The Jordan Cameron Connection

In 2007, we had a Head Coach named Cam Cameron. We have Cam Wake. We have Dion Jordan. We have Jordan Kovacs. Now we have Jordan Cameron. Son loves Cam Newton. The Saints have DE Cameron Jordan. OK, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to know our new TE Jordan Cameron.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

Jordan Cameron played exactly 9 games at TE in college for USC. In those 9 games, Jordan Cameron reeled in 16 passes for 126 yards with 1 TD, and a less than stellar 7.9 YPC.

In 2011, Jordan Cameron entered the NFL draft, and was invited to the NFL combine, where Cameron made a lot of noise, and turned some heads.  He was a top performer in each and every category.


Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.42.05 PM

In the 2011 NFL Draft, Jordan Cameron was drafted in the 4th RD, #102 overall, by the Cleveland Browns.

The 6’5” 244 TE in 4 years with CLE played in total of 47 games, starting 31 of them. He amassed 130 receptions on 219 targets, for 1600 yards, and a total of 10 TD’s.


Cameron had a breakout season in 2013, and finished the season with an impressive 80 receptions for 917 yards, 7 TD’s.


Besides 2013, Cameron has only 50 receptions for 683 yards and 3 TD’s total in his 3 other seasons with CLE.


Cameron in his 4 years at CLE played with the following QB’s . . .

Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel, Connor Shaw, Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, Spencer Lanning, Thad Lewis, Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace. In his 4 years in CLE, the Browns had 20 WINS, 44 LOSSES.

Jordan Cameron has had 3 concussions in the last 3 years.

Jordan Cameron: Tannehill was ‘big part of my decision’ to join Dolphins
(3/13/15) Jordan Cameron chose Miami over Cleveland, and he revealed that his decision was based on the opportunity to play with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, according to the Dolphins’ official website on Thursday.
“He’s young and he’s willing to work,” Cameron said. “He puts the hours in. They were singing his praises all day today. It was definitely a big part of my decision.”

If Cameron can stay healthy and on the field and concussion free, he could really be a difference maker for us this season. He brings the size and speed many of us have begged for for quite some time to the TE position. Cameron is a better athlete that Charles Clay. He is a big play threat whenever he’s on the field, and has the speed to blow up the seam. He also has the size to be a true a redzone target. The key with Cameron is keeping him healthy, and allowing him to do what he does best. Get him the ball in space and watch him go.

I think we’ll see Cameron used mostly as a receiver. He can block, but that’s not his strength. He could become a favorite target of Ryan Tannehill, as a TE is always the QB’s best friend. He will also open up the middle of the field for WR Jarvis Landry, and that might give Landry a better opportunity to break some big plays. I’m looking forward to seeing him play this year. He could make this offense very exciting, and that’s before we add additional excitement in this years draft!

Enjoy Jordan Cameron’s Highlights

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  1. Try Pod says:

    Good job Mike.
    I’m sure we all carry the same hopes and fears with this guy. I’d like to see him makes it through the whole season without a concussion before I buy in. Every time he goes out and is targeted, I know I will be holding my breath, waiting to see if he gets up on his own or is assisted off by others.

  2. The Flying Pig says:

    Great piece Mike E

    I really hope we have a h ealthy concussion-less Jordan Cameron

    I think its so weird that there is another player int he NFL with the inverse of his name

  3. Mike E. says:

    It is weird that there are players Jordan Cameron and Cameron Jordan, but it could never be as weird as my wife’s High School class with Jeffrey Pencilman and Pencilman Jefferies.

    That still cracks me up. FTR, Pencilman Jefferies was stabbed in the ass in a High School fight.

  4. Mike E. says:

    Regarding the Brandon Boykin rumor, it had better not be straight up for Dion Jordan. If it’s Jordan for Boykin, and say a 2nd RD pick, I’m good with it.

  5. The Flying Pig says:

    What’s the Boykin rumor?

  6. Tim Knight says:

    Who the hell names their kid Pencilman? LOL

  7. Tim Knight says:

    Mike E, was Pencilman Jeffries stabbed in the ass with a pencil?

  8. Mike E. says:


    Pencilman was black. They occasionally do have interesting names.

  9. Mike E. says:

    I like this kid, but sheesh, labrum surgery. I think Tull would be a mid RD pick, so it’s more acceptable.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      That sucks for him
      small school and injury is not the way to shoot up draft boards

      I was about to ask why he waited so long to have the surgery that will sideline him 4 months
      but I relaized the article is written on March 2 – so he is almost a month into it

      Hopefully he is ready to go in August!

      You can make a full recovery from labrum surgery

      I’ve mentioned it before but I torn by labrum in my hip
      and I did physical therapy to get myself functional – but I limp a lot and it causes me pain
      but once I start moving and running, it doesn’t affect me

      I think about doing surgery too
      I just don;t want to be sidelined for 4 months….lol

  10. The Flying Pig says:

    It would also me funny to draft Hull and Tull
    it might be confusing but whenver a LB makes a play we can all cheer “uuuuullllllll”

  11. The Flying Pig says:

  12. The Flying Pig says:

  13. The Flying Pig says:

    If you have a twitter account take a loof at the comments on Scheftner’s tweet about punishing the falcons

    A lot of them are basically – what about New England?

