Happy Blogiversary!

4080aa43a33f24f6666e7f3b6e0c9e1dHappy Blogiversary!

Can you believe it?  One whole year of fun and frivolity behind us.  I’m not really sure of the date we started.  The first ‘official’ post Son did was January 20th, but  we got so excited with our test blog and pretty much everyone was here posting a week or a few days before that.

First of all, I’d like to thank Piggy, Mike E, Ken and Son for their efforts in writing the blog posts.  We’ve had almost all original material here, and that is a huge deal.  Everyone has busy schedules and they take the time to put together something new for us to read. It’s not just the time involved.  It’s a tough thing to write something, open yourself up to all kinds of harassment and ridicule if the audience doesn’t agree with you or thinks your writing sucks or your spelling or grammar isn’t correct or your idea is stupid or your BOTW is wearing too many clothes.   You might even be accused of plagiarism.  So thanks to our regular writers,  and to those of you who submitted fan origins or any other post. Also thanks to OD and the Perfection series we re ran here throughout the year.  I hope to hear about some more of the Dolphin’s games of the past that I wasn’t around for..(hint, hint).  Also, thanks to Twicethethe for helping with the techy stuff.  This place wouldn’t be nearly as awesome and cool without his help getting it set up and tweaked.

Soooo, the long offseason is ahead.  We’ve talked about what to do, and the fact is, it’s hard to come up with something new to talk about when there’s nothing new to talk about.   The thought is we could have some non-football related posts during the non football time.  Something to pass the time.  We get into these ‘off topic’ discussions all the time.  Let’s make them the topic from time to time.  Music, movies, books, current events, comedy, food…you get the idea.  and also football posts, there are lot of draft prospects to analyze.  We’d like to appeal to you guys to write some articles.  Our regular guys are tired and would appreciate the help.  This blog belongs to the whole group of us, so let’s all pitch in to help.  It doesn’t need to be a long post, a paragraph or two.  I strongly encourage everyone to send in a little something from time to time..it will be most appreciated

Once again, thanks to all who visit and comment, you make this place the fun place it is.



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263 Responses to Happy Blogiversary!

  1. Rockphin says:

    Happy anniversary everybody

    I’m so glad that I found this place and have been able to interact with so many great people

    I have been talking to some of you for over a decade which is hard to believe

    On the team Front I see that Fox was released well maybe there is addition by subtraction

  2. Rockphin says:

    Tim I get your posts yesterday I understand I to use to dislike all the negative the constant bashing the constant snide remarks is the main reason I stopped posting on Walker’s blog it seemed that most of the haters stayed over there (most not all) this season with a back breaker for me admittedly because of the personal stuff going on in my life this year compounded by the disappointing season by the Dolphins. I never thought with the amount of kool-aid that I drank that I would become a hater. But this year was just too much. You have my sincerest apologies if I am one of the loggers that makes it unpleasant for you and others to enjoy your time on here. I’m trying to turn over that old leaf again and embrace hope. It’s just very hard when I see the team making what I perceived to be the same old mistakes again and again. You are right all we can do is wait and see. Go DOLPHINS go Gase!

  3. sb7mvp says:

    I noticed politics and religion weren’t non-football topic options. Why are we constantly being censored here????? Also, plagerism.

    • herdfan says:

      I consider those current events. They’ve been around forever, but what we get to talking about them is related to something that is currently happening. They do tend to be somewhat divisive, but I’m not censoring anything except nude photos. 🙂

  4. herdfan says:

    Speaking of….has jetsucks been around lately? I get annoyed when he goes on attack mode, but I hope nothing bad happened to him.

    Also, uwantwat….If you’re out there, let us hear from you. With your recent health issues, I get a little worried. Just think of me as the mom of the blog. I like to know everyone is doing ok even when you aren’t around. 🙂

    • The Flying Pig says:

      In that case
      on behalf of every Dolfan fan on the blog and every Dolfan everywhere
      I submit that we are miserable on account of the Dolphins

  5. olddolphan says:

    THANK YOU, HERDFAN!!! Any time you want to rerun an episode ofABSOLUTE PERFECTION or FOLLOWING PERFECTION you certainly may do so. I wrote these series NOT with the intent of making any money. I wrote them with the idea of helping you young whipper snappers better understand how truly unbelievable Miami’s “Two Year Run To Glory” was!! 32-2 over a two year period will NEVER BE BETTERED!!
    – – –
    TO THOSE who may have missed it late last night: ADAM GASE’s Chicago Bears offense averaged 21 points per game in 2015 on the way to a 6-10 season and LAST PLACE in the division. I GUESS Ross is trying to maintain the status quo????? His propensity for hiring/keeping-on people with losing tendencies mystifies me. Sparano, Ireland, Philbin, Hickey, Tannenbaum, etc., etc.,

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I don’t want to spend too much time on the topic
      I’m a little confused about the hire as well
      But I want to see it play out before I judge

      Consider that my version of “show me” on Gase

      Its true that Chicago was a subpar offense in 2015
      they were 21 if total yards as well
      but he was in Denver before that as an OC and they were 4 in the league and a very high scoring offense
      so if we are judging on the past I think we have to consider the entire past

      Also, Philbin was from Green Bay
      and they were a winning organization with a top notch offense
      and it did not translate to success for Miami
      So I am hesitant to give this too much weight

      I don’t know what qualifies Gase over anyone else
      My preference was Hue Jackson

      but we really don’t know about coaches and who they will be
      and I think Philbin is proof of that

  6. Tim Knight says:

    Good article, Herd. Happy Anniversary everyone!

