By: Randy Campbell (Old Dolfan)

dolphins 73GAME 14: Detroit @ Miami, Dec. 15, 1973 (Sat.)

The team we know as the Detroit Lions was founded in 1929 in Portsmouth, Ohio. The Portsmouth Spartans attracted players from semi-pro teams in the West Virginia-Ohio-Kentucky tri-state area. The residents of Portsmouth loved their new team. They agreed to build their team a new home known as Universal Stadium, a venue comparable to football stadiums in nearby communities along the Ohio River. This prompted the fledgling National Football League to offer full league membership in 1930. Portsmouth became the NFL’s second smallest city, barely exceeding the population of Green Bay, Wisconsin, at that time.

Portsmouth’s inaugural NFL season saw them compile a 5-6-3 record in league contests. Two years later (1932), Spartans’ coach Potsy Clark refused to make even a single substitution against the defending NFL champion Packers. Portsmouth would go on to win the “iron man game” 19-0 with the same 11 men playing EVERY PLAY IN THE GAME!!

spartans players circa 1932At the end of the 1932 season the Spartans were tied for first place with the Chicago Bears. That prompted the very first NFL title game to decide the league championship. (In prior years the team with the best regular season record was awarded the NFL title.) The Bears’ home field, Wrigley Field, was unplayable due to a severe blizzard. The title game thus was moved INDOORS to Chicago Stadium, home of hockey’s Chicago Black Hawks. The smaller indoor playing surface necessitated an 80 yard playing field.

Bears fans packed the indoor stadium. To their absolute delight, Chicago’s “Monsters of the Midway” defeated Portsmouth 9-0, keyed by a touchdown pass from Bronko Nagurski to “The Galloping Ghost,” Red Grange. The resulting interest in the title game led to the creation of Western and Eastern conferences, with the respective winners subsequently meeting in an NFL Championship Game yearly since 1933.

HeadlinesubtitlePortsmouth would continue to have success on the football field. Off the field, poor revenues and the Great Depression threatened the Spartans’ survival. In 1934 Detroit radio executive George Richards purchased the struggling franchise for just under $8,000. Richards moved the team to the Detroit area where they became known as the Lions. A year later (1935, the Detroit Lions won their first NFL championship, beating the New York Giants 26-7.

Detroit enjoyed their greatest triumphs in the decade of the 1950s. Led by legendary quarterback Bobby Layne, Detroit defeated Paul Brown’s Cleveland Browns 17-7 in the 1952 title game. A year later the Lions repeated as champions when Layne found receiver Jim Doran with a 33 yard touchdown pass in the game’s final minute for a 17-16 victory! In 1954 Layne again got the lions to the championship game where they were defeated by the Browns.

Detroit fielded another championship team in 1957 under the direction of rookie head coach George Wilson, Sr., who, in 1966, was named the first head coach of the AFL expansion Miami Dolphins. Bobby Layne was injured during the course of the ’57 season. His back-up, Tobin Rote, passed for FOUR touchdowns and ran for another as Detroit CRUSHED Cleveland 59-14 in the championship game, bringing the Lions their third NFL crown in six years!

Not long after that game, Detroit shocked Layne by trading him to the Siberia of the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers. An incensed Layne placed a curse on the Lions’ franchise, saying they’d NEVER WIN another NFL title because of their mistreatment of him. 57 YEARS LATER, the Lions have failed to even get to another title game, winning only ONE playoff game during that period of time!

Detroit head coach Joe Schmidt (an NFL Hall of Famer) led the Lions to an 8-5-1 record in 1972. However, he was fired and replaced by ex-Colts head coach Don McCafferty. McCafferty, an assistant under Don Shula when Shula was the Colts head coach, went on to succeed Shula in Baltimore. He was the winning head coach when the Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V in the historic Orange Bowl. Two years later, while Don Shula was completing the NFL’s one and only Perfect Season, McCafferty was fired as Colts head coach. A few months later, McCafferty was hired by Detroit.

The slow starting Lions got hot midway through the 1973 season. Detroit had won five of their last seven games coming into the final game of the regular season. Meanwhile, Shula’s Dolphins were coming off their WORST PERFORMANCE OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS, an embarrassing 16-3 drubbing by the lowly Colts. When asked about this, Baltimore head coach Howard Schnellenberger said, “I feel sorry for whoever plays the Dolphins next week.”

Miami head coach Don Shula wanted the offense, the defense and the special teams to come up big in the Detroit game. “We’ve GOT to regain our momentum for the playoffs” said the Don of Miami. Somebody would HAVE to step up. But who???

A bright, sunny, 69 degree day greeted the players for this 1:00 PM kickoff on Saturday, December 15, in the historic Orange Bowl. The fans were noisy. The players were jumping with enthusiasm. Soon, very soon, we’d have the answer to the question “Who is going to step up for Miami?”

On the game’s third play, Lions running back Mel Farr was CRUSHED by defensive end warfield 2 Vern Den Herder, who recover Farr’s fumble at the Detroit 21. Next play, wide out Paul Warfield made eye contact with QB Bob Griese. Rookie cornerback Levi Johnson had NO CHANCE! Warfield blew by Johnson and caught Griese’s perfect pass for a 21 yard touchdown! One possession, one play, one touchdown! It was just that easy!


On Miami’s second possession, Griese and his offense started a drive from their own 18. Tough running by Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick got the Dolphins into Detroit territory. Later, from the Lions’ seven, Griese called on Warfield again. TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!! The Fins led 14-0 after one quarter.

