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From Walker


Q – If you could bring in only ONE offensive lineman, either in free agency, or the draft, and could only replace one of our current OL, but you could move others around, what would be your plan?


I could go one of two ways on this one, and I’m not really sure which way I feel most comfortable. The first scenario would be to bring in free agent OG Andy Levitre. I would have Jon Martin at LT, Levitre at LG, Pouncey at C, Incognito at RG, and Garner at RT.


The second scenario would be bringing in free agent OT Sebastian Vollmer. This would give us a line of Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry and Vollmer. As you can see, I’m sold on Martin, but since you didn’t give me much leeway here, I kind of have to be. I think I like scenario number one best, but if Jerry lost some additional tonnage, he could be better at RG, and with Vollmer next to him, you may be able to run right all day.


Final Answer –


LT – Jon Martin

LG – Andy Levitre

C – Mike Pouncey

RG – Richie Incognito

RT – Nate Garner




From Jon (Stanger)


Q – Would you push it next year? By that, I mean signing elite FA’s, getting more talent by creating cap room by backloading/restructuring contracts, and drafting “NFL Ready” players, instead of projects with potential?


OR – Would you look to build this team safely, even if our record might suffer this season, creating cap room for the future, looking years ahead, not biting on FA’s with a short window and high price?


I don’t think “Pushing it” works in the NFL. I recall our own Don Shula going that route, back in the 1990’s, and it failed miserably. Teams need to be built, and unfortunately, as Tim would be more than happy to point out, that requires patience.


I think we can accomplish a lot with the quantity of draft picks we have, plus getting at least 2 quality free agents, that won’t necessarily break the bank. I think we can achieve a winning record, and even a playoff berth, if we are successful in free agency and the draft. Right now, I think I’d like to bring in FA WR Greg Jennings. Assuming he’s healthy, and he now appears to be, he is a major upgrade on the perimeter. Jennings is a receiver that commands respect from opposing defenses, and that opens up opportunities for other players. I’d also like to bring in FA OG Andy Levitre, who would upgrade the LG spot. That likely gives Incognito his RG spot back, unless they feel a little competition is due, between he and John Jerry.


In the draft, we need an impact player. My guess is we will have a choice of a couple of DE’s, an OT, or CB. I’m getting sold on Patterson, but not sure #12 is where he should be picked, unless they really think he’s worth it. I think it will be a DE, either Mingo, Okafor or Dion Jordan. It looks like OT Eric Fisher is moving up boards quickly due to his performance at Senior Bowl practices, so he might not make it to #12. CB’s Johnthan Banks should be there, and possibly Dee Milliner as well.


Back to your latter part of your question, I wouldn’t worry so much if every player can make an immediate impact. The #12 pick, maybe, but we need WR talent, and I’d be happy to run with a potential superstar like Cordarrelle Patterson. There are safer picks, and if they go that ay, I’ll be cool with that too, as long as the guy performs immediately. No free year like the Egnew pick, no EFFING way.



From John P. (New Age)


Q’s – Will Patterson save the universe first, or will Kaepernick?


Does your wife have a tattoo of Kaepernick on her shoulder?


Do you have a tattoo of Kaepernick?


Since Kaepernick will be in the Superbowl, I’d say he will save the Universe first. The Bath House Universe of San Francisco.


My wife doesn’t have any tattoos, Kaepernick or otherwise.


I have a tattoo of Kaep on my ****, most of the time it just says KK, but when I get excited it spells KAEPERNICK




From Piggy


Q’s – Do you know the legend of the Seven Samurai?


How can humans and pigs work together to stop the atrocity known as BACON?


I do not know the legend of the Seven Samurai’s, I cannot lie. I know it was a movie, that’s all I know.


As far as stopping bacon, I don’t see it happening any time in my lifetime. It’s delicious, and one of the few foods that helps me spell KAEPERNICK. Waking up in the morning, spelling it is a given, but later on, going downstairs, and smelling bacon is like viagra. I hate to say this Piggy, but there is a lot of work on the horizon to be done. If there was a way Pigs could make it taste really bad, (not giving you any ideas mind you), but that might help stem it’s popularity as the number one breakfast meat.




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