Game Wrap Up: Jests @ Dolphins (London)


Wait Prawny Wait!!! Don’t do it….we need a wrap up…

Thankfully I convinced this shellfish to hold off his NFL depression to give us a wrap up…

Oh…what’s that about the game?   Um…yeah probably not going to make anyone feel better to review it…but…


In this pic, Prawny points out to us that the defense immediately assumed the position once again

The Dolphins gave up 207 yards on the ground in the game.  166 of those years were a career high by Chris Ivory, who plowed through defenders like Suh all game for extra yardage.  I don’t know how many yards after contact Ivory had….probably a ton.

For the 4th time this season (every game) the opposing team went up early in the 1st quarter.  The Dolphins have been down at least 2 scores from the start of the game in every game this season.


And it’s not just the run defense.  There is no pressure on the QB consistently.  Some people question whether Wake even suited up…but he did…he just got lost in the sun

The Dolphins did not have a sack on Sunday.  They have 1 sack this year.


The Dolphins could not stop Brandon Marshall either.  Marshall had 128 yards on 7 catches.  He caught a 58 yard pass early which caused most of us to pound our head into the wall.

The Little Prawn has a proposed solution which he demonstrates in this pic.



Moving on to the offense, it wasn’t good either.  Just 226 yards total offense.  The Dolphins avoided any major turnovers in the first half of the game but they didn’t move the ball at all.

The Dolphins game plan is basically to make sure they get short yards on one of the two first downs, zero yardage on another of the first two downs, then throw beneath the first down marker and hope a receiver breaks a tackle.  Sometimes it works…but its hard to string together a touchdown drive when this is the plan.  As Dan Fouts pointed out all game – you are asking your receivers to do a lot!

The good news is that we finally used Kenny Stills.  Who caught five passes for 81 yards and a touchdown.  Stills really can’t be blamed for any of the offensive woes this season.  The team is just not using him.  When they finally targeted him on Sunday it paid off.


And this guy caught another Touchdown!  That’s 2 for Stoneburner.  Prawny loves his name!


One guy that always plays hard is Jarvis Landry.  Look at him leap says Prawny!  Landry lead the team in special teams yardage, was 2nd in receiving yards and lead the team in rushing yards.

The fact that Landry lead the team in rushing yards is not a good thing.  The fact that he did it on 2 carries is even worse.  The fact that Miller had only 7 carries is enough to drive any Dolfan crazy.  The running game has been horrible this year.  The Dolphins take themselves out of games early but even in the redzone late in the 4th quarter, they refuse to run the ball.


Speaking of letdowns in the 4th quarter…for a little while it seemed like the Jests and the officials were opening the door for the Dolphins to steal a game where they were thoroughly dominated.  But Tannehill’s touch in the redzone was as awkward as a priest in a playground.  It wasn’t happening.

Tanny was sacked three times and under a lot of pressure all game.  He finished completing 19 passes on 44 attempts for 198 yards.  He had two touchdowns and two interceptions.  Those two interceptions were in the redzone.


It was enough to make Philbin’s blood boil…well maybe not.


I feel the same way Coach!  The good news is we can all sleep in next week.

BeachedDolphins 1-3

I guess we will see what happens this week…

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672 Responses to Game Wrap Up: Jests @ Dolphins (London)

  1. Brian in NY says:

    You ready to stay up until midnight and after to watch the Mets games this weekend?

  2. Tim Knight says:

    Campbell said, I just got the job 2-3 hours ago, it’s not time for coaching staff decisions. He has to take it all in. That would be the case with any of us. He has a bye week to think it all through and then get ready for a game. Let’s have a little patience. LOL

  3. Brian in NY says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Tannenbaum is always right there at all the big press conferences? I hope Ross doesn’t bounce Hickey this offseason in favor of him.

  4. olddolphan says:

    BRIAN: WHY does Coyle still have a job?? Maybe he got a hold of those pictures Ireland had of a naked Steve Ross with a donkey!!

  5. Brian in NY says:

    I found it curious that Ross reportedly left the decision up to Campbell. I would have fired Coyle along with Philbin and taken it from there. Coyle is as much to blame as Philbin, if not more IMO.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think Lazor has been worse than Coyle. But it’s a tenure thing, Philbin and Coyle have been here 3.4 and Lazor only 1.4. The offense has been worse than the defense.

  6. drg says:

    If the only thing Campbell does over the next 12 games is light a fire under the team then it’s a good choice IMO. I doubt he is ready to be a HC in the NFL, but might be the best guy for the job considering the circumstances. I assume if they can find a decent replacement for Coyle that he will be let go within the next couple days. Will be interesting to see if the offense looks any different now that Philbin is gone or if there is a noticeable change in philosophy.

