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Before I get into the questions and answers,  I really want to thank ALL of you for your thoughts, prayers, and inspiration that you have all given me.  Never underestimate the power of good will.  I can’t even describe to you how much it means to me.  Thank all of you, from deep within my heart!




From O Rob, 


Q – Mike, when we fielded a team in 2012, our glaring weakness was at WR and Defensive Secondary, although Hartline and Bess were sufficient that’s all we had, both lacked the speed to knock the top off opposing defenses. i believe this affected the running game as well as put pressure on the OL. we also couldn’t cover and i believe that was due to lack of speed with the LBers and CBs, it’s funny how we get burned inside the 20s but ranked 7th in the red zone. IMO redzone is a result of our stout DL.


Now if you look at all this and combine it with Irelands moves in the offseason with the resigning of Hartline, acquisitions of Gibson and Wallace do you think the WR position was addressed in FA due to the high learning curve of the position?


Tagging Starks acquisitions of grimes the slam dunk moves of drafting Dion Jordan and Jamar Taylor with extreme value, the other draft picks as well. looking at all this can you see that Ireland pin pointed our weaknesses and did the best job possible to address them and what grade would you give Ireland at this point considering all the above?T


We finished 7-9 last year now with the upcoming season and all the moves how do you think we compare at this juncture to last years team? on a record basis, are we 5 games better, are we status quo? or worse?


P.S. I remember when you first came on the scene, i think it was around draft time 2009 or 2010 at the SS, i remember thinking who’s this new guy? oh no not another NJPP! I have to tell you, you really carry yourself well on this blog, i guess it goes hand in hand with being a good person, i have mad respect for you and value our friendship very much so.


Much Props to Mike E.


Thanks Rob, I do my best bud.  Much love back at ya!  There are some fine people on this blog, from the people who run it (Walker, Gigi), to the people who participate nearly every day, and also the people that just pop on every now and again, to the people who just come here to read.


I like the way you get 5 questions in 1 Rob, very stealthy!


The LB moves we made surprised the heck out of me, didn’t see them coming.  I hope there isn’t any learning curve for the new additions of Ellerbe and Wheeler.  I think both players are about to reach, or are in their prime, so in that respect, we got younger, and may have upgraded.  That being said, Dansby played very well last year,  with an injured biceps most of the season.  Ellerbe has his work cut out for him.   I think what we mostly need is big plays, and that’s one thing our defense, as a whole, has lacked.  Dansby and Burnett, even when playing well, never changed a game.  I hope that changes with Ellerbe and Wheeler.


I loved what Ireland did in free agency.  I was looking for an additional offensive piece, or really 2, but I would have settled for 1.  I had hoped for TE Tyler Eifert, but in all honesty, I couldn’t be happier with moving up and getting Dion Jordan.  All of us have hoped for the bookend opposite Wake, and I can’t wait to see Jordan hit the field.  We’re going to use Jordan in many different ways, and I’m really excited about the versatility we have on our D-line, and front 7.  Odrick lost weight, down to about 290, and I think he’s going to make more of an impact this season. Vernon and Shelby have a year under their belts, and I look for improvement and an expanded role for Vernon.  It’s going to be fun to watch all the pieces work, I promise you.


I love that we drafted Jamar Taylor.  I’ll be shocked if Taylor doesn’t start for us.  As to the other starting CB, it’s all up in the air, mostly dependent on the health of Brent Grimes.  I’ve said it before, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility of Will Davis starting opposite Taylor if Grimes isn’t ready to go.


I think we upgraded the offense nicely Rob, and maybe Egnew shocks us all, and becomes the receiving threat we hoped for.  Keller is a dangerous receiver, but the toughest mismatches in football are big, fast, TE’s.  If Keller stays healthy, and Egnew steps up, that would make opposing defenses nervous, trying to cover Wallace, Hartline, Keller and Egnew.


It’s hard to predict a record without seeing the team even scrimmage, but I think we can go 10-6, an steal the AFC East from the Patriots.




From Dcoralsprings


Q – Hey Mike E


A great running game can take a lot of pressure off of the QB


that being said how many touches do you see Mr Miller getting per game on average ?


Care to make a prediction for Millers total yards at seasons end ?


Thanks and take care of yourself bro.