    Rock, it’s all good. I just wonder why people bash our new coach and staff without any results to go by.

  7. Tim Knight says:

    So the Rams are moving to L.A. That sucks for STL fans.

  8. Mike E. says:

    Nice job on today’s article, I’m digging it! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!

  9. Mike E. says:

    It’s crazy to me that these teams move in and out of LA. It’s like they forget that the fan base really couldn’t give a shit about football there. Do they already have a stadium built, and when are they moving?

  10. BoulderPhinfan says:

    Happy blogiversary! Wow the phins gave us a great year didn’t they? LOL

  11. Mike E. says:


    The Bears offense lost Brandon Marshall, which made Alshon Jeffery as their #1 WR. The #2 and #3 WR’s? Josh Bellamy and Eddie Royal. The TE’s were used much more than the WR’s, Martellus Bennet and Zach Miller. I get the feeling that wasn’t necessarily by design, but out of necessity. The WR corps there was pretty weak without Marshall. Don’t judge harshly what Gase did in CHI, but rather look at what Cutler did. He cut down on INT’s lowering his INT % from 3.2 to 2.1. As far as scoring TD’s, the CHI offense had 2 very nice RB’s in Forte and Langford, but really lacked talent at WR after Alshon Jeffery.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I watched a few minutes of Hyde, Omar and Perkins the other day and it was like watching The View. I couldn’t stay with it. LOL

  12. Mike E. says:


    I made a horrible move last year, not this season. I was fighting to win my division in a keeper league, and my RB’s were injured, so I traded Jeffery for Denard Robinson, who was starting at the time in JAX. It was a bad trade for me, but I was desperate, and when you’re desperate, you do stupid things. lol

  13. The Flying Pig says:

    I don’t feel too bad for St. Louis fans given that they took the Rams from LA

    I always remember the Rams as the LA Rams
    I kind of feel bad for LA for missing out on the Warner/Faulk days

  14. CavalierKong says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Have we fired Gase yet?

  15. CavalierKong says:

    So when the Rams move to LA, do those fans say “woohoo! Our team has 1 SB win.”

    I hope the Fins never move, as a fan, it would completely screw my mind.

  16. CavalierKong says:

    I saw the movie “Warrior” last night. Holy crap, what a fantastic movie.

  17. CavalierKong says:

    …random thought…

  18. sb7mvp says:

    That denver offense is similar to our current personnel.

    D. Thomas. – Parker
    E. Sanders – Stills
    W. Welker – Landry
    J. Thomas – J. Cameron

  19. sb7mvp says:

    I wouldn’t say better until they prove it. Just more upside.

  20. Mike E. says:


    I think Parker could be like D. Thomas, but I don’t think Stills is as good as Sanders. Landry is as good or better than Welker by the time he got to DEN.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Sanders is really good. He’s an underrated player. Remember Stills is still very young though, he’ll only be 24 in April. He can still get a lot better.

      Parker 23 Jan 20th
      Landry 24 Nov 28th
      Stills 24 April 22nd

      I’m sure Gase liked this about our team. Young, talented with a lot of upside.

  21. CavalierKong says:

    It’s more a family drama wrapped in a MMA movie. Terrific acting, good story. It’s got a bunch of cliche fight story tropes, but I really identified with the story lines.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah I enjoyed it. I just don’t remember being blown away by it. That’s why I asked if that was the movie you’re talking about. But if you thought it was fantastic, awesome! LOL

  22. The Flying Pig says:

    I don’t know Sanders numbers but he wasn’t really an impact player before Denver

    I suspect Stills has better numbers than Sanders in his first 3 years

    The Denver receivers also have the advantage of having Manning throw to them

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s right, Stokes was retained as well. Grier jumped him though because Stokes was Hickey’s asst. GM.

      The Dolphins have hired quite a few African American personnel people and coaches. Good to see.

  23. herdfan says:

    Tim Knight says:

    January 13, 2016 at 10:42 am (Edit)

    STL lost their Cardinals though. So do the peeps who like the local teams root for the Chiefs, Bears, Titans, Colts?

    I lived in Missouri after the Cardinals relocated to Arizona. I lived in Columbia, not in St. Louis. People were still missing the football Cardinals and it had been a few years at that point. Actually was living there when the Ram’s were relocating but I moved before they were playing. I remember they were excited to have football back in St. Louis. Also remember that Bill Bidwill was talked about in about the same tone that OD uses to describe Ross or the rest of you use when speaking of Saban.