The Dolphins’ defense continued to stifle QB Greg Landry and the Lions’ offense. Detroit would run the ball 38 times for just 3.8 yards per carry. Landry, and back up QB Bill Cappleman (a Florida State product) would combine for 10 completions in 21 attempts for 73 net yards, two interceptions and no touchdowns. A trick pass play by reserve player Mickey Zolfo netted Detroit 35 yards later in the game.

anderson punt return

Miami continued their merciless destruction of Detroit. A Yepremian field goal on Miami’s third possession expanded the lead to 17-0. On their fourth possession, Miami drove the ball all the way down to the Lions’ 16 yard line. This time veteran DB Miller Farr was covering Paul Warfield. It didn’t matter. Warfield easily faked-out Farr, turned on his olympic speed, and scored his THIRD TOUCHDOWN OF THE FIRST HALF! 24-0, MIAMI!!

Once, again, the “No-Name Defense” stopped Detroit cold. A Larry Ball interception gave Miami another chance. Griese used the clock carefully as he drove his team down the field on their fifth possession of the first half. Miami was at the Detroit four with less than a minute left to go in the second quarter. On the very next play, Warfield unbelievably BEAT A DOUBLE TEAM AND SCORED HIS FOURTH RECEIVING TOUCHDOWN OF THE FIRST HALF!! It WAS, and still IS, AN ALL-TIME MIAMI RECORD!! The man who had “stepped-up” was the INCOMPARABLE PAUL WARFIELD!! The Dolphins had an insurmountable 31-0 lead at halftime!! –Five possessions; five scores!!

A merciful Don Shula pulled both Griese and Warfield at the half. Other star players took a seat as the Dolphins concluded the regular season with a 34-7 win over an outclassed Lions team. In the Lions’ locker room, head coach Don McCafferty confessed “I was trying to get the officials to call the game at the half. But they said they couldn’t do that!”

grieseIn the winners’ locker, Bob Griese and Don Shula emphasized that Miami’s first objective (making the playoffs) had been achieved. “Now it’s a new season,” said the Don of Miami. But while Shula talked to the media, the other players were alternately shaking their heads and giving hugs to the man who had truly amazed EVERY PLAYER and EVERY FAN lucky enough to have witnessed this historic performance. Paul Warfield had given the greatest performance of all time by any Miami receiver. And he had removed whatever doubts may have existed after the Baltimore game. Make NO mistake about it; the Miami Dolphins were THE TEAM TO BEAT in the 1973 playoffs!!

The 1973 Dolphins were now 12-2.

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  1. ocalahowie says:

    Morning Update
    Old 27-10 MIA
    Piggy 38-3 MIA
    TryPod 38-10MIA
    MikeE 30-6 MIA
    Herd 31-10 MIA
    Ken 27-13 MIA
    Cav 30-13 MIA
    Howie 24-19 MIA
    CCNV 31-3 MIA
    GDP 34-12 MIA
    Wyo 28-9 MIA
    Stang 21-17 MIA
    Rock 24-16 MIA
    Book 35-13 MIA
    Toba 41-13 MIA
    Dog 41-3 MIA
    Knight 38-13 MIA
    Naples35-10 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  2. ocalahowie says:

    Well Steve
    The only reason I couldnt see Darr making the Pro Bowl was because we’re only gonna punt 5 times the whole season. The rest will be TDs and 8 FGs

  3. Rockphin says:

    I agree with Howie. I don’t see Darr making the Pro-bowl, even if he has a stellar year. So much of Pro-bowl voting has to do with name recognition and what did they do last year. I just don’t see it with a rookie PUNTER

  4. dcoralsprings says:

    24-10 MIA
    We take game one !
    Can’t wait, this defense is going to be awesome.

  5. Rockphin says:

    I was at the bar yesterday and the bartender was wearing the Washington Redskins ball cap. I asked him how does he feel about the game and he said well at least we’re going to have more consistency from the quarterback position. I asked him whose you’re right guard ? He said “oh he sucks, part of the reason why RG three had a concussion .”

    I said to him well with and I’m going I said to him well with Suh lining up against him you are going to have a quarterback that is consistently running for his life and on his back

  6. olddolphan says:

    MY THANKS TO HERDFAN and MISS GIGI for all their help with this modest overview of the Dolphins’ 1973 season. I hope each and every one of you gets a kick out of it!! Two of my all-time favorite NFL questions can be answered from this article. – – #1: “WHERE was the very first NFL Championship Game played?” – ANSWER: “Chicago Stadium, a hockey arena.” And #2:”WHICH TEAM LOST the very first NFL Championship Game?” -ANSWER: “The Portsmouth Spartans.” ONLY A TRUE NFL HISTORY NUT could get those questions right!!

  7. son of a son of a shula says:

    Thanks OD.
    We Win, We Win!

  8. son of a son of a shula says:

    Man I really hope this year is what it seems like it will be. I’m so sick of hearing these blowhards basically skip over the AFC East and just declare it to the cheats. Then we get Well Rex is in Buffalo so they’ll be second.
    I’m sick of it, #BeatthatAFCEastassNow

  9. Mike E. says:

    I like the sound of the Dolphins being 12-2. Great job once again OD. I especially like the history of the Lions, er Portsmouth Spartans.

  10. Mike E. says:

    What a different feel today has. School has started, traffic going to work is once again clogged with school buses, it’s like a switch went off, and BAM!, summer is over just like that. I kinda hate it to be honest.

    I really enjoyed watching the Mets game yesterday with my family at my sisters house. We sat outside on the deck, and brought the TV outside, and it just felt like the playoffs. I can’t wait to have that feeling with the Dolphins again!

  11. The Flying Pig says:

    LOL @ the scores
    everyone thinks it will be a blowout
    the score will probably be 24-23 or something …

  12. The Flying Pig says:

    Allright Dolphins
    Now go cause some pain in the 1973 postseason!

    Nice job OD!

  13. Try Pod says:

    Outside The Lines is reporting what I have suspected all along- he is pushing the punishment for Brady as a make up call for the Spygate incident 8 years ago. Goodell will respond on Mike and Mike @ 9:30.

  14. wyoming85 says:

    For Tim ( and everyone else )

    PhinPhanatic ‏@PhinPhanatic 35m35 minutes ago
    Post-pre-season NFL power rankings

  15. Mike E. says:

    Tim really likes power rankings and especially likes to rank draft prospects years in advance.

