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From Wyoming, 


Q –  I have not watched a single snap of Tampa this year.

What is our best match up?


Tampa is without 2 players who started for them at important positions.  QB Josh Freeman was cut, and RB Doug Martin is out with a torn labrum suffered week 6.  At QB, rookie Mike Glennon took over for Freeman, and has played well.


Glennon is 123-204, 1165 yards and 8 TD’s, 3 INT’s with a decent 83.1 QBR.


In place of Martin is rookie RB Mike James.


James, in limited action has 55 carries for 254 yards, with a 4.6 YPC avg.  James has not scored a TD yet.


Our best matchups are the fact that Tampa is only scoring 15.5 PPG.  That’s awful.  We can’t allow them to do better than that.  They also don’t get many turnovers, only logging 8 INT’s in 8 games.  On defense, Tampa is allowing nearly identical points scored as we are, MIA 23.4, TB 23.1.


Walker will be thrilled to know that Gabe Carimi is the backup RT. (LOL!)


We should be able to run against their D-line of Te’o-Nesheim (LE), Gerald McCoy (LDT) , Akeem Spence (RDT) and Asrian Clayborn (RE).  I think their secondary is better than their fron 7.  That have, of course Darelle Revis, and rookie CB Johnthan Banks, and an aggressive FS in Dashon Goldson, and a solid SS of Mark Barron.


I expect us to run, and use a lot of play action passing.  Goldson is a very aggressive player, and undisciplined, so watch us to use play action, and have him bite.  I doubt we’ll be running those 6 O-linemen formations, because I’m not sure we have 6 O-linemen.  🙂




From Convict

Q – What’s your reaction to the news that a group of fans have collected $1000 to fly another banner at the next home game asking for Ireland to be fired?




We’re 4-4, and we beat a very good Cincinnati Bengals football team last week.  I’d say its way too early for anything of the sort.  I also am not a big fan of things like that.  I support the team, and I think flying banners or staging marches is immature, and counterproductive.  If we go 7-9 this season, flying banners to fire, or even to save Ireland, will most likely be unnecessary.  I think Ross will let him go all by himself.




From GDP


Q – With Jon Martin now out, as well as Richie, do you now think the OL will regress even further, be about the same, or actually improve.

Do you think Martin was/could have been a big factor to the OL’s issues and lack of cohesiveness all along. I guess the coming games will tell a lot.

Thanks, and Go Phins!



I have a feeling the team will band together, and I expect a very strong effort from our team, especially the O-line.  The O-line play was not impressive with Martin and Incognito in the lineup, so I expect it to be better, at least for this first game.  Garner worries me.  When he plays a lot, he gets exposed.  I think he’s a fine backup, but when you count on him too often, his play slips, and he gets hurt too often.


As far as Martin being the reason for the lack of cohesiveness, I had to LMAO first, and then just say no.  A good manager, who has a lot of employees, or even a good parent, knows what buttons to push to get the best effort out of their kids, or workers.  Some kids (workers) are lazy, so they need to prodded,  some kids (workers) get discouraged easy, and they just need a pat on the back, and a little reassurance.  I have been both a good parent, and a good manager.  I know what makes people tick.  I think I’m a pretty sound judge of that.


I say this without knowing the facts, just riding with the report that coaches may have asked Incognito to get on Martin’s case to toughen him up.  I think we can all see, if true, that it was not the proper course of action for that particular player.  I think embracing Martin for what he is, an intellectual, quiet person would have worked a whole lot better than making him feel different, weak, whatever.  A little pat on the back could have made him more confident, and a better player for it.  I know 90% of you will scoff at that, and I’m cool with that. I’ve said enough on this, you asked, I answered.




From Stanger


Q – Do we even have to touch the D in the first four or five rounds of the draft next year?   Thinking we are stocked going forward.   Maybe not All-Pro, but quality everywhere.   My only concern going in was Clemons, but seems like he is stepping up. 


We got some FA’s, but re-sign Grimes (that’s the big hit), Clemons (not so much) and either Starks or Soliai and seems we are ready to roll.  What needs to be done to this D?  




I think it depends on how our young CB’s progress.  I think our starting front 7 is accounted for.  I also think we have pretty good depth on both the D-line, and at LB.  We have to see how much Grimes is going to cost, I hope we re-sign him.  If Grimes isn’t re-signed, that leaves Patterson, Carroll, Taylor Davis and RJ Stanford will be an RFA in 2014.  Clemons is an UFA, so we may have to draft a CB or S, or re-sign Clemons.  Not sure where we’re at on that.


If Richie and Martin are both gone, we will be spending $$$ and draft picks on the O-line.  I’d be surprised if we re-sign McKinnie, so that leaves us w/o a LT, LG, RG and RT.  I know sometimes it seemed like we were already missing those positions, but we will for real at seasons end.  WOW!  We gots some work to do!




OK, no more questions today, light week.  I do need to stand on a soapbox for a minute (GASP!)


I just want to apologize to a friend on the blog whom I’ve let down.  Initially, I thought my judgement was sound, but after some thought, I’ve changed my mind.  Sometimes, it’s not all about what I think, it’s about what others may think too.  I realize I dropped the ball the other day.


Jahn, please accept my apology, for not being a friend the other day, I was wrong.  I hope you can forgive me, and I hope to see you on the blog soon.


Sincerely, Mike


PS – Son, if you’re reading this, I hope someday soon you can also return.  You are missed!




Now for the babe of the week . . . . . 



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