  24. sb7mvp says:

    Sanders biggest problem in Pittsburgh was that he couldn’t stay healthy. NE even tried to sign him to an RFA tender but Pitt made it to expensive from what I remember so NE was like you can keep him.

  25. BoulderPhinfan says:

    Landry is better than wes welker but the other denver receivers and TEs on that list are better than ours IMO. sanders is better than stills. Thomas is better than parker (at least right now). And J Thomas is better than campbell.

  26. wyoming85 says:

    Miami Dolphins Cheer ‏@MDCheer 33m33 minutes ago
    Check out @MDC_Danica’s sideline gallery on http://www.dolphinscheerleaders.com/cheerleader_photos/danica-in-action

  27. D says:

    I think by just the hiring of Gase we can assume what the offense would look like. Im sure John Fox, who was generally more defensive minded, let Gase control the play design, selection, calling, etc. This should mean what he has spent his past few years developing is going to be a good bit like what he will want to do here. He may have to alter it some to accomodate for player personnel differences, but in general i think we can dig in and figure our prospective offensive identity.

    On defense, i just have no clue how we know until we start hearing philosophy from the new DC. He has no experince at the position to gather what he does when he is in control. He might be a 3-4 guy, he might be a 4-3, but a secondary that plays one deep one shallow. There is likely a bunch of ways he will put it together and i would bet money most the position coaches will have input on the scheme in some way as new guys usually lean on the rest of their staff a bit.

    Im really hoping to see Joseph work closely with Clintt and Burke. I think if they combine their efforst to devise the scheme, this is going to be a solid defense. I have seen the preparedness of the LB’s in Cincy and they are well prepared and they are a talented group, that speaks well of Burke. I also think that Clintt’s past in both college and the pros, is promising for DL. Im sure Suh will get to have some input there as well, sort of a player assistant sort of role.

    Still i think the defense is going to be a big wait and see, i dont think there is any reason to be overly optimistic about it nor is there reason to be pessimistic about it. I think the offensive side though gives a lot of reason to be hopeful. Everything i have seen about Gase’s offense is a lot more balanced than ours. The play calling makes sense, he seems to be smart with his down and distance calls, and in general he puts together an offense with a very strong identity and direction. Im hoping that follows him here.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      Agreed. We have no idea what this defense will be. I hope joseph can get the secondary and our run defense fixed.

      I asked this yesterday. I wonder if he keeps grimes.

  28. BoulderPhinfan says:

    LOL mike. I meant cameron.

    BTW thank you for the link. Very informative. I hope gase can get the same result with our offense.

    • Mike E. says:

      I liked that link. It really did supply a lot of info, homery or not. 🙂

      • Tim Knight says:

        For play concepts it was excellent. To say it will make Tannehill a much better QB is another thing. I happen to think RT can get better so I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  29. Mike E. says:

    I’m glad that the vaunted OL guru John Benton is gone. Now we just have a regular guy in Chris Foerster and our O-line will finally be good. lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      He was put in a bad situation. Bad guards, injuries and no commitment to the running game. His ZBS worked very well for Miller though. He excels in that system.

  30. sb7mvp says:

    Mike he was the basically the #3 guy in denver as well. Nothing really changed other than health.

  31. Tim Knight says:

    D, I hope our defense is similar to our offensive approach. It’s not really a specific system but can be modified for the opponent. That’s what the Pats do and Gase has said that’s how his offense works. He has play concepts etc. but whether we run 30+ times or pass 45 times in a game depends on the opponent, weather, situation etc. It’s all about the best way to win the game.

  32. D says:

    Mike E. says:
    January 13, 2016 at 11:33 am
    Mancampbell? 😉

    I agree that Julius Thomas is better than Cameron. I’m not so sure Cameron is still here next year, not at $9.5M
    9.5, 7.5 in savings. It for sure makes him a target when your looking to cut some, but i also think he is stilla young guy who fits the mold of the stretch the field TE that Gase uses. He may not be like Julius Thomas, as he isnt as big, but they are the same style TE. Julius was used in the seam ALOT, as was Martellus, Cameron is a really dangerous seam threat guy, he wasnt used properly, due to scheme, and he and Tanny were not on same page, especially early, evidenced by the fact they started connecting a lot more as the season went. It is a numbers game but part of that game is seeing if you can replace the guy ya got and his skill set with someone else and save anything. I dont see it with this years TE crop, neither FA nor draft.

    Ben Watson is about the best case for it and he is like 85 years old, hips break just falling down at that age, what ya think happens to him when a young man captian insaneo power slams him in a foosball game? Greshem hasnt done anything in a really long time. Fleenuh? who likely stays with his meal ticket, and hasnt done well since he has been out.

    I just dont see any of these guys as an upgrade, and there are plenty of other ways to save and not be cutting a guy in his prime. Bigger targets, despite how popular they are, Grimes and Wake. The nature of the NFL is to rid itself of old and expensive, not in their prime and expensive.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Julius Thomas’ numbers were all about red zone TDs in Denver. He doesn’t put up big numbers otherwise.

      • D says:

        Saw plenty of plays where he was down the seam and behind the secondary for deep passes. His yardage numbers support that he was more than a red zone guy too.

