Sssssssssssssssssssssssuper Bowl XLIX (that’s the sound of air leaking out of the title)

I can’t recall a Super Bowl where I have l less of an interest in the outcome of the game. I despise both teams, despise the Head Coaches of both teams, and especially the methods both teams choose to employ to circumvent the rules. We all hate Bill Belichick, somewhat because he’s a divisional foes Head Coach, GM and Emperor, and mostly because he’s a liar, and a cheater.

I also hate Pete Carroll, and it’s impossible for me to think of anything but him standing on the sidelines all smug with his hand to his neck pimping the choke sign to our kicker Pete Stoyanovich.

His players have racked up more suspensions, and have taken as many steroids and other PED’s as Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco combined.

BTW – Is this Superbowl Ex-Lax? (XLIX)  It is for me . . .

What I do look forward to is the delusional thought that after the SB, the Patriots will be hit with a severe punishment, suspending Palpatine, er Belichick for the entire season as a penalty for cheating. I think as Dolphins fans we all know that’s not going to happen. Justice will not be served against the Patriots, it never is!

After the SB, the next thing as a football fan is all the hoopla regarding the NFL Draft, which, BTW, is no longer in NYC, and will now be in Chicago, April 30 – May 2 in the Auditorium Theater. That will be different. No longer will we see the cretinous NY Jets fans yelling incoherent things before and after every pick. Instead, we might hear shouts of “Ditka!” or “Da Bears!”, or “Mini Ditkas!”. Who knows, it may actually be less entertaining, or it might be an improvement. We’ll find out soon enough, as it’s already January 29th, and April 30 is only 3 months away.

What about our Dolphins? Do we cut Mike Wallace? Hartline? Both? Do we trade back, or do we trade up? Do we take the BPA, or do we take our biggest need? What is our biggest need? O-line? (AGAIN!!!) DT? CB? LB? WR? TE? RB? Depending upon which players are sent packing, it all might change so fast, and new positions may end up clearly being the biggest need.

In any case,  I love the draft. Love it! There’s nothing like the promise of infusing potential young talent into your football team. As fans, most of us who really dig into the draft tend to compile our favorites, our “mancrushes” so to speak, and when we don’t get them (As is usually the case), we pout, we are petulant, and we lash out at our know-nothing GM (whoever it may be), and sit in dismay and utter disbelief that the scouting department, comprised of likely 30-50 very qualified people know substantially less than we do, especially since we watch a lot of college ball (not me), or because we read all the scouting reports put out there by amateur draft “experts”, or even the semi qualified draft “experts” like the guys who have been in the NFL for many years like Pat Kirwan, Charlie Casserly, Gil Brandt etc . . . Yeah, we do it every year, and every year we become the “experts”, and not to disparage anyone, because I think some of you guys really do know what you’re talking about, yet still, in comparison to the information that our scouts and personnel professionals have, it pales in comparison.

I hope you all enjoy the big game, maybe win a box pool, hopefully don’t get indigestion, or worse diarrhea. Don’t throw up on your friends couch, don’t throw the remote at the TV when the Patriots or Seahawks win, and bet with your head, not over it.

Maybe some of you can convince your wife that you need a new TV for the big game (amazing how often that one works!) and you can get a hold of a big 70” 4K UltraHD TV. That would be cool. I’d bet in 4K, you can probably see Palpatine, rather than Belichick. I can’t prove that, I don’t have a 4K TV, but if any of you do, and see it, please let me know, and if you can upload it to the site here, that would be even better! Thanks!

Enjoy the Superbowl! GO P, naw, Go S, nah, ahhh, WHO CARES!!!

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504 Responses to Sssssssssssssssssssssssuper Bowl XLIX (that’s the sound of air leaking out of the title)

  1. Mike E. says:

    I can’t think of a chianti without thinking of Silence Of The Lambs

  2. Randy says:

    And why are we discussing getting rid of our top performing interior DL…Starks? Even with missing a game and far fewer snaps and playing out of position….he still outperformed Odrick. If Odrick is smart….he signs with a 3-4 team, anyway.

  3. Mike E. says:

    We’re talking about getting rid of both possibly. I agree Odrick should be a 3-4 end, and I think we can replace Starks and his $6M salary.

    • Silly Tim says:

      A lot depends on what they think they have in those 4 young DTs – Francis, A. Johnson, K. Johnson and Coleman. Also who can they target in FA. One thing you don’t want to do is get weak on the DL. Starks faded down the stretch but he also played well at times.