    People are still pissed about it

    I of course retweeted all the negative cheatriots stuff….lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      The NFL hopes the fans forget about it. They don’t want the SB champs tarnished.

    • stangerx says:

      It’s getting close enough that I’m starting to wonder if the Wells’ repost on deflatgate comes out after the draft. I’ll bet bottom dollar it comes out in an NFL dead time. So that means either in the next couple weeks or btwn the draft and camp.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Well the Pats already seemed to be rewarded with a bogus 3rd round comp pick so if they wait until after the draft, what could the punishment be, money?

      • stangerx says:

        They could take away whatever draft choice they wanted right up until right before the draft……although I think they’d do it at least say no less than a couple weeks before. Could also dock them one for 2016.

  14. stangerx says:

    Mike E — Nice info on Cameron. I was laughing at the Cameron/Jordan conspiracy theory……you gotta start a Wiki page on that.

    A bit concerned about his health……but then I was about Clay’s too. Think he has a bigger upside though. Seam buster and Red Zone target Clay was not.

  15. The Flying Pig says:

    Its odd that the NFl commisioned an investigation for deflategate (and bullygate) but did not do so for the Browns or Falcons either

    Int he cas eof Bullygate – the NFL was defiantely protecting itself, since ultimately they are the employer, not just the Dolphins.

    But in deflategate?
    I guess they are protecting themselves from bad PR b/c it involves the Superbowl champions (like Tim said)

    I don;t know – just throwing it out there

    was there a Tedd Wells 6 monthlong investigation for the Falcons or Browns?
    I don;t think there was

    • Tim Knight says:

      I sure as hell didn’t hear about it every day like we did with bullygate.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        The week before the Super Bowl – I think inflate gate was covered much more than bullygate

        The cheats were the butt of jokes on late night talks shows and the internet

        but it kind of died down quickly

        the pumping in of noise was barely covered
        and the league punished the falcons pretty harshly

        …its a little odd

    • stangerx says:

      I think a key thing is that when players are involved or potentially involved the league likes to call for an independent investigator. Maybe that is to avoid a conflict of interest, but also might be CYA for a possible determination that both the union and an owner might not like…..they can say, “talk to Wells.”

  16. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, I meant the Falcons and Browns. What was the Browns situation anyway?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      (Piggy shrugs)

      It really wasn;t covered much

      Maybe the same thing as the Falcons but not a severe

      Me no know


    • Tim Knight says:

      Yes Mike, sorry I forgot to say nice job.

      Let’s hope Cameron has no concussion issues and he can be the productive player he’s capable of being.

  18. Tim Knight says:

    Stanger, you said ” So that means either in the next couple weeks or btwn the draft and camp.” If it’s between the draft and camp, then it’s too late for a draft pick penalty. That’s why I mentioned money.

  19. stangerx says:

    Wanna get fired from your GM job with an NFL team? Get your owner to make this statement.

    “I think what we’ve done in 2013 and 2014 was wrong. Anything that affects the competitive balance and fairness on the field, we’re opposed to, as a league, as a club and as an owner. It’s obviously embarrassing, but beyond embarrassing, it doesn’t represent our culture and what we’re about.”

  20. Mike E. says:

    The Patriots aren’t going to be severely punished. Artificial noise is rubbish. That’s a minor nuisance. Deflating the balls that are used in the game, that’s significantly more impacting than a little extra noise. It’s a farce.

  21. The Flying Pig says:


    I see now that you are saying the owner said it

    but I don;t know that the GM is responsible for noise pumping
    Blank is just saving face
    He is already caught and punished
    The falcons haven;t been so good the last couple of years – so at the end of the day. I doubt it affects anyone’s job

    It if was the seahawks would they fire their GM
    probably not

    • stangerx says:

      He might not get fired, and for sure it really depends on whether the owner knew before, but it was an intentional act. Not like the guy on the stadium board did it on his own. Sorta like Spygate. And yeah the evil genius is still there, but then he had a better record to fall back on.

  22. The Flying Pig says:


    is that from funny farm?

  23. The Flying Pig says:

    Ray Farmer was suspended for 4 games

    Now I remember the deal with the Browns
    He sent txts to coaches during the games last season
    He admitted to it

    That violates league rules

    Farmer has been supsended 4 games
    which is alittle off as a GM – but whatever

    • Tim Knight says:

      Oh okay. GMs being suspended for games is pointless. They can set their scouting dept. up to handle that. In-season GM work is not that prominent other than dealing with injuries.

