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What if, just what if, in a long shot, QB Tannehill is not a franchise QB and plays poorly this season?


If Ryan Tannehill plays poorly, it will be a rough season for the Miami Dolphins. It will be a bitter disappointment for the fans, and for the organization. So much is riding on the success of Ryam Tannehill, and there really isn’t a fallback plan. I suppose if he’s so bad that he’s causing us to lose, it’s possible that Matt Moore might be given a shot to play a game or two, and then Tannehill can be given another shot. I would have to think Tannehill would be given a very long leash, and by that I mean a minimum of 6-8 games to get it right.


As far as him not being a franchise QB, I’m not sure if he played poorly this year, that would be the deciding factor as to whether he was a franchise QB or not. Some players go through sophomore slumps, and struggle in the 2nd year. He most definitely has the skills necessary to BE a franchise QB, all the physical skills, and the work ethic, necessary to succeed.


I don’t expect it to happen, to be honest Home. I feel very much like Mike Sherman feels, when he said he expects Tannehill to have the most improvement of any 2nd year QB in the NFL. I think we have improved our roster, and given Tannehill an upgraded receiving corps, and I expect them to be improved on the O-line with competition at a few spots. It will be resolved. I think Tannehill is a very confident player, and I expect him to be a much better player than he was last year.


Good question though, but I think even you, as you have said, expect Tannehill to be an improved QB.




From M13


Q – How do you feel about the idea of upgrading from Jonathan Martin at LT? Does this regime not trust Martin at LT, or are we playing games to drop Eric Winston’s price/years?


I happen to feel that if Luke Joeckel slipped to R1P3, he’d have been our selection to play LT for us instead of the Dion Jordan pick. Thoughts?


I’d have to think that at this point, without having signed a LT, that Jonathan Martin is going to have competition with Dallas Thomas, Will Yeatman, and possibly Jeff Adams. My thought is, if they really didn’t trust Martin, the position would have been addressed already. How long can they wait to see if they can get someone? OTA’s start soon, and them minicamps. It is possible a deal with Albert could still be struck for a future draft pick, but I’m not feeling that. Unless machinations have been going on behind the scenes, and they’re just bargaining with Albert on his salary, it’s getting kind of late to address the LT spot from an outsider.


I can’t say whether we’re playing games with Winston, or just hoping he realizes his opportunities just aren’t any better anywhere else, so he may as well sign here. I think there is a mutual interest from both parties, but it may come down to how desperate either party becomes. If the offers start drying up for Winston, he might not have a choice. We do have an option at RT, which could be the loser of the LT competition, either Martin or Thomas. So far, no one is knocking down the door for Winston, after multiple team visits.


I don’t think the Dolphins had any intention of moving up to pick #3 to get one of the LT’s. I’m quite sure I heard the Dolphins would have been content to take Tyler Eifert or Tavon Austin if he fell to #12. The value of moving up to get a LT, who may or may not help your club as a rookie OT, probably wasn’t worth it. Jordan can slowly be worked into the game at DE, and he will be under far less pressure for a team that has playoff aspirations this season. Keep in mind that Martin has a year of NFL experience now, and he will be stronger than he was last year. I think Martin would still have a slight advantage over Luke Joeckel.




From Stanger


Q – Dark Richie, Louis, Big Jerry, Misi, Grimes, Keller, Egnew, Clemmons, Starks, Soliai

Who is on the team opening game 2014, and who is not?

Kicker……who ain’t there for first game in 2013.


Not sure if you’re asking who is the first team starters will be, or who is actually off the roster. In any case, it’s really hard to say at this point, without knowing the health of G Lance Louis. He could easily start the season the PUP, so let me get that out of the way first. Grimes could very much be joining Louis on the PUP, so that’s 2 down.


Keller is absolutely the Game 1 starter at TE. Starks is also a definite Game 1 starter at DT. Misi will likely be the Sam, with Ellerbe as the Mike, and Wheeler as the Will. In certain formations, Misi might play some DE, but I expect the greater majority of his snaps to be at the Sam. Soliai is the starting LDT or NT. Those are the definite starters as I see it.


Clemons will be in a competition with Jimmy Wilson, and newcomer Don Jones. It’s been said that Jones might be a nickel, and it’s possible, but right now I’ll keep him at S.


The offensive line is going to be like dominoes falling. Assuming there is competition at LT between Martin, Yeatman, Thomas and Adams, one of the losers will likely move to RT, unless they then go into competition at RT with John Jerry, which is also a possibility, considering how he’s in excellent shape. Thomas is the wild card. I could see him also pushing Richie Incognito for his job at LG. If that happens, then the competition for RT would leave Jerry, Yeatman and Adams. I honestly expect the RT spot to be manned by Eric Winston, or possibly even Tyson Clabo, but until that happens, I’ll keep rolling with what we DO have. I think Jerry will be in the mix at RG, and could end up being the starter.