I expect Miller to be the feature back in this offense.  That being said, I don’t expect him to be a workhorse.  I don’t think we intend to be a major running team, but just enough to keep defenses honest.  I expect us to throw a little more this year, so I’d say MillerTime gets between 15-20 carries a game, but closer to 15. I figure Miller exceeds 1000, about 1100 to be exact, averaging nearly 5 YPC.  I think DT and Gillislee will split the rest of the work.  Mostly, we need Tannehill to kick it up a notch, and that’s what is going to make the biggest difference in our offense.




From D


Q – I would like to know your experience with the stroke, warning signs you think you might have overlooked and others should pay attention to, More on your experience of having one and in general what you were told to do to prevent them. Not a hypochondriac, but this happening to you has really started me worrying about potential of having same issues.


On football note, i would like to know you predictions for the season W/L and some standouts on offense and their statistical projections.


That’s an excellent question D.  I have had high blood pressure, so I kind of kick myself in the ass for not taking caring of it. I must say, that it was NOT the reason for the stroke.  My cholesterol was pretty good, so that also wasn’t a factor.  My arteries are all very clear, so unfortunately, the reason for the stroke was labeled as cryptogenic, which is Doctor speak for “We have no fucking idea as to why it happened”


In order to prevent another one, I have changed my diet cutting red meat down to once a week.  I have severely reduced the foods that have a lot of sodium and sugar.  My snacks are now fruits, and I’m staying away from all the rice I used to eat, I loved Zatarain’s rice mixes, but they have a shit-ton of sodium.  I also don’t eat cookies and cakes, I’ll let them be a treat every now and again, but not every night.  I have been 5’9” 170 for long time, but now I expect to be between 160-165, with the additional cardio, and less weight training.  First order of business though, is rehabbing to the point where my left arm, hand and leg are back to functioning near;y 100%


I’ve always exercised a lot, probably 5-7 days a week, but now I have to incorporate more cardio, whereas previously, I did mostly weight lifting, and calisthenics.


D, I think we can go 10-6, maybe 11-5 if Tannehill really takes his game to another level.  I figure him for about 3500-3800 yards, 25 TD’s and 15 INT’s.  I think Wallace will have about 1300 yards and 12 TD’s.  MillerTime with about 1100 yards, and 8 TD’s on the ground, along with 2 receiving TD’s.  I expect Keller to have about 60 catches, with about 700 yards, and 6 TD’s.




From Stanger


Q – This team is getting Deep, deep enough that some names we are familiar with will not be on the final 53.  Which ones?


I’d say the first dude that better start looking for a moving company is K Dan Carpenter.  Handwriting is on the wall when you draft a K before the 7th RD.  I’d be surprised that if Sturgis performs nearly as good as Carp, that Carp isn’t sent packing.  Only way Carp holds on is if Sturgis blows his chance.


I think Richie Incognito is another likely candidate.  With Lance Louis seemingly healthy, and far more athletic, he’s the perfect guy to play LG.  John Jerry showing up in his best shape also puts the squeeze on Richie, because the normal thought would be to move Richie to RG, but not if Jerry is in shape, and playing well, and at a much lower salary.


To a lesser extent, Richard Marshall is in danger, but I think most of us kind of figured that already.  I think Jamar Taylor is nearly a lock to start, so Marshall is going to have to really step up his game to stick, with Taylor starting, and Patterson, Davis, Stanford and Carroll also fighting for roster spots.




 From Randy


Q – MikeE,


How long do you think it will take for our OL to gell and become a plus unit for this team? With young players like Martin, Thomas, Pouncey and Jerry, will this OL be able to come together quickly, or is it more realistic to expect them to be a strength in 2 or 3 years when all these young guys have had a chance to play together for awhile?


And, do you think we still need to add another player(RT for instance) for the long term?


Randy,  I think if Lance Louis is ready to go, I see him at the LG spot, which the opens competition between Jerry and Richie, and possibly Thomas.  I expect the O-line to jell quickly.  The sooner we make our decisions as to who plays where, the better.  I think if Louis is healthy, the first domino falls.  Get Louis an Martin comfortable together on the left side, and then decide on Jerry or Richie at RG.  I’d be surprised if our O-line isn’t this by the beginning of the season . . .


LT – Jon Martin

LG – Lance Louis

C – Mike Pouncey

RG – John Jerry

RT – Tyson Clabo


Once this is settled, we have a nice line ready to go.  I think Martin will do well having a quality player who is athletic like Louis to get him going in the right direction.  Martin is going to make us proud bro!  Count on it!




Now, for our babe of the week . . . .


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