  4. dbolt48 says:

    Mike E. says:
    January 29, 2015 at 6:21 pm
    Funchess doesn’t seem as explosive as DGB is. DGB seems like the better athlete.
    Funchess is much quicker off the LOS and into his route. He can beat press pretty easily, but struggles catching on contact. He’s a very good route runner.

    DGB is slow as hell off the LOS and does not fight off the jam. very slow in and out of breaks while rounding his routes. Buildup speed but not pure speed. Once he hits top gear he strides past defenders. Catches the ball much better on contact than Funchess. His off field baggage is that of Lawerence Phillips. He needs major coaching to correct his game, but is tough catching in traffic. He also gives a nice effort run blocking.

  5. drg says:


    Nice write up. I don’t care who the other team is, I’m just rooting for the patsies to lose. That’s the only thing that brings me joy after Miami falls flat every year.


    Halliday is a good player and my favorite QB in the PAC12 next to Mannion (Oregon St). I would be happy with either of those guys late in the draft. Halliday played under Mike Leach in that “air raid” offense so his numbers are inflated, but he is capable of making every throw and is a tough SOB. Mannion didn’t have much to work with on offense other than Cooks and I was never a fan of his HC offense. He reminds me a little of Matt Moore with a better arm. Can throw receivers open, accurate, good pocket presence.

  6. Silly Tim says:

    Just want to say I’m heading to SC tomorrow for a week so I may not be blogging much if at all. If I all of a sudden disappear, that’s why. LOL

  7. stangerx says:

    Randy — makes an entrance and Tanny is proud, and we are all happy. 🙂

    Agree though that Starks is a likely stay. See an ask for renegotiation, test the FA and come back though. You think he is worth six mil?

  8. Mike E. says:

    Thanks drg – You sound like Ryan Tannehill, he said the same thing, that he can’t root for the Patriots. I just feel like I can’t root for either team, but yes, I’d rather have the pats lose, this much is true.

  9. Mike E. says:

    Have fun Tim! If you were gone for any extended period of time, I’d figure you were holed up in your room doing a 1 week Monty Python marathon

  10. Randy says:

    I think you offer Odrick a fair contract…if he takes it, fine…if not, let him walk. Let Starks ride out the last year of his contract while you keep developing the young fellas.

  11. stangerx says:

    According to the prosecutor: “A marijuana blunt found near Lloyd’s body had traces of both his DNA and that of Hernandez.” Guess that’s the new version of this.

  12. Randy says:

    I really am not a contract guy. Is $6M a year an average contract for a veteran DL? It doesn’t sound like a lot to me, but I really have no idea. I don’t see the downside of keeping him thru his contract. He’s been a pretty consistent performer…not great but consistent….even when he’s asked to be a lane clogger which isn’t what he excels at. And, he’ll break down again late in the season if he’s asked to eat up blocks all year. Actually, if they do keep him and limit his snaps while they develop the youngsters, his productivity may even be better.

    • stangerx says:

      It’s cold Randy…..but I would be learning about his personal situation if I was Hickey. Where does he want to retire and how many years does he want to play. Huge factor when a guy is getting towards the end of the line.

  13. Mike E. says:

    It’s not so much that Starks isn’t worht the $6M, it’s that we’re in cap trouble, and when that happenes, guys who are dropping production wise, but are getting a hefty salary are likely to go. We need to clear space, and he’s a only a $1m cap hit if you cut him. I think we have a few other players that are in a similar spot.

  14. Randy says:

    Yep, but Starks is actually relatively young for a DL. He’s only 31. He does have a lot of miles on his legs, but he still eats up snaps. I’d be fine either way, but I have no faith at all in the young guys on the team. Not because I think they’re not good, but they simply haven’t proven a thing. If they do let him go, you’d think they’d still wanna bring in a veteran DL. And, if they’re gonna do that….why not just keep Starks….he’s a known commodity. Odrick, to me, is the bigger question because I think he’s gonna wanna get paid.

  15. Randy says:

    I have no idea what our cap situation is. If cutting Starks makes sense financially, that’s fine. Nobody on this team is a “must keep” to me.

  16. herdfan says:

    Randy, it’s about time you get here.

  17. Randy says:

    Thanks for the invite. I just needed a break.

  18. The Flying Pig says:

    Hey Randy
    Good to see you here

  19. The Flying Pig says:

    Do you really think Starks was our beat performing DL last year
    It didn’t feel that way

    • Silly Tim says:

      I thought a lot of guys faded at the end of the year, not just Starks. We’re under-sized. We need to get more stout.