Egnew is most definitely going to be given another chance. We spent a 3rd RD pick on the kid, and he could give us exactly what he hoped to get from Eifert. A tall, fast receiving threat in the seam. I’m really hoping that his MMA training has given him confidence, and skills to help his game. I think he will get every opportunity to be involved, so I don’t expect him to get cut early, I really don’t. I think the player most likely to get cut, if he loses his position battle, is Incognito.


I think the writing is on the wall for Carpenter. Unless Caleb Sturgis doesn’t show up well, I think Carpenter is all but gone.




From Brian


Q – Mike E,


Which ONE of the following options do you think would be best regarding our tackle situation and why?:


Martin LT Winston RT

Martin LT Clabo RT

Martin LT Justice RT

Albert LT Martin RT


I like options A or B. I think Winston is more likely though. I think Albert is going to be an expensive proposition for us, both is draft pick compensation and in salary. I’d almost bet that if where still sniffing around for Albert, the Chiefs will likely only accept a 2nd RD pick in 2014, PLUS, we have to pay the big contract of Albert. I guess because it didn’t already go down, I’m thinking it’s just not going to happen. Clabo will likely be more expensive than Winston, and I think Winston will be fine here. I don’t like Winston justice, so we can just scratch him off the list. If, and I do say IF, Martin can handle the LT spot, we have a young, healthy guy at an extremely fair price, which is great on all counts. Also, don’t count out Dallas Thomas, who may be in the battle for LT. Maybe the mysterious Will Yeatman is a shocker too.




 From Ken


Q – Who are our opening day OT’s?


LT – Jonathan Martin / RT – Eric Winston




From Piggy


Q – Dear Mike E,


So which unlucky lineman ended up going home with Roger Goodell after the draft? Isn’t the Commissioner getting a little creepy? EJ Manuel and the Commissioner just met but they embraced like one of them just got out of prison after a DNA test overturned a murder conviction. At the end of the day the commissioner is each player’s employer. Can you imagine: “You are hired…now let me touch you uncomfortably for everyone to see”.


I suspect the Commissioner thinks he is being young and urban. But he is making an ass of himself IMO. For what its worth, I hated him before I ever saw him grope a draftee. Buts its just one more thing I dislike about him.


Also three quick hitters if they haven’t been asked. Is Dallas Thomas an OG or an OT?; Is Dion Jordan an OLB or a DE?; Is Don Jones a Safety, CB or an extra from Shaft?


Oink Bitches


Piggy – I was too busy being the host, and drinking beer to really concentrate on what happened in the draft when we weren’t on the clock. I also missed most of the first round because I was at work late.


I’d bet these draft picks are so damned happy, and caught up in the moment, that Goodell could probably slip them some open mouth tongue, and it would only bother them if he did it too long. These guys are in dreamland, and are so excited, nervous and just amped up, they’re probably numb to the experience.


Dallas Thomas is going to be in the mix for both. I think they will let him compete at LT unless we sign Albert, and if Martin proves worthy, Thomas will also compete for the LG spot with Richie. Dion Jordan will be primarily used as a DE, but will also get some snaps standing up as an OLB. I think Don Jones is a really fast extra from Shaft. Seriously, I’d bet safety, and I think Clemons has to step up a little to keep the kid at bay.




From Son


Q – Can you feel a different vibe, does everything going on with the team just feel right? Ever since Coach Shula left it never felt like we were ready to really contend. Shiny new QB ready to lead the team, brand new Best Defensive Player available in the draft to make our Defense dangerous. A coach who isn’t about BS just going about his business and earning respect, who the players somewhat fear (which is good) and absolutely respect.


Thanks, John


No question about it. There is much more of a positive feeling regarding this team, and it’s mostly due to the correct decision in hiring Joe Philbin as the Head Coach of the team. He has brought respect, direction, accountability, esteem, class, and an air of winning culture with him to the Dolphins. Many of us wanted to blame Ireland for everything, but the truth is, we haven’t had a qualified head Coach under his tenure until Philbin. The program was wrong, the philosophy was wrong, and therefore, our personnel and roster was wrong.


You can see the difference Philbin has made, and Ireland must be thanking his lucky stars that we have Philbin as our head Coach. You can see the difference in the last 2 drafts, and this free agency period, that we’re building a different team. Perhaps Sparano undervalued the QB position while he was here, but Philbin truly understands how important the QB position is. He took care of that pronto. Ireland was more than happy to oblige him. It starts with the QB, no question.


I couldn’t more excited about this team, and our chances for being playoff contenders, not just this year, but for many years to come. Sure, I wanted a couple of more offensive weapons, but team speed is important, and we have gone out of our way to have team speed. It’s a fast game now, and we have the right players to compete. Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor and Will davis, all can move, and move fast!


Son – Yes bro, it’s GREAT to be a Miami Dolphins right now!


Oh yeah, the babe of week.  Mmmm, babes and ice cream!  Yum!
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