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Q – Mike E, 

On November 9th The Miami Dolphins will travel to face the Detroit Lions. As we all know Detroit has one of the best wide receivers in the league in Calvin Johnson. Megatron is 6’4″ and is one of the most physical wideouts in the game, able to create separation without pushing off.

The Miami Dolphins two starting Cornerbacks, Brent Grimes and Cortland Finnegan, are both generously listed as 5′ 10″ tall and each gives up 46 pounds to the star wide receiver. 

Who do you think the Miami Dolphins will line up against him during the game to try and limit his production? Do you think the Dolphins will try to have one of the cornerbacks shadow him all game, or do you think they will just split the field like they have been doing so far this pre-season and during the Pats game?


Rock, I think they’re going to have to cover Calvin Johnson with their best corner, Brent Grimes, and help him out with a S, either  Jimmy Wilson, or Louis Delmas, or Reshad Jones if he works his way back into the starting lineup.  Better to go one on one with their #2 WR, Golden Tate.  You can’t let Calvin take over the game, and Grimey can cover as well as anyone, but obviously, there is a huge size differential.  Despite that, covered is covered.  Stafford is not going to just throw it up there for Calvin unless he has some space, especially if we help Grimes out with a safety.


I know some teams are drafting those big 6’2” and 6’3”, but size alone doesn’t cover a guy, especially a talent like Megatron.  I think Grimes is the best cover guy we have, so it’s going to be on him to make it work, with a little help from his friends.



from Stanger


Q – First half/2nd half against the Pats were two different games.  Should the game ball go the Heat advantage?   And is that a reason to not get too psyched right now? Gonna be cool and crisp in Buffalo.




No way do I give the game ball to the heat.  I’d give the game ball to Knowshon Moreno, who in my opinion, willed this team to victory.  I truly believe he inspired, and sparked the team Sunday with his determination, and effort.  It was contagious.  Wake could easily get the game ball too, but Knowshon carried the day as far as I’m concerned.  Plays that Miller or DT would have been taken down for a loss, or a 2 yard gain, Moreno turned into a 5-10 yard carry.  He never stopped.  Kinda reminds me of this guy . . . http://www.nfl.com/videos/miami-dolphins/09000d5d82082794/Smith-s-17-yard-TD-run-in-overtime


Lamar Smith carried us that day, and Knowshon did the same this past Sunday.  I hope he can keep this us the whole season.




Wake was awesome too, he really was.  He did for the defense what Knowshon did for our offense.   Was he in the backfield before the snap on this play?  Unbelievable how fast he got there, check it out . . . http://www.miamidolphins.com/multimedia/videos/HIGHLIGHT-Wake-Sack–Forced-Fumble-In-3Q/ef1dd983-4674-4010-b0c6-7973b59f85ed


Buffalo is going to be tough.  We’ve had trouble stopping their 2 headed rushing attack of CJ Spiller and Fred Davis.  We missed way too many tackles, and I know our defense is aware of that.  I don’t care who plays at LB this week, they ALL know they can’t let that happen again.  If Wheeler plays, he’ll be fired up to make right what went wrong last year at BUF.  If it’s Jenkins or McCain, they’ll have it drilled into them the importance of beating this team, and the importance of shedding blocks, and wrapping up the ballcarrier.  We don’t big hits, we need tackles.


Oddly enough, we didn’t face EJ Manuel last year, we faced backup QB Thad Lewis both games, so we’re not really sure what Manuel will do for the Bills.  In October, it wasn’t the run game that killed us.  CJ Spiller was still hurting, and he had a minimal impact with 6 carries and 11 yards, and we held Fred Jackson to just 36 yards on 11 carries.  Thad Lewis passed for 202 yards, 1 INT and no TD’s, but did just enough to allow the Bills to win.  Former Dolphin K Dan Carpenter was the hero that day, with 3 FG’s, including the game winner, 23-21.


The December game,  (Don’t need to remind any of you fine folks that the playoffs were on the line) was a different story.  Carpenter kicked the game winner in this game too, although it was at 6:42 in the first QTR.  That’s how bad we were.  The Bills rushed 51 times that day, 18 by Fred Jackson for 105 yards and the lone TD, and CJ Spiller carried 21 times for 83 yards.  We couldn’t stop them all day long, and it was killer to watch.  Our D-line, but especially the LB’s should be feeling this pain coming into this game, and I wouldn’t want to be CJ Spiller ot Fred Jackson on Sunday.  It’s PAYBACK time, and our guys probably can’t wait to return the favor.


The weather don’t mean NUTHIN’!  It’s time for a good ‘ol ass-kicking in Buffalo baby!



from Tim


Q – So now that we opened the season with a sweet victory at home against the Pats, what’s your gut for the game in Buffalo?


Do you think we go up there and get a victory, or do you think we have a let down and lose?



Jersey Accent


I think, as I just mentioned, that the Bills are in for some trouble Sunday.  Ass-kicking time baby!  I think we’re going to maintain that hungry, physical style of play, the O-line will continue to do it’s job, and the Bills will NOT sweep us this year!  We’re going to end it in style, and win by 2 TD’s, you have my word on that.


The key for us this year is to stay healthy.  I think we have the right mentality, the right OC, and a good infusion of talent, both vets (Moreno, Albert, Mitchell, Delmas), and rookies (McCain, James, Landry, Tripp, Fede, Williams and Darkwa)  We need to keep everyone healthy this season, and I’m thinking we can finally make the playoffs, at 11-5, like I said in my first Ask Mike.  I don’t think it’s silly to think we can do that if we stay healthy, and this team keeps improving.



from Son


Q – Dear Ask Mike, 

Although its only one win, the way it was done has me thinking that the Dolphins might be one of those teams we see from time to time who unexpectedly blast onto the scene. The most memorable being the ’99 Rams a team who we have compared this Dolphin team to leading into the season.

