball season. All of FAU’s starters are expected to return next season. Head Coach Dusty May has agreed to a long term renewal contract. And plans for a new basketball arena are advancing from the drawing board stage. Because of this season, Dusty May’s recruiting boundaries will be greatly expanded. Players who just might take FAU to the next higher stage will be recruited to play winning basketball in Paradise at Boca Raton. FAU has become a MAJOR player, as their 35 victories this season proves.

    Good night to all of my friends on this site. It’s been quite a ride!

  90. son of a son of a shula says:

    Get a good nights sleep OD, sorry about your boys. Hope the Dolphins get that kind of taste next season.

  91. son of a son of a shula says:

    Bookman, good to see you. Whatever y’all are doing to keep Rodgers from moving please keep doing it. Pretend to love him if you have too lol. Hearing the stej are contenders constantly really makes me ill.

    • I’ll say this. I don’t think Rodgers is Rodgers anymore. Brady retired and then un-retired and he didn’t look very good doing that – he looked exhausted as the season went on. Rodgers contemplated retiring is the same mindset. I can see Rodgers playing like; I just wanted to give it one more go. Yeah I’m done.

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        And our division especially won’t make it much fun for him. Three very tough opposing defenses you play twice a year. This ain’t Chicago and Detroit anymore.

  92. son of a son of a shula says:

    Tim it’s refreshing to see a different angle on things. My take is they’re riding with Jackson and Eich and with signing Freeny plus who we already have then I don’t see too much more happening of any real significance. Ride with what we have on the line and just stack the speed and play making ability as deep as you can. One after another they keep coming.
    Shit Jackson played what 3 games last year or whatever of course he’s getting the start this year. You HAVE to see what he is. HAVE TO.
    Basically the same with Eich really. Second round pick. You have to know.
    Three spots are solid injuries not included but we already have competent backups.

    The question is – Who plays us in the AFC Championship game? 😉🐬💪

    • “One after another they keep coming.”

      That’s what I think MM’s vision is on both sides of the ball. It’s about playmakers. Challenge the opponent all game long. It’s not easy to beat us.

      Fangio was a huge addition. MM was able to add a top coordinator. That’s a big deal.

  93. son of a son of a shula says:

    Mike E is correct about Shell he would be great to have.

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