  16. Al in MIA says:

    With this guy, a blowout might be in order 🙂

  17. Mike E. says:

    Brandon Albert is going back to #76. On that note, I’d be surprised if #76 is active game #1

  18. Al in MIA says:

    Call it homerism or hubris but to me the Week 1 matchup will bring back memories to the 2007 season when the Dolphins started that season @ Washington just like this year. Unlike that OT stinker that began the march to a franchise worst 1-15 season, this team today has a chance to put up 12 wins which would be the most wins this franchise has seen since 1990 when the Fins went 12-4 [lost divisional game 44-34 to Bills (13-3) in Buffalo].

  19. Al in MIA says:

    I know you are busy but will check in at some point in here ..
    Just wanted to know if you had a chance to see the UCLA game.
    Josh Rosen made quite the splash; you must be excited :).
    Cal’s QB (Goff) was quite impressive himself ….Good times out West for QB play again. Enjoy it

  20. manitobafinfan says:

    Morning Y’all.. I smell football in the air…
    Fantasy league needs ONE more team … IDP League, Live Draft Wednesday at 20:00 PM… email me at and will send the invite… GO PHINS !!!!

  21. BoulderPhinfan says:

    watching nfl network all morning all they could talk about is the fuckin patriots and how they’re gonna take AFC east. I’m so sick of the pats. I really hope we win the division this year and shut them up.

    • Al in MIA says:

      LOL, man I suspect the NFL is busy playing this PR war with the NFLPA and the Pats.
      Yesterday there was the report that the judge who dissolved Brady’s suspension was chumming it up with Kraft at a Hampton NY party over the summer and now this.

  22. Rockphin says:

    I see from the score predictions above that a lot of you all are expecting our offense to score AT LEAST 4 touch downs. For some reason I don’t think we are going to be that efficient in our first game. I expect some “first game” mishaps and misfires for the offense this week that will keep our points down. I hope I am way off base and we put 6TD’s up on them but i just have this gut feeling.

  23. Try Pod says:

    I told you all about my father in law having an aggressive form of cancer and his prognosis going forward. His baby sister, one of the sweetest, nicest people, passed away this a.m. from a similar, aggressive cancer that was just discovered in June. He is heartbroken, my wife is distraught. Sorry to be a downer.

  24. Al in MIA says:

    Who said anything about the offense scoring 4 TD? I’m expecting the Fins D to put up 10 points 🙂 7pts (assuming PAT is good) off a pick 6 or fumble turned into a TD plus 3pts by way of just causing a turnover in FG range.

  25. Al in MIA says:

    Life is crazy at times how swiftly people leave. It sucks to see people suffer. Stay strong buddy.

  26. Al in MIA says:

    Ah, yes, 1984 (I don’t have much of a memory of that season as I was just 7 years old). Hopefully the Fins win the SB this time :).

  27. ditmcodave says:

    manitobafinfan says:

    Yessir did you are #9… 🙂 welcome aboard…

    Thanks. I’ll get on later tonight to set it up.

  28. stangerx says:

    ESPN has a whole expose out on Patriots, which includes new info on Sypgate, including:

    “In fact, many former New England coaches and employees insist that the taping of signals wasn’t even the most effective cheating method the Patriots deployed in that era. Several of them acknowledge that during pregame warm-ups, a low-level Patriots employee would sneak into the visiting locker room and steal the play sheet, listing the first 20 or so scripted calls for the opposing team’s offense. (The practice became so notorious that some coaches put out fake play sheets for the Patriots to swipe.) Numerous former employees say the Patriots would have someone rummage through the visiting team hotel for playbooks or scouting reports.”


    It’s a real long read and it has to be with all the details.

  29. BoulderPhinfan says:

    But you can’t deny that the patriots cheat to win. There are stories everyday that they cheat to get an advantage. How come we don’t hear cheating stories about any other team.

    • Al in MIA says:

      No question the Pats are a dirty franchise. I’m just amused by this whole back and forth thing going on between the NFL and Pats/NFLPA. All this is coming to light after the NFL.was seemingly embarrassed by Brad/NFLPA and judge Berman. Seems the NFL is behind this in some way. In a pet game, Goodell isn’t going down without a fight. He’s bringing the dirty PR game the others are doing to him. Using the media to write about all kinds of stuff

  30. stangerx says:

    Story pushes back the timeline for how long the Pats had been taping signals as well…..including who.

    “Goodell assured [Senator Arlan] Specter the destroyed tapes went back only to the 2006 season. But then he confessed something new: that the Patriots began their taping operation in 2000 and the destroyed notes were for games as early as 2002, “overwhelmingly for AFC East rivals,”

  31. Mike E. says:


    How much is your league, and what happens if you don’t get a 10th team?

  32. Al in MIA says:


  33. Mike E. says:


    Gotcha – Just a bragging rights league. That’s cool.

  34. D says:

    I was listening to sports radio this morning and they were discussing Brady and whether or not this tarnishes his legacy or not or if even just for this year. The guy report was saying no and that to most it may have made him David from David vs Goliath fame. Talking almost like he was a hero for standing up to the big bad Goodell war machine lol. I hd to change the fucking channel. I dont care how much fans hate Goddell, i dont care how much the players hate him. It doesnt change the guilt of Brady (yes Jets we know we cant prove he did it, but come on…lol) It also donest change the culture the Pats have not just coddled but actually endorsed as a franchise. Oh they shouldnt have gone for 4 games, that was too much. Too much for what has happened and gone of for years, too much for what likely has ensured championships for them and in turn has given them additional profits. I just cant see how anyone can say that a guy or a team that has done such blantant shit as this team has shouldnt face very severe example making punishments.