    I will always be bitter that Ross seemed to have steered Harbaugh towards Michigan and decided to keep Philbin around here. I have a hard time believing he couldn’t have gotten Harbaugh here if that’s what he really wanted.

    • Brian in NY says:

      I would like to see them bring in Jim Schwartz as DC. I don’t think that Harbaugh was going anywhere except for Michigan. He has full control of that program, something he likely couldn’t have in the NFL. I thought the same thing about the offense; it will be interesting to see if there is a change in philosophy no that Philbin is gone.

  7. Try Pod says:

    So, the only firing today for the Dolphins was Philbin, correct?

  8. Tim Knight says:

    Brian, Mr. T is now Ross’ football figurehead. Hickey is purely personnel. Not sure if Tannenbaum is high on him or not, but I don’t see where he’s at fault at this time. Ross hired Hickey, not Philbin.

    • Brian in NY says:

      I know- the coach typically doesn’t hire the GM. My point is Tannenbaum is always front and center, and Hickey is not.

  9. drg says:


    We are capped out and just spent our first two picks in the draft on positions of relative strength. Not sure if I’m thrilled with the choices made by our FO recently.

    • Brian in NY says:

      I think Parker is ready to take off, and Phillips may be thinking long term. Tough to say on him at this point, although he does have our lone sack this season!

      • drg says:

        They are both good players and will no doubt contribute. We are desperate at OL, DB, and LB right now. Just think that it would have been wiser to draft with that in mind. That, and I never like picking WRs in the first round. Just not an impactful enough position, IMO.

    • Brian in NY says:

      That’s Tannenbaum’s MO- mortgage the future for the present.

  10. finfanrob says:

    Conversely, I don’t think Philbin could motivate a pig to take a shit!

    nope but he sure could motivate one to bring out an anal dwelling rodent

  11. finfanrob says:

    lol you fools here wanting gruden as the HC. didnt just hear him talking about both the qb’s saying how they are struggling cause how bad their o lines are playing (just recapping what he said). he knows nothing about qb play, dont you know if the oline is bad the qb still has to be all world.

  12. drg says:


    Maybe, but Ross could have offered full control and more $ to get Harbaugh here. Maybe he was 100% going back to college, but I have a hard time believing it couldn’t have happened if that’s what Ross really wanted.

    • Brian in NY says:

      Maybe so, but his wife didn’t like Miami. I just think that Michigan is a better fit for him, and his dream job as well. He’s making a ton of money there, I don’t know how much more we could have paid him where it would have swayed him to coming here.

  13. finfanrob says:

    i did love them talking about what teams went to 3 straight sbs and getting it right about the bills,

    THEY LOST 4 STRAIGHT SBS who cares you went you lost them all. ha hahahahahahhahhhahahaha

  14. steveccnv says:

    Why isn’t Campbell ready? You don’t have to be a coordinator to be a good coach, you just have to motivate and have a vision, that the team will follow. Players need to know why to give it their all. Obviously no one believed Philbin’s vision.

    I don’t know, if he’ll be a good coach, but I do know they’ll come out fired up more than Joe had them.

    Campbell is a hardass, and I believe will be a players coach. I hated watching the deer in headlights looked every time they showed Philbin on the sidelines.

  15. finfanrob says:


    i dont agree with patience for firing coyle. it isnt like he can wait till next week to make the decision. it has to be this week if they are changing things and soon.

    • Brian in NY says:

      Agreed 100%. Bring in Jim Schwartz.

      • steveccnv says:

        So he’s going to come in during the season and change the entire D? That’s about as ridiculous as staying up to watch the mets lose to the Dodgers 😉

    • steveccnv says:

      I think Philbin fucked up Coyle by telling him to simplify the D, if I was Campbell I’d tell him to do what he does, same thing on O.

      • drg says:

        I’m with you. I really liked Coyle’s defense the first season. I thought he did a great job keeping teams guessing. Defense is all about confusing the QB and getting all 11 guys playing with passion.

  16. drg says:


    I’m not writing him off, but the track record for rookie HCs with no former experience isn’t very good. You can be the greatest motivator in the world, but you need to do so many other things in order to be successful. Teams grow tired of your message after a while unless you can back it up with great schemes and game management.

    • steveccnv says:

      You don’t need schemes, leave that to the coordinators. If you like a certain scheme, then hire that type of coordinator, but don’t force your scheme on him. I agree on the game management, Philbin’s in a nutshell was the preseason game he challenge the spot and lost the ball.