  24. The Flying Pig says:

  25. getterdone says:

    Who wrote the Jordan connection article?
    They screwed up….ya mentioned every Cameron & Jordan except a certain one Jordan Tripp!

  26. Tim Knight says:

    GD, I won’t be surprised if Tripp starts. He might share some reps with other LBs early on until we find out who are the best LBs we have, but I will not be shocked if he plays a lot this year.

    • getterdone says:

      Sounds about right, I agree. We need his contribution, as well as others, including Jordan Cameron. For what he’s being paid and now that we lost Clay, everyone better hope he can start a full 16+ game season.

  27. getterdone says:

    Browns GM Ray Farmer has been suspended four games without pay for illegal gameday texting.
    After an investigation, the NFL has deemed that Farmer acted as a lone gunman when he attempted to text playcalls to the sidelines during 2014 games. So they haven’t lost a draft pick, but have been fined $250,000 and will have to go at it without Farmrer for the first month of 2015. He won’t even be allowed in the team facility, although that may be a good thing.
    Should make us appreciate Hickey all the more.

  28. getterdone says:

    The Falcons penalty is next according to the league it could be the loss of a 2nd or a 3rd round draft pick, for pumping noise into the stadium.
    No word on if the Pats face any penalties at all….SMH!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I heard it was a 5th round pick

      • getterdone says:

        That would be a slap on the wrist. Maybe the Phins can pump heat & blistering sunshine into the stadium to foil the other team…Oh wait, too late Ross is building a canopy roof and pushing for 4pm games…SMH

  29. Tim Knight says:

    GD, we went back to 1PM games last year. The canopy is for the fans, not the players.

  30. Mike E. says:


    I’m not going to have dessert tonight as punishment for leaving Jordan Tripp out. lol

  31. getterdone says:

    Free agent ILB Rolando McClain is visiting the Patriots on Monday.
    McClain finally has someone to leverage against the Cowboys, who have been lowballing him since the beginning of free agency. McClain was an integral part of Big D’s defense in 2014, but dealt with concussions. He’s also facing a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

  32. getterdone says:

    Atlanta Falcons have been fined $350,000 for illegal use of fake crowd noise in their stadium. The Falcons will also lose a fifth round draft pick in next year’s NFL Draft. On top of both of these penalties, Falcons President Rich McKay will also face a suspension of at least three months from the Competition Committee beginning this upcoming Wednesday.
    The penalty handed down to NE will probably consist of making them play with deflated balls….Oh wait….

    • Mike E. says:

      In addition to the fines, the first 50,000 fans in the stadium for the first 4 games will have to wear muzzles.

  33. D says:

    We need to draft Jordan Jenkins next year, so we can have a wierd set of players with connecting names. Dion Jordan – Jelani Jenkins – Jordan Jenkins.

  34. jetsssuck says:

    getterdone says:
    March 30, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    That would be a slap on the wrist. Maybe the Phins can pump heat & blistering sunshine into the stadium to foil the other team…Oh wait, too late Ross is building a canopy roof and pushing for 4pm games…SMH
    everyone is ttalking about shade what about rain and the thunderstorms. Should be interesting to see how the rain affects the canopies and where the drainage off of the canopies.

  35. D says:

    NFL network keeps bringing up we were second in the running for landing Jimmy Graham, saying in essence we missed on that sweepstakes and settled for second best, vice versa for the Seahawks, Graham would have been about 2.5mil more expensive cap wise, but probably would have been well worth it. It does go to show you though, having the Seahawks so interested in Cameron it think we definitely upgraded the position.

    • getterdone says:

      Cameron could very likely have a better year ‘If’ he stays on the field.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s too bad but the NFLN is obnoxious and filled with arrogant and annoying pundits that really know very little of what they’re talking about.

      I only tune in these days to see if there is some new news, but I can’t watch the comments anymore. They only inform fans who are more ignorant than them.

      • getterdone says:

        Isn’t it that way with the big MSM news channels too. Sad times we live in….the dumbing down of society.

  36. Mike E. says:

    I’m not a big of NFLN. I do like NFL radio though. I love when they have Bill Polian on, he’s my favorite personality. Bob Papa and Ross Tucker are pretty good too.

  37. Tim Knight says:

    From Omar’s ‘Dolphins Depth Chart Breakdown: Offense (Pre-Draft)’ article.

    “Albert, James and Pouncey provide the Dolphins a solid nucleus of an offensive line if all three can get, and stay healthy. James is approaching his fifth month of rehab an ACL tear he suffered in November.”

    Typical unprofessional mistake by Omar and the article also includes other comments that are just his opinion and probably not accurate.

  38. Tim Knight says:

    GD, well you don’t have to watch and be dumb downed.

  39. getterdone says:

    Maybe Omar is suffering from too much of this….a 2min shout out to Home.
    Worth watching.

    • Mike E. says:

      The spraying makes me watch CNN, ESPN and NFLN.