  35. finfanrob says:

    wow, so our president supports a union that backs a known cheater and says why unions are so needed. yep mr president, we need unions so they can support known cheaters from being punished. and some think this country is in bad hands

  36. herdfan says:

    There is a prize for the winner of our FF league. A very nice Dolphins throw. Made out sweatshirt material with the logo on the front. All the prizes arrived today. I need to know the winner(s) of the roster pick. 😀

  37. sb7mvp says:

    So when do we get to the part where Jake Scott shows up to single handedly win another Super Bowl?

  38. finfanrob says:

    D says:
    September 8, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    juping on the bandwagon of popularity

    d, more like jumping on the bandwagon of stupidity

  39. Al in MIA says:

  40. Mike E. says:

    Why do people jump on a bandwagon? I’ve actually never seen a bandwagon . . .

  41. Tim Knight says:

    LOL @ Mike E on the scores.

    I don’t really like picking games or records because I like the live atmosphere of a game and season where anything can happen. So if I’m going to pick, why not just pick dominance if you think it’s possible. 🙂

  42. ocalahowie says:

    Afternoon Update
    Old 27-10 MIA
    Piggy 38-3 MIA
    TryPod 38-10MIA
    MikeE 30-6 MIA
    Herd 31-10 MIA
    Ken 27-13 MIA
    Cav 30-13 MIA
    Howie 24-19 MIA
    CCNV 31-3 MIA
    GDP 34-12 MIA
    Wyo 28-9 MIA
    Stang 21-17 MIA
    Rock 24-16 MIA
    Book 35-13 MIA
    Toba 41-13 MIA
    Dog 41-3 MIA
    Knight 38-13 MIA
    Naples35-10 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  43. Mike E. says:


    I’m superstitious too, but not about predictions. Pretty sure the couple of Mets games I’ve watched at my sisters house the Mets have won, so I might go there to watch the playoffs if the Mets make it in.

  44. Tim Knight says:

    Ugh… just found out my wife’s cousin’s son who is an extreme skier and skateboarder did a jump he’s done hundreds of times but this time hit his head and is in a medically induced coma and isn’t expected to come out of it. He’s only 16 years old. 😦

  45. wyoming85 says:

    Brad Chapman.
    Patriots cheated?

    In other news I just breathed in, then out….then in again…

    Also, water is wet.

  46. ocalahowie says:

    You do get 1 change per game if you want to use it

  47. Realist says:

    Phins 20 Skins 16

  48. D says:

    Tim Knight says:
    September 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm
    Ugh… just found out my wife’s cousin’s son who is an extreme skier and skateboarder did a jump he’s done hundreds of times but this time hit his head and is in a medically induced coma and isn’t expected to come out of it. He’s only 16 years old. 😦
    Damn Tim thats tragic man. I hope by some miracle he makes it man.

  49. Al in MIA says:

    I might up my score but I’ll relax for now.

  50. Al in MIA says:

    Someone photoshop this to make the QB a Skins jersey LOL

  51. Al in MIA says:

    Suh attacks from all angles 🙂

  52. finfanrob says:

    Al in MIA says:
    September 8, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Because sometimes you really just have to kick your opponent in the nuts

    one thing suh wont be able to do to tommy. well unless he kicks giselle’s purse

  53. finfanrob says:


    exactly what i have said about the pats. they cheated. end of story. any one else that accuse them of it has merit. nothing the pats say or do does.

  54. finfanrob says:


    there arent words for a situation like that. lets hope the doctors are wrong

    • Tim Knight says:

      Thanks, FFR. I’m off today and what started out as an okay day just got worse. My mother-in-law is also dealing with major health issues and I went to the shore to see her this weekend. My wife has been there over a week. Too much sadness in recent times. As much I enjoy sports and the Dolphins sometimes I just don’t care.

  55. Ken says:

    +++++ Vibes to Tim and Trypod

    • Tim Knight says:

      Thanks, Ken.

      I missed Try’s posts. Geez! So sorry to hear that, Try. 😦

    • Try Pod says:

      Thank you both. Tim, I hate to hear that about such a young man. It’s heartbreaking.

      • Tim Knight says:

        That’s what’s killing me. Will all the creeps in the world wasting everyone’s time with violence and nonsense, here’s a kid who took hold of life and pushed the limits in an exciting way though a very risky activity. It just seems unfair.

  56. Mike E. says:


    That horrible! Best wishes to him and his family.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Thanks, bro.

      He was training to become an Olympian. Great kid even though I’ve only met him a few times. Mostly when he was much younger. I helped him fish at his grandfather’s pond in Florida with big bass. He was just a little guy then. He’s been skiing/skateboarding and all that stuff for as long as I can remember. I feel so bad for him and his close family – sister, mom and dad etc. as they are no doubt devastated.

      We all hope for a miracle. He’s just too young to go. 😦

  57. The Flying Pig says:


    Sorry to hear that
    Positive vibes

  58. Al in MIA says:

    Hi Ken.
    Less than 120 hours till kickoff 🙂

  59. D says:

    So any reports of who out last two PS spots will go to? I have heard Lynden Trail is one potential, and maybe we can find someone to replace MBT.

  60. finfanrob says:

    this is who the dolphins need to be targeting to make them the best receiver corps in the nfl…..hell ever

  61. Mike E. says:


    That’s even more sad than before. Hopefully he can shock everyone and pull out of this OK. Things like that have happened

  62. Tim Knight says:

    Sorry for being a downer but it helps to get it out as I can’t post on Facebook due to it being a family matter at this time so we can’t go public in that way, and it’s just me and my daughter home right now. I just keep seeing this wonderful young boy’s face who was so excited to see a bunch of us catching big bass and then when he would get one on he’d hand the pole to me and then I’d say let’s reel it in together. He was so excited. He has such a great thirst for life and adventure. Although the activities he engaged in come with a lot of risk, it just seems unfair.

    • Try Pod says:

      I understand you completely. We should be excited about the upcoming season, but life happens and here we are.

