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From Wyoming85


Q – Which 1st RD DE’s are worth taking at pick #12?


I think there are 5 DE prospects that may be in consideration at our pick, #12. The first couple will likely be gone by the time we choose, but since you never know, I will include them anyway.


Bjoern Werner/ Florida State 6’4” 255 13 sacks / 18 tackles for loss. Unofficial 40 time 4.80


Damontre Moore/ Texas A&M 6’4” 250 12.5 sacks / 21 tackles for loss. Unofficial 40 time 4.75


Barkevious Mingo/ LSU 6’5” 240 4.5 sacks / 8.5 tackles for loss. Unofficial 40 time 4.6


Sam Montgomery/ LSU 6’5” 260 / 8 sacks / 13 tackles for loss. Unofficial 40 time 4.7


Dion Jordan/ Oregon 6’7” 243 / 7.5 sacks / 13 tackles for loss. Unofficial 40 time 4.65


Werner is the best of the bunch, and has had the best production, and seems like the best all around DE of the group. He can set the edge, and get to the passer. Strong kid who is not especially fast, but uses his hands well, and fights off blocks. I think he would be an easy choice if he were still available. Mingo and Jordan are the two guys that intrigue me most. Mingo is very athletic, and fast, and Jordan just has that tall lanky frame with really longs arms, which is ideal for a pass rusher. Some have compared Jordan to Jason Taylor.




From John D. (Son)


Q – It is widely considered a sort of weak WR class by many. There certainly isn’t a player warranting top 10 consideration. If we sign a FA WR, and then don’t address WR until the 3rd RD, will the faithful masses deem the draft a failure once again? What if we draft a TE such as Eifert or Ertz early to add to Bowe, Hartline, Bess and Matthews and further develop the guys we have, and another rookie WR?


No. JBB. I really wanted to give a short answer to that really, really long question! 🙂


Son, that is definitely one way to approach the situation, and I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but it’s not my preference. While either of those TE’s would be a welcome addition to our team, I still want a guy who is magic at WR. I want a guy who is a threat to take it all the way on every catch. Bowe is a big bodied WR, and will be a great red zone threat, but he’s not a breakaway guy, and doesn’t have the afterburners. I think we need to go WR early, maybe even 12. Cordarrelle Patterson seems like the “Magic Man”, and while it might be a reach at #12, it’s no more crazy than ATL trading their 1st (27), 2nd (59), 4th (124) and then 1st RD and 4th RD in 2014 to the Browns, to draft Julio Jones. They certainly showed conviction, and if our War Room thinks Patterson is special, then drafting him at #12 will show conviction.




From Josh E. (Jahndoh)


Q – Who sits in the Dolphins War Room on draft day?


I’ll tell you this much, that’s a great question, and unfortunately, at this time, I can only partially answer the question. I have reached out to numerous sources, but I haven’t gotten any responses back as of yet. I have researched as well, but i have come up with only a partial answer. I will give you what I know for sure, and what I speculate, and then when I get the full answer, I will give you the rest. What I know for a fact is, Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin, Mike Dee and Dawn Aponte. I would imagine that Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle are there, and possibly Chris Grier (Director of College Scouting) and Chris Shea (Assistant Director of Pro Scouting), but I can’t confirm those as of yet.




From Tim Knight


Q – It appears that fans and even some media have put this deadline on Ireland. Unless we make the playoffs in 2013, he’s gone. Does that make sense if the players we acquired this offseason prove to be good and show progress in ’13, even if we finish 8-8, or 9-7, and don’t make the playoffs?


Tough question Tim, and one that there really isn’t a right or wrong answer to. Here’s where it gets a little sticky. Say we draft Cordarrelle Patterson at #12, and he makes some big plays, but doesn’t start right away, because he’s not ready, but finished with 25-30 receptions, and 5 TD’s. That can be considered poor production for a #12 pick, but Patterson will be more about the future, than the right now, just as Tannehill was last year. Obviously, that’s only one pick, which is why this will be a tough draft for Ireland. Does he take uber-talented players, or does he go with game ready players, ones who can contribute immediately? He can go with Keenan Allen, who is ready to start day one, but probably doesn’t have the ceiling that Patterson has.


I think Ireland will have to very carefully choose a mix of both, because we need to upgrade what we put on the field this year. There can be NO Egnew’s or MillerTime’s early on, we need guys that can contribute immediately. This also may be an adjustment on the coaching philosophy as well. They need to get these guys on the field, making plays, and not worry if they can do every facet of the playbook backwards and forwards.


I think we need to win Tim, I really do. I don’t think we MUST make the playoffs, but 8-8 or less might be bad, no matter what. I think we need to have a winning record at a minimum, along with showing progress and potential.




From Gigi


Q – How do you think Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend will affect him in the upcoming draft and is dating anyone who is actually ALIVE possible in the future?


I expect to see his girlfriend pacing about nervously in the Green Room along with Manti. This will probably make Manti very nervous, and I expect him to scold her for that. The cameras will be on them like white on rice, and I expect an interview with her after he’s finally drafted.


As far as dating anyone who is ALIVE, well, there is a sucker born every day, so yeah, he’ll likely find one that’s dumber than he is. Maybe this is something that needs to be looked at as far as post concussion syndrome, because that at least would make some sense!


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