  33. D says:

    I think Tanny will for sure be in a better position this next year than this past one. The distraction of a schizophrenic calling plays is gone, that HAS to help. Im sure OL get some new parts, and i think is improved, but even if it isnt, i think the above mentioned lack of offensive identity, will help all parts play better. He should at very least get all opportunity to get back on track, the excelling will be on him.

  34. Tim Knight says:

    D, Julius Thomas had a few nice plays down the field, but his numbers outside the red zone are pedestrian.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I was about to post the same thing

      There is not a huge disparity in Cameron;s numbers v Thomas

      He had a really good year in Denver’s best offensive year
      but he is not a great TE

      The redzone fact, however, is a big plus for a TE

  35. D says:

    Boulder, i really dont think they can keep Grimes. He’s becoming a liability in man, which is the type of CB he is. He might not be such a liability in Zone and i think with his experience and closing speed he could hang in there a little while longer possibly moving to slot, but you also cant afford to pay a slot guy like a shutdown guy. There are a couple FA guys too, that probably get in a per year or at least can be cap manipulated to come out the the same amount we are saving by cutting Grimes in cost to get them, so i just dont see how they can afford to continue to keep him paying him to play at the level he did this year.

    Janoris Jenkins, as mentioned by GDP, could be had for probably 8-10mil per, maybe less. Even if its closer to 10, If they roll the numbers around, we have a guy on the upswing, who shows as good of a skill level as Grime, and we pay about what we are saving cutting Grimes, and then about the same as what we are paying Grimes (or less) over the remainder of the contract.

    We draft a stud CB/FS, pair the two moves and have a shut down secondary. I also think a new coach, is going to want to have his guys ones he can mold in his system.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I tend to agree. I was very disappointed in Grimes play in some games. Both marshall and watkins schooled him. I bet he’s a gonner.

  36. D says:

    I havent seen a coaching hire i have been just like…WTF. I know they arent big flashy names but im not sure i wanna see a former head coach or coordinator as a position coach lol, thats not exactly moving in the right direction. I admit i kinda would have liked Schwartz or Smith as my DC, but this is a youth movment, Ross kinda said so, so its pretty understandable.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yep and all these coaches have a decade or more of NFL coaching experience. It’s not like they all just came from Holy Cross as assistant quality control coaches. LOL

  37. D says:

    Another guy i wouldn’t mind seeing us pick up as a roll the dice move in FA is Morris Claiborne, someone our new secondary coach is familiar with. He was really talented in College and his first year wasnt bad, but since then he has really just been all over the place, i think team lost confidence in him and really isnt getting much of a shot to turn it around. I think he might wind up one of those change of scenery guys, and at this point the asking price isn’t going to be high. Put him on a show me contract, and see what ya get. He’s from same group of DB’s that produced Honey Badger, Patrick Peterson, Eric Reid, and two potential 1st round DB’s this year.

    • D says:

      Could do same for Senquez Golson, who was a guy i liked a lot in last years draft. He will be a cheap sign as well, and drew comparison to Grimes when he was getting draft evaluated.

  38. Tim Knight says:

    tuna fish sandwich

  39. wyoming85 says:

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 3m3 minutes ago
    Browns now finalizing deal to hire Bengals OC Hue Jackson as their next HC, per sources. Close to being wrapped up, per sources.

  40. sb7mvp says:

    The more I think about it, the more I like not having a name come in for our coordinators (wanted some experience myself). Some of these are set in their ways and probably looking to get an HC job again. I hope that Gase is bringing in coaches who are like-minded philosophically in that we get the most out of our talent and change the game plans according to who we play that week instead of running what we are going to run regardless of the opponent.

  41. Tim Knight says:

    SB7, hue as in a rosy glow? LOL

  42. Tim Knight says:

    Like I said to D earlier, I hope this is the new staff’s approach.

    Tim Knight says:
    January 13, 2016 at 11:51 am

    D, I hope our defense is similar to our offensive approach. It’s not really a specific system but can be modified for the opponent. That’s what the Pats do and Gase has said that’s how his offense works. He has play concepts etc. but whether we run 30+ times or pass 45 times in a game depends on the opponent, weather, situation etc. It’s all about the best way to win the game.

  43. The Flying Pig says:

    Hue You Cleveland

  44. getterdone says:

    OD is so down on Ross. Little does he know, it could be worse.

  45. sb7mvp says:


  46. Al in MIA says:

    The Bears O actually finished ranked 23rd in points and 21 in yardage this season.
    I get the injuries at WR and the loss of Marshall but they had no such problems in 2014 and they finished 23rd in points and 21 in yardage in 2014 as well.
    Keep in mind the Bears O finished 2nd in points in 2013.
    Also, 23rd in points would represent the lowest ranking the Bears offense has ranked since 2005.