      • Try Pod says:

        My wife’s aunt was such a kind, soft soul, in the way that those who have certain disabilities seem to always display (in her case she contracted some virus while a child in a reconstructing Germany that left her deaf). She was 66. Since I have known my wife, she has buried more people because of cancer, including a grandmother, aunt, mother.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Agreed. Thanks.

  63. Mike E. says:

    I’m working till 9PM tonight, and I won’t be able to listen or watch the Mets game tonight. I’m so interested in seeing how Matt Harvey does with all this controversy swirling around him. This is a real gut-check game for him.

  64. Tim Knight says:

    Try, so sorry for you and what’s going on in your family. Sadness is an unfortunate part of life but we can’t escape it. I just can’t deal with such a young dude who wasn’t involved in anything bad but living the kind of life a young person should if they can. Such a great kid and adventurous. It’s tearing me up so thanks for bearing with me.

    All the best to you and your family in times of sadness and grief.

    Peace and Love

  65. Tim Knight says:

    I just want to get onto some football to clear my head. Coyle said at a recent presser that early on they’ll likely play a lot of guys to get them through the start of 60+ plays in a real game. I like that approach. You kept the players you did for a reason, so they should contribute when needed. Expect a 7-8 man rotation on the DL, a 5 man rotation at LB and probably 7-8 at DB.

    Go Phins!!!

  66. D says:

    Any of you see the Wisconsin Alabama game where the Wisconsin Safety got knocked silly and was standing behind Alabama’s offensive huddle after the play? Happened like in the first few minutes of the game.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      yup. that was funny

      • D says:

        I think he ate turf i didnt really see him even make solid contact with anything but maybe his foot lol. Dude was stright up ko’ed though. Lined up behind the huddle, got into his safety position after they lined up, and all the bama players are like, umm this dude isnt right….someone needs to come check him out lol.

      • D says:

        I feel his pain though.

        In HS on a kickoff return i dropped back into coverage, turned around got a full head of steam and went helmet to helmet with another player. I remeber blacking out and going deaf, sound and sight kinda faded back in slowly but when i came to i could see the dude i hit standing opposite of me shaking his head trying to get his senses back too. We both looked at each other and kinda trotted off the field… the otherones side of the field lol. Not only that but both of us were suppose to remain on the field me on offense and he on defense to start the next series lol.

        At half time we all took a break in the end zone and i took my helmet off, and probably a 5inch diameter circle of pain had popped off my helmet from the impact.

  67. herdfan says:

    I know Rock is one of our winners. Who are the other 2? I’m trying to avoid looking this up myself! Lol

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Maybe we can use this weeks score prediction for the guys who tied. Just an idea. It can be whoever is closet in total points on their prediction. It sure isn’t me who’s in the tie.

  68. son of a son of a shula says:

    Try and Tim, so sorry, stay strong men.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Thanks, man. I don’t know what to do with myself. I keep walking back and forth feeling for this wonderful kid. It’s so sad.

      We didn’t see him a lot but when we did he treated us like he always knew us and loved us. I can’t get his beautiful aura out of my mind. Just a really great kid. The pain that’s going through the family is so overwhelming. My in-laws haven’t been told because they’re old and my mother-in-law is sick. My father-in-law is stressed enough. This is his younger brother’s grandson and he passed away over a year ago.

      One thing I’m happy about if you can call it that, is he isn’t here to know this. It would have crushed him.

      You guys know I’m not a religious man, but at times like these I really hope his grandparents are there for him. His grandmother passed away about 5 years ago.

      Sorry, but the sadness has kept building all day and I need to get it out. I can’t say anything to his parents and sister while on a flight at this time.

      Life is precious, enjoy it.

    • Try Pod says:

      Thanks Son. We all face it, and it sucks for each of us when we do.

  69. wyoming85 says:

    Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 8m8 minutes ago
    #Dolphins depth chart: Brice McCain starting ahead of Jamar Taylor at CB; LaMike James over Jarvis Landry as returner

  70. wyoming85 says:

    Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero 12m12 minutes ago
    So Kenny Stills moves ahead of Richard Matthews at WR; Brice McCain ahead of Jamar Taylor; LaMike James KOR and PR.

  71. Rockphin says:

    Here, I believe Bolder myself and MikeE all had 47 right. I’m looking now to see who had the positions right.

  72. Rockphin says:

    I WIN!! MiekE & Bolder both list Misi as the ISL. and I have him where he is starting at SOLB

  73. son of a son of a shula says:

    Damn I just noticed that I would have been tied with you guys if I didn’t list Sheppard twice. If I had realized that I would have had Paysinger in there. Crap!

  74. stangerx says:

    Part of a public statement from the Pats.

    ““This type of reporting over the past seven years has led to additional unfounded, unwarranted and, quite frankly, unbelievable allegations by former players, coaches and executives. None of which have ever been substantiated, but many of which continue to be propagated. The New England Patriots are led by an owner whose well-documented efforts on league-wide initiatives – from TV contracts to preventing a work stoppage – have earned him the reputation as one of the best in the NFL. For the past 16 years, the Patriots have been led by one of the league’s all-time greatest coaches and one of its all-time greatest quarterbacks. It is disappointing that some choose to believe in myths, conjecture and rumors rather than giving credit for the team’s successes to Coach Belichick, his staff and the players for their hard work, attention to detail, methodical weekly preparation, diligence and overall performance.”

  75. son of a son of a shula says:

    “I can’t get his beautiful aura out of my mind.”

    Keep it there as everyone who loves him should, it’s all you’ve got to fight with right now. God Bless

  76. herdfan says:

    It’s fine with me if you want to do it like that. I just don’t want anyone feeling slighted over not getting one of our Fabulous prizes! I can always send out 3 prizes. It’s not like anyone ever gets the score prediction right. And if they do I’ll happily pay up!