      • getterdone says:

        No doubt…lol. You never hear a peep about it in main news, along with many other untold issues/stories. We only get spoon feed what the big corporate conglomerates wants to feed us….tastes like bullshit to me…lol 😉

    • Tim Knight says:

      We’ve been signing TEs and looking for them since Hickey got here. Bring them in and let them compete.

  40. getterdone says:

    We Saxton is more on the measurables side of Clay that we lost, but a whole lot less talented…IMO.
    I’d rather target Blake Bell in this area of the draft.

    • Mike E. says:

      I like MyCole Pruitt, who I’d say is also similar to Charles Clay. Kid can move, and he has serious hops.

  41. getterdone says:

    This is the type of character we should have at every position…a far cry from Mike Wallace…lol

    Broncos franchise player Demaryius Thomas says he won’t make waves if he doesn’t get a long-term extension.
    “I’m still going to put my best game up, not going to do anything to hurt the team,” Thomas said. “As a player you want to get a deal, but if it doesn’t happen you just got to deal with it. You just go out and play.” The sides have until July 15 to hammer out a long-term agreement.

  42. getterdone says:

    Mike E, funny, I was reading about Pruitt earlier today. He’s like 6’2 I believe.

  43. Mike E. says:


    I disagree on Pruitt. He’s a productive player who got better each year. He had more receptions in his last season than Arthur Lynch had in his entire college career.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Come on you know that means nothing as far as the pros go. You’re comparing Southern Illinois to Georgia too.

    • getterdone says:

      Mike E, Lynch was counted on to help Georgia’s run game, and he did. They didn’t have a big time passing game.

  44. getterdone says:

    Mike E, I wonder how Pruiit would do blocking and receiving against LSU, Alabama, Florida, Clemson, Auburn….should i go on??? 🙄

    • Mike E. says:

      I don’t know how he would do, but you don’t either. I know he played for a small school, but I also know he was probably keyed on by opposing defenses often because he was one of the top weapons, so that has to be considered as well.

      • D says:

        Then you could say exac same thing about Saxton, he was THE weapon for Brandon Bridge so almost every team knew exactly where Bridge was primarily going to look to throw the ball. He also did compete against soem SEC opponents as South Alabama played two SEC schools as non division opponents.

      • Mike E. says:

        Yes, you can D. I agree. I didn’t knock Saxton, I just mentioned that I like MyCole Pruitt.

  45. D says:

    Wes Saxton i think actually has a lot more upside than Clay, he is just further away from his potential as far as being a refined product than Clay was coming out of college. I think Saxton could really be something big, especially in our system, but they will have their work cut out for them getting him there. Probably why the TE coach is going to do the scouting, because he will need to be the one to see if he is going to be more work than he is worth as well as what value/round he would be worth taking in.

  46. Tim Knight says:

    Mike E, when thinking of Lynch, think more traditional TE who has the size to chip DEs, matchup with LBs and can sneak out as a pass catcher and help keep the chains moving. Maybe be a red zone threat too. That’s what he is, I don’t know why he keeps getting compared to more receiver types who are not really pure TEs. He was also a 5th rd pick, not a high pick. I don’t get the beef with the guy. He’s more like Dion Sims than Clay or Cameron.

  47. getterdone says:

    Lets try to develop in house talent like Sims, Jordan, Lynch, Robinson, Stoneburner, Taylor….most of these guys are real young and may show something in our system.

    • Mike E. says:

      We might, but we’re obviously looking to upgrade as well, especially knowing how fragile Cameron is.

      • getterdone says:

        Blake Bell looks like a Jordan Cameron type, or go early and spend a pick on Maxx or Clive.

  48. Mike E. says:

    Gotta run – Catch y’all later

    • Tim Knight says:

      I know you went for a run, maybe to chase the mailman I don’t know, but we didn’t really ignore the TE position. We hit on Clay as a hybrid and Egnew was a bust. But it wasn’t like it was ignored.

  49. Al in MIA says:

    Agree with you on the Belldozer’s upside.
    He goes up and reaches for the ball at a high point and his quick 3-cone time means he can maneuver in short space.

  50. getterdone says:

    AJ Derby the Arkansas TE looks intriguing as well. He burned Bama for a 54yd TD and no one in Nick Satan’s vaunted secondary could catch him. 🙂
    He’s also likely to go undrafted due to 1 year exp as a TE after being a QB & LB, which adds an interesting element as well.

    • D says:

      Rory Anderson and CJ Uzmoah probably similar boat, undrated but they definatly have some talent. I think Uzmoah is probably a guy who is immediately better in the NFL than college as his lack of production in college was mostly scheme fit.

  51. D says:

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 14: Landon Collins, SS, Alabama (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 15: Jalen Collins, CB, LSU (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 29 (IND): Justin Hardy, WR, East Carolina (A)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Jake Ryan, OLB/ILB, Michigan (B)
    Round 5 Pick 14: Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, Auburn (A)
    Round 5 Pick 29 (IND): Sean Hickey, OT, Syracuse (B+)
    Round 6 Pick 15: Vince Mayle, WR, Washington State (B+)
    Round 6 Pick 29 (IND): Wes Saxton, TE, South Alabama (A)
    Parker was off the board, along with White and Cooper. I should have traded back the first pick but i had already clicked before i even went back and looked at what i was offered lol. Either way it turned out to be a pretty decent draft.