  17. finfanrob says:


    i said today that maybe philbin was the one holding back both guys. i am ok letting him change things up or lancing boyle the coyle

    • steveccnv says:

      I don’t think anyone will disagree with that. Why didn’t we keep the jets HC, he seems like a good young coach?

  18. jetsssuck says:

    Tim Knight says:
    October 5, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Campbell said, I just got the job 2-3 hours ago, it’s not time for coaching staff decisions. He has to take it all in. That would be the case with any of us. He has a bye week to think it all through and then get ready for a game. Let’s have a little patience. LOL
    we have to hit the ground running and we need him to hire a te coach. Lazor has to deal with regular OL starters not getting any practice together and a TE that isn’t available to help this OL in addition he has lots of new wr’s who are still learning complex passing game.

    • steveccnv says:

      The season isn’t lost yet, not until you get to 7 loses, but we’re running out of time fast. Generally when a team fires the coach the players respond, at least when the team has a little bit of talent.

  19. drg says:


    I’ve been a big proponent of Lazor and Chip Kelly’s offensive philosophies. Starting to question my belief in them after the way this season has gone. Maybe teams are catching up to it. Tannehill has got to play better for this offense to work, but he is under pressure almost every snap. His pocket presence and struggles dropping the ball in over defenders isn’t helping matters at all. We need to get the ball out quick and teams know that. NY blitzed a safety or corner from the edge almost every down with the intention of knocking down quick screens or slants.

    • steveccnv says:

      Tannehill isn’t a gun slinger yet, he needs to have a running game, and when he does he’s pretty good, but when the D can pin their ears back…

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s not about scheme overall, it’s a mentality. Let’s see where this goes from here under Campbell.

    • jetsssuck says:

      They were a good defense last year and this year they got a good DL coach and a good defensive mind that likes blitzing. Miami’s lunch money was stolen a lot because of our OL injuries and paying 2 new guards and center along with journeyman Fox. Plus we didn’t have our starting TE. It may have been a different story if we had our starters practicing together more,maybe we will see different results when we get back to normal

  20. drg says:


    I think a HC has to be great on at least one side of the ball. Coordinators come and go, especially the talented ones. If the HC doesn’t have his own system or HOF type players that can run things themselves it falls apart. Can’t sit here and tell you what makes a great HC, but it’s obvious when you see the great ones.

    • steveccnv says:

      What was Shula, Parcells, and Knoll great at? You have to bring in coordinators that have a similar philosophy that you have, but you don’t have to be great on one side of the ball. Belicheat and Rexie are both great on the D side, but it isn’t mandatory.

  21. finfanrob says:

    wasnt coyles d playing really well till the second half of the denver game last year and since then sucked?

    if i am right about that, and saying if, then go back to that

    • steveccnv says:

      He had the horses then, I think this team misses Delmas a lot. Aikens isn’t ready to start yet. The thing I’ve noticed is we don’t have an LB that cleans up like Zach did, if the first guy misses it’s off to the races.

      • Tim Knight says:

        A lot teams don’t have Zach cleaning up for them. 🙂

      • jetsssuck says:

        Aikens is taking his lumps but so does everyone just starting. I like him especially his hustle and he plays till the whistle even if the play is on the other side of field. .

  22. finfanrob says:

    ‘ Why didn’t we keep the jets HC, he seems like a good young coach?’

    well when ross called to ask me, i was busy trying to chase down a sofa escapee. so i didnt take the call.

  23. ocalahowie says:

    Were going to run the ball and stick with it…
    Thats the Fuckin problem!
    We run the ball once or twice and the first loss we go to passing behind a line that cant protect.
    Oh, then the D dont give a shit so they let us get down by 2 scores and then Lazor has no other choice but to call all passes. And it’s Sack, Pressure, Sack, Ball Tipped, more Pressure INC, Sack, Throw Away, Pessure Again, INT…

    • steveccnv says:

      That’s pretty much been it, but it’s really been hard to run when the O just dinks and dunks and the D crowds the line, the O needs to be opened up.

  24. Tim Knight says:

    Okay, ask Campbell to fire guys within 2-3 hours of getting the job. I don’t get where you guys come from. If it happens 24-48 hours from now will that be on your schedule? Be realistic.

  25. drg says:


    Honestly, I couldn’t speak much about Knoll, but both Shula and Parcells were geniuses at taking away what other teams did best and capitalizing on their own strengths. More than anything, both guys knew how to get their players to play as if their jobs were on the line every Sunday. Campbell might be able to do that, but will the players respect him?