    I’ll post some pics later if I get a chance. Of the prizes that is. Lol

  77. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m glad LaMciahel James is our KR and PR instead of Landry
    Let Landry focus on being a Wr

    I would prefer Taylor start with Mccain at nickel

  78. herdfan says:

    Tim. I know this is probably not going to help but maybe if you think he was doing what he loves doing. There’s so many ways things can go wrong in a kids life many of which don’t involve fun and adventure, living life to the fullest. Peace to you and his family.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Thanks, Herd. I get it. He’s an extreme sports kid for sure. I haven’t seen him in about 4-5 years. But I know who he is and I’m super sad for him and his close family who he meant everything to. He surely was doing what he loved and I can relate to that. Still hoping for a miracle for him and all his loved ones.

  79. The Flying Pig says:


    try this Andrew franks jersey out

  80. Rockphin says:

    For some reason I always lose in Rock Paper Scissors…………. How can paper ALWAYS WIN?

  81. Al in MIA says:

    Tim / Mike E,

    “Ryan Zimmerman is out of the Nationals’ lineup on Tuesday because of a strained left oblique.
    The initial thought was that Zimmerman was still battling plantar fasciitis, but manager Matt Williams revealed the true reason for Zimmerman’s absence on Tuesday evening. The first baseman suffered the oblique injury on a swing Monday against the Mets and could need well over a week of rest. It’s awful timing for the Nats. ” — Rotoworld.

  82. D says:

    Al in MIA says:
    September 8, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    Speaking of, did you see this as well over the weekend?
    Lol yeah that was friggin hilarious.

  83. Al in MIA says:

    More Mets news:

    According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mets and Yoenis Cespedes have reworked some language in the outfielder’s contract that would have limited the Mets’ negotiating rights this offseason.
    The clause demanded that the Mets (originally the A’s) release Cespedes at the end of the four-year, $36 million deal he signed out of Cuba, preventing a qualifying offer from being made. But it also would have prevented the Mets from negotiating with Cespedes after the initial five-day period following the World Series (they technically wouldn’t be able to talk to him again until May 15, 2016). Now there are no restrictions at all. New York will have as good a shot as any other club at the 29-year-old impending free agent.
    Source: New York Post
    Sep 8 – 4:27 PM

  84. stangerx says:

    Seems Henthorn has the 12-year itch. And how does your wife get killed while changing a tire when you are there?

    DENVER (AP) — A man accused of pushing his wife to her death off a cliff as they hiked in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park to celebrate their anniversary might have also killed his first wife.

    Investigators say he carefully plotted to shove Toni Henthorn off a cliff in a remote area where the couple had been hiking to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary. Toni Henthorn, 50, paused to take a photo. She tumbled face first over the ledge. Harold Henthorn could not explain to investigators why he had a park map with an “X” drawn at the spot where his wife fell, prosecutors said.

    Henthorn was the only witness to his wife’s fall, which was reminiscent of the death of his first wife, who was crushed when a car slipped off a jack while they were changing a flat tire in 1995 — several months after their 12th wedding anniversary. .

    • Al in MIA says:


    • D says:

      I watch Forensic files all the time lol, semi obsessed with those kind of shows and you would be surprised how many , especially women, have had previous husbands deaths re-investigated because of how similarly the mode of murder matches the first one..

      One woman killed her husband by poisoning him with antifreeze, as she did with a pervious husband, and then typed out a confession/suicide letter as if written by her daughter, to pin it on her. She then attempted to kill the daughter but the daughter survived.

  85. finfanrob says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    September 8, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Damn I just noticed that I would have been tied with you guys if I didn’t list Sheppard twice

    well you are lucky i didnt play. i would have just filmed mike e, then let the air out of rock and bolder and been the only winner. it’s the only way to play the game

  86. Al in MIA says:

    I never advocate for stomping a player on the ground but that Bowling Green player deserved to be kicked by an OL lol.

  87. D says:

    Al in MIA says:
    September 8, 2015 at 5:09 pm
    More Mets news:

    According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mets and Yoenis Cespedes have reworked some language in the outfielder’s contract that would have limited the Mets’ negotiating rights this offseason.
    The clause demanded that the Mets (originally the A’s) release Cespedes at the end of the four-year, $36 million deal he signed out of Cuba, preventing a qualifying offer from being made. But it also would have prevented the Mets from negotiating with Cespedes after the initial five-day period following the World Series (they technically wouldn’t be able to talk to him again until May 15, 2016). Now there are no restrictions at all. New York will have as good a shot as any other club at the 29-year-old impending free agent.
    Source: New York Post
    Sep 8 – 4:27 PM
    So what your saying is they will have just as much chance of not being able to hang with the Yankees offer as everyone else lol.

  88. Mike E. says:


    You can give Rock the win as far as I’m concerned.

  89. Mike E. says:


    I’m OK with Cespedes doing that. I still think our chances are slim, but maybe he really wants to stay here, and if we’re in the neighborhood money wise, maybe he stays. He didn’t need to do this, so I’ll take it as a positive.

    • D says:

      Its nothing against the Mets, its just every year same ole shit, Yankes come along and buy up most the talented players and the rest of us have to scramble over the left overs. They have poached the Braves players for so long i just assume anytime we develop some guy into a top teir player, he will be on the Yankees later.

      • Mike E. says:

        Seems as if the Yanks have changed their MO somewhat. They haven’t really been outbidding everyone. In fact, they let Robinson Cano go, but for the most part, I agree.

  90. Mike E. says:


    There was a Hawaii Five-O episode that aired this past season based off that story that you posted.

  91. drg says:

    We finally made it to week one! These first six games are going to be nerve wracking since Miami needs to win most of them to contend for the playoffs. A .500 or worse start and we would have win some really tough games to have a chance. How about we just get off to a great start and compete for the division title instead treading water like previous years?