    • getterdone says:

      Nice…did Irsay call you personally?
      LOL, actually it’s more realistic to pick up later picks than earlier in most cases.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Collins & Collins first two picks

      What if we drafted La’el too
      That would be 3 Collins
      That would be cool

  52. getterdone says:

    Another possible UDFA gem could be TE Gabe Holmes from Purdue…he’s the basketball guy molded like Jimmy Graham. He didn’t start football till late, but has the NFL TE measurables size & speed. With a lil patience he could flash in 2-3 years.

  53. getterdone says:

    Our new #11? 😉

  54. The Flying Pig says:


    Landon Collins is a good football player
    But from what I see, he is a little weak in coverage
    I don;t love Landon Collins witht he 14th pick – even though he is the top safety of the draft

    He seems kind of like a hard hitting run stuffing strong safety
    Not sure that will help us too much

  55. Rockphin says:

    stangerx says:

    March 30, 2015 at 11:49 am

    That was Falcon’s owner Arthur Blank on the noise piping. Guess they found something louder than Rock.
    But teams don’t lose draft picks when I scream for them!

  56. finfanrob1962 says:

    nice to see the nfl is still its consistent self. punish every team that violates a rule unless they are named new england.

    if, or i should say when, ne skates free from any punishment of deflate gate and all that happened this year is they got another mysterious 3rd draft pick i am done with the nfl.
    (and yeah if i am done with it i am sure it will make roger cry so bite me)

  57. The Flying Pig says:

    Its funny but if we only drafted 3 names it would be an insanely great draft

    If we drafted 3 guys named Collins
    2 guys named Kevin White
    and 2 guys named Perri/yman – how awesome would our draft be?

    It would be cool if everyone of our cards submitted to the podium said
    and they just gave us all the players with that name out of confusion

    (Piggy looks at the clouds)

    • getterdone says:

      You’ve breathed in way too many chemtrails with all that flying Piggy. Better get back on the trotters for awhile. 😉

  58. D says:

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 14: DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville (A)
    Round 2 Pick 32 (N.E.): Jalen Collins, CB, LSU (A)
    Round 3 Pick 32 (N.E.): Jaquiski Tartt, SS/FS, Samford (A)
    Round 4 Pick 2 (N.E.): Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M (A)
    Round 4 Pick 15: David Cobb, RB, Minnesota (A)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Jake Ryan, OLB/ILB, Michigan (B)
    Round 5 Pick 14: Blake Bell, TE, Oklahoma (B)
    Round 6 Pick 15: Joey Mbu, DT, Houston (B-)

  59. D says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    March 30, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    Landon Collins is a good football player
    But from what I see, he is a little weak in coverage
    I don;t love Landon Collins witht he 14th pick – even though he is the top safety of the draft

    He seems kind of like a hard hitting run stuffing strong safety
    Not sure that will help us too much
    I think he is a pretty talented guy, he definitely is stronger on the SS side but he is the hybrid kind of guy we are looking for in our defense where the safeties are more interchangable and play at same depth than te traditional deep/shallow pairing. He is a lot ike Jones who has developed his coverage skills through his years in the NFL so i think they would complement each other well. I didnt love it at 14 either, i should have traded back, i got a little bit of an itchy trigger finger and clicked select before i went back to see what trade offers i had. I still like how it turned out een though i had to engineer some extra picks late with a trade back in the fourth,

  60. olddolphan says:

    ON another topic, someone at the SS (HYDE??) mentioned Jeffroe’s last hack at Free Agent signings in 2013. To wit; Wallace, Gordon, Ellerbe, Wheeler, the TE who blew out his knee and one other guy. BOTTOM LINE: ALL the 2013 FA’s signed by Ireland are no longer with the team.
    I know, I know, ripping Ireland is not PC. –Well, I don’t give a F*CK about that!! – – I want a team that wins playoff games and competes for a championship!! –I will NEVER understand why Ross kept Ireland around for so many years!!

    • Tim Knight says:

      One thing I’ll say about TE Dustin Keller is that jerk S D. J. Swearinger on the Texans destroyed his knee with a dirty low hit. It’s not as if he blew it just making a cut.

  61. Mike E. says:


    Egnew was awful, and Clay, despite his success wasn’t a top prospect and not even really a true TE, he was a TE/FB hybrid, or H-back. He worked out well, but we never really tried to draft a top TE prospect. Just the fact that we tried so hard to get Jimmy Graham shows you how they finally realize what a top TE can do you for your offense. That’s how I feel man, I know you feel differently.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I don’t feel differently. I just don’t see where we were suppose to land that top TE. In hindsight you can go back and say we could have drafted this guy or that guy, but some of the top TEs in the game were not 1st rd picks and other teams passed on them too.

