Wedge Scouting Report: Jordan Hicks

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     Whommmmmmmm….Whommmmmmmmmm….Whommmmmmmmmmmmm.  That’s my impression of a rabid longhorn bull.  I’m  guessing that is what Texas Linebacker Jordan Hicks sounds like.  Or maybe its the sound of an opposing carriers collapsing kidneys after he hits them.  Whommmmmmmmmmmm!


At 6’1, 238 pounds, Hicks is not the biggest linebacker in the NFL draft, but he might be one of the most ferocious.

Whommmmmmmmmmm…Whommmmmmmmmm….Whommmmmmmmmmm.  The Texas Linebacker played inside and outside in his college career.  He rarely left the field in his Senior year tallying just under 150 tackles.


Hicks also had two interceptions, 7 pass break ups and 3.5 sacks.  Hicks is one of the better linebackers in coverage available in this draft and those numbers speak for themselves.  He struggled a little with injuries.  He only played 4 games in 2013 and 3 games in 2012.  But he came back with a vengance in 2014 playing every game for the Longhorns.


Hicks finished his college careers with just under 300 tackles.  Then it was off to the combine where he ran a 4.68 40.  Although the 40 time was not so impressive his split time of 1.53 was.  Honestly do you really care how fast your linebacker runs 40 yards, the short distance is a lot more important.  Hicks’ time in the three cone drill was by far his most impressive.  His time was the 13th best mark among linebackers since 2006.  So you know the lateral agility is there.


Some scouts criticize Hicks instincts and while they aren’t on the level of Perryman or Kendricks, he appears to have pretty good instincts on tape.  However, what really jumps out about Hicks is his patience.  This guy has excellent discipline and would be a huge asset playing behind playmakers like Suh and Wake.  When Hicks picks his spot, he zeroes in and Whommmmmmmm….Whommmmmmmm….Whommmmmmmm


 If I was going to compare Hicks to an Alien Weapon of Destruction I would compare this focused linebacker to a Hip Pocket Laser Pistol.  Whommmmmmm….Whommmmmmm…Whommmmmmm


Watch Some Jordan Hicks Highlights




 Whats up Oinkeroos!!!

Piggy here for annoucnment time.  Look how excited I am!  We will be doing a mock draft via poll voting for the next coupel of weeks.  Here is how it works.  Every few hours (whenever I have a moment) a new poll will go up.  The Poll will have an option of 7 propsects who are “still on the board”.  The first 6 will be the 6th highest rated players according to

The 7th is a write in option. If a player gets the majority he is off the board.  We already started and Jameis Winston is the #1 pick of the draft – which seems consistent with the what most the experts think. 

We will plan to organize a live mock draft too. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Poll Mock Draft Update:
Tampa – Jameis Winston; Tenn – Leonard Williams; Jax – Dante Fowler, Jr.; Oak  – Kevin White; Wash – Vic Beasley; NYJ – Marcus Mariota


The Jests selected QB Marcus Mariota,  My condolences to the Mariota family.   

The Bears are on the clock

2 QBs have been added to the list:  Petty and Hundley, b/c sometimes teams reach for QBs

They will continue to be an option through the first round, unless some one selects them

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382 Responses to Wedge Scouting Report: Jordan Hicks

  1. Tim Knight says:

    Suh changes everything on defense. Every week the opponent says how do we block him? Oh right, fuck me, how do we block Wake? LOL

    Wake is not done. We need to cut his reps by about 10 per game though. Vernon, Jordan, McCain, Shelby and Fede should help that happen. We’ll likely keep 9-10 D-linemen.

    LDE Wake, Shelby, Fede
    LDT Suh, Francis
    RDT Mitchell, Johnson
    RDE Vernon, Jordan, McCain

    Vernon, Jordan and McCain helping out as edge rushers/slash OLBs is unique. Not every team has this option.

  2. Tim Knight says:

    As of now, this our secondary.

    LCB Grimes
    S Jones
    S Delmas/Aikens/Thomas
    RCB Taylor
    NB McCain
    DS Delmas/Aikens/Thomas

    With that I’m out. Goodnight, folks.

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