  20. Mike E. says:

    Randy – What do you think of the new digs? (Diggs?)

  21. olddolphan says:

    YOUNG STANGER:–To win that $100 on Seattle, I had to plunk down $50 on Christmas Day in Las Vegas.–To collect, I mail the ticket back to the casino I purchased it from, plus a SASE, and they mail me back my winnings.

  22. olddolphan says:

    HERD; GOOD to see you on the board tonight.–Meant to ask you yesterday if there’s any chance you can make it to a game down here this year? –Lasy year’s “Fest” was epic except for the last 4 seconds of the game!

  23. Randy says:

    Thanks. I’m just going by stats. His tackles were pretty much the same as Odrick and Mitchell, and his sacks were much better(4.5 to Odrick’s/Mitchell’s 1) The only thing Odrick really stood out in were his passes defended, and I don’t really care much about that stat for DL. I didn’t say I thought he played good…just that he performed best out of our DL. The stats are hard to dispute…and Odick had many more snaps than Starks too, if I remember correctly. I thought Mitchell played well, but his stats(33 tkls, 1 sack) aren’t better than Starks, and they were used in a similar fashion.

    I’m not trying to pump up Starks. His play wasn’t all that great, but it wasn’t that much different from his career output, given his snaps.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      His career as a whole has been pretty good

      I just think our entire DL sort of declined significantly in the 2nd half of the season

    • D says:

      6 is kinda like if you threw away the top top guys like McCoy, Suh, and Atkins, he is probably at the top of that next tier. Its a little high for the guy in the second half of the season but probably right on par with the guy at the first half of the season.

      • dbolt48 says:

        Starks is done as a full term 4-3 DT. He’d get more life as a 3-4DE, but this team needs that big fat block eater. Starks, Idrick, Mitchell, & Johnson are those quick slashing DT’s. They aren’t meant to eat blocks for a whole season. That’s why you move on from Starks & Idrick and try to land Dan Williams and possibly another fat block eater.

  24. Mike E. says:

    How you doin’ Mr. President?

    • olddolphan says:

      Quite well, Mike. –GREAT day of weather here (High of 71 and sunny), a superb dinner cooked by Mrs. OD, a couple of half-mile walks with my dogs, and a few chats here with fellow DolFans. –Throw in a couple of Colorado Kool-Aids and life is pretty good!!

  25. The Flying Pig says:

    Check out josh Gordon’s open letter
    View at

  26. Randy says:

    I’m still trying to get used to the newness, but I appreciate all the work you and others have put into giving me and others a forum to spout our egomaniacal ramblings.

    I’m still trying to figure out how the whole WordPress thing works. I never realized I had a “WordPress” account. I feel a little violated. Lol

  27. Randy says:

    I had some issues with how we used our front 4 last season, and I think our LBers were a major liability. Even in a passing league, when a bunch of your top tacklers are DBs….something is really wrong.

  28. The Flying Pig says:

    Speaking of DTs
    Anyone checked out Danny Shelton?
    I know some one who loves him

  29. finfanrob says:

    did randy come in saying ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’? it sure sounded like that

  30. The Flying Pig says:

    The LBs were deifinately a problem too

  31. Ken says:

    What’s up FUers? Nice article Mike E.

  32. Randy says:

    I knew you’d get the reference. I always figured you were a big “Dirty Dancing” fan.

  33. Ken says:

    Good to see you Randy

  34. The Flying Pig says:

    Lol@ Swayze lines

    To add to that
    “Pain don’t Hurt”

  35. Ken says:

    I am so sick of the SB hype. Can’t wait for this game to be done with.

  36. finfanrob says:

    “Dirty Dancing” fan.

    well yeah, i mean who isnt

  37. Randy says:

    I’ve said it 1000 times, but it’s all in how you wanna align your front 4….playing them over/under…yadda, yadda. We didn’t play our front 4 in a way that would require a classic 2 gap controlling NT. People see how our run defense collapsed and think it was bcause we didn’t have a big, block-eating NT. I don’t think that’s the case because we didn’t play our guys that way. We didn’t even use Soliai in that fashion his last year here.

  38. Ken says:

    I agree with you on Starks over Odrick. Starks is the more productive of the 2. If I had to keep 1 I keep Starks and hope Fede is ready to contribute more.

  39. Randy says:

    Good to be seen, Jolly Green Giant!