      We went after Jimmy Graham because the Saints made him available. Just like we went after and landed Suh because the Lions allowed him to be available. If those types of players are available we should try to get them and I’m glad we did. We’re not the only team who would love to land a top TE, not every team has one.

      Cameron can be that if he doesn’t have concussion issues.

  62. Mike E. says:


    Blake Bell could also be an emergency QB. lol

  63. steveccnv says:

    The difference between Clay and Cameron is Clay play best out in space, Cameron plays best with guys all over him, so better in the redzone, where Clay scores mostly when the D is tricked.

    What is that T thing he does after catching a TD pass? Is it a mild way of saying fuckoff 🙂

  64. Tim Knight says:

    Steve, Cameron is faster than Clay and makes plays in space too. He’s just taller and can do a little more damage down the seam and in the red zone with his length. Clay also made those types of plays but people seem to forget that.

    • steveccnv says:

      My point was when Clay was keyed on he was taken out of the offense, I think you go to Cameron even when he’s covered.

  65. getterdone says:

    Vanna, I’d like a B. J.
    There I fixed it for ya Steve.

  66. Tim Knight says:

    I have a feeling WR Phillip Dorsett may be on our radar. He seems to fit our offense and he has game breaking speed. Now I know he’s not that big WR but there are other WRs with size in this draft that don’t have to be taken high in the draft.

    • getterdone says:

      He’s not gonna be the #14 pick wouldn’t think, so not sure he’s still there @ #47.
      If we get him that early, then we could always pick up size with my sleeper crush WR Darren Waller a lil later.

    • Mike E. says:

      I could see that, and I’d have no problem with Dorsett on our team. He could be that annoying Wes Welker, Julian Edelman type of guy underneath.

  67. getterdone says:

    That would be an awesome combo watching develop.

  68. Mike E. says:


    I’m almost positive Dorsett will be there at #47. I think he’s a late 2nd, early 3rd RD pick

  69. getterdone says:

    cuckoo cuckoo

    Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly
    Ted Ginn Jr. is about to play his 9th NFL season. That’s two NFL careers people.

    Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly
    Ted Ginn has scored 20 NFL touchdowns, and 7 of them as a returner. Not what you hoped for, but far from a bust.

  70. Mike E. says:

    The thing about Ginn is it’s not his fault he was overdrafted at #9. If he was a 2nd RD pick, bust would have never entered the discussion.

  71. Tim Knight says:

    Mike E, Dorsett is 5-10 185 where Austin is 5-8 175. I don’t think that should scare anyone away.

  72. The Flying Pig says:

    Ginn was defiantly a bust

    Just not a good receiver

    If he was a 2nd round pick he is a bust

    He is basically a ST guy
    Of those 20 TDs, 7 of them were on returns
    And 2 of them were rushing TD

    11 receiving TDs in 9 years is not a good receiver
    It’s just over 1 per year

    5 of those TDs were in ine year for the panthers
    He’s had multiple 0 TD years

    He has under 3000 receiving yards in 9 years

    If there was a receiver in the Board in the 2nd or 3rd round who you knew ahead of time would be a good returner (not a pro bowl returner) and average 1 TD a year and 350 yards per year, would you take him – fuck no!

    We took that guy in the first round
    It was a horrible pick and he is a bust

    Tony Mandarich played 6 NFL season and is one of the biggest busts of all time

  73. getterdone says:

    Anyone able to get on the old Exoduss blog? Seems to be down/suspended for a few days now. I wonder what happened over there?

  74. olddolphan says:

    SON-OF-A-SON; Your 9th ranked UCF baseball team hosts 22nd ranked Florida Atlantic in Orlando Tuesday night at 6:30 PM.–They have virtually identical W-L records (22-7, 22-6 for FAU) but I’ve got to give a slight edge to the home team Knights because FAU will NOT be pitching either of their top 2 pitchers. WISH I COULD BE THERE!!

  75. The Flying Pig says:

    And the other thing about Ginn is
    It isn’t hindsight

    The pick was booed as they announced it

    I guess that is a classic Omar needs responses tweets just to get a rise out of fans

  76. Mike E. says:


    Mets are looking really good. Montero pitched well today, and they just keep hitting. I’m worried they’re hitting too much before it counts.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I’m blown away by the hitting this spring. I hope it continues in the regular season. The pitching is there and we just traded for our lefty reliever in Alex Torres who has pretty good numbers for a 27 year old pitcher with 3 seasons.

      At this point I worry more about infield defense.

  77. The Flying Pig says:

    I only fart on this blog OD

    • olddolphan says:

      I resemble that.
      This old fart is OUT for tonight. Really need my ugly rest after working hard in Baltimore.