  47. Al in MIA says:

    Also, there’s no point giving credit to Gase for what he did in Denver considering Peyton Manning was his QB. Giving Gase credit for that is like giving Josh McDaniels credit for Tom Brady LOL

  48. Al in MIA says:

    When Peyton Manning gets the play and he doesn’t like it, he audibles out of it. Which happens to be, many times LOL. Even Lazor would have excelled there in Denver LOL

  49. Al in MIA says:

    Poor Hue, he has a habit of walking into bad situations.
    Redskins -> took OC job in Spurrier’s last year
    Falcons -> took OC job in Atlanta in Bobby Petrino’s only year there
    Raiders -> took OC job in Oakland in Tom Cable’s last year there

  50. Tim Knight says:

    Actually Charlie Weiss is the one who figured out how to make the duck footed gawk look good in NE. LOL

  51. finfanrob says:

    wow how times flies when you are having fun. it feels like just yesterday i was skipping past my first ask mike.

  52. finfanrob says:

    so i have this straight. a coach gets no credit because the player is too good but he gets all the blame when the player is average

  53. Try Pod says:

    Lawrence Phillips dead.

  54. Al in MIA says:

    I am intrigued with Vance …he’s been around some good defenses as a DB coach (SF, Texans, Bengals). At least he isn’t a guy institutionalized by one organization as Coyle seemed to be.

  55. Tim Knight says:

    FFR, you didn’t notice when Gase was in Denver, he would just play solitaire while Peyton coached the offense? 😉

  56. Meg Shaw says:

    Just saw our new TE coach…
    BAD-ASS he is not but at least Sims and Stoneburnner will be good at Chess next season
    GO PHINS!!!

  57. getterdone says:

    Tim & Al, the key is not what Gase taught Peyton, but what Gase learned from Peyton Manning’s 18 years of experience and reading defenses.
    Hell Peyton is older than Gase….lol

  58. The Flying Pig says:


  59. The Flying Pig says:

    Aren’t those the Harry Potter school colors in that pick of the new TE coach?

  60. sb7mvp says:

    Lazor only ran 4 plays like techno bowl so an audible wouldn’t be benefit.

  61. Tim Knight says:

    Listen see… I’m small small small.

  62. The Flying Pig says:

    Here is the new TE coach coming up with some new plays to run

  63. The Flying Pig says:

    Here he is pitching a new helmet style

  64. The Flying Pig says:

    This is him gardening

  65. The Flying Pig says:

  66. The Flying Pig says:

    If the tight ends speak to the OC instead of the TE coach

  67. The Flying Pig says:

    watching game video (during the game)

  68. The Flying Pig says:

    Coaching up the 2 minute drill

  69. getterdone says:

    Seriously guys?

  70. Randy says:

    i wonder if Dallas Thomas becomes our swing OL. He’s not really great at any position, but he can play every position but center.

    • herdfan says:

      Just so I’m clear, we could maybe keep him because he’s not really great at any of the OL positions? Perfect. 😉

    • Tim Knight says:

      He’s probably headed to that and it might not be in Miami. I posted an article earlier that suggests the new regime isn’t a fan of his.

      • D says:

        Tim do you really believe that Mando article? His source is probably a hobo who hangs out in ear shot of the facility of Davie. Just close enough to “suppose” he knows something.

  71. Randy says:

    I knew someone would say that. Lol But, typically your swing OL isn’t starter quality…otherwise, ya know, they’d be starters!

  72. Randy says:

    I think his position flexibility could be his ticket to staying because our cupboard is bare. I also think he still has a chsnce to get better…but maybe not here. Did the article talk about Turner too because he played worse than Thomas….at an easier position.

  73. D says:

    From Mando, I heard this from a Miami Dolphins source over the weekend: “You were right about Dallas Thomas. And we were wrong.”

    “One more thing: When the Dolphins told me I was right on Thomas, I got no great satisfaction from it. The truth is mostly everyone had doubts about the Miami guard situation before the season began. So no biggie. My response to that comment was deadpan. I was right on Joe Philbin, too, I responded. He should have been gone after 2013.”

    Yeah Mando, its not very nice to do an i told ya so to the Janitor, he already has the job of cleaning shit up and you probably sent him into a dark place just saying Philbin, do you know how much ass chewing he got for those missed gum wrappers….you sick twisted mean malicious fuck!

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I blame hickey/tannenbaum our oline issues last year. How can they think either turner or thomas are starter material. Most of us here knew that the oline was the biggest issue going into season and they get paid millions.

  74. getterdone says:

    Shane Day’s dog.

  75. Tim Knight says:

    D, who knows on Mando’s article. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how the team feels though. I’ve been hearing guard is a position the team has already targeted as a major need.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      who can blame them for that

    • D says:

      I wouldnt be surprised if they felt like both Thomas and Turner are not in their future plans. Like Randy was talking about before, its likely those guys wind up depth, or possibly swing OL. Its also possible that with the right offensive scheme they might be salvageable, im doubting it though.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah sometimes young players get it a little later. These guys have the physical ability, but they don’t seem to play with good technique. Watching them just let defenders go right past them was mind boggling at times.

