Letter from Son’s Mom

Dear Blog People,

My son couldn’t write his little article this week because he had to go see, well let’s just say he had to visit a friend.

Colon O. Scopy

You may know him.

My little boy had a hard time starving himself for 36 hours (I’ve never seen him go 36 minutes nevermind 36 hours without eating) and the propofol really, and no pun intended, kicked his ass this time. He’s ok now, he’s recovering. He wanted me to tell every one here that he’s ok.

Well your little blog is nice, I’ve been looking around but how come there’s a pig who writes things here. Couldn’t you find enough Dolphin fans?

The Dolphins seem like a much better team for next year. I heard the first girl to play football is going to be on your team next year I think her name is Sue. Isn’t it?

OK, I’m going to run along now. Nice meeting you,

Son’s Mom



Hold up  Hold up

Well at least I got to this before it got published – sheeeeesh mom

I could have scrapped the whole letter but since she took the time to write it I’ll just leave it there.

Mom, really? A girl?

I told you he was a boy named Suh. S. U. H. not like a girl’s name. And that isn’t even his first name (his first will take me an hour to explain)

Well the first of the OTA’s begin this week that should be interesting. Hopefully we will get a glimpse into what the 2015 Dolphins will look like.

RIP – Garo Yepremian

You were one of the Greats, you’ll be missed

RIP to another Great Mr BB King

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206 Responses to Letter from Son’s Mom

  1. Brian in NY says:

    stangerx says:
    May 24, 2015 at 9:43 am
    Cool Brian — we can flip a coin……winner gets to sit right behind Rock.

  2. steveccnv says:


    Feuding co-stars
    Sylvester Stallone v. Richard Gere

    In 1974, Stallone and Gere worked on “The Lord’s of Flatbrush.” They never hit it off, and at one point Gere supposedly intentionally dropped chicken grease all over Stallone resulting in Stallone elbowing him in the head.

    Gere was recast as a result of the feud. Stallone is supposedly behind the urban legend regarding Gere, a gerbil, and his sexual behavior.

    Nice Try Richard, that gerbil story was true. My ex-wife was a nurse and her sister was a doctor, and they both knew medical staff in the L.A. hospital that Gere went to and they swore the story was true. It shouldn’t be a surprise when someone from Hollywood is exposed. My brother lived around the studio city area, north of the Hollywood Hills, he said he saw John Travolta in a restaurant bathroom taking a guy into a stall.

  3. steveccnv says:

    The reason RT can’t throw the long ball is, because he won’t stand in the pocket that last second it takes, he seems afraid to take a hit, or maybe he’s been told the line is so bad I don’t want you getting hurt, so don’t take any unnecessary hits. Watch him when he runs, he always get down before the big blow comes, which is fine, but not when you do it behind the LOS.

  4. steveccnv says:

    All you need to know about Greg Jennings is whenever he scored a TD for the Vikings the entire O rushed to him to congratulate him. That’s respect?

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