  26. finfanrob says:


    i agree with that. just said he needs to decide soon. it cant wait till longer then your range.

  27. finfanrob says:


    and if you are in charge, like carpenter is now. then you make a decision and tell them, just do what you do, dont micromanage. let them take control and be responsible for themselves

  28. finfanrob says:

    ‘The thing I’ve noticed is we don’t have an LB that cleans up like Zach did’

    that man was good, or even great. that is for sure, but my god he could not blitz. every time he would just run right into the back picking him up like it was his job to just occupy the back.

  29. ocalahowie says:

    I forgot Holding but we dont see that much cause guys get bowled over so fast they dont even have time for that.
    Not even Tom Brady and his 2.9sec would get many off behind this line

    • jetsssuck says:

      that’s 2.09 per second. That is the reason why NE is doing so good with 3 OL rookies. It helps that he has worked under 1 system his whole career. What happens to tanny if he has to learn a new system?

  30. finfanrob says:

    couldnt cut and paste and not steeling his tweet but some guy just tweeted carpenter requested this be the fins new logo.

  31. ocalahowie says:

    Pouncy is a good run blocker, I think we should try it some time. Did you hear Fouts praising him on like our only run of the game. Gotta do that at least 10 more times and not on the season! Just change it up a bit so the other guys dont catch on.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Every announcer points out Pouncey’s athletic ability, for years. LOL

      He’s a really good center, he really is. But what goes on around him the last few years is difficult.

      I think Campbell wants to be more physical and run the ball. I hope he gets Lazor to do more under center with bootlegs etc. I can dream right? LOL

  32. finfanrob says:

    still think wilson is just an average qb but will give credit when it is due, that was all him on those last two plays

  33. ocalahowie says:

    No new system Suck
    Albert needs to get healthy and maybE get that other dude playing
    You know, whats his name, he fills in at like every spot, been here a couple seasons now
    WERE GOOD!!!

  34. Tim Knight says:

    FFR, I’m not close enough to the team to say this or that. I feel too many people from afar do that. Campbell has been here since 2010. He’s coached and won and lost, more losing than winning in MIA. He was the TEs coach and if you look at it, Fasano, Clay, Sims, Stoneburner etc. Cameron was a proven receiving threat beforehand. He’s done a good job with his guys. Let’s see if he can translate that through 53. I hope he is that guy and we go on from there. At this time that’s what I’m rooting for. 🙂

  35. finfanrob says:

    Tim Knight says:
    October 5, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    FFR, I’m not close enough to the team to say this or that.

    Oh so it is you, huh. I heard there was another person here like me who wasnt close to the team and didnt have the inside scoop besides me. just never knew it was you.

  36. finfanrob says:

    at this rate this game is going to be over by 11

  37. finfanrob says:

    wow, wilson took sack. how dare him. doesnt he know how to move in the pocket?

  38. The Flying Pig says:

    Dennis Hickey wanted Abdullah in the 2nd round
    Tannebauk wanted Phillips
    I’m curious to see Abdullah play

  39. ocalahowie says:

    Could just be the guy weve been needing all this time but knowing Ross???
    We’ll win 7 of the next 12 even 8 and Ross will still be calling some just fired H/C or some long tenured coordinator then we’ll suck for 5 more years

  40. finfanrob says:

    Tim Knight says:
    October 5, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    You are an everlasting ballbuster! LOL

    lmfao, yep i give willy wonka and the chocolate factory a whole new meaning to everlasting stoppers.

  41. Tim Knight says:

    FFR, when you say Carpenter is in charge, do you mean Jesus? LOL

  42. finfanrob says:

    ok in my best tim and stanger, finding the good in everything.

    at least the dolphins are making it on espn now.

  43. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, Abdullah would get 6-8 rushes. Let’s be real? 🙂

  44. finfanrob says:

    Tim Knight says:
    October 5, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    FFR, when you say Carpenter is in charge, do you mean Jesus? LOL


    come on godahn spoke to ross last night, ‘take my son, sacrifice him for the good of dolphinkind’

  45. finfanrob says:

    wow, i just envoked godahn on the 666 comment, guess i will be going now. lol

  46. finfanrob says:

    i just cant believe you guys. that i am the one who has to say it. ok fine.

    so great, we traded in philbin for a can of baked beans.

  47. manitobafinfan says:

    Dan Campbell welcome to the Big Show. I like yer fire. Spread it around sir spread it around.

  48. finfanrob says:

    wow just wow, that guy for seatle just illegally batted the ball out of the end zone, good thing they are not playing the pats. it would be first and goal for the pats

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