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From Rob Hyde


Q –  Mike


The unfounded bitch flavor of the day seems to be Vernon and his perceived suckiness. Can that be refuted with stats?


I don’t subscribe to the mighty, and all powerful Pro Football Focus *PFF*, thankfully, because ALL they give us is what they think, and personally, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what they think!!  I’d like PFF to just quietly go away, and then football fans can watch the games and enjoy them, without the taint of blindly devouring whatever they write as the gospel.  Glad I got that off my chest, but that doesn’t answer your question.


Now, as far as LEGITIMATE NFL STATS, Olivier Vernon through 4 games, which he started all of them, has 6 tackles, 3 assists, and 1.5 sacks  The stats don’t say much here, and it’s a small sample.  I’m sure PFF has him rated as the 68th DE in the NFL with a -3.6 grade, or something along those lines, which then rightfully gives any reader to boast about how much he sucks.  Get it?


Vernon may be starting for 2 reasons.  He’s good enough to get the job done, and they want to bring rookie Dion Jordan along slowly, without overwhelming him physically, due to his shoulder injury, and mentally, due to the fact that he’s a rookie.  I think we will likely see more of Jordan incrementally as we get further along in the season.  I personally, do not think Vernon sucks, but I think he needs to get better, and learn more pass rush moves.  I think he’s a big, strong kid, with talent, but he needs to learn how to rush the passer.  I think he’ll improve, but we’ll have to wait and see.




From O Rob


Q – Mike, what’s the difference between a homer a hater and an over reactor? is an over reactor a polite term used on haters?


 LMAO!!!  It’s very complicated Rob, and I think it’s even more difficult than trying to walk on rice paper (Kung Fu) and not disturb it, to answer this question, and not disturb anyone.  Ahhhhhh WTF! – Here goes!


Disclaimer:  These are MY definitions of these terms, and I do not wish to influence anyone else on how they perceive these terms.


hater – (Hay-tuhr)  A fan, blogger who specifically goes out of their way to disparage a player, coach or GM, or any official, including the Owner on the team they claim they are a fan of.  They usually have little logic in their hatred, and often sound childish and immature with their complaints.


homer – (Ho-muhr) A fan, blogger who specifically goes out of their way to defend any player on the team they claim they are a fan of, whether or not that player is good, bad, or indifferent.  Due to their extreme loyalty to the team, they can’t really see deficiencies in any player or coach, or official, including the owner, or at least they won’t admit to such.  They usually have little logic, other than the fierce allegiance to their team


overreactor – (Ovuh-ree-ack-tuhr)  A fan, blogger who loses all logic and sanity, and temporarily, behaves like a hater. (see definition of hater above)  They lash out violently, and the players that they hate most feel the harshest wrath.  They seek homers (see definition of homer above) to engage them with their anger, which is twofold.  They are angry their team lost, and they are angry that the homers will defend their team after losing, which infuriates the overreactor (see definition of overreactor a few lines up dummy!)  An example of an overreactor (Sorry M!) is calling for a trade to get Branden Albert, moments after losing 38-17 to the Saints, and LT Jonathan Martin, (according to PFF) allowed 2 sacks.


I hope this clears things up for you Rob!




From Piggy


Q – Dear Human:


Monday night was squeal worthy.  


People have suggested Mike Wallace disappeared.  Currently Wallace is 4th on the Dolphins with 15 catches.  I’m sure no one expected him to be 4th.


But that draws my attention to a positive stat.  The fact that 3 other Phins have 20 or more catches.  


That means 3 guys are on pace for 80 catches and 1 is in pace for 60.  Can you recall the last time the Dolphins distributed the ball so well?  Must have been Dan Marino era…


Also if Wallace turns it up a little and has 80 catches, is that a successful season for him?  In my view it is.  I don’t want a 100 catch guy no matter how much he is paid.  


Oinks to you!


Wallace is best when used for the home run.  He’s not a possession type receiver, he’s the big play guy.  In his best years with the Steelers, Wallace caught 39, 60 and 72 passes, averaging 19.4, 21.0, and 16.6 YPR.  He had 6, 10 and 8 TD’s in those seasons.  That’s the type of guy he is.  We have Hartline and Gibson, and the TE’s to move the chains.  That’s why it’s imperative that Tannehill and Wallace develop a connection.  They need to get on the same page, where T-hill is very comfortable, and is familiar with Wallace’s speed.  We discussed ad nauseum the slight underthrow on MNF, but both guys need to do better.  Wallace must catch that, but if T-Hill throws it a couple of yards further, it’s a TD.


