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From Piggy


Q – Oink Mike E.,


What do you think about pushing the draft back a few dates?


Any advantage to be gained by it?


It makes me squeal…more waiting….


Also I would like to use this forum to make a couple of important statements 


*. Pork is Murder

* Go Heat!!!


Piggy Bacon


I’m not happy with moving the draft a few weeks later into May at all.  I get why they would do it, because it gives them big time coverage in a month where it’s usually quiet, but I still hate it.  The whole draft process carries on so long, with the scouting, all year long, and then the Senior Bowl, and then the NFL Combine.  It’s such a long process to begin with, we don’t need it any longer.


The only advantage is for the NFL as a business, that they get to be in the spotlight yet another month during the year, in May, when OTA’s are usually taking place, but don’t get anywhere near the attention the NFL Draft gets.  I think the draft being pushed back hurts teams, because it’s less time to assess the talent on their teams, and I’m curious how it will affect UDFA’s, when teams don’t have as much time to evaluate their rosters.  You need time to see your own draft picks, let alone the guys you didn’t draft.




From Stanger


Q – Got a real problem with our top draft pick.  Get the height, the runs like a WR , the sack potential, the unique coverage ability…..but that nickname just don’t fit any player I want to root for.  I mean, come’on…..is this your new sackbeast?




Can we come up with something better than “Praying Mantis”?


Hmmm.  The Praying Mantis is a very well respected and feared insect.  Larger species of Praying Mantis are known to prey on scorpions, lizards, frogs, birds, rodents and snakes.  That’s a kickass insect if you axe me!


The Mantis rears up on it’s legs and spreads it’s wings when threatened, in order to intimidate.  This is what I want Tom Brady and other QB’s to have nightmares about when they play the Dolphins on Sunday.  Check this out!




In other words, I’m OK with the name.  Those long arms, and lithe body, and quick strike capabilities make it a good fit in my opinion.



From Tim (Sol Rosenberg)


Q – Hello… hi… hello… hi Mike E… yes… okay…


Which 3 players do you think will be or will have to be the difference makers for this team to help us get over the hump and back into the playoffs?


Thank you!


My 3 would be Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace and Reshad Jones.  Tannehill is the lynchpin though.  Our season will go as he goes.  If he excels, we will win most games when he does.  If he plays poorly, it will be difficult for us to overcome it.  We need improvement out of him, and I think he has to and will throw at least 25 TD’s this season.  With that, he needs to keep his mistakes down as well.  If he can stay in the same area of INT’s he threw last year, that would be great, and would ensure a difference of at least 10 more TD’s than INT’s.  We’ll win a bunch of games with those numbers.


Mike Wallace has to put up some numbers, and take the pressure off the other receivers.  I like Brian Hartline, but if he’s your best WR, that’s trouble.  Mike Wallace has to be the best out there, and he can’t just be a deep threat guy.  He needs to turn some short and intermediate passes into big plays.  He can do this, and we need that.  This is one aspect we have been missing, the guy that can take any play to the house.  Wallace needs to do it.


I picked Reshad Jones, because he was huge last year, and we need him to do that again.  Jones had 74 tackles, 4 INT’s, 2 FF’s, 2 FR’s and 9 passes defensed.  My hope is that Jones follows up with an even better year, and is signed here for a long time.  I could have picked anyone in the secondary really, because we need much better play there for sure.  Grimes would be a great pick too, but I want to make sure he’s ready for real hitting and contact before I pick him.  The CB opposite Grimes is huge too, as well as Clemons, or whoever plays the other S position.  I hope Taylor’s hernia doesn’t slow him down, and he wins the other CB spot.




From Son


Q – Dear Ask Mike, 


I have three prospects who are somewhat long-shots to either make the team or contribute they are Kelcie McCray, De’Andre Presley (both had picks in Wed. practice) and Will Yeatman. Of the three who do you see as making the team? In the two times I’ve heard Philbin talk about McCray he sums up his description by simply saying, (paraphrased) “I know it sounds simplistic, but he moves like a football player”, on the surface it sounds complimentary but this is the NFL and shouldn’t he look like a football player, what if he looked like a shoe salesman would he then refer to him as a ballhawk, wtf?

Here’s to my continued hopes and wishes that you have a swift and full recovery my friend.




Kelcie McCray is a 6’2 202 strong safety from Arkansas St., for those of you not familiar.  De’Andre Presley is a 5’10” 185 CB from Appalachian St.  Will Yeatman has been with the team for a few years, originally as a TE, but has been working as a LT project for 2 years now and is 6’6” 305.


I think Yeatman is the keeper, especially due to the lack of T’s on the roster.  Clabo is the RT, and Martin is the LT, with Nate Garner, Dallas Thomas, Jeff Adams, Andrew McDonald and Patrick Ward.  They have been working with Yeatman for some time, so my guess is he’s the guy to stick around.


De’Andre Presley ran a 4.64 40, and to me, that’s a no-no.  McCray, while having the height, and good speed, is a little light, and a little soft in the weight room, putting up 12 reps at the combine.  I know those numbers don’t tell the whole story, and I honestly don’t know much about either one of them.  Anything is possible John, but I’d put my money on Yeatman.




From Rhino


Q – Based on what we have seen from Coach Philbin on Hard Knocks, on the sideline, in interviews, etc… do you see any qualities that are similar to the men on the “Greatest Coaches” debate/ranks taking place on a “competing website”?  Many fans are vocally supportive of our new coach, but what specific qualities found in other ‘great coaches’ does he seem to have?


Thanks, hope your recovery is going great!!!  We appreciate your continued efforts despite having to deal with health issues!




I think the first thing you look at is does the Head Coach get respect, not only from his players, but around the league, and the answer is a resounding YES.  That’s of utmost importance.  He is well respected around the league, and by the league itself as he is one of 4 NFL coaches to be chosen to be on the NFL Competition Committee.  The other 3 are John Harbaugh, Tom Coughlin, and Andy Reid.  Good company!  Don Shula was on that committee for years, so even more good company!


As far as the qualities Philbin has, one of them is his meticulous work ethic.  No stone is left uncovered, and he sweats the details.  A Joe Philbin team will be prepared.  I’ll give him a mulligan on the Fest game against Tennesse.  🙂


Philbin reminds me of the the new Tom Coughlin.  Coughlin was much more of hardass in his early years, but has softened in the last 5 years or so with the Giants.  He is still very respected, but uses his dry, sarcastic humor, rather than his Drill Sargent whip.  In that regard, he does remind me of Coughlin, whom I think is a great Head Coach.


I also think he’s very clear in his mission, and knows what he wants in his players, and which players he wants.  He’s building HIS team, and I think he has an excellent partnership with GM Jeff Ireland.  They have definite synergy together, and that’s also a sign of a great Head Coach.




Now for the babe of the week.  This one’s for David



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