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Q – Mike


Do you think Gigi will stay mad at me forever for telling her she may as well become a Buc fan? And how many QB do you think will go go in the first?


No, I don’t think Gigi will stay mad forever, but very possibly for a good 3-6 months. 🙂  She has a fiery personality (if you haven’t noticed), and she is very passionate in her beliefs. She may take a different approach than some of us as to how we root, or may be more outspoken about the negatives than some of us, but her heart is is always in the right place, and she is a hardcore Miami Dolphins fan, and all of us should never lose sight of that.


Gigi does a ton of work preparing articles for all of us, and there isn’t a shot in hell that if she wasn’t a passionate fan of our team, that she would do this. This a good opportunity to thank Gigi, and Walker, for providing this forum for all of us to both show our happiness and elation, and vent our anger at our favorite team, the Miami Dolphins, for the way they conduct their business, and play football.


This is not a great class of QB’s by any means, and is definitely one of the weaker classes in recent history. That doesn’t mean that teams won’t be taking them in the 1st RD though. The rookie cap practically guarantees that teams will indeed, reach for QB’s in the 1st, as it is the most important position on the field, especially with the direction the NFL is going as they are stripping defensive players of their rights more and more each year.


I believe that QB hungry teams like Buffalo and Arizona will likely take a QB, and I believe Matt Barkley and Geno Smith will be the first two QB’s off the board, but not necessarily in that order. I also think it’s possible that one more team jumps at a QB towards the end of the RD, and it might even be a team that trades back into the first after already making a selection in the first round. I think that QB will be Ryan Nassib, and I could see the Jets or the Philadelphia Eagles being the team to trade back into the 1st RD to get him.




From Randy


Q – MikeE,


When someone questions your football genius, do you pray to Jahn and ask that he smites them with a thunderbolt, or do you sacrifice a small animal and ask Bat to set their diapers on fire?


LMAO !!! Great question. If I’m going to be perfectly honest, and I should, I would tell you that I have learned far more about football in the last 3 years on this blog, than I have the rest of my nearly 47 years I have been alive. I don’t mean the basics, but all the intricacies and differences between all of the responsibilities of different players in different styles of defense and offense. There are quite a few extremely knowledgeable people, in many facets of life on this blog, not just football acumen. I really enjoy it, and I give props out to the many who contribute here, in many different ways.


So – To give you the answer that you really want, I have prayed to Jahn on numerous occasions, and have been down the dark path with Master Bat as well. It hasn’t been easy being a Dolphins fan in the last few years, but boy, the kool-aid is flowing bountifully in my home now, and I’m feeling really confident we’re turning the corner towards consistent respectability, and being a playoff caliber football team.




From Stanger


Q – Given that the leadership council has been shown the door……who are our captains next year?


I think we still have some leaders on this team, and I think we will also have some new leaders as well. I definitely expect Ryan Tannehill to continue to be a leader, and strengthen his position on this team this year. I also expect Mike Pouncey to do the same.


On the defensive side, from what I’ve read about Philip Wheeler, he was a leader for the Oakland Raiders, so it’s safe to think he will do the same here. When you have those qualities, they don’t disappear. Cam Wake is a leader by example. His work ethic has to spread out across the team, much like Reggie Bush. Dannell Ellerbe seems like another guy who has that leadership type of personality, so I don’t believe we will be shorted in that department.




From Tits Mcgee


Q – Who do you think would win this fight?


Jon Martin vs Lindsay Lohan


Well Tits, Being the fact that Jon Martin likely is about a foot taller than Lindsay, and likely outweighs her by at least 180 lbs, I’d have to go with Lindsay by the fire, with Martin at the end of a stick. But that’s now. I think after he completes his workouts, and training camp, he will be able to handle her. Just barely . . . .




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