Does it have the feel of a team of destiny to you? Feel free not to answer that if you think it may jinx something.


Thanks, John



Not sure if we’re a team of destiny, or just team that has finally arrived.  I think I’d say the latter.  I think we’re finally at the point where we can line up and beat almost any team.  Now to beat the better teams,  (Not that the Patriots aren’t) but I mean the elite teams, like Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, we can’t turn it over like we did last week.  I think we’re going to fix that.


I do feel something special, because I haven’t seen our team play so inspired like that in some time.  I’m thinking this whole #StrongerTogether thing is REAL.  It’s not just a “feed the Wolf” or some corny shiot like that, it’s real.   I think our team has become united, as a team should be.  I don’t care why it happened, I’m just happy it appears to have happened.


I think we have the right kind of talent mix this year.  Our O-line being legit plays a big part in this.  Nice mix of young guys and older vets.  This is  aline that can play together as a unit for a long time, with LT Branden Albert being the exception, but I think Billy Turner might be waiting in the wings 3 years down the line.  Even so, having the same line, and being successful for 3 years + is a luxury we haven’t had  here for quite some time.


I love our D-line, and the depth we have.  The wonderful thing is, it’s going to get better!  Fede, and Dion Jones will be a part of the defensive rotation as soon as Fede is healthy, and Jordan is done with his suspension.  Already Earl Mitchell has made his presence felt.  Great pickup there!  He’s afar more athletic, penetrating type of DT than Big Paul.,  Paul was kind of the big guy who took up space, but this Earl Mitchell gets after it!  Then add in Starks, and Odrick, and rookie Anthony Johnson, that’s nice!  The LB’s have been given notice, and shoddy tackling will not be allowed.  Ellerbe is out for the season now, so the proverbial “next man up” comes into play quickly here.  Jon Trusnik played 90 snaps last week at MLB and special teams.  Crazy!  Trusnik is loving having the opportunity to play, and if Wheeler is still out, the combo of Jenkins and McCain are ready to play as well.  We’ll see if Misi is OK for this week, but we signed Kelvin Sheppard, big kid 6’2” 250.  he was a 3rd RD pick in the 2011 draft, so we have another guy to fill in.  I’m not too worried about the “Starters” playing, I just want hungry guys that want to play, and can get the job done.


Moreno gives us what looks to be the most legit running threat we’ve had since Reggie Bush, but while Moreno doesn’t have Bush’s speed, he has the moxie and the power to create positive yardage when there is none available.  Tannehill is going to hit a level that most of us hoped he would hit.  he’s going to be a top 10 QB this season.  We have better depth at WR than we’ve had in a long time.  There are no Legadu’s or Roberto Wallace’s, or 7/11’s.  We have legit guys, and every one of our guys can play.  Charles Clay has emerged as one of the better pass catching H-backs, so this offense has the firepower to score points.


Look out for the 2014 Dolphins baby!  It’s just the beginning!



from GDP


Q – Dear Mike E #88 fan of Tanny, 😛


Tannehill in his two years here has had rough outings in Buffalo over 2 games.

In light of last week’s criticism of his play at home, what do you think has to happen & what will we see from Tanny in his 3rd year, in his 3rd game @ Rich Stadium?

Will there be any progression under Lazor in his 3rd season on the road, especially against a division opponent with a tough Defense?


Thanks for your support,

GDP proud wearer of Tanny’s jockstrap


Well Mr. Tripp :D, it’s like this . . .


I think this game is more about our ability to run successfully, and to stay with running successfully, as well as stopping the run successfully.  I really think those are the keys right there.  I’d love to shut down Spiller and Jackson, and make EJ Manuel try to beat us.  I don’t think this game is on Tannehill in the least.  The last 2 times we played the Bills, we were AWFUL on offense! 12 frigging carries for 14 frigging yards!  Are you kidding me???  That’s not going to happen again.  I’m not going to bother putting up Tannehill’s stats, because how good could they be with that nonsense!  In the October game, Tanny did his job, throwing 3 TD’s with 194 yards against that fierce pass rush, and we ran OK too, 21 carries for 103 yards by the combo of DTinfinity and Lamar Miller.  In that game, we couldn’t stop Thad Lewis from making some big plays, even though he had no TD’s.  Carpenter “kicked the hell out of us”, putting a stake in Dolphins fans hearts with a last second FG to win.


I think we need to block well up front, let Moreno and Miller set the tone, and take the pressure off the O-line pass blocking all day against the talented front 7 of the Bills.  Now the Bills don’t have Jairus Byrd at S anymore, but I don’t want to pass too much this week.  I’d love to see Russell Wilson like performance, just passing when it’s there, maybe 18-24 220 yards and a TD.  That works for me, and let the M&M boys do the rest of the heavy lifting, and dominate the Bills.



Before we get to the luscious babe of the week, it’s time for Mike E to step up on his bully pulpit.


I think the split has gone on long enough.  Let’s push aside all the differences, and get things back to the way they should be here.  It’s due time for Walker to once again be part of the family here, it’s been too long.  Of course, the casualties of war are unkind, and as far as I know, that means Bat and Top Secret are also gone.


Please, try your best, make a real effort to get back here with all of your friends, we miss you Walker, and we miss your <strike>butt buddies</strike> friends Bat and Top Secret too!


Thanks, Mike E (And Son) (Not MY son, but Son of a Son)

(And I’m sure everyone else on here as well)


Now for the babe of the week . . . . 



OK, that was a joke, I’m sure you all get it . . . . 


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