  78. steveccnv says:

    We should’ve just kept Ginn to play STs, when he was drafted I said as much (if he doesn’t make it as a WR at least he can ST). So we give up a dynamic return man for a 7th, Ireland should be shot, and almost as bad as Wanny taking that Tenn. LB to play ST in the 2nd when we had no first.

  79. getterdone says:

    He could slip a tad @ be sitting there @ #14 for us to take or trade back. Nice scenario…IMO.

    Though ESPN’s Mel Kiper believes Iowa OL Brandon Scherff might not stay at left tackle, the analyst writes that “he’s safe because the worst-case scenario is that you plug him in right away at guard and let him go to work.”
    “He simply doesn’t have the length for an evaluator to say he’ll definitely end up there in the NFL,” Kiper wrote. “But … Scherff has great brute strength, and you see it in the run game. He could be the Zack Martin or Joel Bitonio of 2015 (although I do think he can play right tackle).” On this issue, we remain steadfast: While Scherff is being pigeonholed as the next Martin, and very well may be drafted as a guard only, we see a prospect who could hold down left tackle for the next decade. Prospects who don’t fit into the NFL’s boxes neatly tend to drop a bit on draft day. Luckily for Scherff, that drop will probably be only 5-10 picks, as opposed to several rounds.

    • getterdone says:


    • steveccnv says:

      Scherff wouldn’t surprise me if he was there at #14, and I’d jump all over him. With Cameron being the TE/WR he is I don’t think we must have a WR in the 1st. What I do like is our 2 best pass catches will be working the middle of the field where it’s easiest to target, then go deep to Stills. I’d rather have a deep threat that isn’t the first option like Wallace was. Stills may only get 5 targets per game, but when you do throw to him it may be a surprise, instead of forcing it to Wallace, because he’ll cry if you don’t.

  80. Mike E. says:


    Eddie Moore?

  81. Tim Knight says:

    Okay, here’s a mock I think is realistic straight up with no trades. I didn’t use a mock draft site, just prospect round projections and focusing on our needs. I’m sure a few of you will say some of these guys won’t last that long because nobody is ever there when we pick. LOL

    1. OL La’el Collins 6-4 305 LSU
    2. WR Phillip Dorsett 5-10 185 UM
    4. DB Justin Cox 6-1 190 Miss. State
    5a. LB Ramik Wilson 6-2 235 Georgia
    5b. WR Darren Waller 6-6 238 GT
    6. BPA at any position

    I just feel we need to add certain positions accordingly. I’m not worried about rookies chipping in because you have to rely on some of them or what’s the point of the draft? James and Landry stepped right in last year. Let’s do it again!

    • getterdone says:

      Tim, a man after my own heart…That’s a dream A+ draft…I really like Justin Cox, was mentioning him a day or two ago. Wilson, good pick, fills need to compete as a starting LB.
      Got our speedy & big WR’s and a security guard fro Tanny!

      Well Done!

    • Mike E. says:

      I think everyone you mentioned is RD appropriate. Did you see this about Justin Cox though?

      Sources Tell Us
      “We have him as a draft reject based on character and his overall tape.” — NFC East scout

      • getterdone says:

        Not everybody likes everybody Mikey…I like what I saw from Cox, he gives Coyle what he likes in versatility, can play S or CB, has good height.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Aikens had red flags too. That’s why they go in the 4th round. Cox runs a sub 4.4. at that size. Similar type prospect to Aikens though not as filled out. Faster though.

  82. Mike E. says:


    Flores isn’t bad, he’s just not very good. He’s probably an average shortstop with a better than average bat. Murphy isn’t great in the field, so up the middle, we’re suspect. A couple of those 2B prospects have been hitting like crazy this spring. Muno, and the SS/2B Matt Reynolds. Makes me wonder if Murphy might finally get traded.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I worry about our SS/2B double play connection. If we give up a little on infield defense we better hit. We’ll pitch well and will overcome some of that, but it can’t be bad. We’ll see.

  83. Mike E. says:


    It seems like all Justin Cox has for himself is his athletic ability. He doesn’t have instincts, he doesn’t care (at least according to some scouts), so there’s not a lot to like.

  84. getterdone says:

    Mike E, as I mentioned Cox the other day, he’s a JUCO transfer, so he’s a bit raw, will need coached up for sure, but 4.36 speed 38″ vert, 10’9 broad, @ 6’1 is something coaches can work with.

  85. getterdone says:

    Tim, I would take Eric Rowe over Cox if both are on the board in the 4th…Phins have brought Rowe in for a private meeting. I like his size and versatility too.

  86. The Flying Pig says:

    We should draft Cox, Marcus Peters and DGB

    What a character combo that would be

    Guys, doesn’t it concern you that Cox was arrested for burglary?

