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From John P.

Q – Would you keep Jake Long, and at what price?


John, I think I’ve made up my mind that Jake Long will not be here next year. I think Jake Long was a great LT, but I don’t expect him to ever be that player again. Due to numerous injuries over the last couple of years (back, knees, triceps) Jake hasn’t been able to maintain the type of physique he had when he came out of Michigan. He has out on wait, and this on a guy who was a power player to begin with, never a guy with quick feet, or an guy who was great at handling speed rushers. Now, after the injuries have taken their toll, I don’t see him as a fit for the zone blocking scheme we run now, which requires the type of quickness that Jon Martin has. I believe Martin will be the starting LT next year, unless they bring in a talented vet in FA. Branden Albert would be a great choice, but likely unavailable.



From Jon (Stanger)

Q – What would have happened this year if the Dolphins QB had been Peyton Manning?


Good question. Since Manning was a Free Agent, I think they obviously would have drafted quite differently with Manning on board. I think it’s likely that our first RD pick would have been a WR, possibly Michael Floyd, or even a CB, if they had notions of trading Vontae at that point. There would have been much more of an urgency to compete now, rather than building for the future. I can say I was way off on Manning. I truly didn’t expect him to make it through the year healthy, and also thought he wouldn’t be the old Peyton Manning he used to be. Well he did, and he was. Props to you big time for being on that with a vengeance. I think the Dolphins would have been a better team, but how would Manning have fared behind our sometimes porous O-line? I would guess they could have drafted an OT with that first pick instead of Floyd, maybe Reilly Reiff, in the hopes of shoring up the O-line. They also may have added an O-lineman in free agency. manning would have to be protected well.


Due to the fact that the whole free agency and draft plan would have been entirely different, it’s hard to speculate, but my guess is, we would be better this year. He raises the level of everyones play, so just taking that into account, we would be a better team for it.



From Rigel S. (M13)

Q – Who will go on to have a better long term NFL career, Robert Griffin III or Colin Kaepernick?


Tough question for the chiffon robed one to answer. Unfortunately, this past weekend’s game may have changed the equation a bit. RG III is a devastating weapon, when he has his legs. The offense they run is predicated on deception, and the possibility he may run on every play. Take that deception away, and take away his running ability, and their offense is easier to solve.


RG III is a more talented player than Kaepernick, there is no question, and he was the better QB before the injury. Not that Kaepernick has done poorly by any means. RG III, according to the NFL’s QB rating was rated at 102.4. Kaepernick was rated at 98.3, pretty close. Both players used their legs to take down defenses, RG III finished with 815 yards rushing, and 7 TD’s in 16 games, and Colin Kaepernick finished with 415 yards and 5 TD’s in 7 starts, and limited playing time in special offensive packages in 6 other games.


The tale of the tape is surprisingly close, but in all honesty, I think Kaepernick was on the better team, with a better roster, especially the SF defense. If RG III can regain his speed and agility, and not have any lasting effects, I would expect RG III will be the better QB. If RG III can’t be the same threat with his legs, however, then I would say Kaepernick might have the edge there.



Authors note: Due to deadline constraints, this will be a short one. I promise I will answer more questions in the next installment. Walker is a tough dude to work for. 🙂


Squaw’s Note: Mike E, feel my pain bro I do this every day with him!!! LOL – j/k Chiefen you is a ballbuster.


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