Welcome to the Postseason


Welcome to the postseason Miami! What do I wear?  It’s been so lonpiggyupscaleg… Too dressy?

Well I can’t help myself, it’s a special occasion.  If you don’t know by now, come out of your hole and celebrate!  The Dolphins are in the NFL Playoffs!!!

After starting the season off 1-4 and causing every Dolfan to stick their head in an oven after a brutal loss to Tennessee, the Fins turned it around aajayind won 9 of their last 10 games.

Well, you all enjoyed it, so I don’t have to spend much time with it but I can’t help to re-live it.

On Saturday, Dolfans enjoyed another 200 yard game from Jay Ajayi.  Choo Choo!!!  Ajayi had been slowed down recently but not against the Bills, who tackle like they rub their uniforms in canola oil before the game.


But it wasn’t just Ajayi.  It was a typical team effort.  Drake had a big TD run, Kenny Stills caught another TD after Jarvis Landry had a big gain and DeVante Parker also has a long tackle breaking catch.

But the game almost slipped away.  That is until Adnrew Franks nailed a career long 55 yard FG to send it into overtime.

In overtime following a Dan Carpenter missed FG,  guess who put the game away?



Thank you Adam Gase!  For teaching this team how to fight!

On every play these guys fight for extra yardage.

If you are wondering why every NFL Talking Head doesn’t think much of the Dolphins, let me summarize…

They don’t know what they are talking about!

None of these experts really watch games anymore.  They read tweets and are in such a hurry to tweet their own opinion, they don’t have time for that sort of thing.

cheifswinSo unlike you and me, they don’t see Jay Ajayi fight for every inch.  They don’t see the entire OL push Ajayi for a first down.  Or Damien Williams into the end zone.  Or Jarvis Landry fight the entire opposing team.  Or the entire wide receiver unit blocking downfield on yet another big offensive play.

But who cares!  Let the Dolphins swim under the radar. In the meantime, don’t forget to give a big thank you to the snowpiggyChiefs.

Their defeat of the World Champions knocked the Broncos out and sealed a playoff spot for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are going to be on the road in the first road.  And yeah, that means it will be cold.

But you know what?  It was cold in Buffalo and in New York.

These Dolphins can handle it.

We have one game left int he regular season, against the Patriots at home.  Word has it the Patriots want to go into the postseason hot.  So don’t expect them to take the game lightly.  Hopefully we get to see Brady bleed!  Go Dolphins!!!


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587 Responses to Welcome to the Postseason

  1. Mike E. says:


    I like my players to play. I totally understand not playing them too, but I want my players healthy and ready. How many times do WC teams upset teams that have a bye? It’s supposed to be an advantage, but if you don’t play for a couple of weeks, it’s not as easy to just back into it.

    • Me too Mike, as “”long as no one else in our secondary gets”” (the I word), or anyone for that matter !!!

      Yea, I wouldn’t want us to risk losing our groove/mojo, and know that Gase is all about nothing but winning (no matter the circumstances)!!!

    • steveccnv says:

      I agree Mike, and I don’t see a difference between someone getting hurt in a meaningless game and a team resting guys only to have them come out soft the next week, except when you play them and no one gets hurt you are ahead of where you’d be, if you rested players.

  2. The Flying Pig says:

    I missed the game
    How did Njoku look?

    He might look good in Dolphins colors

  3. steveccnv says:

    D, on the subject of changing to a 3-4, I usually value your opinion, but when you say Wake can’t play OLB in a 3-4, when that’s where he started his Fins career playing, then I have to question everything you wrote (on the 3-4 transition).

  4. steveccnv says:

    I agree with D on Ajayi not getting 2000 yards. Why does anyone care if he does? It’s just a stat, that doesn’t directly relate to wins. We’ ll see 8 in the box every week his ypc will go down, and the O won’t be as good. I like the way Gase mixes it up now, we don’t rely on one player to need a great game to win.

  5. steveccnv says:

    I don’t think KC loses to SD, so a win against the Cheats doesn’t really mean anything, except I’d win the pool for both 11-5 record and game picks😆 what I’d really like to see is the cheats give their all and barely win. We have to go through them to make the SB, and we aren’t beating them twice, so…

  6. steveccnv says:

    IUtah game looks like it’s being officiated by the Big10.