  92. herdfan says:

    LOL, all day I thought Mike Es avi was some kind of a Dolphins heart……

    • Mike E. says:

      That’s funny! I explained earlier. They’re 2 of the 4 pills I take every day, and my family knows them as my “Dolphins” pills. 🙂

  93. drg says:


    Yeah, I’m hoping we can get to 10 wins early so we don’t have to sweat the last couple games as much and (shudder) rely on our coach too much. The real key to our demise last year was the defensive collapse. Other than injuries and maybe age, I don’t have much of an explanation for it. Hopefully we see different results this year.

  94. herdfan says:

    Ok, so here are pics of the prize choices. Flask or a Travel coffee cup. Rock, what’s your choice?

  95. herdfan says:

    Wow, that was a bit larger than I expected.

  96. Mike E. says:


    I’m all for a strong start, but we’re going to have be a tough team mentally and physically to win at the end of the season, and that includes our Coach. I’m hoping he’s turned the corner, because talent wise, we should be there.

  97. Rockphin says:


  98. finfanrob says:

    herdfan says:
    September 8, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    I’ll need you to email me a shipping address….don’t worry…your not stanger! 😉

    there, thats better

  99. CavalierKong says:

    I have that exact flask. My wife got it for me a year or two ago. I said I would only use it to make rum and cokes for Dolphins playoff games. The flask is still dry 😦

    Hopefully that changes this year! 😀

  100. D says:

    herdfan says:
    September 8, 2015 at 6:08 pm
    Wow, that was a bit larger than I expected.
    Mike E. says:
    September 8, 2015 at 6:27 pm
    That’s what she said . . . 😉
    Or he said, you cant be discriminating like that these days Mike.

  101. BoulderPhinfan says:

    Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter
    Former Patriots RB Jonas Gray will sign with Miami’s practice squad, according to @seanstellato. Gray once played on Dolphins’ PS.

  102. Mike E. says:


    I wasn’t discriminating, that’s what she said. lol

  103. herdfan says:

    Boulder, you are also a winner….so I need to hear from you too.

  104. herdfan says:

    This was a really great post by a Purdue fan about tailgating at the game Sunday.

  105. BoulderPhinfan says:

    I just lost a lot of respect for walker. He has us getting swept by the bills and average 22 points a game this year when we averaged 24 last year. What an idtiot.

  106. BoulderPhinfan says:

    I’ll take a flask. thanks!

  107. ditmcodave says:

    I’m excited to play in the ffb league with you guys this year. It will be fun. I’m sure it will be slim pickings on phins though.

  108. ditmcodave says:

    I didn’t get to pick boulders w/l pick Em but put me down for 16-0. Every year.

  109. herdfan says:

    Speaking of our FF league, here’s what the winner gets. I think we need one more player, draft is tomorrow so what you waiting for??????

  110. ditmcodave says:

    This guy I work with picked Russell Wilson and then Tanny as his backup. He’s a cowboys fan. I think I convinced him to start Tanny.

  111. BoulderPhinfan says:

    sorry i don’t have your email.

  112. herdfan says:

    I think it’s funny our winners are Rock and Boulder…..anyone see a trend there? And for those two, the rest of you cover your eyes, send me your address at

  113. BoulderPhinfan says:

    signing of jonas gray is interesting. i wonder if we’re downloading what he knows of pats offense right now 🙂

  114. son of a son of a shula says:

    I would be in the fantasy league if I can be assured of having Tannehill, Landry, Miller and our D, if I don’t get them I’ll quit. LOL

  115. son of a son of a shula says:

    Welcome back Jonas. We probably shouldn’t have let him get away to begin with. He should be all up to speed on how to properly deflate game balls now.

  116. son of a son of a shula says:

    And my new name is Stoney. Did I win a prize?

  117. herdfan says:

    BoulderPhinfan says:
    September 8, 2015 at 7:49 pm (Edit)

    I thought Mike e and naples also had 47.

    Mike E said he would pass, but he can always change his mind. And if Naples had the same score, then he’s a winner too. We need to come up with tiebreakers going forward. lol

  118. finfanrob says:


    if you still need some one i will volunteer for the last team. just as long as i can auto draft for some of the draft.

    i am only joining to win and then have herd beg me for my address.

  119. The Flying Pig says:

    Do we have 10 for ff football?

    • manitobafinfan says:

      i’m on some pretty good cold and sinus drugs… i have 9 in at the moment, 10 mins ago i could have sworn was 10.. i have one invite pending, that i may have sent to a wrong address.. i anticipate that will be filled right away.. then FFR if he is serious and sends me an invite.. i will count again.. i may still want one more if FFR wants in..

  120. The Flying Pig says:

    If we signed Gray
    Who did we cut?

  121. The Flying Pig says:

    Does anyone think Gray is going to struggle adjusting to properly inflated balls

  122. olddolphan says:

    TRYPOD and TIM; Just found out about your losses. How very sad. I hope both of you, in your grief, can find the strength to move on and honor those two good people who so positively impacted your lives. PEACE to both of you.

  123. Rockphin says:

    herdfan says:
    September 8, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    I’ll need you to email me a shipping address….don’t worry…I’m not a stalker! 😉
    Could you repost that E-mail address? Thanks


  124. herdfan says:

    Mike E. says:
    September 8, 2015 at 8:09 pm (Edit)

    I thought we were going to have 1 winner, and I thought Rock should get it,

    We didn’t have a tie breaker, setting one afterwards isn’t really fair. So if you and Naples had the same score, then you win. I don’t mind. I think having prizes makes it more fun.

  125. BoulderPhinfan says:

    I’m fine with only 1 prize and Rock getting it.

  126. finfanrob says:

    Auto draft is no problem, may prove interesting on the IDP’s though..

    WAIT WAIT WAIT. IDP’s hell if i knew Intense Double Penetration was a possibility i would of been the first team to sign up

  127. finfanrob says:

    manitobafinfan says:
    September 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Intensley DEEP penetration…. get it straight..

    what, not double……fuck it then, count me out

  128. Rockphin says:

    Nevermind Herd I saw it above. I sent you my info! Thanks again. You are swell.