    • D says:

      I dont trust Mando though a lot of times, especially how he framed that article. I think a lot of people had their doubts but there was 0 chance he knew when they drafted them. Those guys were both highly touted and they both had a ton of potential. Their game film showed skill. I think more of a finger pointing can be directed at those developing our players, they have done a really shitty job with our OL.

  76. Al in MIA says:

    I agree on DT becoming swing OL.
    I still think he would be better at RT than inside.

  77. Al in MIA says:

    More talent joining the NFL draft …

    Dane Brugler ‏@dpbrugler 1m1 minute ago

    #Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander has declared for the 2016 NFL Draft. He has signed with Trey Robinson @TR_RES

    • The Flying Pig says:


      Some people don’t really like him
      but others say he is the top CB in the draft

      • D says:

        I think he is 1st round talent, i just think he’s further down the list than a lot of people. Injury history, and somewhat shaky play against the higher caliber talent. I only like him better than Fuller becuase i think Fuller’s injury is more severe. I think i like him about on the same level as King the CB from Iowa, and White the CB from LSU. Maybe slightly more.

        Ignoring injuries he would be my number 4 DB in the draft. with 5, 6 and 7 pretty close by. Will Redmond i think would be a late first early second round consideration if he didnt get injured.

    • D says:

      Ive already had him penciled in for several months. Its semi retarded for a prospect with a first round grade to go back and finish up. They risk too much. There are a ton of player i look at and could see them gaining a round or two going back, some of them it would make millions of difference if they stay at school another year. For this guy and several others, its really really risking too much with little reward in store.

  78. Al in MIA says:

    Agree. Remember they didn’t think they needed to pay up for Mathis? LOL

  79. Tim Knight says:

    Proof that reincarnation is real and this is punishment for dickheads. LOL

  80. Al in MIA says:

    Dane Brugler ‏@dpbrugler 1h1 hour ago

    NFL Draft Underclassmen Tracker now at 90…and growing. Deadline is Monday. Updated list: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft-scout/25395325/nfl-draft-underclassmen-tracker

  81. Al in MIA says:

    Check out the corner list on the underclassmen link…
    There’s a guy from SJST called Cleveland Wallace III. Imagine him with the Browns lol.

  82. D says:

    Lot of good talent on that list, a lot of them i agree with them making the choice to jump. As a RB id leave as soon as possible unless i just stunk it up big time my junior year.

  83. The Flying Pig says:

    Hello my baby
    hello my darling
    hello my ragtime gal

  84. The Flying Pig says:

    I guess everyone can take Carl Lawson off their mock drafts
    he is going back to school

  85. Ken says:

    Nice job Herd. Happy anniversary. Hopefully my trial is over tomorrow

  86. getterdone says:

    D, CB Mackensie Alexander should declare for the draft early. He looked awesome against Bama, then he pulled his hammy really bad, had to have help walking.
    That right there told him don’t pass on the money. You could get hurt worse next year in college.
    He’s only 22 a redshirt sophomore with a lot of speed. I don’t think he gave up and TD’s this season. QB’s hardly throw his way.
    I like that he doesn’t seem afraid to tackle. Looks like a FS with pop at times.

    Besides Kendall Fuller, I like the other Va Tech corner Brandon Facyson, he’s 6’2 compared to Fuller’s 5’11, and he got thrown to more because of Fuller but did a nice job.

    • Al in MIA says:

      Agree, I like Alexander more than Hargreaves though Hargreaves has generated more picks.
      My value play for this draft is GT’s DJ White….I like his play alot.

      • getterdone says:

        Good call on DJ White, I also like another value CB in Boddy Calhoun, he’s the guy opposite the higher ranked Eric Murray of the Golden Gophers.

  87. Al in MIA says:

    Ramsey is very talented but he fails one criteria i have with 1st RDers and that is to have a defined position and to have excelled at it.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He excelled at both CB and S

      The fact that he was asked to play both at FSU (and excelled at both) should not be a detriment

      personally I think he should play safety in the NFL
      and I hear a lot of experts saying he will be a safety at the next level

      I think Ramsey might be off the board when we pick
      IMO he is one of the best prospects in the draft

  88. finfanrob says:

    okay which one of you fuckers is this. i know i have never been to texas so i am out


  89. Al in MIA says:

    I just don’t see the pure boundary CB skills; most of his plays are in the middle of the field where he’s in zone or tracking slant routes underneath. He plays alot like a SS

  90. Al in MIA says:

    I’ll try and watch alot of Calhoun. Haven’t seen him in detail.

  91. Rockphin says:

    Good article . . . Check it out!


    I commented on the terrible route combinations that Lazer used earlier this year. I got crickets. I guess I’m not the only one who saw it!

  92. Al in MIA says:

    If I’m drafting Ramsey, I’m drafting him as a S. Wouldn’t mind having the best S combo in the NFL 😀

  93. getterdone says:

    FOX Sports’ Mike Garafolo and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport report coach Hue Jackson’s hiring is expected to “trigger the end” of the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland.
    Per Garafolo, Jackson “made it clear” to the Browns he’d want to move on from Manziel. The Browns will likely shop the 23-year-old former first-rounder, but we’d be surprised if anyone bit at even a late-round pick asking price. Manziel reportedly would “love” to end up with the Cowboys.