  7. The Flying Pig says:

    Mike might like this guy

  8. Rockphin says:

    RE Ajayi, I remember reading a stat during our run with the “Unicorns” all playing that Ajayi averaged over 8 yards per carry against 8 or more in the box. We need some depth on the Oline. We thought we had some before the season with two third round and a forth round guard on the roster and then adding Tunsil. Too bad those guys wound up being wasted picks. We could have been a higher seed this year if we had better depth on the line.

  9. Rockphin says:

    Tim Knight says:
    December 28, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    What’s with this shit? Rock 34-12 NE

    Tim, have you looked at who will be starting at LB & S? we can’t stop shit over the middle with our healthy starters. We have injured backups playing this weekend. I think my score prediction is the most realistic of everyone’s so far. I feel good about the Dline and think Lippett and Howard have potential but they still make big mistakes at times and McCane scares me. Our banged up LB’s cant run with their scat backs and sneaky slot guys. Look for a bunch of short crossing routes across the middle by the TE’s RB’s and WR’s

    Brady has automatic completions on those plays. The route runners cross right in front of the targeted defensive player and which ever way the Defensive player leans Brady throws the other way.

  10. The Flying Pig says:

    Jordan Leggett is a freaky athletes

  11. The Flying Pig says:

    6’7 Bucky Hodges

  12. The Flying Pig says:

    Terrific hands and a jersey you might want to buy

  13. The Flying Pig says:

    The standard at TE

  14. The Flying Pig says:

    The good professor has me looking at this guy

    And yeah – he’s terrific

    • Looks like the strong one of the bunch, like’Em all

      Especially 6-7 / RZ threat Hodges, great seam/sideline speed and terrific body control/hands!!!

      • Looks like the strong one of the bunch, like’Em all

        Especially 6-7 / RZ threat Hodges, great seam/sideline speed and terrific body control/hands!!!

        Like Howard’s superior speed!!

        Our UCLA guy (starts with D, always get his name mixed up with Doughty) was a collegiate play maker!! Mybe he gets up to speed in o17 ??

        Dion Sims is a grokish type of beast strength wise!!!

  15. The Flying Pig says:

    Engram is listed at TE but he’s a lot like another WR

  16. The Flying Pig says:

    And that’s 7 TEs

    It’s going to be a deep class (if they call come out)

  17. steveccnv says:

    It’s really hard to scout based on highlights, where inconsistencies don’t come into play.

    • D says:

      I look at highlight compilations for two reasons. First one is to see the explosive nature of the player. Those are suppose to be their best plays and if they arent really impressive, then it actually makes me less likely to look deeper. The second reason is, on those explosive plays, was their key contribution to him being able to make that happen. I dont expect a player to do everything on his own, but knowing that they can make things happen, when everything isnt perfect, helps oyu know if that player elevates the level of play or if you have to be perfect for you to get the player as advertised.

      I actually really critque a highlight compilation, in a more critical way than i do the regular game films, simply because if someone says, this is them at their best, it damn sure better be impressive.

  18. D says:

    I like Jeremy Sprinkle the best becaue he is solid in every aspect a TE is expected to be good in. I think Hunter Henry was a better prospect, infact i dont know that i have seen a better prospect since Jason Witten, in Hunter Henry. That said Sprinkle to me is like a combination of Antonio Gates and Martellus Bennett.

    • D says:

      Jake Butt is going to be an OK TE between the 20’s but inside the 20’s he is going to really make his money. He is an incredible RZ TE.

  19. D says:

    BTW dont sleep on Gerald Everett from South Alabam, he is going to be more Charles Clay, or maybe Hernandez (minus the murder), but he is going to a tough dude to effectively cover with a LB. He is a mismatch guy. He probably has to be in the right system for him, and he might be more situation TE than every down guy, but he will be an almost instant contributor i think,/

  20. naplesfan2010 says:

    I do not like Engram, as he plays too light. And Butt is too slow and clumsy.
    I prefer Hodges, Sprinkles, Leggett, and Howard in that order.
    But i do not think we need a TE nearly as much as we need an ILB/MLB and edge rushing DE.
    These should be taken in rounds 1 & 2 in whichever order yields the best bang for the buck.
    Then I think our next biggest need is an OG who can play Center.

    Do we still not have any picks in Rounds 3 and 4?

  21. naplesfan2010 says:

    In FA who do you guys like?
    Can we sign Nick Perry since GB probably cannot afford him?

  22. D says:

    Im not taking Sprikle off my list because of a shoplifting offense. Stupid yes, but it isnt a sign that he is undraftable by a long shot.

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