Wallace doesn’t have the best hands on the team, Hartline does.  Gibson is uncanny getting open, so keep using him in the middle of the field.  Gibson and Hartline seem to have a rapport with T-Hill, so it makes sense that they will be getting the ball.  It’s about time though, that Tannehill and Wallace become comfortable, and start hitting some big plays.  With Wallace, a short crossing pattern can be a big play if he gets a little separation.  Let’s hope this connection starts against the Ravens on Sunday!




From OD


Q – Our offensive line remains a “work in progress.” –They are NOT, in my estimation, a Top 15 offensive line at this time. –Is it time to consider replacing at least one of our 5 starters or should we simply stick it out with the players who are now starting?–AND, do you believe Miami will take an O-Lineman in the top 3 rounds of the next draft


It depends on who you want to replace, and with whom you want to replace them.  I think our best 5 are out there playing right now.  If the coaches felt otherwise, they would change it.  John Jerry was injured, missed a lot of time, and is still getting back into game shape.  Jonathan Martin (despite what PFF spews) has not been so bad.  I (the homer) recall at least 3 sacks that Tannehill should have gotten rid of the ball, but of course, PFF doesn’t account for that.  I think the coaches are happy with Martin’s play so far. Tyson Clabo is a bit disappointing, because he’s a solid veteran player, and I expected a little better from him.


My guess is we stay pat with what we have, and hope that they improve.  I definitely believe the O-line will be a focus in next years draft.  I would expect at least 1 or 2 early picks on the O-line, and then possibly a 3rd a bit later on in the draft.  We need to upgrade both the starters, and the depth.  I would expect a T, and maybe 2 G’s, or vice-versa.  We’re set at C for the next 10+ years hopefully.




From GDP


Q – Mike E,


I can’t understand why Wallace hasn’t been moved around. Didn’t Philbin say he wants all his receivers to be versatile, play in different spots.


Monday Nite’s game the announcers, I think Gruden said that he saw that Wallace has been exclusively lined up on the left/weak side of the line and Hartline on the right/strong side since week 1.


Don’t you think Wallace needs to be moved around to confuse opposing DC’s & the Defenses on the field.


I want to see Wallace in the slot, on the right, in a reverse, even some bubble screens. He needs to move and create better mismatches for himself and others subsequently don’t you think?


That’s an excellent point GDP, and I hadn’t really thought about that.  My best guess is, they’re happy with what Brandon Gibson gives them in the middle of the field, and that’s why they have been hesitant to change that.  Gibson has 20 receptions, for 208 yards.  They like the physical presence Gibson has, he fights for the ball, and that’s not a trait Mr. Wallace is known for.


I can’t say I know enough about our offensive schemes, but before the season, they definitely declared that all WR’s would be interchangeable.  Maybe losing Keller had a lot to do with it as well.  With Keller running patterns in the seam, he was a big target that ate up the middle, and perhaps with Keller out, they feel Gibson is the next best thing, but doesn’t draw the attention that Keller would have.  I wish I had a direct line to Sherman, I would ask him that question.  Good thinking GDP!




From David


Q – Hello Mike, hope this finds You well,  what do You think of our coaches? they seem to be much better than what we had, but are they better than what the NFL has?  where would You rank them? 


Thanks, David


I really like Philbin David.  I know we got beat down, and I also think Philbin got a beat down of his own.  So did Sherman, and Coyle.  We were unprepared for what they did, and on the flip side, Payton had his team quite ready for anything we did.  Sometimes you just need to tip your cap to the better man, and the Saints, and Payton were the better team and Payton was the better man.  I would say most of us knew that we had a tough assignment going into the Superdome on MNF, but I also think most of us thought we’d hang with the Saints.  It didn’t happen.  Important that we don’t lose perspective though, as we’re still 3-1, despite the stinging loss to the Saints.


I expect our team to be much better prepared against the Ravens, and I expect us to be 4-1 going into the BYE week.  At 4-1, there isn’t a heck of a lot to complain about, is there?  I think Philbin has created a culture, a player type, and I really like the players, and type of players he has brought in.  It’s much more about team, than any one individual.  I think that’s the way to win in the NFL today.  He’s an intelligent guy, and he, along with Sherman and Coyle will adjust.  I expect to see more of Dion Jordan as the season progresses, and I hope he’s up to the task.  Our defensive backfield will be healthier after the BYE week, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing.  I want to see Jamar Taylor, Will davis, and I want to see the Reshad Jones from last year.  Where is that guy?  Overall, I’m happy with the coaches, and I’m not going to kill Sherman over one game.  Look at how Tannehill has developed, and I think Sherman deserves credit for that.




And now for the babe of the week . . .  




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