  40. Silly Tim says:

    Randy, we played guys at nose with a DT between a G and T with our DEs on the edge and LBs showing blitz through the gaps quite a bit.

  41. Ken says:

    Do you have any particular big uglies you like in the draft?

  42. Randy says:

    We still weren’t asking whomever was playing NT(usually Michell) to play 0 technique and control both gaps. They shaded the center a lot, which means your NT is really only responsible for one gap. I don’t think we’ll be going after any true NT type guys. They could’ve done that when they signed Mitchell, or just kept Soliai. That they didn’t told me they probably weren’t going to play that way.

  43. Randy says:

    I’ve been so disgusted by this past season that I haven’t spent more than about 5 minutes looking at draft stuff. I’m still trying to regain my interest, actually. I just don’t give a shit yet.

    I’ll say I’d draft Scherff from Iowa and plug him in at guard….but that’s just because I’m an iowa homer. Lol

    • Ken says:

      Feel much the same way. I will have to check out some video on Scherff. I heard the name but I have not watched him. But we need OGs bad. Definite need to upgrade there.

  44. Silly Tim says:

    Randy, I’m not saying necessarily a NT, just adding a stout interior DT. Maybe we get it from within.

  45. olddolphan says:

    ALL OF YOU good Dolfans have a terrific evening and a better tomorrow.–By this time Sunday night the Cheatriots will have lost a record-tying 5th Super Bowl, tying them with Denver!!

  46. Randy says:

    I think our run defense issues had more to do with our edge defenders and our lbers. Ya can’t run a bunch of 305 pound DTs out there and xpect them to hold up against the run all season long. Neither vernon nor wake did a good job against the run. Shelby was probably our best edge defender against the run.

    • Ken says:

      I thought Vernon was alright vs the run but Wake struggled in run defense.

    • Silly Tim says:

      I don’t disagree. I’d like to see better overall tackling. I don’t think it’s coaching as much as it is individual desire. I saw guys n the right place and whiff too often. 6 yard gains became 15 when it should have never happened.

  47. Randy says:

    Brandon Scherff was a highly touted LT…and I’m guessing he’s one of the top LTs in this draft. I just think he’d be a monster at guard bcause he is a little limited on the edge. I could see him doing what Zach Martin did this year for Dallas.

    • Ken says:

      Thanks for the info on him. I heard the name but I have not seen Iowa games this CFB season so not that familiar with him.

  48. getterdone says:

    MF13, Comeback man…I miss ya…hope to see you on here as much as you are on the other blog bro….it’s all good my brother from a different mother.
    Say hi man!

  49. Ken says:

    Gotta another busy day tomorrow. I am out. Peace to you all.

  50. Randy says:

    I think vernon was a non-factor in too many games. he had 8 games with 2 or fewer tackles. Not good. Almost half of his total tackles came in 3 games. he got neutralized a lot.

  51. Randy says:

    I’m out too. Good chatting with you fine folks again. Later.

  52. Silly Tim says:

    Randy, do you think Vernon could play some ILB?

    • getterdone says:

      He’s got 4.8 speed, but he’s football quick, but not sure he has the range or coverage abilities…might take too long to adjust….We need his pass rushing skills.
      Now in a 3-4, he’d be able to handle some stand up LB duty.

  53. D says:

    Randy is right about them not shooting for the big fatty 0 technique stuffer. They want someone like knighton who would be ideal for us. Starks is the right type he just on the decline. My issue isn’t his fit as much as it is a full years salary for partial years production. He takes a pay cut he stays he doesn’t he is gone I think.

  54. D says:

    Piggy you know as well as I do that letter wasn’t written by Gordon.

  55. professor lou says:

    I guess I was expecting too much from Hartline all of these years. I thought he’d be a more productive receiver but he hasn’t developed into the guy I expected him to become. Landry may not be able to work the outside but he will still be more productive on the inside with respect to catches and td’s than Hartline will ever be.
    If we can pick up an outside guy and one more guy later it would be nice because we are going to need it. Gibson was a 6th rd pick and Matthews a 7th rd pick. Some times you find guys later who turn out and sometimes you don’t. Maybe Hartline hangs around for the vet presence but it’s time to move on with the depth and look elsewhere.

  56. The Flying Pig says:

    I liked the letter
    I don’t know what to think of Gordon
    I’m hesitant to make character assassinations of him
    But I’m glad he is not on my team
    He is nit a good investmenypt for any team

    I liked tag the called out Stephen a, Barkley and Chris carter for their rampant speculation guised as some sort of sympathy for him

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