  129. Mike E. says:


    Coffee mug please! Thank you!

  130. finfanrob says:

    i bet omar is confused as fuck about gray. he doesnt know whether to like him or not. he watches him play and goes.. ‘damn, the dude isnt black, he isnt white. i dont know what to do’

  131. Rockphin says:


    It means a lot to me. I never win anything. LOL j/k

  132. Mike E. says:

    OK, closing up here. I’ll catch you guys/gals later. Herd, I’ll get you my address either later or tomorrow. Thanks again for being a sweetheart!

  133. ocalahowie says:

    Nightly Update
    Old 27-10 MIA
    Piggy 38-3 MIA
    TryPod 38-10MIA
    MikeE 30-6 MIA
    Herd 31-10 MIA
    Ken 27-13 MIA
    Cav 30-13 MIA
    Howie 24-19 MIA
    CCNV 31-3 MIA
    GDP 34-12 MIA
    Wyo 28-9 MIA
    Stang 21-17 MIA
    Rock 24-16 MIA
    Book 35-13 MIA
    Toba 41-13 MIA
    Dog 41-3 MIA
    Knight 38-13 MIA
    Naples35-10 MIA
    Realist 20-16MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  134. manitobafinfan says:

    Okay Fantasy League is set.. we have 10 teams now confirmed and signed up…. Live draft scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015 at 8:00pm EDT Thank you all for coming out to play.. Look forward to Slaughtering some Pig.. OINK !!! And Herd thanx for finding a championship Cape…

  135. son of a son of a shula says:

    You better get Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Brothers, Sisters and most of all your Momma.
    In a Suh does the DC whomp the Fins D still thinks its pre-season and no one scores on them.

    Fins 24-0

  136. naplesfan2010 says:

    well now Herd even though I was the other one in the 3-way tie for the roster pick, i certainly do not want a prize for that. I just enjoyed thinking about the possibilities.

    • herdfan says:

      Oh come on. Of the current prizes, I have a flask left. If you’re not a drinker, I’ll come up with something else.

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        wow I did not mean to be rude or anything … i would be honored to receive a flask. I am actually a whiskey guy much more than a beer drinker so a flask is great.

  137. BoulderPhinfan says:

    thanks herd.

  138. manitobafinfan says:

    Rockphin says:
    September 8, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    LOL I think they peed themselves a little. (Ken too) LOL

    Pretty sure i did too … ssshhh

  139. herdfan says:

    naples….I didn’t think you were rude, quite the contrary. Send me your address at the email thats up the page. 🙂

  140. ocalahowie says:

    Cool Dolphins stuff I see up there and on our outing tonight I got me a new Dolphins hat. Very stylish, you’d think I spent 40 bucks at the team store but at K-Mart only 15.69
    GO PHINS!!!

    • herdfan says:

      There will be prizes if anyone ever gets your score picker correct. They will probably change the logo again before that happens. lol

      • steveccnv says:

        As hard as it was to pick the scores it’s going to be even harder with the new extra pt, screwing things up.

  141. ocalahowie says:

    Thanks for the input Son. cause right now I pretty much have nothing, except for Piggy’s deranged version us us maiming and killing half the Redskins team.

  142. naplesfan2010 says:
    Our ex who was the unnamed victim in the bullying scandal signed a new contract.

  143. The Flying Pig says:


    Anyway you can make the draft at about 830
    I might not make it to a compute at 8pm
    Even 815 works

  144. ocalahowie says:

    Allright Prizes
    Last season I was thinking of sending anyone who won a box of Pop Tarts but we’ll take yours instead
    HELL YEAH!!!

  145. naplesfan2010 says:

    am watching 5 easy pieces … still an amazing film

  146. finfanrob says:

    herdfan says:
    September 8, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    There will be prizes if anyone ever gets your score picker correct. They will probably change the logo again before that happens. lol

    maybe ross can make that the prize. the winner gets to pic the new logo. anything is better then that horrible shit they have now.

  147. finfanrob says:

    wow, i cant believe how rude naples was. and the worst part he did it on purpose

  148. ditmcodave says:

    38-3 phins. Start of a non-cheating dynasty.

  149. ditmcodave says:

    New logo has grown on me. I like my new hat.

  150. finfanrob says:

    naplesfan2010 says:
    September 8, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    am watching 5 easy pieces … still an amazing film

    yeah it is, i cant believe some of the things that blonde does. talk about no gag reflexes.

  151. ocalahowie says:

    I got a new hat too, just tonight…

  152. finfanrob says:

    ditmcodave says:
    September 8, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    New logo has grown on me. I like my new hat.

    yeah, kind of like genital warts, they grow on ya.

  153. naplesfan2010 says:

    Blondes rock.

  154. The Flying Pig says:

    tomorrow’s Oddyssey takes on how lucky the Dolphins were not to draft RGIII

  155. steveccnv says:

    Look how much has changed since July 8th.

    • steveccnv says:

      This popped up next, a simulated game against the ‘Skins.

      • steveccnv says:

        We’re virtually 1-0, with a 38-21 win over the ‘Skins. RT calls timeout with 2 seconds left leading 31-21, then Ajayi goes over the top for the clinching TD.

  156. The Flying Pig says:

    new poll up
    RGIII special

  157. olddolphan says:

    DID YOU GUYS NOTICE that Buffalo just cut that O’Leary kid, the Tight End out of Florida State?–Maybe we should release one of the two TE’s we have on the practice ssquad and give O’Leary a shot??? –WHAT do you folks think??

  158. ocalahowie says:

    I thought Freeman was gone

  159. D says:

    Looks like we signed EZ Nwachiku(sp) or hard knocks is a liar. I also found his wiki page lists him as a phin.

  160. D says:

    Also supposedly signed lynden trail, though I can’t find confirmation. Also looks like we signed Jonas gray again to the PS.

  161. D says:

    I got Wilson as my QB in my work ff league and am trying to trade kaepernick for Tanny

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