  94. Rockphin says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    January 13, 2016 at 1:3

    Is that what Oklahoma means

    Not sure what Oklahoma Means but Omaha is something else…..Omaha Omaha

  95. getterdone says:

    This is so great to see. Look at that man smile. He’ll never forget that.

    89-year-old World War II veteran Bryan Sperry scores a touchdown during The University of Kansas alumni flag football game! Sperry played on the Kansas Football team from 1946-1948.

  96. wyoming85 says:

    Gerry Dulac ‏@gerrydulac 3h3 hours ago
    If you haven’t seen the full video of what happened w Joey Porter and Bengals, watch this….. https://youtu.be/wysECduSPfk via @YouTube

    • steveccnv says:

      No harm no foul, you can’t call chicken shit like that in a playoff game, unless you have an agenda. Burfect is now saying Brown is faking the injury, just like I said initially I didn’t think there was much contact (flop by Brown). The reason I say flop is, because Brown’s arms went up (late) after the hit in a helicopter motion, that doesn’t happen from a hit, and it also look like he was barely hit.

      For the record I’m glad the Steelers won, it just is more evidence to my claim that the Cheats, Steelers, Cowboys, 2 Nyers, GB get calls like no other.

  97. Rockphin says:

    Al in MIA says:
    January 13, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Agree. Remember they didn’t think they needed to pay up for Mathis? LOL

    Remember when Mathis was cut from the Dolphins to bring up a practice squad guy??? Players develop. It happens.

  98. wyoming85 says:

    PhinPhanatic ‏@PhinPhanatic 22m22 minutes ago
    Ex-Dolphins Dan Campbell joins Saints http://ift.tt/1OrEw5S

  99. getterdone says:

    Tim, in case you missed this earlier in reply to ya.

    Listen to The Miko Grimes Episode by Tax Season #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/taxseason/the-miko-grimes-episode

    Try listening to her here. She’s as low class a ghetto rat as they come it seems. That or she relishes portraying herself that way….Sad cry for attention.

  100. getterdone says:

    Joint Chiefs of Staff don’t look amused with BS rhetoric. Very telling!

  101. sb7mvp says:

    You need to find better things to do with your free time. Lol

    • getterdone says:

      Yep, replying on this blog is a waste of time. Thanks

      Seriously, as a vet & knowing lots of other vets. Morale isn’t that high under the past few admins. Slipping very fast under this current one.
      Plus the BS is getting deeper by the day. Kinda breaks a once gung-ho all out for America spirit over time.

      Anywho, hey I hope Gase gets us in the playoffs 1st season. lol

  102. steveccnv says:

    The NFL is looking into the situation involving (Chandler of the cheats) Jones, and it is unclear if he will face disciplinary action from the league. The 25-year-old defensive end has practiced every day this week.

    Of course nothing will happen to him.

  103. Mike E. says:


    If you listened to more than 5 minutes of that audio with “Tax Season” and Miko, you’re a better man than me! lol I couldn’t take his excessive stroking, it was totally making me nauseous.

  104. steveccnv says:

    Good article . . . Check it out!


    I commented on the terrible route combinations that Lazer used earlier this year. I got crickets. I guess I’m not the only one who saw it!
    I went to the SD game and after I commented about how the Chargers had a receiver open on every play, yet we struggled to find open receivers, and our scheme was garbage.

    I’d show this to Miller, as he said he wanted to go somewhere that fit his abilities.

  105. Tim Knight says:

    GD, I couldn’t get into listening to that nonsense. I see the N word is still alive and well. SMH

    • getterdone says:

      Didn’t expect any of you good people to listen to it word for word. I sure didn’t.
      Just wanted you to see how she is. As much as I like #21, it’s time to try and replace him. They GOT 2 GO!

  106. finfanrob says:


    that is really funny. i am sure you did it unintentionally but posting a vid of one loud mouth followed by vid of another loud mouth. they both are the same, just saying crap to get noticed and someone will look at them. only problem is one we are just shocked at the stupidity of things said by one of them and the other is married to a football player

  107. finfanrob says:

    Mike E. says:
    January 13, 2016 at 6:34 pm


    If you listened to more than 5 minutes of that audio with “Tax Season” and Miko, you’re a better man than me!

    wtf, if you even clicked on it you are better than me.

    i guess i will just never get why those that give the trolls attention do it. i just dont see the purpose in stooping to their level. it isnt like they will ever stop cause you point out what a troll they are. but what the fuck do i know, the slutdashians dont have to worry about money.

    • getterdone says:

      See my reply to Tim above. I want to expose her, so no one will miss #21 when he’s gone.
      But as we can see, she does a good job of exposing herself just fine.