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      I think we should draft Peters Strong Brown Cox

      • The Flying Pig says:

        And Bush with one of our 5th rounders

        I hope there is a guy named “titties” available in the 6th round

        But that doesn’t seem like a common name

  87. The Flying Pig says:

    I like Dorsett
    He’s like lightning

    But I don’t know how I feel about a offense that features Landry, Dorsett and Stills as our primary receivers

    I can see how it will give defenses fits
    But I kind of want to stretch the field a bit and I would like that redzone threat WR
    I know we have a big target in Cameron now – but you can see if he ends up being injured how an offense with that trio of WRs might have problems in the redzone

    And yes I like all those WRs a lot

    • The Flying Pig says:


      Two of the 3 experts picked DGB and Marcus Peters as our picks
      3 of the questionable character guys I just mentioned above

      These guys might be excellent football players
      But it’s doesn’t seem hickey/Philbin like
      Does tannebaum change that?

  88. Tim Knight says:

    As of now our starting offense.
    LT Albert/James
    LG Thomas
    C Pouncey
    RG Turner
    RT James/Fox
    I wouldn’t just go by last year, chemistry and more experience under John Benton is huge.

    WR Landry
    WR Stills
    TE Cameron
    TE Sims
    RB Miller
    We’ll see Cameron play in-line, in the slot or wide, but we have options to spread teams out with a big lineup. Cameron has big WR speed in the 4.5/6 range at 6-5 250.

    QB Tannehill
    Let’s not forget what he brings to the table with his mobility, running ability and strong arm.

    The key is Lazor adjusting to what he has. I felt he forced some stuff last year that wasn’t necessary.

    RB D. Williams could be a sleeper and difference maker this year.

    • steveccnv says:

      Putting Landry as a WR with only one other isn’t going to happen, Matthews should be there instead of Sims.

  89. The Flying Pig says:

    I still like my idea of submitting a card that says “Collins” with the 14th pick and hoping the NFL just says:

    “Okay, give them La’el, Jalen and Landon”

    Then we get 3 picks for the price of 1

    But it’s risky
    We might end up with this guy

    Which is fine if we want a drummer who can sing

  90. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, we can’t look at Cameron now as always injured (getting concussions). It puts a damper on the offense. He’s 100% right now. We could draft a top flight WR at #14 and he goes down for the year in the PS. It’s football.

    There are no guarantees. Suh could go down in TC or the PS and we’d all throw up over it. Start with the talent we have and the possibilities and deal with negatives when they happen. 🙂

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I know

      But 2 big redzone targets decrease the odds of a devastating injury to our redzone offense

      And there are many big receivers in this draft

  91. Tim Knight says:

    If we don’t sign a vet guard I’d feel much better with La’el Collins in the mix with Thomas and Turner at G, or as an option at tackle with Albert not being ready – Collins would push Fox at RT and James would play LT. We need another good player on the OL.

  92. The Flying Pig says:

    Although some of the players mentioned in that our e might be bad fits

    I think they hit the bail on the head with needs

    OG, WR and LB are screaming to add talent

    DBS too

    I know we have sone young playersat all those positions
    But all of them can use some competition

    • Tim Knight says:

      Tanny can’t be at his best on his back.

      That’s why I think OL is a must along with guys like Sims and Lynch at TE. You have to block especially in the AFC East because the Bills and Jets could be nasty on defense, and the Pats are good enough to win the SB. Ugh!!!

  93. Try Pod says:

    A rule change like this could make kickers more valuable, raising their salaries and increasing competition to get a good one:

  94. getterdone says:

    ESPN’s Mel Kiper believes Miami WR Phillip Dorsett is “safe because he’s so much more than a sprinter out there, and he’ll be a handful to cover wherever he is lined up.”
    In a rather surprising opinion, Kiper listed Dorsett as one of the draft’s 10 safest prospects. “He ran a 4.33 40 in Indy and also timed 6.70 in the three-cone drill, both notable because although he has speed to simply blow away cornerbacks who don’t have plus-plus recovery speed, he also has the quickness to win in the slot and do major damage against zone coverages,” Kiper wrote. “He lacks size but does a decent job on contested throws and has gotten a lot more consistent with his hands.” If Dorsett gets out of the first round, Kiper sees him going in the first few picks in Round 2.

  95. Tim Knight says:

    I just want to put his out there. We said goodbye to my great friend Jim this weekend. The outpouring of people who showed up blew me away. Friends from back in the day who I haven’t seen in 20-30 years. The love and support was overwhelming.

    Jim was respected and loved by so many people. Great guy is all I heard and that is the truth.

    It’s a lesson in life, enjoy every day, folks. Our big group is between 45-55 now. When you meet the midway point you start to think about mortality.

    I personally got a lesson in love and how to express it. I sometimes hold it in and then sometimes I can be the silly one to lighten the mood. LOL

    But to be serious and show love, we all learned that this past week. A lesson in life.

    Peace & Love

  96. steveccnv says:

    Mike E. says:

    March 30, 2015 at 9:09 pm


    Eddie Moore?
    I don’t know why I can’t remember that guys name, I knew someone in Miami when I lived there with the same name.

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