Game Day – Dolphins @ Chargers


We might just win this game.  Here’s my thinking…..The past 2 seasons we’ve needed to win the last 2 games to get in the playoffs.  Now that it’s impossible, when it doesn’t matter,  they will likely finish strong just to piss me off.

Let’s Go Dolphins!

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613 Responses to Game Day – Dolphins @ Chargers

  1. bat says:

    Mike … I want the roster fumigated as well. Most of these players are losers. It is all they know. Throw them out with the rest of the front office and coaching trash. Only a handful should remain. Let the new overseers rebuild as they see fit.

  2. Randy says:

    I’d love to build a team, and I work cheap! I did tell you all we should draft Reshad Jones, so I think that shows my bona fides.

  3. getterdone says:

    Mike E. says:
    December 20, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    Stafford also having a better year than last year, and yet the team was 11-5 last year, now they’re 4-10. Go figure

    Mike, it’s a worthless discussion when one doesn’t get the team concept that has been a part of football since about the turn of the 20th century….lol

  4. bat says:

    Mike … You don’t have to convince me that stats don’t tell the whole story. That is why I look past Hennehill’s stats and judge him by what I see on the field .. A physically talented QB with no sense for the intangibles of the position and no aptitude for leadership. .. Even today when he was angry at someone in garbage time, It looked forced. He was not at all comfortable in that role …IMO

    • getterdone says:

      Coach Campbell: Hey Heenehill I want you to get mad and cuss at somebody. It’s make you feel better, go ahead, try it son

  5. Mike E. says:


    I love ya, but you’ll have to interview like everybody else. lol

    What if I told you Tanny has to stay no matter what? lol

  6. getterdone says:

    Bradford has slightly better stats than Palmer tonite, but then some guy on Palmer’s ‘team’ rushed for 150 yards & 3 TD’s….oops, darn teammates helping a team win.

    • getterdone says:

      Make that 190 yards for David Johnson. Who’s still in the game up 37-17 late.
      Lamar Miller was sat the 2nd half so we could be one dimensional per the scheme….SMH

  7. Mike E. says:


    Not everyone is a screamer. Russel Wilson doesn’t scream, because he’s on a well coached team, with disciplined players that do their job, unlike the headless children wearing Dolphins hats that Tannehill is playing with. lol

  8. bat says:

    OK .. I’ve grown weary of Tannebashing for this evening … Until next time, ‘Shills and ‘Kills alike!

  9. Mike E. says:


    Mr. T needs to go. I truly fear if he stays, it will just be another brigade of the same ilk as what we’ve had for the last 15 years or so.

  10. Mike E. says:

    Goodnight Bat – Catch ya soon bud

  11. manitobafinfan says:

    Congrats to Mike E and Herd Blog FFB League Finalists. Good luck to both if you.

  12. steveccnv says:

    Back home after the game, and what a shitty game it was, as everyone knows.

    RT needs an adjustment, the next 2 weeks they shouldn’t let him checkdown at all, because that’s all he did in the first half until the last 35 seconds. The Chargers had receivers open downfield on every pass play, we had very few, but the one we did RT held the ball too long (Ajayi early 4th qtr), I was screaming throw it throw it, Ajayi had no one within 10 yrds of him 2 yrds short of the 1st down. When RT actually did throw it 3 seconds later it was behind him.

    Woodhead’s 4th TD was BS as was his 3rd. On the last TD it was PI on an obvious pick play, on his 3rd it was a big time holding on the RT when Rivers rolled out. The side judge on the Chargers sideline was a huge homer, missed WR holding several times, an offside on a sack… I think he was the same guy that called the play dead on the onside kick in the Colts cheats game earlier in the yr.

    Bottom line was lack of effort, RT sucks, but tough as hell, and the punter pulled a FIFA on the offsetting penalties on the punt. What I don’t get is, his candy ass was laying on the ground for several minutes, but was then allowed to get up and punt, instead of taking one play off after getting hurt, maybe because Chris McCain was carted off.

    The roughing the passer on OV was total BS, he almost touched Rivers shoe. The horse collar late in the game that was called no penalty, I was screaming a horse collar is from the back the collar was grabbed from the front. The idiot that called it didn’t even see it, he came running in late and threw it, because the crowd was pissin’ and moanin’.

    The PI on Lippett that had a flag thrown late was called by the back judge 50 yrds away, but was totally PI. Lippett though looked very good.

    Suh on one play beat his man around the end and should’ve had a 5 yrd loss, but was clearly held from behind, nothing called.

  13. steveccnv says:

    This game was a badly scheduled game for us, coming off of a Monday Nighter, then having to fly across the country, and it showed. Rivers looked great, but was throwing to wide open guys the entire game, like a college QB.

  14. steveccnv says:

    Dolphins QB Ryan Tannrehill said he’s “angry,” “mad” and today’s loss was “unacceptable.”

    And I blame him more than anyone.

  15. steveccnv says:

    I looked at the ESPN Fins page late last night on my phone, and dumb ass Walker is showing pictures of PNP Park where the Padres play, saying the Dolphins will be playing there tomorrow. Not sure where that came from.

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