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From O Rob


Q – Mike, can you please help me? I want to know if we as a Miami Dolphins football blog are responsible for Football Blog Etiquette (from here on known as FBE)? is there such a thing? should the Ho-Muhrs, Over-reactuhs (note the accent), and Haters exercise FBE? have enough respect for one another to keep it football and not ridicule, demean and condemn each other just because we don’t share the same opinion on football matters????


Yes, but no.  We’re all supposed to be adults here, but the beauty of this blog is that we are free to speak as we like.  Some may not have the stomach, or the patience to deal with this type of open forum, and I suppose when that occurs, those people just need to take a break.  Walker and Gigi have done a great job creating, and maintaining this site for us to come and cheer, complain, and basically talk about whatever you like with a lot of different personalities and people, ALL, Miami Dolphins fans.


Whether you are a homer, hater or overreactor, all are welcome to say what they want to say, much like the free speech in our country.  I’m glad we don’t have a moderator, personally.  Are there times when I think some very inappropriate things are said?  Sure, but we’re a community here, a family, and I’m sure we’ve all said inappropriate things to our friends, neighbors and family, and it gets worked out.  Same goes for here.  We may not all be in peace together here, due to certain conflicts, but for the most part, this blog functions well as it is constituted, and I wouldn’t want to change that.


We should all treat each other with respect, that much I firmly believe in.  If you go to a bar, or the stadium to watch a football, you’re going to hear a lot of nasty comments, and my best advice when it happens here, is to skip over it if you choose to, or take the bull by the horns if you choose to, but if you choose the latter, be prepared for it to get nasty, as it sometimes does.


One final thought, my parents taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.  Wise words, but I don’t realistically expect that here, nor have I 100% abided by that myself.   It’s hard, and we all have passion.  Regardless, try to be nice, and try to be respectful.  Thanks!




From Ken


2 Questions: If you are traveling in a vehicle at the speed of light and you turn your lights on would it do anything? And on a football related note: Who is Ryan Spadola and why did we sign him?





Classic Stephen Wright!  That’s one of my favorites.  I believe the headlights would goon, but you wouldn’t be able to tell they were on.  That’s my scientific answer to that.


We signed Ryan Spadola, because Marvin McNutt was poached from our PS by the Carolina Panthers.  Spadola is a good special teams player, and that’s where I expect him to be most useful.  He is from Howell NJ, about 15 miles from where I live.  Spadola is another big bodied WR, at 6’3” 200, which basically replaces the size of Marvin McNutt.  Spadola enjoyed a strong training camp and pre season with the Jests, and was liked by fans much like danny Woodhead.




From Tim


Q – Hey Mike,


How have we been able to compete and win 3 games when we allow a sack on every pass play and have never gained a yard on a run? Inquiry minds want to know. This might be the greatest question ever asked.





What can I say, our fan base does not do well with losing.  I include myself in that.  I suppose it could be better if we had a few winning seasons in a row, but I doubt it.  I think too many fans remember the Shula days, and the winning culture.  This NFL is more geared to parity, although there are a handful of successful franchises that seem to always be around the prize.  Look at this year though.  The NY Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers are both winless, the NYG 0-5, Steelers 0-4.  The Atlanta Falcons are now 1-4 after falling to the NY Jests on MNF.


We have an angry fan base, and many despise the GM, Jeff Ireland.  They feel he is unqualified, and has had enough time to build a winner, but has failed to do so.  We are however, 3-2, which is a winning record.  He really has a short leash from our fans.  That much is a fact.  Some are now questioning the Head Coach, Joe Philbin as well.  I really like Joe Philbin, and would be extremely disappointed if he was fired.  IMO, he’s the best Head Coach since Shula.  I hope some fans don’t get what they wish for.


Back to the spirit of your question.  I would say most of the negativity is due to 2 losses in a row.  If we we were 3-2, but lost to the Falcons, beat the Saints, and then lost to the Ravens, the fans wouldn’t be so negative.  I think they look at those 2 losses as the “reality of the team”, rather than just 2 losses.  A win against the Bills will stem the hatred temporarily.  LOOK OUT if we lose!




From Son


Q – Cam Wake’s absence on the D has been easily noticed, if he comes back healthy after the bye week do we return to our winning ways? 


I definitely think so Son.  We’re 3-0 with him playing.and 0-2 without him.  He makes everyone else better, and nobody else on our defense does that.  Wake requires so much attention from the opposing offense, that it frees up someone else.  He’s the Mike Wallace of the defense.  I really hope he’s healthy, so we can terrorize the Bills.  I’d like to see a foot on the neck blowout against the Bills.  Not a 24-21 squeaker, but a 34-3, or 31-10 type of game.  A no-doubter.


We still need to stop the run, and the Bills can run.  Between Spiller, and Fred Jackson, they will bring it.  We can’t let them be successful, and we should hound Thad Lewis, or Jeff Tuel, or whoever is their QB.  I expect a massacre from a well rested defense, and especially a healthy Cam Wake.  I say a 6-8 sack day from our defense is in order.


Time to get back to winning.  It’s Our Time . . . 




From Wyoming


Q – Mike

I’m not going to ask about the OL.

On Defense the first 2 games we did a great job on 3rd down!

The last 2 we sucked on third down ( again ).

Do you think it is due to the injuries, or the quality of our competition?


Thanks for NOT beating the dead horse (O-line)  I definitely do think its because of the injuries.  Not having Wake, and the impact he makes is a huge loss for us.  Shelby has played well, and you can see he has skills, but he’s not Cam Wake.  Jordan will hopefully someday have a similar impact as wake does, but he’s not there yet, although we did see a glimmer of it on the play he made on Flacco that caused the pick-6.


The Saints game just out of hand.  We were not prepared to or capable of covering both Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham.  It was shocking to me how unprepared or incapable we really were, and I do put some of that on the coaches, as well as the players.  I think the defense in the Ravens game was probably fatigued, we didn’t hold the ball enough, too much passing, not enough running.  The Ravens had the ball for over 36 minutes, and again, I put that on the coaches, as well as the players.


The great thing is, I think the Coaches, and the players will come back strong from the BYE week, and we have an opportunity to start off strong, playing a Buffalo team with a backup QB (Thad Lewis).  that doesn’t instantly give us the W, we’ll still have to earn it against the Bills, because they will be running early and often against us, mixed in with play action passing.  I hope to see a dominant performance by our team, because we can’t expect to just “show up”, and beat the Bills. We have to put our foot on their necks, and not let up!  I want a blowout Wyoming, a real ass whoopin’!  GO DOLPHINS!!!


And now for the babe of the week . . . 


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