  108. finfanrob says:


    come on dude. expose her. that is what she is after. like otroll. like the slutdashians. that is all people like that are after. exposure. the only way to deal with a crying kid throwing a hissy fit cause they didnt get what they want is to ignore them and move on. not give them the attention they crave

  109. Tim Knight says:

    My lottery experience:
    My Mom once asked me to check some of her lottery tickets online and by mistake she slipped in a ticket that was one of those printouts of the winning numbers from one of the previous drawings. I actually experienced what it was like to see every number right and you get that nervous excitement, you become all flush and jazzed. The emotions are so thrilling. So I had to make sure this was accurate and I didn’t mess up. Then I noticed it was a printout of winning numbers from a week ago and I yelled Mom!!! Don’t ever do this to me again. LOL

  110. herdfan says:

    I didn’t even get to the part of the link where she was on it. Ugh!

  111. Tim Knight says:

    This is how I visualize FFR when he comes to this blog.

    “Why did you even post what that troll said?”

  112. finfanrob says:


    i am a lot like that but just think less clothes and a tiara

  113. herdfan says:

    lol @Tim’s lottery story. My dad was a regular player, just a couple of tickets for each drawing. I’ve got a few tickets for tonight and I’m in the office pool. I’m not a regular player but when it’s like this it’s hard to resist. I really hope it’s won by more than one person or at least a group. Preferably the group I’m in! lol

  114. finfanrob says:


    sorry i bore you. that hurts. i sit on pins and needles waiting on your post…..well ok, i sit on them for fun, but while i am on them i await your post.

  115. finfanrob says:

    if i won that lotto i would share with everyone….well not getter, i bore him.

  116. wyoming85 says:

    Andrew Abramson ‏@AbramsonPBP 1h1 hour ago
    Former #Dolphins coaches in demand: #Saints hire Campbell, #Colts reach out to Philbin, #Bengals interested in Coyle http://dailydolphin.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2016/01/13/colts-reach-out-to-former-dolphins-coach-joe-philbin/

  117. Tim Knight says:

    Herd, I didn’t see any Christmas movies this year either. It just kind of came and went.

  118. getterdone says:

    Dang, I blew it for myself if FFR hit the lottery….sheesh. I can’t win for losin….this Dolphins fan stuff sucks!

    • getterdone says:

      That article you posted earlier by that site DeepEnd on Adam Gase, talks about how Mariucci was one of the pioneers of the WCO, well, not really, but he did good with it too after he learned it from others, like Walsh etc.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah there are a lot of inaccurate tidbits in almost every article I read. We know how it all went down. LOL

    • steveccnv says:

      That was a good interview, Mariucci just said what Gase did, he didn’t blow smoke up anyone’s ass.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yep! It was more like a casual conversation about what he knows about Gase and what he thinks about Tannehill, not the fired up Mooch on NFLN.

  119. finfanrob says:


    ok fine when i hit the lotto i will give getter a million bucks, but he has to sit on my sofa first.

  120. steveccnv says:

    You guys that play in the office pool, just make sure you see the numbers before the drawing or you may get screwed.

  121. finfanrob says:

    getterdone says:
    January 13, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    Dang, I blew it for myself if FFR hit the lottery….sheesh. I can’t win for losin….this Dolphins fan stuff sucks!

    getter, it is ok. i will still share with you, but you have to come over here and let me bore you to sleep. some dude in texas wants to meet you.

  122. Ken says:

    We hired Rick Moranis as our TE coach?

  123. Ken says:

    A little different look than our last TE coach

  124. finfanrob says:


    i dont know what kind of freak you think i am but i am not that. i make sure the goats are shaved first.

  125. olddolphan says:

    SO DAN CAMPBELL asked for his release from his Dolphins’ contract, eh?? Well, the best coach Miami had this past season IS SMART to leave the toxic atmosphere of this Miami franchise. With Sean Payton’s tenure nearing an end in New Orleans, Campbell might just be the guy to get another head coaching job after another year or two of seasoning. Good luck, coach Dan, and much success to you in the future. Perhaps Campbell will become another Todd Bowles.
    DID someone say FFR knows he has the winning ticket tonight?? THAT may not be true. But this IS TRUE. 72,500 tickets were purchased by a group of people in TAMPA today. SO-O-O if they say one of the winning tickets was sold in Tampa, chances are THAT GROUP had the winner.–GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!

    • Tim Knight says:

      Todd Bowles missed the playoffs though. Is it better to be 10-6 and miss the playoffs or be 6-10 and miss the playoffs and pick #8 instead of #20? LOL

      • olddolphan says:

        I’ll take Bowles and 10-6 and take my chances over any team that finishes 6-10 and has a football moron for an owner and another proven loser as his top advisor! –An 8th overall pick by Ross/Tannenbaum figures to be less useful than a 20th pick to a franchise with a knowledgeable GM and a proven WINNER (BOWLES, now 12-7 as a head coach in the NFL). LOL @ ANYONE who thinks Ross can get this franchise to a Super Bowl!!

  126. finfanrob says:

    lol, so now the jets owner is a brain trust. the same guy that once hired tbaum. but he went out and hired some guy with no HC experience and in his first year went 10-6 with obviously not any but a years worth of his draft pics. so now i know what makes an owner brilliant.

  127. finfanrob says:

    ok, well i got a lot of work tomorrow and some goats to shave. night all

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