The Executioner waits . . . .



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  1. finfanrob says:

    i think Websters is changing the definition of bust to just a picture of suh
    (see try, now that comment was just all emotion. i get it is too early to call him a bust)

  2. finfanrob says:

    Try Pod says:
    September 27, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    I didn’t say this to be contrary, or to engage in a long debate about it.

    hmmm ok, i was enjoying the debate. i didnt think you were doing anything contrary, just thought we were having a conversation with two different opinions

  3. ocalahowie says:

    10-6 but no playoffs
    Pats take the east and 11-5 teams make it

  4. finfanrob says:

    yep others here do get we do here act strongly. i wanted joe gone at half time. but i get it, if i was ross i would have to sit and talk with others and their opinion about what is best.

    i on the other hand are just on my sofa watching a game i dont have to think things thru and gather all the facts. i can just go with my gut feelings

  5. finfanrob says:


    they are just scared i met the hulk out of my basement

  6. Try Pod says:

    You were right, btw – I was a bit arrogant with my thoughts on others emotions clouding their objectivity. I apologize to whomever I may have offended. I get full of myself sometimes.

  7. Mike E. says:


    While I understand your feelings that other potential candidates might think we acted rashly, I just don’t see it that way. I would say it’s clear that the team had an idea of where they should be, hoped Philbin would be capable of getting us there, and failed. They made a huge investment this year, will be severely capstrung next year, and want to try and save the season. I really don’t think it’s rash, and also don’t think any potential candidates would view it that way. That’s how I see it.

    • Try Pod says:

      I admit that is a reasonable assessment. With our history, I’m not sure others will give us the same benefit of the doubt. I think we have to prove more and stick longer to try to build up some good will.

  8. finfanrob says:


    no biggie. it really isnt. we are all just fans. we all want the same thing. and besides it wasnt like you were being an ass or jerk about it.

  9. Mike E. says:


    I would think if they don’t want to come here now, they won’t want to come here after the season is over either. Next year may be worse than this year.

  10. Try Pod says:

    I’m going to guess Miko lost her job (radio show with Omar) after her arrest.

  11. finfanrob says:

    ok, i guess i am done. i can keep looking for the news joe is gone anymore.

    try, again good convo and no worries here with me. we are all a bit arrogant, it is what us men do.

    goodnight all

  12. Mike E. says:

    Goodnight FFR – Ya fucking troublemaker

  13. Mike E. says:

    Miko should have never had that job. She’s a low class-ass.

  14. olddolphan says:

    JUST GOT BACK FROM THE WORST DOLPHIN HOME GAME I’ve ever attended since year one in 1966!! –WHAT an abortion of a product Steve Ross put on the football field for the home fans!!
    It’s the FIRST TIME I’ve left a Dolphins game in the FIRST QUARTER IN MY LIFE- – And I was far from the only one!! – – Hundreds of Dolfans were leaving the stadium as the 1st quarter ended!! – – Funniest of all, not too far from my car, a Fins fan was arriving late with his lady friend and I told them to go home, Miami had already lost!! – – And they proceeded to get in a big argument (she wanted to leave; he wanted to see the rest of it). –DON’T know who won the argument.
    Will tell all of you MORE about the sights and sounds of the game and pregame tomorrow. But I’l NEVER FORGET the sight of all the expensive seats ($1,000.00 per ticket per game AND UP) on Miami’s side between the 20 yard lines) being 80 PER CENT VACANT AT KICKOFF!! –By late in the 1st quarter they were almost half full. But a little 2-minute shower hit and, bingo, they were 90 per cent vacant!! – – Indeed, close to half of the now 64,000 seats (formerly 75,000 before the “improvements”) were dead empty the entire first quarter!!
    AND IF YOU THOUGHT THE STADIUM WAS EMPTY TODAY, wait until the next home game in October against the Texans. ALL the “F.U. ers”) will be able to sit most anywhere we want on that day!!
    CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR Jahndoh’s and Jetsfan’s reasons to keep Philbin now!! Had Ross fired Philbin after year 2 we’d be in year 2 of the recovery plan right now. CLEARLY good cases can be made to fire both Philbin and Coyle on Monday. But nothing fails quite like falure itself, sooo-o-o I expect Ross to keep them around a while longer. Remember, Ross did NOT fire Sparano after he started a season 0-7!!!!
    Drove 600 miles round trip to see one quarter of football. I would have said “PRO” football but that would be a lie!! –What the Dolphins played was NOT PRO FOOTBALL!! –I think I need a beer!

  15. D says:

    I’m sorry, but even if a back corner fade SHOULD be something he can throw. If it’s not something he can do now, quit fucking around with calling plays that aren’t working, call ones that do.

    When he scrambled or rolls out we usually have a successful play, and even if it didn’t mean we won a couple extra scores would have been nice. Not getting shut out from the 2 on 4 straight shitty cslls would have been better. Overall might not mean much, but would mean lazor doesn’t keep doing the same stupid shit over and over.

    If you guys can’t blame lazor for a good part of this shit you’re giving a pass to a big chunk of it problems.

  16. Try Pod says:

    Goodnight all. This looks to be a long season. And a short one, too.

  17. BoulderPhinfan says:

    that whole off season to have this type of team? Wow. We have all been tricked by the phins FO.

    • olddolphan says:

      NOT ALL OF US HAVE BEEN TRICKED, Rick!! –Wherever Ross-Philbin & Tannenbaum go, disaster is sure to follow!! – – The ultimate cure is for Ross to sell the team, take his profits, and go back to New York and play his real estate prowess into billions more! –Breaking up the “New Trifecta” would be a good thing.

  18. Mike E. says:

    No two ways about it, this has been a HUGE disappointment. I feel like the biggest sucker, I buy in every year to their bullshit. I would understand if it was just the O-line, but really, it’s everything. This team just never looks prepared.

    • olddolphan says:

      That’s because they AREN’T PREPARED, mIKE!!–PHILBIN’S FINS have had a halftime lead in only 18 of the 51 games he has been head coach of this franchise!! And in the 1st quarter of the 3 games this season, Miami has gained just over 100 yards net total offense while our opponents have racked-up over 400 yards total offense in the 1st quarter, according to Miami’s radio announcers today!! -BOY were they livid!!

    • olddolphan says:

      ALSO, Mike and GDP; Remember my philosophy of “SHOW ME!” –Until they SHOW ME THEY CAN DO IT ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD, I don’t accept as fact that we’ve moved ahead and gotten better. Believe it when you see it, and NOT before!

  19. Mike E. says:

    It’s toxic OD, no doubt.

  20. olddolphan says:

    TOMORROW is a better day. And we’re one day closer to Philbin’s firing. I’m OUT.

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